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Halfshav Autumn Equestrian Fair

Horses! So many horses! Come and look at horses! Ride horses! Buy and sell horses! Compete in the flat race and steeplechase! Enjoy copious amounts of good food and drink (which does not contain horses)!


Aug. 4, 2020, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Brianna Oddmun Alecstazi


Rowenova Aconite Kritr Reve Cecilia Mirk Cerys Lucita Porter Bree Drake Thea Pasquale Marzio Emlyn Calla Tesha Brigid Piccola Orick



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

It's a beautiful autumn day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the horses are horsing. We're all down at the beach for the horses, anyway. On one end of the beach, horses for auction are being groomed and pampered, at the other end, people and their mounts are milling around the steeplechase starting line, and in the middle, there are musicians milling about, and copious amounts of food and drink.

Lady Brianna Halfshav steps up onto a podium and announces, "Welcome, everyone! Those who will be competing in the steeplechase, line up at the starting line! The auction will take place afterward. There will be prizes for both first and second place in the race! Good luck."

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large long-haired sighthound arrive, following Cecilia.

Together, Rowenova and Tarik show up. Both ride grey mares who look to match, probably a team of horses. Each mare is tricked out in a bitless bridle with split reins as well as a light saddle with saddle bags to flank each side.

Whilst Rowenova rides, her horse is dwarfed in size even further by the one which she leads: an Artshall destrier who towers above the horse she rides (along with towering above her, too). Meanwhile, a tawny hound with this soulful gaze and greying fringes follows along, and then there are the bibacious assistants and teetotalling gardeners from the Defense Lab who are finally following on foot to the beach.

"And it's fun for the riders too." Aconite replies with an amiable smile. The tall Courtier turns Narciso a bit to face back down the beach. She looks out over the sand as more people arrive in preparation for the fair. "Not going to try your hand at one of them? I've heard there are some second to none equestrians in Arx but I might try anyway, just to enjoy the moment." As the fair starts to gather she smiles to Kritr. "Looks like they're getting started."

Alecstazi looks wistfully over to the steeplechase line up. "I really do wish it wasn't gauche to participate myself..." Alec shakes his head and purses his lips. "I mean, as long as I don't win... right?" He flashes a look to Brianna and winks.

"You go enjoy. I'm just here to learn more about ekistranism." Kritr assures Aconite that he'll be fine by himself.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador arrives, following Porter.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard, Mist Dancer arrive, following Lucita.

Reve most definitely does not arrive riding a horse. No, he arrives on his lonesome going down the beach and approaching the group as a whole. He eyes the beasts or burden somewhat warily, shakes his head, and instead searches for someone in particular. Ah-hah, that would be his cousin, Brianna. He lifts a hand, greeting her from a short distance away, and shortly thereafter rubs some sleep from his eyes. Someone, it seems, had a late night. Or a nap. Who knows.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leave, following Svana.

Lucita has joined the line.

Kritr is standing next to a tall grey stallion, he's not going anywhere near the competition. He's just here to watch.

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Tarik has joined the Beneath Trees.

Cerys has joined the line.

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She loved the beach. Afterall, she lived on an Island. She also loved horses, eventhough she seldom rode anymore. The combination of both was just enough to drive her out of her room at Kennex Kay. The work could wait. She arrives alone, except for a trailing corsair who is dismissed with a gentle hand wave to remain a bit of a distance away from her. The younget Kennex hated to be crowded and she always got what she wanted, still to this day. Her shoes are removed, carrying them in her hand, a graceful barefoot step taking her across the sand and in a position to spectate.

Mirk arrives, leading his own horse by the reins, a dark grey warhorse that nonetheless seems docile enough to follow his lead smoothly. "Come to find a horse of your own, Cousin?" He asks Reve as he comes to a halt. "Or would you rather participate in the steeple chase instead? I don't intend to participate, but I'd be happy to let someone ride Shadow here in the competition."

Arriving promptly, Cerys Velenosa has come to race and peruse the horseflesh! She is looking over those already penned or staked out, running her hands over flanks and withers, touching noses, checking teeth and hooves. Making a general inspection of them before approaching Brianna to offers a broad smile, "Hello! We really don't see each other enough. You couldn't have timed this auction better, I've been needing a new destrier something fierce. And I'm looking forward to the steeplechase!" She offers a hug to Brianna and a grin and nod towards Alecstazi before heading off to get herself placed for the race!

When Halfshavs and Lucita arrive, Nova waves their way. She drops the reins by which she was leading her destrier and Sir Flop picks those up before then taking over leading the horse to the sale section of this shin dig. Then, Rowenova rides forth on her short horse to a spot beneath the trees here, where she fits because her Northern mare is short enough not to branch her. Meanwhile, those from the Defense Lab move to mingle with the ground along with pet the horses.

Mist Dancer paces down to the beach, her gain smooth, ears flicking back and forth at the various voices, nostrils flaring as the horse takes in sniffs of the bayside air. Riding her is Lucita, her slit silk skirt trailing gracefully round her. A hand is raised to give little waves toward Nova and Mirk and the others she recognizes amid the gathering.

And there's a couple of people turning up, those people being Porter and Bree. The pair are in the midst of some very animated conversation about exactly what someone is going to use a new weapon for and if they should really test it out while someone else is riding horse. It's surely connected to this entire event that they're attending. "Alright, well. It might be fun if the ground was entirely made out of pillows." Which the ground is most certainly /not/.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Aconite urges her leggy stallion over to where they're gathering for the steeplechase. 'Jandro slips off to find a nice shady spot to watch and stay out of the way. The the addition of other horses Aconite's horse snorts softly but it seems only that he's eager to get on the move again. Aconite pats a gloved hand over the exquisitly tacked beast's neck and lets her eyes wander the various horses and riders around her with an eager smile.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Drake before departing.

It is Mirk's faithful steed that Reve spies first and he manages to do no more than narrow his eyes at the approaching fine steed. Ah, but there is his cousin Mirk. Reve is taking a step back so that he can incline his head respectfully and also position himself more on his cousin's side rather than his horse. "No, no," he answers with a shake of his head. "I still do not forgive that nag of a horse that bucked me on my way to Arx." So he is going to take it out on all the species, evidently, given the look he gives said steed. "I came to support Brianna, the family. I assure you, the best way to support the family is *not* having me ride Shadow." At least that amuses him. From the side of his gaze he spies Rowenova and waves to her, even if Sir Flop gets a little bit of a side eye.

1 Malespero guard, Alberico, the Malespero aide arrive, following Pasquale.

"You /have/ to practice," Bree pokes Porter in the side as they make their way down to the beach where the array of horse flesh has been put on display. "Or I'm going to have to keep yelling BRANCH! at you whenever we're out on the road." She grins, "I will, because I care about you that much, but I imagine the other knights would feel some sort of annoyance?" A beat, and then she shakes her head, "Nah. They'd join in." She loops her arm around his loosely, and makes a solemn promise, "I will ride beside you, and catch you if you fall. Deal?" Her blue eyes leave his profile to look over the crowds, a smile brightening her features when she sees how many have turned out.

