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Grand Opening of Donatti's Imports & Exports

Come celebrate the grand opening of one of the newest shops on Silk Row - Donatti's Imports & Exports, owned and run by Alexio Donatti, Minister of Coin for the Inverno family. There will be food, wine, entertainment - and a variety of merchandise to catch the eye.


Oct. 27, 2019, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Tyche Alexio


Merek Saoirse Lucrezia Korka Alessia Viviana Thea Alarissa Sabrina Dianna Gabriella Cambria Aedin



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Donatti's Imports & Exports - Main Room

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Comments and Log


I am pleased to announce that Donatti's Import & Exports Grand Opening was a success!

With many people of Arx, from all parts, coming over to peruse and take home our signature 'DIE Red Wine' samples (courtesy of Inverno) along with their favorite wares.

My most sincere and heartfelt gratitude goes to the lovely Countess Tyche Inverno for helping me host and serve as support during this most exciting and successful day. Your sponsorship is genuinely appreciated. Similarly, I extend my thanks to the wonderful people of Arx that took time to come have a look. Your praises are held in very high esteem.


I am pleased with the results!

Our 'DIE Red Wine' was the star of the show!
Mind you, our exquisite vintage, has been given free of cost - a memento for the Grand Opening if you will.

There are some bottles still in stock, and shall remain free of cost for a few weeks, before returning to its originally expensive price. So go grab yours while they last or DIE trying!


Following closely after our signature 'DIE Red Wine' is Southport's 'Deliciously rich, dark-red chocolate liquor port'! Truly a delicacy worth trying!

Then, we have the exotic 'Saffron Orange - a spiced citrus liqueur' competing hand in hand with the procurement of our 'exquisite oak beveled mirrors'.

The seasonal scent of our newly arrived Sunlit Snow - a winter rose and bergamot orange perfume was also a lovely sensation.

Just like our tapestries and luxurious and colorful chaise lounge couches.


About those luxurious brocade chaise lounging couches, no true lycene house can be without, at the very least, one.

Having one of these at home is somewhat of a /must/. Truly, there is no other type of couch that could possibly be deemed as sensual and evocative of lycene opulence as them.

There's an uncanny appeal to them, something that toys with one's feelings, weakening the willpower that allows for one to stay on their feet. Ultimately, everyone ends up a victim of the urge to make a theatrical drop upon it. It cannot be helped!

There's the clinking sound of keys from the inside of the shop. It only takes a moment before the door to Donatti's Imports & Exports opens, and Alexio appears by the threshold with a charming and welcoming smile. "Welcome everyone! Thank you for being here! Please, do, come in!" he greets enthusiastically, before stepping back in himself and allowing for the people of Arx to come in.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid arrive, following Alessia.

Aurelio, a handsome, fresh-faced manservant arrives, following Dianna.

The establishment on its own has its outstandingly southern charm; often making those from the south feel more at home. Today on its Grand Opening it is no exception elegantly boasting of celebration. Both its owner, known southern merchant Alexio Donatti and the lovely Countess Tyche of Inverno can be found moving around the room to greet those who have come to celebrate, shop or simply tour around the newly opened business. A table has been set with a limited amount of the establishment's signature 'DIE Red Wine' free of cost, courtesy of Inverno.

The shop in its own right is a welcome escape from the snow flurries outside, but for the Grand Opening it has been touched with an extra flare of drama. Silk banners, potted arrays of winter plants, a table with small finger foods and drinks. The only thing missing is a giant GRAND OPENING sign, but some people like to be subtle.

Tyche lingers near the table with all the wine bottles, as she should, her fingers delicately pushing one back so it lines up perfectly with the rest. A pleased nod, and then she's turning toward the door to watch those arriving. "Welcome," she casts a wide net, since the crowds storm the shop, a delighted smile at her lips. "Come in, enjoy!" And then spying several familiar faces, she moves first to greet the royal in the room. "Princess Saoirse, welcome. Would you like some wine?" She indicates the table. "We're calling it DIE." A faint grin as she looks back.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

Merek makes his way into the place to explore, while he looks about. He has on his dark attire, while he smooths back his hair into a ponytail which he ties.

Saoirse glances down at the table of wine called DIE and then looks back up at Tyche. She takes a tiny sip, considers, and then says flatly, "Little ...heavy handed, for me." Her gaze drifts again around the store as she hands her used glass to Tyche. "So. This is ... a store." Jeez, Saoirse.

