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Videl's Birthday Party II

Videl has lived another year, and in doing so has managed to increment her number to 20. All are invited to join the celebrations at the Domus Igniseri, gifts welcome but not required.


Oct. 26, 2019, 1:30 p.m.

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Merek Mabelle Thea Alessia Lucita Martino Dariel Dianna




Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

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Maple, a brown golden retriever, Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, 2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Truffle, an energetic mountain puppy arrive, following Mabelle.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

Flutter, a lovely passerine bird, Joan arrive, following Videl.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The place has been decorated tastefully to indicate the festivities, with food and drink lined up near the walls; servers available for those who for whatever reason prefer not to go out of their way to pick things up, and tables in the center of the great hall with chairs.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The place has been decorated tastefully to indicate the festivities, with food and drink lined up near the walls; servers available for those who for whatever reason prefer not to go out of their way to pick things up, and tables in the center of the great hall with chairs.

Videl is standing near the entrance, waiting to greet people. One table is particularly close to her, and houses a large decorated cake, with the number twenty at the center.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The place has been decorated tastefully to indicate the festivities, with food and drink lined up near the walls; servers available for those who for whatever reason prefer not to go out of their way to pick things up, and tables in the center of the great hall with chairs.

The place has been decorated tastefully to indicate the festivities, with food and drink lined up near the walls; servers available for those who for whatever reason prefer not to go out of their way to pick things up, and tables in the center of the great hall with chairs.

Videl is standing near the entrance, waiting to greet people. One table is particularly close to her, and houses a large decorated cake, with the number twenty at the center.

Merek makes his way in to offer a smile and nod, "Happy birthday," he says, then he shifts his cape about his dark attire, looking to the place in thought whil he waves.

Mabelle travels into the great hall carrying a large cookie basket. She peeks around and weaves her way through the gusests to the birthday gir, "Happy Birthday, Lady Igniseri, Many happy returns", she wishes her and extends the basket to her before she spots cake and loses focus

Thea steps in just after Mabelle and Merek, a small smile on her face,"Happy birthday, Lady Igniseri." Her words sincere as she steps away to make room for the other guests. She goes to get a drink, much needed right now.

"Thank you for coming, sir Black." Videl takes the cookies, "Thank you, Lady Laurent. It's much appreciated." Then to Thea, "Thank you for coming, Lady Malvici." She sits down at her chair, and a servant begins cutting up slices of the cake. "Does anyone want some cake?"

"Welcome!" Merek offers, then nods a bit.

Mabelle does not have to be asked twice when it comes to cake. She is already the first in line. Avid lover of anything sweet that has an annoying figure that shows absolutely nothing of it. She gathers her plate happily, "Thank you! It looks delicious, what's in it?", she inquires, as if it matters. Finding the nearest bench that looks like the ocean, she settles upon it, eager to dive in.

Mabelle has joined the marin'alfar wooden bench.

Thea shakes her head, polite in tone," thank you,"watching Mabelle with a bit of amusement. She curiously asks Merek,"Back? Where did you go?"

Videl has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid arrive, following Alessia.

"I wouldn't know, really. Tasty things?." Videl glances to the servant, who helpfully provides a list of ingredients. Videl takes her slice and begins to take small bites out of it. "If you'd like any refreshments, Lady Malvici, please do not restrain yourself."

A little late to the party, Alessia enters with a sweet smile on her lips. "Happy birthday, my lady. I'm sorry I didn't bring a gift with me." She says, approaching Videl. "There'll be one sent through a messenger in due time." She glances about the hall. "I'm glad you threw another one this year." She turns to Thea and Mabelle. "And that you too are here." She gives them each warm hugs, even Thea. Then Merek. "Messere." She greets, kindly. "I'd love to thank you for your generosity to my sweet sister."

Mabelle is in the elaborate process of not hearing what the server said after he said the word 'chocolate'. She raises a fork full of cake in greeting to Alessia, probably best she will refrain from speaking at the moment as she sticks to delicate barely heard noises of pleasure.

Merek looks over to Alessia, and blinks a bit, "My Lady, you are welcome," he muses, assuming that was to him, then he inclines, with a smile.