Drake has joined the line.

Why not sit. Cecilia finds a spot on the sand to settle in, a spot she feels will be a good spot to view the race. Her legs folded atop on another to the side, she digs her toes into the sand and moves to tie her hair back into a loose ponytail in an attempt to tame it. Her eyes go to all the horses and riders lined up for the race, naorrwing her glance as is assessing them. "I think that one will win." A softly murmured word to herself.

Alecstazi cups his hands around his mouth and calls out, "Reve! If I participate in the race, will you take the prize for me?" Alec is grinning, and he seems in exceptional spirits. Then again, he talks a big game about horses. Spying Drake, he waves to his protege.

Alecstazi has joined the line.

A grin goes to Lucita from Nova before she spots Reve with some surprise, and then she waves his way. Sir Floppington notices Reve but only side eyes him. Though, that may be because he has a job to do: holding the reins to the destrier which was brought to be sold.

"If you insist," Mirk replies, though he chuckles lowly in amusement at Reve's reaction. "Truth be told, I'm not the finest rider in Arvum, either. I can avoid being thrown off if I don't want to, but I'd much rather have my own feet underneath me. It makes for a nice, relaxed pace of travel. Still, you ought to get a horse for yourself while you're here. Maybe one that's calm enough not to give you any cause for complaint?" There's a nod of his head to Lucita. "And I see you brought Mist Dancer, Lady Lucita. Do you intend to participate in the steeplechase, perhaps?"

3 House Mazetti Guardians, Marv, a well-meaning squire, Buster, a rust colored shepherd dog arrive, following Marzio.

"Maybe I'm just going to learn to run very quickly, next to the horses," Porter teases Bree as they pass different animals. He doesn't look uncomfortable around them, just sort of uneasy and like he's feeling it out. He leans into her very slightly as they walk and at some point, spots a familiar face. "Lord Reve! I met one of your cousins yesterday." Then he looks around. "I guess you have a lot of cousins here, hah!"

Drake is getting some fresh air, coming down to the beach to see to the matter of the horse fair. Horses, after all, are a matter of interest of his, and it's been a while since he checked in with Alecstazi too. He looks refreshed, and healthy enough, wearing leathers but, now that things have gotten a bit more dangerous, he's never far from his sword. Right now, it's attached to the saddle of Drake's current stallion mount, Apple Cider, a Chevalle Vanner chestnut with flaxen mane. The horse seems well trained and well mannered. Hearing a bit of noise about a race, Drake is actually eager to sign up. When he gets to the starting gate, he's happy to see his patron already lining up as well. "Fine day for this, eh?"

"That went better than I thought it would,"Thea tells Pasquale as they make their way toward the beach. And the large horses. "We really need to learn that guys name. And make sure he even lives somewhere. Maybe he thought he was moving in the pillows?" She makes her way to look at the pretty beasts, clearing her throat,"I have no idea about horses. Maybe a little. I had a lesson once...."

Now this is festive. Pasquale hesitates on the edge of the crowds for a few moments to try and get his footing before stepping forward, a pace or two behind Thea, as if it never daunted him at all. "A steeplechase sounds entertaining." he says to the Malvici. "But I am mostly hoping to see one of these coursers Lord Oddmun bragged about." He chuckles then. "I'm reasonably sure that cushion-dweller was actually a lord. Couldn't you hear it in the way he spoke?"

"Only if you promise that the prize is not a horse, my lord!" calls Reve back to Alecstazi without missing a beat. "Or if it is, you are not disheartened by my regifting. Shall I adorn you with favor, Lord Alecstazi?" His brows arch up in unison and he glances sidelong to Brianna with a twitch of his lips. To his cousin, he says in a much resigned tone, "An old ass perhaps, blind, deaf, and looking to be put -- where do old asses go? To field? Pasture?" Ah-hah, and Porter. Reve waves to him, calling forth, "Diego and Lord Porter! Excellent. I surely hope that you met one that I mostly agree with!" Yes, dangerous ground given his current location.

Bree laughs, the sound of her amusement clear as she imagines Porter running beside a horse. "Okay. If you can keep up, okay." She concedes, allowing him that option /if/. When he calls to Reve, the Butterfly Knight smiles and waves a hand in the man's direction, and then finds herself laughing once more as Diego is mentioned. "People are going to start to think my name is Diego," she muses sidelong to the bearded man. She is momentarily distracted by spying Drake over there, and she waves at him, too! So many people.

"It would be an honor to bear your favor, Lord Reve!" Alec calls cak with a grin as he mounts up on his steed, a red roan destrier, He grins to Drake and nods, "Damn fine day!"

Marzio has joined the line.

Kritr isn't here to race, just learn some more about horses. To which extent he is glad to have company under the trees of whom he will pester with questions.

Emlyn has joined the line.

Marzio is here, moving through the crowd of people that have assembled for this event celebrating fine horses. Naturally, the Marshal of Ostria would happen by to admire the various horses here for sale. As word of the upcoming race begins to circulate, the Mazetti Lord makes his way over to join the line with the rest of the competitors.

"You met Dame Bree before, right?" Porter says to Reve as the pair draw closer. He gestures to his face on the finally receding bruises. "My next life's mission is to learn to ride a horse... not into a tree," he tells the other man. "A mission for my beard as well." A hand is run over it and he looks to Bree before glancing toward the races. "Maybe we should have brought your horse so that you could join? Is it too late?" Maybe Porter can run /really/ fast to the horse!

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Lucita grins over toward Mirk as she replies. "I'll give it a try and hope I don't fall off. There have been enough treks up north and here and there that there has been plenty of practice riding, just not in a race though. And don't underestimate your own skills, we've ridden together, so I've seen you!

Horses? Racing? Mayhaps he doesn't have his own horse, but that doesn't mean Emlyn isn't willing to borrow one and try. He gets in line with a painted mare and calls out toward Rowenova. "Scout Rowenova! Nice to meet under different circumstances." He spots his cousin with a horse too, grinning at her. "I see you've left the little Prince at home again."

Thea has joined the Wooden Picnic Table.

Aconite remains near the end of the line for the chase. The Courtier glances along the line and checks her stirrups and again pats Narciso who flares her nostrils and exhales in a soft snort.

Cecilia has joined the Northern Dunes.

When Emlyn calls her way, Nova calls back with Northern volume, "So right! Welcome, Lord Blackram!" She lifts her hand from patting her horse to wave from where she hangs in the shade beneath the trees with Kritr and Tarik on their respective horses, too.

Wandering down to the beach, Calla seems to be following a crowd with curious interest to see what is going on. She spies a couple of recently familiar faces and heads over to the picnic table with a grin for Pasquale and Thea in turn. "Fancy seeing the both of you again so soon. So what is happening here exactly? I just saw a lot of people heading this way and thought I'd see what the fuss is about."