Were it not for Tyche, Lucrezia would not likely come to such an event, whatever her mood. Not one to ever be subtle about such things, she stalks into the store and looks about the room with the look of a raider more than a shopper. She walks up to one of the couches for sale, seriously considering sprawling into it and drinking.

Korka strolls into the newly opened shop, stopping to collect one of those free bottles only to find she's a little too slow. She clicks her tongue, "Next time I won't stop to stomp the snow off my boots." Instead she picks up a bottle of port and looks it over.

Lightly dressed due to the short walking distance, despite the biting cold, Alessia Mazetti enters DIE with intrigue, accompanying her cousin, Marquessa Cambria and sister, Dianna. "Ohhh it's as beautiful as you said." She turns to her twin. "What looks good?" She asks her cousin with a grin. "Oh, Lady Tyche. Messere Alexio. Congratulations on the opening." She offers on spotting the two.

Striding into the establishment with some swagger in her step, the Sword of Setarco's head tilts as she pauses just a few steps inside. Viviana's lone emerald eye casts around the interior of the shop, noting this or that while brushing off some snow. The Sin's only concession to the weather is a hooded wool cloak, which she is all too happy to pass off to an attendant now that she's inside.

The Countess of Inverno gets a little finger wag from one of the duelist's hands, though she doesn't move to approach the redhead yet, letting the woman play hostess. Co-hostess? ..Whatever she's doing. Instead, the one-eyed fencer turns her attention to her cousin and wanders that direction for the moment, "Something on your mind, Lu?"

Alexio checked luck + woodworking at difficulty 9, rolling 10 higher.

Thea makes her way into the store, brushing the snow from her dress at the door. Giving all the appropriate ways of greetings, she smiles a bit,"Good evening,"stepping further inside. Yeah. She's supporting tonight...

"Indeed," Tyche responds just as dryly, following Saoirse's gaze about the establishment. "And a fine one, at that," the dryness disappears when she spies Alexio, and she smiles genuinely for her Minister of Coin. Aww. "Enjoy the refreshments and the warmth for a bit, your highness. I am going to greet a few others, make sure everyone else also understands that this is a store." A flash of amusement in her dark eyes, and she's slipping past to address Alessia, "Ah. The congratulations are all Alexio's. I am simply helping him throw the party," she passing the honor where it is due, and then finds Lucrezia and Viviana, a hand lifting to touch the former's arm lightly, but to both, "Try not to get too wild and break anything, hmm?"

There's alcohol for sale to be purchased and schlepped home and so the Princess Consort of Thrax has come, intent on procuring a bottle for the High Lords collection. Whens he enters though, all white brocade cloak with fur and feathers, it's those bottle of perfume that distract her from her mission. Oh yes, she beelines for the that with Pellinor in tow.

Sabrina Sabrina's punctuality is decorated in a false veil of delay. Before the doors were unlocked, she'd awaited without. And kept on waiting as streams of nobility and commoner alike filed into the shopfront. Only when convinced she won't be packed in and trapped by a sea of bodies does the Lycene woman of dark complexion enter, taking care to skirt the edges of the crowd as she makes her way through the shop to peruse independently.

2 Halfshav skilled veteran guards arrives, following Brianna.

Although Dianna Mazetti does not leave her sister's nor her cousin's side, Dianna's gaze strikes out across the room to catch Alexio's eyes as soon as his glance moves their way, proffering a gentle nod and a slight smile. "All cleaned up, and so lovely," Dianna purrs to her sister, murmuring quietly to Cambria as well and pointing to this and the other item around the room with a fingertip. With a smile of acknowledgement to Tyche, Dianna smiles warmly and offers a quiet word of congratulations before attending the shop and her companions.

"Killing some people." That isn't too surprising for Lucrezia, really, in her reply to Viviana. "Before or after laying down on this couch and getting wickedly drunk." She gestures towards the couch before her which is much too fine for her murderous habits. To Tyche's touch on her hand, she glances to her cousin and gives her a smile sharp and crisp as a line of frost. "I was thinking of just laying on the couch, not jumping on it. They *are* functional couches and not just for display? Yes?"

As if to strike a deliberate and stark contrast to her sister, Gabriella Pravus' entrance into Donatti's Imports & Exports is one marked by all the noble bearing of a proper knight, right down to that crisp, straight posture. Dressed in a soft blue coat accented, her grand greatsword of a weapon slung at her back peacebonded but still very much at her side, as if she couldn't bear to part with it even for a second. It's okay. It matches her look well.

