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Winter Wonderland - Laurent's Gardens

As they watched the garden's pool freeze over, the Laurents decided it is a perfect excuse for ice skating, so why not invite some friends? Join the Laurents for a majestic evening of ice and snow and hot chocolate, for those who prefer the sanctuary by the fire.


Oct. 16, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Mabelle Cristoph

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Kritr Alis Amari Patrizio Michael Ryhalt Gerrick Grimgar Drake Liara Kael Camilla Zoey Emberly Margerie Kiera Korka Kastelon Hamish Rowenova Tarik Gael



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Gardens and Pool

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Comments and Log


The Laurent Winter Wonderland was a fun time. A year round sled mountain should be a feature of every garden.

Plus, I almost got challenged to a duel over unadvised bee puns and revealing the truth of velvet being literal bee fur! A buzzing good time!

2 Keaton Huntsmen, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

3 Ivory Shields arrives, following Patrizio.

What this city really needed, was a winter event. With sledding and ice skating. So that's what's happening currently at the Laurent Estate. Cristoph is bundled up in a warm jacket, his hands stuffed into the pockets as he considers the snow mountain that someone has erected in his gardens. He's squinting up at the top and then over at the iced up pool. The guests are beginning to arrive and once they do, he turns to face the direction that they're milling in! He frees one of his hands up so that he can wave hello and shake hands. Like a professional.

Mabelle is standing somewhere in Cristoph's vicinity, wearing a thick velvety, furry robe dress and holding a mug of ice chocolate, because holding an event at the thick of winter is a wonderful idea. At least it is toward the end of the season and the snow is gentle and merciful.

Michael gets an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Kritr comes dressed in his furs, absolutely overjoyed at the weather and every puff of breath he sees brings a smile to his bearded cheeks. "Ho! The Belle of Laurent. I am HERE! KRIT is HERE!" He's been gone these past four months see, so his return is notable, to him.

Alis is bundled up in a fur lined cloak as she tromps across shoveled paths to enter the gardens. With hair that's nearly whiter than the snow itself she almost blends in with the surroundings until the green of her eyes show and she looks at the pair of Laurent's that are hosting. "Duke Laurent, Lady Mabelle." A polite smile accompanies the greeting, as her gaze zeroes in on the hot chocolate. "Excellent idea. Have either of you tested the snow hill yet?" She's going to pretend she is not close enough to have just had something shouted near her ears.

Amari strolls into the gardens with her cloak's hood up to spare her ears the cold. Here, in the more sheltered garden however, she pushes the hood back and absently strokes her hand over her hair to smooth the flyaway strands down nicely. She makes a decidedly less loud entrance than some of the others, choosing instead to smile warmly at the hosts and curtsy politely to Cristoph when she's within a few yards.

Amari gets an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Patrizio might well not be one for winter, but even he's looking as if he'd not miss the event for anything within the city itself. A warmer cloak helps as well, something to layer over his clothes so that his cheeks aren't as quickly taking on colour from the air outside, but there's his slow glancing about, as if he's looking for familiar faces.

Patrizio gets an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Michael had made his way allll the way across the city to get to this event. Even having the gall to think to himself 'at least it will be warm and without snow when I get there'. He didn't know, he must have missed it. So when he arrives in great big coat and armor, his eyebrows fall and nearly smash together across his forehead. He had deceived himself. "Snow. Snow everywhere. Gah."

Ryhalt arrives at the garden and gives the snow mountain an amused look. He chuckles and grins widely, noting the sleds at its foot. Seeing Cristoph, he goes over to shake his hand. "Looks like a fine showing, Duke Cristoph. Dare I ask how the gardeners are buzzing over this?" Somehow he keeps a straight face at the pun.

Maggie, a really fuzzy raccoon, Princess Fluffy Tube, a ferret, Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, a mastiff pup arrive, following Gerrick.

When Kritr comes in shouting, Cristoph nods a couple of times. "That's the fellow who won the snowballight last year, isn't it?" he asks Mabelle, looking over to her briefly. Then Alis appears! "I haven't," he admits. "Lady Amari. Duke Ryh- oh no, are you one of those people who like bee puns? Careful. This is how I ended up in a duel with Princess Zara!" he jokes, flashing the man a smile. Patrizio's arrival is noticed, the man not familiar to him. He lifts a hand to him, "Hello. Welcome to the Laurent Estate...?" There's an uptick at the end, questioning and curious.

Mabelle does not get too concerned with Kritr's volume, instead she beams at him, "Lord Clearlake, I neardly called for a rescue. I'm pleased you have returned to the city", she greets her protege who's volume she's used to already. Smiles are offered to Alis, with a respectful curtsy, "High Lo..lady Valardin. Lady Keaton, Lord Bisland, Good evening". Cradling the drink in her hands she encourages others, "There are warm drinks and sizzling foods, please help yourselfs". Mabelle glances at Cristoph, "Yes, I am his patron. I taught him well", she takes undue credit. She rolls her eyes at the exchange between Ryhalt and Cristoph, winking at the Coffee Duke as she introduces Patrizio to Cristoph, "Prince Patrizio Pravus, new to the city".

Gerrick has tried to look his best, though has a mishmash of clothing on. The animals are following along, trying to stay close. Though Maggie might have already slipped off to find a unguarded plate of food. Looking around, he nods to those that he recognizes. And then here's Kritr, who he only knows because Poppy described him so well.

Alis groans at Ryhalt. Oh yes she does. Doesn't even bother trying to mask it. "You really ought to find a way to train the bees to sting on command." she mutters, adding a - "You haven't? Oh no, we have to remedy that. You're going to zip right on down that snow hill with me." That decided, she is going to get out of the way and head towards some of that hot chocolate so she can watch the comings and goings. Waves and bows of her head are offered politely to everyone she sees or passes until she has a cup of the hot liquid in hand and a seat on a couch.

"Snow EVERYWHERE!" Kritr cries joyfully, a Northerner by choice AND by nature. He flips back his mittens to dip a hand into the frozen confections, looking at it curiously. "In the North, they have a tree that bleeds sugar. They spill it on the snow and then eat it. Like this!" He crunches through the frozen treat with a great gnashing of teeth and lack of concern for the fallout in his beard. "Not a pet Prince Patrickio!" Kritr greets the Pravus Prince around a mouthful of ice and sticky honey.

"A pleasure, my lord." Patrizio smiles warmly to Cristoph when he's introduced, and he easily inclines his head, though there's an even brighter smile to Mabelle at presentation. "Lady Mabelle made sure I knew of the event, reminding me when she and I encountered at the brewery this afternoon. I'm very grateful for your holding this event, and for welcoming me." He shifts, just enough to keep the cloak shut, as if perhaps he's not himself much for the winter, and there's a chuckle. "Quite an event this is, here. I've not seen it's like ever."

Grimgar arrives quietly for a man his size. The large Redrain prince makes his way into the gardens curiously. The snow lands in his nealy trimmed honey blonde hair as he looks around with a faint smile. He doesn't seem to know exactly where to go so he stands there, examining his surrounding with care.

Ryhalt laughs at the reaction he gets and nods in satisfaction. "Not too worried and if it comes to that, can easily settle it with a sled race." He returns Mabelle's wink with a grin, apparently have done worse bee-related puns before.

"You're Lady Mabelle's protege?" Amari seems mildly surprised by that as she turns to regard Kritr with a quizzical little look, and then Mabelle in turn. "Curious match!" she declares in a positive, approving tone. Then noting Alis there, curtseys to her as well before following in her wake towards the hot drinks. "Your Grace. I'm not sure I've seen you since the delve into those ruins. Hello!"

Michael takes him time to weave through the crowds before finding Mabelle who was greeting him amongst others. "Lady Mabelle, a fine gathering. I'm hoping snow antics aren't a requirement for attendance?"

"Lady Amari. You're right, I've been buried in work." Alis admits, nodding towards nearby seating if Amari wants to sit while they catch up. "I'm having a hard time deciding which is worse. Centipede smeared on my armor, or papercuts after reading useless messages for hours. What would be your preference?" she poses, as an almost rhetorical question. Almost. She looks interested in the answer!