Thea pats Alessia's back, still a bit awkward, but she's getting better,"Nice to see you again, Mazetti,"a small smile. "I suppose a refreshment wouldn't hurt. Nor would cake. Food is food, right?"

"Thank you for coming, Lady Mazetti." Videl answers Alessia, "Don't worry about gifts or lack thereof, though they are of course quite welcome.' She smiles, and gestures to the large cake that's being cut up by a servant. "Would you like some cake?" Mabelle's enthusiasm earns a warm smile, though no comment.

Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

"Unfortunately my appetite isn't quite there... yet, anyway. That cake is surely tempting enough." Alessia's eyes glitter as she glances towards it. "I can never say no to a drink though." She chuckles, glancing around for liquor, before her eyes land on Merek again. "I had meant with regard to the glaive, as well as other things." She rests a hand on his arm. "It's much appreciated."

After receiving her sugar rush, Mabelle is able to socialize again. She rises from the bench and wanders toward Alessia, "Lady Malvici, Lady Mazetti, I met you sister this morning, finally, she is... captivating".

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman, A slightly embarrassed courier called Guido arrive, following Martino.

Thea is briefly confused with Mabelle,"My sister?"before turning to Alessia,"Oh...-Your- sister!" She shifts a little,"Though I suppose Alessia claimed me as such while Dianna was away..."

Merek looks over to Alessia, "Of course, I'm always willing to assist people, the glaive was a pet project," he says.

Lucita comes into the Great hall, a little late but that is not unexpected. A very battered and bedraggled clump of paper is dropped on the table. A glance at it reveals it might be an abstract horse, or maybe a clump of flowers, or perhaps a wrecked boat on a very wavy, stormy sea, or something. Yes, it is a very good something indeed. Crafted by toddler hands it is something indeed. "Happy birthday, Videl. I had a plate of cookies from me but... well, while I was getting ready to come, the twins ate them. But I brought their present, lovingly crafted with you in mind... whatever it is. They said you would know, they made it just for you."

Videl carefully examines the clump of paper. "It's quite lovely, please tell the twins I'm quite pleased to have it; and if they ever would like to do art with me I'd love to make time for them." No judgment whatsoever, there. "And Lord Malvico, it's lovely to see you again. Thank you for coming." She gestures at the cake, "Lucita, Lord Malvici; would either of you like some cake?"

"Are your pet projects usually such fantastical quality?" Alessia asks him with a teasing smile before her gaze shifts to Lucita. "Baroness! How wonderful to see you. It's been a while." To Mabelle. "You're not the first to say so." She chuckles, before gesturing to Thea. "Yes, she's my second sibling."

Stepping in with a slight stutter to his pace, the Lord Martino Malvici exhales a frosty breath which draws across this room for a moment. "Mm. Thank you, Johannes." A dip of Martino's chin to his assistant after the snow-beaten helper cleared the way. Sharp green eyes cross over the room before they crease in the very corners to Lady Videl, "Ah... Lady Videl. A pleasure to see you. Happy birthday as well. Lady Yelana well, as well as yourself?" Right hand of his touching his chest as he glances a moment more as he privately considers to himself. "Oh mm... spiced red and cake please." An order placed to one of the passing servers as he leads himself in further.

Ernest, a tone deaf lute player arrives, following Dariel.

Mabelle compliments Videl with an air of an expert opinion, "That cake was magnificent, truly". A smile of unsure familiarity is given to Merek. Mabelle is about to say something but the clump has her grinning in sheer amusement, "How adorable". As Alessia introduces Thea as her second sibling, she nudges her, "Does that make me fifth cousin twice removed? And I thought you loved me", she winks to her. She bows her head to Martino in acknowledgement as he enters.

Merek nods a bit to Alessia, "Yes, actually. My gifts are often the best quality," he mentions, grinning. He then inclines to Lucita and to Videl.

Thea hears Martino's voice and definitely pretends to eat her cake, mostly drinking her wine. She bows her head to him and Lucita in gree

in greeting,"Hello." a small smile there.

Lucita smiles a greeting to everyone, a hug distributed amid family and her closer friends. To Videl she says. "Thank you, but no, I'll play some background music for you on the clavichord. And then you can tell Quenia that it was used. Almost every gathering here she asks I play it or sing. I'll just very softly play so I don't interrupt the conversations."