Despite the weather, Gabriella looks delighted in that subdued way of hers as she enters the store, puffing the vaporous breath of an impressed exhale into the open air as those sharp blue eyes sweep the store. "It is like a little slice of home. Marvelous," she compliments to no one in particular; a look is spared for Tyche, a shallow bow and a warm, "Countess," offered her way, before she makes her way to that table full of bottles. She plucks one up, looks at the name for a solid five seconds. And then snorts out a genuinely amused laugh. Apparently it has Gabriella's Seal of Approval.

Tyche blinks for a moment, as if she hadn't considered the couches might /not/ be functional, but she eyes one now. "Only one way to find out, I suppose," she remarks with a smirk. Her hand falls away, although not due to the frost which was cast her way. It is put to use to wave to another cousin, Sabrina Sabrina. "Have you both met Lady Sabrina Inverno? Arianna's sister. She's come in from Caina recently." And then she's beckoning the crowd-skirter over with an insistent motion. "Sabrina!" she calls when the woman is close enough. "Lady Viviana and Lady Lucrezia, distant cousins of yours."

Cambria, alongside the twins that were her cousins, enters into Donatti's Imports and Exports wearing a pleasant smile. Allowing the sisters to direct her where they may, in this case, to greet Tyche and Alexio, then to point to this or that as it captures their fancy, the Hydra Marquessa chats in low tones with the two women in her company.

"Oh, Lady Lucrezia." Alessia's eyes brighten on spotting the Pravus. She glances around momentarily as Cambria murmurs, a smile on her lips. "It's good to see you again, it's been a while. Have you met my cousin, Marquessa Cambria and my sister, Lady Dianna?" She asks, with a warm smile.

Thea makes her way around the shop, looking around here and there. She stops at Tyche and Alexio, a sincere tone in her words,"This is amazing. Your hard work has paid off...I'll make sure to let the rest of my family know."

Aedin steps in lightly and her bright-eyed gaze drifts about. She casts a brilliant smile back at anyone who catches her eye, and begins to stroll along to peruse the merchandise.

"Well, try to refrain from doing it in here," Viviana offers dryly in response to her cousin before adding, "We can set sail later if you want. Go pirate hunting for the winter." A grin touches the dark-haired Sin's thick lips with that before they purse and she muses, "Assuming we're not frozen in at the docks. --Please tell me the winter hasn't been that bad. I've been trying to drink and sleep through all of it." The duelist makes a bit of a face before flashing another grin Tyche's direction.

"The shop is lovely, my congratulations to the owner," Vi offers to the redhead before mentioning aside to Lucrezia, "Sit, sit. I'll pay for the couch later." When the Inverno Countess calls someone over, the Sword's lonely eye shifts its focus to Sabrina, "Ahh. Vayla's other daughter, yes?" Cocking her head, the Setarcan fencer sizes the other woman up a bit.

Brianna is overheard praising Alexio.

"Lady Gabriella," the Countess of Caina is quickly distracted from the growing pod of Pravus to welcome in another. The impressive sword slung to her back is noted with the flash of her eyes up and over a shoulder, and she adds, "Glad to see it got lighter since last we met." Her comment is offered in all seriousness, as if such things do happen. She turns to see if Sabrina is properly situated with this branch of family before she says, "Excuse me a moment." Ever the hostess, she flits off to greet the next group, Thea and Dianna easily earning a wide smile. "Alexio's hard work. I am but the... frosting on top?" She quirks a brow at her own analogy. "No, I'm not sure I like that at all. But... you understand my meaning, I'm sure. Please, look around. Most of the things about are for sale." She glances toward Alexio. "Except the merchant himself, of course."

So much effort taken to avoid getting pulled into the thick of it, but her cousin dearest won't be denied. Sabrina Sabrina calculates the path of least contact and weaves with surprising grace - surprising mostly to herself, at least - to reach Tyche and her other more distant relations. "There is no anonymity where Tyche is concerned. Her light is... pervasive." A subtle curl at the corner of her mouth as she then eyes Lucrezia and Viviana both. "I am Sabrina," said with a heavy nod just as her mother's name is mentioned. "Raised on Caina with my cousin Tyche, my lady. Do you know my mother well? Or is hers more the stroke of infamy?"

Korka is certainly not stalking someone that picked up a bottle of red, just waiting for them to put it down so she can casually walk by and take it off the table. It just so happens an opportunity presents itself and she turns the bottle in her hands, looking it over appraisingly, then finding a nice place against the wall she can lean and survey the crowd as they come in.