Gerrick is pretty good at wandering a crowd of nobles and not being starkly sticking out. This is made a little easier with Kritr simply being themselves. A light smile, Poppy was right, they should get along famously. He walks up to Lady Mabelle to give a proper nod and recognition that he is here, but out of the way.

"Ah, were you at the wedding?" Cristoph wonders of Patrizio as the man makes with his indtroductions. "It was very lovely." He shifts on his feet, rocking forward and back as he watches the arrival of several more people. He watces as a rather large man enters the gardens, "Do you know him too?" he wonders to Mabelle, gesturing to Grimgar. "Hello!" he calls out to him.

Kritr arrests his momentum when Amari addressses him and looks down at her. "One of." He says with solemnity. "Everyone is begging to be humble patronageer to lovely Belle. But I am very lucky." He leans forward and in his quietest voice, just under conversational adds: "Also, very loud. I think she likes it when I am loud." Then he stomps the snow, getting his footing.

Mabelle squints somewhat at Kritr, teasing him, "The dogs were there earlier, but if it tastes good to you....", she confirms to Amari, "It is a very good match. As minister of population, I rely on his advice with regards to some of our people". Welcoming Patrizio, Mabelle smiles to him, "Well I do hope you enjoy yourself this evening, much to go around". Grimgar gets her attention as she steps toward him and welcomes him, "Welcome to the Laurent estate. This is Duke Cristoph Laurent", she indicates the man "And I am Lady Mabelle."

As Michael approaches, Mabelle bows her head, "There is a corner with blankets and hot chocolate if you do not wish to". Laughing and grimacing at the same time at Alis, Mabelle tries to distract her from trouble, "Look, sleds!", before she squints at Kritr a moment, but lets it go, "Gerrick! Hello!".

Patrizio smiles broadly at the asking. "I'd have been stripped of my title, I think, had I not been there," answers he to Cristoph with a laugh. "Sebastian is my cousin, and his wedding was /the/ reason for the timing of my arrival. I'd not have missed it for the world. Though the glance towards other entrants as him looking that way too, and the prince takes advantage a bit to step back, and get once more a better sense of just what there is to do, as well as perhaps what trouble to get into. As his guards lurk at a discrete distance and... look wary.

Kritr has joined the a daringly inviting, slippery slope snow mountain.

Amari holds her hands out as if she were weighing each option, and despite some up and down movement from both, they eventually end up balanced. "I'm rather partial to reading and writing useless letters, being a lawyer, but I do enjoy a well squashed centipede." She'll smile then and follow the gesture of invitation towards one of the couches set out by the hearth. On the way, she flashes a broader smile back to Mabelle and Kritr, "I'm happy you found each other then. You're both excellent people."

Gerrick takes an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Ryhalt gets an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

As one of the others present here calls out in his direction Grimgar makes his way towards Cristoph and Mabelle. Smiling faintly he dips his head politely to them both. "I am Grimgar Redrain, a pleasure to meet you both." He regards them both with a calm stare. "I thought this gathering might be fun to attend. So much snow. It is a good time for relaxing I think."

Sleds! Kritr doesn't move with the enthusiasm of a child, but with the purposefulness of a bear seeing a flopping trout on the bank of a river. He collects a sled in one hand and tests the treehouse's climbability. He's a large man and not a little clumsy at times.

"That seems more my speed tonight, my lady." Michael murmurs off to Mabelle before abandoning her to party hosting duties. Which actually means approaching Cristoph to reach out and thump him upon the shoulder. "Duke Cristoph! You've been well?"

Drake slides in a bit late, though he's dressed for winter. He grabs one of the treats, and looks around, seeing a few people he knows and a few he doesn't yet. He's often one for games, but he looks first to see where drinks are flowing from. Maybe there's something to tip into the hot chocolate.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Kael.

Gerrick looks around for Maggie, she is, elsewhere. At least no one has started screaming about her digging in a pan or worse. The Sleds grab his attention. "Lady Mabelle," pointing to the sleds, "they are for anyone to enjoy?"

"Ha! I'm glad to hear that you weren't stripped of your title then, Prince Patrizio," Cristoph returns with a laugh, shaking his head. "Crazy affairs, weddings. Glad that I don't have to plan out another one of those." He looks over Grimgar when he approaches and offers the man his hand, "Duke Cristoph Laurent. And this is my cousin, Lady Mabelle. Well met, Prince Grimgar."

Liara shows up, and, seemingly rather heartened by the sight of the fire and the couches, going by how much her features brighten, she promptly heads that way -- she is not, apparently, a great fan of being out in the snow, despite wearing a snow-themed outfit.

"You like writing useless letters? I could hire you. You could be my official useless letter writer. My missives tend to be short and terse." Who, Alis? Write short and terse messages? Nobody would ever guess that, and she says it as though she's actually imparting a secret. "No. Short. Jokes." she adds firmly, after realizing they could be made off of her comment. "I also enjoy a well squashed centipede though, so we certainly have that in common." She also makes a face at Mabelle, the next time the woman looks her way. As if she can be kept out of trouble so easily.

Mabelle watches Michael and Cristoph like one would watch a train wreck. Instead, her eyes are focused on Grimgar, "A pleasure to have you within our halls, Prince Redrain. I'm about to go ice skating, there are sleds for your pleasure and a contest to follow and warm drinks and food all around, I do hope you enjoy honey". Those words also confirm to Gerrick, "Of course, careful not to hit a wall". A feigned gasp is offered to Amari, "Did you just call me excellent?". Fingers wiggle to Drake as he enters, while she goes to find skates while catching Liara's sneaky entry with the corner of her eye which brings a smile to her face.

Patrizio is not going far, as he's listening to the introductions - it's an excellent way for him to be learning some of the movers and shakers of the city as it were - but there is indeed a weather eye for the matter of something else he'd heard about skating, and while the sleds themselves are fairly obvious to him, it's the frozen pool to which he's drawn himself, considering the smooth, hard surface for a bit.

Drake, now holding hot chocolate, walks over to Mabelle, and, provided he's not shoved the other direction, gives her a perfectly-chaste cheek-kiss greeting. Then he also nods in Cristoph's direction. "Good to see you. Keeping out of any further trouble?"

"She called us both excellent!" Kritr yells back over his shoulder as he climbs, one handed up the tree's runged ladder. He sounds amused, and not just by the idea that he is going to fling himself headfirst into the snow.

Liara has joined the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

Grimgar chuckles softly at Mabelle's words about liking honey. "Lady Mabelle, I assure you most all bears would have a hard time turning down honey." He grins a bit and dips his head. "Perhaps I should try this ice skating as well myself?"

There's a little blink when Michael thumps him on the shoulder and he looks a little confused when the Bisland starts thumping him on the shoulder. He looks to Mabelle briefly, then back to the other man. "Yes. Thank you." Then there's also Drake, "Lord Drake! Yes. So far. Though I nearly challenged Duke Ryhalt to a duel over /more/ bee puns."

Gerrick quickly turns and tries to not /run like a child/ to the sleds. Gingerly grabbing a sled and finding the hill. Then a small running start and jump to land on the sled.

Kael arrives quietly to the estate's gardens, pausing momentarily before the crowd to discuss with his flanking guards that - no, really - they should go off and enjoy themselves this evening. This exchange is a brief and yet insistent thing with no small amount of prompting. Once that matter is attended to he ventures into the gathering, attempting to make eye contact with the hosts so that he might greet them with at least a low inclination of his head, if not an outright bow.

Michael has joined the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

Michael had dealt his greetings to the hosts and meanders off once more to be out of the way for the time being. The warmth of hearth would be better than just being cold so he'll move ot huddle in around that instead.

Blankets! Liara seizes upon the opportunity to have a blanket (plus, it's velvet), then after procuring a cup of hot chocolate, and suitably settled in on the couch, she finally gives the rest of the place a proper look over.

"I did!" Mouths Amari to the gasping hostess, before she finds a hot chocolate for herself and Alis, if she's also seeking the same. Then she's for the couch and the warmth of the fire, chatting all the while. "Oh my, does that come with a fancy but utterly meaningless title? You need only say the word. I'd can be verbose beyond imagining. You have no idea."

