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The Dire Bee Lounge - Grand Opening

Introducing you to the sweetest lounge in the city, come meet the staff and enjoy all that is honey. Yes. Still. Again. Sure.


Sept. 26, 2020, 6 p.m.

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Alessia Thea Talwyn Ryhalt Esme Liara Zoey Sabella Michael Valdemar Sabitha Kastelon Amelie Valencia Merek Felix Rosalind



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Dire Bee Lounge

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1 Farshaw trained guards arrives, following Ryhalt.

The Dire Bee Lounge is set with all sorts of foods and drinks served along the tables and bars. The lounge, looking like a little treehouse is all Artshall has to offer, made of apple woods, decorated by honeysilk and velvet. The food consists of apples, honey and all that follows. The host is standing by the huge dire bee some might recognize from the prior week, when she was stabbed and had snow pies thrown at her, wearing a velvet apple green dress, "Welcome, welcome, come on in", she greets those arriving.

There's a look of awe as Alessia takes in the decadent decor of the lounge, from the honeysilk tablecloth to the velvet seats. "You know I kept my stomach empty for this." She says as she approaches the hostess, greeting her with a cheek kiss. "It smells amazing in here."

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Thea ventures in her way, actually changing from her leathers for this. She looks around, taking in all the honeysilk and--food. "Lady Mabelle, hey,"she greets her with a slight smile, turning to Alessia as well. Waving to her friend. Fully embracing herself for the hug that she knows is about to come.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

The arrival of Talwyn is in a swirl of sky blue ironwool at first, before the Prince removes the overcoat and exposes the browns and golds beneath it. Couple with the black boots he wears, it is very much an outfit that works for someone that is at the opening of a bee and honey themed establishment. Looking around as he draws in his breath, he sighs warmly. "Ah, how bee-licious!" he offers cheerfully as he takes it all in.

Entering with his typical smile, Ryhalt nods to Mabelle's greeting. "Thank you, Lady Mabelle. I'll have you know I'm expecting an eat-all-you-can bacon event." His eyes crinkle at the sides with his amusement, but it's probably true he's here mostly for the bacon.

Esme sweeps into the area and then claps her hands. "OH!" It causes her to stop as she takes it all in. Her eyes sliding from one thing to the next and back again. It's almost like it's crafted her 'awe-struck' way. "This is so wonderful." She reaches out a finger to trail over the honeysilk as it is draped over in decoration. That smile curves up wide as she looks over at Mabelle. "This is glorious." She will offer before stepping out of the way to let others greet her.

Mabelle smiles entertainedly to Alessia, "Well, you will no longer have to starve in the future, this is going to be here perpetually if you desire anything Laurenty", she pecks her cheek in return, greeting Thea and Talwyn as they enter. Soothing Ryhalt, "Well you are invited to order whatever you will tonight, it is on the house. All food and drinks are!", she announces as she washes her eyes upon Talwyn's outfit. "Welcome, Lady Fidante. I am pleased it is for your liking, do get comfortable".

Liara slips in out of the snow and quickly sheds her coat to pass off to a guard, then she clasps her gloved hands together as she takes a moment to gaze about the lounge. She offers over a quick smile to Mabelle, wondering, "Would you say that it is a good idea to just eat honey all day?"

Zoey arrives with a warm smile on her face, taking in the place with an appreciative glance before looking for Mabelle. "Cousin, this is wonderful!" she says, approaching the hostess to greet her before mingling with other guests. "When did you decide to open this place? I just heard rumblings about it, and not from you."

"Exactly what I wanted to hear." Ryhalt grins widely at Mabelle before he makes his way to the bar. Once there he orders himself a couple plates of th honey candied bacon. He's counting on it being good, but then if it's here, it's going to be good.

"Malvici." And the hug does come, Alessia draws Thea into a big one, possibly a bit too tight. She seems to realise this belatedly, quickly loosening a little. "It's great to see you here."

Once he has set his cape to the side, Talwyn works on making his way through the gather, greeting others warmly. Liara earns a smile and a bow. "Your Grace." he offers to the High Lord of Grayson as he looks for a place to smile. "Lady Esme, nice of you to decide to come out." A smile offered to the trio of Alessia, Thea, and Mabelle before he nods to his fellow bard. "Lady Zoey! It has been a while." And with that, he's taking a seat before tipping his fingers towards Ryhalt. "I came across your sister and her family this morning."

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

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As she awaits Mabelle's reply, Zoey turns when addressed by Talwyn. "Indeed, your Highness! We must catch up soon. There are things I wish to discuss with you," she replies to him with a smile.

Thea embraces Alessia with a slight smile, though a bit--confused to the tightness. "Mazetti. How are you? Let's get some cider, yes?" Seeing Zoey, Liara, and Talwyn enter, she waves to them as well,"Hello. I haven't seen you in a bit. Any of you..Things are well?"

Mabelle chuckles at Liara, "Not if you are fond of your wardrobe, but it is healthy for you otherwise, welcome Princess". To Zoey she admits, "Oh it was a spur of the moment whim and I knew that if I do not make it happen as soon as possible, I never will". Mabelle chuckles as she spots Ryhalt, rolling her eyes.

CLINK CLINK, the familiar tone is heard as Mabelle hits her fork against her glass of honey whiskey, "Welcome to The Dire Bee Lounge. I swear the name has a funny story behind it. Or.. traumatizing story you laugh about later", she grins. "Artshall has a lot to offer and so I thought, why not offer it all the time. I wanted the city to have a place to celebrate Artshall as I see it in my heart and this is the result", she beams.

"I invite you all to share a funny story about bees, or honey - preferably not the flamable type story if you see other Laurents other than me, or about apples or .. about another Laurent. The funniest one will get this honey jar! Just in time for winter. And if you just want to eat and drink and ride Queen Bee here", she pats the bee on the pole, "You're welcome".

Esme looks towards Thea. There might be a threat of hugging later in her emerald eyes. Everyone is getting a smile. "Talwyn, you are right, you are far better at fashion than me." Then there is an announcement. Her eyes move over towards the hostess as she speaks.

Thea smiles at Esme as well, her eyes impish. That may have been done on purpose.

