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Saik Twins' Birthday Pool Party

The Saik twins, Medeia and Neilda, are celebrating their birthday and you're invited! Join them for food, drinks, party favors, swimming in the indoor pool, and maybe even some games with prizes.


Oct. 24, 2020, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Medeia Neilda


Lucita Rowenova Valerius(RIP) Mabelle Aella Haakon Thea Drake Calypso Korka Domonico Raigner Pasquale Merek Samira Leena



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Saik Tower - Wine Cellar

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Comments and Log

Calypso arrives, following Domonico.

The wine cellar has been refreshed from winter. Gone are the draped furs and extra blankets in the lounge area. However, additional cushions have been brought in for the party, providing comfortable seating for party guests scattered around the pool and lounge area. The hearth is lit to ward off lingering chill. A long table has been arranged, blocking off the wine racks, that has been laden with platters of cured meats, cheeses, rolls, fruits, olives, nuts, assorted pastries, and candies and chocolates. Servants are standing by to generously pour wine, whiskey, tea, or whatever else the guests may request. A basket of towels is near the pool for guests.

Medeia has chatting with Haakon and Aella. She's wearing slinky black silks and rose gold accessories, bruises blooming on her bare arms, the scar on her chest shining in the light. As she moves to greet more guests, she moves tenderly, but whatever pain she might be in doesn't dim her cheer. "Hello! Feel free to start swimming or eating or relaxing as you wish! Thanks for being here."

3 Tyde Houseguard, Fireball, a fluffy cat, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Lucita laughs softly as she spots the cow being handed to her by Aella. "OH, goodness, the five year olds will love it? Or did you mean it for the older twins of Neilda and Medeia to start their own plushie collection?" She turns the cow here and there as she studies it closely and smiles again. "Either way, thank you. So very thoughtful."

Having shown up in all her armor and her furs, it looks like Nova is not going to actually swim at all but she does make her way to the food, of course, and momentarily shouts a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to the birthday twins.

Thea takes a cotton towel embroidered with the Saik crest from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Rowenova gets a cotton towel embroidered with the Saik crest from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Valerius enters the wine cellar and takes a look around. Noting that he is probably wearing too many clothes, though has a busy schedule today. His assistant is being very insistant to how his time is spent. Heading over to Medeia and Neilda, offering them a message of birthday greetings. Then stepping next to Lucita to have a quiet word.

Having already made her entry and greeting, Mabelle smiles to some more familiar faces, inclining her head to Lucita and Drake as she makes her way to the dessert table, because.

Domonico takes a cotton towel embroidered with the Saik crest from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Aella laughs a little as she looks to lucita "oh well for your little ones!" she smiles a bit as she looks over to Medeia and her own twin, before considering "if Medeia and her own sister would like a plushie i could have another made?"

Haakon is not in armor! Those who know him might note the rarity, while those who don't simply see a rough sailor in wools and leather. A short dip of his head and shoulders to those familiar faces who greet him, he moves to a seat where he peers warily at the culinary offerings, as of he's never seen half of the morsels, before.

Dressed in a low back white dress, because SPRING, Thea makes her way to the party. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY,"she calls out to the twins. "I already sent you your gifts, so--after that my friendship is enough,"Thea says with a laugh. Hangover subsided, she makes her way for a glass of wine before making her to Medeia, kissing her cheek. "Long time no see,"giving a wave to Drake and Haakon as well. Seeing Drake, she waves to him too, before stripping from her dress and heading direction to the pool, towel in hand.

Drake follows Thea more or less to the next party on the agenda. Busy day. "I can't stay long you know," he says. He starts to take off his top, which... most people have seen by now. He has a swim bottom made of silk that he sometimes wears on such occasions - not that she's shy, but it's actually a bit eye-catching.

Calypso pads in with footsteps made unchracteristically soft by the virtue of her wearing slippers instead of giant clompy ass kicking boots. She's wearing an absurdly short cotton sheathe-style dress with a thigh length wrap over it.

Korka has already gotten a glass of wine from one of the handy servants, lingering by the table as she drinks from it and watches people arrive. There are nods to those she knows but otherwise she is, unsurprisingly, keeping to herself.

Mabelle has joined the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Medeia smiles brightly at Valerius when he approaches and thanks him for coming before passing off the jug of mead Mabelle handed her to her assistant. "Thank you, Lady Mabelle." She gives Thea a hug, only wincing slightly. She grins at Drake, tilting her chin to indicate the bruises on her arms to him before moving on to greet more people.

Valerius has joined the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Thea has joined the a small soaking pool.

Lethe has joined the a small soaking pool.

Domonico, unlike Haakon, *is* in armour following his own dinner just next door in Magnotta Manor. He greets Medeia and Lucita warmly with hugs and kisses to their cheeks before he considers the pool and says, "I suppose a soak after dinner can be nice. It's been a while since I have been here." He spots Valerius and moves over to the man, "Marquis Valerius. I want to thank you for your suggestion regarding pirates."

Raigner grins with a polite nod to Mabelle, giving a wave of his hand and a "Happy birthday." to Medeia as he's acknowledged, but appears mostly to be waiting back for something. He does, however, lower an arm down to grab something from the goodies bag.

Even though she just ate at Domonico's party, Nova has a full plate for this, and she swings back to the table and sits down, pleased with herself and this newfound food.

Rowenova has joined the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Domonico has joined the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Lucita greets Mabelle, Merek, Lethe, and Haakon, offers a little smile to those who were dinner companions not very long ago and finds Valerius at her side. "Welcome. This wine cellar is what occupied much of the time last winter. It was a catch-all for old furniture, clothes that were too tattered to be anything but dust rags, and crates and crates of wine that were difficult to sort through and find just the vintae one might want. Now it is all cleaned up and well lit and warmed, it is a nice area to enjoy. Installing the wine racks and repairing the cistern to make it a soaking pool really made it a usable space.

Pasquale looks curious at Domonico's subject of thanks. "Oh? What was this?"

Sir Floppington follows Rowenova, setting his chin on her lap.

Calypso's first priority is a drink, which she carries to the table, where she takes a seat and settles back in her chair, basking in the feeling of the sun on bare skin.

