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Blood Ravens - Rage of the Abandoned II

On the southwest boarders of Stormwall, the combined forces of Houses Crovane, Halfshav and Kennex, supported by mercenaries of the Isles Canines, have hemmed in an Abandoned horde. The horde, called the Ravens, have raided villages throughout the region, and rumors persist that perverse shamen among them perform gruesome rituals.

Now that the weather has improved, both forces move toward the grasslands called Hawksheath in the northern Gray Forest, for a definitive conflict that could shape the future of the Northlands.

[OOC: Part II of the Blood Ravens finale.]


May 22, 2020, 11 p.m.

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Rukhnis Lawrence Mihaly Eirene Thea Raja Strozza Dianna Mirk Orelia Ravna Mikani Rowenova Asher



Outside Arx - Northlands near Stormwall - Northern Gray Forest

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Comments and Log

Strozza puts Hydra scale pattern gloves with gemmed knuckles in somewhere on their person.

49 inflicted and Lawrence is harmed for serious damage.

Strozza gets a cunning azure scaled hydra cloak from somewhere on their person.

113 inflicted and Lawrence is harmed for grievous damage.

Lawrence checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 42 higher.

Lawrence remains capable of fighting.

Strozza has joined the allied command position.

113 inflicted and Rysen is harmed for grievous damage.

33 inflicted and Raja is harmed for serious damage.

7 inflicted and Dianna is harmed for minor damage.

5 inflicted and Eirene is harmed for minor damage.

7 inflicted and Orelia is harmed for minor damage.

63 inflicted and Mihaly is harmed for severe damage.

Orelia has joined the positions behind enemy lines.

19 inflicted and Ravna is harmed for moderate damage.

9 inflicted and Rowenova is harmed for minor damage.

Rysen has joined the front line.

Mihaly has joined the front line.

The battlefield is soak in blood, bodies of the fallen and dead insects. The banners of Kennex, Halfshav, Crovane, Stahlben and Isle Canines flutter in the wind against a darkened sky. Indigo lighting flashes, as Raja Culler holds high into the air the severed head of Vortigan, the enemy commander. A look of terror fills many of the Ravens, and twenty or more turn and run. A few hundred of the over two thousand remain, as Mihaly, with Rysen over his shoulder, moves away from the hideous flesh giant Gul Drogath, which beats its chest, and swings its war maul over its head before Lawrence Crovane, Ravna Culler, Orelia Stonewood, Sir Floppington and the Third Reflection Dianna Godsworn.

On the front lines, still engaged with the enemy stands Brianna, Thea and Eirene. Tempestuous winds swirl around Mirk, Mikani, Lucita and newly arrived Strozza Mazetti as they watch over the battlefield from the allied command position. Amid the chaos, allies and enemies alike seem to have lost sight of the Wolf Scout Rowenova, and Asher Grayhope.

Rukhnis is still frenetically busy with her work at the hospital tent, performing triage with her crew of medics upon anyone seriously wounded enough to be hauled back from the front lines. Some of the fallen warriors have quite ordinary injuries from edged or crushing weapons, while others sport a more bizarre melange of bite wounds from some kind of large animal or blistering stings and welts that look as they came from some particularly vengeful variety of insect -- and some have actually been fixed up well enough that they can at least return to a position guarding the rear. A number of the most seriously wounded, patients whom no one expected to live much longer, even seem as they're going to pull through after all.

But the hardest part of the battle has yet to be fought, and the Eurusi physician has no idea what's going on at the front of the field, or behind enemy lines, and only her innate fatalism has prepared her for the new patients she's probably soon to receive -- if they even make it all the way back to the field hospital.

After his flurry of attacks on the Gigantic monstrosity, Lawrence steps back to assess the damage done and reconsider a plan of attack. The monster takes this chance to charge the older crovane knight. Lawrence braces for impact, and at the last moment, in comes Sir Floppington to distract the beast. Lawrence breathes a sigh of relief and turns to two nearby Crovane Cavalry and shouts, "Ride back to the camp! Get a tent and tie it between the horses. We'll tie the big bastard up!" He glances overand spots Ravna. "Bring the firespitter with you! We can burn it to the ground!" Then he turns back to renew the attack and take some of the pressure off the pupper.

Mihaly hurts. Mihaly hurts a lot. There's something moving around in his chest that doesn't feel too great, and apart of the articulated plates in his torso armor are slightly cracked from the blow he just took that sent him careening across the battlefield. Thankfully that landed him nearby the pile of limbs that used to be Rysen and, upon finding that the Crovane was miraculously still breathing, picked the man up while in pain himself, starting to move away from the golem to take them both back to the tents. Or at least to the first person that looks like they know how to fix people. With a grimace of pain on his face, he only gives a precautionary look over his shoulder, cursing aloud that he's moving away from the battle instead of rejoining it. At least Rysen feels rather light, which might a be touch disconcerting.

Eirene and the Malvici Phoenix battle-medics had pressed forward to evacuate the front-lines as more and more of the shavs are routed. Getting the wounded back to Rukhnis is their highest priority once there's a chance to move their patients. "Get them off the field if you can, that thing's just going to step on anyone that is in its' way!" Seeing someone carrying the wounded over their shoulder (Mihaly and Rysen) she waves them over as she starts backing up, never letting her gaze leave the battlefield.

Eirene checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 52 higher.

The moment things went sideways, Thea rushed foward. Avoiding what she can, she hurries to the front, getting to the fallen as fast she can, ready to fight what she has to on her way. "Right, have to get them to the tent.."