Lucita checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Mabelle perks her ears and turns toward Lucita as she hears the word Clavichord. Is there one in here? Did Mabelle miss it? Damn distracting cake. She rounds her eyes when she finally sees it and turns her wide crystalline gaze to Videl, "Oh my, Lady Igniseri. Whereever did you have this made? My heart burn for one ever since it was removed from the tea shop months ago".

"You're from the Oathlands, my dear. That being said, one of our parents could have travelled to arthall." Alessia says to Mabelle with a wink. "Sir Merek, you don't lack for confidence. I like it." She adds teasingly. "Oh, I'd love to hear you sing." Her eyes glitter as she looks to Lucita.

Videl is sitting at a table with cake, near the entrance so she can see people come in. "No, Yelana is my elder sister. I do share a birthday with my cousin, Luis; but we were born in different years." She glances to Lucita, "It would be lovely, I always enjoy it when you play. We all do, I'm sure that's why Quenia pesters you about it." She considers Mabelle's question, "I'm not sure to be quite honest. I'm fairly sure it was already here when I arrived in the city."

Dariel makes his way into the Great Hall of the Igniseri with a confident stride. "I heard rumours there was a birthday party, so of course I couldn't stay away for too long when I found out where it was!" He dips his head to those he recognises but doesn't stop as he makes his way over to the the table to greet Videl. "Happy birthday to you, dear Lady."

"Truly, my thanks Lady Videl." Martino's sharp greens crease as the cake and spiced red is brought over to the frost soaked Lord Martino by a servant. "Oh, no. I mean generally... but." A faint laugh follows from Martino as he needfully makes his way to the fireplace. "But, did Thea bring you a gift from us both, Videl?" A glance of his sharp green eyes follows to Thea as he stops just-by the fireplace at last. "Ah, good to see you Lord Dariel." Martino's head bows in welcome before he turns chin once more to listen to Lucita.

Martino has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

Directed by a house servant, Lady Dianna Mazetti steps into the room and nods to the man, murmuring presumably in thanks. Her eyes alight when she turns her face to the room, scanning the familiar faces before turning her gaze to rest upon Videl. "My Lady Igniseri, I am told it is the celebration of your birth that gathers so many here - including my sister. I regret that I did not know previously, but I shall have something /special/ sent 'round to you." With a deep, graceful curtsy, Dianna smiles warmly to Igniseri, then her eyes widen with a soft chuckle. "Oh, but I forget myself. I am Lady Dianna Mazetti, twin sister to Lady Alessia Mazetti. I hope I'm not intruding...?

With a flash of a smile towards the fire, Dianna attempts a greeting at the Malvici siblings before returning her attention to the birthday girl.

Mabelle seems in awe of the clavichord and nods to Videl as she notes its origin or lackthereof, "I should have one made for the Laurent hall, nothing will please me more". She continues to walk among her friends, chatter here and there and when no one is looking, eats some more cake to the sound of Lucita's delightful notes.

Mabelle has left the marin'alfar wooden bench.

Lucita says, "Cousin Quenia had it installed in the Atrium back in 1006 when I first arrived here and all my instruments were lost in transit from Granato. No one knows where they wound up. I think it was a bribe to keep me more here instead of wandering around the city seeking out bards or instrument makers. Eventually she had it moved in here so it could be used for gatherings." She explains to Videl and then waves to Dianna between songs."

Thea glances at Martino and shifts her tired gold-flecked green eyes,"It wasn't completed yet when I checked. I apologize." She sees Dariel and Dianna nods her head. Oh good. More people to hide near. I mean, blend in with.

Naturally gravitating toward the Granato wine, given where she is, Alessia takes a glass with a grin before raising her brows as her sister enters. "I thought you weren't coming." She states before sidling up to her. She lifts her glass to gesture to Lucita as she commences the next song. "Magical, isn't she?" She grins.

Martino's head bows in greeting to Lady Dianna with a crease of his eyes following after. "Lady Dianna Mazetti, a pleasure to see you once more with... sister, Alessia." A faint smile touches Martino's lips to Alessia also before he takes a needful sip of the spiced red wine in hand. "Mm. So, Lady Videl. Looking back over this year, for you, what moment are you... most proud of then? And what are you looking forward to in the year ahead?" Deep questions from Martino, deep questions he asks before silver fork digs into cake.

