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Mazetti-Sanna Reception

The celebratory gathering is for the marriage of Braith and Theron and her subsequent joining of House Mazetti. Come enjoy drink, food, music and celebrate with the new couple. Hosted by both House Sanna and House Mazetti.


Oct. 18, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Braith Theron


Brianna Katya Thea Cambria Marzio Lora Hadrian Mirk Alessia Antea Arik


Mazetti Sanna


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Mazetti Manor - Reveler's Refectory

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Comments and Log

2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrives, following Antea.

The Refectory is host to tables of different finger foods and drinks, simple affairs that make mingling all the easier. As people begin to arrive and gather, Braith stands off to the side to greet those she knows but sticks with Theron, her hand reaching out to touch his arm lightly so she can lean in and whisper to him, a smile pulling across her lips. She's embraced the Lycene fashion rather readily, with the white aeterna set with all manner of beads and gems, catching the light where skin is not showed. Really, its a cold gown given the season and best that the celebration is indoors.

Music plays from a small assortment of musicians in a corner of the room, allowing for atmosphere and if need be the catalyst to begin dancing.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

Brianna gets in line to greet the happy couple, her gown a more staid and conventional affair than her usual. "Congratulations," she says warmly to the couple. "Don't you look as happy as can be?"

2 House Mazetti Aspirants leaves, following Marzio.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrives, following Marzio.

Dressed more sedately in black silk, and looking a little less pretty is Theron at Braith's side. The couple are indeed playing meet and greet, and his ever-present smile is wider than usual. Even his own eyes are drawn o Braith in her dress repeatedly in between introductions. For now his armor is on display off to the side with Garibaldi bearing his swords. He cocks his head to listen to Braith's whisper, and arches an eyebrow. Looking to Brianna he nods in agreement. "She is a... formidable match for certain."

Perhaps a little late to things, when Katya arrives she doesn't look very hurried about that lateness. She does, however, look like she's a little bit distracted, one hand up to her mouth so that she can absently chew on a nail as she makes her way into the Refactory.

As Brianna arrives, the Halfshav a bright smile, "Brianna! I mean, Lord Theron Mazetti please meet Lady Brianna Halfshav," she introduces them, her arm slipping into Theron's at, a grin spreading across her lips as her dress shimmers and sparkles, a wink offered up to him. "He's not so bad. Once you clean him up and tell him what to say," she quips about her husband, a smirk as she steps forward then and reaches out to offer a hug to Brianna. "I glad to see you well. I met Prince Alecstazi." A nod of approval is given.

"And I can tell it's a well-suited match because she didn't stab you in the kidney for calling her 'formidable' on your wedding day," Brianna grins. She hugs Braith firmly, though she is careful not to snag herself on the other woman's highly ornamented gown. "Oh, did you?" she asks casually.

Thea steps in, brushing the snow from her cloak. Thank gods this is indoors--she straightens and gives a slight smile to Braith and Theron both,"Congratulations to you,"a bow of her head following.

There was a time where Cambria stood where Theron and Braith stood, and played hostess to those well-wishers that came to feast and drink and party in honor of her marriage. Standing further off, the Marquessa could not look more pleased. If not because her cousin was finally wed, then because it was not her having to stand there again.

To be certain, the capital was home to its share of legendary hosts...and Cambria Mazetti was not a name upon that list.

Another late arrival comes in just behind Thea. Marzio Mazetti makes his way into the Reveler's Refectory and then glances around the room at all of the people already present. His eyes scan the crowd for a moment before he steps up to Katya's side and offers, "Lady Grimhall. It is nice to see that you made it out."

Lora is among the Fidante representatives who have turned out from across the way to come and see the happy couple, she and the little brown bird who perches on her shoulder, watching the proceedings with bright little eyes. The last tiny clinging bits of snow are shaken off as she comes in properly, a moment there taken to look around with interest of her own. It doesn't take long for her to spot the bride and groom though, and they prompt the emergence of a faint, pleased smile.

While the Marquessa of House Mazetti stands a little further off from Lady Braith and Lord Theron, Hadrian Mazetti comes strolling through the doors of the Reveler's Refectory. A procession of masked Guardians, Luigi, and a couple others. He practically marches in to the music that plays by the few musicians clustered together. As he walk-dances along toward Theron and Braith, his lifts a gloved hand as he draws ever closer to Braith. He's clearly expecting a high five. A rather crisp one at that. As he passes by, he gestures vaguely toward Cambria while his harlequine eyes briefly hover on Theron, "She has a gift for you". Then onward he goes. And as he goes, it becomes more and more obvious with each step forward that his destination is the dance floor.

Mirk arrives, slightly late but unhurried, dressed in dark umbra and fireweave for the occasion. He immediately spies the married couple and heads over that way, offering a dip of his head to both Braith and Theron. "Congratulations, Cousin, and congratulations, Lord Theron. I'm afraid I didn't think to bring a gift, but I hope that you both find happiness together."

