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Whirlpool Wave

The docks of Arx celebrate the whirlpool being gone, and Evaristo Arterius throws together a party to celebrate! Come one, come all, come as you are, come with drinks or without - you won't leave sober, most likely, whichever way!


Sept. 30, 2020, 3 p.m.

Hosted By



Petal Raja Korka Wagner Thea Dycard Rowynna Raymesin Ophira Kiera Narcissa Scylla Hamish Poppy



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Dockyard

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The docks are bustling with activity, and not all of it because of the party, which only occupy one area of it. But ships are moving in or out, dockworkers are scurrying to unload or load and everyone has an air of hope and energy about them, people that have lost their jobs now returning in full force. Iron Guards are patrolling in larger numbers, but they too are in a good mood, and pick-pockets has to be a bit extra careful, or just staying away entirely. The party area has several stands with people taking the chance to sell food and drinks, but there's also some free drinks and free food in a large open tent. There's several braziers providing warmth around the place, and bards either roam around playing and singing, or stand on crates to add to the ambience of joy. As the docks are home to many ships owned by nobility, the area is safe for anyone - you just go to avoid the alleys, and walk the right path to get here. One area is set up for games and though there's a risk to fall into tubs of water, there's also a tent right near with a warm brazier and towels so people can quickly heat up!

The host of the party is standing on a barrel, calling out for people to come in and enjoy themselves. "Come one, come all! Have a drink over there, grab some food, mingle, enjoy! Let us celebrate that the docks are once more bustling with life, that our ships can sail in and out whenever they damn want! Grab someone to dance over there - we got amazing bards to entertain, over there is Lady Ophira Seraceni herself to play and sing! Heck, I might play some myself," he mock-warns, grinning widely. "THERE WILL BE A GAME, and there will be a price - a brass chest containing a little TREASURE!" He holds up a pretty small jewelry box and displays a set of gold and emerald jewelry inside, a large necklace and matching large earrings. "Also! I have made some mementos that I sell in my shop just west of the docks, the Treasured Trinkets - tin and enamel whirlpool pins. They look like this!" He holds one up to show.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 2 Iron Guardsmen, Briar, a young Oakhaven black and tan bloodhound arrive, following Petal.

Petal arrives at the gathering while bundled up in her warm seatouched wools and while carrying her basket that is filled with things. Sbe glances over the gathering, trying to get a feel for things here.

Off to the side, sitting on top of a barrel and surrounded by a group of thugs, Raja rests. She has her gaze out over the milling crowds, smiling faintly. It's definitely a mood booster to see people back at it here. She holds a pouch filled with snacks. One hand reaches in, rummaging around and pulls out a small chuck of dried meat before popping it into her mouth and chews. She doesn't seem too keen to join in with the games, but she is at least here to observe. She glowers at the tanks of water. It's winter. She hates the cold. The tanks of water give her ill thoughts of being colder. But.. there is treasure involved! She actually perks up a bit to peek at the chest.

Korka almost, almost turns around and leaves as soon as she sees there are bards everywhere. Singing. Wrinkling her nose in distaste, she gets herself a mug of something warm and very alcoholic and then leans a shoulder up against one of the stalls to watch the crowd, eyes resting on Raja for a moment or two and the thugs around her before moving on to the next person.

Wagner enters wielding an apple and small pocket knife, finishing up his snack by taking off slices here and there. With a chipmunk cheek full he returns the knife to his boot and the core is discarded into the water. An upnod is extended to Raja and Raymesin, but everyone else remains new to him.

Thea wanders down to the dockyards, about to head to her own ship. Seeing the large gathering however, she stops. Well ok then...

Dycard strolls down from the Commons Square with Rowynna in toe, pointing out The Gambit as he lead her down toward the area of the festivities. His gaze flitted over the crowds, trying to find a familiar face or other family to no avail before making a bee line for the alcohol.

Petal continus into the gathering, going to find a place near the warm brazier. She sets her sewing basket down which looks sort of heavy. The girl doesn't seem to know most people here, but she smiles to Thea and then over to Dycard. "Oh, maybe she is the lady is marrying!" She says, likely of Rowynna. She is pink cheeked and smiles, her dimples briefly appearing. The girl speaks in a heavy Shav accent and lacks any studied noble manners.