"A pleasure to meet you, Lady Dianna Mazetti." She smiles, and gestures towards the cake as a quiet offer. "I presume I do not need to introduce myself, then. I'm always pleased to meet more of the compact's nobility, as well as the inhabitants of the city. I'm led to believe that, at least at this time, you are both. So you are quite welcome." She nods to Lucita, "That was an excellent decision, then." She smiles at the music. Then she answers Martino, "I believe she mentioned her gift would come later, I didn't hear her say anything about your gift." Then the other question, "The matter I'm most proud of I cannot discuss, I'm afraid." She smiles, "And I'm quite looking forward to spoiling the children of my cousins; whether they be Igniseri or Saik."

Merek offers a light incline to Dianna, and waves, while he looks to the others, smiling.

Beaming at her sister's presence, Dianna nods in response, her attention taken by Lucita's music. Her eyes twinkle a familiar greeting and a promise to speak more when Lucita waves; she chuckles warmly to Martino when he, too, greets her. "Why, where else should I be, my lord Malvici, but at my sister's side?" The tone of Dianna's voice is sweet, playful; the grin that follows says so much more. "How are you both," Dianna asks, including Thea with her gaze.

With a gracious nod of her head and gentle smile to the host, Dianna settles into her sister's arm, then lifts her gaze to silently beckon a servant with wine. Oh! But there is Merek; and Dianna beams again, charmingly setting her gaze upon the man. "Sir Black! How wonderful to see you." Dianna leans to buss her sister's cheek warmly with her lips, then sips her wine. What a splendid party, already.

Lucita says, "I'm finally getting that last song done for my project. Just have to sing it for Archlector Vayne to make sure it is alright. Sometimes I get something 'off' a little or it needs rewriting a bit but hopefully it is done, or close to done." She speaks between songs, pausing to figure out what next to play as gentle background music."

"Mmm, excellent answer for the future Lady Videl. For, the... tease of the Igniseri. I would expect nothing less for the past." Martino's voice is touched with easy-going laughter as silver fork delivered cake to mouth with a pleased hum from him after. "Mm. Quite fine, this cake. My own gift? Well..." He takes the opportunity to consider his excuse with another lift of fork. "The snow makes travel slower from Southport. I would have nothing less but something fine from Southport for you, Lady Videl." Empty plate swapped for glass of warmed red once more, Martino swirls it and lifts it to his nose while the fire warms his back. "Oh, we are quite well Lady Dianna and you have me caught there. Where else but beside Lady Alessia would I expect the terrible-two."

Dariel finishes greeting Videl. "If you need to introduce yourself at your own birthday it might be a concern!". There's a smile to the Malvici. "Thea. Lord Martino, a pleasure to see you again." He looks at Alessia and then Dianna. There's a smill smirk of amusement athimself. "Hm. Lady Alessia. I fear I may be the last person in the city to realise you have a twin

"It is wonderful to see you also," Merek offers then to Dianna, his earnest smile offered to her as well as her sister, while he looks to the others, nodding also.

"If it helps, very few realised it until she returned." Alessia says to Dariel with a laugh. "But yes. This is Lord Dariel Bisland." She gestures to the man, her smile warm as she introduces him to her sister.

Thea answers Dianna, her demeanor a bit more tired these days,"I'm well thank you. How are you? I don't see you often it seems."

Lucita says, "Many of us do, Lord Dariel. My twin, Ariella is in port now. She captains the Red Bargain and is often away from Arx.""

With a pout, Dianna tisks Martino. "'Terrible....'" she repeats to her sister, amber eyes set upon Martino's face in mock-pain. "You break my heart with such words, my lord. But... I shall forgive you, and forget the pain - and celebrate still that I am yet again in /your/ presence."

Gently, elegantly Dianna drifts from her sister's side towards the fire - but pauses when she notes Dariel's surprise. "Oh, I hope you will pardon me, my lord, for it is surely /my/ fault you did not know. I was in Ostria for a number of years while Alessia remained here. Lady Dianna Mazetti; it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lord Bisland." With a deep and graceful curtsy, Dianna lifts to smile directly into Dariel's eyes.