Liara greets Talwyn with a quick wave. "How do you do, your highness? As splendidly turned out as ever, and it's all very /honey/." She smiles in response to Thea. "Very well, thank you." Liara then breathes a low chuckle at Mabelle, commenting, "I suppose I like my wardrobe just a little bit more than I like honey, so it wins out."

"Ride the bee?" Zoey asks, eyeing the object in question before turning to Thea and smiling brightly. "Yes, all is well! You heard about Hospitalis?"

With wide eyes and a beaming smile, Princess Sabella sweeps into the lounge, taking it all in and clapping her hands together in delight. She holds off on greeting the hostess until she's done with her introductory speech, applauding and looking thoughtful as to what story she might share, "I completely failed to stab the bee at the party just last week so I hope that we aren't playing that game tonight," she tells Liara as she comes up beside her, "The woodwork in here is far too pretty for me to mark it up!"

Hearing Talwyn, Ryhalt looks curious. "Lisebet and Harlan? Visiting the shrines again or somewhere else? It does cheer me--" He pauses as Mabelle requests their attention. "Funny story..." Musing, he narrows his eyes in thought and chews on some of his bacon.

Mabelle grins aside to Liara, "Imagine my conflict", she winks to her, moving from the Bee so Zoey can mount it if she likes, "Princess Sabella, no games tonight, only the verbal variety. You can fill it with food or with words", she winks to Sabella

"Oh no, they were out for a picnic, in this weather." Talwyn laughs. "I think they just wanted the children to play in the snow for a while. "It is a very sweet event, I agree, Princess Liara." he offers to her before he grins at Esme. "You could have found something that is honey themed to wear?" he suggests, before he hears the details of the event, and starts to ponder that.

"Cider?" Alessia's brows shoot up a little when she releases the poor noble woman. "Umm... I've actually not had it for a while." She glances around, eyes locking onto the menu. "But with food? Sounds good."

"Oh, Lady Mabelle! It's simply intoxicatingly lovely! I feel like I'm visiting the Ashfords but in a more Valardin way!" Sabella enthuses to the new owner, bouncing a bit on her toes, "And that menu! I can see myself spending quite a bit of time here! I brought you a gift to congratulate you on your opening! I believe Elizabetta already had it taken in the back, but I do hope you enjoy it."

Esme wrinkles her nose up a bit to that as she thinks it over. "I'm not sure I've had a funny story with a bee or honey. I shall have to think about it." Her eyes slide over those present before she smiles at Talwyn. "I don't have anything honey themed. Perhaps you should come with me to rectify that? You can give advice on the higher end of fashion." A bright smile towards Liara but then there is a Sabella. A vibrant smile. "Sabella!"

Thea eyes the bee pole and well---"Ride.the bee....,"her tone questionable as she looks over to Mabelle. Right. Walking with Alessia, she goes to order cider and she supposes food. "Are you on a none drinking binge,"Thea asks Alessia meanwhile. When Sabella floats on through, the Malvici offers her a wave and a smile,"Princess Sabella, hello!"

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"Oh." Ryhalt laughs but nods, not seeming surprised that the Ashfords would picnic in winter. "Sounds like something they would do and fun for the children, besides. Did you play some music for them, your Highess?"

Zoey takes her cue from Mabelle and mounts the bee ride.

Mabelle gestures discreetly for Alessia toward the dessert display case, "Thank you, that is so very kind", she smiles to Sabella, "Feel free to taste whatver you like, I am biased but everything is excellent". She chuckle at Thea, "Its for children. Or the child in you", she shifts her eyes and supposes, "I could share the story of why it was named the Dire Bee".

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"It's rather splendid, isn't it?

Sabitha arrives, following Michael.

"It's rather splendid, isn't it?" Liara says aside to Sabella, "and I am sure you could bring your own knife if you fancy a second round with the bee?" Then she offers a cheery wave to Esme as she heads along to find herself a seat and a honey-drizzled pastry.

5 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor, Vladimir, a shaggy brindle Grim Wolfhound arrive, following Valdemar.

Honey glazed cheesecake is picked out with little hesitation when Alessia drifts past the bar and settles on the table by the bee pole. "Oh... isn't that adorable?" She gestures at the fixture. "Though from a certain angle it looks skewered." She adds, before sending her maid off to fetch cider for her and Thea.

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Michael arrives in his frequently worn gambeson and a jacket overtop of it, and upon his arm with narry a trace of snow upon her is Lady Sabitha Bisland in a mauve wonder. "You /have/ forgiven me, right? Duties abound and we're only a touch late." Spoken aside to his aunt.

Thea eyes the bee on a pole with dubious curiosity. "So does that thing even work,"she asks, settling next to Alessia.There's a wave to Michael, a squint at the man. Without little hesitation, she tells him,"I waited and waited for those frogs and--nothing!"

Sabella laughs and shakes her head to Liara, "I'm rather sure I'm not even able to wield a butter knife properly--have you never noticed Elizabetta makes sure the bread gets that before it gets to me?" She grins at Mabelle then looks over to all the delicacies she indicated, "Oh, I will be certain to try them all have no doubt about that! Perhaps I should have worn one of my more forgiving gowns! And Lady Thea, Lady Esme! I'm so glad to see you though I should not be surprised to see you at such an opening! I think I saw Prince Talwyn and Lady Zoey as well and--ah yes, Lady Alessia! Hello!" She turns to head to get something to eat, pausing only to say, "Michael! Have you seen the drink menu?!"

Mabelle grins entertainedly as the attention gets around the huge dire bee on a pole, "That's intentional", she winks to Alessia and explains to the entire room, "A few months ago the family was exploring a mansion of remains around Artshall and among all the traps waiting for us, and there were many, we were assaulted by very very large Dire Bees. While I do adore bees, they are troubling when they are the size that is able to bite your shoulder and since I had half my family angling arrows toward me, this one is skeward", she laughs, "And that is how the Dire Bee Lounge got its name. And perhaps because Oathlanders are so damn Dire", she winks.

A beautiful songbird arrives, delivering a message to Ryhalt before departing.