Ophira checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Rowynna arrives with her arm snugly tucked through that of her cousin. "It's terribly exciting," she murmurs as her eyes fall on the tapestry of life that's blossoming in the docks. She wears a long cloak of sable fur, the hood pulled over her head to ward off the cold. She looks pleased to be here however, and bright eyes peer about her as the draw closer and hear the announcement given by Evaristo. "Oh you will have to enter that, cousin." she encourages. "Try your luck in the game. You'll do well, I'm sure." There might be a hint of tease in her tone, a challenge even.

There's another looking out ovedr the top of the milling crowds, but in Raymesin's case it's because he's just that damn tall. He returns Wagner's nod, then offers one to Raja and Evaristo as well. Bundled up in a magnificent cloak as he is, he could simply be yet another nobleman down here either enjoying the ambience or slumming it - or both.

A woman of the Bard's College and Siren of Setarco, looking every inch corsair in thigh high boots and warm frockcoat, is grinning at everyone in attendance. Come-hither stare rests with oozing attention, personal perhaps in wanton linger from face to face before Ophira croons out a good 'ol shanty, " A drop of Johnny's blood wouldn't do us any harm..." Is started out in a riveting repeat, all those salty and sailor lifting their voices as it tells a tale of a man who was preserved in a rum barrel during some pirate mischief and yet everyone kept draining the keg! Hence the sly nickname for rum! Yay drinking!

The Seraceni's grin is infectious, a shake of silky strands across back and shoulders as she continues filling the air with her feel good songs.

Petal smiles over to Ophira as well. She then peeks to Raymesin, but mostly seems confused by who is he. "Lots of nobles here.." She says, but likely has no clue the the man is.

Evaristo hops off the crate he was on, waving to familiar people, which is quite a few. "Well, don't be shy! Who's first to try out these thrilling games?" he calls out, gesturing to the stations in question and walking over to the barrels, jumping up on a crate on the side there. "Just take off MOST of your clothes - you can borrow some in the tent even, if you prefer. Feeling particularly nice today, so nobody has to freeze!"

Raja eyes Wagner as she spies the familiar face. The upnod from him is rewarded with a casual, two-fingered salute. She spies the cloak that Raymesin wears and she gets a jealous look on her features. "Raymesin." She calls to him, "Lookin' dapper!" A grin is offered to the tall, pale man. "Where did you get that cloak?" She lifts her bag of mystery snacks and wiggles it in Raymesin's direction. "Want some?"

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar arrive, following Hamish.

Wagner squints at all of rhe nobles and with a shake of his head, a sneer at something he hears, moves to depart.

Nevermore, the sulking raven, 3 Fidante House Guards arrive, following Narcissa.

Petal has joined the line.

Dycard laughs, waving for a beer as he turned to study the game with a careful eye. With his free hand resting on the pommel of his sword he shrugged helplessly at the suggestion as Evaristo mentioned the terms. "It's a little cold to be stripping, isn't it? I suppose i'll have to though, for Blackshore..." he conceded after a moments thought. "If I compete you have to endure my questions though. It's not every day I get to have a -nice- cousin,"

Korka too glances Raymesin's way because that is a pretty nice cloak and even if it wasn't he's hard to miss in a crowd. She grabs an apple from somewhere, mug in her other hand as she crunches it and moves over his way, "People are going to mistake you for a noble," she tells him with some amusement, glancing at Raja once again when she offers up some treats in the man's direction, "You're the Culler that organizes parties, did you help with this?" she asks.

Kiera walks into the docks looking about, noting that she doesn't recognize many here. Though the commoners have doubtless been most affected by the whirlpool's presence, its abse is welcome cause for celebration for everyone given the trials that have plagued the city recently. She smiles but endeavor's to keep a low profile, other than making purchases of food and drink from merchants. she finds a spot to tap a toe to ophira's tune

Petal ohhs softly, getting in line for the game. She starts to remove her seatouched wools, but is adorned in a linen blouse and bloomers beneath. They are both very simple in design and white. She shivers as if cold.