Pasquale gestures for Calla to come join them. "There is a steeplechase and a horse fair."

"We have! The Sip and Spar, where I beat you," Bree reminds Porter with a friendly bob of her head. Just putting into context! No gloating here! Well, maybe a little. "Or we'll just find a horse big enough for the two of us. That's still an option," she points out with a grin. To Reve: "Lord Reve, good to see you again. Are you racing?" As to her own prospects, she glances toward the horses already gathered, "I'm good to watch for today. Sometimes it is fun to be in the audience! Maybe we should pick a horse to back, though?"

Calla has joined the Wooden Picnic Table.

Brianna mounts her own dapple grey destrier and walks him over to the starting line. She produces a red handkerchief. "When the handkerchief hits the ground, go!"

Thea eyes Pasqaule. "I'm a lot of things, but racing--something I don't know much of doesn't seem that wise of me." She lifts an eyebrow at him as well,"Ships and horse riding. You're just daring, aren't you." Seeing Rowenova, Thea waves to her. "Scout Nova. Hello,"before her eyes drift toward Cerys. "Your highness. How is your baby? Is he as loud as my niece? I mentioned to your husband a father support group, just so I could kick Martino out. He grumbles a lot." Maybe because he's tired." Then there's more waves and and slight smiles to others she knows. "Baroness Calla. I feel I just saw you."

Reve waves to the woman in question, but amiably offers forth, "I have indeed met Dame Bree. Always a pleasure." Though of course he's just confirming what she already said. "How many hits did you take that eve?" Yes, he is absolutely ribbing the lord in question. Now, given that Alec has agreed to wear his favor he assesses the man a moment and turns his gaze down the length of his own body considering. Hmm, a favor. Sure, Reve could strip the vest, but what fun is that? He shoulders out of it, of course, but that red tunic is stripped in an easy go. Vest goes back on. "Halfshavs! Look at this fine specimen of beard!" he calls as he works. He gestures most grandly to Porter before, sharp grin in place, he runs his tunic to Alecstazi. He's quick, weaving between the horses. He also absolutely gets out of there - extra quick - before the race starts.

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Grinning towards Emlyn, she offers, "Dimitri refused to let him come out for it. Said he was far too young to be exposed to so much dirt. Huffed at me if I even tried to wrap him up to bring along. But its probably for the best, I can't ride and keep him comfortable at the same time!" Looking to Thea, she chuckles, "He's fairly well-behaved, really. Mostly fusses when he's hungry or wet. I'm waiting to see when his personality starts developing how he'll turn out."

"Many," Porter replies to Reve easily without a hint of damaged pride. "Like I told her brother, she dances circles around me in the ring. I don't stand a chance." The look he turns down to Bree after saying that is endlessly fond and he squeezes her arm briefly. He watches in amusement as their friend rushes off to give his favor to Alecstazi. "Do you want to find a place that we can sit and watch?" he asks, looking to the knight once again when she mentions being in the audience. "Okay, you need to tell me which is the best horse to pick though. Or else I'm picking all the pretty ones."

Drake checked strength + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Marzio checked strength + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Alecstazi checked strength + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Aconite checked strength + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Cerys checked strength + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Emlyn checked strength + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

"Since when did you do what was wise Thea?" Pasquale asks his companion before giving Calla a smile of welcome. "A horse race and then a horse fair I believe baroness. Do you ride?" He tips his jaw towards the race. "It might not be too long to participate." When Thea starts talking to Cerys, Pasquale offers a polite nod to the princess. The race begins and he gives Calla a slight shrug. "I take that back. Definitely too late to join." He turns his attention to the race then. One hand lifted to shade his eyes in that probably-futile effort to see better.

From her spot in the shade, Nova gives a wave to Thea to reply to her greeting!

Lucita checked strength + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Brianna drops the handkerchief, and the horses are off. They thunder down the beach toward the first hazard: a three-foot high stack of hay bales.

"Lady Midnight." Kritr greets Thea passes by.

"We haven't fought in a while," Bree reminds Porter with a little nudge. "You could very well dance around me the next time we do!" Reve vanishes to deposit his favor, and she joins in Porter's amused surveying of the act. "Oh, that's the man you fought that night," she remarks as she recognizes Alec, pointing this out simply to draw connections. "A small world, that Reve would give his favor to him." At the suggestion that they sit she nods, looking about. "There! A nice spot in the sand," she darts away, her hand remaining connected to give him a tug.

"Thank you," Calla responds and takes Pasquale's invitation to join his table, settling herself before havign a good look round. "Steeplechase? Interesting. No, I don't ride. Horses kind of intimidate me, I'm afraid I wouldn't have the strength to control one." To Thea, she giggles softly, "I was just thinking the same thing. It's nice to actually have familiar faces to find in crowds now so I don't feel completely in my element." Then the race is about to begin and her focus switches to that.

On the subject of horses, Bree spares a moment to scan the choices, and then shrugs, "Pick a pretty one! They all look wonderful from here!"

The drop of the cloth... and Drake is off. He really wants to make a good showing here, so he kicks Cider into a quick run and an early lead against other riders in the chase. When a jump comes up on the trail, he gives his mount another good kick.... not a problem, at least not so far. The chestnut clears the jump with grace.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound, Cale, the Highhill War Hound pup arrive, following Tesha.

As the race begins, Cecilia moves to a stand for her position on the dunes, her glance doing their best to follow the horse she has randomly chosen to be the winner, more or less based on color. "Go go." A hand is raised to wipe a strand of hair away from her face. "Come on move up."

Emlyn is hollering back at his cousin, "That's good, I haven't seen the baby yet, I need to come over soon!" There's more about to be said but then the handkerchief is dropped and the race is on! Emlyn hunkers down atop of the horse as best a tall man can, and it would appear that he's whispering to horse as he gives her a gentle prod in the side with his foot. It gets the job done and he's not out yet, coming up somewhere toward the middle of the line when it's all said and done.

Alecstazi leaves the start a little late, futzing with Reve's shirt, making sure that it will stay in place. He follows behind Drake and Cerys, and when it comes to the jump, he stands in his stirrups and lifts his seat, preparing for lift off. His Grace lands steadily and keeps on running.

As the race begins, Marzio digs his heels into his steed. The Ostrian Stallion launches off from the line with the rest, the Mazetti Lord holding tight to the reigns as he leans forward over the horse's neck in an effort to lower any resistance. He isn't doing too hot, but right now he seems to be neck and neck with Lucita. Glancing aside at her, he offers a smirk and nod before his eyes return to the race at hand and those running ahead of him. His stallion leaps the bales of hay easily enough, but not with enough grace to see him pulling ahead at all.

Cerys spurs her horse into a gallop as soon as the cloth leaves Brianna's fingers, using her knees to guide more than the reins, taking a looser hold to give the horse its head. At the first obstacle, she pulls slightly on the reins and rocks back in the saddle, putting her weight towards the powerful hindquarters to let the horse carry them both over the hay bales, landing neatly on the other side and starting off again!