Arriving a little later than some members of her family, Alessia Mazetti is a vibrant vision, her flame colored dress adorned with golden beads, which gleam in the light, giving off the impression of one caught aflame. Her arm is looped around the crook of Arik Halfshav's elbow as they enter the refectory. "Oh, your cousin's beaten you to it." She says with a grin on spotting Brianna. "Lady Halfshav, it's a pleasure to see you again. I'm glad you could come." She turns to Braith. "You look stunning, cousin." Then to Braith. "And you too, Theron. As pretty as ever."

Katya drops her hand from her mouth when Marzio turns up, offering him a smile before she tucks her hand around his arm, "Lord Marzio, it is very good to see you as well....I'm glad that you invited me." She glances around, then nods towards the happy couple, "Should we go give our congratulations?"

"I showed me a gift he had made for you. I will not speak of it in case he has not given it to you yet. But he seems like a good man," Braith admits to Brianna. Thea gets a warm smile, "Thank you, come in and dance, join the festivities." She does not let go of Brianna right away but gives her arm a squeeze and says no more. The sudden emergence of Hadrian and is offered palm held high confuse Braith for only a brief second before the newest Mazetti lifts her hand and a dusky skin hand meets his. Crisp indeed. Hand eye coordination for the win.

"Cousin, Mirk," she says warmly, her smile growing as her white teeth show and she reaches out to collect him into a hug if allowed. "I am so glad you could come and no gifts needed. Your presence is enough."

Alessia gets a wink from Braith, a burnished eye flickering before she nods to her dress, "Lovely...we need a little more warmth in here due to the weather. Lord Arik," she says and smiles broadly at him. "Thank you for coming."

Antea moves into the room in her usual economic fashion, hair tightly coiled onto her head. No gown or heels for the Marshal, she's in her usual outfit of shirt and pants, boots and coat. But its quite clean and pressed! She moves towards the happy couple, offering swift, precise bow to both Braith and Theron, "And excellent turn out. Congratulations to you both. My lady, I am proud to call you cousin." She flickers a slight smile towards Braith before glancing to Theron, "And you are lucky." One corner of her mouth tugs up before she steps aside to let others congratulate them.

Arik arrives with Alessia Mazetti, the Sword of Whitehold looking like he always does because it's the same coat, tunic and suspiciously snug trousers he always wears. The only difference appears to be a Swordbelt with a darkwater styling to it. "Lady Braith, Lord Theron." Arik rumbles in a low voice and a dip of his head to the pair as Alessia walks them over. "Congratulations on the marriage, I do hope you put the Lady Bard to good work Lord Theron. Talented northerners that marry out of the fealty are rare."

Brianna looks at Braith, surprised. "I'll pretend it's a surprise," she grins, cheeks coloring, releasing her friend and going to find a drink.

"I can say what i want when I want... usually." Theron counters Braith's comment. A glance to brainna. "Oh well, she is. I acknowledge that she is the majority of the brains of this particular operation. I just look pretty and hit things." He inclines his head next to Thea. "Thank you!" A look over to his Cousin, and he inclines his head towards Cambria while still smiling. A look to Lora trying to recognize her also comes with a smile. A look to Hadrian however, still has a smile but Theron immediately has a little bit of a wary look on his face. The little bit turns to full wary as he looks for a high five, but more so he mentioned a gift. One could take it that Theron is wary of Hadrian's bearing gifts. For Alessia he makes a show of preening his nearly perfect hair. "Ah Lord Mirk, a pleasure." Theron extends his hand towards Mirk.

Arik absently strokes his formidable beard while distracted by something in the room then murmurs something to Alessia.

It won't be terribly long before Lora has come to join the line. Or knot, as the shape of those gathered around Braith and Theron more appears to be. Despite the subtle warmth of her smile there's a formality to the bow of her head. "Our congratulations to you both as well. Lady Braith, I hope you find your new family at least have as delightful as I have." There's a look at Cambria and Hadrian as she says this, and then the mildest, "Will there be dancing, later? I've seldom seen anything quite so extraordinary."

Cambria approaches Theron and Braith, held within her hands an object wrapped in fine Ostrian seasilk. "Theron, Braith," she says. "Allow me to bestow upon you a bottle of First Wall. On such an occasion as this, it would be reprehensible not to pop one open for the enjoyment of all - but especially the happy couple." Her smile is broad and warm as she whisks away the silk to reveal the alcohol in question, then hold it forth for one or the other to take.

Brianna slips her arm through Arik's. "Will you dance with me tonight, Cousin?"

"Humble as ever." Alessia says when Theron shows off his hair, perhaps a touch of envy in her eyes. A smile is given to the other guests, though Arik's words have her raising her brows, before her eyes glitter with intrigue. She leans in to murmur a response.