With a raven on one shoulder, guards at the other, Narcissa enters from the the docks of Fidante's 'The Briar Rose' only to find a crowd. Golden eyes open wide in surprise before she intones, "Not what one expects in the midst of winter snow.."

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"I'll hold your things for you," Rowynna assures Dycard, a bright smile blossoming on her lips when he agrees to enter. "Let's see if all those stories I've been hearing of you are actually true." She snag a beer for herself, but does smile to both Thea and Scylla when she spots their faces in the crowd. "Hurry up then, cousin. The line is forming." This to Dycard as she lifts her arms from beneath her cloak and waits for him to shuck what he will of his clothing.

Dycard has joined the line.

"Raja," Raymesin replies with a smile. "Nice cloak, innit? Was a gift from a silk, an' it's warm enough as I don't care 'ow it looks." There's no mistaking that accent for anything to do with the nobility - it's pure Lowers, through and through, and verging on the incomprehensible to those who aren't used to it. "Thanks, but I'm good," he says to the offer, before nodding a polite, "'Ey," to Korka. "Only 'til I open my mouth." Or 'mouf', as the case may be.

Evaristo watches with satisfaction as people start to line up, and he grins at Petal who is first. "Good to see you, Miss Petal! Get yourself ready and start whenever you want! Move on to the other games after, they're overseen by some friends of mine, they'll keep score."

Turn in line: Petal

Narcissa has joined the line.

The Black Tide has been moored for only a few hours, her crew spending the majority of that time throwing their own party on the main deck, no doubt a continuation of the one hosted by Evaristo on the docks. Theirs is likely far more rowdy and degenerate, but hey, it's for a good cause. The ship's captain, Scylla, crosses the gangplank with her first mate in tow, bundled in a thick, black wool cloak and sporting a lopsided smile. Her cheeks are rosy, and there's a bit of a haze detectable in her pewter eyes. She's already been at the drinks, it seems! Not enough, though. The woman walks up to those drinks spies two Blackshores she's familiar with. "Lord Dycard, Lady Rowynna." The sultry gaze of one Lady Ophira Seraceni is spied in the distance, but she does not yet approach yet.

Hamish makes his way down to the docks, his pulpit robes open to show off his plain black ironwools and the thin alaricite dagger at his hip. Perhaps his way of letting the locals know that rare is the priest who is a pacifist. Two templars follow in his wake, both with an eye out for blaggards, scalawags and ne'erdowells. All of which describe much of the company that Hamish frequently keeps, so Evaristo and Raymesin are spared the look.

Raja gestures to the game, "You gonna win your woman those earrings?" She smirks at Raymesin. "I think they would look rather nice on her. Don't you think?" Maybe Raja just wants to see Raymesin fall into the water. Bad Raja.

Narcissa finds herself shoved into line by one of the men in Fidante livery, her heels digging in against the snow speckled wood of the docks. "This is payback for ditching you the other da-" she bemoans is a hurried hush of syllables to the amused man.

Well why wouldn't Thea play a game? Keep warm and things. Seeing Rowynna wave, she smiles a moment, waving back. Hearing Raymesin, she nods to him as well, grabbing a drink along the way. And to Korka and anyone else she knows.

Petal checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Korka has joined the line.

Petal checked perception + empathy at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Petal checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 20, rolling 36 higher. Petal rolled a critical!

Petal checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Dycard sighs, shaking his head as he got in line. He began pulling his gloves off and unbuckled his sword, passing them over to his cousin. As he removed his jacket he nodded toward his fellow captain with a grin, "Ah - Captain Scylla, how are you? You'll have to excuse -lovely- cousin has pressed me to embarrassing myself..." he explained as he dumped his jacket into Rowynna's arms atop his other possessions.

Turn in line: Thea

"Luckily you know when not to do that," Korka replies to Raymesin, though her eyes are already wandering towards the game, then with a shrug she shoves her mug at him if he wants to take it and heads over to the barrel rolling business, "If I win do I get to decree that the singing all stops?" She asks Evaristo, unclasping her cloak but not much else.