"Oh... Oh!" Alessia's eyes widen when Mabelle explains the tale of the dire bee. "I thought it was a theoretical concept. Wait, why do you keep finding yourself dealing with giant bugs?" She glances back up at the pole. "To skewering dire bees." She lifts her cider in toast, a wry smile on her lips.

"Your highness." A beaming smile is offered to Sabella in greeting.

Zoey waves to Sabella from the carousel when she hears her name spoken. In doing so she spots her mother's arrival with Michael and her eyes alight. Without waiting for the ride to stop she gracefully dismounts and goes to Sabitha to greet her. "Mother! I got your note. I was going to write you back and have you over." She reaches out to take one of Sabitha's hands.

Liara concedes to Sabella, with a considering look towards the bee, "That may make things difficult. I'm sure a weakness in the bee will become apparent eventually." That it is inanimate is presumably not enough of an advantage. When Michael and Sabitha come in, Liara offers over a cheery wave.

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Esme cants her head from Talwyn to look at Mabelle. There is a wide opening of her eyes. "Wait.. large enough to bite your shoulder?" Her eyes glance toward her shoulder in thought. There is a nod to the others that enter before she offers towards Sabella. "It was merely my heart led me to this place as it knew I would have a small chance to see you."

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Valdemar is also somewhat late in arriving, alone other than his entourage. Stopping for a moment to listen to the story of how the lounge got its name, he claps for Mabelle's tale before approaching her to say, "Good evening, Lady Laurent, and congratulations. You are looking as lovely as ever."

Sabitha responds to Michael with a reassuring pat before adding. "Duty first and always. I look forward to hearing about it later." For now, she loosens her cloak's lacing and looks around the lounge. Quickly spotting Zoey, she breaks into an unalloyed smile and lifts her hand in a slight wave.

Mabelle smiles warmly to Michael and Sabitha as they enter, "Lord Bisland, cousin, welcome! I'm pleased to see you Sabitha, it has been too long". She takes a sip of her whiskey as Alessia comments about the giants bugs and almost chokes on it when she laughs, "Because we're Oathlanders, its a thing", she winks to her and then reports to Esme, "It was about the size of that one", she points at the bee on the pole. A warm smile is flashed toward Valdemar, "Duke Grimhall, what a pleasant surprise, thank you for coming", Mabelle asks her girl, "Please get honey whiskey for the Duke".

Hearing Zoey, she mouths silently,'Mother?'before looking over to Sabitha. Oh right! They met! "Lady Sabitha, nice to see you again. I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I'm Lady Thea Malvici. Lord Martino's younger and only sister." When Mabelle explains the tale of the bees, Thea is eying her as well. "Really. What IS it with you large bugs? It's like you and the Oathlanders are attracted to them or something, Or vice versa." She takes a sip of her cider, offering a smile to the Duke Grimhall,"Duke Valdemar, good evening."

"It is my pleasure, of course. As long as there are not any living bees here that big, anyway," Valdemar responds somewhat teasingly to the event's hostess, a smile on his lips. Taking the offered honey whiskey, he takes a sip before turning toward Thea and greeting her, "Good evening to you as well, Lady Malvici. Lady Kennex, Lady Alessia, it is good to see you both too, of course."

Zoey takes and squeezes Sabitha's hand. "I am sorry that I cannot stay longer. I have another appointment, but I absolutely had to come see cousin Belle's grand opening," she says.

Esme brightens towards Valdemar and waves towards him. She also requests a whiskey and will sip it slightly once it is received. Her eyes move towards Liara. "I was curious..." She offers to the High Lady. ".. would it be possible to sit down with you? Not here, I don't want to distract from it, but I have some questions that I would like to ask you; if you have time."

"Of may not enjoy hearing it though. I'm not sure its for public consumption anyways." Michael is quick to turn Sabitha towards Zoey, to walk her that way because CLEARLY you don't try to keep a mother from her child. Liara gets a wave as well, Sabella gets....a nod.

"Why do I have the feeling that there are giant versions of everyone's least favorite bugs?" Alessia narrows her eyes at the thought. "I don't have nearly the same love for bees as you do, either. I mean I think it was a swarm of wasps that attacked me that one time. But some of my fury has spread to bees." She lifts a spoon full of cheesecake. "I love the honey though." She tilts her head at Valdemar before a fond smile touches her lips. "My lord. Isn't this a lovely surprise."

Mabelle shifts her eyes somewhat, "Well they are not all bugs, there are wolves too", she makes an inappropriate notation and quickly adds, "I think huge bugs are horrible, but when they have wings, goodness me". She concurs with Alessia though, "It is a surprise", she smiles to Valdemar. Other than that, she is happy to observe, "Funny bee stories or honey stories will get you this lovely honey jar", she tempts the unaware.

Sabitha beams a smile to Mabelle, bowing her head in response to the greeting. To Thea, she ahs, saying "So nice to meet you again, Lady Malvici. I'm to visit in Kaia and your Lord brother in a few days. Perhaps I will see you in less formal surrounds then." She returns Zoey's squeeze of the hand. "Then we will have to get together elsewhere, and soon. Promise?"

"I promise. Kennex Kay, with the babies," Zoey says with a nod. "Belle, this place is fantastic! I wish you much success. Good luck to the contestants!"

Sitting where he is at the bar, Talwyn takes out his lyre and strums it, almost idly. A nameless little tune, but it provides a backdrop for his story. "When I was a boy, I was visiting the gardens with my sister and a lady friend from another land that my parents wanted my sister to become playmates with. Back during that time, I still didn't have many desires to adventure, but I always enjoyed the gardens. As we were playing, the Lady turns to me and asks, 'Can you bring me a flower?'. Now, we were in a garden and surrounded by flowers, so I reach over to pluck one -- and he goes, 'No, I want that flower'. And she points to this large, gorgeous bloom that had recently come to blossom. I wanted to impress the girl, because it's what my parents told me was the good thing to do."