Valerius looks to Domonico and nods, then has a few words quietly with the man. Then sits down at the table.

Calypso has joined the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

1 Saik Guard arrives, following Neilda.

Mabelle has left the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Drake turns his head at the slight bruises... but... then gets a wine glass, and raises it. "Well, you did want to get a spar in before the pool party. It looks like you're doing all right, though. Nothing a little soak won't fix." He has managed to get mostly entirely undressed by now.

Baron Archibald Chirpington, a Gyrfalcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Aiden.

Neilda takes a cotton towel embroidered with the Saik crest from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

A nod is given to Korka before Medeia waves at Raigner. "Raigner, hello! Make yourself comfortable." She returns Domonico's hug and kiss with a kiss to his cheek. "Thank you for coming and the lovely dinner earlier. I know you have other things going on, it's nice to have you here." Another nod and thank you to Rowenova as she continues to circulate.

1 Saik Guard leaves, following Neilda.

1 Saik Guard arrives, following Neilda.

Lucita says, "If anyone wishes a changing area, the guest room just up the stairs is available or that niche between the stairs and closet provides some privacy."

Raigner takes a cotton towel embroidered with the Saik crest from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Aiden takes a cotton towel embroidered with the Saik crest from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

When Medeia passes by, Nova nods back to her and gives her a pat on the arm then turns back to her food and the table. She seems to be mostly focused on the food before her and the dog beside her, but she does talk at the table.

Thea waves off Drake's words with ease,"It's okay. Thanks for coming though." She sees Korka too, waving to her. "Inquistitor Korka. How are you? I seem to run into you EVERYWHERE,"amusment in her tone. Skimming Medeia's skin, she tells her,"You did really well. I thought you'd never fall,"her gaze drifting to Haakon. "I made Deia go test out her gift. She did amazing..."

Drake gets a cotton towel embroidered with the Saik crest from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Pasquale has joined the comfortable couches beside a fireplace.

Baron Archibald Chirpington, a Gyrfalcon have been dismissed.

Obviously Neilda is here. Of course! She wouldn't miss her own party. Like... deliberately. Through inattention, accidental overlseeping, being on a ship or having narcolepsed over some promising but generally dull tome at the Archive? SURE. At least she knows where her towel is - around her waist, and doing little to cover... a fresh batch of sparring bruises. Right. Bruises are what get attention. Of course. "Hello! Hi, hey, how are you," she generally greets with a bright grin that looks more like she's washing windows than saying hello.

Merek makes a way into the place with that dark attire on to look about, nodding a bit.

Drake gets a towel and tosses it over his shoulder. It covers just the one shoulder. He has a couple sparring bruises on his ribs it seems, but they're light. Just enough to show he's been getting back into the swing of things. "By the way, Thea... after that island trip we talked about, I have to make a brief trip to Highhill for a short time. We're making preparations." He pauses, adding, looking up and away a bit, "As you clearly must know, considering the banner was called."

3 Rubino and Zaffria guards leaves, following Aiden.

Medeia moves to collect two glasses of whiskey with a smile. "Lord Drake, I did, and it was worth it." She lifts one of the glasses in THea's direction. "It is an exceptional gift, I just need to get used to moving in it." She moves over to Haakon and settles herself onto his knee, handing him one of the glasses of whiskey. "Thea dragged me out to test the gift you gave me last night," she motions at the bruises, "I, apprently, am hard to take down."

Mabelle has joined the comfortable couches beside a fireplace.

Haakon accepts thevdrink from Medeia with a nod and grunt of thanks, an offering of, "East Wind, bear us home," and he draws a first swallow. A nod to Thea and Deia at the news. "Good. Nothing like a fair fight to make a piece of steel your own. It fit you well?" he adds, to the Saik sitting on his knee. Drake is greeted with a raised cup. "Wyrmguard."

Drake has joined the a small soaking pool.

"Happy birthday," Korka says to Medeia, raising a glass her way in a mock sort of toast. "You sound so happy about it, Lady Thea, whereas maybe other people might start to get worried I was following them." There's no malice to her tone though, just her usual mild intonation as she moves towards the pool. She keeps the wine glass in one hand while the other gives the tie at her side a tug, allowing her dress to fall open and then to the floor below. She used a toe to nudge it off to the side so no one trips on it then sinks down into the water, holding the glass aloft. The only bruises she has to speak of are at the base of her throat, five yellowing ones that should someone stare long enough are probably from fingers, "I did hear banners being called. It's interesting to see how the shift of priority moves due to politics."

Korka has joined the a small soaking pool.

Drake nods to Thea, quietly. Then he walks into the pool, to join her properly. But he looks over to Haakon, raising his glass both in greeting, and to keep it above the water. "Lord Eswynd. But of course it's Wyvernheart now. Or just call me Drake. After all, you've cut me and sent me liquor." He drinks the wine. "Powerful stuff that was, by the way. Hard to believe someone would drink it as anything other than medicine, but it did the trick."

Pasquale gives Haakon and Medeia a thoughtful look before shifting his gaze to the scantily clad Neilda and then finally across to Mabelle, since she is sat across from him by the fire.

Aella looks over to Medeia then to Thea as she laughs a little before she shakes her head a bit looking over to Korka, "it is the way of things." she says quietly before she looks about and she moves back to the stairs "I think however I will head back out for now, it was nice to briefly meet you all"

Mabelle settles on one of the couches with a plate of cake, as is expected.

"Neilda, Happy birthday! I already gave your gift. I already told your sister the same. After that, my friendship is enough--so take it or leave it!" Thea chuckles a bit at that before snorting at Korka,"If I was worried or pissed about it, I'd let you know. For now, I'm flattered." Maybe. "Hello Lady Mabelle, hey Pasqualle,"Thea greets.

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Thea, "Lady Malvici". Her eyes turn to Neilda in a warm smile, "Happy birthday, Lady Saik, may you have many more happy returns".

Pasquale lifts his head to smile at Thea's greeting. "Thea."

Runa, a large Northern Raven, Leo, a Ravenseye Warrior leave, following Aella.

