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Sea shell ball

Catalana and Wash would like to invite people for a night of dancing on their ship, The bounty of Cerilla. Dress code is to be inspired by the sea and everyone should bring their dancing shoes. For those daring, bring along a sea shanty to share.


Oct. 12, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Catalana Wash


Zoey Lucita Lethe Sirius Thea Juliana Vanora Valdemar Niklas Sabella



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Dockyard - Bounty of Cirella

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Comments and Log

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, Argent, a silver hound, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard arrive, following Juliana.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, Argent, a silver hound, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard leave, following Juliana.

Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, Argent, a silver hound, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard, Lucita arrive, following Juliana.

It may be snowing, but it's done nothing to dampen the efforts put in for this party. Catalana stands at the gangplank ready to greet her guests. Dressed in a floaty dress of blues and greens, she smiles warmly as guests start to board.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Zoey sits off to one side with a sweet pastry in one hand, watching the guests arrive.

Lucita is dressed fashionably but warmly. Seatouched wool fashioned into a warm cloak and gown are well intended for snowy weather. After trudging through the inches of snow that have accumulated, she stops, a flag of white breath puffing out as she braces against a post, removes boots and slips on footwear that matches her outfit. A little smile is given at first and then broadens as she greets Catalina. "I almost did not come. The appeal of a warm fire and a cozy seat with blankets piled up around me was difficult to resist.

Wash stands in a spiffy new black jacket opposite Catalana. He is wearing a cocky admiral's hat and greeting everyone as they do arrive. "Welcome to the Bounty of Cirella." He greets. "First all sail ship ever launched from Arx docks."

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

5 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor, Vanora arrive, following Valdemar.

Lethe arrives to the event alone. She looks to Catalana with a smile. "This sounds like such fun." She gives a nod to those she recognizes.

Quint the salty looking puffin arrives, delivering a message to Vanora before departing.

Certainly poorly dressed for the occasion - exactly the same as Catalana had found him the morning prior - a certain Prince steps off the ship's boarding plank on rattly steps, the fear of falling still present on his tentative steps that look entirely uneasy on the way to the foodstuffs, where he finds Zoey. Not that Sirius says anything, no-- he, instead, looks awkwardly their way and takes a pastry along, biting little into it.

Catalana beams at Lucita, "I am so glad we tempted you out. While we don't have fires, there are certainly blankets for laps and warm food and drinks towards the back of the boat... "she checks with Wash unsurely, "Or is it a ship?" Lethe gets a smile and as does Sirius. "Oh your highness. Thank you for coming. Please, come meet my husband, Lord Wash." Again to her husband, "This is Prince Sirius Valardin. He has just arrived from Sanctum."

Thea has eventually made her way to the boat, dressed in a floor length gown of blues. A shawl covers her arms. Yes--the woman is more covered this evening than Catalana has ever seen her. Thea bows her head and smiles a bit and greets Catalana and the others,"Good evening."

Much to many a surprise, Juliana is not hold up in her room with a roaring fire and enough blankets to service a small army. The Lady Igniseri doesn't look amused however at the white stuff that seems to want to fall from the sky. Dressed in golden lace and layers of silk that resemble the frothing sea as she moves, her dark hair curled over one shoulder, the snowflakes settling into the locks like stars above, she climbs gangplate to stop in front of the Kennex couple with a slightly bemused smile.

Zoey looks up at Sirius and offers him a smile. "Welcome aboard," she says. "I don't believe we met. I'm Lady Zoey Kennex."

Wash greets Sirius enthusiastically. "Wash Kennex, welcome aboardship." Wash says politely. "I've never been to Sanctum personally. I hope you'll tell me all about your favorite parts of it. When we have time for such conversation." He offers Sirius his hand to shake.

Lady Juliana is not the only Setarcan export who might find this decktop soiree a tad chilling for the season. The Duchess Vanora pulls an ermine cloak close around her body as her husband helps guides her steps onto the deck. "Oh isn't that pretty, the way the lanterns gleam?" It's a question she aims towards her husband, even if mostly rhetorical. Duchess Vanora doesn't yet eye the spread upon the chairs and tables, seeking out familiar faces and large groups if only share shelter among them and keep the snowflakes from dusting upon her nose and cheeks.

Sirius' gaze hangs in an unseen balance of looking from Zoey to Wash, and he can only but 'hum' agreeably for Wash while his jaw quickly clamps and chews away the food he unwisely filled his mouth with, "Hm, mhm, hrm-- yesh, I; I cheshrtainly hoewp, sho," he assures, lending his other palm out to clasp Wash's hand and give it a proper shake. "It is nice meeting you, Lady Zoey; I'm Sirius Valardin, and, I must say, Lord Kennex, your ship's gorgeous." By now, yes, he had swallowed.