"So I go over and I pluck the flower, and I bring it back over to her to present to the Lady with a smile. She takes the flower and makes a grand show out of the fact that I brought her a gift. And after a while, we returned to the Manor, and while at dinner, the girl takes out the flower and says, 'Look, a gift from Prince Talwyn!' and she brings it up to smell." He pauses in his struming at the memory and he grins. "That is when we found out that a bee had been snoozing in the flower all this time, and the girl's breath drew it awake! The bee flew out, and stung the girl RIGHT on the nose!" he declares with a laugh. Her nose was the brightest blossom of red for the rest of her visit, and we learned that if a bee is sleeping in a flower, you should just buzz off."

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Liara offers Michael another wave for good measure, and then she leaves her pastry aside for a moment and turns to respond to Esme, eyebrows arching inquisitively, "Of course. I have been at the Queensrest Inn quite frequently of late, if you fancy seeking me there, or otherwise you might visit the mansion."

Thea sends Rocco off for apple pie, nodding about the wolves. She pauses, leaning against Alessia to listen to her as well. "Oh Lady Sabitha, then you'll meet little Nia. She's very--she likes to pull hair now, and has quite the set of lungs. You can hear her for miles." Thea smirks with amusement, taking a bite of her pie. When Zoey mentions the babies, she shudders. "So.many.babies."

Valdemar inclines his head toward Esmes when she waves. "I am glad that you see it that way," he then responds to Alessia and Mabelle talking of his presence being a surprise, a smile on his face. He begins to drift over toward the bee on the pole, where Alessia and Thea are sitting. He does not take a seat himself just yet, remaining on his feet as he takes another sip from his drink and then remarks, "I'm afraid I have little experience with bees, myself. I mean, I've seen them around, naturally, and been stung a time or two, but nothing out of the ordinary."

Sabitha chimes a laugh. "Then I am due for quite the adventure, Lady Thea. Lord Martino has warned me that little Arsenia has taken to throwing things."

Mabelle laughs mirthfully at the story by Talwyn, "Poor girl, also poor bee, to find you death after such a delightful rest". Mabelle finds a seat on the bar, where she can better see all and admits to Thea, "We have five babies in my floor. Beewax ear plugs. You're welcome." She eyes Ryhalt aside on the bar, "How do you find the bacon, Duke Farshaw?"

Thea sees Valdemar inching over and invites him over,"Did you wish to sit,"a smile for the him, before turning to Sabitha. "Yes. She does. One of the favorite toys she has is a spider I gave her. A wooden one. She 'accidentally' hits people with it." When Mabelle mentions the beeswax, she thanks her with, relief there. "Gods, thank you!" There's a laugh at that as she looks to others talk to.

Ryhalt listens politely to Talwyn's story and grimaces at the end. This quickly goes away for Mabelle's question which has him grinning widely as the servers bring out a fourth plate of the candy bacon for him. "I am going to smuggle in some coffee here and do all my work exclusively at this bar. You're going to get back every coin you've spent on air."

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"A new baby?" Alessia turns to Thea, having only heard the tail end of the discussion. "Good luck." She says with a light laugh, looking to Zoey. She rises from her seat, the cheesecake finished. Clearly she was famished. She leans closer to the duke to murmur something, resting a hand lightly on his arm.

Talwyn checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Sabitha's brows lift in response to Mabelle. "I would very much like a pair of those ear plugs as a...preemptive measure." She waves a hand in gesture toward Thea. To Thea, she adds. "Oh, dear. I had planned on bringing a spider toy as a gift. Now I shall have to think of something different." She looks to Michael. "Suggestions, nephew?"

"I am sure that someone will have time to take to you the Thraxian Ward to visit your grandchildren, Auntie." Clearly not him, of course. Michael murmurs aside to Sabitha as he turns to...find some sort of drink. To pluck up a tumbler of honey whiskey and take a whiff of it. "Plush cow, aunt. Plush so when they inevitably throw it there isn't as much damage."

Mabelle glances between Thea and Sabitha, "Perhaps I should start offering them as a service to the family of the one giving birth in the hospital", she laughs helplessly and turns her gaze to Ryhalt, "The only reason I did not put honeyed coffee on the menu, is because I did not wish to upset you, but I am happy to avenge you all that charged air". Eyeing Michael, Mabelle teases him, "When did you become an expert on children?"

The talk of babies, and whom they might belong to, seems to go over Valdemar's head. He knows who his own children are, and that is apparently enough for him. Instead of commenting on any of it, The Duke leans in when Alessia whispers to him, his hand resting lightly on her back as he shakes his head and responds quietly.

With his musical story, Talwyn puts away his lyre and orders something to drink, listening to all of the talk of babies. None here thank you very much, and he seems to be very much in favor of keeping it that way as he gets his drink and sips from it.

Thea murmurs to Alessia with a nod,"Martino and Kaia's daugther. Though she's not really new new." She grins a bit, saying,"I can't wait until she is crawling and such. Or better--when I can teach her everything I--,"but allows her words to trail with a sip of her drink.

Ryhalt grumbles at Mabelle. "I might be willing to make a deal for honeyed coffee." He is helplessly addicted to coffee.

Sabitha says, "Oh! I do like that idea, Lord Michael." She glances to Mabelle, grins. "And I, too, wonder how you came to be so quick with it.""

There's a somber expression on Alessia's face, though it's brief, right before she responds quietly. She turns back to Thea. "Oh... that baby. Right. Apologies. I lose track." She chuckles with wave of her hand. "Congratulations. Belatedly."

Mabelle extends the honey jar to Talwyn, slipping it over the wooden surface of the bar, "I think you won, Prince Talwyn", she grins at him, "I think I worked them too hard last week", she winks. Eyeing Ryhalt, Mabelle wonders, "Duchess Farshaw is still alergic to the scent of it?". She grins at Sabitha, "Oh no, I'm not falling for that joke again"

Esme glances over towards the people talking about babies and she looks at it with some sort of interest, but it goes over her head. She drinks her whiskey as she just seems to be taking it in. Then her eyes slide towards Valdemar and Alessia. She then smiles towards Liara and then drops a comment to those at her seating arrangement.

"I am a master of warfare, and dealing with a child seems to be much the same sort of thing? Identify your enemy, eliminate their strengths." Michael teases as he offers a glass of mead towards his aunt. "You know, Lady Thea. There are taverns that would rent rooms to anyone. Even a tavern at full tilt on a day of rest may not be louder than a passel of upset babies."

