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Blackshore Social Soiree

In the interest of promoting good will, inter-personal relations, and open communication between the various houses in Arx, House Blackshore intends to host an open and informal weekly luncheon. Food and drink will be provided, as well as a different activity to entertain the guests. This week will feature a Queen of Games tournament for those interested in matching wits against other guests.


Oct. 11, 2020, noon

Hosted By

Dycard Emberly Rowynna


Gehenna Ian Ember Mabelle Maharet Akamos Lethe Rowenova Skye Patrizio Sedna Ophira Thea Aedric Leena Gerrick Piccola Caprice Trueth




Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Blackshore Manor - Library

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Comments and Log


I went to the soiree, let me tell you, the food was amazing. I've stuffed myself. They were all playing games I didn't rightly understand, and I did a terrible job introducing myself, there are so many more people here than I'm used to. Anyways, if I keep practicing I might get better. And the coin and box were pretty cool too.

Nox, a kitten black as pitch with star-dappled fur, Aedric arrive, following Ophira.

With a sweeping flourish, the doors to the library are drawn open so guests may enter. Dycard shifts his weight from foot to foot as he greets those arriving, before nodding toward Emberly and Rowynna as if to deflect any attention toward them. He gestures to where the liquor cabinet sits unlocked and open beside the back table laden with seafood so that guests may serve themselves or else simply retrieve their door gifts for attending.

Emberly smiles as she welcomes people as she can, "do come in come in .. pick up the coin cases from the box and then a coin from the sparkling bag there.. please be welcome!" she grins as she looks to Dycard and she smiles to him "Quite the turnout!"

Right, so Gehenna is a little early. She makes a point to be when there's a time limit. She arrives wrapped up tightly in a thick velvet cloak and flickers her fingers in a dignified little wave and bows to the hosts. "My Lord, My Ladies. I've been looking forward to this. It's good to see you again, Lady Emberly." Her eyes flit about for anyone else she knows. Also, for the buffet, although she doesn't look at that /too/ long.

Ian has his attention on his feet as he comes in, watching his own footsteps like someone for whom walking isn't second nature or instinct. Backing this up is the fact that there's something subtly off about his gait, a something mechanical, almost like a marionette. Once in the room he stops walking and looks up, taking everything in with a sweep of his gaze.

Despite their both being vassal houses of House Darkwater, Redreef has not maintained especially close ties with Blackshore. Perhaps the Bloody Baroness, Ember Redreef, is of a mind to change this, for not only has she gently and sweetly urged her family to attend ("I don't care if you're in the middle of writing in your journal. Go to the Blackshore soiree."), but the Baroness herself is in attendance. Black and red and black and red and black and red clothe Ember, from her umbra and fur cloak to her umbra silk gown to the star iron and ruby and bloodstones of her jewelry. On Ember's arm? Maharet Whisper. "...quite pleased that you were able to join me, Whisper Maharet," Ember is saying to the freckled woman. Ember's tone, as usual, is strangely curt and intense. "Whisper Anisha spoke highly of you in a recent conversation, and I am inclined to trust her judgment of her peers."

Ian gets A Westrock dragon coin from A Sparkling bag.

Rowenova gets A Westrock dragon coin from A Sparkling bag.

Patrizio takes Leviathan Adorned Coin Case from a little wooden box with bone and bronze fittings, carved with skulls and little flowers.

Sans her normal canine entourage, Mabelle makes a quiet entry clad in black and silver, honeysilk and fur. She smiles to the host, Dycard, "Lord Blackshore, thank you for opening your home for us this afternoon". She inclines her head to Emberly and flashes smiles to those she is familiar with as Rowynna and Ian, "Baroness", she greets Ember before finding somewhere to linger.

Gehenna gets A Westrock dragon coin from A Sparkling bag.

Gehenna gets Leviathan Adorned Coin Case from a little wooden box with bone and bronze fittings, carved with skulls and little flowers.

Rowenova gets Leviathan Adorned Coin Case from a little wooden box with bone and bronze fittings, carved with skulls and little flowers.

Dahlia, a confident red and white corgi puppy, Winter, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, 2 watchful Blackshore guards arrive, following Skye.

Skye arrives, following Aedric.

Mabelle takes A Westrock dragon coin from A Sparkling bag.

Rowenova puts A Westrock dragon coin in Leviathan Adorned Coin Case.

Fingers resting on Ember's arm, her parasol furled over her other shoulder, Maharet smiles gently to Ember, stepping along with the intense Baroness "The Softest Whisper is very well regarded, and I am pleased to know she has put her trust in me" She notes, her fingers soft and moving absently as she walks, the tulle of the gown trailing inches behind her "My thanks, for your invitation"

Skye takes A Westrock dragon coin from A Sparkling bag.

Mabelle takes Leviathan Adorned Coin Case from a little wooden box with bone and bronze fittings, carved with skulls and little flowers.

Rowynna's standing over near the seafood platter, speaking quietly with one of the servants. "It looks lovely, you've all done very well," she remarks quietly before stepping away as guests start to arrive. Dycard's arrival into the library is noted with smile, and she even lifts one paw to send a little wiggle of her fingers his way. 'All's well', it likely tells him. Knotting her hands together behind her back, she lifts her chin and touches Emberly on the shoulder as she passes her. "Thank you for helping my cousin. He was thrilled at your offer." Her smile is shy, awkward even, but with a deeply drawn breath she turns to see if there are any faces amongst those that have arrived with which she's familiar.

Maharet gets A Westrock dragon coin from A Sparkling bag.

Emberly checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 19, rolling 27 higher.

Maharet gets Leviathan Adorned Coin Case from a little wooden box with bone and bronze fittings, carved with skulls and little flowers.

Emberly puts A Westrock dragon coin in A Sparkling bag.

Akamos wanders in, his confident stride is slightly stalled when he sees all the games and the gathering of guests already there. He drifts past the bag, collecting his coin and case before immediately gravitating to the seafood. "Oh now this is what I call a spread!" And immediately starts to tuck in.

Lethe attends the event alone as she looks around. She seems a little out of place but she makes her way into the room and takes in the decor, people, and food.

Akamos takes A Westrock dragon coin from A Sparkling bag.

Akamos takes Leviathan Adorned Coin Case from a little wooden box with bone and bronze fittings, carved with skulls and little flowers.

Scout Nova and Sir Floppington are on their way to 'see food and eat it', too. There is a grin to Akamos.

"Lord Dycard." Ian greets the host with a nod in his flat tone, and then, seeing the liquor case open and unmanned, heads in that direction and starts setting out glasses, apparently intending on serving as the impromptu bartender at least for the beginning of the function.

Skye steps into the library, still wearing the outfit that she had on the ship. Her dreadlocks are flowing down her back. Her pale skin now sun-kissed from the many weeks at sea. Her deep blue eyes carrying a sparkle that was missing prior to her trip. She looks around at the gathering, realizing that more than her family is gathered here. For a moment the baroness pauses as if unsure of herself.

Patrizio does not look any the worse for wear, with having had a late night the evening before at his cousin's wedding - indeed, every last hair on his head seems to be perfectly in place, and he's the very image of his position as he comes strolling in with the throng, with jade eyes seeking out those who are definitely familiar to him over the days since his arrival in the city. There's a warm smile for Lady Emberly, and Lady Gehenna, and knowing chuckles for Lady Mabelle and Lord Dycard, before he actually looks surprised to realize he knows so many present when not in his own ward.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Ian gets Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka from Oiled leather bag.

Ian puts Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka in a tall ebony liquor cabinet with glass doors and mother of pearl handles.

Although she appears around the same time as her cousins, Gehenna and Ember, Sedna didn't come with them. Upon discovering them, she opts to drift toward.. Gehenna! Sedna is dressed minimally, in all black, and with no jewels to speak of.

Sedna gets Leviathan Adorned Coin Case from a little wooden box with bone and bronze fittings, carved with skulls and little flowers.

Sedna gets A Westrock dragon coin from A Sparkling bag.

Mabelle Wiggles her fingers to Skye as she enters, "Baroness, it has been a long while." A smile is flashes to Sedna and Lethe, the latter being greeted, "Lady Tyde, I've not seen you for many monthes, how have you been?". Patrizio's smile earn him a wink and a questioning gaze as she collects a glass of rum from the table.

Thea takes Leviathan Adorned Coin Case from a little wooden box with bone and bronze fittings, carved with skulls and little flowers.