Perfume in hand, Alarissa sets to wander about the rest of the shop, taking her time to look at this and that, a tapestry laid out gets an appreciative look. There's a glance to the rest of the shop, the nobles filtering in and hosts. To whom she dips her head in greeting to them.

Finding it a bit hard to focus, with all the movement of the people of Arx moving about to explore. Alexio doesn't quite make personal greetings just yet, he simply smiles and gestures for them to continue exploring. "Do feel free to sample the finger foods, and wines. If you wish to acquire a particular bottle that has already gone, feel free to also speak with me. I shall send someone to the back to procure some more." he announces. A wink given from afar to Dianna once he caught her sight, before shifting his attention back to Tyche. "Thank you so much for your support Countess." he says, and likewise thanks anyone who may have complimented or praised the work done with the establishment. He is truly all smiles and amicable laughter.

Aedin lifts a fragrant bottle towards her nose and gives it a delicate, ladylike sniff. Pleased, she purchases the perfume from an attendant and continues to shop, however, she's arrived to a point where rather than watching the wares, she's mostly watching the other people.

"Give that woman a glass of wine, she needs to lighten up," Viviana calls, somewhat raucously across the shop towards Tyche as the woman moves to meet Gabriella. A lopsided smirk is flashed towards the knightly woman with the huge sword, before Vivi's attention strays back to Sabrina, "Oh, most assuredly infamous. I can only assume you must be as horrible as Arianna is." The Sword's voice, as she offers those remarks, is anything but serious, and the grin on her lips helps give her away.

Tyche is overheard praising Alexio: A man with a shop is better than one without. Simple math.

"A pleasure to meet you, my lady," Dianna smiles gently but warmly to Lucrezia, and the corners of Dianna's mouth curl in amusement at the Pravus woman's comfortable, wild style. The shop is filled - mostly with women (but what surprise is that, truly?), so the few men here stand out like a sore thumb. Spotting Merek tucked away from the gaggle of women, Dianna nods with a another smile, then murmurs again to her companions as they gradually wander around the shop.

Aedin is overheard praising Alexio: he has a beautiful shop!

Aedin is overheard praising Tyche: very pleasant event!

Nodding to Tyche's statement there is only one way to find out if the couches work, Lucrezia proceeds to conduct the test by sitting on the couch casually, not at all like the Lady she is. Despite her cutting look, she leans back into the couch in the way that suggests she does find the seat properly comforting. "Functional indeed." She just barely holds back the look of 'oh bother, introductions' when introduced to Sabrina and Cambria. "It is good to meet you both, Lady Sabrina and Marquessa Cambria." She thinks back to when she last saw Alessia and nods. "It has been some time. I haven't meet Dianna either. So good to meet you, to Lady Dianna." She looks to each in turn, though, awkwardly doesn't rise. Cordial greetings is as far as pleasantries would go today it seems.

Alexio moves about, a bright grin offered to Thea. "Ah, Lady Malvici! I'm glad you could make it, found anything you like?" he asks, casually. All the while, his eyes moving around over the other customers or guests. A smile given their way should eyes meet.

Aedin flashes a bright and encouraging smile back at Alexio.

"Lucrezia," calls out Gabriella from across the store, almost as if she had a sixth sense for these things: "No killing here."

With that out of the way, Gabriella returns to her bottle; Tyche's commentary on her sword earns her the bemused lift of a single blonde brow; Gabriella's lips purse as her shoulder rolls, as if testing the weight of the peacebonded weapon.

"... Considerably," she decides, as if, in fact, it -could- be a thing that happens. "Perhaps it will be light enough for you yet." And this, however seriously it is said, is delivered with the slightest twinkle in Gabriella's eye -- one that washes away when she hears a familiar voice, a familiar smirk, and an even more familiar jab. Her brows lift, frowning as if to match the smirk of its counterpoint; and then, setting that bottle aside (for now), Gabriella makes her way to her kin. "Viviana. I see you are still up to no good."

Alexio checked luck + woodworking at difficulty 9, rolling 12 higher.

Sabrina looks Viviana over with knuckles of one hand pinned beneath her chin. Her dark eyes are etched with kohl that only makes them seem darker still. "Only as horrible as the company I keep. If I find Arianna pleasant, and you find her horrible, what am I to make of you, Lady Viviana?" It's not as easy to see when Sabrina is making a joke, her dry wit only rarely giving her away. But there is, at least, no /edge/ to her voice to make those comments seem to carry any real sincerity. She dips her head to Lucretzia at the introduction. "Greetings to you, Lady Lucretzia." A momentary examination of the woman to commit the name and face of her distant cousin to memory before she flits back to Viviana with her head tilted. Then comes a concession, without jest or disdain. "Arianna was willing to shed my blood so that her betrothed would win a diamond."