Haakon calls to the departing Aelle, "Will send word when the next reaving is gathered, if you like." When Drake offers correction, the Eswynd curses. "Fuck! No slight meant to you. Wrong.. serpent part. But that's no excuse." Getting the man's name wrong seems to have irked the Prodigal.

Neilda weaves her way to fetch a drink, peering around through presumably more skin than she's accustomed to being assembled in one place. Presumably. There's a brief estimation of the whiskey - peering through the glass like she could tell by color what exactly she was about to drink - and either she figures it out or doesn't care, as she tips back half. "Thea," she says, and grins, turning to poke her in the ribs. "It was perfect. I am... tentacle-spoiled." Whatever that means. A chin-up for Mabelle, bright grin, "Thanks!" and then a nod at Pasquale. All is right in the world. "Not swimming?" A glance to the pool, then, correction: "Soaking?" That's to both Mabelle /and/ Pasquale.

"Don't let it trouble you, Lord Esward," Calypso calls over to Haakon, lifting her rum in a sort of toast. "Could happen to anyone."

"Fit is perfect, thank you," Medeia says aside to Haakon, before looking to Mabelle. "Lady Mabelle Laurent, do you know Lord Haakon Eswynd?" She makes the attempt at introductions, with a smile before taking a sip of whiskey. She lifts the glass to Neilda, then Calypso.

Drake sits back into the water and gets comfortable. Next to Thea, he seems unlikely to want to climb out any time soon now. "I'm glad you enjoyed watching the spar last night," he says to her, perhaps conversationally, though he's clearly saying something else more quietly.

Mabelle responds to Neilda, "I cannot stay, I have to leave to another meeting soon, so it will be.. longer to dry than actually soak, sounds unfruitful", she winks to the party girl and turns her gaze to Medeia and Haakon, "I do. Saltine Lord. I truly enjoyed the dagger you submitted to the contest, thank you for that".

"Me?" Pasquale asks Neilda. "Frolick and enjoy myself?" he smiles to show he's trying to be playful. "What a crazy idea."

Haakon inclines his head to Calypso, greeting, "The Malvici. Names have weight. It could happen to any, but it'll not happen again to me." His eye goes aside to Mabelle, to whom he voices with the ghost of a smile, "Sting some fucker who deserves it," he advises of the dagger. "Or shave a bee for velvet, as you like."

1 Culler Boatswain, 2 Culler Midshipman arrive, following Samira.

"Did someone design a dagger like a bee stinger,"Thea asks from the pool. "Because nothing screams more Mabelle, honest!" She waves over to Caly too,"What the--where are your boots,"like she did just notice she's wearing slippers.

Domonico finishes his drink and stands before moving over to talk to the Saiks. "I am just returning home a while. I should be back soon. Happy Birthday to you Medeia and Neilda." He dips his head to them and then Lucita, "Baroness.'

Medeia scans the room again, catching sight of Valerius. "Marquis! Did the princess get in touch with you? Do tell me if I can help at all." She turns to Pasquale as Neilda ribs him about swimming. "I suspect fun won't kill you, brother."

Domonico has left the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

"Meetings," Neilda says, and sends her eyes directly toward the ceiling. "Less talk. More doing. I like that." She sweeps her hair back from her face, smiles a tiny smile at Mabelle, then gives a testier version to Pasquale. "Someday," she says, "I'm going to /see/ you frolick. It's going to be /amazing/." She catches something out of the corner of her eye - Thea, in the pool - and blows her a kiss, playful. A wave to Domonico, and then a gesture to her sister, agreeing with her. Who can win an argument with /both/ of the Saik twins? Nobody.

Mabelle slides her hand over her face at Haakon's comment, "I do not. Shave. Bees", she hides a smile behind that facepalm, "I might have to stab the creator of it", she winks to Haakon and assures Thea, "I wouldnt know what to do with it. Its good enough I can tell the hilt from the blade".

Calypso laughs at Thea's surprise, and finishes denuding her feet by slipping them out of the slippers. "It's not as though I sleep and fuck with my boots on," she teases. "Usually, anyway. They come off sometimes."

"How do you know Medeia?" Pasquale says back at her. "Where is the evidence?" He just smiles at Neilda's frolicking threat. "At my funeral perhaps."

"I can't say anything about puns," Drake says. Then pauses. "Because I lost, so Gloria must be provisionally in favor," he adds, with a small sigh, though maybe that is just his back unwinding itself. "I've decided your favor might be bad luck, Korka."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

"I'm not sure there's anything wrong with fucking with your boots on, Duchess," Medeia calls to Calypso. A half shrug and a grin accompany the words. As for fun? "Pasquale, I've had lots of fun and am still standing. I've had lots of not fun and am still standing. It's worth a try." Then Drake's words catch her ear and she looks to Korka, a smirk on her face. "Why, Lord Drake, would you say such a thing?" Does she know something? No, she couldn't possibly.

"If there were, I'd not care to be right, some places," Haakon mutters on the heels of Medeia's call. With a deadpan jest, he returns to Mabelle, "Stab the maker? Nay, waste of a good blade, that."

Pasquale looks over at the pool "Hmm. I'm not sure I see where the endless fun is."

"They can make some positions harder to get into," Calypso protests to Medeia with an absoutely straight face, like this is what she is choosing to have a serious discussion about today.

Korka clicks her tongue a bit, "Do you rely on luck to win your matches, Lord Drake? My apologies, I thought you relied on skill." She lifts her nearly empty glass his way, tilting it just a bit, "But it seems like you may run out of room to carry those that would like to give it and I would hate to burden you in such a case."

Mabelle winks at Haakon from afar as she finishes off her cake and rises to depart.

A late arrival to the party as is so often the case, Samira attempts to make a subtle entrance. She slips in among the gathering, plucking a pastry from its tray as she sends a cursory glance over the surroundings. She lifts a hand, charcoal-smudged fingers waggling a greeting to Medeia, but seems content to remain the resident wallflower for a few moments longer as she stuffs her mouth with pastry.

Pasquale frowns as Mabelle rises to leave. "Safe journeys Mabelle."