Petal goes to roll the barrel, she does seem very athletic, but the seamstress is dexterous enough and she manages to get the barrel rolled. It is not a super impressive performance, but good enough to finish. She then speaks to the dock workers and is able to find out who is lieing after a few questions and a few moments of pondering. She figures out the riddle rather quickly though. The seamstress works out the situation and looks happy with herself. She has a smile for those here. Once the game is done she is quick to get back into her warm winter seatouched wools and to find a warm drink.

Ophira checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 61 higher.

Kiera elects merely to watch thea and the others at the game having no intention of falling in the icy spring. there is no trickery here as there was with the lodge's hot spring. no that water is icy without question and so she munch's and watches

"A fine boon." Narcissa asides to Korka, lifting a gloved hand in a wave of greeting to the familiar woman.

Thea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Thea checked perception + empathy at difficulty 20, rolling 27 higher.

The Siren continues on, lips curved into a dreamy smile as Ophira now with rum glass in hand, let's it raise to let her voice cry out with a fiesty tune, "My clothes are all in pawn. Go down you black roses, go down. And it’s mighty draughty around New Hope. Go down you black roses, go down. Oh, you inks and shadows! Go down you black roses, go down!." Is heard in a boot stomping, roaring rise and none sing louder in unison with the Seraceni than her own crew and those whose working lives are less than clean. Telling the tale of an Ischian vessel that came across Blackshore marines who sought to halt their plundering raid along the coast.

A smirk is flashed towards Captain Scylla and her soon to be Blackshore kin.

Thea checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Thea checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 2 higher.

Turn in line: Dycard

Rowynna laughs, and shakes her head to Scylla. "I'm sure that Dycard is only to happy to prove himself in this game of skill," she tells her, mmfing a little as the weight of his sword is added to the rest of his attire in her arms. She has to jerk her chin up to encourage the lip of her hood to slide back from her brow, and she fixes Scylla with clear blue eyes. "It's good to see you again. I missed Arx whilst away." A glance back to Dycard. "Try not to fall in the water, it looks cold," she tells him. Helpfully.

Dycard checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Dycard checked perception + empathy at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Dycard checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Dycard checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 11 higher.

Turn in line: Narcissa

Raymesin shakes his head at Raja's gesture. "Sod that for a game'a soldiers," he replies, before returning Thea's nod. Dycard gets eyed with a certain amount of disfavour, but then he's taking Korka's mug and drinking from it while he watches.

Narcissa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Scylla reaches for a mug of ale, tilting it toward her to get a good look at the healthy amount of froth bubbling atop. She smiles into it, and then raises those eyes up to watch Dycard disrobe. Her one, unscarred eyebrow raises. "No apology necessary," she says wryly, then presses the rim of the mug to her lips to take a healthy swig. "House Blackshore no doubt thanks you for your sacrifice, as do I!" The mug is then raised to his efforts. "My lady, aye, it is good to see you back, and at the most opportune moment, at that! You are a welcome sight. Make sure when you tour The Gambit, you come by and visit The Black Tide. It was Aedric's ship before, if you recall."

Narcissa checked perception + empathy at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Narcissa checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 20, rolling 54 higher.

Narcissa checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 5 higher.

Scylla clears her throat, and has the good grace to look apologetic. "/Lord/ Aedric's ship."

Evaristo is shouting encouraging words to the contestants - on the barrels, anyway. He's standing so he can help them quickly out of the water should they fall in.

Thea is clearly pretty athletic or a glutton for punishment, but she does get the barreks done with getting wet. When it's time to talk to dockworkers, well--WHO SAID MALVICI'S AREN'T EMPATHETIC?! Thea manages to get what information is needed brfore well the ships. She struggles a bit, clearly as she tries to solve the puzzle but aftet what seems a million tries, finishes. NOT in lightening speed.

Turn in line: Korka

Raja checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Petal is all bundled up in her warm winter clothing. She gathers up her basket and then quietly slips from the gathering. She seems to be in a cheerful mood as she leaves, maybe something just came up.

Korka checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Korka checked perception + empathy at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Korka checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Korka checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 1 higher.

Raja sets her mystery snack bag onto the barrel that she is sitting upon. As one of the party goers ventures too close, she snatches his mug of ale from his hand! For a moment, the party goer is perplexed as to where the mug went before he spins around and spies Raja sipping from the mug. She gives him a challenging look and he just sighs to go retrieve a new mug for himself.