With a flourish of form through familiar library doors, the Siren of Setarco casts a curious flicker of kohl lined sights over the room as if making sure everything was in order. In a long gown mimicking the sea the Seraceni flows into the space, silky mass of raven blue black curled up loosely to settle soft waves against dusky features. Ophira was not alone, the Voice of New Hope and her betrothed was settled at her side, lithe musically inclined hand with duskstone and star iron wedding band flashing, rested upon Aedric's arm in affectionate claim. Aedric actually looked as if he'd slept for once, features calm and looking decidedly cleaned up for the event.

There is a flash of Ophira's smile towards Dycard and Rowynna, "You did a wonderful job setting this up." Was purred with amused affection, attention then diving towards Ember who was greeted with a dip of head before Mabelle was spotted and fingers waggled in a conspiratorial waggle.

So many people!

Dycard breaks into a wide smile at his sister's arrival, tensing like a spring as if he were resisting the urge to sweep her up in a hug, "Dearest sister mine - i've missed you, I wish we could speak more intimately!" he offered in an almost sheepish fashion, padding from the door toward the center of the room as he glanced around, creasing his brow in thought. He offered a thankful nod in Ian's direction, before trying to discreetly beckon for Emberly.

So many guests! Gehenna looks in her element here, divesting herself of the thick velvet and dumping it wordlessly on one of the Blackshore servants to hang. Then she turns to survey the room, taking in Patrizio's arrival with an amused twist to her mouth. "Prince Patrizio, we meet again." She welcomes Sedna's approach with a light smile and beckons to her. "Have you met my cousin, Lady Sedna Redreef? Sedna, I'm glad you could make it."

"Baroness." Spotting Skye among the incoming press of people, Ian selects a glass and reaches for the rosewater vodka in the case.

Ember takes A Westrock dragon coin from A Sparkling bag.

Emberly smiles a little as she greets people and checkes to see if everyone got a coin that wanted one. A smile to her lips before she moves closer to Dycard, helping him navigate his party she smiles encouragingly to him.

Skye waves back to Mabelle once she gathers her bearings. A bright smile is given to her family members before moving deeper into the library to see the game tables that have been set up. She takes a glass and raises it to Ian. A curious glance is given to the woman on Aedric's arm; however, her attention is diverted by Dycard's greeting. She doesn't bother to hold back her own emotions as she gushes, "You're back too! And before me. I feel almost foolish for being away so long." She gives another look towards Aedric and his companion and back to her brother...and his companion.

Akamos continues his assault on the food table, sampling this and that with unbridled delight. On spotting Thea he waves cheerfully at her, mouth full of lobster. He also gives Emberly a wave, but otherwise seems quite content to linger near the food table.

Patrizio gives Mabelle a broader, reassuring smile when there's the quizzical look from her in his direction, though even as he's making sure his hands aren't empty - in this case, in customary fashion, he's filling one hand with a glass of liquor - he's swept up into conversation with Gehenna. That head of his cants just slightly in acknowledgement, but his lips part with a ready retort. "We do at that, my lady. I've wondered perhaps if you have someone informing you as to where I go." Oh, it's all in play, from the brightness of his tone, and there's a smile offered to Sedna when she's presented. "I've not yet had the pleasure. Though that's surely more my fault, having not meandered far enough about the city."

3 Tyde Houseguard, Fireball, a fluffy cat, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

Ember leads Maharet through the party. The Bloody Baroness has a cruel and angry-looking stare. Those who have met her before probably, PROBABLY know that the Redreef leader just has a case of Resting Bitch Face that the Mercies have never before encountered the likes of. Still, it's this Resting Baroness Face that gives a pointed upnod over toward Gehenna and Sedna, and a careful appraisal of Sedna's outfit to make sure it's decent. Or something. Ember then leads Maharet toward Skye first: "Baroness. We share the same liege, and yet we seem to never speak. Allow me to fix that, as much as it can be fixed in one evening." Ember releases Maharet's arm for a moment so that she can dip into a military-precise curtsy. "Baroness Ember Redreef, and it is an honor to be invited into your estate. May I introduce my date, Maharet Whisper~?"

Being summoned, quite literally, Thea makes her way into the library. With Finn. Who finds Sir Floppington pretty quickly with Rowenova. Thea however spies Emberly and gives her a slight smile and a wave as well as Akamos. Making her way closer inside, she nods her head in greeting.

Rowynna notes Skye's arrival and immediately crosses to speak with her. "Welcome home, Baroness." Her voice is warm, if quiet. "It's lovely to see you again, and looking so well too." Not being immediate family she holds back a little, not wishing to overwhelm the woman on her return. A half-turn to Mabelle. "Lady Mabelle, it's lovely to see you again. Thank you for coming." Then to Aedric and Ophira. "Oh I didn't really help," she tells Ophira. "Lady Ember has been the one to guide Dycard."

Mabelle curves her lips at Ophira, "My dear Lady Seraceni, it has been far too long. I trust you and your brother are well? I've not heard from him in long. Perhaps I should utilize my room in the pallazo and seek him", she teases her. Her attention moves toward Patrizio and the woman he speaks to, Gehenna, "Would you introduce me to your friend? I'm not certain we've met". Rowynna's words get her attention and she greets her, "I do hope you have settled in the city? I still owe you a meeting".

Sir Floppington turns and touches noses with Finn, doing so with many wags! Meanwhile, Nova piles a plate up alongside Akamos as she glances back then waves her fork to Thea.

Aside from Skye, Ian generally doesn't do the best job of matching the drink to the person as he pours, unless someone selects something specific, although he's at least clever enough to make a Bloody Wake with pepper vodka and tomato juice that's totally also here for some reason for the Bloody Baroness. And he actually remembers not to offer Nova alcohol this time, so he's learning. Slowly.

Skye smiles sweetly as the Bloody Baroness approaches, the deep warmth is as bright as the light in her eyes, "Oh yes, well, I suppose we are both busy with our fealties. I am honored you took time out of your busy schedule to come to our party." She then greets the Whisper, "A pleasure to meet you." She turns to Rowynna when she comes up to greet her, treating her as a sibling as she gives her a one armed hug so she doesn't spill her drink, "It's good to see you as well."

Nova certainly appreciates Ian's attentiveness. She takes note of the Baroness and gives a wave with her fork to Skye, too. "Greetings! Been a bit, it has!"

Dycard clears his throat, coughing. For a moment he seems as if he would adopt a reserved tone before his eyes flashed and with sudden inspiration he leapt atop one of the chairs placed near the game boards, "My lords and ladies! On behalf of my sister, the Baroness Skye Blackshore, i'm pleased to welcome you all to our little luncheon here, and i'd like to thank the Lady Emberly Farshaw for providing the first of many commemorative coins to mark the occasion! I was hoping I might see what interest there would be in participating in an impromptu contest of wits - for those unfamiliar with the Queen of Games some instruction can be provided, but the game truly takes a life time to master! Otherwise, feel free to continue your dining and carousing!"

Maharet smiles as she's introduced to Skye, keeping her fingers in the crook of Ember's arm and moving her hand with the parasol down to grasp her skirts as she dips a deferential curtsy, her eyes lowered an inch "It's an honor, Baroness Blackshore. I am pleased to serve my Marquessa, as well; as the Hand of Tremorus, do let me know if our domains may find joint cause."

Aedric straightens his back as soon as Skye enters the chamber, chin and gaze dipping respectfully. Judging from his freshly shaven features, he had recently been forced to reconsider his personal hygiene and now appeared considerably less homless. "The Baroness," he says quietly to Ophira, uncertain if the two were already acquainted. He is otherwise quiet, content to surrender the soiree's administration to his more than capable nephew. Broad socialization is clearly not his strong suit.

"Knowledge is power," Gehenna tells Patrizio, her friendly half-smile quirking upward into a wry little smirk. "But I'm sad to say that I've not yet been in the city long enough to have recruited spies to my cause. Consider this another bit of good fortune for me." Hearing Mabelle's question she turns and curtsies politely. "Lady Gehenna Redreef is my name, My Lady. I'm always pleased to meet Prince Patrizio's friends."

She turns to glance at Sedna, noting Ember's look and quirking an eyebrow at the artist of Redreef.

Emberly loves Sir Floppington and she gives the doggy some pets before she lookes up to Dycard announcing the start of his events. She smiles brightly as she is named as the maker of the coins they now hold. Her eyes flicker slightly and she looks over to Patrizio "Thank you for coming over Highness!" she calls to him

Sir Floppington happily accepts those lovely pets and thus regards Emberly with adoring eyes and gentle wags as well as nose-to-wrist touches.