Mabelle confirms to Drake, "I am keeping out of trouble, and so I find myself often bored . You?", she gives him an impish grin. Mabelle gives Critoph a knowing look but, SKATES ARE ON! Ignoring the fact she is wearing too much cascading fur for this. My oh my. Teasing Grimgar, Mabelle relates, "We have two bears now, one of them is excellent, apparently", she points at Kritr, "It really is winter". A moment before getting on the ice, Mabelle advises Cristoph, "You should. You should definately challenge Duke Ryhalt over bee puns. Please do".

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"I suppose I wouldn't mind being kept busy, but the Champions are rough enough lately as it is." Drake's eyes are also wandering over to the warm couches, though, possibly, because Liara is there. But first he answers Mabelle's question, looking at her with a warm fondness. "Busy, actually. Keeping up a new house is a lot of work as it turns out. But it's always good to see you at these events at least. I know you've been keeping busy with parties."

Smoking a black cigarillo, Camilla from house Parvus slinks through the gardens like a svelte shadow. She finger waves at Patrizio but is rather silent as she bundles herself in her winters sable jacket. Dead coal eyes growing brighter by the hearth as she nears it like a moth to the flame.

Ryhalt laughs at Mabelle begging Cristoph to challenge him. "I can't help it that I found out the family secret that velvet *is* bee fur. She *told* me herself!"

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Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Alis lifts her cup in greeting when Kael's gaze might pass by her way. And then to Amari, her lips curl upwards for the first time this evening. "Aren't most titles fancy but utterly meaningless?" she counters. "How about Official Verbose Letter Writer for the Highlord." There's a pause, and her lips purse. "No, it needs to be an acronym. I'll work on it."

Camilla has joined the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

Kritr is on the edge of the snow mountain now, considering what route to take down the virgin slope.

Patrizio meets Camilla's gaze when she's waving to him and he gives her a warm smile and the briefest of lifts of his hand, but when she's headed towards the warmer seating, he's moving to get some skates and don them. His guards are hovering nearby as he switches his footwear, and its only then that he's finally giving them a gesture to go away. "No one's going to be looking to hurt me here," he can be heard to hiss at them when he's lacing them up, and looking gamely for how to get from where he's settled to the frozen water. "Go get a drink or something."

Zoey gets an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Emberly gets an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Settled over at a couch by the fire, Liara offers a cheery wave to greet Mabelle and Drake both when she spots them chatting, then turns her attention back to people nearby, and to her hot chocolate.

Liara gets an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Camilla as she enters, "Welcome to the Laurent Estate", a smile that turns flatter as she regards Drake, "That sounds almost.. ", she does not complete it because Ryhalt... "Its not Bee Fur!!" She sighs, however is trapped upon the ice afraid to move, "Princess Liara, Marquis Kael, a pleasure to have you among us".

Being late is fashionable, right? Zoey certainly hopes so as she makes a quiet entrance and looks around. She can smell the hot chocolate, so she moves in that general direction.

Drake drinks from his chocolate. He looks over at Mabelle, and raises a brow. "Almost... what? ...Responsible?" He laughs slightly. "It's too hard for me to get too rowdy in the wintertime."

"The Resplendent Golden Quill of the West, Official Embellisher of the Highlord's Missives? Maybe not." Amari tries on, but she doesn't seem entirely satisfied with it. She pats the couch next to her, "I'm sure you'll coin something fun." Regardless, she sits and takes more proper note of those already seated around the fire, Liara and Michael first and foremost. She gives both a polite dip of her head, "We meet again, Lord Bisland, and for once, not competing against each other in a contest."

Patrizio checks Dexterity at normal. Patrizio is successful.

Emberly pauses to get herself a lollipop and she smiles a bit setting the sweet to her lips and trying it out. She looks a moment undecided as she moves further within, her eyes scan the party and she carefully weaves herself to approach Ryhalt, she is careful as she walks the cool wind billowing about her golden silks

When Alis is making eye contact with Kael, the man does actually pause his approach of the sofa. This is so that he might bow, outright, to the young woman. It is a deep and respectful thing, that bow, held for a series of beats before he rises back to his full height. "Your Grace," he greets once he is in actual comfortable speaking distance of the Valardin Highlord. "I hope that you are well." Given Amari's close vicinity he adds, "Little Cousin." The others at the sofa are greeted with a nod of his head, but given the crowd near the sofa with the hearth, he moves a little further out to the chillier one.

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Kritr decides to take a beat at the top of the snow mountain. He nods to Gerrick and mutters in his quietest voice. "About what?"

h With various people having been greeted and said hello to, Cristoph finds a chair to step onto. What? This is house. He can stand on the furniture! He pitches his voice louder and gestures to the snow mountain, "If everyone who would like to be involved in a little sledding contest could get in line! That would be excellent!"

Ryhalt grins at Mabelle's protest, but walks over to where the hot chocolate is to get himself a mug. With the steaming mug between his hands, he smiles to Emberly as she approaches. "Hello Lady Emberly, braving the cold for some fun?"

"Golden Quill of the West. I like that." Alis nods in approval, and then in greeting at the others near the hearth and the hot chocolate. "Marquis. I'm fine, thank you. And hope you and yours are as well." With her free hand, she grabs one of the velvet blankets and tries to somewhat gracefully seat herself at that further sofa as well.

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Emberly nods to her cousin and she smiles a bit, "are you going to try skating?" she asks "Not sure i want to try that yet." she laughs a bit and she chuckles "I will watch as I drink the coco however.. and be sure I have a tale to tell Clover."

Hot chocolate in hand, Zoey spots Mabelle and goes to greet her cousin with a quick hug.

Camilla bows her head charmingly at Mabelle, it might of been too distant to be heard; but the mouthed 'Thank you.', was clear and distinct. Eyeing Michael, "It's a lot quicker my sweet to be warmed from the inside out, rather than being cooked from the outside in. Are you delightfully miserable? I can fetch you a hot chocolate or anyone else one?", she asks around the hearth.

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Mabelle checks dex and performance at normal. Mabelle is marginally successful.

"High Lord Alis, Marquis Kael? ARE YOU SLEDDING?" Cristoph calls as he points at the mountain. "Don't tell me the Oathlanders are all going to hide by the hearth."

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Amari looks up as she hears her less elaborate, but probably no less cherished title of Little Cousin. In return? She intones formally, though with a smile, to Kael, "Big Cousin." At his retreat, she realizes there's no room for him or Alis and though that worries her, Michael's reply has her furrow her brow and think where it was, "I'm sure we were in a snowball fight, and one of the jousts? Are they sledding now? Are you, Lord Bisland?" The last because she's noticed people eyeing the hill as if they may be. Up she stands, calling to Cristoph, "I'm sledding!"

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Ryhalt nods to Emberly's question. "I probably will. I do enjoy skating, though I am looking forward to the sledding. It seems like it might end up with half the people in the pool 'skating' anyway."

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Drake was tempted by the couch, but... athletic contests are equally tempting, so he chugs his hot chocolate and steps up toward the hill. "Wish me luck, eh?" he says to Mabelle, but then he's already off.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

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Mabelle attempts to move accross the ice. Its clumsy, it really is. But at least she's not hiding in the patio like a... PERSON WHO HAS SOMETHING AGAINST SNOW. Bad guests. She manages to stay on her feet and not fall, that counts right?!

Maggie, a really fuzzy raccoon, Princess Fluffy Tube, a ferret, Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, a mastiff pup arrive, following Gerrick.

It's a Margerie! In public! She's seemingly in good spirits, if late.

Gerrick nods to Baroness Margerie

Emberly smiles "ahhh sledding I shall try!" she grins softly, her eyes dancing a brillant blue

"Oh no, Duke Laurent. I'm waiting for the no-sled event. Remember? You're going to join me and we're going to whisk down that hill like /real/ Oathlanders." This may be Alis' revenge for two events worth of being thrown in a pool.

Patrizio makes it to the edge of the frozen water and is looking warily at it for a few seconds, as if this is a truly foreign thing that he's going to be encountering. And gamely, he dares to slide a foot out onto the edge of the ice, another breath misting before him. "Alright, this can't be as bad as a cavalry charge..." And then the Pravus prince gives a push with the foot that's still on terra firma... to start gliding. Slowly. It's slow, but it counts as a a glide...