Dycard makes a showing of the barrel roll, only just keeping himself from falling in, be it from clumsiness or inebriation. Hopping down with a laugh, he quickly deduces which of the dockworkers is lying through back and forth banter. While working out the riddles however he seems on the verge of flunking the competition completely, before finding the correct answer through a sheer stroke of luck.

Dycard shakes his head, returning to the pair to retrieve his things. "Damn, riddles and nonsense..." he muttered to himself, before shrugging dismissively, "Ah well - those earrings wouldn't look good on me anyway," he joked, slowly dressing himself and returning his sword to his belt. "Hopefully nobody was paying too close attention to me,"

Rowynna nibbles at her lower lip, and nods to Scylla. "I'll admit, with the news that's been coming in, I'm glad that I'm here and not at New Hope right now." Worry creases her brow, and she hugs the bundle of Dycard's clothes as he makes his way through the various sections of the game. "Oh well done!" she calls on his conquering of the barrels, though would smack the flat of her hand to her forehead at his floundering with the riddles if a hand were free to do so. "You did well where it counted," she tells him, a smile lurking there on her lips.

Raja calls out to Dycard, "I was paying attention!" A sassy smirk is offered as she continues to sip her pilfered ale.

As the song ends, there is a righteous whistle cutting through the crowd, " Everyone was paying attention, Captain Blackshore!" Ophira shouts in unison with Raja.

Getting up on the barrel Korka pinwheels her arms a bit to get her balance then carefully and with a look of intense concentration walks herself over that icy trap. A couple of times it looks like she might lose her balance, but she somehow manages to get to the other side unscathed. When she does she passes from dockworker to dockworker and after hearing all of their stories points out the fibbing one with relative ease, but that last bit with the puzzle and the whirlpool appears to stymie her and eventually after moving it around a few moments, it tumbles down the board and into the mini whirlpool. She looks briefly put-out and grimaces a bit, "I guess this means more singing." She raises a hand to Narcissa, turning to go get her cloak.

Narcissa only BARELY manages to stay on the barrel, having far from sea legs but only a dancer's grace to tough her way through. It is body language that gives away the dockside liar in the next task, the poetess arching one meticulously manicured brow at his fidgeting with his thumb before calling him out. It is the riddle board where she shines though, deftly solving it with only a moment of consideration given.

"Yeah, I totally saw all of that!" Evaristo calls out to Dycard, winking playfully. "Though - everyone's doing TOO well! Here I was hoping someone would fall in!" he complains cheerfully. He waves onwards the next contestant, all happy grins and eyes glittering with excitement. He is drinking from a big mug, something warm and steaming - mulled cider.

"I'd fall in," Rowynna calls back, not worried in the least to make that confession.

The line has been dismissed by Evaristo.

Dycard shakes his head, buttoning his jacket before turning to wave to the crowd with a grin, "Right, right - but let's not second guess who we would trust were it a matter of -real- sailing and not a game!" he boasted with a laugh, raising his glass into the air.

Thea looks over at Kiera and smiles a bit. "Lady Kiera, hello,"waving to Narcissa as well. But when Korka mentions singing, there's a slight groan from her lips. That she tries to hide behind her mug.

As everyone that want to compete has went through the stations, Evaristo gathers up the times and scores and starts counting, standing up there. "Oooh," he breathes, looking out over the crowd with a dramatic expression. "It was a CLOSE call between... Lady Thea Malvici and Lady Narcissa Fidante. But," and he looks back and forth between the two ladies, "Lady Narcissa beat Lady Thea with just a few seconds! Congratulations!" He holds out the chest towards Narcissa there.

Kiera waves to thea "a fair showing :ady Thea. It's good to see people having a good time. How have you been?"

Raja is overheard praising Narcissa.

Scylla raises her free hand in the air. "Also paying attention. It is a good thing you did well," she adds in before taking another swig of ale from her mug. "I am glad to see you both made it back in one piece, aye. As if I need another reason to poke that Duke Helianthus in the eye with my blade." She holds her hand out as if jabbing him right then and there with an invisible sword. "I am sure Lord Aedric is pleased to have you back. I certainly am." Eyes shift to Lord Dycard even as he puts his clothes back on. "If only so that I have a reliable drinking partner again. I'm afraid my lord has been too busy for me of late. I /guess/ being a Minister of War requires effort and time." The woman turns and winks at Lady Ophira, perhaps testing to see if she's listening to her sarcastic gripes.