Thea steps over to Rowenova and smiles a moment,"Nova, hey." She grabs a drink on the way over. But mention of a game grabs her interest and she turns.

Rowynna is hugged, and it brings a faint wash of colour, along with a smile, to her lips. "Thank you. Know that you have been missed." Her own arm slips about Skye's waist for a quick return hug. "Ah. The games are to start." She dots a kiss to Skye's cheek, then melts from her side to sneak closer. Happy to observe.

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Skye gives a grateful glance to her brother for taking the reins on hosting. She takes a careful sip of her drink and returns Aedric's greeting with a toast of her glass. Emberly is given another quiet toast for her generous contribution of the coins. She steps up to join the others in the game that her brother is running.

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Nova pats Thea on the back of the nearest shoulder before turning to the game, too, with her plate in her other hand.

"Well met, your highness," Sedna returns Patrizio's smile with a cool one of her own. "We Redreefs will forgive you your meandering, even if that means you've been frequenting the same Inns and parties as my cousin, here." In that moment, she subtly gestures an attendant with beverages to make a u-turn and serve elsewhere. "Lady Mabelle was very welcoming to me when I first arrived in Arx. I'm sure you'll find her to be the same," she tells Gehenna.

Ian makes no move to join in on the 'contest of wits', possibly because he's busy pouring drinks, but more probably because, you know. The part where he's not especially witty. At all.

Mabelle curtsies in turn to Gehenna, "Lady Redreef, A pleasure. My name is Lady Mabelle Laurent, a pleasure. I believe I am a close acquintance of your cousin, Edward". Mabelle's head bows gratefully to Sedna, "Well you did write a beautiful bee poem. I quite enjoyed it. I hope your art has taken flight since?"

At Skye's words, Ember gives a single nod. She looks to Maharet. "Do you wish to play?" Ember asks the whisper, as the game begins to become organized. She had planned to introduce the Leporidae Voice to Dycard next regardless. "Or we can torment my cousins a bit. Which is also a game, but of a different sort and different skill set."

Patrizio laughs brightly at the insinuation about espionage and such things, though he says nothing immediately, drawing his glass to his lips to take a drink. "Lady Mabelle, like you Lady Gehenna, found me while I was on my wanderings. Though, to be fair, I was far, farther afield and had found my way to a brewery of all things." Emberly's arrival in their group is greeted with warmth. "I'd not have missed being here, my lady. Thank you for the messenger to ensure I knew of it and where, seeing as I'm still getting my bearings."

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"I've been waiting for you there like a lovelorn wave wishing to strike the shore, my lovely Lady Mabelle." A twinkle of delighted mischief in verdigris studded gaze as it sweeps the room once more, "My brother is doing what he does best, I suppose." What that exactly is is anyone's guess! A charming, pearly smile is flashed towards Rowynna, "Regardless, this is your home and I value any little bit you might have done. Remind me later, I've some outlines for you concerning the cherry festival." As Aedric's voice teases her ear, there is a curious flicker to Skye with a check of brow, as she had not met the woman yet -- in fact this is the most Blackshore's she'd ever seen in a room.

Breaking away from Aedric does the Seraceni glide towards Ember, "I'm delighted to see you here and look forward to hopefully working with you in the future." That velvet ribbon of a smile, was charmingly wicked in it's dagger edge.

Rowynna finds herself near Ian, another lurker such as herself. She clears her throat, then smiles. "Hello. Have you tried the lobster yet? Apparently it's divine." She's terrible at smalltalk, it's never been her forte, but she tries.

Maharet muses, before she shakes her head, tilting her head as she replies to Ember "I'd be happy merely to watch, this first time. I'm afraid your Arvani games are somewhat new to me" Her golden eyes gleam a little, her smile full and bright "Another time, for that, perhaps, unless it's of particular interest to yourself"

Emberly looks over to Rowenova as she joins the line with her food, she smiles brightly and looks over to Patrizio with a warm smile "it is always good to see you Highness." she dips her head as she waits on the games to be started though she says a little louder, "For anyone not getting a collectors coin please contact me for one later!"

Mabelle laughs mirthfully at Patrizio, "Found me in my wandering. You make yourself sound like a stray cat", she winks to him and turns toward Ophira, "Well pardon me for making you wait my dear. I hope he will return to the city soon enough".

Hopping down from the chair and pacing around the floor, Dycard begins to pull chairs out and offering them to guests expressing an interest in the tournament. "Lady Gehenna will play Lady Mabelle, my darling sister will be playing against the Lady Thea, and Miss Rowenova will be playing against Lady Emberly! If you need any help, just call for me and i'll try to provide advice in as unbiased a manner as possible," he explained, chuckling.

"I'll get to it," Ian promises Rowynna in his thickly accented voice. He also doesn't seem especially good at small talk, which might be why he's over where he can be useful without engaging in much conversation. Indeed, even now he takes a glass and looks to her. "What will you have?"

Thea glances over at Maharet and greets her,"Nice to see you again,"as she sees Ember as well. Nodding to her. So many people, Thea is trying to keep up until her name is called by Dycard.

"Politics is played over food and drink," Gehenna says mildly, watching the server Sedna has sent away with a slightly regretful gaze. That's all she goes for, here in public; any other thoughts she has about Sedna's words are kept quietly to herself. Instead she glances towards the forming line. "I've a mind to play. Who will join me?" she asks the general space around her, Mabelle, Patrizio and Sedna included.

What Gehenna says is soon seconded by Nova, "Indeed, it is!" she easily agrees, doing so as she spins her fork before scooping up a bite of carnes afterwards!

Mabelle quirks her lips to Gehenna, "Apparently, we're paired. Lucky"

Emberly gets A Westrock dragon coin from A Sparkling bag.

Skye brightens when she finds out Thea is going to be her opponent, "Oh lovely. This should be fun." She takes her seat, waiting to find out the directions, admitting to those around her, "I don't know how well I'll do since this is my first time playing this game."

Emberly gets A Sparkling bag.

Rowenova has called for an opposing check. Rowenova checks wits and war at easy. Rowenova is successful. Emberly checks wits and war at easy. Emberly marginally fails.
Rowenova is the winner.

"Less bee inspired, admittedly. Kind of you to ask, though." Sedna smiles to Mabelle, holding up a small hand and taking a tiny step backward as Gehenna looks for fellow players. "I'll cheer for you from the sidelines."

Gehenna has called for an opposing check. Gehenna checks wits and war at easy. Gehenna is marginally successful. Mabelle checks wits and war at easy. Mabelle is successful.
Mabelle is the winner.

Thea grins over at Skye. "Long time no see, Baroness Skye. How are you,"sliding across from her. "I've never played before either. So we can figure this out together,"taking a drink.

Leena arrives at some point between late, and fashionably late. She doesn't happen out into social situations much - so here goes! She approaches Dycard offering when there's an opportunity "I bring apologies from Marquessa Quenia Igniseri, she wished to join but was otherwise engaged, so sent me, Lady Leena Igniseri in her stead. Thank you for the invitation."

Emberly has called for an opposing check. Emberly checks intellect and diplomacy at easy. Emberly is successful. Rowenova checks intellect and diplomacy at easy. Rowenova marginally fails.
Emberly is the winner.

Rowenova has called for an opposing check. Rowenova checks perception and manipulation at easy. Critical Success! Rowenova is spectacularly successful. Emberly checks perception and manipulation at easy. Emberly is successful.
Rowenova is the winner.

"I don't know that I can claim not to be a stray of some fashion," Patrizio says, though the characteristic smile dims just a little bit, and he takes a few moments to wet his whistle with the liquor in his glass. "Especially when doubtless, I'm found here and there at just about any hour. Though I've nicely appointed rooms for a stray."

Though the question about the play has his jade eyes turning in the direction of the board, and he grows more serious, though hardly anything lacking in humour. "I don't think I've actually learned to play," he admits.

Gehenna has called for an opposing check. Gehenna checks int and diplomacy at easy. Gehenna is successful. Mabelle checks int and diplomacy at easy. Mabelle is spectacularly successful.
Mabelle is the winner.

Gehenna has called for an opposing check. Gehenna checks perception and manipulation at easy. Gehenna is successful. Mabelle checks perception and manipulation at easy. Mabelle is successful.
Gehenna is the winner.

Gerrick is late. He knows that it can be considered fashionably late, though as an old soldier this is unacceptable, and is slow to enter the library. He sticks to the sides as he watches whatever the game is.