Thea concurs with Medeia. "Exactly that,"taking a sip of her wine, but peers at Calypso. "Sometimes. But I mean, sometimes it just can't be done." Looking at Korka, she suggests,"Maybe it's a bit of both. Gloria I'm sure has a say..." Thea asks then,"There's a new challenge yes, regarding milk and whiskey? Which really, who cuts whiskey with milk. Fucking--ugh!"

"That can be arranged," Neilda says to Pasquale, humor alight in her eyes. She sighs, and drops with some draaama onto the couch. "Well. I'm glad you could come," she says to Mabelle, as she's leaving. Whiskey!

Lucita laughs at some of the various comments she hears around her and turns toward Valerius after bidding Domonico a goodbye as he returns home. "I expect he wants to return to his family again and check on them." She pauses a moment and replies toward Pasquale. "Use your imagination! Endless fun can be anything from timing how quickly each other's fingers may 'prune' up from being immersed." She is obviously teasing as that is so 'not fun'. "To seeing how it sounds when one says a few phrases underwater to ....Oh, I better let the twins explain what they wish for endless fun in a pool."

Raigner takes another swig from whatever bottle he brought in with him, just sort of lingering near the steps on the outward side of the railing. Samira gets a dip of the head as she passes through the stairs, but the man seems mostly content just to linger at the edges of the cellar.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Mabelle inclines her head to Pasquale and turns to Neilda and Medeia, "Have a wonderful birthday and a pleasant evening. Enjoy all", she says before slipping out.

Nova quietly converses with Valerius and then gets a response to a letter, and then she cracks up before shaking her head and tucking that away.

There's a giggle coming from the shorter birthday twin, as Medeia considers Calypso's serious reply, and then Haakon and Thea's input. "As situations allow, of course. Sometimes one needs only wear their jewels." She smirks before bidding Mabelle farewell. "Thank you for coming! It was good to see you, Lady Mabelle."

Mabelle has left the comfortable couches beside a fireplace.

Haakon grunts back at Calypso, "Take too fucking long to get off, oft time." He looks about for someone to support his chosen position a d spots Raigner. "Hail there, big lad: what say you, boots can stay on oft time, aye?"

Drake shakes his head slightly. "You've got me there. I suppose if a little bad luck weighed me down it's still my skills that are wanting. I won't rest in the practice field until I win the next. Favors or not." Now, he seems to have some determination.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Pasquale watches Mabelle start to leave before Neilda's flop onto the couch distracts him. A few words are offered to Neilda and then he lifts his head to chuckle at Lucita's comment "They all sound like things I can appreciate from here, besides the fire Lucita." Back to Neilda he says "I got you a present."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valerius before departing.

Finally spotting Samira, Medeia slips from Haakon's lap to approach her friend for a hug. "Samira! I'm so glad you're heeere. Come, swim or soak or drink, definitely drink."

"Patience, Lord Eswon, is a virtue." Calypso gives Haakon a slow, wide smile, all but purring her words. "Good things come to those who wait."

Raigner perks up, vaguely, eyebrows raising toward Pasquale as he watches with newfound intrigue (with of course another swig of booze).

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

"Yeah, I know," Neilda says (of the gift) to Pasquale, and laughs. "The lid to one of the tanks was askew this morning. They were both where they belonged, though, and... no water anywhere. So unless Deia is missing a towel - I have /no idea/ what that's about." A pause, face falling from that humor, then: "Unless." Squint. "Ringo?" Grimace.

She may have the wrong idea.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Samira nearly chokes on her pastry as she overhears Thea's remark. "Cut whiskey with milk? Why would anyone wanna ruin a good thing?" she asks, aghast. She manages to swallow the mouthful of food, brushing crumbs from her fingers as she turns to greet Medeia with a fond glance and a hug. "Happy belated birthday! I hope we manage to make it a memorable one one way or another. And y'know I'll never turn down a drink."

"A d better things come louder and sooner to them who seize the moment," Haakon rebuts to Calypso with a sharp sniff. Not getting an answer from poor Raigner, the Prodigal glanced back at the big Northerner. "Speak up, big lad! What say you, boots can stay on, aye?"

"Really?" Drake asks, looking at Thea again. "I haven't got much use for them. Backflips are more useful," he adds. A bit flashy, but if you're an arena fighter, you do flashy things. He snaps his finger. "That's really what I should do." He finishes off the glass of wine. "More BACKFLIPS."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valerius before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

"I've heard no ill whispers about your performance, Lord Drake, regardless of your wins or losses," the dark haired Inquisitor replies, putting her hands back on the edge of the pool to pull herself out. She reaches back to twist her long hair together to get the excess water out before picking up her dress again and pulling it on while still wet. That's going to cling, "Prince Luca used to do displays of showmanship like that," Korka gives Drake a wink as she goes to find more wine, "And look what happened to him."

Korka has left the a small soaking pool.

Calypso crows a laugh from the table. "Coming soonest usually isn't the goal," she teases, sipping from her glass of rum.

Raigner scratches at his face as his gaze drifts over toward Haakon's half shouting, before a massive shoulder-roll is given. "Aye, sure'ey can. Can leave a coat on if yer stuck in an alley somewhere. Who'n the damndest y'got watching you all the time that leads ye ta care?"

Valerius nods to Rowenova and makes a quiet comment to her. Stepping up from the table, he crosses over to Medeia for a quick word before leaving the party.

"It isn't /supposed/ to be," Neilda says, like she can't resist a retort - she doesn't even know who /said/ that, by the way she looks around.

After getting herself buried in notes, Nova stands up with a laugh after what Calypso says outright there. "Multiple times is!" She tucks away all the notes before putting the food from the plate on the table into her togo box.

Medeia frowns. "I've offered a custom wine or whiskey to Lady Sapphira's Champion. Cutting whiskey with milk? I nearly challenged Lord Oddumun myself." She seems serious, but smiles at Samira anyway. "Oh, it's already wonderful, and better for you being here." She grabs a bottle of whiskey and refills her glass and wanders back to Haakon, topping his glass up as she leans in to whisper something to him. Then she looks up at Korka's comments to Drake. "Lord Drake's performance can't be faulted, really."