Aconite doesn't even seem to mind that she's last and Narciso starts off with a long gaited stride. Dark eyes narrow a bit but only in the spirit of the competition, somehow Aconite manages to hold tight and stays atop Narciso as the stallion falls behind the others. She whoops cheerfully as they land on the other side of the haybales, sand tossed up around the horses burnished hooves.

Lucita eyes the competitors as the race begins. Leaning forward and balancing her weight as the stack of hay bales is spotted, she urges Mist Dancer to jump the bales without clipping them with hoof. "Come on, Misty, you can handle this." She grins back at Marzio as they two jump side by side and urges her horse onward.

"I think they're cousins! Or uh, married cousins. Well, not married to each other. But you know what I mean. Lord Alecstazi is married in," Porter continues to explain, poorly, the nature of how these people are related. He's tugged along and he allows it, moving quickly after her to this spot in the sand and dropping down heavily next to her. "Okay, uh. That one! That fellow with the very fancy horse. I think he's an Oathlander. Dresses like one. The one in the lead."

Thea glances at Kritr. "Lord Kritr. How are you,"she asks, before she smirks at Pasquale. "That's not true. I do try to be smart in most of my choices." Her eyes drift toward the riders. "I don't think I'll ever be riding like THAT." She knows she'll never be riding like that! Yikes! "Yes. I think I'm going to need help choosing. My Duchess doesn't even know I'm planning on bringing one home..."

Tesha is late and she knows that, but, she wasn't entirely sure she'd be attending until the last second. She makes her way down the stairs, followed by two large highhill warhounds. She looks over the crowd, if there's a race there is probably betting...and if there is betting then there is probably a Mirk somewhere around here.

Alecstazi checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Cerys checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

Marzio checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 25 higher.

Drake checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

Aconite checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Emlyn checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Lucita checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 43 higher.

Rowenova shouts from nearby, "Go Patron!"

"Ah, my favor may be his downfall yet," Reve says most grandly to himself as he watches Alecstazi go. Does it trouble him? Not at all. He looks more amused than anything, trekking back to where the rest of the observers are watching the race. So many targets to choose from: the dunes, the trees, or the picnic tables? Make no mistake, this is totally target selection on his part.

Pasquale says "You both say that as if participating in a steeplechase is a matter of life and limb." he watches the race for a bit and then admits. "It might be."

The path winds to the left, off of the sand and onto a dirt path, and a tall hedge is immediately in the path of the riders.

"Oh! Is that the cousin you were talking about?" Bree clearly takes a moment to catch up, a finger coming up to tap at the side of her temple. "All the pieces are coming together now." She settles onto the dune with the man, leaning into his space once he's found the perfect perch. This allows her to follow the direction of his pointing, "Oh! Lord Drake! He's wonderful. Helping me with that thing," she makes a little whipping motion with her hand, and then it comes up to cup her mouth. "Come on Lord Drake!" she calls out loudly, and then more quietly. "I will back Lord Reve's cousin, then."

Being a scout, one would think that Emlyn could lend some of his dexterity to the horse he's riding, if that sort of meditation works. Unfortunately it does not - and somehow he ends up at the rear after falling behind. He has a rather neutral expression, but he pats the horse's mane and whispers to her once more. He tries to get her ready for the next obstacle they'll face together.

The thunder of hooves rumbles as the racers press on. Marzio watches as Lucita begins to pull away, his own horse surging though without as much success as Lucita. He pulls the reigns as the course curves to the left, and then once that hedge looms directly to the front he steers his horse around that hedge skillfully.

Thea skims the horses still, thoughtful. She doesn't at all catch Reve's--plotting. Because she would know a plotting face! Leaning to Pasqaule, she asks,"Have you ever fallen off one? It hurts! When they're running? So much worse!" There's a grab for her flask as she as asks Calla,"Were you planning on purchasing?" Thea keeps watching the riders, a bit impressed at how easy they make it look.

Alec rounds the corner and His Grace's hooves hit the dirt sending clods flying, that abrupt hedge is cleared, though the horse's hooves drag at the top of the hedge, causing a slight stumble on landing. Alec pulls back on the reins, slowing the beast down in order to catch his pace, sacrificing speed for safety. He pulls up neck and neck with Cerys, grinning to the Princess.

"Do not!" says Reve as he nears the sand dunes, target acquired. "I have doomed him thoroughly with the stink on my tunic!" Is he serious? Likely not. Still, he evaluates the pair there, his lips twitch, and he waves before adventuring on to the sand dune to the north. It's probably further away from the race. Or horses standing around. Whichever.

Reve has joined the Northern Dunes.

Drake, who, yes, is an Oathlander on a very Oathlands horse, keeps the lead, though the race is starting to get a lot closer when the path takes a sudden turn, and he sees Lucita gaining on him. He whistles, as if directing his mount, and Cider takes the turn with grace, if not at precisely his most top speed. The cry from Bree gets his attention, and he gives her a broad wave, managing to keep on the track at that. But he's got to concentrate on this rather than try to play to the crowd.

Silks fluttering around her, Lucita moves like she is part of the horse, at least for the hedge upcoming. As Mist Dancer's hoofs send clods of dirt scattering in their wake, she murmurs to the horse. "Up and over, you can do it, and no dumping me heels over head and sprawling in the hedge like you did on the cavalry training course." There is look of relief on managing the obstacle and the gap between she and the leader closes somewhat.

Making the transition from sand to dirt is perhaps a touch jarring, Cerys leading the horse in a less than graceful leap that still clears the hedge but looks a little ugly on the landing. "Shit! Sorry.. I'll get you extra oats after and make sure you get tended, promise." Talkingt o the horse, apparently, patting its neck as they race along.

Aconite manages to keep hold again, leaned a bit forward to accomidate her mount's loping gait. Aco doesn't even seem to care she's still behind, instead she cheers again as she makes a second obsticle. For the bright eyed young Courtier she seems excited just to have held on for this long. The soft hush of tossed sand is soon replaced by the solid sounds of hooves on packed earth as they follow the path and manage to clear the sudden obsticle. She utters an unheard encouragement to her mount as they continue.

Calla chuckles softly, "I like my limbs as they are. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate the skill of others." To Thea's question, she just shakes her head, "No, I might have a look, but I don't really have a need for a horse at the moment. If I ever change my mind on learning to ride, I might think about it."

Pasquale smiles at Thea's question. "Of course I have. Who can resist the forbidden? In fact, I can safely say that I've falling off them far more often than I have safely sat on them. I'm assured they are more comfortable than carriages though and anything that offers that can't all be bad." he nods at Calla. "If I can learn then I'm sure you can."

Tesha moves over to where she can watch the race for a few moments, the dogs sitting on either side of her as she does. She sees that Drake and a few other familiar faces are riding and there's a smile, but she doesn't appear to be cheering for anyone at the moment. The redhead just watches with a curiously look over Drake who is in the lead and the others, calculating a bit.

