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Win A Caravel: Pt2. Stormward.

This is Part 2 if the Isles Canines' Win a Caravel Race run and hosted by Lady Juliana Igniseri. This segment is held in Stormward.

Remember if the time does not work for your team, to please reach out to me and discuss. You have to have 4 members of your 6 man team on. One of those for has to be either the Captain or the First Mate.

1 This race will be held in 3 parts, at the moment I am thinking every other week. With a Ball at the end for the 4th event.
2: Entry fee of 250 military resources due at the beginning of the race.
3: A crew of 6 players, will be declared at the beginning of the race. Though only 4 will roll at a given event, the 2 extras are is to help each team with scheduling issues. All six are welcome in event for RP purposes.
4 Any person, house or organization is welcome to enter a crew.
5 All racing vessels will be Longships.
6: Like all voyages there are dangers, it is possible that such things can befall your crew and ship.

Please message Lady Juliana with any questions.


April 12, 2020, 6 p.m.

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Arx - Ward of the Compact - Isles Canines Headquarters

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