Rowynna chews on her lower lip at Ian's question. "Oh just lemon water. Thank you." She fingers back a length of hair from where it's fallen out of her pins, and anchors it behind one ear. She gestures to the boards and the pairing in progress. "You're not going to try your luck at the game then?"

Thea has called for an opposing check. Thea checks wits and war at easy at easy. Critical Success! Thea is spectacularly successful. Skye checks wits and warat easy at easy. Skye is marginally successful.
Thea is the winner.

Dycard pads about, occasionally stopping to watch one of the games unfolding, before finally settling near Thea and Skye's board as the last of the three.

Ian pours water and, after looking around for a moment, figures out where the lemons are and uses the diving knife at his belt to slice off a piece, then hands the glass to Roywnna. "I'm not very good at Stones. Between Wash and Aethan, I've been beaten enough for a lifetime." Noticing Leena, he greets her. "Lady Leena. There's a Granato wine here. Would you like a glass?"

"I'm happy to play against you, Lady Mabelle." Gehenna says, as she takes her place at the table. As they play, she keeps an eye on the goings-on around her, but her main focus on her opponent. Whatever else is going on, it's polite to attend to the person across from you. "You play this well," she says as Mabelle handily wins the first round. "What is it you spend your time at when it's not playing games like this?"

Thea has called for an opposing check. Thea checks intellect and diplomacy at easy at easy. Thea is successful. Skye checks intellect and diplomacy at easy at easy. Botch! Skye is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.
Thea is the winner.

Settling in for their game of wits, Nova looks across the table to Emberly, and the first round of gaming shows that Nova is -- indeed -- a problem solving military officer. However, she is not very diplomatic and Emberly totally has that upper hand. Though, she is not a skilled manipulator, Nova is perceptive, as a Northern scout, and her ability to read her opponent and then use and counter with the knowledge gained is impressive. Sir Flop might be helping, though, with that last part there... >.>

Emberly laughs a little as she sits with Rowenova to play and her puppy was barking a little trying to play with Sir Floppington. She smiles to Gerrick, "I saved you a coin." she hands it off to him.

Mabelle attends the table with Gehenna, trying not the let the conversation distract her from winning, "I'm a diplomat. Minister of population, a physician, a cookie monster... and then some", she demures as she tries to win and is mostly successful, "And you?"

Thea and Skye start, after going over the rules. "Ok, I learned to manipulate after watching Martino try to talk up all his lady friends,"she starts. "Thats probably where it ends." She squints at the board, and starts--maybe doing a bit better than she thought she would. "I'm buying you a drink after, Baroness. Just so you know.."

Leena moves to stand next to Ian after she's addressed. "Lord Kennex, isn't it? Certainly, that would be lovely. I had actually been meaning to look you up at some point. I was looking for some advice, so if you have time in your schedule to either clear for me to visit you, or if you might find to visit me I would be appreciative."

Nova gets up with her plate and a laugh. "Thanks for the game." says she with a fond smile for Emberly before moving to see whether the Laurent or Malvici are her next frenemy. Sir Flops happily pounces Pickles with fake bites!

Gerrick is admiring the beauty of the coin. Other than weapons or armor, no one has really given him anything before. Maybe a drink, or a stolen moment of their time. But an actual gift. "Thank you Lady Emberly."

Patrizio draws in closer to the game to get a better look, even as he's sipping his drink. But the jade eyes regard the goings on, hawklike, as if he's trying to pick it all up through careful observation.

A laugh, "She's a woman of many, many talents!" Ophira offers in regards to Mabelle's list of talents before she goes to find herself a drink.

Thea has called for an opposing check. Thea checks perception and manipulation at easy at easy. Thea is marginally successful. Skye checks perception and manipulation easy at easy. Skye is marginally successful.
Skye is the winner.

Mabelle squints at Ophira from afar, grinning, "I was trying to keep it short!"

"Well, I can hardly fault your critical thinking," Gehenna says as she is handily beatn in two out of three rounds. The last one is much closer, but she scrapes a victory out of it. Looking over Mabelle's shoulder as the game finishes she adds, "It looks as if you might have more opponents waiting in the wings." And she may or may not be looking calculatingly at Ian and the drinks.

Rowynna gratefully accepts the lemon water from Ian. "Thank you." It's immediately lifted to her lips, and she takes a sip, along with a deep breath. A little overwhelmed by the sheer number of people packed into the library, she offers a quick smile to Leena when she joins her and Ian, then slips away to watch the games from the vantage of a better viewpoint. Not that she doesn't take a trip to the seafood before doing so, because it's with a plate in her hand that she does so.

Skye nods as Thea sets up the board. The first round she follows slowly, carefully. By the second round, she's completely lost, even dropping her hand at one point, "Oh my goodness..." Showing everything. However, the young baroness is not about to give up so she hangs in there and manages to barely win the third hand but it's not enough to move into the next rounds.

Mabelle smiles easily to Gehenna, "Well played. I do hope we get to talk sometime soon with less ... in a more quiet enviorment."

Akamos finally finds a small plate, which, with a great deal of thought to structural integrity, he piles high with assorted seafood snacks. This in hand he skirts around the edge of the room to stand somewhere vaguely near to Thea, where he tries to add something by simply looming over her shoulder.

"The only think you're able to keep short are those ravishing dresses you wear that happen to show of those beautifully sculpted legs." Grinning herself with an impish curl at the corner of lush mouth, Ophira blows her favorite Oathlander a kiss before hiding that smile behind a tumbler glass of rum.

Emberly looks over to Skye "its alright, Nova beat me too" she steps out of line and she smiles to Akamos as she gets some fish "enjoying game night?"

Ian selects a wine glass and the Granato wine and pours some for Leena. "You're welcome to my advice, but I'll warn you that it's worth about what you pay for it. Did you want something to drink, Lady Gehenna?" He reaches for a bottle at random, a white rum from Maelstrom.

Mabelle grows fifty shades of crimson with Ophira's comment, piercing her with her eyes from afar. The piercing the turns into a wink.

Gerrick is looking at the options of food, trying to figure out what type of animal it has come from. Turning to Akamos, and pointing at a tray of /something/ "What is that?"

Thea tells Skye with ease. "That was still well played. Considering neither of us has ever played,"I slight smile appearing. "Youll have to show me how you did that last move, because yeah--I completley missed it." Because hells if Thea knows what's she doing still.

"I look forward to it, Lady Mabelle," Gehenna says graciously as she stands and clears the way for possibly Rowenova, or possibly not. A sidelong glance is stolen at first Ember, then Sedna, and she ambles casually over to join Ian and Leena.

"Please," she says to him. "That looks like it'll do nicely, My Lord." She inclines her head. "My Lady," to Leena.

On her way by she catches Gerrick's eye too, nodding to him. "Gerrick. I hope Kastelon is well," she says.

Dycard lets out a melodramatic sigh, leaning on Skye's shoulder as he looms over their table, "Well, I suppose at the very least you prevented her from getting the decisive victory there, sister mine," he teased playfully, trying to tussle her hair, "Miss Rowenova, Lady Thea, Lady Mabelle - in an effort to make things as fair as possible, I suppose we have to determine who will play next. I think, based on performance we should determine who will play Miss Rowenova and who will sit out a round," he offered, "So, I am thinking of a number, from one to ten, whichever of the two of you can guess it or come closest will sit out the second round,"

Skye thanks Thea for her skilled hand and exits the game table and moves to murmur a few words to her family members as the games continue.

The Bloody Baroness drifts away from the gaming area, toward Sedna. With Maharet on her arm, Ember zeroes right in on her cousin: "Cousin Sedna. Allow me to introduce to you Maharet Whisper, Voice of Tremorous." Ember looks to Maharet: "Maharet Whisper, I am proud to introduce to you my cousin, Lady Sedna Redreef. There is no more talented artist in all of the southern Isles, and I say that truly and honestly."

Leena accepts the glass from Ian "Thank you, Lord Kennex. Information is often free, and even when it is not it is always in how one interprets the information that gives it value. I've been retrofitting the Igniseri shipyards, our new processes of manufacture and modularization as well as procedures should increase mobilization, decrease costs, as well as time to build each ship once the building crews have been fully trained with the new equpment. I do not have an experience in naval combat or war. I've studied it in passing for ship design, however I was hoping to gather opinions on ideas for those that are in war - what they think of some ideas I have, and of the equipment that they are currently using."

Nova moves by with her plate and gives a look of gratitude to Gehenna before settling down at the table by Dycard and then carefully situating said plate.

Mabelle quirks her lips to Dycard entertainedly, "Seven".