"That trip wasn't a birthday present Neilda. It was just something I knew you'd all enjoy." Pasquale says before lapsing into one of those mildly amused silences as he listens to everything. "It was probably the octopus." theres a little chuckle. "They are escape artists, octopii." a pause "Octopus'"

Thea gives at Calypso, then a look at Haakon. Then bursts out laughing. When Raigner gives his opinion, she still is laughing. Taking a drink, she silences herself. "I mean, you can only hide so much with a coat, but I can see how that could work." Not saying anything more about the whiskey and milk, except well,"I don't blame you, Medeia. That's sort of gross." Thea does hear Korka, and says,"People learned from him I'm sure. What not to do,"her gaze shifting to Drake. "I wasn't at the current duel, but I heard it was pretty amazing--"

"For your kind it ought be," Haakon answers the Duchess. "Early and often. It's me and mine who need fucking restraint." A point at Raigner, whose words Haakon will pretend both were fully understood and in support of his own point. "See, he agrees."

Lucita says, "Whiskey and milk? I've had a drink with that mixed in equal parts, served hot and with honey and some spices added. It was ...different.""

Haakon adds on the subject of the duel, "Aye, it were a good pass of arms. Beside, winning in those matches ain't the point."

Calypso acknowledges Haakon's words with a casual wave of her fingers, conceding the point with good nature. "Early and often," she agrees with a smile.

Drake glances to Korka with a tilt of his head, but decides he doesn't want to address the downer topic of Luca in this particular party. Even if backflips are a great idea. "Haakon has a hell of a swinging arm, I will tell you that much. A clean, powerful strike."

Neilda sits back, brows crunched and up. "You think it's... testing? If I notice the lid?" Eyes narrow, but she lets the thought go after a moment, and looks at Pasquale. "You know that's what that is, right? When you do nice things for people because you think they'll enjoy them? Gifts. Maybe not a /birthday/ gift. But you should take credit, you've got a good thing going."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valerius before departing.

Thea lifts her glass to her lips, saying,"Often is preferable,"taking a sip. Realizing she doesn't know Raigner, she introduces herself,"Lady Thea Malvici. Pleasure to meet you."

"Everything can be faulted, Lady Medeia. By our nature we're all full of flaws. Some of which can be celebrated, others exploited," Korka hunts around the table of food for a few morsels to put on a plate, "But I believe the subject was the fault of my favor, not Lord Drake's performance. Unless you have notes for him?"

After packing up her togo box, Nova shouts aloud, "Happy Birthday, again!" Then, she clasps Calypso on the shoulder on her way by before waving to Lucita.

After packing up her togo box, Nova shouts aloud, "Happy Birthday, again!" Then, she clasps Calypso on the shoulder on her way by before waving to Lucita.

Rowenova has left the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

"No." Pasquale laughs at Neilda's suggestion. "I mean it probably tried to get out." Theres a smile at Neilda's explanation. "It /was/ a gift. It just wasn't your birthday gift." and he presses a wooden box into her hands.

Pasquale gets A box-shaped rosewood centerpiece puzzle depicting Warriors of the Waste with lavish decor from a black leather sword belt.

"I wouldn't blame you for doing it," Samira remarks to Medeia with a fervent nod of agreement, although she follows the gesture with a grin. "And I'm glad to be here to celebrate you. I wouldn't miss it." She moves to find a drink, spotting the familiar face of Raigner and offering a casual upnod of greeting. The exchange about the necessity of boot removal prompts a laugh from the Culler. "If you're doin' it right, they won't be focusing on whether or not you're still wearing your boots," she points out, amused.

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Calypso gives Rowenova a careless wave, crossing her legs in a lazy manner. It's mostly only the wrap she's wearing that keeps the motion from being indecent. Or it would be indecent if this wasn't a party where nudity was expected. "Depending on the boots, they might be part of the experience."

Haakon will welcome any voice that agrees with him, and raises a cup to Samira, "Aye, speaker of truth over there." As Thea introduces herself to Raigner, Haakon belatedly remembers, "Oh, right. Who're you, aye?"

Drake seems relaxed... but also willing to move the topic along. So he says, "The next duel has to be a fist fight, so that counts me out. Let's see how the pugilists go about it. The last time someone asked for one, there weren't so many volunteers."

"Whoa," Neilda says, taking the jeweled box from Pasquale, turning it over and around in her hands.

She was going to get in the pool. Honest. Give her a minute, there's... so many details.

Medeia looks at Korka. "He mentioned his performance. And, yes," she syas to the 'nots,' looking to Drake. "Hit harder next time." She grins and lifts her glass to him. The early bruises on her arms telling a story. She looks to Raigner. "Ah, that is Raigner of Stormwall, shipbuilder and huntsman."

Raigner keeps his gaze directed at Pasquale's series of back-and-forth, but multitasks into Haakon's conversation casually. "Raigner. Of Stormwall." he says quite simply, capping the bottle and pocketing it.

Drake looks over at the new man being introduced, then looks up at him. Though Drake is sitting in the pool and thus sunk a bit low at the moment, it's still a look up and up. After he has the man's measure, he seems content to sit back down where he was again. "Good to meet you, sir. I'm Drake Wyvernheart, a friend of the family here."

"Its a puzzle box." Pasquale tells Neilda. "I'm curious to see if you can work it out. Just, perhaps, don't take it into the pool with you." He says that as if it is a real danger.

Valerius closes his eyes for a moment, then turns for the door after having a quiet conversation. His assistant seems to be getting impatient with the Marquis ability to stay on time with appointments.

"Huh?" Neilda says - she's already tracing the lines of details with fingers, turning the box around and around in her hands. "Why would I..." she glances up at Pasquale, eyes flicking to Raigner as she briefly notices without noting that he's staring, and then she's back in BOXLAND again. Can she work it out? Hmmmm.

Thea practically hurts her neck looking up at Raigner,"Anyone ever tell you you're a giant of a man,"as she subtly nods to Drake. When Pasquale gives Neilda her present. Leaning out of the pool a little, she tries to get a better look. "What is it?"

Pasquale chuckles and gives Neilda a little nudge. "You have guests." He watches Neilda fiddle with the item for a moment before smiling to Thea. "Raigner was kind enough to make me a puzzle box."