Mirk returns the hug, with an air as if he's indulging Braith, though it's little more than a brief pat on her back before he pulls away. Then he accepts the offered handshake from Theron, nodding his head to the man. "A pleasure to finally meet you. I don't get out to the Lycene Ward nearly as much as I probably should." But when a gift of alcohol is offered to Braith and Theron, he steps back, content to let them enjoy that moment without interruption.

Arik is now cornered by his cousin Brianna and Lady Alessai both having an arm of his. He seems about to speak in a hushed murmur to Alessia only to turn to Brianna and remark, "Only if my escort for the evening allows it. I wouldn't want to be rude, I already foisted myself on Lady Alessia to come to the reception with me."

Hadrian turns about on the dance floor and spies Arik look toward him. For a moment his harlequin eyes shift from side to side, before deciding to instead return the watchful eye that Arik casts in his direction. He seems just about to beckon Arik toward the dance floor with a curling finger, when Lora's question reaches him, "Yes". It seems is all the answer necessary for whether or not dancing will be on the menu. Though he soon abandons the dance floor and moves toward Antea, drawing closer in order to impart something quiet spoken to her side. Hadrian goes so far as to angle his head that his mouth may be directed away from the party guests.

"Arik.." Braith begins, forgetting the title with his compliment on her behalf, she still lingers with Mirk until he steps back. Lora earns a bright smile and a nod of her head, "I can say they are more than tolerable. Rather a good fit I would have to say," she remarks as she glances up at Theron a moment, settling herself back in at his side as the greetings continue. Her gaze slips over to Alessia and Arik, watching them exchange whispers as a brow arches but she has no time to ask when Cambria presents them with the bottle. "Thank you, Marquessa..." she says with an exhale. "Please do take it, Theron. that way you can be more than just pretty and hit things. You can hold them now too." Oh the banter is present. "And yes of course, there will be dancing," she answers Lora.

Has made her way in, freeing the doorway for others. Yep--not the dancer here.

"Lady Lora, thank you so much for the kind words. We Mazetti's do try our best." Theron opens his mouth to answer her on the matter of dancing, and Braith beats him to it. "There you have it, the better half insists upon dancing. Perhaps you will partner with her later?" He says this while trying and likely failing to move out of wife-elbow range. Upon Cambria's approach, he settles himself from shennanigans for the moment and then he stares. First Wall. The Sword of Ostria is practically drooling at the gift presented. "Oh my, you know my weaknesses. It really is an honor." He murmurs something to Braith before miming brushing away a tear of happiness before trying to hug Cambria suddenly.

For a moment, Alessia's eyes fix on the First Wall as it's handed too her cousins, and she watches their faces for reactions. Finally she tears her gaze from the bottle to glance between Arik and Brianna. "Oh, I'm not /so/ possessive." She says with a teasing smile. "By all means. Dance to your heart's content." She glances toward Hadrian. "With my cousin too if you wish."

Brianna gives Alessia a sly grin, rolling her eyes at Arik. "Your cousin is probably far more interesting than mine is, anyway," she says with a teasing squeeze to Arik's arm, before disentangling herself and extending a hand in greeting to Hadrian. "Lady Brianna Halfshav."

See, Hadrian gets it. Lora but smiles at him, one corner of her mouth creeping a little higher than the other, which gives it a slight crooked quality. As for Braith and Theron, however. "I may perhaps do just that, though I expect you will have to dance together at some point this evening." Then she's off, yielding room for other well-wishers and going off in search of a glass of wine.

As Brianna releases Arik the Halfshav Lord seems to just move along, drawing Alessia in tow with him. There's a murmur to the side but if someone didn't know better they would suspect him of trying to put distance between Hadrian and Brianna without getting to far from this First Wall drink that is being presented.

Glancing at the bottle of Fourth Wall - the significance int he moment lost on her, she tilts her head into the whispers from Theron after he nearly clobbers Cambria with a hug. She chuckles, "Well then we will have to break it open tonight," she insists and tries to reach out to take it but there is whispering banter going on and the gleam in Braith's gaze speaks that she is upping the ante an waiting for Theron's return - ball in his court as a smug grin cross her lips slowly. Lora breaks that thought and she quips easily, "Oh do not worry, you and I can dance the night away. I think Theron is ready to slip away with the gift," she motions to the Fourth Wall and steps forward, as if to take Lora up on the dancing right now.

"I will literally dance with everyone at once if need be," Hadrian answers back at Alessia's offer on his behalf. He glances back to Antea, offers a conspiratorial wink, and then turns his focus around to a hand suddenly cast in his direction. He accepts the offered hand within his own, then his other gloved hand rises up in a bid to encompass that one hand between both of his as he offers it a friendly squeeze and an answer to Brianna's greeting, "Lady Brianna Halfshav, it's a pleasure to meet you! I am Marquis-Consort Hadrian Mazetti nee Malvici, if we're being formal". Hands are released and Hadrian's attention shifts throughout the Reveler's Refectory, back around to Brianna, and he asks with bright green eyes which alight with mirth, "Are you volunteering yourself for a dance, Lady Brianna?" The question is left to hang for a moment as Hadrian's chin inclines and his attention casts toward Braith, Cambria, Theron, and the bottle that's being presented.