"We are, thank you, Your Grace," says Kael with an inclination of his head in that low and respectful manner yet once more. When Alis joins him at the sofa, he is moving toward her to speak more quietly. Given his expression turning more sober, he seems like he might - gasp - be on the verge of talking shop. Cristoph's call their direction interrupts such scandal as conducting business at a social event and he turns toward him, chuckling. "Perhaps, my liege," is his answer, a grin following the words.

"Oh no. I won't be sledding this time. I don't need anything else to possibly jostle me to achy. Prince Ainsley has knocked me about the sands enough today." Michael is shaking his head rather quickly to amari to make sure she knows he isn't following. Definitely not following.

"What? A cavalry charge is bracing! Revitalizing." Alis sounds aghast that someone has just likened it to something bad.

Ryhalt nods once more to Emberly. "Sounds good. There's meant to be some sort of competition revolving it, from what I understand. Maybe a race or whoever doesn't end up destroying large swaths of the garden." He chuckles. "And, how have you been?"

Mabelle cheers for Drake and Amari, "Good oathlanders!", she points at Alis and Kael, "Bad Oathlanders" and with all the pointing she almost finds herself on her arse, but salvages her balance last minute.

Zoey starts to move toward the race, but a messenger intercepts her. With a sigh, she gives Mabelle a wave and then departs.

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Kritr decides to take a beat at the top of the snow mountain. He nods to Gerrick and mutters in his quietest voice. "About what?"

Liara speaks up, pitching her voice to carry across to Mabelle as she wonders, lightly and with a flash of a grin, "Lady Mabelle, are you expecting more or less leg injuries here than at the average tournament?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Liara before departing.

Emberly smiles a bit to Ryhalt, "I am doing well, making friends and looking forward to more events, they are so fun and it is so very nice to see everyone. "How are you?" she asks her cousin before she looks about to listen about the sledding

Margerie Begins to mingle, smiling warmly and waving to familiar folks as she makes her way further into the crowd. She makes her way over to Cristoph first, to say hello. "Cristoph, good evening, another stellar turn out it seems."

Mabelle grees Margerie and Emberly from afar, as clearly hosting while trying to keep your balance is the new old days Pilates. Mabelle calls toward Liara, however, "I'm thinking more broken arms, face splattered on bushes sort of thing".

Kiera walks in the party looking about at the various types of activity and goes to quietly fetch a cocoa before moving towards the iced over pool to watch patrazio's attempt at skating

"It is a reasonable turn out, isn't it?" Cristoph remarks to Margerie and can only laugh when Alis declines to join in on sledding. Though he's looking at Kael expectantly, "Well, I'm going to go up there. And I'm just going to be disappointed for the rest of my life if Marquis Keaton doesn't join us." Guilt. No shame.

"I am well, thank you." Ryhalt answers Emberly. "More events? Ahh, yes, the masquerade season is right around the corner. Soon will be spring events to get us out and about, too.

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More faces that he can recognize out about the frozen pool as he's slowly gliding. Patrizio's getting the hang of it, so long as he's not required to do anything overly complicated, wth these two knives attached to the bottom of the boots that he's donned (and /why/ would someone decide this is a good idea?) Another push and another as he's looking out and noticing Mabelle in the midst of the pool, and... "Are you having a difficulty, my lady?"

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"Aunt Margerie!" Amari calls when she spies said aunt mingling in the crowd. She points pointedly at the snow hill she's marching herself towards, as if to put the idea in the Baroness Clement's mind that she really ought to join her in sledding. It's not like it would be dangerous.

"Okay!" Liara calls back to Mabelle, then adds, "Just don't damage your fashion sense!"

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Mabelle lands her hand on Patrizio's shoulder, in greeting. She's not balancing herself, no. "Difficulty? No, this is how we cut meat", she fibs at Patrizio and laughs at Liara's comment, "But then you'll get a chance to outshine me!". Her fingers then wiggle in greeting toward Kiera.

Kael offers a few more words to Alis, quietly, and when Cristoph is looking toward him expectantly he sends the other man a look and shakes his head in a most rueful manner. "My Liege," he says, and it looks as though he might be offering his arm to Alis. It is a brief thing, that offer, and then he is summoned. He goes trekking up the hill to see about his fate, though on his way he looks quite decidedly for this or that area for refreshments. Not that he snares any drink just yet.

With a fond smile and wave to Mabelle, Margerie returns her niece's greeting. "Kael, I will go sledding, come with me." Amari is convincing without really trying, because, well, that's how things are going tongiht.

And with a single missive, Alis suddenly divests of the blanket she'd tucked around herself, and finds herself having to make a hasty exit.

Alis has left the a cozy sofa nook.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 6 Valardin Knights leave, following Alis.

Cristoph checks Kritr,Ryhalt,Drake,Amari,Emberly,Margerie,Mabelle,Kael,Cristoph at normal. Cristoph marginally fails.

Patrizio laughs warmly as he's giving another push, which is not quite as easy as it looks, but each one is easier than the last, and there's a glance to the lady who's holding onto his shoulder. "I think there're easier ways to do that," he points out with a chuckle. "Still you did promise me that I'd see things here that I can't see back in Setarco, and you've delivered."

Cristoph has called for a check of dexterity and athletics at normal.
Drake is successful.
Kritr is successful.
TIE: Cristoph is successful. Mabelle is successful. Ryhalt is successful.
Kael is marginally successful.
Amari is marginally successful.
TIE: Margerie marginally fails. Emberly marginally fails.

Kiera is overheard praising Medeia.

Kiera is overheard praising Wash.

Mabelle curves her lips at Patrizio, "Well, the snow mountain is articial in a way, but the snow itself is real", she begins to move a little faster with the support as her eyes land upon the mountain, "Oh they are starting to sled. They should not arrive here, unless they are truly awful and we're in trouble".

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar, Korka arrive, following Hamish.

Kiera look patizio

Ryhalt turns out to be average at sledding, which is about to be expected when it's an out-of-practice skill. So he doesn't bowl over any plants, but his speed isn't all that impressive. Even so he is grinning wide with his long hair flying behind him as he comes down the mountain.

"I think we can both fit on this sled." Amari says to Margerie, once she's standing next to one and guesstimating with some very concerned looks at the sled, herself and her aunt. "I'll even sit in the front." That's just the honorable knightly thing to do, she seems to think, and with that, she grins momentarily, lifts the sled and starts for the slope to wait their turn.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Liara before departing.

Drake usually does well at sledding and other feats of athleticism, so he gets to the top of the hill constructed for this purpose and hangs on tight. "Not a lady to push down the hill this time," he quips as he gets into position, "So I guess I'm on my own. Not as much fun, but I'll still do my best." He seems to be pretty good at picking up speed, though, and after a solid push, rockets down the sledding hill almost as easily as if he were riding a horse. He manages to steer well, keeping it clear of the pool and getting down to the bottom with the wind in his messy hair.

"Aunt Margerie," greets Kael, stepping to her opposite side since Amari is on the other. She, however, absolutely is getting an arm offered. He might even be looping his arm through hers if he is able. Onward they go, ahoy. Now, it's an easier trek up the hill than down. Since Amari and Margerie are sharing a sled, Kael goes solo. His push off might be a strong thing, but he actually attempts to slow the thing down on the way down. Likely because he keeps hitting rough patches and small hills on his way. "D-uke La-a-a-ur-ent!" is his choppy battle cry.

Patrizio is taking a moment while he and Mabelle glide to look out at the faces familiar and otherwise, and he shakes his head a little bit. "Still a wonder regardless," he points out. "Remember, where I come from, we don't see snow or the like, so artificial or real, it's still novel to me." Another push, lest they come to a stop, and he's shaking his head. "I don't think anyone else is as enamoured of the idea of skating. And to think that I think my doing this makes it look easy."

Mabelle observes the mountain with some entertainment. She really is looking for a disaster. Ryhalt's expression illicits a smile from her as well as Drake's comment which is answered with, "That can be arranged!". She eyes Cristoph as Kael slides down, "Is that what he yells when he goes into battle? No wonder everyone wants to kill us", she teases him. As they slide around the pool, not very proffesionally, Mabelle admits to Patrizio, "The pool is sad, really, that no one is trying".