Thea glances at Mabelle and then back to Dycard,"Five."

Maharet dips another curtsy to Sedna, as she's introduced "That is indeed a great honor, to be described so" She smiles at Ember's words, listening, then turning her golden eyes towards Sedna once more "I'd be delighted to see your pieces, in time. Is there a form of art you specialise in?"

Ian pours the glass of white rum for Genenna, and offers it to her when she joins him and Leena. He's perfectly solemn about this, his duty to supply everyone with alcohol, the same as he's solemn about everything. "I'd be willing to help with that." He nods to Leena. "I think Wash is out of town right now, but if you're ever able to get ahold of him, he's also a good person to ask. When Kennex retrofitted its shipyards, he was responsible for the design."

Skye finishes her drink and then quietly slips out of the room when no one is looking. For anyone watching the baroness seems a little tired from her recent travels.

Akamos leans closer to Gerrick, "That? That's squid, lightly fired, delicious." He's still chewing on a morsel as he points out on the table, "So you've got a selection of fish there, tuna is a favourite of mine. Then over here we've got lobsters and crab." He swallows, and is now gestureing with a crab leg that he fuly intends on eating, "And we've got squid, and I definitely did find some octopus, but have already eat like... too much of it."

Dycard offers an apologetic grin toward Mabelle as the two women guess, feigning a flinch as he offered the Laurent a seat across from Row. "Ah, forgive me - I fear the number was three, Lady Mabelle, and now I must ask you to play in the penultimate round of the Queen of Games,"

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Rowynna murmurs something to Skye as she makes her excuses and leaves.

There is a glance towards Ian and Leena, Ophira's attention watching as Skye departs only briefly before honing back in on the conversation, "I've experience with such things, if you'd be interested in having a chat about them." Gliding closer to the pair a smile is flashed, "Lady Ophira Seraceni, Voice of Ischia."

Emberly picks up some crab legs and some sushi, as well as a few slices of the cooked fish too.. she grins a little as she looks to Akamos as he explains "I do not like the squid or the octopus." she says quietly but these crab legs and that sushi is amazing.

Dahlia, a confident red and white corgi puppy, Winter, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, 2 watchful Blackshore guards arrive, following Skye.

Mabelle inclines her head to Dycard in good sport, "I'm just happy I got this far", she grins and sits across from Rowenova, "Shall we?"

Gerrick smiles a little and turns to Lady Mabelle, "Yes Lord Kastelon is well, he might be a little sore from running into his old master, though I'm good at keeping him on his toes."

Turning back to the food assortments, he takes some of the fish, he knows fish. The crab looks good and begins to pile a mixture of what is available, taking suggestion from Akamos

Dahlia, a confident red and white corgi puppy, Winter, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, 2 watchful Blackshore guards leave, following Skye.

Scootching her plate a bit aside, after a quick bite (and mannerly chewing), Nova swallows then swigs down some tea right quick before that is set aside, too. Then, she looks forth to Mabelle and nods with a smile. "Let's do it!" says she to Mabelle. She jokingly puts her arm on the table like wrestling, but... then she pulls her arm away and plays the game the right way!

"Thank you," Gehenna says gravely to Ian. She glances again at Ember and Sedna, an, seeing that the Bloody Baroness has cornered her cousin, heads the other way to end up in Rowynna's general vicinity. "Lady Rowynna, isn't it?" She either did her research on the Blackshores before she got here, or asked someone else just before coming over. "May I join you?"

Rowenova has called for an opposing check. Rowenova checks wits and war at easy. Rowenova is successful. Mabelle checks wits and war at easy. Mabelle is marginally successful.
Rowenova is the winner.

Rowenova has called for an opposing check. Rowenova checks intellect and diplomacy at easy. Rowenova marginally fails. Mabelle checks intellect and diplomacy at easy. Mabelle is successful.
Mabelle is the winner.

Rowenova has called for an opposing check. Rowenova checks perception and manipulation at easy. Rowenova is marginally successful. Mabelle checks perception and manipulation at easy. Mabelle is successful.
Mabelle is the winner.

Ian takes another glass, and pours a darker rum for Ophira, nodding to her as she moves to join them near the liquor cabinet.

Mabelle smiles oddly to Gerrick, "I am pleased to hear that, we did have a drink this week", she turns to concentrate on the cards she draws, considering her hand as she begins to play the game of queens qith Rowenova, smiling impishly to herself.

Ophira is overheard praising Dycard.

"A Whisper and a Voice? How unique. I'll be sure to remind Ember, here, to remain on your good side." Sedna's dark eyes move pleasantly between Ember and Maharet, "I'm a sculptor, but I find exhibitions taxing. We'll have to invite you to visit our Maze of the First Choice sometime. I have several pieces in the works which I plan on displaying there."

Ophira is overheard praising Rowynna.

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Ophira is overheard praising Emberly.

Emberly is overheard praising Dycard.

Ophira is overheard praising Ember.

Ophira is overheard praising Skye.

Thea has made her way over to watch Nova and Mabelle play. Gods knows she'll need watch what she's up against. Drink in hand, she takes a seat.

Bright blue eyes meet with Gehenna's, and Rowynna gives a nod of her head. "That's right. Rowynna," she confirms. "Lady Gehenna, I believe?" She, too, has done her homework, and her smile is warm for the other woman, reflected in her eyes. "I hope you're enjoying yourself, and that you managed to collect one of the cases and coins? I believe that there is a different coin to be made for each of further socials that my cousin intends to hold, so they'll become collectables in time." She takes a sip of her lemon water.

At the table with Mabelle, it looks like Nova might have the upper hand during the first round -- what with all that military living while growing up -- but then the diplomatic efforts and the manipulative ones... do not go so well! Apparently, growling at your opponent is not very convincing in casual games! Then, she lets out a laugh. She taps out and stands up. "Good job, My Lady!"

Patrizio is definitely not inclined to sit - standing gives him a far better view of the goings on of the games. His normally radiant smile is gone, but it's not from displeasure - it's been replaced with a look of concentration as he's discerning how to play this game, with little turns and tips of his head as he's following.

Nova cannot (and does not) forget her plate. She picks that up before then helping Thea to get seatuated across from Mabelle by maneuvering the chair.

Maharet's crimson curls tumble as she nods fractionally, her fingers lightly caressing the inside of Ember's elbow as it rests there, eyes on Sedna as she listens "I have been most fortunate" She smiles in agreement "I would be delighted to a viewing of your labors. What started you on this path, might I ask? What drew you to the chisel and hammer?"

Thea has called for an opposing check. Thea checks wits and war at easy at easy. Thea is marginally successful. Mabelle checks wits and war at easy at easy. Mabelle is successful.
Mabelle is the winner.

Dycard scratches his chin as he stands off to the side, idly tugging at his stubble while watching the final moments of the game before offering a wide smile to Mabelle, "I will confess, Lady Laurent, I was hoping you'd pull through there! Some people disregard the finer aspects of the game and you seem to be a master," he practically gushed, bowing his head toward Row before helping Thea get situated and resetting the board.

Thea has called for an opposing check. Thea checks intellect and diplomacy at easy at easy. Thea is successful. Mabelle checks intellect and diplomacy at easy at easy. Mabelle is successful.
Mabelle is the winner.

Rowynna is overheard praising Dycard: 5 A wonderful host for our first Soiree!

"Thank you, I am," Gehenna says with a nod of her head. A sip of her rum, then smiles a light, contained smile for Rowynna. "The coins and their cases were very well thought out. I look forward to these evenings in the future, now the first one has gone so well. I'm very grateful for the chance to meet you and your family; tales of the Blackshores' rise have sparked my curiosity since they began to filter back into Redreef Shores."

Leena nods to Lady Gehenna "Lady Gehenna, a pleasure." She nods to Ian "Of couse, having multiple views would be beneficial. I work design and I beleive that taking the experience of those that the design is fit for, in this case sailors would lead to the most benefit. How did your refit go? We've created mold-machines and plates to create parts, which are used across the designs so spare parts can easily be added from wear and battle both in drydock and while at sea with a new focus on exacting specifications on each part and a minimzation on rework and after-creation cleanup of parts. Did you employ a similiar method?"

Gehenna is overheard praising Rowynna.

Gehenna is overheard praising Dycard.

Thea has called for an opposing check. Thea checks perception and manipulation at easy at easy. Thea is successful. Mabelle checks perception and manipulation at easy at easy. Mabelle marginally fails.
Thea is the winner.

Gehenna is overheard praising Emberly.