Murmuring a few words to Braith as she passes by, Alessia inclines her head toward Katya, her arm still around Arik's. "Lady Grimhall. It's good to see you here. I see you're representing the Isles for this event." She says with a light chuckle, her smile extending to Marzio. "This is Lord Arik Halfshav." She introduces them to the northerner.

"A pleasure, Marquis-Consort," Brianna says with an air of excessive playful formality. "I would be honored. If you believe you can keep up."

Arik dips his head to Marzio as they near Katya and him. "My Lady, my Lord. I don't think I recognize either of you, but my like my cousin Mirk I do not visit the Lyceum ward as much as I should despite the cousins here."

"Uh, dancing?" Theron looks like he never considered THAT aspect of getting Married. However he is distracted still by the bottle of First Wall. In fact he cradles it like an infant. "Yes." he states succinctly in response to slipping away with the bottle. He pauses and looks to his wife after a brief whisper-fest. "Ouch, that was low. Accurate, but low!" His grin returns, and he sighs softly. "I will not make it out of this room alive with this, I think." He looks his wife dead in the eyes and suddenly points to exclaim. "Look! A distraction!" He then performs a very very obvious villain high step sneak away exit for the door.

As the talk of dancing continues, Mirk finds somewhere to sit down nearby with a drink and watch the festivities with a detached interest, clearly signaling that he won't be taking part in that activity, at least.

"It is my pleasure," Cambria says to the pair. "Now, however, I do believe there is a dance floor waiting for me." As Theron attempts to escape, Cambria exclaims loudly, "I want to dance with my cousin, the Sword of this House."

"I thought that someone should try to stand here looking grim and dark." Katya replies to Alessia, the amused smile tugging at her lips anything but grim and dark, "It is gorgeous in here.." She then lets her attention shift towards Arik at the introduction, offering him a smile as well, "Nor do I, I'm afraid. But it's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Arik."

"Ooo," Hadrian answers at Brianna's playful formality and more importantly the challenge that follows it, "I like you. Confidence. It's a wonderful thing". Then Hadrian offers a shallow bow before Brianna and a gloved hand extends forward in order for the lady of House Halfshav to take it. Once she's ready, Hadrian is quickly to take long-legged strides toward the open area that acts as the dance floor for the Refectory. Whether Brianna moves with him or not, Hadrian seems to have a goal in mind. That goal is the dance floor. He approaches the center of it, but casually meanders around the dark stain at the dance floor's center. He adjusts his cloak, but does not remove it as he settles into place. He stands with his back straight, chin up, and his gloved hands clasped together at his back while he awaits... someone to dance with him.

So much for Lora's graceful escape. As Braith steps toward her she hesitates, then smiles and turns back with another glimmer of a smile. "Your new husband is going to dance with the bottle? His loss. I fear I am a poor second to the Mazetti on the dancefloor, but we shall make due, I think." She offers her hand to the bride, smiles past her at Theron with some amusement, and then they can go off in the direction of the dance floor yonder. Though she pauses again for half a beat upon spotting Hadrian there and sighs ever so very, very quietly. "A shame so many other Fidante were called out this evening."

"Unlike most confident people, mine is earned," Brianna quips back to Hadrian, keeping pace with his long strides. She stands before him, meets his gaze, and extends one hand, palm up. "Shall we?"

Theron sneaking off is noted and Braith wrinkles her freckled nose at him before coming up alongside Lora. "Nonsense, I think you are a splendid, we will show them how its done," she remarks and then grins a bit, glancing at the others. She boldly loops her arm with Lora's as her dress sparkles and shimmers in the light, a brow arching as she grins at Hadrian, "Then another gathering will have to be had. I am guessing it can be arranged," she glances back at Theron and gives him the stink eye before she is bowing before Lora with a sweeping gesture, "My Lady, may I have this dance?" she asks before rising and presenting herself as lead. She's short - lets remember. Just under average.

"As your name promises, my lady." Alessia responds, teasingly. "I am sorry we didn't get the chance to properly talk the last time we saw one another." She says with a shake of her head. "This is Lady Katya. A new friend of the family." She says to Arik, in elaboration. "Also, you must tell me. Has beard serum been proven to work in any context?" She raises a brow.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes leaves, following Thea.

Escape denied, Theron freezes in place as he hears his title. Then it is a wince as he parses what Cambria has said. "Oooh, truly evil my Marquessa. I do hope you've worn armored shoes? Boots really may be necessary. is there perhaps a live sword you need me to trust myself upon instead?" Theron makes a show of looking hopeful, then sets the bottle down on his seat and visibly steels himself. He steps forewards, and does manage to gracefully make a sweeping bow to Cambria and reach for her hand so they can go to the dnce floor. He looks back towards his wife, and mimes a brief kissy face at her before chuckling and turning towards his task properly.