Narcissa takes large gold pendant with emeralds from small brass chest enameled in green and red.

Raja lifts her mug of pilfered ale, "Three cheers for Narcissa! Hip hip.. HUZZAH!

Evaristo is overheard praising Narcissa: Well played!

Raja shouts from nearby, "Hip! Hip! Huzzah!"

Narcissa takes large gold earrings with emeralds from small brass chest enameled in green and red.

Rowynna is overheard praising Narcissa.

Thea is overheard praising Narcissa.

Scylla is overheard praising Narcissa.

Kiera is overheard praising Narcissa: nice job

Dycard is overheard praising Narcissa.

Ophira is overheard praising Narcissa.

Ophira is overheard praising Evaristo.

Ophira is overheard praising Scylla.

Ophira is overheard praising Dycard.

Scylla is overheard praising Evaristo.

Rowynna is overheard praising Dycard: Who needs to solve riddles when they sail as well as you do!

Rowynna is overheard praising Evaristo.

Ophira checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Dycard is overheard praising Evaristo.

"Right, we'd have to trust Captain Scylla!" Is quipped to Dycard, taking a sip from her glass. There is a glance to Korka, hearing that rumbling which only puts a smile further on her face, "You're at an event where singing is what get's most of us through the day! Perhaps something a little softer for you then? Since you seem to be the delicate sort." As the games wind down, Ophira's voice grows melancholic in tune as it rises out, "He came to me all in my sleep,

Dycard is overheard praising Ophira.

Thea cheers for Narcissa as well,"Congratulates,"a smile on the Malvici's lips. Looking ovet to Kiera, she finally responds,"Im well, thank you. Just--busy. A lot of busy." Not getting into too much detail at the moment.

Narcissa just seems to abhor the possibility of attention, nonetheless that of placing in first. She flushes and sinks into her cloak, trying to hide her face. "Thank you, you are all too kind. But truly, the best talent is the generosity of sharing this with all of us." She quickly attempts to divert the attention back to Evaristo, wallflower that she is. A pleading look is given to Thea and Korka.

--- Mangata, Mangata away, my darling, I dreamed I saw my own true love, Mangata, away!"

The story is of a sailor who dreams that her love has died and knows it to be true through a vision that Mangata has sent her. It sends her in such a spiral that she then gives herself to the sea, the tale telling that it was perhaps the origin of the mermaids. Maybe? Who knows, sailor songs are so fanciful!

"I hope you like them, but you can give them to someone else too, of course," Evaristo says, hopping down to bow and hand over the chest to her. "Yours to do with whatever you want!" He then offers a hand to her, grinning charmingly. "Want to dance?"

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar leave, following Hamish.

Dycard glances over his shoulder toward Ophira, raising his glass toward her before turning back to Scylla and Rowynna, "Yes, it's good to be back, if even for a little. I haven't been able to reach Uncle Aedric either yet, and I need someone to help get under the rest of the peerage's skin, especially-" he raised his voice enough for Ophira to hear, "My almost-aunt!" He flashed a toothy grin before addressing Rowynna, "So, you're staying at the Ebb? Why don't you just take over my room at the estate - I don't use the damn thing."

Kiera takes a moment to smile over to ophira :"your're sing is lovely lady Ophira" not that a lady of her calibre and station needs reassurance but the wyvernheart is genuine and feels it should be said "oh if it's anything I can help with do let me know

"I know someone who assists House Fidante that would look perfect in them. She hardly ever spoils or thinks of herself." Narcissa answers Evaristo, glad for the distraction and taking his hand extended. Dancing does allow one to meld more into the crowd than just standing long as others dance.

Narcissa is overheard praising Evaristo.

Korka gives Narcissa a sidelong look as she tries to draw her back in to the fray, "I'm not sure that makes much sense, Lady Narcissa, unless you mean you're going to split the prizes amongst us all," she winks, turning then to Ophira as she addresses her and starts a new song. She folds her arms and leans against a stack of crates, having forgotten her poor mug back with Raymesin who at least is nursing it properly.