Nova steps aside to be part of the spectators now, nodding back to Dycard and feeding Sir Floppington some of the meats she has -- and he even gets to eat those off the fork she uses (too) -- before chowing down on a few more bites, herself. Her cobalt-blues in their kohl outlines curiously regard the game between the noble women.

Rowynna is overheard praising Emberly: 1 A wonderful host for our first Soiree!

Rowynna is overheard praising Mabelle: 1

Emberly is overheard praising Dycard: Successful event!

Rowynna is overheard praising Thea: 1

Mabelle gives a devious smile toward Dycard, "Did you underestimate me? Common mistake", she teases him as she sets the cards to play agains Thea. Its not easy, surprising though how she wins over the general in the game of war yet loses in the game of manipulating her to pieces. She hums. Overall however, she is pleased with herself.

Gerrick is nibbling at his food watching the games being played. "May I sit in on a game?"

Ian rubs his forehead. "We had some problems with sabotage," he admits to Leena. "But Aethan got it under control. "What parts are you talking about, exactly?"

Ember seems quite content to listen to Maharet and Sedna speak, as though the Baroness could ever truly look content. 'Annoyed' is more her usual expression, and yet, even if she looks annoyed, it's not a particularly focused annoyance. Just kind of a general cosmic temple-throb. Her amber eyes move between Sedna and Maharet based on who's speaking, and a gloved hand idly comes to rest on one of Maharet's while the Whisper leans against her arm.

Patrizio applauds the most recent match between Mabelle and Thea, albeit quietly - he's aware that he's probably the only one inclined to clap - but there's that boyish grin on his features when he does so, before he retires briefly to actually get himself something to eat before the spread's devoured.

Thea impishly smiles at Mabelle. "I would never...,"though maybe she does. Who's tell really. But clearly, she sees a bit of what Mabelle does and easily moves past that at least. She nods her head and smiles a bit. "Well played,"before her gold-flecked green eyes look up to the clapping from Patrizio.

"I hope that more tales will filter back," Rowynna says lightly to Gehenna. "We're working hard to rebuild what was lost. It will take time, but what have we, if not time?" Another mouthful of her lemon water is taken, her fingers laced loosely around the circumference of her glass. "Do you follow the game they're playing?" she asks in a sudden change of topic. "It's beyond me, I fear."

Observing the final game with some mirth, Dycard occasionally points out smart plays or failed gambits to other spectators, smiling widely as Mabelle comes out as the victor with a Lesser Victory. Helping her to her feet, he playfully lifts one of her arms up in the air as if the champion of a duel, offering her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek before opening a small silken bag an retrieving a bottle of perfume from within. "Lady Laurent, I apologize the token of victory isn't something more grand, but I was strolling the shopfronts and settled on this perfume from a curiously named shop - The Works Obscura, and I present it to you now to mark your triumph,"

There is a grateful dip of head towards Ian, attention on Leena as she continues on in the explanation of recreation and design.

Dycard gets Snow's Freedom, an unbound scent from two leather belts and a longsword scabbard.

Between bites, Nova naws. "I knew you would get me in the end." She lets out a quick laugh before gnawing on a chicken leg bone.

Ian looks increasingly puzzled, and waits for a pause in Leena's explanation to ask: "Are you using cast iron at sea?"

Mabelle smiles quietly to Thea, "Well played, I am totally shocked I got you there. This game should be studied". She turns to Dycard, amused by his antics, waving her hand in cooperation, "Ooooooo I love perfumes, there are no little prizes. Thank you", she daintily pecks his cheek in return.

"Oh, little more than a girlhood whim," Sedna deflects humbly, her attention briefly flicking to Ember before returning to Maharet. "I found I felt things strongly and art became a balm. Perhaps things might have turned out differently, but taking up the sword and shield had not occurred to me at the time."

Piccola arrives, finally, and just after the games are done, apparently. Or one of them. Paying no mind to her tardiness, she finds a place to settle on -- a nice, secluded alcove for the moment -- to watch the events unfold. Get a feeling for what's happening. To watch the movers, the shakers, the people who move and shake. Just minding her own for the moment.

"Quite so," Gehenna says to Rowynna. "I'm sure the tales of your Barony will continue to be as interesting as they have been." She raises her glass in emphasis, then follows the Blackshore's gaze to the game boards.

"I understand it on the whole," she says. "Though its emphasis on war tactics does put me at a disadvantage." She sounds neither humbled nor concerned in the least by this. "Would you like to play? If so, it looks as if there are still opponents waiting." She gestures towards Gerrick, a silent invite for Rowynna to join her.

Leena looks rather curious "Hmmn. I hadn't considered sabatoge. Replacing connection joints that are meant to be replaced easier, metal fastenings, locking bolt systems, precision-cutting machines for design to spec, and controls to increase precision work without the need for as experienced master craftsmen." She mmns "I was thinking of using a different blend of metals - however I'm still experimenting with the right blend. Have you come across anytihng that gives a better resistance to the elements of the sea?"

Noticed, even with a plate in one hand - the drink, finished, has gone missing once more - Patrizio inclines his head to Thea respectfully.

"It may shock you to discover, my cousin," Ember says to Sedna, "that I do consider the arts essential to the Barony. I am a warrior, no more skilled with clay than you are with a greatsword. And yet, if I fight and kill to make Redreef what it is, who will then take what Redreef has been made and define it for all to understand? How will the identity of our Barony be communicated to our people? Through the arts, Sedna." Ember wags her brows once, and then glances over: "Ah, General Piccola!" Fuck art, let's war.

Piccola may have to mind Caprice's a little bit too as another late arrival steps in just after her, with similar intent. Of course, the woman - still bundled tight in her cloak - doesn't crowd the lady, only flashes a quick grin and dips her head in a respectful nod while she stakes out her acclimating post nearby.

Emberly smiles a little to Dycard as she brushes past him offering him a small whisper before she finds a quiet spot to wallflower and eat her sushi

Dycard offers Mabelle a polite bow of his head before sweeping through the room, finally making his way toward the platter to pick at some of the fish and then sidling toward the liquor cabinet to pour himself a drink.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Rowynna blanches at the invitation. "Oh no. I'm afraid that such games are beyond me," she confesses with surprising ease. "Perhaps..." and she scans the room. "General Piccola?" The womn's arrival hadn't gone unnoticed, no matter how quiet her entrance. "Perhaps the General would enjoy a turn at the board?" Ever the wallflower, she's quick to deflect the opportunity to play for herself.

Mabelle drifts toward Patrizio who seems a tad lost, smiling to him, "Too many big gatherings at once?", she collects a glass of rum on her way toward.

"General Thea Malvici,"the now not winner of games introduces herself to Patrizio with a hidden sort of mishchief behind gold-flecked green eyes. "I saw you at the wedding last night. It's a pleasure to meet you." She thinks. NO idea what his name is.

Maharet nods, favoring Ember with a warm smile briefly, before she looks back to Sedba "It is often the way" She agrees "I trust your works will live on, inspiring others to follow you in your path"

"Sabotage might have been a uniquely Kennex problem," Ian admits to Leena. "A lot of the Isles isn't thrilled with us right now." Then, after listening some more, he gives a slight shake of his head. "Unless you're putting the money in for diamondplate or alaricite fittings, most metals don't do terribly well at sea. The salt water corrodes everything. Hammered, quality steel is the best compromise we've found, but that has to be worked. It can't be poured."

"The illustrious Baroness of House Redreef!"

Piccola's greeting is shouted across the hall in response to Ember's greeting. And why not? She's supposed to be a soldier, not some blushing lady to be sat in the corner. One has a reputation to protect, after all. And so, after lifting her hand in greeting to her fellow warrior, her attention is pulled to Rowynna, her name being uttered. "The board?" A moment of confusion passes across her expression. "Ah." She steps forwards, and looks at the board as indicated.

"What game is this?" she asks, curious and seeking explanation.

Gehenna nods gravely, taking Rowynna's discomfort without comment. "Perhaps so," she agrees. "It's all well and good. As I said ... it rather emphasises war. I'm sure the good soldier there can find a better opponent than either of us." She glances over and catches Gerrick's eye. "Though if you're unable, Gerrick, I would commit to a second game."

Emberly smiles as the winner of the game has been declared and she grins a bit as she looks to the board, her eyes flickering slightly amusedly over the game "A strategy game." she says quietly "feel free to keep playing if you like as our Host steps out." she pauses looking over to Gehenna and Gerrick with a nod of her head as she moves towatch them.