Brianna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 64 higher.

Hadrian checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

"It was fermented by the most reputable alchemist from the Lower's I could find." Arik explains in a confident rumble of a voice, perhaps pitching it for Hadrian to hear even with his post on the dance floor. Then refocusing on Alessia and Katya he admits, "I have a complicated history with House Mazetti, I certainly owe them a debt of honor Lord Valerio saving my life and now a close vassal of House Halfshav and a distant relative marrying in. I suspect I'll be spending a bit more time making visits at the very least. We are all very fond of Lady Braith."

"I shall stand upon your toes, never fear," Cambria says to Theron cheekily. "I am certain you can withstand my weight." Her grin is a bit crooked as they approach the dance floor. "Do you think we can outdance the Marquis and his partner? Would you like to /try/? ...Or should I merely dance, and allow your wife to compete as your partner instead?"

Lora is at least a fair match in height for Braith; she's a whisper shorter even than the new Lady Mazetti. And maybe a proper foil, less sparkle in her gown and jewelry than shimmer, like someone forewarned her that she might have to be a foil. There is the briefest glance around the room as if to size up the competition before she dips into a graceful curtsey, then offers her hand as such. "I should warn you, I was raised in Thrax, I may not have entirely mastered the subtler arts of Lycene dancing. But it has been so long since I danced for anyone's wedding."

Katya shakes her head at Alessia, "There is no ened to apologize." She glances at Arik at the beard question, looking curious for a moment before she nods, "Of course...that makes perfect sense. Perhaps we could all have a drink sometime?" She gestures to indicate....everyone, really. A general invitation.

Mirk rises to his feet slowly, at prompting from his assistant arriving with a discreet note. "Cousin," he says with a nod of his head towards Braith. "I have to head out, since I promised Lady Tesha I'd deliver something to her, but I wish you and Lord Theron both the best."

"Luigi's been working overtime!" Hadrian calls out at Arik and Alessia. What that means exactly, is up for speculation. Once Brianna's hand is presented, Hadrian takes it. A stomp of his right foot follows it as he begins to shift around her place on the dance floor. As he breezes by Lady Brianna, his hand slips out and a feather's touch of fingertips attempts to graze along her side before he circles around her. Another stomp of his foot and he turns abruptly to face Lady Brianna again. That stomps precedes a step forward that is nothing more than a bid to close the distance between himself and his dance partner. Only then does his left her hand up and place it carefully, but purposefully atop his shoulder. A charcoal-whitened smile blazes to life on his sharp features as his own hand shifts forward in an effort to place itself at her side and draw them closer together. Lips move, but the words spoken are quiet enough that they remain bound between Hadrian and Lady Brianna Halfshav. The smile surges back to life as he shifts his weight, turning with Lady Brianna. The momentum of that turn results in his cloak waving up from where it hands at his shoulders.

"Its okay, I am used to jigs and so forth in bars. We will make the best of it, I am sure Lady Lora," she says with a grin as her hand takes hold of her hand to raw her in and then find a placement for her other hand. Her gaze slips towards Hadrian and the others, slowing briefly as Mirk makes his way over. "Thank you, cousin. I do understand. But I appreciate it....we should speak soon. But when you are not beholden to others." She reaches out to touch his arm. "Be well." she bids of him, glancing back to her dancing partner as she begins to lead only after Mirk turns to go.

Theron checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

"Oh, you owe us nothing but living a fruitful life." Alessia says, her smile a little bittersweet at mention of her uncle. "But I'm glad to hear you'll be gracing us with your presence more." She turns to Katya. "And you. I can never say to an invitation to drink." She grins. "I would love to get to know you more. Why should only Marzio have the honor?" She chuckles lightly. "Would you care to dance?" She asks, generally.

"Well that could work, yes. Certainly it will be safer." Then Cambria cheats, she issues a challenge of sorts. Lose to Hadrian? The very thought is set upon his face. "Very well, I will attempt to do what must be done. I will steal the wife back soon enough, she's likely having fun plotting vengeance." Theron actually leads off on some dance steps he actually is familiar with, though he almost has a grimace upon his features in the process. At first.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Mirk.

Arik motions to Katya and Marzio, "I am not the best of dancers and I'd hate to ruin an evening with my fumbling about or worse make it a family story of the time the Sword of Whitehold maimed a Lady of the house with his feet." he explains in a low rumble of a voice. "I should also excuse myself, though if there ever happens to be a Mazetti gathering at the Spirits..." he perks up his eyebrows invitingly to the group near himself. "I could certainly provide some whiskey."

Lora checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 54 higher.

Cambria checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Braith checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

The Lycene dance may be unfamiliar, but Brianna is a quick study. She moves with the momentum of the turn, skirts swirling as they traipse across the ballroom. She's both light on her feet and observant of her partner's movements and changes, grinning at whatever Hadrian just said and muttering something in return with a mischievous grin.