Strozza checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Raja glances to one of the nearby dead enemies and bends down to collect his spear. The pointed end of the spear is thrust into the ground and she squishes the head on the other end as a grisly totem to demoralize the enemy. She then turns to look to the massive flesh golem, then to the blood mage, then to the golem. "Well. Fuck.." The blade turns in her hand. "Let's get Lumpy here to take a nap.." She does not rush in against this foe, instead circling around it and assessing the creature with a scrutinous gaze.

The Malvici Phoenix battle-medics move with supreme order under pressure, dragging the wounded to the field hospital, and placing them wherever Rukhnis might direct them.

Not a front line man. Not in years since taking command. Captain is to lead from the rear on a ship, less there be a sudden and catastrophic change in the chain of command if the commander were to fall.

"Gods..." staring at the monstrosity, Strozza's lips are pursed a moment before he looks to the pieces indicating what is available. "Lancers and javelin men. Ropes and pilums... With ropes. Get them hooked in and see if they can get it pulled down perhaps?" he's sweating, pale, wide eyed. What in the hells of all the gods is that!? Shaking his head and swallowing hard as he tries to make his suggetions

Having at last taken down the enemy commander, Dianna can't help but notice the huge monster beyond, spotting it as Rysen is suddenly hauled off by Mihaly. "Shit, Rysen!" she mutters, then turns to Ravna, Orelia and Raja. Inspired yet again by the need to take action, Dianna's glaive rises above her head, ready to do what she's always been trained to do - and, unlike Raja, runs straight for the beast, glaive spinning brightly overhead and amber eyes ablaze.

Mirk is watching over the battlefield with a keen eye, now that his rituals seem to be complete. He's reactive, in this battle, not a driving force of it. He still hasn't so much as drawn his weapon, even now, though Aegis lingers near him to protect him in the event that it should be needed. However, that passive attitude lasts only a few moments, as he begins to shout orders, rallying the Halfshav troops and committing some of their few reserves to the fray.

There is only the time between breaths to savor the victory over their felling of Vortigan before Orelia tears off after Dianna. "You go left, I'll go right!"

Mirk checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Ravna peers then over there, yonder, at that giant blob of flesh. "Haaaa! Ha! HAAA! Lookit this one!" Laughter, he nearly dies. He nearly pukes. Unlike the women, Ravna uses his Rubi staff to swipe up a flag from one of the fallen Blood Ravens, whistling, humming, tying it into a ball at the end of his staff - and with the gourd he pours 'just a smidge' - of that peach smelling Woel. "Oooooooh, I'mma set you on fiiiiire! Fiiiire!" One of the moaning warriors on the ground reaches for Ravna, earning a solid thud on the forehead. Unconscious. "Fiiiire!" Fwoof. The end of the staff catches on one of the several flames left from earlier, and what does that Culler do?

But give a little skip, a mad little dance, after the three raging warrior women. "Hm hm hmmmm!"

Dianna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 3 lower.

Raja checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 21 lower.

Lawrence checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 1 lower.

Orelia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 21 higher.

Mikani checked mana + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Ravna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 7 higher.

Rowenova GM Roll checked dexterity(5) + brawl(4) at difficulty 55, rolling 5 higher.

Eirene checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 80 higher. Eirene rolled a critical!

Thea checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 47 higher.

As a fresh tide of bloody wounded crashes down onto the field hospital, Rukhnis pauses from her work in actually tending the injured to swiftly categorize this latest bunch and get them assigned priorities and places. When one of the fallen warriors mumbles something about a giant monster made of rotting flesh flinging people around, the Eurusi woman looks worried and purses her lips, but this latest information doesn't give her much pause -- whatever people are getting hurt by, the rent flesh and crushed bones are much the same regardless.

Being directed by Eirene and whatever other medics point him where to go, Mihaly eventually gets Rysen into the tents, depositing the other knight onto the nearest empty pallet. The gasp that the Riven gives when the weight is taken off him is a mix of pain of relief. Gritting his teeth, he moves to exit of the tent, holding a hand at his side. "Do what you can for him. I can confirm that thing strikes like a siege weapon."

Mikani watches the battle. She watches it get more pitched. Then she sees Rysen being carried back looking dead. The same f-ing group. Rage just boiled up inside her and she started crying out to the spirits of air and spirits of fire. She wanted lightening. Gathering the ritual again she sacrifices the last drops of her favorite rum from her flask. The last drink. Her purpose may not be pure but her intention is focused. The land needed to be cleansed of these that would foul it with blood magic. These that would try to rend her life.

140 inflicted and Dianna is harmed for grievous damage.

Dianna checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 3, rolling 34 higher.

Dianna remains capable of fighting.

140 inflicted and Raja is harmed for grievous damage.

Raja checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 9, rolling 47 higher.

Raja remains capable of fighting.

Just as she suggested, Orelia darts to the right as she and Dianna get close. Rose gold rubicund flashes in a graceful arc as she strikes the beast from behind, aiming to cut the tendons behind the knee and hobble it. She expected blood. She expected a howl of pain. What she did not expect was the reek of putrid flesh, like a carcass that had been left out in the elements.

Lawrence rushes in to take another swing at the beast. He manages to distract the beast enough to help out Sir floppington, but doesn't land a hit. Instead the beast swings his maul at the older Crovane, but the old turtle gets his sword up in time to deflect it enough. It sends the old man back, but he doesn't get out right smashed like some others.

There is a reason why the Malvici forces are called battle-medics. While some help hold the line, their compatriots evacuate the wounded. Eirene herself is a battle goddess, slicing through the warrior shav's whenever they try to get close to the soldiers being taken off the field. "No easy prey, you ballless shav bird-fucking assholes," she yells. Seeing the biggun swing his club and hit multple people, hard, she scowls and hisses out a breath of air through her teeth. "We need to clear a path to it before it clears one with us. And we need to get to those wounded stat."