Eyes flicking curiously to the gift Neilda holds, Medeia comments, "She's not... Nevermind." She shakes her head before setting her whiskey down to get undressed and slip into the pool. More early bruises are blooming across her torso. She settles in by THea, holding her glass up out of the water.

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"People like Raigner are here to make the rest of us feel inadequately small," Samira notes to Thea, maintaining a straight face as she utters the remark. Curiosity draws her attention to the box in Neilda's grasp, a few small steps carrying her closer so that she might get a peek without being obtrusive. "A puzzle box? That's a fun idea."

Medeia has joined the a small soaking pool.

"Hmm?" Neilda, again, so eloquent. "Oh!" She blinks, sets the box on the table - finger brushing something that /almost/ makes her pick it back up again, but she doesn't. She just /eyes/ it, before looking at Pasquale, Raigner, Thea, Medeia - wheels obviously turning, trying to sort out what in the mental queue of commentary came first, from whom, et cetera. "Uhm, a puzzle box. It's... really great." A bright and scatterbrained look at Pasquale, and then she smile-laughs, and points like with a question at Raigner, follows that with: "Amazing." You know. To the crafter.

Korka gives the puzzle box a curious look, watching Neilda sort it out for a few moments while she eats.

Thea's eyes drift over toward the box, asking,"What's in it?" before agreeing with Samira too. "No shite. I bet he'd be like climbing a mountain, yes?" There's a grin as she suddenly finds her glass refilled, seeing Medeia on her other side. "Those are some nice bruises..." Raigner however nods,"Do you--what else do you craft,"Thea asks/

Drake looks at Medeia as she settles back into the pool. "If you ever need me to massage any of those bruises out," he says. Though obviously he's not a doctor and that's not even the right thing to do... but, he's kidding.

Raigner chuckles deeply, giving a broad and almost cheesy grin to Neilda at the fidgets and the glances, then blinks at the various mentions of his name around the room, words going through about differing topics of height and ability as he goes from self-created obscurity to a known name in the cellar. "Aye, glad you like it. Don't remember too much about when I was makin' it, was like two and a half bottles deep of some weird clearish lookin' drink, and then I passed the fuck out and it were on my table. Nu' so hard to say it's one of my best works." he pauses a moment, looking to Thea, before answering, "Aye, many have, and some jus' din' want to say it. I'm a woodworker. Build houses and ships. And weird little boxes for fidgety types that like ancient histories, it'ad seem."

"Does there have to be anything in it?" Pasquale asks Thea seriously before laughing softly at Raigner's passing out and finding it joke. "So." he asks Neilda. "Do i still have to get in the water? Or have I redeemed myself?"

"I've never heard a more apt description of my sister," Medeia says to Riagner, sending a loving smile to Neilda. Drake gets a smirk and a murmur.

"It's great," Neilda says, and - you know, this is the Ward of the Lyceum, she could absolutely be putting on airs. Doesn't... particularly seem like it? She seems like she might be a little more spirit-of-nature, effusing only when lit with the energy for it. "Oh!" Lightning strikes again, and she taps Pasquale's leg with excitement. "We need one for -" she pauses, realizing he's said words to her, nods, seriously. "Yes. Absolutely. No question. We need one for the octopii. Bob will love it. He's - you know I'm right. He wants to play!" She nods quickly, looking at Raigner like: I'm right, right? Does he... know he's on the hook for puzzle-toys for several octopodes, now?"

Korka moves over to take a closer look at the puzzle box, not touching it of course, but looking at the detailed work, "Who did you get to make that for you?" she asks Pasquale.

Pasquale coughs when Neilda says that the octopus need them. "Something a little.. simpler.. perhaps Neilda?" To Korka he says "Raigner, the big man there, made it."

Gives Drake an amused look before looking to Raigner. "I'll happily tell you, as I just did. I'm afraid I don't have--well, I blurt." Thea grins a bit, nodding,"So ships, houses---and boxes. So really I should come to you when you're drunk and you will come up with ideas. Got it. Because I may do that." That's even a threat. "I'll even send you the booze." Looking to Neilda, she laughs,"That giant has you pegged."

Drake is curious about the puzzle box... from a mechanical point of view, though anything called 'puzzle' probably can't hold his interest for very long. He usually left those things up to his scholar sister, growing up. "A puzzle box seems like the kind of thing you'd hide a present in, Thea." He gets a refill of his glass, adding... "Just to annoy someone," and laughing about it. Then he leans into Medeia... returning her mutter. For a second, he's close to her ear, but he makes that part of the getting-a-refill gesture.

Samira grins widely at Thea's remark, nodding in answer. "Mountain climbing, yup," she answers with a smirk, before tilting her glass back to capture the last of its contents. Once certain she has emptying the glass, she sets it aside and begins shedding layers in preparation for joining those in the pool. "Maybe more of us oughta try Raigner's trick, creating things while drunk on some mysterious concoctions. Who knows what sorta creations would arise?"

"I mean I'm not gonna put /jewels/ on a puzzle for an octopus," Neilda says, like, OBVIOUSLY (cough, she probably would, an excellent call was made suggesting not that, good job Pasuqale). "Oh, we can keep you in drink," she says, brows up, shaking her head at Raigner. It's -" she gestures at the expansive wine cellar, "- a specialty."

Medeia is smirking, having refilled a few glasses in the pool now. She looks at Samira. "Drunk alchemy seems like a bad idea, though my alcheical knowledge is helping you all get drunk right now."

Korka gives Raigner now the interested look she was giving the puzzle box, "I had something like that a long time ago. Good to see the art hasn't been lost after all this time." she has another sip of wine then says idly, "It's not just good for presents. They work quite well in times of war as well."

"Thats not what I meant." Pasquale starts to say before deciding nope, nevermind, with a shake of his head. He nods to Korka. "They make for the most excellent boxes for letters and other sensitive correspondence."