Lucita looks up at Wash as she passes by him. All innocently widened eyes and a faint rise of color in her cheeks is something she attempts to not have shown as she ducks her head so the cloak hood shadows her face a little. "Oh.. I didn't do it. I really didn't, Wash." She says and then with a little grin, she starts to slide by him only to turn and glance toward some of the others arriving. "Good evening." She murmurs to the others around her as she tries to edge along toward Zoey.

Wash says, "Feel free to tour the deck. The vantage is unequalled on the ocean. Except on the portside, where the Carlotta is berthed." Wash casts his gaze aside at the larger caravel and smiles playfully. "Duke and Duchess Tyde! Baroness Saik." He greets them as they get to the deck level which is a bit of a climb. "You did something I am sure Lucita. You just didn't get caught." His tone is again, playful."

Zoey spots Lucita and wiggles her fingers, her smile growing into a grin. "You made it!"

Valdemar nods his head at his wife's question as he steps on deck alongside her. Dressed in various shades of blue, he seems more comfortable with the weather than his Lycene spouse as he looks about. "Yes, they've done a wonderful job of decorating," he agrees with her idly, occasionally reaching up to brush away the snowflakes that are gathering on his shoulders.

Catalana apologizes with a sigh, "I had hoped the snow would of held off for a few more days. It's a shame. Welcome duchesses, duke. It's a pleasure to have you aboard."

Juliana lingers back behind her cousin and in-laws, occasionally looking back over her shoulder towards the docks as Wash and the Kennex Ladies greet those ahead of her.

Lucita says, "wellll." She drags the word out, her amber gaze drifting back toward Catalana and Wash. "'...if..' I did anything, it wasn't too bad. Just don't believe everything Lord Porter says.""

Sirius doesn't linger by the food long, choosing to do just as Catalana bids - with Wash's prompt - to awkwardly stand beside her, a pastry in hand. Breaded and creamy sugary goodness. "The food's magnificent," he points out for Catalana, posing a question for the noblewoman next; "How far has this ship voyaged, my lady? It certainly looks sturdy. Like it could house enough sailors to rouse a keep's garrison, for true."

Wash says, "As a rule, I don't trust anything Porter tells me. That has helped me more often than it hurt." He turns his attention to other arrivals. "Lady Malvici and Juliana Pravus." Wash invites them to come and tour the deck of the ship as well. "We'll need hot drinks if we are to be out long I think. Do we have hot drinks in the galley?""

Thea has discreetly already spied the rum but for now politely refrains. She smiles at Zoey and Wash as well,"This boat is wonderful. Dont tell Domonico I said as much though,"making heresy somewhere the snow isnt.

Zoey giggles behind her hand at something Lucita whispers to her.

"I'd not seen the Duke and Duchess Tyde as we were arriving." Vanora comments to Valdemar, "Perhaps I missed them somewhere else in the crowd? It's been an age since I've had the pleasure of visiting with Duke Dagon, and too long between chats with the Duchess as well. If you notice them, point them out for me?" Her words are lilting light, and then she makes her way to hostess and host, inclining her head politely. "Lady Catalana, how lovely to see you again." There's a dip of the forehead in greeting to both, and then she steps away rather than monopolize conversation. "Cousin Jules. It's been too long. Baroness Lucita, I feel much the same. You and I should catch up soon. Work out something new to play for the right audience."

Juliana glances back from peeking back over her shoulder and arches a brow to Wash, her smile turning amused. "I am pretty sure you were at my wedding, Lord Kennex. If not, you have sat at the house's table since Luis and I wed, I know this for sure." her gaze slipping towards the deck. "The Bounty looks lovely this evening."

Catalana invites the guests further back onto the boat. "Oh yes.Hot toddies and all manner of warm drinks. Plus, rum and whiskey. They always help warm you up at sea."

As if by magic, servers come round with mugs of a warm drinks and begin to hand them out. Then a hand is on the young Prince's "Oh. It is a marvelous ship. We have sailed up to Stormward and across home if course. Though, Wash is the expert on how far we've travelled."

"I promise I shall boast about such praise endlessly my lady." Wash tells Thea. "I cannot promise that I will refrain in Domonico's presence." He offers Lethe his hand. "And I'm afraid that you have the advantage of me my lady. We are not yet introduced."