And now along comes Rysen, to furnish the tangible proof of the wounded soldier's account. Rukhnis mutters something sharp under her breath, possibly a curse, possibly an imprecation against Rysen for getting himself bashed to a pulp and almost killed, yet again. Whatever the words might have been, the physician is swiftly at his side, passing keen eyes and gentle hands over his body as she attempts to gauge the severity of his injuries.

Lighting forks from the sky as Mikani makes her offering, and several enemies fighting near Mihaly and Rysen are blasted where they stand, fall, and do not rise again.

Rysen has left the front line.

Rysen has joined the field hospital.

Thea is just on the other side of Eirene, she too is slicing her way through the warriors. Her eyes momentarily flick to her aunt, but she's certainly focused as her blade slides through flesh,"I'll head this way. We can get there faster--,"her words trailing as another warrior jumps her in path. Thea's fist meets his face, blade in his gut.

Glaive spinning wildly, Dianna rushes in as if she was facing any normal-sized enemy and /not/ the gigantic beast-thing that she rushes against like some kind of... well. Glaivedancer. With a great, solid strike the beast's hip, the priestess in mirrorsilver and stygian-coated armor hardly manages to surprise this monstrosity, but she /is/ fast enough to solidly hit.

Not that it helps her, whatsoever. Annoyed and angry, one beastly paw *SWIPES* at Dianna, throwing her away to the ground. Dianna groans - and, because of the helm covering her face, there's really no telling how much it hurts her... but she plunges the glaive's spear into the ground and rises again. Sure. She's fine. Dianna's juuuuuust fine. She's just. Taking a breather, finding her way back in again.

Sir Floppington charges up to the maul-swinging monstrosity, leaps forth, bounces off its 'chest' section then clamps down vicious teeth into what is that wrist section on the offending foe, so not only does the despised enemy have to swing around that awful maul but must also swing around dog weight, too, whilst its arm tendons are being ripped up by the sharp teeth.

As Dianna and Orelia charge for the beast, Raja circles around to try and get the beast from behind. She tries a sneak attack, stabbing at abit of flesh hanging from it's back! Right as she was about to make contact, the beast swings around and catches her with it's giant cudgel! Air escapes her body as it lands square into her chest and abdomen, lifting her off the ground with it's force. People are not supposed to fly! However, Raja finds herself flying through the air! She cannot scream, as it is difficult to draw in breath. Finally, she lands against several Arxian soldiers, bowling through them as if she is the ball and they are the pins. For now, she simply lies there in the heap, struggling to breathe.

Behind enemy lines, behind the giant, far back enough that they can see the enemy camp, Asher and Rowenova have snuck near. Stealth and subterfuge, and once in sight, Asher has been given a small bottle; Thrax Fire. After a quick, silent discussion between the two of them, Asher nods to the Scout. The fire? A distraction, perhaps a weapon. The vial is tossed to the bonfire, the only warmth in the camp. The resulting explosion catches three guards on fire, and such a wild and sudden combustion is sure to cause a massive disruption. No more rituals today, no more Beseeching for the enemy. No more hiding, as Asher draws the hairpins out of his hair, ready to chuck them. Or, to stab. Whichever happens first.

Mihaly stands at the flap of the medical tent for a good five seconds. Something is passing behind his eyes. Maybe the lightning struck a literal stroke of insight. Turning back, he goes back and starts to look through supplies. "No...No. No......*Yes*." A large jug of wood alcohol is picked out from one of the stores. And then a length of bandage. The cork is pulled, a hand starting to stuff the cloth into the mouth, leaving a length of quickly soaking cloth out the top. Getting back to his feet, he grabs a errant torch, carrying the jug in one hand, the torch in the other. With a determined stride, he starts to make his way back towards the fight with the golem.

For a brief moment, when the Golem brings the weapons crashing down on those two women - Ravna halts. Right there in its path. He halts, and watches as Raja and Dianna go down - and go down hard. The laughing stops. The cackling stops. He just...stands there. Rubi staff burning bright, and because of its material, he feels no heat. But as those two go down...he begins to...vibrate. A quake, really, reaching up from his toes, to his staff, to his nose, and Ravna watches Raja go flying off. A hand reaches to his heart, to grasp at it, and with a star the Culler kicks off forward to scream. Not full of rage, or hate, or anything so obscene; but Ravna Culler gives over to the battle frenzy - spinning that staff, a swirling flame that cracks dead flesh, time and again, and as he does - so is the man nearly blown from his feet while the huge golem erupts into flames! So bright, so hot, as to make day into night. For a brief moment, anyhow. Ravna's face now pink, and blistered on one side.

Now on fire, and with its tendon severed, though several of its opponents have been smashed with its maul, Gul Drogath the flesh golem roars - and leaps forward, rushing towards the front lines - its left leg wobbling from Orelia's wound - trampling under foot both Raven and allied soldiers as it surges towards the allied command center!

After the explosive fire starts up behind enemy lines, Nova nods back after Asher's nod. She quickly aims at a blood cultist who stands over their current victim, who is down on their knees. She lets loose a crimson arrow (with black feathering), doing so with impressive precision. It zips forth, plunging deeply into the ritualist's chest before she ultimately emerges from those enveloping shadows which previously protected her from being seen. Now, she charges forward, not satisfied that her trick shot really did much more than probably distrupt the ongoing rite. She pulls out a second arrow from her back quiver, quickly nocking it on the way there with clear intent to try to shoot down the next person who might try to possibly impede her speedy dash!

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 21 higher.

Ravna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Ravna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 40, rolling 32 higher.

Lawrence checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 60, rolling 3 higher.

Thea checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 33 higher.