Raigner barks out a laugh at Thea's statement, giving a low grumble of, "Y'see tha secret is that I always be drunk. Can scratch out a design now if y'want somethin'." before reaching for a drink. Suddenly, though, once it's in his hand the drink is magnificently empty. To Neilda, he just sort of... squints, but doesn't seem opposed to a further talk on the subject. "Octopus? Y'want me to cook an octopus? Or... what?" he wonders, reaching for (another) drink, before mumbling to himself something about nobles and the great flavor of octopi.

Calypso watches the conversation in and around the pool with an amused smile, while speaking with Lucita in a more subdued tone.

Thea is giving Raigner a face. THE face. Challenging him, she nods,"Ok. Right now, lets see what you got for me." She sinks deeper in the water, taking a sip, grinnig. "Wait-Who's cooking the octopi? Pat's still at home right, he didn't walk over?" Thea glances at Drake, waiting for his face. "You remember they walk, right?"

Having shed her leathers, Samira reclaims her glass and moves to join those in the pool, sinking into the water with a sigh of satifaction. She flashes a quick grin toward Medeia, shaking her head. "Drunk alchemy. I can't decide if that sounds dangerous or delightful. Maybe a mix. Thank goodness for your alchemy, anyway." To Raigner, she calls, "You oughta host a drinking contest sometime. We can see if anyone's able to outlast you."

Lucita keeps an eye on the pool conversations also while chatting with Calypso at the table. "Esta is skilled at undoing knots, buckles and things she should not be getting into. One day you will have to see if she can figure it out.

Samira has joined the a small soaking pool.

"Not /these/ octopi, you don't cook," Neilda says. "They're mine. Look, just - a puzzle, right? That you need more than two hands to..." her hands make a series of twisting and poking motions, evoking an object in space. "Because they have eight. But no fingers." She gestures, palm up, at Pasquale, like to say: right? "Oh! She'd love it. Yeah, absolutely. Once I figure it out." She nods at Lucita with some enthusiasm - she loves the niblings.

"I'd sign up for drunken alchemy,"Thea tells Medeia and Samira both. Her eyes look up and up at Raigner, deciding,"I think I could outdrink you.." Leaning against Drake, she remembers something a murmrus something to him.

Neilda drops a birthday drawing from Estie.

Neilda drops a birthday drawing from Kyllan.

Drake smirks back at Medeia, some private joke, surely. Thea talks again about the walking octopus, and he says, "So you have reminded me. Isn't it really more of a...drag. A slither?"

Raigner tosses his towel down on the floor and withdraws three items from his coat, that of a small log, an axe, and a whittling knife (that being a fucking huge one the size of a common human forearm), using the towel as more of a rug as he takes Thea's challenge in full. He signals somebody or anybody for "More drinks?" as he carves, listening on to Neilda. "Oh. You got... huh. Hrm. Why you got..." he starts to ask, before shrugging. "Aye I can make it happen. Want ta' confer on it later?" he wonders, shucking that piece of wood almost expertly into something random and obscure-looking.

"If anyone /dares/ cook my octopus, they're getting cooked and fed to Fluffy and Ringo." Medeia offers helpfully, and well, mayb that suddenly serious tone from the playful and whiskey-soaked woman is enough to deter further cooking octopus talk. She's happy enough to return to conversation int he pool with Samira and THea about drunken alchemy, though.

"Maybe we should start our octopus puzzle solving experiments with something simpler?" Pasquale suggests. All reasonable tones backed with the warmth of amusement. "Like, I dont know, two spheres inside each other. It might take a while for it to work out that its a game and not just a lump of textured wood." The general horror at the idea of their octopus' being cooked leads to some laughter from him. "Raigner. It sounds as if you're going to be making octopus toys for the next year."

Korka gives another look to the puzzle box, almost looking pained for a brief moment. Then she sets her plate down, finds her boots, and heads out without another word.

"Sure, sure," Neilda says. "I bet they pick it up faster than you think, though. Like - especially if you tuck a little shrimp in the middle or something." Neilda, galaxy-brained, at the moment, settles back on the couch, which is not where anyone would be likely to expect her to be in an environment containing liquor and water.

"I would sign up for it," Samira answers to Thea, following the other woman's glance toward Raigner. She rests an elbow against the side of the pool, relaxing as she watches the man begin to work. "Guesses on what it'll look like?"

Raigner hacks brutally on the poor log, about three and a half feet in height, forcing it into the shape of some peculiar looking figure riding another.

Leena isn't sure how these 'parties' work. Are they about birthdaying, swimming? Hobnobbing it? Getting drunk and orgying in the back-ening it and trying to figure out if that's your elbow, or someone else's somewhere? She figures she's late to the party. She's wearing a red swimsuit, cloth and all one peice as well as a white sheer tunic so of course the red shows undreneath, and a red skirt that falls to her knees. Oh, how Spring has finally Sprung! A couple of book-sized wooden placques that are both foldes in her hands.

As the woman in red and white wanders in, she pauses a moment. Drat! She thought her more socially adept sister would be here for sure! Has she been tricked into being social? That Quenia is formidable indeed. Well..we're here now, and it's too late to run and hide. Might as well enjoy a soak, wine, and whatever we want to blab blab blab about today. She puts on an award winning smile as she enters inward, moving to give Lucita a soft hug "Cousin." and waves to Medeia "Is there somewhere we're putting the gifts?"

Drake is relaxed now, but occasionally glances back at the strike of a woodworking ax. "He gets to work right away, eh?" As he looks over his shoulder, another woman arrives, and so Leena's entrance has Drake's attention just for a second. Mostly her swimsuit, probably. But he smiles at her, and settles back into place.

Thea murmurs something to Drake before Samira directs her attention to Raigner. Who really is hacking away. "An octopus riding an octopus?" Does that make sense? "I don't know. I'm curious to see though,"a grin appearing.

If the party is any good then surely a mixture of all five. Pasquale looks to Neilda for a bit, smiling a touch and then leans to whisper-murmur a question into her ear.

Lucita says, "retirms :eema"

Medeia waves to Leena from the pool. "Hey Lady Leena! Uh, just, hand them to Forescue? He'll take care of them!" Her attention on Raigner doing actual woodwork at the moment. She drinks her whiskey and lounges happily in the water.

Lucita returns Leena's hugs and smiles toward her. "Just hand it to them but be careful they do not pull you into the pool. I know they will be glad you thought of them." She points toward the twins.