"I am interested in the game, though would need an explanation of the actions." Gerrick says as he nibbles at the fish, that he was told is fish but appears to be uncooked, so he is putting the plate down and seeking whiskey.

The bright smile returns when Mabelle's addressing him on her way over. "Maybe still a little worn down after my cousins' wedding last night," he admits to her, gently setting aside his plate as he's finished with it. "And /that/ was a hint overwhelming, so it's a bit of after effect maybe." Thea's approach is met with a little bit less recognition - there were so, /so/, many people at the Temple the night before, and as such, a faint touch of colour finds his cheeks. "Patrizio Pravus," he offers in return to her name. "And likewise. I'd not have missed last night for the world - someone had to make sure my cousin Sebastian had a proxy to have his fun for him." And /that/ gets a playful wiggle of his eyebrows.

There is a curious glance to Ian then Ophira's attention is settled on Leena, nodding in agreement, "Steel is what you'll want to use, indeed. But, if you're going for experimentation? Could try to find a blend of materials, cuts down on the time it takes to hammer out the materials to reach the pliable yet strong ratio. I'm curious, what sort of craft are you thinking for such a cut and dry process? You want some heavier than others."

"Only a mild shock," Sedna assures comedically, laughing more for Maharet's benefit than Ember's. "I'm just trying to exist." With a gesture, she motions between the pair, "If this is meant to be a demonstration of a Whisper's effects on my cousin, though, sign me up."

Rowynna shouldn't be a host, she really shouldn't, but with Dycard taking a break and with the whisper he's dropped in her ear, she suddenly is. She pins a smile in place and addresses both Piccola and Gerrick. "Please. If you sit at the table where the board is placed, and check the note on rules, you'll pick it up I'm sure..." Her voice tails off with a wrinkle of her nose, and a hand is tapped to the back of one chair. "Please. Sit?" Even tough the contest has already been run, and won, the games are still there to be played, and hopefully Dycard is soon to return.

Dycard pads over from the liquor cabinet toward Rowynna smiling widely as he taps her on the arm with his free hand, the other swirling a glass of liquor about. "Stressing out, cousin mine?"

Gerrick having found some whiskey, then sits down to the game. "This looks amusing."

Mabelle smiles easily to Patrizio, "I should send the pair a gift if only for having missed such splendid affair", she smiles to him but adds, "I think its time for me to head back, I've some missives to send out before the night is over". She flashes a smile to Dycard, "A very pleasant afternoon, Lord Blackshore, thank you for hosting it", she cherishes her prize and bids the others, "Enjoy the rest of your day".

And, so, Piccola sits down at the board. Presuming Gerrick does the same, the woman nods to him in acknowledgment. "Well, looks like we are matched up." Neutral; not at all competitive; and perhaps a little lazy. She looks over the board, and then picks up the note to review it. "I think I understand," she then murmurs afterwards.

Leena nods softly "Yes, some regular application of different substances may help, however ship maintenence I think will increase to catch some problems earlier. I'm more adept at designing exploration vessels, however have not designed one meant for military service." Shee looks to Ophira "Using various molds to create precision parts is one of the goals of the project, having a blending process should allow easier replication with precision creation. Of course the parts do still need some cleanup. Overall proccess improvement and a emphasis on drecreasing waste are using as much of all materials as possible"

Emberly smiles a little to Patrizio as he talks of the wedding and she nods her head a little as she listens to him "believie it or not I too have a hard time in large crowds." says the social butterfly .. she moves to look over to Rowynna and she grins a little as she takes over a host spot. " should explain the game again Lord Dycard it seems as if you have more that wish to play."

"Yes, I would be quite interested in this match," Gehenna says, bowing to Piccol with her most friendly diplomatic smile on. It's only a little tight at the corners after the Lady yelled across the room at Ember like a commoner. It's fine. Once both people are seated, Gehenna steps back to watch the game, although her eyes stray away more than they remain on the board.

"Yes..." Rowynna states to Dycard. She dots a kiss to his cheek, pats his arm, and gratefully heads for the seafood. There's crab legs, allegedly.

Ember arches an eyebrow at Sedna. "You exist, cousin. I will personally slay anyone who tries to make the situation otherwise." So much for that good Whisper effect on the Baroness. She looks to Maharet: "Come. Let me introduce you to my other cousin, Lady Gehenna. She is a diplomat by trade, and you may find common ground..."

Thea spies Piccola and waves to her,"General, hello. As for the game, I obviously haven't a clue as I didn't do that well,"a note of amusement in her southern tone. To Patrizio, she nods in agreement. "There was a lot of people there and I found myself leaving early,"a grin to Akamos. "My cousin Desma is back in the city, if you haven't seen her yet."

Overhearing the talk about metals, Nova pipes up, "Cupridium?" Then goes back to chowing down on a turkey leg now that the chicken leg is all ate up.

"General Piccola, it is good to see you again. I hope that your shoulder is healing well?"

Pickle, A beautiful songbird, 2 Harthall House Guards leave, following Emberly.

Maharet nods, smiling to Sedna "I think your cousin enjoys the excuse to be social" She murmurs with an impish smile, her fingers soothing Ember's elbow before she nods to the bloody baroness "I'd be delighted. My thanks" She tells Sedna and Ember both, letting herself be guided away

Head count? Done. Clothing? Critically considered and admired, discreetly. Caprice meanders towards the platter to consider the spread though as Dycard returns, she raises her hand in unobtrusive greeting, smiling between he and Emberly - oh no, just him then.

Piccola checks Wits and War at easy. Piccola is successful.

Patrizio clucks his tongue softly when Emberly's commenting on larger crowds. "I'm still shocked sometimes at how often there are things of that scale, but... no, last night, I'd not have missed that for all the gods' favour. I'm only glad I made it in time for the fete. On the other hand, one could definitely hide for days after it." But Thea's comment gets that brilliant smile once more. "I had exactly zero excuses to slip out. I think I actually left after the bride and groom, but /someone/ had to ensure that they had a proper dance or two as a couple." He waits a second, clearly milking it, before he continues, "Well, that and encourage my cousin to not /wholly/ adopt Oathlander ways, and have at least a good glass before going off to enjoy the rest of his night."

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Ian looks a little dubious; most of his attention is on Leena, but he's still pouring drinks as necessary. "An exploration vessel needs to be able to go a long time without refitting. Military vessels generally need thicker hulls, to resist ramming. Wash has been experimenting with nets to prevent boarding. He's excited about it, but I'm not sure I see the point." He takes a sip of his own drink. "If you happen on an alloy that can be poured into a mold, resists corrosion, and is a hard enough metal to take strain, I'd be interested to hear about it."

Piccola has called for an opposing check. Piccola checks Wits and War at easy. Piccola is successful. Gerrick checks Wits and War at easy. Gerrick is marginally successful.
Piccola is the winner.

Piccola has called for an opposing check. Piccola checks Intellect and Diplomacy at easy. Piccola marginally fails. Gerrick checks Intellect and Diplomacy at easy. Gerrick is successful.
Gerrick is the winner.

Piccola has called for an opposing check. Piccola checks Perception and Manipulation at easy. Critical Success! Piccola is spectacularly successful. Gerrick checks Perception and Manipulation at easy. Botch! Gerrick is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.
Piccola is the winner.

"Perhaps you're right," Sedna smiles to the Whisper. She steps aside to let Maharet and Ember visit Gehenna next, content to linger where she stands rather than follow along.

The widowed Redreef Lady Trueth looks as though someone has pushed her into the library when she enters, and she smiles nervously around the crowd. There are faces she recognizes, but the prim and proper Redreef clasps her hands in front of her with a terrible blush in her cheeks as she meanders to find alcohol - liquid courage in a big crowd.

Gehenna knows the look of a desperate escape. As such, she doesn't follow Rowynna when she makes for the food, instead giving her a pleasant smile and letting her flee.

This means she' all alone when Ember bears down upon her, and the diplomacy smile comes back. She bows. "Baroness, I was wondering when I might get to meet your companion." She doesn't bow to Maharet, but nods courteously. "Lady Gehenna Redreef."

Dycard helps the recent arrivals get settled in resetting the game board for Queen of Games before padding toward the door to greet Lady Trueth, "My dear, welcome - I apologize as vultures have already had most of their way with the food, but perhaps I could offer you a drink?" he explained, offering the woman an arm as he attempted to guide her toward the liquor cabinet.

Ian is at the liquor cabinet, having made himself responsible for making sure everyone is suitably sauced up. He takes a glass when Trueth comes closer, and if she doesn't specify what she wants, he pours her a glass of blackberry vodka.