Orelia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 60, rolling 6 higher.

Rowenova GM Roll checked dexterity(5) + brawl(4) at difficulty 60, rolling 7 lower.

Raja checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Flames. Spinning. Roaring. People die by that rubi red staff, and Ravna Culler loses himself to the battle frenzy; no longer is it about breaking joints, or folding bones - no, now? NOW it is Blood Raven warriors who take a flaming staff to the dome piece. Their weapons parried into their own comrades, as Ravna calls out: "DIIIANNAAAA! RAJAAA!" Frothing, laughing, skipping, and the Blood Ravens will see the murderous glee.

Even from across the battlefield at the hospital it's hard not to hear the additional commotion from afar -- roars and cracks of thunder and screaming that doesn't seem to have anything to do with injury. Occasionally there's a little flinching twitch at the corner of Rukhnis's eye from one horrible noise or another, but her hands are steady as she begins to work her way through Rysen's injuries. Contusion. Cracked ribs. Probably some internal bleeding as well, though one hopes it's nothing too bad. Luckily Rysen's armor has probably spread out and absorbed a fair amount of the force from the terrible blow, but it's still enough to keep Rukhnis well occupied for a while. Happily, she has no idea that the abomination responsible for the Crovane lord's injuries is now headed straight in the direction of the camp.

Lawrence has left the positions behind enemy lines.

Lawrence has joined the front line.

Asher checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Asher checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 6 higher.

Eirene checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Dianna checked mana + theology at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Raja stirs a bit as that initial shock fades away. The battle rages on around her. Raja stirs and pushes herself up, reaching into a muddy patch to retrieve her knife. One of the enemies find her and is upon her. Adrenaline is a great thing. As she sees the axe bearing down on her, she rolls to the side. The axe embeds itself into the dirt and she brings up her blade into the ribcage of the bent over attacker. Stab! Stabstabstab. The warrior falls on top of her and she groans in pain. "Fuckin' fuck.. fucker.. get off.. unf.."

Strozza checked intellect + war at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

After taking his glancing blow. Lawrence looks back and spots his Cavalry men coming in. They ride on either side of the beast with the tent tied between them wrapping the monsters legs up. The two cavalry men and cut the tack holding the tent to their horses and ride off. When the beast stumbles Lawrence charges in and jumps, up slamming his diamondplate blade in the things skull, splitting it open and exposing the soft brain underneath. The monster shakes and throws Lawrence off and it takes a moment for the old man to get back up.

Mirk glances back at Mikani, a frown creasing his forehead, but he doesn't lift so much as a finger to assist in her rituals. Instead, he finally unslings the bow from over his shoulder and strings, it, drawing a few arrows and stabbing them into the dirt nearby, within easy reach. His eyes are on Gul Drogath, in the distance, watching him draw nearer to the command post. Aegis is standing beside him, awaiting the order.

"NOOOO!!!" Dianna cries, surging towards the beast, yet again as she spots the burning thing heading for the Command Center. She whips her glaive again and ...

Dianna /kneels/.

The priestess kneels in the midst of the battlefield, heedless of whatever else may be going on and turns her helm-covered face skyward, lifting her voice in prayer to the gods. "Lagoma, Goddess of change and fire - burn bright this beast that is not yours! Mangata, blow your winds and stir the airs around it, keep it from reaching those of yours who love you still! Petrichor, lift up the earths and still its footfall; bless those who would fight in your name! Gloria, I beseech thee! Strengthen our will, our fight - for we bring honor and glory to your name!! Jayus, bring us inspiration to overcome our enemies; Vellichor, we thank you for the knowledge and implore you to remind us of all we know! Limerance, Sentinel, Gild: Our loyalty to family, loved ones and to home; to justice and truth; to the holiness of life that is the civil order of the Compact - give us strength to hold these beasts and enemies from our doors! Skald, we thank thee for our choice to come and fight in the name of freedom and life! Death: We shall meet thee gratefully, but we do not readily give up this fight! Aion, Holy Dreamer: We dedicate this battle to you, and know our dreams, our truths, our lives are you and yours -- but Tehom, dear Tehom... Take back from this world what is yours. It belongs to you, this monster; not to us."

Eirene watches that giant piece of flesh do exactly what she predicted and comes charging their way. "FALL BACK," she barks loudly. This is why her voice is always so rough and hoarse. "PROTECT THE TENT," she says of their triage center. Well trained, or perhaps looking for an excuse to run off the field, her units fall back to the medical tent and start to take up defensive positions. "Thea, fall back and defend." Over her shoulder, she yells at Rukhnis, "Finish up whatever you're doing and be prepared to evac if we need to. It's headed our way."

Eirene has left the front line.

Eirene has joined the field hospital.

WILDLY, the fires on the beast erupt, spreading in massive flames around and all over the great monster!

Still fighting her way through the warriors, Thea feels her blade run through flesh as she tries to get to the wounded. "Gods!" hurrying to pull the ones she finds to safety. Hearing Eirene, she nods, everything about her focused.

Thea has left the front line.

Thea has joined the field hospital.

Well, Mihaly was about to just chuck this overly large bottle of flammable liquid at the flesh golem. It might've already been on fire, but a healthy dose of alcohol would've helped that along. When it just bursts into flame all on it's own. "Huh." he utters. A glance down at the jug again. He begins to back up for the time being.

After doing so well, gravity finally takes toll. The soulful hound and his vicious teeth finally slip from the maul monster's flailing arm, and then the good boy flops down to the ground below, but that barely phases him before getting up and quickly turning to face off with the terrible creature who is really getting quite tired of the good boy and now lit up. A mighty roar, and the flambe mauler sweeps around its awful weapon. Sir Floppington charges up, doing so with much valor, and he leaps up just like he did a moment ago, but the wicked creature suddenly flails the maul back, in a backhanding motion, which brutally connects with the knightly hound. A loud yelp! And the good boy flies back from the same direction from whence he originally came before then tumbling down to the ground below not far from his human comrades!