Neilda watches Raigner whittling away, and then glances at Pasquale, amused. "Maybe I'd like to save something for later," she says, and laughs.

Thea looks up from her place and gives a wave to Leena. "Lady Leena, nice to see you again,"leaning back into the pool. Her gaze falls to the twins, lifting her eyebrow. "Your birthday has brought everyone it seems.

Raigner checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 29, rolling 18 higher.

Raigner hammers some wood onto the top of an absolute monstrosity of a creation, of good but rushed quality, before stepping aside and revealing it to the eyes that linger on him.

Raigner drops a three-foot tall log sculpture of a helmeted drunken bear riding a turtle like a sleigh.

Drake sits back, and, as he sees this sculpture is turning into a bear... he starts laughing pretty loud.

Medeia laughs at Thea's comment. "Since when have any of my parties been anything but..." She gestures to the room with her glass. "This?" Her eyes skew to rake and then Haakon. "I mean, a perfectly legitimate business party turned into shirtless men - not that I'm complaining." She looks at the sculpture Raigner created and lets out a low whistle. "Fucking /art/, Master Raigner."

Leena opens one of the folded wood peices, and the sigil pops up when fully open stuck in place by at least a hundred pins, it makes a pop-up three-dimensional image by thread with golden thread outlining the gold cat with threen thread outlining the grass, with white thread outlining the white of the sigil. "I rather didn't realize there was a birthday, and that there were two presents to give, so I put this together last night. If this doesn't please I can also just give money. Be careful in transportation as the position is held, and should only be transported while closed, and should not be opened during transport." She hands over the gifts Forescue reluctantly, not sure if he has the delicacy required or not. Then she's slipping out of the tunic, the skirt and setting it aside. Stepping over towards the pool she dips a foot in timidly to test the temp before she deigns if it's a good idea to jump in, looking to the birthday girls. "Happy Birthday to the both of you, congratulations on maturation of another year, may the oncoming you bring you joy and nothing but the most interesting and amusing tidings."

Samira makes a low murmur of admiration, nodding approvingly once Raigner has stepped back to allow full view of his creation. "Now that's one bear I think I'd wanna befriend. Amazing."

Thea sees the bear that Raigner has created and lets out a loud and appreciative laugh. "That is amazing! I think you and I are going to become friends,"she declares. See, it's not glitter guys. Now it's WOOD!

Neilda gestures with upturned hands, eyes turning from Raigner and his whittling - the pile of shavings at his feet - the bear riding a turtle - to Leena. Her hundred-pin cat sigil. To the puzzle box. "Uh." she says, smartly. And then she laughs. "This is... a birthday party." More laughter. "Thank you!" she tells Leena, even if she hasn't properly met her. One more helpless gesture, and she looks at Medeia, then turns to Pasquale. "Amazing." She clearly feels spoiled.

There's another whistle as Medeia looks from the bear statue to the intricate Leena is handing to Fortescue. "Oh goodness. Leena, that's incredible." She looks at Neilda. "Oh! Ne, Lady Leena is one of Lucita's Igniseri family." She's not super clear on the Igniseri family tree intricacies.

Pasquale finally decides to get to his feet. A hand his held to indicate that Neilda should follow him. "You can't skip the water at your own pool party Neilda. Not even for me." Turning his head he studies the piece that Leena has created. "That is beautiful." and then the bear turtle combo. "I can see you are going to be a very popular party guest Raigner."

"Hello, Leena, nice to meet you," says Drake from the pool. He seems a bit into the wine now and disinclined to stand up but the item she's displaying does intrigue him. When she gets in closer, he looks over at her entrance. "No need to be timid. The water is quite fine. I'm Drake, by the way, Wyvernheart."

Someone shows up with a note for Calypso and she waves him away. "Oh no. I'm off duty." The messenger looks very apologetic and gives her the note anyway, which she looks over. "Shit, I guess I'm not off duty." She slips her feet back into her slippers and gets up. "Well, I guess I have to go home and put my boots back on. Happy birthday you two!" She waves to the twins, then adds: "And Lucita." And with that, she's gone.

Calypso has left the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Neilda eyes Pasquale - entirely too dressed - but takes his hand, anyway. Rises, in her towel-around-the waist - is it an ensemble if it's one single rectangle of cloth? And steps lightly over to the pool, where she drops the towel to the side and steps down in. Nope. Can't skip the pool at her own pool party, not at all. She'll thank him later.

Pasquale sinks into a cross legged position on the side of the pool just a little behind and to the left of Neilda. "This is looking very cozy."

Pasquale has left the comfortable couches beside a fireplace.

Pasquale has joined the a small soaking pool.

Neilda has joined the a small soaking pool.

Raigner chuckles, looking around for more free booze. He looks to Thea, and says "As ye asked. Design's made. Whaduh ya think?" he wonders, giving grins at the various laughs and comments on his janky joke of a totem.

Leena smiles and dips a bit into a swimwear curtsy. Well..that's not common now is it? "Lady Leena Igniseri. Marquessa Quenia is my far more gifted sister, and I am cousin to the equally talented and lovely Lucita. I have been working on inproving the processes at the Igniseri shipyards, so have largely been away the last couple years." She carefully settles onto her rump, dipping her legs into the pool. "I'm not satisfied with general pins, so I have these made from my own design, they should hold up better however beware as the peice is rather delicate." She smiles to Neilda "Ah, the rumored Neilda, the voice of Saik. I've heard that your intelligence is equal to your beauty, which I see now holds no bounds for the modern word at such a lovely sight. Surely you shall be swatting off courtships plauging to distract you like a hound upon it's prey. I also hear that there might be a courtship for Lady Mediea to bring someone into the family? I hope congratulations are in order?" A nods as well finally to Drake "Ah, and of course a pleasure to meet you Lord Wyvernheart."

Lucita slips out to check on things in the other parts of the tower.

Medeia bids farewell to Calypso and welcomes Neilda to the pool with a grin. "Happy birthday, sis!" She looks around at everyone, "thank you all for being here. This has been great."

Lucita gets a cotton towel embroidered with the Saik crest from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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