Katya laughs faintly, then shakes her head, "Then we should make a point of gathering for a drink sometime." She pauses, looking like she's considering the invitation to dance before she shakes her head, "I'm afraid not tonight. I was only coming by for a brief moment. Perhaps another time?"

There's a beat as the music picks up where Lora glances one direction, at Hadrian and Brianna, and then the other, at Cambria and Thereon, truly sizing them up with what is now almost arch interest. Almost. It's there for just a second and then it's gone, the ephemeral smile returned, and once more she bows her head to Braith. It gives time for farewells. It gives time for the music to pick up properly. And then despite what she'd said about not being particularly good at Lycene dancing, she falls into graceful step with the Mazetti. It's liable to be considerably less scandalous than some other combinations, despite whatever she murmurs a few steps in.

Cambria checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Cambria is a capable dance partner, but by no means a master. At least neither steps on the others' toes! "It's not a wedding celebration if you don't dance with your wife!" Cambria says laughingly. Though she then adopts a rather concerned look, there upon the dance floor, and there is something muttered along the lines of, 'Did we dance...?' The confused look shortly transforms into daggers that shoot from her eyes across the dance floor...


"Where was this shame when you sang that serenade to 'northern women' in the Spirits?" Alessia asks with a raised brow, her lips curling upward as she studies Arik. "But fine, I'll let you off for now. But I'm certain with enough liquor you'd be fine." She turns to Katya, expression exhibiting some disappointment. "Oh, that's a shame. Though, indeed there's no end to our revelry." She winks, before her attention shifts to the dance floor. A brow is raised when she notices Cambria's gaze before shifting her attention to Hadrian. Pretty much dancing her way to the floor, she makes her way to the marquis with a smile plastered on her face. "What did you do?"

Alessia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Arik checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Braith lets out a breath and tries to focus, but Lora soon is leading them or rather performing as any good focus of a dance should be when the lead frames them correctly. Eyes lift upwards and she counts before giving a glance to the table with drinks. Oh she needs one right about now. Frowning some she glances down then at their feet and stumbles a moment - she looks oafish next to the Fidante. Her eyes focus in and out, blinking a few times as she murmurs to Lora a moment. She half kicks her dress out of the way which is just a tad longer than it need be.

Another shift and another turn has Hadrian shifting and spinning around the dance floor. The narrow gap between them opens when Hadrian steps out and away, his arm extending to allow for Lady Brianna to step away with a flourish of her own. It is admist the dancing that his harlequin eyes pass over dagger-like blue eyes staring in his direction. Cambria. The flesh of his brow lines for a second in apparent confusion. Then he's turning away as he continues to follow the steps, likely by rote at this point. He shifts back around toward Brianna in order to again close the distance between them as his hand seeks to claim her own and draw it up, holding it to his own as his feet follow the proper steps. Again his lips move with words carried quietly to Lady Brianna, all the while his eyes are turned toward his wife and an inquisitive tilt of his head seems to carry all of his confusion at her suddenly dangerous glare.

On his way out Arik pitches a singsong melody that sounds bad... Someone arrest this man, he's skinning cats. Children would weep.

"Stolen northern women, what a treat
They'll push you, bully you, put you in a seat
When you think you have them, they'll look up and say
I said I'd marry you, not listen to you today!"

Then Arik slips out before people do really arrest him.

Brianna dips and twirls, but when she catches Carita's glare, she managed to keep from laughing. "Perhaps I should let your lady wife cut in," she says, amused, slipping from Hadrian's arms to make room for the Marquessa.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brianna before departing.

Theron checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Whatever her skill at dancing, Lora is possibly more adept at sensing the discomfort, and while she shows no sign of being perturbed by Braith's skill she does catch the frown, and the glance at the table. Aaaand the daggers the Mazetti heads of house are preparing to wield against each other, and there is maybe a slight shake of her shoulders as she fights back some amusement. "It looks like there might be an impending change of partners, I should send you back to your lord husband. There is a tradition to be maintained. Or perhaps started."

"Ha! I will of course dance with my wife. Out of duty, and actual desire too. But you can't tell her that part." Theron laughs softly and continues his dance with his Cousin. The laugh fades for a brief moment upon noticing her features, and then her target. There is a brief moment of fear of the dagger-eyes, that gives way to full bodied laughter as he turns. "Oh. Oh man, have the Gods been kind to me to witness this moment." He moves their dancing into the orbit of Brianna and Cambria, as if plotting to switch dance partners with the music...

A slow clap is offered when Arik finishes his song before Alessia laughs, unable to contain her amusement. "I'll give him -some- credit for thinking these up on the spot." She pauses. "Or at least I hope." She grins before hovering over to Cambria, but to the music, as if her presence would cheer the marquessa up.

Alessia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 54 higher.

It is too late, something had wriggled its way into her mind and now it was there to stay. However, rather than remain manifested in the form of dark glares and dangerous frowns, Cambria has decided she will simply dance /more/, especially as Theron draws them closer to the other pair - Hadrian and Brianna.