Mihaly checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

The fire was just what was needed. Asher is able to surge forward, ignoring the guards. They're secondary, and shall be dealt with in their own time. Parrying a swipe with his weapon, and spinning forward towards the ritualist, he makes it to her. But there's something that a jeweler these days knows, and that is important. Some jewelry can be incredibly important - the amulet around her neck? Asher's blade cuts through the chain and cuts it free, perhaps grazing her skin with the tip of the weapon in the process. Deft hands catch the amulet and he's out of the way, assuming that, should everything go as planned, there will soon be an opening he needs to make. And there are other people he needs to defend against, the ritualist's guards.

Turning to his work, the display chessmen showing who and what is available, Strozza nodds to himself. Tapping the board, adjusting pieces and then turning to the runners,

"Crescent formations. Allow for them to see a potential break in the line that can be exploited and then have the arm of the crescent they're furthest from bend inward into a pincer. Let the center remain back, place archers there but behind the line until the crunch." Strozza nods again, to himself and motions for the orders to be delivered.

"Kuhlai." barked and a glass of brandy is put into one gauntleted hand. We must be civil.

Dianna checked mana + theology at difficulty 40, rolling 4 higher.

Probably the only smell worse than a rotting carcass, is a burning rotting carcass. The golem is on its knees, clearly intent on making its way to the tent despite the blaze slowly consuming it. Orelia puts on another burst of speed to get in front of it before it can get too far or rise too high, then with another light-footed turn she neatly separates the head from the shoulders.

Rukhnis has done her best for Rysen, but it's hard to offer a quick fix for someone who's just had huge fist pounded into his chest and his head pounded onto the ground. Nevertheless she's done what she can to bind his ribs and has also brought him back to consciousness with the judicious application of smelling salts beneath his nose, which he'll surely thank her for one day, when he has time to reflect in gratitude that he didn't have to simply lie there and get trampled by a massive oncoming rot monster.

And that's all the time that Rukhnis has to spare for him, because now Eirene is shouting out that warning and she's got to prepare for trying to get everyone else out of there. The physician's gaze passes over the tents full of non-walking wounded, and she utters something under her breath that is definitely a curse this time -- though in Eurusi, and probably not enough to even flutter an innocent maid's eyelash compared to Eirene's volleys of profanity. "Assemble as many stretchers as you can," she tells her medics. "Not all of them will need that much, but if we are going to have to move, it will need to be.." Her gaze shifts back out to the field of battle, eyes narrowing. ".. quickly."

In tandem with Asher, Rowenova converges on the ritualist, doing so with her bow ready for the right time that her scouty senses tell her is the correct moment for a precise shot which flies forth from her recurve bow. Zinging forth, just as that evil relic drops off the ritualist's neck, the crimson arrow with black feathering plunges deeply into it. Blood spray is going everywhere, and the blood cultist lifts up one hand then slumps forth right there beside Asher. Running up, Rowenova cannot help a huge grin to her fellow assassin, but she does not take too long with the victory celebration, spinning around -- back to back with Asher -- and pulling out a new arrow!

Raja grunts and pushes at the dead shav that is laying on her. She finally manages to get it off and she lays in the dirt and mud for a moment, just breathing. Pain. It shoots through her body and she grits her teeth. She begins to move and there is another sharp bit of pain that shoots through her form. A pained sound comes from her, but she still manages to pull herself up. "Fuck. Did anyone see that runaway wagon?" She smirks, trying to put some bit of humor into the situation. She takes a moment to turn around and look to all the carnage around her.

From the stroke of Orelia's sword, the burning golem falls to the ground, consumed by the flames around it. Across the field, the ritualist pitches forwards with Rowenova's arrow deep in her chest. The enemy formations are clearly shaken, but the allied forces are equally stunned with eyes gaping at all they have witnessed.

"It is flesh, it cuts like any other! It bleeds like any man would! And it sure, by the Gods dies like any man does!" Mihaly has decided to forgo his idea of a molotov cocktail and go back to being, you know, an actual Knight Commander to the troops that are with him, which were seeming to start to break against the enemy forces that looked like they were starting to rally. "Soldiers who were here, will bear their scars, and claim proudly that they were there when the Ravens fell. And those who were not here, would consider their honor cheap when they see those who fought in the battle where the Raven fell. I will not see you brave bastards flee when fear shakes them! Hold your fear, take back your strength, and ram it down their throats! Onward, we finish this!" Taking back his own sword, he will join the ranks in a push against the Abandoned.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 40, rolling 34 higher.

Mihaly checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Asher checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 38 higher.

Eirene checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 40, rolling 7 higher.

Lawrence checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 41 higher.

Strozza checked command + war at difficulty 20, rolling 58 higher.

Lawrence uses his sword as a brace to stand himself up as the enemy before him burns. He just raises his sword high as a kind of guidon for his troops. The crovane axmen start bashing their shields when they see their commander get up and they start pressing the attack again, chasing down those that try to flee, swarming those that stand to fight. The old knight uses the moment to catch his breath.

Raja holds herself upright, just barely. She is bloody. She is muddy. She is alive, though is likely only walking upright due to adrenaline. Her gaze falls on Ravna and she stumbles towards him and to where Dianna is kneeling. The pain becomes too much and her knees buckle, sending her down to the ground again. "We made it.." She smirks and laughs shallowly.