Flanked by Amari and Kael, Margerie makes it up the hill easily enough, the sledding is a whole different matter, but she happily trusts Amari. For better or worse.

Camilla raises, eyeing the meticulous hair of Liara, "Your Grace...", responding extremely respectfully - just to return the simple acknowledgment. Eyes to Michael as she nods and departs; fetching two hot chocolates for them, and handing one to Michael. "Warm your soul...", sitting back down and clinking glasses before drinking deep. Camilla seem friendly but aloof or mysterious at the same time. Her ink black lions mane sometimes obscuring her features.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrives, following Kastelon.

"Don't be ridiculous," Korka says to Hamish as they enter the party, stopping to put a hand out so the Archlector doesn't get run over by any wayward sleds, "They're Oathlanders. If you show up to a party uninvited the worst thing they say is that it's 'nice' instead of 'wonderful' to see you. Besides, you're the Archlector of Death. Someone will be polite enough to die or have a baby or proclaim they were Procella Pravus in a past life just to make you feel at home."

Emberly looks over to Drake's quipe and she laughs as she gets into her own sled, she watches her cousin go with ease and so she too tries. Tucking the silks around her she hunkers down to attempt and get herself going down the hill.. "woooooah" she says as her sled goes down the hill every wich way. swishing here and there, before the sled comes in slidding in with Margerie

Kastelon pauses a might as he's coming into the gardens, a hand dropping down to stroke lightly at the back of Resolute's head. "And here's where everyone went," he murmurs to the hound, that faint hint of a smile finding him, before he's making his way in to see what there is to see.

As the sled comes down the hill and sends snow scattering everywhere, Cristoph notices Hamish and Korka arrive. He stands up from his sleigh and brushes the snow off the front of his jacket. "Archlector Hamish! I'm afraid there are no knives to stab yourself in the hand with tonight. Unless of course you'd like me to find some, I can oblige. Good to see you again!" Where does 'Good' land between 'nice' and 'wonderful'???

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Kiera keep her fingers curled around her cup and her eyes transfixed on the knight. Then she nods to herself in a moment of determination, sets the down on the nearest table and geoes to where skates are sitting. She puts them on her feet carefully triple check the laces and makes her way to the edge of the ice

Oh people are still arriving. So enthusiastic, Mabelle waves her hand and totally loses the balance she has, luckily pulling on Patrizio's arm to settle herself. A greeting then, is normally offered to Hamish, Korka and Kastelon, "You can sled if you like!", she calls toward them as she eyes the mountain amusedly, splashing snow everywhere.

"Thanks to the Inquisitor," says Hamish, offering Duke Cristoph a smile as he pats the slender dagger at his hip, "I'm never without a knife for stabbing myself in the hand. So I'm always prepared." Korka gets a look. "Far fewer people ask me if they're the reincarnation of Procella Pravus than used to. I think telling all of them 'yes, you are' either lead to a brawl between the Procellae or just lead to people not trusting me with the question anymore. Either is fine by me."

Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

"You can't help what anyone's going to enjoy, my lady," Patrizio's pointing out quietly as he's getting the hang of it, truly, and there's a little more speed now with each of the pushes of his feet. It's not going to win awards, but it's working, and he's seeming to relax a bit more as he's helping keep Mabelle upright when she nearly topples. "Should I help you back to the side, though, to tend to your guests? "

Drake hops back to his feet, picking up the sled, and looking over at Belle. "What, are you saying you'd like to go down with me, next time?" he asks, cheekily.

Kiera checks dexterity at normal. Kiera marginally fails.

Amari applauds for Kael, just as he pushes off, such is her confidence that he'll sled well and not bring shame to House Keaton. When he's on his way, she sets her sled down and with a careful arrangement of cloak and skirt, sits on the front and waits for Margerie to board and find something to hold onto. "Well." No battle cry. "Ready?" ALRIGHT THEN. When the word is go, she pushes and then tucks her knees up.

Down they go! Shaky and unbalanced from the start, they barely reach the bottom without both spilling overboard into the snow. Then at the bottom they hit the grooves from another's sled and bounce off course towards a garden wall. Amari digs her heels in and that's just enough to prevent a collision, and only by holding onto Margerie does she prevent herself from being flung as the sled comes to a slightly too abrupt stop. She laughs, more with relief than amusement, but it's close

Mabelle grins at Drake entertainedly, "No, but at some point of the evening, I'm going to climb up there and push you", she winks and then assures Patrizio, "I can greet them find from here!", as she tries to circle him without leaning.

Kastelon gives an inclination of his head to Mabelle as he's noticing her, and at the shouting about the sleds. His head turns in the direction of that hill, even as Resolute's bumping a nose into his palm, and then there's that shadow of a smile before he's considering what most pleases at the moment, even as he's making the rounds to say hello.

Korka gives a nod to Duke Cristoph that in Oathlanderese lands somewhere around 'this milk is mildly lukewarmer then I'd like.' "Duke Cristoph. Oh look," she glances towards Mabelle at her greeting, "There's sledding. I told you they'd make you feel welcome, someone's bound to break their neck or someone else's. So accommodating."

Hold on? The only thing - person - for Margerie to hold on to is Amari, so she does. "If I die, tell my grandchildren I was brave and stupid." She closes her eyes as the sled goes and clings to Amari, also laughing when they come to a stop.

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Kael is more than happy to extract himself from his sled when he reaches the ground. He is in the process of gathering it up and pulling it out of the way when Amari and Margerie go down the hill. He pauses there, applauding, and yet when that almost collision occurs he is grimacing and on the verge of racing over. When all is well, that race becomes a slow jog. "You both all right?" he asks needlessly, offering a hand to his aunt to assist.

Margerie takes an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Kael takes an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Emberly grins as she looks over to Mabelle, a smile crosses her lips as she gets out of the sled and she laughs as she gets back to her feet.

Nova and flop get in on the sled racing, but at the very tail end because they randomly appeared from a tree shadow and were very late for this snow date!

Hamish snorts at Korka. "So do you want to sign up for sledding? I could just ride you down." After a quick glance around he adds, "I don't actually want to sled. I still have bruises from my ill-advised attempt at bull riding." He scoops up a handful of snow from the top of a table and drops it down on Korka's head. "Or I could just dump snow on you. Honestly, Duke Cristoph has set up a lot of opportunities for real enjoyment!"

Camilla replies to Liara, "I am well, enjoying the performances of others for once. Instead of always being the one observed.", looking back briefly to Michael and back to the mountain with sledders. "You can always roll off into snow.", the Suspire offered with a shrug and eyeing the estate. "It's a beautiful location. Homey even. Perhaps one day, I'll return the favor and perform here."

"Success!" Amari judges that whole sledding attempt, and since she's still laughing a little when Kael bounds over to help Margerie up, she can't be hurt. Twisting about so she can turn her head enough to see her aunt, she says, "I didn't hear anything break. It was fun, wasn't it?"

Kastelon takes an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Gerrick shouts from nearby, "Kas!"

Kastelon watches that spill down the hill, and there's the hint of a smile as he makes his way over instead to the hearth and the warmer food. At the shout, though, his head turns, and there's a pull at the corners of his lips, before he's headed in Gerrick's direction. "Should I have guessed that I'd find you here, old friend? What mischief are you getting into?"

Margerie disentangles herself from Amari and clasps Kael's hand, still laughing. "Nothing broken, was fun, yes." She says a little breathlessly. Once standing, she brushes herself off a bit, a youthful glow in her cheeks, ignore the silver threading through her hair.

Patrizio playfully clucks his tongue at Mabelle in the wake of her quip. "I'm sure you can. Just thinking about the fact that at some point, we're both going to take a spill and be sore for days to come," he chides her, though his warm laugh might hopefully ease the sting from the teasing.

Kiera takes but two steps onto the ice and is momentarily down on her butt as it touches lightly to the ice but she hauls herself back up and goes ever so slowly towards Mabelle and patrizio, though her greeting is somewhat out of breath "Good evening.. Lady Mabelle " and then to Patrizio "We keep running into each other and I am determined to say hello this time Lady Kiera Wyvernheart . Forgive me if i do not curtsey

"All right," Drake says, giving Belle a grin. "You're on. You push me and we'll see if I go any faster." But for now, he goes back for another chocolate... waving to his sister as they swap spots for a moment.