Emlyn checked strength + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Drake checked strength + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Alecstazi checked strength + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

Aconite checked strength + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 3 higher.

Lucita checked strength + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Marzio checked strength + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Cerys checked strength + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 45 higher.

Barrett, a raven furred giant schnauzer, Vane, a visceral bay courser arrive, following Brigid.

Kritr is seated on Powderkeg under the shade trees with Rowenova and Tarik. They are watching the steeplechase, not competing.

The path winds to the right and approaches the edge of the woods. In front of the riders is an even taller hedge with a hidden water hazard on the other side of it.

"No, there was another one! She was at the training center, hiding from her mother." Something else seems to occur to Porter while he starts telling the tale of a /different/ relative of Reve's and he leans in to say it a bit more quickly. Though at a certain point, he sits up straighter and says, "But wait. Isn't that Lord Marzio?"

Nova and Tarik are hanging out on a matching team of grey mares in the shade, right there by Kritr and his horse, indeed.

Now that she's promised extra oats, her horse's ears flicker back towards her and the beast seems to put on a bit more speed, perhaps spurred by promises of treats! As the next hedge approaches, Cerys is ready, shifting in the saddle and sliding back her grip on the reins to let the horse's lunge carry themn up and over, clearing the hazard even as they land and continue on! There's OATS on the line!

Drake keeps his eyes on the race. Another jump, a bit higher, and he assesses it correctly - that water hazard will add some additional trouble. Drake grips with his knees and rises just at the right time to get over it... letting the horse use his own instincts and crest the jump neatly. It's a clean jump, but... this is getting intense now.

Leaning more so in her seat, Thea watches closely. She doesn't say much about who she wants to win. She just watches.

Bree squints, and then her expression turns to one of delight. "It is! Go Lord Marzio!" she cheers the man on. "Do Solace proud!" A little fist in the air to give him a push with her words. "But I already picked Lord Alecstazi. I cannot leave him now!" Reve's momentary glance and then decision to sit over THERE earns a grin, but she doesn't beckon him back, instead listening to the quieter words murmured by the Kennex beside her.

"Still not out yet!" Emlyn says, as much to himself as to the horse or anyone else that might be listening. He gives the horse a gentle prod in the side again to clear this part of the race. The horse nearly tramples into the water and neighs loudly, bolting over it gallantly at the very last second. Water goes splish splashing everywhere from the wee bit of hoof that dared to upset the hazard.

Beakers, an austere raven wearing a purple ribbon arrives, following Orick.

On the race goes, Marzio's knees tight on the saddle of his steed and his hands holding tight to the reigns. As they approach the next obstacle, Marzio's eyes search that tall hedge quickly and then leads the steed directly on the same course as Drake. He feels his steed tense and then launch itself over that tall hedge and all he can do is hold tight to the reigns as they go up and over, and then over that hidden water obstacle. He can hear Bree yell, but he doesn't look around given the appearance of that hidden obstacle. Instead he just leans forward to murmur encouragement to his steed as they run on near the middle of the pack.

CLING! That's how Aconite keeps herself in her saddle. She holds tight with her long legs, manages to get her lithe tall frame compact and holds on as Narciso's hooves lift off and then splash down at the edge of the hazard causing Aco to cheer again, eyes bright as she pats the neck of the beast with encouragement. Narciso's gait opens back up after the leap.

The Moore arrives in full armor astride Vane, the gore hued courser threading his way with perfect high steps. Pausing does the Oathlander make sure to keep a watchful eye on all that is going on and making sure to steer clear of current happenings. There is a nod towards those she knows before attention dives in on the race, there is a quirk to her lips, forearms crossing to lean languid on the horn of saddle with a riveted interest.

Orick has joined the Beneath Trees.

Tesha doesn't seem to find her cousin-in-law Mirk or see her brother-in-law, so the redheaded Telmar keeps watch of the race while she goes about making her way back towards the stairs that head up and back to the gate.

And there is Lucita's downfall, literally. Poor Mist Dancer, her rider tries in vain to stick with the horse as instead of firm path, water is hidden beyond the hedge. As the horse slides in the muddy verge, Lucita overbalances and flips off.. OOOOFFF!. She lays there watching the other horses continue along while Mist Dancer looks down at her as if to say 'what-are-you-doing-there-instead-of-the-saddle' and delicately leaning down to nibble at a bit of grass stuck to Lucita's shoulder. Lucita sighs then gets up and checks her horses legs carefully. " That's alright, Misty, we'll do better another time." She mounts again and turns her horse, riding back over the hedges and hay to the beginning.

From the shade trees, Nova looks forth with a ruefuls mile for Lucita, but then after she mounts up she claps with enough rein slack in her own hand there.

Rowenova says, "Good job getting up and getting back on!"

Keeping his speed down, Alec falls into third when Lucita falls. He winces at the Baroness' tumble, turning to look to make sure she is alright. A little too late he prepares for the jump and His Grace's back hooves land in the water. Not enough to do much more than break stride. Once back on land, Alec leans up in his saddle, digging his heels in to urge on more speed.

Emlyn checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Drake checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 44 higher.

Aconite checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Marzio checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Cerys checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Alecstazi checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 42 higher.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound, Cale, the Highhill War Hound pup leave, following Tesha.

Cecilia seems quite engaged by the race, her eyes focused on the horses and their riders as they thunder along the beach. That is until her escort approaches her and leans in, murmuring something in her ear. Ther eis a visual sigh given and the young Kennex bends down to pick up her shoes, moving to follow the man off the beach. "Well, it was fun while it lasted."

Cecilia has left the Northern Dunes.

The path winds into the woods, onto a winding path among the trees. It's a hazardous one, with logs across the path and low-hanging branches. Careful!

Lucita pulls up next to Mirk and dismounts. Using Mist Dancer like a barrier to shield her from the view of others, for the most part, she dusts off twigs, blades of grass and a lone leaf stuck in her hair. She asks Mirk. "Did I get them all? There's not mud on my back is there? If I hadn't fallen in plain view of so many, someone might have thought... well.. you know."

The branches touch Emlyn's hair as he brings up the rear this time, giving his horse more than a gentle prod when it's all done and said. The horse has a bit of trouble keeping up its speed while dealing with the winding path, but Emlyn doesn't look like he's given up hope yet.

Ah shit. The bad thing about training in the Cloudpsine? Its all wiiiiiiiiiiide open spaces. This is going to be rough. Cerys mutters a quick prayer and leans in over the neck of her mount, trying to offer as low a profile as possible. And still her face, neck, and shoulders are scratched and raked by branches while her horse slows to prance and pick its way across the logs. She urges the horse forward, clearing the hazard but losing speed on it.