A grin and Talwyn is accepting the honey jar as he bows his head. "Thank you, Lady Mabelle. It is quite lovely." he says with a chuckle as he sets it to the side for now. He is trying to keep up with the events around him, but it is all so overwhelming.

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Ryhalt nods, looking forlorn to Mabelle. "No coffee in the house. It's blasphemy, but..." He sighs lightly and mumbles something about happy wife. "Perhaps whens he returns from her latest venture it'll be better, but I don't mind an excuse to stay in the Espressions."

Thea squints at Alessia for a moment, head tilted. Shaking her head for a moment, she looks over at Michael, grinning for a second,"I find other things to do to keep myself occupied." Taking a drink, she thanks him nonetheless,"I appreciate the thought though." Thea peers at Esme and tells her,"Have the supplies yet,"the flecks of gold in her eyes bright.

Whatever is said to her definitely seems to perk up Alessia's mood, and she gives the duke a hug. A belated greeting. She takes a deep drink from her cider, before eyeing Mabelle. "Wait what are the rules again?" She asks with a curious smile.

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Sabitha lightly claps her delight, ceding her verbal challenge to Michael with an impressed lift of the brows, a bow of her head. "Now," she sighs, "I really ought to sit down and enjoy something sweet."

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Valdemar returns the hug Alessia gives him, smiling as he stands up straight once again. Taking another sip of his whiskey, he then gives a curious glance between her and Mabelle. "Rules?" he asks, the question not seemingly directed at any one person.

Amelie, Valencia arrive, following Kastelon.

Mabelle concurs with Michael from afar, "I myself have a room in the hundred cities for emergencies, but mostly good whiskey offers me a good night sleep". Her hand reach to comfort Ryhalt, "I will have them hold some in the back here just for you", she feels awful, imagining a Laurent having aversion to honey. "The rules are a funny story about bees or honey. There are no rules, really", she winks to Alessia and spares Valdemar, "We already spared you, Duke", she winks to him and calls toward Sabitha, "The cheesecake is delicious or the apple pie"

The door opens, and is closed again as quickly as is possible with a small group coming from the weather without, as if to try to keep said weather on the without and not in the lounge itself. Kastelon's hair and beard have a little bit of the snow that's falling on them, his hood left drawn back as he's coming in accompanied, and there's his low murmur to each of them. "See, that wasn't so horrible, a short walk out in the snow, mmm? At least there are things to warm us here."

Amelie makes her way in with KAstelon and Valencia. For now she kind of hides behind the two. Rather meek little thing.

"Oh, here's a funny story. A very short story." Alessia lifts a finger as though recalling. "One time Mabelle claimed on journals that Artshall velvet /wasn't/ made from bee.. fur? Is it fur?" She moves past this before anyone can respond. "At which point I said I was now /convinced/ it was." She gives the Laurent a wink. "I was given no counter argument."

Michael has joined the a private table under the window with a honeysilk tablecloth.

Mabelle greets Kastelon, Valencia and Amelie as they enter, "Welcome to the Dire Bee Lounge, please enjoy the food, the drinks and what Alessia counts as a funny story", she arches her eyebrow at Alessia, followed by a wink.

Sabella laughs to Alessia, "I remember that! I heard that some people were convinced it would be sticky, but it's just so lovely I don't think that rumor could have lasted more than a few seconds when people finally saw it!"

Michael slips into a table with his aunt, and a nod. "I have no need to escape from Bisland Manor. All the women seemed to have moved out and left the manor rather quiet." He'll tilt his glass to swirl the whiskey as he talks. "Of course, theres Lion's Overook which is a bedroom high enough that sound doesn't reach it if someone truly needed to escaping loud parties and such. Like....may be happening shortly? Serving frog legs?"

Valencia happily arrives in the company of Lord Kastelon and Lady Amelie, her smile bright and happy as she steps into the lavish room. Dark eyes take it in with as soft breath of appreciation. "Oh, my goodness. It is lovely. What a wonderful place this is. I'm so glad you invited us to join you, my lord. I'm truly inspired," she notes with a warm smile to Kastelon as she gently slips her hand from the crook of the gentleman's arm as Alessia speaks to bee fur. There is a blink and then a small smile of wonder as she turns to greet their hostess. "Thank you so much for having us. Congratulations on your opening. I'm so happy for you," she nods warmly as the conversations continue. "I think this will become a favourite place to gather for many. It's simply stunning."

Kastelon shifts to give Amelie a little bit of a tug - he's not apparently about to let her hide behind them when they've come as a trio, but there's that little bit of an impish twinkle to his eye as well as if he's simply delighting in that moment. But it's also with a bob of his head, to echo what Valencia's saying, before he says warmly to Mabelle, "I did promise earlier that I'd try to make it by. I hope that the opening so far's been everything you'd hoped it would be."

His gaze is sweeping about, looking to see what faces he might well recognize in the crowd beyond the hostess and his companions...

"I mean, sure the material is gorgeous." Alessia admits when Sabella brings up the non-sticky point. "But it'd be in keeping with theme. First bee fur, then honey. Next time will be made from stingers. Count on it." She grins.

Seated over at the bar, Liara offers a flutter of her fingers in a wave to some of the people entering, then turns back to say something brief to Esme.

Amelie gets tugged out of hiding, "It is a very lovely place Lady Mabelle." She says turning a slight shade of red. Seems she thought she was gonna get away with hiding.

When Valencia, Kastelon, and Amelie enter the room, Thea greets them with a wave and smile. "Princess Valencia, Lord Kastelon, Lady Amelie-hello,"from her perch near the skewered bee pole. Or ride. She's busy drinking cider and eating apple pie. Clearly her favorite thing at the moment.