Korka skitters back a few steps, reaching up to hurriedly brush the snow out of her hair before it slips down the front and back of her dress, a feat of which she is only mildly successful and shoots Hamish a glare, "Well now I think I'll go start my night off by the fire with a drink. Good luck with the past lives talks. Oathlanders stick around for ages." Then she's headed to the couch by the hearth.

Korka has joined the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

Mabelle cheers Margerie from afar, "Well done auntie!", this requires swinging both arms in the air, which results in her falling down on the ice, "Owe!", that hurt. It really did. She glances up at Partizio with a crooked smile, waves awkwardly to Kiera and then mentions to Drake, as she is sitting there, on the ice, "I might aim you toward a bush", jesting.

"You'll forgive me if I don't bow." An impish twinkle finds his green eyes when Patrizio's bobbing his head to Kiera, all while he's helping Mabelle balance on the ice. "And we do keep running into each other. You should put on some skates and try this, my lady." If no one else is going to get the idea in their head to come skating, then he's going to start trying to rope them in...

"Lord Kastelon, I would like to introduce you to Lord Kritr," catching himself, "Sorry, Krit."

"That's truly excellent, I'm glad to hear that you'll never be more than one reach away from self-inflicted bloodshed," Cristoph replies to Hamish, sounding almost as if this is serious. But that would be very odd to be serious about! He steps off to the side, gesturing for someone nearby to hand him a glass of wine before he moves to somewhere nice and warm. Like the hearth.

Emberly grins a little as she looks from person to person, her eyes look over to Gerrick and she smiles a bit before she finds Kastelon as well, a slender finger is raised to wriggle in his direction before she slowly moves to the hot coco. "oh my." she says a little giggleing as they talk about Oathlanders, she winks to Korka, "we do at that"

Ryhalt fetches himself a new mug of hot chocolate before he takes a stroll through the garden, having sighted his assistant trying to flag him down. (afk)

Kael draws back a bit to assess Margerie and ensure that, yes, his aunt is fine and well. "Good," he says, his lips curving up at the corners in a most content manner when it is clear that she is fine. He squeezes her hand before releasing her and sending an amused look Amari's way. That said, when he hears familiar voices he turns and lifts a hand so that he might wave toward Kastelon and Gerrick.

"I've met Lord Kastelon." Krit says with a nod, happily ensconced at the top of the hill and content to let others slide past him for now. "The Keatons are an impressive family."

"You think I'd mind?" Drake asks, looking at Mabelle a bit surprised. With a fresh mug of cocoa, he gets it halfway to his lips before adding, "I love being thrown face-first into a bush."

Kastelon seems to eye Gerrick for a few moments beneath those thick brows of his, before there's the shadow of a smile, and he's inclining his head to Kritr as he murmurs, "Indeed, we've met before. How did you two run across each other tonight, or is it just common interests with the mountain of snow there?" From the corner of his eye, he's catching Emberly's finger lift, and he offers her a smile and the dip of his head.

Kiera waves back to her brother "My brother is the athletic one. I'm not good at this type of thing really but I wanted to say hello and of course thank lady Mabelle for hosting another grand laurent event

Hamish watches Korka wander off. Eventually it occurs to him to call out, "You're an Oathlander!" And then, a little quieter, "And so am I. Damn." He wanders around, finding himself a cup of hot chocolate and making to watch the sledding. Though when no one goes and immediately breaks any bones he seemingly gets bored and heads off toward where Korka has set herself down.

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Kiera is overheard praising Mabelle: fabulous fun

Mabelle stares at Drake for a moment, "Rose bushes has thorns. Your choice". A warm smile instead is directed to his sister Kiera, "I'm always happy to have you about, Lady Wyvernheart, I do hope you are enjoying yourself". It is then that Mabelle attempts to rise from the ice, eyeing her velvet robe, "Perhaps its time for a break", she notes to Patrizio.

There's a delighted smile - not quite a grin - on Margerie's face as Mabelle calls out to her, which quickly falls into a look of concern for her niece when she falls. She makes her way back to the relative safety of the non-sledding area carefully and greets more family, "Cousin," she says, nodding to Kastelon, as she goes.

Mabelle is overheard praising Drake: Running down that hill.

"I came to this city with the winter, and then I spent the summer in the North. Either way, I like the temperature." Kritr decides out loud, though bundled in his furs he likely cannot feel the temperature.

Patrizio checks Dexterity at normal. Critical Success! Patrizio is spectacularly successful.

At the very end, Sir Floppington and Scout Rowenova flop off their sled into the snow below with a little roll and hearty laugh as well as many wags.

Once Margerie is up, and Kael has deemed her not broken from the slide down the hill and sudden stop at the bottom, Amari smiles reassuringly to the pair and then just lays back on the sled. Knitting her fingers behind her head, she peers up at the stars above, just chilling for a moment and enjoying the view while no doubt listening the various conversations taking place.

Pickle goes to pounce on Sir Floppington barking merrily

"There's beauty in everything if you know where to look.", but not wanting to debate the noble about the beauty of the estate, Camilla then finishes her hot chocolate and bows her head goodbye at Michael. She is very courteous and helps clean up after herself and a few others, gathering stray cups and mugs for the retainers of the house. "Thank you.", the woman in black offers to Liara and Mabelle. Departing into the drifting snow, just as cryptically as she arrived. Polite though, winking at Patrizio in departure as Camilla made off into the night.

Patrizio offers Mabelle a hand when he's braced himself a bit, that low laugh coming easily from his throat when she's insisting about the break. "Perhaps it is at that," he says warmly. "Some cocoa, perhaps, with something further to warm and fortify you before another try out here, no?" He smiles, looking over to Kiera at the comment about athletics and her sibling, before he's starting to help the hostess to the side of the pool.

Nova lets Sir Flops go, and then he bounds forth to counter pounce Pickle!

Emberly shakes her head and she laughs softly, "our dogs are the best of friends Nova!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Drake is overheard praising Mabelle: For a good party and an excellent trophy.

Drake is about to try to quip something back about bushes and thorns and so-on, or at least, try, but then he's handed a trophy. He looks at it, and then chuckles as he reads the insignia on the front. "About the level of achievement I deserve today," he confesses.

Gerrick has left the a daringly inviting, slippery slope snow mountain.

Kastelon nods back, knowingly, to Margerie as he's watching her come in the general direction of safety, away from the skating rink and the sledding, and... no, he's not going towards either himself, given to stay in safety at the moment. But there's a low chuckle from the man at Kritr's declaration about the temperature and he murmurs, "I don't mind the cold as much as the wind, truth be told. Winters in the forests are pleasant enough with snow to quiet things, the different sounds... but no, I can't abide the wind."

The line has been dismissed by Cristoph.

2 Valardin Knights leaves, following Cristoph.

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Pickle, A beautiful songbird, 2 Harthall House Guards leave, following Emberly.

"The wind is powerful. North wind is the most dangerous though." Kritr agrees. "South wind is jealous. The East wind, Chin'ooya. That is the safest wind to face." Kritr extolls the virtues and dangers of the winds like they were a gang of loafing giants.

When Margerie goes off to meet others at the event, Kael is taking his original sled and starting to push it off to the side so no other accidents might occur with it. Of course that leaves Amari and Margerie's sled, with a singular Amari in it. He eyes it, eyes her, and then walks over to start to push the sled off further to the side. His cousin just gets to reap the benefit of a moving view.

Mabelle grasps Patrizio's hand and oddly pulls herself up. "I think I'm done for one evening", she really wants to rub the bruise she likely had on her behind but she's a lady. As they slide to the edge she switches back to her boots. Stability! She smiles to Kastelon eventually, "Hello Lord Keaton, a pleasure to see you. I hope you are having fun", she stretches a smile to brace her pain. Pointing at Drake, she notes, "Soon. I will get to you soon". As they walk further toward the fire, Mabelle blocks it for the briefest moment with her arse, "Are you enjoying yourselves?", she innocently asks Liara and Michael.