Target acquired.

"If you don't mind," Cambria says to Brianna, flashing a toothy grin more reminiscent of a predator than aught else. "I should like the next dance with this man." And soon, soon, Theron would be free...hopefully to dance with his own wife, so that he might avoid this fate five years down the road.

"Oh? Is there?" Braith has missed it all in her flourish to try to keep up with the far more adept partner. There is even a moment when her tongue sticks out of the side of her mouth to focus - that is until Arik ..sings. Oh no. She draws a breath but the words despite the attempt to sing are what tickle her. She laughs aloud, grinning at him and then Theron, a cheshire sort of grin. "I would not blame you if you wanted to switch," she proclaims, giving her a sympathetic look.

Theron is overheard praising Cambria: For Flawless Target Aquisition

Hadrian's eyes widen ever so slightly as Cambria and Theron dance closer. The words by the former result in Hadrian slipping away from Brianna, just as readily as she slips away from him. Only then does Hadrian shift suddenly to face Cambria fully, his cloak fanning outward ever so slightly as he promptly speaks toward the Marquessa of House Mazetti, "You know, I was going to try to justify and defend. Instead, I'll just say... it was a different time and I'm sorry, okay?" Hadrian's eyebrows dance upward and he favors Cambria with a brilliant smile. It may even twinkle and glimmer a little. He holds a hand out toward Cambria while he awaits her own hand and their own dance. After a moment, his stare abruptly tears itself away from Cambria. He looks down to the dark stain at the center of the dance floor. His eyelashes flutter for a moment and he promptly looks back to Cambria, with his hand still held out. Now with a more urgent and imploring widening of his eyes.

Naturally, having no idea what caused the strife between her cousins, Alessia makes a beeline for the table, lifting a bottle of rum, having gone far too long without a drink.

Lora's amusement is liable to trip her up in short order, which may be part of why she finally surrenders Braith as a dance partner and dips into a shallow curtsey for her. "It is less that I wish to switch, and more that I should not demand all of your time. It's been a delight, Lady Braith." Because she really is going to go in search of a drink.

3 Fidante House Guards, Wendy the little brown wren leave, following Lora.

Released form the Fidante's grasp, she smiles after her, "Thank you, I will certainly do better next promise," she whispers the last to herself amused by it as her partner slips off. Her gaze however follows Cambria and Hadrian, gaze lingering there as she considers them. The rueful curl of her lips softens and she starts to step off to the side, a sea of shimmering gems and beads on her dress making it look like a field of pristine snow in moonlight.

She drags a hand up through her dark curls, settling them back as she keeps her eyes on the two, her hands coming to clasp behind her while strafing her way towards the drinks. Whiskey is on the docket but her attention just can not be drawn away.

Cambria daintily reaches out to take Hadrian's proffered hand. Her smile transforms into one that is both smooth as well as sly. "Ah, but I can never stay angry with you," she says with far less vitriol than her earlier look promised to unleash. "Do you remember that time..." The Marquessa begins to inquire as the pair square off on the dance floor, the last of her question lost amindst the crowd as well as the music. Whatever Hadrian did, it averted disaster.

Hadrian is overheard praising Cambria: A most forgiving Marquessa, wife, and partner. Right? RIGHT? I'm forgiven, right?!

Hadrian is overheard praising Theron: Shame on him for not immediately dancing with his lovely wife at his own wedding reception. WHO WOULD EVEN DO THAT?! He should have punched the throat of anyone that came between him and that dance!

Hadrian is overheard praising Braith: Ever charming and unfailing in her ability to amuse. She really should have demanded more crisp high fives in her marriage contract. The Hydra wins this round.

Hadrian is overheard praising Brianna: A most capable dance partner. Where many may boast of their own prowess and ever fall short of their own expectations? She means what she says and says what she means.

Hadrian is overheard praising Mazetti: Hail Hydra.

Hadrian is overheard praising Sanna: House Mazetti thanks House Sanna for their willingness to enter negotiations and see them through to completion. We look forward to a prosperous future for both of our noble Houses.

Brianna is given a bow of apology and greeting combined into one. Theron spins her off towards Lora in an attempt to steal back his wife. He is only partially successful as Lora goes for alcohol. Theron looks after her like that's a great idea, almost completely forgetting he was coming to dance with his wife. He blinks and reaches out to snag her hand as she moves to step off to the side. He fails, and has to step in hurry after her to snag at her hand once again. "Oh Wife!"

A few glasses into the bottle of rum, Alessia's lips curl upward. "That was quick." She says to the marquessa with a laugh.

"Stay angry? No. Just be patient, though. I'll find another way to rekindle those feelings, my dearly treasured wife," Hadrian offers back airily with a winning smile that blossoms across his sharp features. The offered hand is accepted and Hadrian draws himself in closer to his wife. Or attempts to, anyway. It's anyone's guess tonight. His voice drops to what can only described as hushed as he looks back to Cambria. He begins to dance with his wife. For the moment everything else on the dance floor, within the Reveler's Refectory, and beyond that seems to lose focus. He invests all of his attention and self into the dance he begins with the Marquessa of House Mazetti, as her devoted and thirsty for life Consort.