"Oh. Well..." Rowynna says to Dycard. "Aedric has said that a room is being prepared for me, so there's not need to deprive yourself. It means you can crash at the manor at the drop of a hat." A glance to Ophira when her attention is directed that way. A quick smile is given, perhaps she's never been officially introduced to Aedric's intended, what with her being a distant cousin and having only recently returned to the city.

Evaristo checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Narcissa checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Almost ready to distract Narcissa, Thea realizes she doesn't have to. Taking a drink, she seems satisfied as is for the moment. "Hey Messere Raja,"she calls over to the Culler before getting too comfortably.

"Perfect, and very generous of you," Evaristo says and he sure has no problem being center of attention, sweeping Narcissa out onto the little area for dancing, making the snow whirl up around their feet. There ARE others joining in however, with cheers and enthusiasm. The bard-Harlequin clearly knows how to dance, grinning wide and happy. "The Whirlpool is GONE!" he calls out, and cheers rise up. "I'm sailing out with my cog later in the week - The Webbed Wheel will be free to roam the seas once more."

Zephirine, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Talwyn.

Zephirine, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Talwyn.

Raja glances up from her mug to Thea and offers a smile. "Lady Thea!" She says in warmer tones than she greets most people. "How are you?" She does not get off her barrel. In fact, she just sits and her group of thugs just lean on the wall behind her.

Poppy arrives with no fanfare. Not even a guard or chaperone in tow. Spotting Evaristo's dance, her face lights up with a smile before making her way in to watch the festivities.

Narcissa amends to Korka, "I meant for our host, Evaristo. He is providing the entirety, with help of course, no?" But then the host in question is leading her off into a dance. The absence of a gown traded for more practical clothing makes movement easier, lending her dance more finesse. In the middle of a sharp pivot, she waves to Thea with a mouthed 'later?' before her dance leads her away again. "I have never yet to sail on a ship...but if Prince Tyrus is to be my tutor, perhaps not all is lost."

Ophira checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

There is a salute of Ophira's drink to Korka as the song warbles to a finish, turning her attention then to the Blackshore crew with another raising of glass. Seeing as Evaristo has taken the floor with Narcissa to dance, a tune is kicked up that will do both of them justice. It's a swiftly thriving song, upbeat and the lyrics tell the tale of a man who'd fallen in love with a selkie!

Sleek like the seal people of legend, the notes and chords are delivered with a velvet quality - all those who know the tune are welcome to chime in! The dockyards is a place filled with dancing, song, and it might feel as if even the waves are one with the jovial atmosphere.

Evaristo is overheard praising Ophira: The most amazing party entertainment!

Kiera is overheard praising Evaristo: a charming host

Dycard furrows his brow as he looks out over the crowd during a lull in conversation. Catching sight of Poppy he calls out with a wave, trying to flag her down, "Why Lady Stahlben! Fancy seeing you here!"

Kiera is overheard praising Ophira: the siren of setarco is a name will earned

Thea tells Raja with ease, not moving either. Yelling works. "Busy,"catching sight of Poppy as well. "Lady Poppy, hello." Thea is drinking and enjoying the going ons for the time being.

Narcissa is overheard praising Raja: A hand rather quick with the procuring of ale.

Rowynna finds herself swept away from Dycard's side and into the dance. Her hood falls back from her head as she's spun in the snow, and laughter spills from her lips. "The whirlpool has gone!" Her voice lifts as she spins beneath the turn of her partner's arm, and she joins the chorus of others around her. It's breathless. Exciting. And her usually pale cheeks take on a faint rosy hue.

Raja shouts over the crowd and over to Thea, "Busy is the way to be! Idle hands makes trouble!" She lifts her hands and wiggles her fingers before reclaiming her mug before it gets pilfered. Pilfering pilfered mugs is a thing.

"Maybe you'll come with me sometime - I've been known to take passengers sailing south. Very few wanna go north," Evaristo jokes, "especially during winter." The dance finishes, he steps back and bows once again to Narcissa. "Thank you my lady, and have a continued nice evening."

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