Alecstazi's urging to His Grace produces results and the Halfshav bends over the horse's neck, staying up in his stirrups, his heels pressed to the silver-speckled flanks. He pulls ahead of Cerys and starts to gain ground on Drake weaving through the curves, ducking under a low hanging branch and clinging like a burr to his horse's back as the massive horse leaps over a pair of logs.

Whispering quiet words of encouragement to Narsciso Aco grins ear to ear, a true zeal for the wind in her face. Narciso seems to share her joy for a good ride, even if he isn't the fastest beast. But his breed is known for it's steady gait. Aco has already compacted herself, her stirrups a bit higher than most and her head down. Though branches tug at hair and silk and Narciso is forced to bunny hop and wind Aco once more manages to somehow stay astride.

As the path becomes more treacherous with the logs and low hanging branches, Marzio simply lays as flat as he might on the horse while still remaining in control. His horse knows well enough what to do and it leaps over the logs while its rider concentrates on dipping beneath those branches.

Calla winces visibly when one of the riders is thrown off her horse, "And maybe I will just rely on carriages for all my transportation needs. Excuse me, my curiosity has been sated so I think I'm going to go and explore some parts a little less crowded. Good luck on your purchase Lady Thea. I hope to run into you both again soon." She bobs her head at Thea and Pasquale in turn before she gets up from her seat and wanders back towards the city proper.

Drake leans forward, ducks under one low branch, and doesn't look back yet to see who might be gaining on him. Too dangerous now, with these logs and branches across the path. That kind of thing can cause a horse to stumble, and that could even be a career-ender. But Drake is brave, and sees the path in front of him as a challenge he can overcome. He whistles again. The pounding hooves smash down on one smaller branch, then delicately find the gaps necessary to race through the logs on the path. There's a little nudge as Cider takes a leap over one larger log, and keeps in the front of the pack.

Calla has left the Wooden Picnic Table.

Drake checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 17 higher.

Alecstazi checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 9 higher.

Cerys checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 21 higher.

Aconite checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 3 higher.

Emlyn checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 5 lower.

Reve glances at the Kennex as she departs, shrugs his shoulder, and thereafter turns his focus back on the race at hand. There is a great deal of attention there. Up until the point that a seagull decides to take a keen interest in him. It squawks at him. Reve scowls. The bird squawks harder as though demanding food. A dive happens, clipping him. Shooting a glare, Reve heads a bit further down the beach. He is definitely trying to take swipes at the bird during the next aerial assault.

Reve has left the Northern Dunes.

Ilyse, a potentially reformed troublemaker leaves, following Reve.

Marzio checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 2 higher.

The edge of the wood is once again in sight, as is the crowd on the beach. However, a root-strewn ravine lies between the riders and the edge of the forest.

Emlyn's horse takes the bait with the root-strewn ravine and promptly startles, bucking him right off and sending him rolling down the ravine. A few superficial cuts and bruises later, along with a lot of dirt being coughed up, and Emlyn pokes his head up. "I'm alright!"

As Pasquale starts coughing away, Thea turns toward him swiftly. Sure he tries to wave her wave her off. And sure, she may listen. To a point.She nods and simply slides him a drink. Silently. Discreetly.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brigid before departing.

"At this competition? I think everyone would assume that someone fell off a horse," Mirk comments to Lucita in a dry tone. "It seems to be going around." He looks at Emlyn significantly. "I wonder who will win?"

His horse is dexterous enough to pick it's way nimbly through the root strewn ground and Marzio urges his horse onward, willing it to catch up to those others that he hasn't managed to gain on this whole time.

Now this, this is more her style. More something she's used to. Cerys straightens in the saddle and puts her heels to her mount's sides. Taking a firmer and closer grip on the reins, she weaves her mount back and forth, leading it through the roots and loose topsoil with minimal stumbling, regaining some of the ground she'd lost!

Drake is having fun with this, keeping his eyes on path. The smell of the beach is on the wind through the trees in the forest. It would be a pleasant ride, if not for the obstacles. He trusts his mount to handle them, taking advantage of a good bond between rider and horse. And then, there is a jump... a dangerous enough pit that he has to take it seriously. He leans forward again, and kicks hard. The Vanner doesn't falter, taking the leap with a burst of power.

The spirit of fun, it seems, is what is keeping the tall Eurusi Courtier lashed to her saddle. Another shouted cheer and her smile, though closed-lip, is big enough to dimple her cheeks. She's still at the very back of the pack though looks like she's thrilled to be there. Narciso's legs bunch under him and the Jennet stallion pushes off the ground and sails through the air. Aconite raises out of the saddle to accommodate the jump but raises too far which causes the landing to jerk her a bit. Still despite the momentary daze, she holds on... "Almost!" She calls encouragingly to the horse, or the others, or maybe just herself.

Brigid has joined the Beneath Trees.

Alecstazi loses ground to Cerys as they reach the ravine, the roots creating enough of a barrier to make Alec pulls back to ensure his horse's ankles don't break. He has to laugh as he and Cerys swap places once more, "Damnit woman!"

Lucita pats her horse's neck and gives Mirk a little grin. "Perhaps, Just some who will be seeing us along the way back home as we go through the districts and along the streets. OH, is the one who fell alright?" She peers anxiously while trying to see the situation.

Emlyn climbs up out of the ravine and takes his horse, leading it back to the festival area. He moves over to Rowenova and pats the horse on the rump, using his other hand to point at his bleeding forehead. He's got a few other small cuts, but that's the one that's bothering him most. "Can you believe this? Not even a good bar brawl to speak of, just the horse and I, and a sure sign I need to get better at riding."

Kritr stands up in his stirrups to watch a messenger cross the field to Brigid. He nods in satisfaction as she starts his direction on Vane. He pats his horse's neck.

Emlyn has joined the Beneath Trees.

Alecstazi checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 40, rolling 28 higher.

Aconite checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 40, rolling 6 lower.

From her seated place with Porter, the pair comfortably close to ward off the chill, Bree calls out, "Come on Lord Alecstazi! Do Lord Reve proud!"

Cerys checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 40, rolling 1 higher.

Marzio checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 40, rolling 8 higher.

Oh, don't mind Piccola: she finally makes it to the party.

She rides upon a small horse, almost a hobby horse. It is stocky and solid, but sort of short in height. She finds a place to tie it up, and then dismounts from her saddle, patting her horse lightly on the rump. But she doesn't tie the horse; she just lets it be, while she finds herself a seat by herself, for now.

She looks somewhat disappointed.

Drake checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 40, rolling 8 higher.

When Emlyn joins the shade of the trees with the rest who have gathered there, Rowenova looks to his noggin and then beckons someone over from the lab who must have medicinal herbs in their belt pouches. For her part, Nova gets out this embroidered kerchief from her saddle bag: a blue cloth with white thread which she hands over to Emlyn. "I dunno about 'all that'. It is pretty dangerous. Even experts in this sorta thing could get their neck broke. Glad that you did not, though."