Lucita says, "replies to Vanora. "Oh, that would be nice. I had been keeping an eye out for you at some of the events and had not seen you to set up a time to meet. I've had a chance to talk with the lovely Lady Sayna a few times though." Juliana is given a warm smile when spotted. To Zoey and Catalana she says. "A warm toddy would be nice, something warm with a splash of whiskey or rum. You know us well, what will warm us up.""

"Yes, if I see them, I will be sure to let you know," Duke Grimhall assures Vanora with a slight inclination of his head before they approach the host and hostess. Glancing between Wash and Catalana, he tells them, "Good evening Lord and Lady Kennex." When he notices Juliana nearby, he smiles and adds, "Lady Juliana, it is wonderful to see you again. I hope that you and yours have been well?"

Lethe looks to Wash. "Hello, I'm Lady Lethe Tyde. It's very nice to be here. I don't often have the time to attend such an event."

Lucita gives a little wave of the fingers to Lethe, smiling her direction. She clearly is not trying to snub anyone or miss them in conversation, just caught up in the crowd where she might miss replying to someone."Oh, Lord Wash. Lady Lethe was my midwife when you sailed us to Saikland for the twins to be born there. But you may not have seen much of her during the voyage, she was occupied tending to me."

Thrilled by Catalana's answer, Sirius' dark gaze takes to roam the rest of the hull's top, studious of the ship and its many makings with a pleasant, but dim smile to adorn his face. Occasionally, his explorative sojourn's interrupted by the rare indulgement of pastries and wine, but he's mostly quiet otherwise. Happy to listen to both music and talk, such as it is.

Zoey snatches a mug of hot cider from one of the passing servers, breathing in the steam and spices. To Lucita she says, "At some point tonight, I'll find it in me to dance. That aught to help keep me warm."

"I am very glad to have you." Wash says to Lethe. "As well as the Duke and Duchess of Grimhall." He nods again in their direction, acknowledging his misspeaking. "I like your dress very much Lady Tyde. I am thinking of designing something very similar for my wife. She indulges such whims of mine occasionally and overlooks my missteps in that arena." He turns his attention. "As for the ship. Her longest journey by far was about three or four years ago on the way to Saiklands. A journey of some thirty days by sea. With favorable winds we made it in just over three weeks."

Catalana interestedly regards Lethe, "A midwife? That must be rewarding work. Are you still working or does your house have you too busy?" Her arm then snakes through her husband's and she draws herself closer. Possibly a romantic gesture or a ploy to steal his body heat. She smooths her gown briefly, "Did any of you make the auction? "

Meanwhile, Thea has managed to get a glass of rum. Making her way about the ship, she gives herself a tour. She's cold as the snow settles in her hair, but she refuses to admit it. Thea looks quite at home here as she answers Catalana,"I'm afraid I didn't. I heard it sold for quite a heft some though. 2.5 million silver I believe." Her lips twitch at the sum as she sips from her glass.

Jules touches Lucita's arm lightly when the woman smiles to her, pauses to give Zoey a kiss to the cheek but does not interupt whatever discussion the Kennex lady is in. To Vanora there is a smile and nod. "I am fine.. though my husband is going to be in a lot of trouble if he doesn't show after actually left the house."

Lethe nods to what Lucita says. "I was happy to be there for you and the twins will always be special to me." She smiles as she looks to Wash. "Thank you. It is one of my favorites." She looks to Catalana. "I do still work as a midwife. I'm both a Harlequin and a healer, so it's something I really enjoy. I like to help others however I can."

"A harlequin." Wash sounds delighted. "I heard of the appointment of the new Archlector, but Hamish Farmer is not known to me at all. Have you met him?"

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sabella arrive, following Niklas.

Catalana counters Wash's words, "You come up with the most brilliant of designs. Though, Miss Petal was a dear and helped me with this design." She pulls back from Wash second to show off the gown. "It is alright? I didn't mess it up too badly?" Then her gaze is on Lethe curiously, "Yes. Have you met him? I have only heard whispers."

Lucita glances over the crowd for a moment then her gaze stops as it reaches Sirius. "Prince Sirius Valardin I think you said you were? I'm Baroness-regent Lucita Saik, the one who goes riding with Princess Caelis Valardin from time to time, and please tell me you were not one who saw that terribly embarrassing tumble I made when we were trying out the calvary course. I heard the laughter but thanffully was on the other side of the hedge by the time I got untangled from it."

Lethe shakes her head. "I haven't met Archlector Hamish yet, but I'm looking forward to meeting him. I'm really excited that he's here."

