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Lady Sedna Redreef

Thou shalt be free as ocean wind, but then exactly do all points of my command.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Stormforged Thaumaturge
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Redreef
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 36
Birthday: 7/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Artisan
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: bronze

Description: With a flawless nigh-metallic brown complexion, silken tresses of hair as black as pitch, and eyes that shine like dark beacons of deep and heavy feeling in an uncaring world, Sedna makes for a striking figure. Her silhouette is stacked with decadent concentrations of fat at her hips, thighs, and lofty chest. Her voice is sultry, soothing, and low. No doubt all these contribute to her being a source of great physical and emotional warmth on the unforgiving shores from which she hails.

Personality: Ruled by a sensitive watery dynamism, Lady Sedna is capable of immense displays of empathy. Oft slipping through the fingers of those who would seek to contain her, social obstacles are rarely a match for her sleek maneuverability and go-with-the-flow attitude. When cooled through ill-treatment, however, she's just as much a master of her own iciness.

Background: Born to an underpopulated house already saturated in daughters, Sedna got her artistic start early on as a girl. Slipping away from her lessons in arithmetic and diplomacy, she developed a liking for the uniquely intricate glass and mineral formations created when lightning struck the sandy shorelines near her ancestral home. As the years passed, she was inspired to craft towering elemental figures out of carefully affixed portions of those same substances. In time, this evolved. Through the use of thinly-veiled fabric and applied torchlight, she learned to give her creations the suggestion of movement and dance. Coaxing fragile, rigid structures into the appearance of uncharacteristic acts of play and whimsy, her exhibitions both delighted and transfixed. Testaments to Mangata's domain, supporters whispered.

She married relatively young. It was a strong arrangement that served the house. For Sedna, it served to alleviate any scrutiny that her creative hobby might have conjured up. The two were amicable but lived mostly separate lives, his predictably ending somewhere out at sea.

When Lord Tiberius sought to claim rulership of Redreef Shores following the death of Baron Landis, Sedna was ambivalent with leanings in his favor. He was, after all, the next male in line! She was not at all appreciative of the familial tumult that followed. She proved abundantly cautious, careful not to be overheard uttering an unkind word for Tiberius or his rivals except for by the shrewd ear of a servant, perhaps. From that safe social and political distance, she watched the regime change in her family's leadership and bided her time. When the moment came for Sedna to swear loyalty to the victor, it was done with as little certainty as the occasion would allow. The infighting had already broken Sedna's confidence in her family's stability.

As a spur of growth hit their region in the wave of anti-thralldom progressiveness, it came as a mild surprise to Sedna that visitors stopping to port at Redreef Shores appreciated her art more for its novelty and entertainment value than for the spiritual significance it held for her. Sedna ultimately resisted change. She responded by showcasing less and less for strangers, adding one more layer of tasteful mystique to already favorable accounts of her.

Name Summary
Alarissa An artist, a member of a house that subverts the traditions of Thrax. An oddity, but enjoyable and no doubt a benefit and boon to her house.
Baldessare I have spent my life around people who smile and don't mean; around those who say flattering things to you, and far less flattering when you are away. When I speak to Lady Sedna I see someone sincere, someone who will one day be far greater than she is today. That spirit eclipses her beauty, and if her art does the same then I shall truly feel awed.
Cahal I hear she's a master of sculpture. I wonder what it would take to view it.
Ember I do not pretend to understand the arts in the same way that I understand the battlefield. How Sedna achieves her works is as much a mystery to me as the Eventide Vast. I do not scorn her for my own lack of understanding; I cherish her for it.
Gehenna Sometimes my cousin seems to be of one mind with me. Other times, she baffles every attempt I make to understand her. Perhaps it's the artist in her. Perhaps it's the way she gets rid of my drinks before I can think clearly enough to figure her out.
Mabelle An Artist from the isle. A sculptur! We do not have enough Sculpturers! She is very kind and very beautiful. Has empathy for animals so she's good in my book.
Marina I don't know much about art, but I appreciate the gumption in declaring that my blood is going to be her new medium. I also don't know much about brushes, but I bet my axe is stronger, should she want to pick out a canvas to start on.
Maris Warm eyes like a lighthouse on a craggy shore, or a pair of solitary stars guiding a lost sailor back home to the Isles. In short, since I'm not a poet, she's beautiful and has left me wanting more.
Raimon First saw her at the Ebb and Flow, one early Winters' night; when flakes of newly falling snow, had come to grace the night. Her dusky, subtle wit and charms, elusive and reserved; Drew out good conversation, and: a splendid 'eve preserved.
Rylan Reserved but not unfriendly. The first I have met of her family, I wonder if it is a trait of the Redreef Shores? Still, I enjoy the company of artists, perhaps we will have more time to share in the future.
Scythia An anchoring force in the wake of bad news. A reminder of why ties of blood endure.
Seren I'm not entirely sure what tomake of Lady Sedna. There's something rough in her, and I like that, but she can be hard to read. Still, this should be fun!
Vittorio A Noble Artist adhering to noble rules of Etiquette. Perhaps I manage to spoil her.
Zoey An artist and a visionary. A bit flighty, but only because her passion sweeps her away. The Isles need women like her.