Mabelle mentions to both Alessia and Sabella, "The fur of the bee helps it carry the nectar between the flowers. Velvet is a blend of silk and linen entwined. I will give you this though, the men in charge of making the honeysilk claim it buzzes when you put your ear to it", she flashes her palms. She beams at Valencia, "I am pleased you like it, Princess, please be comfortable, enjoy a treat", she invites her as she collected a candied apple on a stick, wink to Kastelon over it, "Thank you, Lady Amelie." Mabelle contemplates Alessia's words, "The next new weapon, made from venemous bee stings, how very Lycene meets Oathlander"

Valdemar listens to the tale Alessia tells, laughing when she points out that Mabelle never offered a counter-argument and grinning as he glances back and forth between the two women. "Is honeysilk actually made with honey, then? I haven't been able to get a straight answer about that anywhere yet," he comments with amusement.

Thea admits to Valdemar, admiting,"I thought the same thing. It even--smells good." Remaning comfortable, she asks,"Can you imagine having random people just up and--smell you as you stand?"

"Lady Thea, what a wonderful suprise. So many beautiful familiar faces. I am delighted Truly," Valencia smiles back and meets Thea's greeting with a warm bow of her head. Another smile at the idea of a Lycene Oathlander weapon that is sure to sting even the most wicked of enemies. "If it is as dangerous as this place is lovely, we shall never fear from our enemies again," she smiles to Mabelle and Alessia. Lips part softly at the offered treats and she nods graciously, happily taking up a candied apple and offering one to Amelie and then Kastelon before seeing to herself, for who could resist such a tempting treat?

Esme stands and gives Mabelle a wave. It's her sign of exit, without wanting to disturb her. She touches the honeysilk again and when she thinks no one is looking, she brings it to her ear. Sure, she tries to cover with rubbing it near her cheek. She's really listening for 'buzzing'.

Eyeing Mabelle curiously, Alessia tilts her head. "You know a lot about bees. The only thing I know about hydras is that they prefer to live in bog filled areas." She says with a sigh. "It is made with honey." She brushes her gown with admiration. "I don't know the specifics but alchemy was involved." She turns to Thea, her expression serious for a moment. "I can, yes. It happens a lot."

It definitely would seem like Kastelon's gaze seems to hit someone he recognizes wherever he looks. There's a nod to Thea at the greeting, as well as one to Michael before he's chuckling at Mabelle's wink and contemplating the apple on a stick as well. "I do believe," says he to the pair in his company, "that a warming drink is the thing after our walk. Do either of you care for some cider, or would you prefer something more potent?"

Sabella definitely does not lift a panel of her dress to listen for buzzing. Nope. But from the thoughtful expression on her face she's filing that one away to do later when she gets back home, "I assumed it was due to it being as smooth as honey," She replies to Valdemar with a smile, "But perhaps I'm wrong and a little is in every bolt?" She looks to Mabelle for confirmation.

Ryhalt is working on finishing off his next plate of bacon when his assistant, Cotyar, enters and whispers something into his ear. He looks at the barkeep and wonders, "Can I take all the rest of the bacon home?" He waves off the question as the man has to awkwardly word refusal to a Duke. "I'll be back for more later, then." He excuses himself from the bar and says his farewell to the host before he heads home.

Mabelle snickers as the questions rise about honeysilk, "Yes, it is made with honey. The fibers are soaked in honey water and another alchemical blend I will not tell you about! But it takes the stickiness off, so it smells like honey and glows like honey and they also do a little pigmental hand dye, golden, to make it sparkle". She considers, "Honey makes your skin soft, so of course it has the same effect on the fabric". As for Alessia, she grins, "I grew up with bees and I try to use them with every project I have, so you learn". A laughter escapes as Valencia speaks of the sword, "I'll pitch it to Jael".

Esme has left the an ornate bar with velvet padded seats .

Joy, the advisor of roses leaves, following Esme.

Rocco bends down to tell her something and Thea nods. Rising to her feet, Thea excuses herself,"I have to be going as well. But thank you for all this---This really is a nice place, Lady Mabelle." Looking at everyone else, Thea waves and starts to head out, sneaking out a slice a pie.

"Random people? That might be a little on the...disturbing side, Lady Malvici. Depending on exactly who ended up doing so," Valdemar remarks in reply to Thea, the thought eliciting a low chuckle from the Duke. When Alessia brings up her own knowledge of her family's sigil compared to Mabelle's of hers, he looks somewhat thoughtful and then comments, "I suppose there isn't much to know about sea crosses." Glancing at Esme as she seems to be taking her leave, he inclines his head to her as she makes her way toward the door, then turns his attention to listen to what Mabelle has to say about honeysilk.

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Amelie takes the candied apple offered to her and curtsies to Valencia, "Thank you your highness." The little Wyvernheart is looking a bit flustered in the crowd.

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Esme, Ryhalt and Thea as they leave, amusedly regarding Valdemar, "But bees are not just our sigil, they are a big part of our industry".

"Have you stroked a bee?" Alessia asks Mabelle suddenly, brow rising at this. Then to Valdemar she smiles coyly, before proceeding with a barrage of questions, "I mean, it depends. What metal or type of wood do you use with your sea crosses? Is there a standard size or is it variable depending on who is tied to it? Do you change the color depending on who the criminal is?"

Thea has left the a whimsical queen dire bee on a pole.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

"That's so amazing! I can't imagine how you ever stumbled upon the process," Sabella enthuses, running a hand over the skirt of her dress because it's just so soft! And then she gives a bright smile to Amelie, perhaps recognizing the expression on her face, "Hello there, I'm Princess Sabella Grayson! Do you need introductions? I always find that if I know the names of most people in a room I feel more at home!"

Valdemar nods in understanding at what Mabelle says of the relationship her house has with bees. Letting out another low laugh at the questions Alessia asks, he then shakes his head. "We actually make them of stone at Grihem's Point. Wood and metal can be problematic in the sea air, unless treated properly, but stone endures. There are a few different sizes, and they're all the same 'color', bare granite," he answers her with amusement.

Valencia smiles warmly and offers a nod those departing, stepping aside to allow them easily to exit and moving deeper into the room. Dark eyes dance with curiosity as the topic is further explored. Another smile and warm incline of head offered in greeting to the others so as to not distract from the present conversation. The sweet-tart slice of candied apple apparently to be savoured in silence for now.

Amelie curtsies to Sabella, "A pleasure to meet you your highness." She looks around, "If you wish to help with such. I highly doubt they will remember me though." She says turning a little red.