"It's down, press forward," Eirene calls out. "Clear the field, retrieve our wounded," she says, raising her bloody rubicund saber high. "Send those bastards to the Wheel to tell the Queen we've said NO to her claiming our own." Although they had just fallen back to take defensive positions, her medics press forward; some to chase and route the remaining Raven forces, the others to see to the wounded and save lives.

Truly, Dianna is, as this point, wiped out. Between the huge hit from the golem and the beseeching she just did, the woman has very little left in her. She slumps forward, seemingly heedless of the battle around her, forehead nearly resting on the ground. Her breath is slow, careful, shallow. She's not, at this point, walking anywhere.

Mirk has only a grim satisfactino on his face when the creature falls. Shaken, perhaps, but that represents an opportunity. "They're wavering. They've lost their leaders, their champions, their shamans," he shouts, his voice booming over the battlefield. "You are on the cusp of victory. Seize it, and press forward." The last two words are louder than the rest, a command to all of the Halfshav forces at this battle. He lapses into a thoughtful silence, after, his eyes scanning the battlefield for...something.

Mirk checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Ravna Culler will move across the field, and each time a Blood Raven is in his way - a reaching hand, it is smashed by that rubi staff. "Raja!" For his eyes wander the Fog o' War, and Ravna can see Dianna on her knees. Praying. Beseeching. But where is Raja? O Red Raja?! "H-" A calling cry for aid is met by the rubi staff, still flaming until even that flag burns away and when she's spotted, Ravna moves towards Raja turning to give a shrill whistle towards the kneeling Godsworn, "Dianna!" Battle is bullshit, and the confusion is a felt thing. He does not even notice his blisters, when Raja falls - so does Ravna leap after her. Then Dianna goes down, and NOW how good is it, to be so lucky? When nearby he stares down at both women, and turns back towards the War Medics: "OI! YOU CARROT-DICKED FUCKOS!" Another shrill whistle, because, the drunken Culler knows nothing of healing.

Only the last two guards in the camp left - and they seem to be on either side of Asher and Rowenova. This makes for a good position for Asher, actually, because he can fight one-on-one. It's nothing, though; the simple steel blade of his easily cuts to through in a quick stab, right to the heart. Asher manages to shove the man off of the blade, carefully away from the altar; whatever it might be, he has no intention of accidentally finishing the ritual for the enemy. "Scout Rowenova, do you still need help?" No need to be stealthy now; that part of the plan is over.

Upon hearing Eiren's loud voice above so many others, Thea runs, hauling ass back to the tent, dodging dead bodies and whatever else is in her way. A punch here and there, a stabbing possibly,"Fucking move!" she shouts, as she gets back to where she needs to be. Her long legs are definitely pumping as she eventually reaches their final destination, ready to defend all that's surrounding.

The sudden slight sagging of Rukhnis's shoulders suggests that she's relieved not to have to be trying to evacuate an already very well populated field hospital to gods know where, though from the tight press of her lips it's also possible she's annoyed that this even had to be considered for several tense minutes. Flesh golems are not the most considerate of abominations. Under the circumstances, though, the Eurusi woman is going to settle more on the relief. Cautiously. Something brand new and equally terrible is likely on its way, after all. Rubbing the back of one hand tiredly across her forehead, she frowns back out at the battlefield again for a moment, then sighs and moves on to the next patient in greatest need.

Seeing that the flesh golem has been taken care and is burning up, then the valorous hound Sir Floppington gets up a bit shaky. He looks out toward where the wolf scout and squire assassin are in apparent sight now, doing so with a narrowed gaze as he momentarily maths. He sure took a big hit, but he is up.

Meanwhile, Rowenova pulls back another crimson arrow which flies forth into the last guard who once defended the dead ritualist. "Nope. You? Gonna go and figure out what Sir Flop got himself up to."

Orelia pulls down her mask to help her catch her breath, but after wrenching at the smell of the rotten and charred golem she pulls it back up. Seeing Dianna down on the ground she stoops to pick her up and carry her back to the medics.

Nodding and handing off his glass again, Strozza strides from the planning area to a place where he can more directly see, be seen and more importantly - heard. "HOLD FAST!" take a sailor out of the ocean... "Heavy line infantry on the flanks and lighter spear infantry to the middle! If they push they close the loop around themselves, if they flee they're harried on the edge of spears."

Strozza looks about, "Have we any pitch for arrows, to ignite and fire towards the back of these savages lines?" looking about for confirmation now, "ENCIRCLE... ENVELOPE AND IMPALE THEM." bellowing now and sending out his orders on the heels of runners snapping to.

"Gods... I wish we were at sea, I would just have them hulled at the waterline..."

Ravna knows nothing of medicine. Nothing. He whistles again, and as Orelia moves to grab Dianna - she almost catches a rubi staff to the chin - but he watches, wide eyed, brazen, a little blistered, much mad. As the woman carries the other? He looks down to Raja, and hefts her up over the shoulder to hoof it after Orelia. "Carrot-cocked fuckos." A pass, "Fuckin' butter-spined shitwagons!"

Sharply, Dianna gasps - then *YELPS* in pain as Orelia suddenly scoops up the godsworn woman. "'relia..." Dianna murmurs, catching a breath as she leans on the woman who is very likely to wind up as her cousin-in-law. Grateful, Dianna allows the help from Orelia; but gods above, she hurts like the Abyss!

Raja groans as Ravan hoists her up. "Who ya cursin' at?" She says to Ravna as they make their way back to the medical area. "Be nice to the healers. Please.. They ain't the ones that beat the tar outta us." She winces at a movement. "Ugh.. I think my ribs are broke.." She says weakly.