Gerrick is confused with the game and has overlooked the final step by turning to his drink at the most critical moment. "A fitting end to the game, I would say then General. Makes up for my horrible dancing. Care to go again?"

Pickle, A beautiful songbird, 2 Harthall House Guards arrive, following Emberly.

Ember doesn't do the diplomacy smile thing. She just does the standard Ember face thing, facing down Gehenna's pleasantness with her own ambient and mysterious iracity. "Indeed," Ember says, when Gehenna introduces herself. "Redreef Shores' Minister of Farming. She has worked hard to claw her way up from the bottom of our diplomatic ranks to reach the elite status of being one of our diplomatic representatives in Arx."

Ember then touches Maharet's hand again with her palm. "And Gehenna, I introduce you to Maharet Whisper, of House Whisper, but also Voice of House Leporidae, of Tremorus in the Saffron Chain." Ember spies Trueth, because she has a sixth sense for Trueth (you could call it a sixth senth, if you really wanted to, but why would you?). She inclines her head, motioning for Trueth to come join them. "And I see your friend from the tavern is here as well, Gehenita..."

Piccola calmly makes her final move, and then looks up.

"I think someone may have called for me?" But she seems to be too focused on the game to figure out or remember who. She frowns, and looks, for the moment, at the entourage from Redreef. "I have been meaning, Signore, to speak with the Baroness on a matter of mutual importance," she admits. "I hope you do not mind if I come back to this table, if you're still available, after having met with her." She rises. "Would you excuse me?"

Her attention draws back to Ember and her House.

"Oh, yes, please!" Trueth says, smiling at Dycard. "I"m too nervous to eat. This is my first big event since I've arrived in the City, you understand, so a drink is most welcome." She takes Dycard's arm and lets him lead her to the liquor cabinet. She smiles at Ian, bowing her head. "Lord Ian, I hope the day finds you well." She does not specify, but the blackberry vodka is taken and sipped. "Lord Dycard, this is a magnificent house. Simply beautiful." Spying Ember motioning for her, she bows to Dycard. "Pardon me, my cousin is waving me over. She'll get cranky if I ignore her." Breaking away gently, she gives a gentle thanks and heads over to Ember timidly.

Rowynna's retreat from the game boards has placed her in Patrizio's vicinity. Her hand wrapped around a rapidly warming glass of lemon water, she offers him a shy smile. "Prince Patrizio, isn't it?" Her greeting is a statement more than a question, though there's an air of fragility about the dark-haired woman as it's made.

Lips meet the rim of her glass, taking a sampling sip before attention then shifts at the mention of Cupridium, "That could work but you'd have to dull it a bit, plus you need to think of the cost of materials - though the blend mind work with steel if they are refined together." A smile to the Igniseri, " I too would be interested in such things as well, I'm going to be bringing in several ships from my fleet in Seraceni and providing them to Blackshore once I'm properly settled in. They'll need to pass an inspection and thus drydocked, might give you a chance to test new methods? I can provide building schematics as well from Ischia, our vessels were specifically designed with compartments in our holds in which to keep cargo away from prying eyes. So, plenty of dead room to work with."

Maharet smiles to Gehenna, dropping a small, polite curtsy and rising quickly "It's a pleasure, Lady Redreef. It's always an honor to meet those who have taken their fates in their own hands, driving forward and forging their own path."

Dycard waves a hand dismissively at Trueth's compliments, his cheeks flushing ever so slightly as he took a sip of his drink, "Oh please. You're a shameless flatterer, my lady," he replied with a laugh before bowing in deference at her departure.

Emberly re-enters to see how the party is going she smiles a bit as she looks about the room once again and she moves to stand out of the way. She smiles a little as Trueths praise weaves through the crowd and she smiles softly as she munches on both cooked and non cooked fishes

Patrizio's eyebrows bob when Rowynna's approaching him. "I would be he. Though, to be fair, were I not he, I'd still want to be him. I hear all kinds of wonderful things." There's the play of a grin over his lips, the jade eyes atwinkle, before he murmurs, "I don't think I've caught your name, though. And don't mind me too much - I'm still fairly new to the city, on the day after my cousin's wedding, and more than slightly inclined to have some fun at my own expense."

Gerrick has made his way over to Ian, who appears to be the one in charge of getting to the good alcohol. "Lord. Any chance of getting a top up of a mix?"

Ian nods a greeting to Trueth, before Ophira's description of their ships provokes a slight shake of his head. "Smuggling vessels," he says to Leena. There's no approval in his voice, but at least he shows a kind of wry acceptance of the reality. Then he looks to Gerrik. "You were drinking whiskey?" He's already reaching for the whiskey.

Thea climbs to her feet, finishing her drink. "I should be on my way,"looking at everyone. So many people. "It was a pleasure seeing all of you, meeting you,"the latter to Patrizio. When Trueth arrives, she smiles a moment. "Lady Trueth. It's a pleasure to see you again. You look much better than when I saw you last..."

Gerrick takes The Rabbit's Cure All Rainbow Blast Liqueur from Dark Brown Leather Backpack.

"Ah, yes, the conquering rabbits," Gehenna says to Maharet, the friendly smile accompanied by a dry tone. "I've met your Marquessa, your Admiral, and your Sword. Your Marquessa represented your House very well during our first meeting. I'm glad to see a representative of Tremorus in the Whisper House. I hope they've been useful to you since your arrival."

She too spots Trueth, and raises her hand in another little wave to the poor overwhelmed lady as she approaches.

Gehenna adds to Ember, "it seems so," with a look back at Patrizio. "He makes himself quite popular wherever he goes."

"Oh..." A faint blush steals its way across Rowynna's cheeks. "Lady Rowynna Blackshore." A smile melts on her lips. "It gladdens me to hear that you've heard wonderful things however, our baroness has worked hard to improve things for Blackshore." A pause, and a slightly awkward catching of her lower lip between her teeth before she adds, "But welcome to the city. Forgive me if I'll admit to not knowing which wedding it was that drew you here. I'm afraid I spend far too long with my nose in books to notice very much at all."

Gerrick takes the top up on his whiskey, then nods to the rest of the cabinet, "Is there any liquers in there that we can add?"

There's a smile for Thea from Trueth, the redness in her cheeks matching her orange dress nicely - and spreading to the tips of her ears and down her neck. "Ah. Yes. Hello, Lady Thea," she says, at a loss for other words. Thankfully her family is stealing her away. She bows her head to Gehenna and Sedna, then curtsies to her Baroness, looking at Maharet with a slightly opened mouth. "Oh my, you are beautiful." Beat. "Of course the rest of you look wonderful!" Glug glug from the vodka glass.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

From the boards, the General heads to the Bloody Baroness.

She flashes a brief smile. "Well met, Baroness." The small woman with the cloak, bow, and sword. Piccola seems to like Ember, judging from her body posture and voice. "This is probably an inopportune time, but if you've a moment a moment to meet, perhaps we should confer about a theory I heard about the goals of the Apostate." She draws a finger across her neck. "You know, the one you would like to relieve of his head."

The latter is delivered with a note of humor in her voice.

There is a glance to Ian and then Leena, offering a bright smile, "As the Kennex says, they were originally used to smuggle goods in the earlier years of Ischia's history but more recently they've been repurposed to stash weapons and sometimes used to ferry those fleeing Eurus given our activities in the Saffron Chain. I'm actually hoping to speak with Knight Porter concerning the usage of our docks for Knights of Solace - perhaps the space can be used to help hold armor and mounts." A lithe shrug of shoulders, "Or you can shave off the extra, I'd like to leave that up to you."

Emberly looks to Gerrick as he inquires about a mixed drink and she brushes her fingers through her hair, she smiles a bit to Trueth before she turns to walk through the crowds munching on her crab slowly weaving - walking and munchine between smiling at people who have come for the game night.

Oh, the laugh that slides from Patrizio at the comment by Gehenna, and the smile that it gets - he's not opposed to that image, not one whit. "I beg to differ. I simply find the popular places and the crowd finds me," he counters.

But there's the mindful nod to Thea at the sound of her departure, and then more softly to Rowynna, "My cousin Sebastian's wedding to Adrienne Valardin. And it's a joy to meet you, Lady Blackshore."

Dycard pads about the library, looking in to each cluster of people to ensure there was nothing they needed before sidling over toward Ophira, his shoulders slumping ever so slightly as he let out a sigh, "Almost-Auntie - I fear i'm not cut out for this kind of thing," he admitted with a grin, "I do better in more intimate settings, decidedly,"

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