Mabelle eyes Alessia for a moment and just says, "Yes", surpressing laughter as she imagines the question that will follow, "I saw a painting once of the crosses in the sea, a historical piece in an antique shop. I debated to buy it for your library because it was so... GRIM", she reports to Valdemar, "But when I returned the next day, it was gone". Mabelle's amused gaze lands on Sabella, as she looks so enthusiastic, "I experiment in alchemy in my spare time so it was a joint effort and process, I couldnt perfect it here but we got help from the apothecary college", she admits and adds, "It wasnt as difficult of a process as spidersilk", she rubs her arms reminiscing, "But it was challenging".

Kastelon smiles to himself when he's done with his brief people watching and.. there's the brief excusing of himself from Valencia and Amelie's side to move off to find some of the cider he'd been seeing people drinking. He's not gone too long before returning with cups for each, even as Valencia's savoring her treat. "I'm suspecting this is going to be more easily warming than that," he intones softly, even as he's turning to briefly smile at Amelie encouragingly with her conversation.

Merek walks up into the place, looking to see what it's all about, cloak pulled about him for winter.

"Oh... you have?" Alessia seems to be considering what that would feel like. "Of course, they're criminals. They don't deserve personalized colors." She sighs, before a messenger arrives with a note. "And I must be heading off. A meeting across town." She rests her empty glass on a table, giving both Valdemar and Mabelle goodbye hugs, before waving to the rest. Then she's off.

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Sabella absolutely beams at Amelie, turning to take a quick look at the room, "Well you already know my name, but sitting here beside me is Princess Liara Grayson, highlord of Grayson! She's well known for her amazing parties and of course, ruling Grayson! Then there's Princess Valencia Velenosa whom you already seem to be acquainted with and runs just about every event I've ever seen take place at the Golden Hart, including sparring if you are into that sort of thing--and I really ought to have started with our amazing hostess Lady Mabelle Laurent who might be one of the most fashionable and all around wonderful people in Arx if not all of the Compact! She thought up this whole place! And Duke Valdemar Grimhall is here who I am told has a tremendous soft spot for music especially singing though I have never had the chance to hear him myself--and Lady Alessia Mazetti who would be a fantastic person to get to know if you are new in the city for she is quite conversational--Lord Michael Bisland is absolutely dashing and you ought to see if you can catch a dance with him--Lady Sabitha is Lady Zoey's mother, she was here earlier, but she is entirely sweet and has quite a good head on her shoulders--then there's Lord Kastelon Keaton whom you also seem to know as I believe you came in with him unless that was just due to the line at the door!" She looks around, "Did I miss anyone?"

Mabelle walks toward Valdemar as most seem settled and sits beside him, "You forgot to breath, Sabella", she teases her and turns her eyes to Valdemar, "You sing?"

Lounging quietly at the bar for the moment, Liara offers a cheery wave to greet Amelie after she's introduced. "A pleasure, Lady Amelie."

"A shame, that does sound like it would fit perfectly in our library," Valdemar tells Mabelle, grinning over at her. Hugging Alessia again when she takes her leave, the Duke then inclines his head toward Amelie when Sabella introduces him. Turning to the event's hostess when she approaches him, he nods his head slightly, explaining in answer to her question, "I do, a little. Most of my family is better than me, including my wife. I can carry a tune without embarrassing myself, but I usually prefer to listen."

Ralph the wrecking messenger goat arrives, following Felix.

Amelie curtsies for each person she is introduced to. "A pleasure to meet you all." She says in her soft, meek, yet monotonish voice. Clearly a Steelhart through and through, despite her new surname. "Lady Mabelle does indeed dress quite wonderfully. I wish I had a sense of fashion like her. I usually just wear my leathers, since I don't understand the finer points of fashion."

A warm smile is offered to Liara, Valencia's head bowing in greeting as she is spied elegant as ever at the bar. A grateful smile is offered along with her quiety thanks to the Kastelon for the cider. The honeyed sweet taste seems to find great favour as she smiles her thanks to Sabella for graciously offering to make introductions for Amelia.

Oh no. Michael heard his name! Well. Michael heard 'dashing' and it might as well be his name. He'll glance over from where he was in quiet conversation with his aunt and eyebrows lift to find just WHO he is being talked about to? "Greetings, my lady."

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare arrive, following Rosalind.

Mabelle considers Valdemar for a trade, "I could try to track it, if you sing in return, sometime", she nudges him and thanks Amelie, "Your words are kind, Lady Amelie, thank you. And there is hot chocolate if you're looking for something to keep you warm and sweet", she winks to her.

There's the slightest look of surprise on Kastelon's face when Sabella mentions to Amelie that she's likely acquainted with him based on the entrance, before there's a shake of his head. Despite the ebb and the flow of the crowd at the party, it seems that the introductions encompassed at least everyone he recognizes at the moment, and then some. His free hand rises after another sip at his cider, and he's tugging on his beard as he lingers with Valencia, offering her a faintly self-satisfied smile. "Knew it'd be a good idea for us to bring her with us," he murmurs softly.

Sabitha has left the a private table under the window with a honeysilk tablecloth.

Bringing with him the acrid scent of hot steel and burning coal, Felix and his goat step in rather late to the actual opening. Pausing just within to shake some of the worst of the snow from his greatcoat and the mantle on it with one hand before he steps further inside. A smile on his features as he takes in the gathering, the other hand bearing the glaive that so often accompanies him. Once he marks the locations of most, he moves to the hostess of the evening. Once there is an opening, offering a little bow to go with the smile. "Lady Mabelle. It looks like you have found success in the lounge, by all accounts."

Rosalind flies into into the Dire Bee place, her red hair flying behind her. "Hello! I'm late! I'm sorry!" Rosa's energetic demeanor contatgious and well meaning. "Hi Lady Belle! I heard you any things and--"she pauses, blinking at the bee on a pole. "Why is that bee being stabbed?!"

Valdemar considers Mabelle's offer. "Perhaps I can...just not tonight. For now, I really should be getting back to the longhouse. But this is a beautiful place. I wish you good fortune with it, Lady Laurent," he tells her before finishing off his whiskey.