The allied troops surge forward, and with the fall of the last guardians of the ritualist, the battle becomes a route. As panicked Ravens sprint for the trees, the allies raise their weapons and their voices - though the injured continue to pour in to the field hospital.

"Everything is fine here... aside from the bodies." Yuck. Asher is flicking blood off of his blade, looking around. So much carnage, here and on the rest of the battlefield. Still, there's more to be done. "Aye, I'll come with you. Keep a wary eye, there may yet be more of them." And so, he meets with his companion, to follow with her, dagger in hand. Just in case.

Rowenova checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Orelia is followed, and Ravna moves quick, he heaves Raja on his shoulders as carefully as he can. He stays beside, behind Orelia, following her - and watching Dianna. Not saying a thing, biting his cheeks. "Shut up." Growled to Raja, "Keep your breath still. Both of you." Because this part is the part that is hard.

Nodding back to Asher, Rowenova calls out to her fellow Ranging Wolves who had been behind the back end of the enemy lines. That along with what was previously proclaimed by Mirk seems to get most of them to group up and then fight forth through the remaining enemies. Rowenova herself heads further to where the flesh golem is but a burn pile. On the way there, she picks off some more foes with her bow-and-arrow attacks, until she finally slings back that recurve bow after finally spotting Sir Floppington. "Oh no! My good boy!" Then, she dashes forth and scoops up the soulful hound, doing so with great care. Glancing back to Asher, "Med tent!"

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Of course, the good boy was still standing but not really moving too much, but he certainly wags when picked up and briefly noses Nova on her nearest cheek.

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Some will ask and few will know how it is that this glaivedancer manages to keep her skin so very perfectly unmarred. There are those, one can be sure, who doubt the woman's prowess and heady forthrightness in battle. But the fact, the very truth of Dianna Godsworn is this: Her skin may be unmarred, but it is her bones that are so deeply scarred. Has anyone ever asked Dianna how many bones she's ever broken? One might, eventually. But, for this day, she'll leave it to the physicians to determine how many more this priestess can add to the perpetual count.

She rests, grasping her glaive, in Orelia's arms, limp and exhausted.

Only a few to pick off, and Rowenova seems to be doing just fine. Thus, Asher is on defense, guarding her as she makes her shots. None get close enough to worry about, thankfully. Asher's off-hand still holds that amulet, and he looks at it with concern... But 'Nova calls for him to follow her to the medical tent, to help patch up Sir flop. And Asher sprints off, reminded that there are other people injured as well; he should do what he can to help.

Together, Rowenova sprints off with Asher as she carries Sir Flop, and they come barging into the medical tent with the good boy. These may be the people beds, but she does not seem to really care. If there is an open one, then Sir Flop is going there!

As the professional soldiers seem to have turned it into a route, Mirk puts away his weapons. Not that he ever used them, of course. He sets about regrouping Halfshav forces, as the battle begins to wind down, bellowing orders to his men. Despite not having fought, he still appears tired, worn down by the stresses of overseeing such a thing, if nothing else.

Rukhnis has just finished bandaging a spear wound in the side of one fighter whose face also bears the signs of the insect assault from before, only to be greeted by the sight of more people she now personally knows being brought into the tent. But she looks more resigned to this than anything, asking, "They too have been crushed by the.. thing?" as she hand-waves each of them to a handful of emptied cots. One can hope that their former occupants have just been moved elsewhere to rest, and aren't now corpses. Her eyes narrow a little at each person in turn, and she tells Eirene, "If you could begin work on Dianna, that would be excellent. And Thea, perhaps you can tend to Raja." She shifts her gaze then to see poor Flops coming. "And I will tend poor Flops, and when I am done I can assist either of you if you require it." Of course Sir Floppington is just as important a warrior as the human ones.

Eirene reports to the healer's tent now that her soldiers are doing their thing and bringing the wounded back. Someone is also keeping track of the dead and whose colors they wear. This is the job none of them want to do. She nods to Rukhnis and scrubs up before taking the order and going to the glaivedancer. "Well, shit," she says simply. "Help me get her out of this armor, then, if you're going to be so bloody bossy about it," she says to Ravna.

The skies overhead begin to clear, and rays of light pierce the cloud over, bathing a field of blood, mud, bodies (and Vortigan's head on a pike). It's a grisly seen, yet the allied banners remain flying - even as the work of tending to the wounded beings in earnest. A number of prisoners, a little over a hundred are brought before Lawrence and Mirk at the allied command position.

Eirene checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 50, rolling 5 higher.

Rowenova cannot help the grateful look in her cobalt-blue/kohl-lined eyes. "Thank you, Physician Rukhnis!" The wolf scout carefully places the good boy upon the med bed not far from the Eursi woman, moves around to the far side, then gently pets those floppy ears. Sir Floppington ultimately suffered this wicked backhanding from a massive maul. He is not dying, but it still seems pretty bad. He just slumps his floppy-eared nog into Rowenova's hands, doing so now that he can finally rest here.

Rukhnis checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 50, rolling 23 higher. Rukhnis rolled a critical!

Thea checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 50, rolling 27 higher.

Orelia leaves Dianna in the capable hands of the medics and edits the tent.

Raja lies down wherever Ravna puts her. The adrenaline has died down and all that remains is pain and exhaustion. She is covered in insect bites, claw marks from birds, a particularly nasty gash on her arm that was caused by the abyssal wolves. It still bleeds freely. But, the worst of it is the bludgeoning damage done to her torso by that large cudgel. Bruising is spreading across her right ribs and across her midsection. Her gaze turns to Ravna, "Ravna. Relax. We survived. It's going to be ok. Help me with this.." She lifts her arm towards him, encouraging him to help her remove her armor.