"I certainly am! These are lovely blankets," Liara says to Mabelle, "And a most thoughtful inclusion, considering the weather. Better yet, it looks like nobody broke anything!" She offers an easy grin. "I'm glad of the hot chocolate too."

Kiera finds herself alone on the ice as Patrizio head to the side and ever so slowly heads that way. Well she tried right. Once on firmer ground she truges to one of the seats to remove her skates

"Most definitely, Lady Laurent." Kastelon inclines his head to Mabelle when she's inquiring after the evening and how he's finding it, but there's a consideration to what Kritr's saying about the winds and... the expression on his face certainly makes it seem as if he understands the feeling. "Though this is why I like the forests," he says simply enough. "Trees and the like to block the blowing of the wind, so I needn't worry about which way it's coming from. Each of us to our own."

Patrizio chuckles a bit when Mabelle's toddling off towards the fire, and there's Kiera coming off the ice as well, to get out of her skates and... he moves over to join her, since he too needs to get the dangerous knifes off his feet before he does damage to himself or others. "An interesting pastime, no, my lady?" He asks of her softly, when he's gotten the left one off and is putting his boot back on instead.

Drake accepts Mabelle's threat, good-naturedly, but watches Prince Patrizio as he takes to the ice. He always likes to get the measure of a fellow knight... even though Drake is rather casual in his current stance as the man interacts with his sister.

Mabelle beams amusedly at Liara, "Its not as if someone mentioned they are not coming if there arent blankets and hot chocolate", she winks to her, glancing onward betweek Kastelon and Kritr, "I fail to see your dislike of the city. I like it in all seasons. Except summer", she contradicts herself, moving from the fire as her behind got warm enough. Mabelle beelines toward Drake, "Lets go", and up she goes on that ladder.

Kiera has joined the a daringly inviting, slippery slope snow mountain.

After learning from the lab assistants where to find Rowenova, Tarik peeks his head into the Winter Wonderland for a moment to marvel at the view of the entire place. Still not seeing Rowenova, Tarik steps inside to explore the place further.

"Two things that almost everyone is guaranteed to love," Liara replies cheerfully to Mabelle. "It's a delightful party, really."

Camilla gets an icy mint honeybee lollipop from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Kastelon almost looks offended at the hint of him disliking the city. "It's not that I dislike it. Simply in winter." Is he joking? It's never really that easy to tell with him, since he's not inclined much towards great shows of emotion. "And it's the wind," he continues simply enough. "I rather like the city, and what it offers in terms of opportunities, even if I'm also looking forward to returning to Oakhaven and my duties in the coming months."

Amari is startled out of her relaxed repose, not by the Kael sized shadow and crunch of his feet in the snow but by the movement of the sled she's still lying on. She digs in her heels reflexively as if thinking she's about to go flying down another hill she hadn't noticed then her brain catches up and she figures out what's happening. "Oh! Am I in the way? Is Lord Kritr on the way down?" She asks her cousin as she seems to halfway consider leaping up and running away if that's the case. It might be painful to be run over by the Clearlake on a sled. He's not a small man.

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Kritr is sitting at the top, out of the way, halfway into the treehouse probably.

Kiera nods to Patrizio "Aye, your highness i suppose it could be a bit like dancing if one could take to it gracefully, though you fared much better than I. trying new things is fum

The reason Nova could not be seen is because she was laying in the snow, and this wolf pelt is mighty niveous, itself. Though, she soon kips up onto her booted feet before shaking off the post sledding snow flakes. She drags back the borrowed sled to its proper place. On the way, her scouty senses... ultimately detect Tarik's presence. She cannot help the soft smile which suddenly happens, and she prowls closer his way amidst the party crowd.

Rowenova checks dexterity and stealth at hard. Rowenova is successful.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound leaves, following Kastelon.

Some perfidious ratman in human vesture comes slinking by through the archway's opening embedded in a purse of lowlight that casts an oddly fitting profile of unimportance on his figure, it which allows him to move within somewhat unviewed. Beneath the dark rim of his three-cornered hat a pair of narrow, sloped eyes spot Margerie through the crowd and sensibly, Gael moves into her vicinity from her right side, disarmed hands overlapped over his abdomen.

Patrizio laughs, and slowly shakes his head. "I know the feeling well. But one who dares not, wins not," he says with warmth to Kiera when she's offering it, and then there's a shrug. "We learn better by failing than succeeding. Trust me, I've failed enough in my life. But at least you tried it and..." A hand sweeps to indicate everyone else. "I seem to recall it was but you, me and Lady Laurent trying it out, and so you succeeded in that. I think I'll reserve my dancing for regular shoes for some time to come, though."

After the business that had pulled him away is concluded, Ryhalt returns to the main body of the party with a smile. Hot chocolate apparently finished, for he hands the mug to a passing server, he goes to the pool to borrow a pair of skates. As he laces them on, he watches those already skating.

As she climbs to the top, Mabelle is standing on top of the hill, tempted to announce she's the king of the world, instead she calls to Drake, "Cold feet?", and narrows her eyes at Ryhalt as he joins the ice after she had left.

Drake downs his second mug of cocoa, handing away the empty mug and walking back to the top of the hill. It's impossible for him to resist a dare from her, it seems. He makes a gesture of dusting off his hand as he gets to the sled... and then gets into it. "Do your worst," he says to her, tilting his head backward to look ather.

"You are not," tells Kael simply to Amari as he decides to angle the sled against a safe snow bank, ensuring that it is well out of the way. He looks up to the hill, but no, is unable to spy the lord that she was speaking of. That being said, he offers, "You have a good evening, cousin," before drawing back. Kael scans the crowd to wave toward the hosts in departure and heads off.

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After finishing off the last of her hot chocolate, Liara divests herself of the velvet blanket and eases to her feet, hurriedly getting her coat back on after that. To the people nearby at the couches, she remarks, "Lovely party. Enjoy the rest of it!" Then with a smile and a brisk wave, she heads out.

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Having found a spot to stand and observe, and chat lightly, Margerie senses Gael's approach and turns her head, inclining her head politely. "You came. Hello. It has been a while."

Mabelle shifts the direction of Drake's sled, aiming it toward Cristoph's thorniest rose bush. A malefic smile on her face that he cannot see and then she pushes him down. Good luck. As more people pour in and out, Mabelle inclines her head at Gael's arrival and looks to see how Drake is doing.

Drake checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Drake is marginally successful.

"A little late, too," Gael intones soft in Margerie's view as answer, the implication there embedded narrowing his already angular expression a tad. "I thought this thing would be starting as of twenty minutes ago, not quite this soon. Apologies, my lady." There's somewhat of an estranged gleam weaned off of him at Mabelle's politeness, and amused with some degree of cynicism, he dips his head back in her direction.

Mabelle pushes the sled toward the rose bush.

Drake is onto her game.

Is this sled down... as fast, or as graceful, as his previous run? No, not by a long shot. He had a weird start there. But does he manage to break before he slams into the terror of the thorny rosebush? Yes. Barely. It looks like it's about to skim his toes with its dreaded vines. When his sled stops, he's starting the bush down, thorns and all. He stands up, kicking the sled out from under him. "You did that on purpose," he says, looking up to her. But, of course she did.

Kiera nods "One should always be a student even when one is a teacher" She looks over at Patrizio with a slight blush "I'm sure you are a fine dancer your Highness. I should like to see that"

Ryhalt gets an excellent view of Mabelle and Drake's challenge as he skates about the pool. He laughs at them.

Tarik sticks out of his tongue to catch a few snowflakes in his mouth as he approaches Rowenova and Sir Floppington. Tarik grins softly, "Hello, my love, are you enjoying yourself."

Patrizio smiles, though there's a faint wistfulness to the matter. "I don't have much opportunity to really figure out if I'm good at it, or if I'm just faking it," he says with a boyish grin. "Let's be honest - while there's been much to do since I've arrived, the only real occasion for dancing for me was Sebastian's wedding. So... let see what the future holds."

"Not the bush he was talking about," Korka calls out, lifting her mug to Mabelle then turning back to the conversation at the hearth.

Kritr follows Drake down at last, before Mabelle can give him a shove too. "Awa hooka!" He shouts on the way down.