Videl smiles at Martino, "I do quite wish I could discuss it, but alas, sometimes one makes solemn promises of secrecy; and those should not be broken." She shrugs, "And I fear I can elaborate no further than that. Perhaps at some point the matter will be made public, but that is not my choice to make." She shrugs. "Something fine from southport, you say? So almost as good as a typical product from Granato?" There's a twinkling to her eye, she doesn't mean it, just trying to provoke.

Dariel chuckles with Alessia. He tilts his head as he compares them. "Hmm, Baroness Lucita, is your twin identical? Well I hope you all made full use of this for entertaining situations and pranks." Dariel dips his head to Dianna. "Pleased to meet you. Lady Dianna I believe I heard someone say? I'm not sure it's anyone's fault in particular but my own that I was unaware."

A wry laugh coming from Lord Martino once more before he lifts his glass of wine up at Dianna's comments. "Oh, I shall quite certainly have to celebrate such. But not on this fine day, as it is fully for the Lady Videl." Martino turns his chin to the Igniseri Lady by the fire along with him. "Mm, Baroness Lucita. Your fine playing has certainly warmed me more. Thank you..." But as his sharp green gaze turns back to Videl, a wry flicker across his lips touches as he replies. "You assume wine, of which Granato truly owns. Nay, nay. Something far more... lasting."

Thea exhales, perhaps in a joking manner,"That's what my family always needed...a twin sister,"making sure Martino heard it as well.

Lucita says, "Alas, we are identical no more. Back in Granato when we were, one of her boyfriends mistook me for her and gave me a kiss." And she has a grin on saying that and lowers her lashes to veil her amber gaze. "Quite a surprise to me since I did not know the man at the time and to Ariella who caught him doing that. Shortly afterwards she lopped off her long hair and as she worked on a ship, became a bit tanner and more muscular then myself. Then after my husband was killed back in 1008 I lose a lot of weight, far too thin and while have regained most, am still thinner than Rella so right now, no, we are not identical."

A laugh escapes Alessia's throat when Lucita tells the tale. "Good gods." She nudges her twin. "Well I don't know if I should be pleased or regretful Di and I never faced such an ordeal. It could have been so much fun having people confuse us." She laughs, taking a deep drink from her glass.

"Oh, Thea. You think there is a fear in me for multiple babies at the same time? That is what wet-nurses, nannies and others... servants like that are for." Martino's sharp greens roll for a moment to his sister as he remains warmed by the fire. "Mm, Lady Ariella is like yourself but... hmm." Martino's chin lifts as he wonders to himself. Considering and glancing out to the doorway. "Well, truly, with so many twin sisters about the city. It is a surprise mistakes do not happen like that still. Or perhaps they do and convered up." A brief lift of his shoulders following.

Thea grins at Martino,"I meant me! I needed a twin sister." She asks Lucita with curiosity,"Is your sister like you?" Already aware Dianna and Alessia arent really alike.

With a bright, gentle laugh, Dianna at last reaches the fireplace and busses Thea's cheeks, then Martino's, then leans to kiss Lucita's cheek in greeting before turning back to Thea. "Family is a wonderful thing, and I could never bear to be with out mine - particularly Alessia. But you have something we do not: You have /two/ brothers. I have always wondered what it would be like." Dianna's cheeks indent slightly as she considers the Malvici siblings, thoughts clearly withheld. But, with a soft batting of eyelashes, Dianna's expression shifts to a smile. "Yes, Lord Malvici, we shall have to celebrate /another/ time. My lady," she turns again to Thea, "I would still love to spar with you, when you've the time."

A glance to Merek and Dianna's lips lift in a warm, inclusive smile before she speaks again to Dariel.

Martino has left the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman, A slightly embarrassed courier called Guido leave, following Martino.

Dianna smiles warmly to Dariel, "I can't say it is possible to know /everyone/ within the city; there is so very much to know - unless one takes the time for only that. Do you fight, my lord? Or indulge in other things?"

Lucita says, "Anyone talking to us very long could easily tell us apart. She is ... er.. more blunt, free spirited, fun loving and well, best you find out for yourselves."