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By the time that Mihaly returns with a good portion of the forces they have left, he directs a few of his remaining Greenwood veterans to take some soldiers and mop up the stragglers, bring back any who surrender. Since there's no Riven banners here, he's not really going to determine the fate of any who give up. What he will do, he move into the medical tent so he can have someone look at what's probably a couple of broken ribs. It has been getting a bit harder to breath.

Orelia has joined the allied command position.

"If you have little medical training," Rukhnis tells Orelia, "you can help hold her down and fetch whatever Lady Eirene needs. If there is anything else you can do to help, she will let you know." Somehow the sharp-eyed Eurusi woman manages to spot Mikani in the crowd, and calls out in a voice rather hoarser than usual, "The row of cots on the west side of the tent." Presumably that's meant to refer to where Rysen is. Then she's back to her work -- on the brave Sir Floppington for now, and then on to the two-legged sufferers after that.

Nodding to Rukhnis, Thea steps over Raja. Well, squeezes her way really. "Make a bit moare room. Please,"she orders. Nicely. She leans over Raja and flutters her fingers, though the rest of her is serious,"Sorry we couldnt' see eachother under better circumstances,"as she gets help from those around her.

Sir Floppington is a good boy, and a good patient, too. He opens up those soulful eyes to gratefully regard Rukhnis before they close up once more while the medical work is kindly graced upon him. A Ranging Wolf runs up to the command tent and quickly reports to Voice Mirk about the recent maneuvers.

Lawrence looks over the prisoners brought before him with a grint. He looks over to Mirk for a moment and starts to pace before them. "The better half of me says I should deliver them to Fianna for judgement. The side of me watched mym nephew get smashed across the battlefield says they decided their fate..." He seems unable to make up his mind.

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"Those that are tainted by the Abyss might be too dangerous to transport, and be justifiably slain," Mirk suggests to Lawrence in a thoughtful tone, looking over the prisoners. "But it's better to let the law do what it will, even if it's only a summary judgement. Laws and civilization are what distinguish us from tribes like these."

Orelia returns to the tent when she hears Rukhnis address her. She takes off her gloves and gets to work following whatever instruct Eirene gives her.

Eirene is working on patients. Thea is working on patients. Rukhnis is working on patients. The three of them are experts in their field, truly, working quickly and effectively to save as many as they can. Many people will make it back today who might otherwise have perished on the battlefield.

Lawrence nods once to Mirk, "Well. Then it becomes a question of can anyone tell who and who isn't tainted?" He glances to the prisoners. "That will decide their fate."

A number of Crovane soldiers approach Orelia as she removes her gloves to help provide medical attention. "My lady," says a young man breathlessly. "By the gods and spirits I don't know how you managed to bring that thing down." Looks of gratitude and admiration fill the eyes of the solider and his mates. "You are truly a courageous warrior - and one I'm proud to have fought beside."

Pacing still, brandy back in his hands and being sipped as he watches the ebb and flow, Strozza tilts back the fanged guard of his helmet to see better. "These shavs..." the Mazetti shakes his head and looks to his aide who nods sadly, sipping from his own glass.

"Ah. Good. You got yourself a drink. Glad I didn't have to tell you."
"Efficiency, m'lord, of course."
"That's why you're my favorite, Kuhlai."
"Second favorite, m'lord - she's out there now, she's armed."
"Ah yes... I wouldn't want to be sworded and all that." a runner is given quick directions and sent to the signalers by the Mazetti.
"That's why you're my second favorite, Kuhlai."
"Very good sir, I wouldn't want you stabbed sir. You're too good for me to find yourself thus."
"Hush. I have a reputation to keep."
"Of course, m'lord. Thank you for the reminder that I am but the scum from the holes of the land."
"Too far."
"Thank you m'lord."

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Raja checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Lawrence shouts out the camp, "Can anyone tell who of these prisoners is tainted and who is not?" He looks down to the prisoners, "You should hope so, or I have to assume you are.

"Not me, I'm afraid," Mirk says with a shake of his head at Lawrence. "Sometimes it's blatant. There are those that are too far gone. But these..." He gestures to the prisoners. "I have no way of knowing, and so I assume they aren't so heavily tainted as to be dangerous."

Glancing first to see if she is needed, Orelia takes a step away from the patients to speak to the Crovane soldiers. "Years of training, a well-made blade, and a desire to help others that outweighs my own sense of self preservation," she tells them. Then she smiles and puts a hand on the young soldiers shoulder. "And I'll be proud to fight beside you all again any time."

Being an efficiency freak and a perceptive person, Rowenova helps out with handing over any necessary items that Rukhnis may need, as well as just being a place holder for regularly-used items, too. Once Sir Flop is all done, the human/canine duo both gratefully regard Rukhnis, but the only one who can speak up for them both is the wolf scout. "Thank you, my friend." says she. Then, Rowenova slowly strokes the good boy. "You did a good job, my good boy."

Lawrence nods once to Mirk, "So be it." He gestures with his head for the near by crovane soldiers to put irons on the prisoners, "Take them to the Dungeons in stormwall. They will await judgement of the Duchess." He pauses, "Any funny business and do not hesitate to keep you and the others safe from them."

After making sure Sir Flop can get some sleep, Rowenova heads out with her fellow scouts and rounds up lost horses they herd back to the base camp.

Rukhnis pauses she passes her gaze across Eirene and Thea and their respective patients, but it's clear that she's only checking to make sure some unforseen problem hasn't come up, and that she has perfect faith in their abilities. It would be hard not to, having seen them in action, and knowing what she already does about their expertise. With everything well in hand on their end, Rukhnis continues on to the next patient -- one in a long line still needing tending, but with everyone hard at work and doing their extremely efficient best, it's likely that many lives have been saved today.

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