As people comes pouring in still, Mabelle offers greetings and hellos, "Sir Merek, good evening, BROTHER FELIX, is out of his shop, I am so honored", she teases him as Rosalind storms in behind him, and she chuckles. Her eyes rises to Valdemar, "Thank you for coming, Duke Grimhall".

Sabella does take a deep breath after all of that, but still smiles as she has a sip of her hot chocolate, brightening when she sees, "Brother Felix! You have just missed introductions! This is Brother Felix," she gestures from Amelie to Felix, "He's the best smith in all of Arvum if you find yourself in need of a weapon! I think he does armor as well, but honestly I'm not sure as I've never found myself in need of it!"

5 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor, Vladimir, a shaggy brindle Grim Wolfhound leave, following Valdemar.

Sabitha waves off the cookie girl as she emerges from the table. "Oh, no. I couldn't possibly." She lifts a hand to catch Mabelle's eye briefly, points to the plate at the table (which bears apple pie about a third-eaten) and nods seriously. A thanks for the recommendation. She moves to join Michael. "What have I missed?"

Liara offers a smile back to Valencia, and speaks up, her voice pitched to carry over, "Hello. You look as marvellous as ever, your highness."

There is a little glance up at Kastelon and then a shake of her head in playful amusement. "Indeed. A clever suggestion. The company here is, of course, excellent, ," Valencia nods in agreement as she takes a look about the room, pausing to offer Merek, Felix and Rosalind a smile in welcome, the Lady's comment about the impaled bee making her blink a moment in surprise as she studies it. Liara's voice seems to bring her back from her thoughs and a fond smile returns, "Tschkt! Such words. Sweeter than the honey and too kind I fear. But you, ravishing as always. I'm glad to see you here. Is it not marvelous?"

Amelie curtseys to Felix, "A pleasure Brother Felix. I am Lady Amelie Ste- Wyernheart." She seems to sink back in to her candy apple, watching the people socialize around her.

Liara brightens with a grin for Valencia and, twisting a little to gesture about, she says, "There is plenty of honey to try if you want to see how the sweetness compares. As Lady Mabelle was saying earlier though, one might rather have to decide if they prefer their current wardrobe or honey."

"For the limited amount that I have good ideas," Kastelon offers up as he inclines his head slightly to the princess who'd come with him to the lounge. And after a moment, an inclination of the head is given to Liara as well. "Your highness," offers he respectfully, with clear sign of still remembering the conversation from an earlier evening.

Rosalind listens about the food honey and the--clothes. "I still don't understand the fabric and the food. It's made for the honey, right?" The tall Ravenseye asks as she makes her way in, waving to people she knows. "Hi!"

Mabelle smiles amusedly to Liara, "You will give honey a bad reputation". She chuckles at Rosalind and apologizes, "You have just missed the explanation, perhaps I should have the voices release a proclamation", she teases. Rising from her place, she makes a few steps toward Felix, mentioning something to him, quietly, offhand.

"I will vehemently protest 'best' in all of Arvum. I will certainly welcome that I stand amongst the others who are very much my equal. But thank you, Highness, for the praise." A flash of grin takes any actual sting from the words, and offering a bow. "The specialty of the shop is weapons, but we can accomodate both armor and jewelry, as the need arises. But that is as far as I will talk business this evening." Felix straightening up through the conversation. "The pleasure is mine, Lady Amelie." that grin then is turned to the whirlwind that entered behind him, while he makes room for the ongoing talk, tilting his head to listen to the quiet words before he gives a small nod.

"Lady Rosalind!" Sabella waves to the other new arrival, "Have you met Lady Amelie? And it does turn out that honey is used in the process to...there's an put honey in the fabric!" she confirms with a happy nod, giving Felix a grin then, "I shall not push the point but only at the moment!"

"Oh hello Lady Sabella,"turning to the new lady. "I haven't,"her lips breaking into a genuine smile on her freckled but scared face. "I'm Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. But you can call me Ros or Rosa if you want. It's nice to meet you!" Seeing Felix, Rosa waves to him too,"Hi Felix!"

Liara laughs quietly at Mabelle, and replies, "I shall try a different approach, in that case!" Right thereafter, she smiles over at Kastelon. "How do you do, my lord? Following some advice from Lady Mabelle, I heartily recommend that you eat all the honey in sight."

"Ah, I can only imagine how heavenly the honey is here. And truly, the fabric is a delight to all the senses, but such sweet kindness? With deepest respect, such kind words can only sweeten the ambiance and air, I think. I thank you," Valencia smiles back to Liara and turns to Kastelon again as Amelie is greeted with warm accord. "I think you likely have most excellent ideas from what I have seen so far. I thank you for it. It is good to see good people meeting such lovely company," she returns as she sets her cup down with thanks.

Liara grins at Valencia, replying, "Oh, isn't it just? I look forward to getting some of the honeysilk in my wardrobe - I really love the look of it."

Mabelle stands there, listening to the banter and happy chat, all revolving honey. She beams proud, just standing there.

Kastelon offers up his almost-smile to Liara at the suggestion, but there's a slight shake of his head. "I've long since learned that Lady Mabelle's suggestions are oft dangerous for me," he says, the corner of his lip twitching as if he's waiting for the other shoe to drop. "I suspect she'd most encourage me to have mead or the like, and see how far that one goes." There is the hoisting of his cup in a faint salute, both to the princess suggesting and to their hostess, before he takes another sip from it.

Sabitha loops her arm into Michael's and points to the crumpets in the display case. "Those bring back memories. You'll have to try them one day." To Mabelle, "Now I wish I hadn't eaten quite so much of that treasure of a pie. Ah, well. It is an excuse to come back again, and soon." Back to Michael. "Escort me home, dear nephew?"

Amelie looks around and kind of smiles for a quick moment and takes a bite of her candied apple.

Mabelle quirks her lips at Kastelon, "You underestimating me, I'd be careful if I were you", she winks to him. For the rest of the night, Mabelle will remain, travel between her guests and answer any questions about bees and honey. She would never live in the middle of her own event.

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