Dariel smiles to Lucita. "Well at least you got to experience it that one time?" There's a laugh at the idea of Thea with a twin sister. "A twin Thea. That would be something. It really would. There would have been a way for you to tease both your brothers at once." He looks to Diana when he's asked a question and there's a big grin quickly followed by a big laugh. "Fight? Oh goodness no. No, no no no! I'm an actor. On the stage."

Merek seems content to settle in and drink a lot.

Thea sips her wine and nods to Dianna,"Of course. I could use that, I've just been..caught up in reading lately. Martino laughed at me because he found me with my face in a book." She agrees with Dariel,"Theyd have loved it!"

As the evening carries on, it does appear Videl is growing tired; and therefor more quiet. If not addressed explicitly, it seems she's keen to just listen to others talk and sip on her wine. A Granatan peach.

Her left hand lifts and barely touches Thea's forearm, and Dianna smiles briefly, tenderly to the woman before Dianna's hand wafts to join the right in holding, twisting the wine glass perched in her fingertips. "I shall find you soon, then, for I, too, can use a good workout - with a friend."

Lifting her voice to Videl, Dianna asks, "As I am only just making your acquaintance - which I quite enjoy having occasion to do on the anniversary of your birth - would you share with me your favorite activities, as well? Otherwise - and even still - I shall have to lean upon my sister's knowledge of you for an appropriate gift." Dianna is open, free with conversation; she seems unabashed by her lack of knowledge - and her desire for it.

"The two Ps, painting and parties." Videl answers Dianna, "But feel free to conspire with others to come up with gifts, it seems so much more interesting that way."

Lucita softly, very softly sings while playing:

Learning of the past
Singers that came before
Nightmares rule your night
As dangers come once more

Haunted by memories
Battles against the dark
Filling your mind
Horrors left their mark

Oh Saik mountain cat your resounding roar
Sings out as strong as the songs of before
You fight through the bad dreams, till they fade away
May the wars soon be won and peace come here to stay.

Lyre and scores in hand
When others can not see
In gentle amber eyes
There is a silent plea

Troubles hide in silence
An onus you mustn't share
A fear of getting lost
To darkness and despair


In caring arms you rest
And tears no longer cried
So the days bring relief
As worries then subside.

You sing in the shrines
Songs of faith and hope
Cherish friends and family
They all help you to cope.


Dianna smiles gently, entranced by the song and Lucita's voice, then glides to the woman's side and busses her cheek once more. "So lovely," Dianna compliments, then slips to sit down on a nearby bench. "I have missed your voice."

For a while, Dianna chats quietly with Lucita, promising, before the party's end, to catch up soon.

As the hours pass, Dianna gracefully flits from person to person, chatting in private or in groups of two or three. All in all, Dianna is glad to have chased her sister down to this particular room.

Dariel bursts out laughing at Thea's comment about having a twin. "I might need some considerable convincing of that." He picks up her singing and Dariel turns his head to watch Lucita as she sings. He listens to her for a few moments in appreciation. "Oh yes, very lovely indeed."

Thea loves Lucita's song, her eyes may glaze over a bit. She wipes them discreetly and nods to Dariel,"It would be." She smiles at Lucita,"That was beautiful,"Turning to Videl she sincerely says,"I hope you had a great birthday. I'll make sure your gift is sent soon."

Lucita stops playing and sits there for a moment rubbing her hands and fingers. "That is longer than I have played at a time in nearly a year." She reaches for a glass of wine and sips from it.

"And I appreciate you doing that for my party, Lucita. Thank you." Videl smiles, and raises her glass, "A toast to my cousin, Baroness Lucita Saik, and her musical talents."

Dariel smiles and dips his head to Videl. "Lady Videl, I hope it was an enjoyable time. Alas I should head off too." Before he does though he raises his glass towards the Baroness for the toast. "It's hard to believe it's been so long since you played it."

Lucita says, "I've played shorter times, and play my vielle or mandlin or lute," She lowers her gaze and nods her thanks. "... just not played so long at the keyboard." A sip of wine is again taken and she says. 'I better be getting back to the tower. Happy Birthday Videl.""

Ernest, a tone deaf lute player leaves, following Dariel.

Micana, 1 Saik Guard leave, following Lucita.

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