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Festival of Death - The Downton Folly

You've heard of the Downton Follies taking place in the Lowers, now you can attend one yourself. Do ridiculous, risky, foolish things in the name of living your best life and looking very cool while you do it. Nobles and commoners are both invited to participate, though nobles will be asked to donate a small amount to the Mercies of Lagoma or the Knights of Solace to say thank you for the good service they'll do patching up and bandaging participants.

A series of events will test those who dare to try them. Anyone can sing, but can anyone sing through a world gone mad to be the last one standing? Can you keep your footing in a wrestling contest when there are greased pigs involved? Can you win a footrace when the track itself is tumbling down around you and the spectators may be against you? And how much pudding are you willing to eat for the opportunity to have a second chance? Can you truly know the answers to these questions without testing yourself?

Each event has its own prizes, wondrous rewards fashioned by some of the greatest crafters in the city, such as Dame Ida Ferron, Brother Felix Meadson and Mistress Saro Uliveto. However the three victors of each contest will have an opportunity to win an opportunity few have, or likely will, ever have. In a final contest, whose nature will be announced during the event, the three finalists will compete for the chance to win a token provided by Prince Tyrval Ael'Noctis, to participate in an actual folly at the Twilight Court*.

Do not be late, as rules will be announced at the start of the Downton Folly and ignorance of those rules will not excuse participants from receiving the penalties for failing to follow them.

*I cannot stress enough that no one should ever use this token.


July 19, 2020, 6 p.m.

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Arx - Lower Boroughs - Dockyard

Largesse Level


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