Nearly there! Whiskey is on the horizon and will settle all nerves. Braith reaches for it, reaching...reaching...other hand snagged! OH WIFE. Braith blinks whirls about. "But Whiskey....." she breathes out and gives a forlorn look at the alcohol as she is kept firmly on the fringes of the dance floor. She lets out a breath and steps back towards him. "I can't promise this will not end poorly," she says and wets draws closer. "By your lead, husband," she says, dipping into a curtsey before she rises, attempting to be all formal like now that she's been kept from her goal. Whiskey! WOE! She lifts her hand to settle it upon his shoulder and arches a brow. Unspoken challenge of - do not step on my feet and I will not step on yours.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid leave, following Alessia.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid arrive, following Alessia.

Alessia wields Scalpel, a nondescript steel glaive.

Her partner having departed earlier, Alessia slips out for a few moments, before returning to the hall with a steel glaive in hand. A familiar partner.

Alessia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

"I am certain you will," Cambria replies airily. "And yet, I cannot think of a time - after the One Time, of course, that I have ever roused you to anger." She flutters her lashes at him. "Either you have more patience, or I am a perfect wife." One dares not guess what the implied alternatives are...

However, even this touching moment (no really, they are touching), is short lived. Soon, Cambria is asking, "Is Alessia glaivedancing /here/?" She blinks owlishly, and then says, "Well, why not?"

Theron checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

Braith checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

The byplay between Hadrian and Cambria is briefly observed, but Theron's primary focus is Braith. "Oh no. I had to set aside First Wall, you can set aside mere whiskey." He tugs Braith a little insistantly up to him for proper dancing. He also firmly takes the lead in the dance. Apparently tonight for all his previous treatment of dance floors as if they were plague-pools, theron's dancing is on point tonight. With his wife in his arms, apparently he is intent on making them the center of the show if his dance moves are any indication.

Color Braith impressed - it means she must up her game as well apparently. Around she goes, gripping at him to keep her place with him so their footwork is spot on, perfect actually and utterly in time with each other. It might speak to the accurate pairing of the two as sharp burnished eyes narrow briefly upon him. But slowly the smirk upon her lips spreads further into a full blown smile. She leans in and brings her nose to his, "What did you do with Theron Mazetti? You certainly can not be him," she remarks, her skirts flaring enough to keep moving not really a contested motion. She grins, a white flash of teeth amidst the dusky skin and dark hair as she flows with him.

"They make a fine couple," Hadrian observes aside at Cambria, without reservation or any attempt to keep his voice down. He watches Theron and Braith in their own dance. For his part with Cambria, he keeps the steps in the dance simple so that Marquessa and Consort may observe others amidst their dance. That's not to say that they don't intimately close, of course. They are Lycene, after all. As Alessia enters the Refectory again armed with a glaive though? Hadrian's eyes shift from Theron and Braith, to Cambria, then again to Alessia. Cambria's question earns a brief bubble of laughter from Hadrian before he shrugs, "She's so happy she wants to swing a deadly weapon around in celebration. It's another good day for House Mazetti, so, as you said... why not?" Again his attention returns to the dancing, though he does keep the occasional eye on the couple that is Lord Theron and Lady Braith, but also a more frequent eye on Lady Alessia and her slicey dance partner.

Giving herself ample space to dance, not wanting any casualties among the guests, Alessia seems perfectly confident in her decision to take her glaive out for the festivities. Gripping the weapon in both hands, she begins the dance, more elegant and exagerrated than her aggressive cutting strikes in true spars.

Alessia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

There is a gesture from Theron to his Aspirants, and they move out assisted by Garibaldi to ensure Alessia has the room she needs. Theron looks to the Glaivedancer with a brief warriors appriasal of form, and then puts his attention back upon Braith. "Oh. I stashed him with all the alcohol. He said something about building a tower?" He leans his head foreward to give a brush of lips to her temple with a grin. "I said I hated dancing. Never said I couldn't."

Braith missed Alessia until the moment there is an buffer around her of the Aspirants. She blinks, glancing over at the glaivedancer with a brow arching. The kiss to her temple after the comment draws her gaze back It narrows upon him. "No tower. Just besides you in everything. This is part of our contract," she says, making it up before leaning up to capture his lips with her own. Screw temple kissing or cheek kissing. Most of the other guests are gone and it is allowed. Right? She tucks hair back behind his ear and leans in to whisper to him as she says aloud for others to hear. "So then you need to dance more..quite impressive," she tells him. Dark eyes turn, glancing towards Hadrian and Cambria, a faint smile pulling at her lips. She offers them both a smile and wraps her arm around his shoulder and pulls Theron closer.

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