Mabelle cackles at Drake from up the hill, she claps her hands twice, "Of course I did that no purpose, you challenged me", she keeps on throwing that nutty giggling as she climbs down the hill and accidentally slips and glides down it on her behind. Karma. She grumps when she reaches the foot, grumping at Korka, "Thanks for reminding us". Mabelle stands up, smoothing her poor ruined velvet robe, "Well, that's going to the trash". Kritr actually got down the hill after her. That's one quick butt.

It was Sir Floppington who gave away the sneaking shenanigans. He wagged up to Tarik and gave away Nova's location by doing so. She jokingly makes a show of snapping her gloved fingertips before then stepping closer to hug Tarik. Then, "Yes, thank you for asking." She slips to be at his side, on his arm if let to then asks him, "Would you like to lead the way to visit all these party people?"

"It is quite alright, I was also late." Margerie offers a smile to Gael. "It is probably best you were late, you may have stopped me from sledding. It was ill-advised, but fun."

Kiera smiles "we shall do that. i'm afraid i must take my leave, your highness

Patrizio smiles and nods, and rises as Kiera's taking her lead. "It was a pleasure," he says with warmth, and offers a hand to help her rise as well. "May we have many more of these fortunate bumping-into, and not when one of us is about to dash off."

Amari sits up shortly after Kael wishes her a good evening and watches him head off. After a moment of hesitation and a glance about to see who is where, and doing what. Options weighed, she soon stands, shakes out her skirts and lifts the fur trimmed hood of her cloak up against the chill that's crept into her ears. A dip of her head is offered the hosts, a wave and smile to Margerie and her unfamiliar friend, and she's off too. As she treks through the snow she passes Rowenova and Tarik and wiggles her fingers at the pair.

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Tarik leans in and whispers to Rowenova for a few moments.

Kritr is overheard praising Mabelle.

Gael looks on dubiously, the prospect of sledding there-shared by Margerie darkening his vision somewhat with belated worry. Then, his pale haze of eyes hikes up into his brows as he studies the snowy berth full of sledding tracks with some apprehension. "I would've certainly advised against it, Baroness," he confesses, the tone of his voice unsteady as if it were shuddering with contained amusement fraught with some additive of concern.

Mabelle walks toward the ice pool to observe those who remained brave on the ice, "Duke Farshaw, Prince Pravus, I commend you for your bravery".

Drake looks after the other Wyvernheart, and seems to be wanting to escort her home. That or... almost crashing into the rosebush was more excitement than he really bargained for. But he still has his trophy with him. "I better not hurt myself tonight. I have a duel soon."

"Bravery?" Ryhalt glances between Mabelle and the ice. "Is there something I ought to know? I had to step away for a little while." He doesn't look terribly concerned, however.

Nova leans in close to Tarik and then hears what he says, then she lets out a humored laugh before she nods sagely. She looks around before then going back to whispering more.

"It's more that they saw we didn't break our fool necks when we did it." Patrizio appears at Mabelle's side with a hot cocoa, his hands cupping it as if he's just savouring the heat that's leaching through the material of the mug between his sips. There's a nod, and a grin, at Ryhalt's words about the matter.

An amused smile turns up the corners of Margerie's mouth as she glances at Gael to assess his expression. She has the posture of a woman who is quite pleased with her decisions.

Mabelle glances between Ryhalt and Patrizio, "Well, I did not break my neck but I fell on my behind twice this evening so I am going to just stand here on solid ground"

"But as I was discussing with Lady Wyvernheart," Patrizio says with that self-same smile, "at least we dared, which is more than most did. And so falling is of little consequence, since it was your glory to dare to be the first out there." That smile spreads, though he's clearly holding back more than one thought that might otherwise leap to his lips. "But I should be going, I suspect, before my guards decide they too shall dare the hill on the sleds. Thank you for having me."

Kritr stomps through the snow to Mabelle's side and looms there until an opportune moment arises to offer her thanks. "I think this was an excellent idea. And whoever packed that snowhill did a very good job."

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Ryhalt grins in return at Patrizio and shrugs. "So, it turns out that the Lady Mabelle doesn't skate. One would think it'd go hand in glove with the weapons dancing master that she is." There is a definite note to teasing in his tone.

Not much is there to wean off of Gael's countenance, gnarly and scar-marked as though it had been shaped out of crooked timber far back beyond his years. There's but one emotion: one always-safe measurement for concern, and it's trepidation. One bore entirely, it seems, out of Margerie outward satisfaction. "You seem in one piece, at least," he measures, viewing her silhouette momentarily before comparing it to the remaining competitor scattered down the hills and snowy dels. "I'll hope you're always this careful and count myself fortunate for it, fair?"

Mabelle curves her lips to Patrizio, "Indeed, now your dance card is filling fast", she teases him and then bows her head, "Thank you for coming, Prince Pravus, I hope you have enjoyed yourself. Oh one of them broke a leg", she informs Kritr, "But I gave them a raise". Ryhalt gets elbowed. Because he deserves it, "Ice is dangerous!".

Korka gives a wave to Gael as she seemingly heads out of the party, "Next time, Lady Mabelle, the sled should have to jump over a campfire. Make it difficult for those competing and more entertaining for those watching," she calls out to the hostess, before exiting the way she came in.

After a bunch of whispering to Tarik, Nova pipes up. "Ice is beautiful!"

"The Children of the Moon have twenty seven different names for ice, based on how dangerous it is. And that does not include the names they have for snow!" Kritr boasts.

Mabelle decidedly mentions to Kritr, "I want a list", she is trying very hard to sound serious and not laugh.

Nova steers herself and Tarik toward the M names who he has never met before: Michael and Margerie. "Lord Michael, Baroness Margerie. Good to see you both. This is my Morien man: Goodman Tarik Morien." She motions over toward Tarik, doing so with a jut of chin before she looks back. "And good to see all of you, who we already know, too! This is a beautiful setting."

"That can be arranged." Kritr decides. "As soon as they create an alphabet."

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"I'm not so sure that I'm allowed to have a dance card, but I appreciate the thought," Patrizio offers back with that laugh, reaching out to gently press his hand to the back of Mabelle's shoulder. "But indeed, thank you for having me. It's a lovely party, and it was very gracious of you to make sure I remembered." And with that, the prince gives That Look to his guard, before he's moving to find his way out.

Ryhalt grunts lightly at Mabelle's elbow and scoots back over the ice, flailing his arms a little and pretending he's about to fall. Probably just teasing her a little bit more. "Heeey watch those elbows, they could be deadly."

"Fair," Margerie agrees, actually laughing quietly as Rowenova approaches. "Scout Rowenova, hello."

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As Rowenova and Tarik encroach upon Margerie, Gael's posture straightens a tad and with some decorum to his act, he smooths out the whorls and curls of his shirt from his chest to bottom hem. Even his hat, awkwardly tilted as it oft is, he realigns carefully with his hands to inject some admiralty to his being. His head bobs and nods to each, but outwardly Gael does not speak, obviously deferring such bothersomely social things to Margerie herself.

Mabelle smirks at Kritr, "How convenient", she bids Patrizio goodbye and then glances at Ryhalt, "Showoff. Can I get some hot chocolate?", she asks one of the servers as she observes the crowds.

Kritr grunts. "Fine. YOU go learn their language and try and translate it to Arvani." He doesn't sound that upset though.

Ryhalt nods to Mabelle with a smug grin. "You just need to keep it like this a while and practice. It isn't terribly difficult unless you're afraid of falling on your rear learning the knack of it."

When Korka leaves Hamish watches her go, then shakes his head and follows her to the exit.

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Tarik dips his head, "A pleasue to meet you, Baroness Margerie." Tarik nods his head in greeting to Gael. Tarik digs his left foot into the snow as he continues, "I am amazed at all the winter events that Arx has had this year, each one of them has been amazing."

Nova gives a brief dip of her wolf-framed visage to those of House Clement before asking Margerie. "How is the evening treating you?" She looks to Gael, giving him a bit of a smile since he probably gets overlooked often enough during these socializing events. She tells Tarik, "I guess Lord Michael is leaving us, but I rode a bull for 16 seconds. He rode one for 19, though, and won a huge buckle. It could be a makeshift plate or shield. Hah."

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