The horses come thundering down the beach -- the ones that are left, anyway. Drake is in the lead, followed by Alecstazi, Cerys and Marzio. They approach the final hazard: a tall brick wall, constructed just for this race.

On the race goes and it is clear to Marzio that he will not be catching up to the others. For now he simply concentrates on the ride, urging his horse on as best he can as they run on and leap that brick wall to land once more in the sand. Then on to the finish.

"Seems fine to me," Mirk comments to Lucita in a dry tone, eyeing Emlyn. "Quite the performance, all the same," he comments to Emlyn. "Though it's early yet, my lord. Give it time and there might be enough drunkenness for a bar brawl. Scout Rowenova, would you care to introduce me to your friend?"

Narciso has no problem with the hazard. Despite her general cheer and excitement this has been a harder ride than the Courtier is used to so her grip begins to weaken and she cannot quite hold on at the sudden sharp angle of the tall brick wall. Aconite tumbles to the ground, landing on her back with a woof of air which interrupts her laughter only so long as it takes for her to finally get her wind back. Narciso trots back around the wall with a soft nicker and Aco pushes herself off and does a quick limb check before brushing herself off and cheers towards the riders who passed the jump.

Laughing, Cerys grins back at Alecstazi, "I would say I'm sorry but this is simply too funny!" That shift in the saddle is nearly her undoing, swinging back around almost too late to notice the last obstacle. As she turns back around, her eyes widen, "Oh fuck!" She pulls, perhaps too hard, at the reins, her horse almost bunny-hopping more than jumping that last hurdle and she lets out a yelp as they cobble across with only a tiny clip of a hoof against the top of the wall. "Oh! Oh shit.. oh shit I thought that wouldn't work..."

This is a tough one. Drake has to give all he can here... and, giving one last, hard push, he clears the jump... But, barely! There's less than an inch of clearance between the wall and Cider's back hooves. Yet a successful jump, and successful landing, were all he needed now to clutch it out.

Emlyn shouts from nearby, "Cerys, watch your mouth!"

How close can this race possibly get?! Thea nudges Pasquale for a second, murmuring,"You'll be doing that in no time."

From the dunes, Porter cups his hand to his mouth and calls out, "Good job, Lord Drake! That I've never met! But I like your horse!"

While on her horse in the shade, Nova motions between the men she introduces. "Voice Mirk Halfshav, please meet Lord Emlyn Blackram."

Orick excuses himself from the smattering of conversation he was having with the other people beneath the trees and runs off in the direction of the fallen Aconite. "You hurt yourself?" He calls to her as he stay off the track but runs over to be near enough to see if she's been injured.

Orick has left the Beneath Trees.

"NEVER!" Cerys can be heard yelling towards her cousin.

Rowenova shouts from nearby, "Hello, Lady Cerys!"

Alecstazi is laughing at Cerys' reaction, but then he gets serious as he overtakes her and races towards that last obstacle. For such a big horse, His Grace can *move*, and he sails over the wall, Alecstazi holding up an arm in victory at the successful landing, "Well done, HG! Well done!" As soon as they land, he gives his horse his head and the horse pours all his remaining speed into the final sprint.

Emlyn offers his hand to Mirk and smiles, taking the handkerchief from Rowenova to mop his brow and further wipe off his semi-sweaty, semi-dirty face. "I daresay that my cousin and formidable Marquessa Teagan would be disappointed in me if the bar brawl happened, but not surprised. A pleasure to meet you, Lord Mirk Halfshav. My mother's family is from the North," he tells him, smiling. "I grew up there, mostly. Nice to meet more Northerners in the City."

Lucita peers over the top of her horse and gives Nova a questioning glance then ventures. "Hello, Lord Emlyn Backram. I'm Baroness-regent Lucita Saik. You did well there for a long while, thought you had a good chance to make it to the end of the course."

Aco coughs and laughs, "No, no.." She says breathlessly letting Orick look her over until he's satisfied. "Just fell wrong, I should have tucked." Orick's offer of help is taken and Aco stands up and brushes herself off. She gestures tp Narciso but after a good look at his legs and demeanor notes that he's just fine. Though the rose-grey stallion still seems amped and Aconite pats him and after ensuring Orick she's okay she hops back up on the quivering beast. "Don't worry we'll cool you down." She promises as he nickers and half noses at Orick's pockets. "And get you something to nibble on." She sets Narciso to walk back alongside Orick towards the festival. "I'm glad you could make it. You didn't abandon your friends did you?"

"A pleasure, Lord Emlyn," Mirk says with a dip of his head to Emlyn. "Blackram, hm? I've had dealings with several of your kin in this city, so I'm glad to meet another of your clan." He glances aside at Lucita and ocmments, "You made it further than I would have, at least. I'm good at working with the animals, but not the best rider."

Scouty senses ultimately activate when Lucita peers her way, and so Nova looks toward the Baroness with inquisitiveness in her cobalt-blue eyes. Though, the talk soon draws her attention, and she looks to the mixture of conversation around her in the shade.

Orick gives Aconite a once over and he clears to return to horseback with a doctorly nod, when Narciso nuzzles at his pocket he sighs and reaches in to pull out a candied piece of fruit wrapped in cloth. He takes the cloth away and gives it to the horse, following after Aconite as she rides off to cool down the beast. "That was an intense game, I was nervous for you through most of it but you did quite well.."

"Pleased to meet you, Baroness Lucita Saik. And thank you. I'm glad to see that you're doing alright too! It's a long way to the ground, sometimes." Emlyn grins at Mirk and bows his head. "Since you are glad to meet another of my clan, I'm hoping that it was good dealings. And - I quite like animals myself. Riding is a hobby of mine, but as a scout... well..." Emlyn pauses. "I guess I need to be honing my scout skills, so to speak. It's good to meet you both. Perhaps I shall have to leave the family library more often."

Drake gets to the end of the race and, with a bit of effort, slows his mount to a walk. He's breathing hard, and, so is the horse. Drake dismounts, giving Cider a pat on the side, and turning back to look at the wall that they managed to leap. "Not bad!" he says, mostly to the horse, but perhaps also for the crowd. "Extra race practice paid off!"

Nova jokingly notes, "Glad I did not bet on you two. Not that I bet on anyone. More than that, though, I am glad your nogs are still intact." says she to Lucita and Emlyn.

"Let me know if you are ever in need of a good Oathlands horse." This to Emlyn, "Help you brush up on those skills and mine are bred for deep woods." Yes, Brigid is fully aware this is a Halfshav Horse Auction.

Lucita says, "Princess Caelis Valardin would still have been disappointed in my effort though, she was my riding instructor and made me run the Valardin cavalry training course the last few lessons. For one of them, I still hear snickering from Prince Talwyn who saw one of my tumbles into a hedge." A little nod is given. "Must get back to expecting the unexpected..""

Alecstazi tries to catch up to Drake, but just can't make up the lead Drake has created. Still, Alec is well pleased with his second place win, "Well raced, Lord Drake!" Alec calls out with a grin as he trots up to his protege.