Alcohol procured, a few other things. Alarissa calls out to Alexio. "A lovely shop! I sh all be sure to make my way to the ward again to visit it." And then she's ducking out with her entourage, a lift of her hand to Cambria in greeting and farewell.

When she hears her sister charge her with not killing, Lucrezia lifts a hand and waves to her. No promises, it seems. Restless as the sea, she rolls herself out of the couch and strides over to Alexio. "You do carpentry work? Do you do pieces for ships?"

"She /didn't/ shed your blood though," Tyche overhears Sabrina's comment, and is quick to amend. "Really, how much damage could she have done with a spoon?" A beat. "Basically I saved you, is what I'm now realizing," she says with wide, delighted eyes. "You're welcome!" As Alarissa makes her way out, Tyche offers a dip of her chin, "Thank you for coming, your highness."

"Mm, yes," Cambria remarks to Lucrezia after they are introduced. "A pleasure." But it goes no farther than that, and she seems about as interested as Lucrezia herself. Abruptly, her attention is caught by Alarissa, and Cambria briefly pulls away from her cousins in order to approach the departing Princess-Consort of Maelstrom. The two share a quiet word, and then Cambria is bidding the other woman farewell, and what appears to a fond one at that.

Alarissa murmurs. back to Cambria, a quick press of cheek to the other womans and soft chuckle before she departs proper, a lift of her hand for Tyche in farewell.

"The only killing done around is that of your pockets and coin." comments the southern merchant, casual, meant for the teases going about with the name, before letting out a deep chuckle. "Thank you, your highness!" says Alexio, back to Alarissa. "I'm glad to hear so. We shall be waiting." he assures her. "I don't do the carpentry myself..." he replies to the woman that had approached him with an inquiry. "But, I have people that certainly /do/, I would be glad to have a word with them. I'm sure we can find what you need." he states.

Korka makes a few more purchases, then slips out as she came in while she can still carry everything.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

With an amused smirk, Dianna' grasps her sister's arm at the elbow, steps away (as far as she can), and assesses Alessia's outfit. "Striking, as always," she compliments openly, then tucks herself near again, guiding Alessia over to the corner with the scents. "What about the perfumes...?"

Aedin spends some time enjoying the atmosphere and sights of the shop. She's not in any hurry.

Lucrezia nods to Alexio's answer. "That works. So you procure things. Do you have a specialty or is it anything you'd think would sell?"

After Alarissa departs, Cambria returns to the side of the twins. A few more softly spoken words are shared between them, and then Cambria refocuses her attention about Alexio, interested in his answer to Lucrezia's question.

Glancing to where Dianna gestures, Alessia smiles. "I have far too many. But we can certainly browse for your benefit."

Alexio smiles to Lucrezia,and nods. "Anything you need, we shall do our best to procure, no matter what it is." he states. "If you got the coin for it, we'll find it." he assures her.

The Sword of Setarco laughs heartily in response to Sabrina's quip before offering in response, "I didn't mean to imply that I have a /problem/ with horrible." Viviana flashes a grin at the younger woman then laughs anew at the last bit of what Sabrina has to say. Shaking her head a bit, the duelist wonders wryly, "Is Arianna that desperate for money, or does she just dislike you? Sibling rivalry, is it? It can be horrid."

Standing at ease, with her hips cocked to the side and her arms crossed over her chest, the Sword's gaze strays from Sabrina to the approaching figure of Gabriella, a crooked little smirk returning to the fencer's thick lips. "How can I be up to no good, if I'm good at everything I do, cousin?" The raven-haired Sin tsk's aloud as if to chastise the blonde knight, her single eye looking the warrior up and down before she looks aside to Sabrina again, "Have you had the pleasure yet? Gabriella is something else." A pause, a grin, and the duelist adds aside to their Inverno-cousin, "You don't ever want to be facing off against that massive thing she tries to use like a sword. Dreadfully unpleasant."

As Tyche notices the crowds shifting, some picking up small items an heading back out into the snow, some lingering at the couches, she takes a moment to address the room at large, "Please, if you haven't yet, enjoy a bottle of DIE Red Wine to commemorate the opening of Alexio's shop. And, take a look at his wonderful merchandise. Linger for as long as you'd like," she finishes, a faint smile. And her job as hostess? Fulfilled. She moves to Alexio, lowering her voice to murmur a few quiet words of praise to him.

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