Thea eyes Drake and shakes her head,"Glad there were no wages this time,"watching as he dismounts. "That was a close race,"looking to Lucita with a grin. "You dont ride so terrible either."

Still nipping at Alec's heels, Cerys can't quite overtake the Northern lord one last time, speeding in behind him and pulling her mount to a halt with a laugh. She grins towards Alecstazi and holds out a hand to him, "Excellent race, sir. I insist we rematch again sometime. And then Brianna can join in and kick both our asses." Running a hand through her hair, she swings out of the saddle and ambles over towards the Northern crew, plopping herself down next to Emlyn and grinning, "Now that was fun. I need to do things like this more often."

Aconite beams and nods, ignoring the slightly torn silk of her sash. "Mm, Dame Leola's training has paid off." She agrees with Aconite as Narciso chomps happily on his little treat from the Professor as they head back to the fair. "Have you decided to look for a horse? Or are you going to go with something more compact?" She glances over her shoulder towards the winners and then back to Orick. "I'm really shocked I made it that whole way." Finally now that her mind isn't on the race Aco's eyes drift over the faces gathered for the fair.

"Congratulations, Lord Drake, for winning and not dying horribly, and my dear Lord Alecstazi, for coming in second!" Brianna calls the men over, handing a cupridium and sapphire pendant to Drake and a cupridium and garnet pendant to her husband. "Cousin Reve owes you."

Ilyse, a potentially reformed troublemaker arrives, delivering a message to Alecstazi before departing.

For a long second, it would appear that Emlyn is debating sticking his tongue out at Rowenova. He looks at Brigid and smiles at her. "You know, I do believe that I may take you up on that in the future. ...If I have a few horses, who's going to stop me?" He asks rhetorically. "I need to get a proper riding instructing to be disappointed in me," Emlyn tells Lucita. "Expect the unexpected is a good motto to live by, I think."

Bree is overheard praising Drake.

Bree is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Piccola just watches.

Sitting under her own tree, she watches as the riders come back with a wistful expression on her face. And then she sighs. Mostly, her attention seems to be on Lucita and Emlyn, as the two of them are closest to her. Her eyes occasionally move to Reve, but mostly seem to be focused on the discussion of horses. And why not?

This is a horse event, after all.

Drake gives Alecstazi a single nod, looking proud of his showing. "Had a few upsets back there." He walks to the winner's circle, all smiles for Brianna, and he bows to her as he accepts the pendant, putting it right around his neck. "It was a fine challenge."

"I suppose I'll buy a horse or an ass when it comes time for me to do some travel... I've been consigned to stay in the city and focus on my work for the next few seasons though." Orick shrugs and follows Aconite along, his naturally long stride making it relatively easy for him keep pace with her on horseback as they head back to the fair. "I'm not that shocked, you're very graceful, even on horseback."

"Perhaps I'll visit the family library from time to time. I've had a contribution to it to make, from time to time," Mirk comments in a wry tone to Emlyn. "I'm sure I'll be seeing you around the city, however." With that pleasantry, he heads over to Alecstazi to tell him, "Congratulations, Alec. It was a hard won second place, I should think. With talented competition."

Drake is overheard praising Brianna.

Alecstazi is overheard praising Brianna.

Brianna is overheard praising Drake.

Drake is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Brianna is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Alecstazi is overheard praising Drake.

Ilyse, a potentially reformed troublemaker arrives, delivering a message to Alecstazi before departing.

Brigid is overheard praising Drake.

Brigid is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Brigid is overheard praising Brianna.

Brigid is overheard praising Lucita.

Emlyn is overheard praising Drake.

Emlyn is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Emlyn is overheard praising Brianna.

Emlyn is overheard praising Lucita.

Emlyn is overheard praising Cerys.

Emlyn is overheard praising Aconite.

Emlyn is overheard praising Marzio.

Ilyse, a potentially reformed troublemaker arrives, delivering a message to Alecstazi before departing.

A nod of her head is given, sending sable curls breaking from her braid, "I can help you with that and also if you are in need of instruction, I can assist there as well." A glance towards Lucita, offering a smile. Then attention hones in on Piccola, Brigid recognizing the woman briefly and a small wave is shot towards the Tessere.

Aconite smiles to Orick. "I should head back towards the Villa, Professor but you can be assured I didn't break my fool neck riding with the real professionals. I've been out here most of the day and I can only imagine the work I've got waiting for me after I get Narciso curred and settled in the stables. Do you want to come back with Alejandro and I?" She smiles as she looks around and then back towards her House-mate.

Aconite is overheard praising Brianna.

Aconite is overheard praising Drake.

Aconite is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Alecstazi accepts his prize and slings an arm around Brianna and dips her into a kiss. "Well done my dear." He grins and is clearly having a good time.

After draining whatever drink Thea put in front of him Pasquale moves up to his feet, offers his goodbyes, and then heads back towards the city.

Orick nods to Aconite with a grin and follows after her, "Might as well, not much for me here."

When Nova moves her gaze from Tarik, it is like she has to tear it away before she yaps to the others, too. "You rode well, My Lady." She smirks faintly because Emlyn is being so cheeky there. "And you, too." She leans back in her saddle and looks back to Tarik, her gaze softening along with her smile, too.

"She taught me everything I know." Kritr confirms about Brigid's teaching. "About riding." He adds, just to clarify.

Beakers, an austere raven wearing a purple ribbon leaves, following Orick.

Pasquale has left the Wooden Picnic Table.

Emlyn is happy enough with this offer, and Mirk's words as well. He dips his head. "I will send word to you soon, Lady Brigid. I do mean that! I sometimes tend to forget, but after today's spill... well, I shant be." He grins at Nova and winks at her. "Now, I do believe a hot bath is in order. Excuse me!"

Tarik is overheard praising Brianna.

Tarik is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Lucita idly braids a little section of her horse's mane while watching the awarding of prizes and listening to the flow of conversation around her. She murmurs a coment or two to Mirk. "And that is what we learned after all those many hours of research. And still don't know if it is true or not.

Thea is stepping away from the table, getting ready to leave before the others start piling out. And just like that, the Malvici silently slips out.

Thea has left the Wooden Picnic Table.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

To Emlyn, Nova waves. "Farewell, Lord Blackram. I would skip the public baths, though." She makes a face about the thought, then she looks to Mirk and Luci, hmming quietly before she tells Tarik, "I got some documents to share with you, too."

Rowenova says, "They just reminded me, cause I am forgetful!"

Piccola acknowledges Brigid, holding up her hand in greeting.

But she still seems to be distant? Distracted. She scratches the back of her ear for a moment, and then slowly rises to her feet. People are departing; however, she seems to want to linger. She starts to wander back to where the horses are again, if only to inspect the ones who remain.

Maybe she's just disappointed that she wasn't able to race.

Emlyn has left the Beneath Trees.

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