Briefly a slender arm wraps around Juliana's shoulder, and Vanora leans in to murmur something close. Once she does so the rest of her words are perfectly audible. "Thus do tell them both its been too long. Your husband merely because I miss his company, as I'm sure Valdemar does. We don't forget that when the world seemed ready to either be set ablaze or flicker into nothing, it was Luis who kept his head about him when the rest of us could not. Sebastian I'm just always missing and always pleased to see when I can." She leads Valdemar through introductions and towards Juliana. "You remember my cousin Jules, now Igneseri, but I can think of no man finer, not for her nor in general."

Brought from the yon side of the afterlife by Lucita's words, the taciturn Prince does awaken. His eyes, once half-lidded, turn from his spell up and her way; her face's way. He smiles, sheepishly at first due to the tale, but there's reassurance in the more serious, clear expression he softens into next. "It wasn't just me who saw, Baroness; plenty did, but, you musn't fear. I could barely remember it myself," and despite so, easy's his giggle that comes next. "It is good seeing you again. In a party, nonetheless. How time passes."

"See? That wasn't so bad, was it," asks Prince Niklas Grayson of his wife as the pair walk up onto the deck of the second finest ship in the Kennex fleet, second only to the Swee' Pea of the Sea, the Bounty of Cirella. The pair trundled up from a coach teeming with guards in Grayson livery. It's almost as if someone's concerned that the Lowers is a pretty sketch-ass place! "Now," he says, tugging on his jacket and looking around briefly, "where's Wash? He owes me some of the good stuff for reasons I'll just make up if you ask."

Sabella grins at Niklas and then looks around at those assembled, beaming a smile to everyone and keeping a tight hold of Nik's arm until she gets used to the motion under her feet, "Depending on how crazy the story was that might hint at how bad the real one is." She searches the crowd for the faces of the hosts, "It looks like a good turnout so far!"

Catalana hears Thea,a little late, but better than never. "Two point five million? I can only imagine how beautiful the dress was to sell for that. I have to admit, I am a fan of mirrorsilver and steel silk. The shine is just beautiful." Seeing her favorite Grayson family, her face brightens in a smile as she greets Sabella and Niklas, "I was hoping you could make it. I promised Wash dancing and I think he is still yearning for Nik after that dramatic number at the Keaton's festival." Grasping Sabella's hands, hoping to distract her from the fact she's on a boat, she tells her friend. "There is someone you should meet. Prince Sirius Valaradin who has just arrived from Sanctum. I don't think he knows anyone here really."

"Last I saw the Lady Juliana was at an Igniseri dinner. I missed the wedding announcement but I am happy for both you and Luis." Wash agrees before turning his attention to Niklas and Sabella arriving. "Graysons! The party has truly come to the sea since the sea could not come to the party." He mimicks Niklas' motion, tugging at his new jacket. "We have spiced rum, still warm. Prince and Princess. I am glad to see you."

"Yes, of course I remember her. It wasn't that long ago that she came to visit us at the longhouse along with her brother," Valdemar answers his wife, before grinning at Juliana and inclining his head to her and adding, "It /has/ been too long since I've been around Lord Luis, though. I believe the last time might have been when I was still a part of the Mirrorguard, on a mission in the Lyceum."

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Lethe smiles as she looks around. "I'm afraid I really can't stay long, but it was so nice to meet everyone and see old friends."

"Your gown is truly lovely, Lady Catalana, and your jewels compliment it so well. I particularly appreciate the bracelet, the mirrorsilver sets the pearls off exquisitely." Vanora states to Catalana. "Oh thats right, we did have that recent visit, and yet it still doesn't seem at all like we've properly caught up, does it? There's never enough time in the day." When he speaks on Luis though Vanora presses her lips together. "I think the last time I saw him was when he came to the Longhouse and then to the funeral to pay respects. He thought so well of your father...and though there was little to feel grateful for on the surface about that clash in the tunnels...I am glad Lord Luis was there, for both your sake and my own." Likely more of the first, her words imply.

Thea nods to Sabella and Niklas, greeting them with a smile,"I see you both more these days than my own family these days. I hope you've been well."

Juliana links her arm with Vanora's giving the Duke a small bob of her head. "It's been to long since I have seen Luis." she says with a smirk and roll of her eyes. "He has been very busy of late and I fear that again he is not going to be able to pull away."

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

"Please, Wash," says Niklas, holding up a hand to his double-cousin, "'your highness' will do." Smile smile. Then he's moving in to give Catalana a big hug before looking around to attack Zoey with a followup. But she's snuck off, so instead he turns on Thea, "Ah, Lady Thea. It's always a delight. And I'm glad to see that the nastiness was, in the end, resolved."

Zoey ascends the handful of steps to the Quarter-Deck. She leans on the railing, content to people watch for the moment from her perch while she sips her cider.

"Actually yes...that was the last time I saw him, as well. The timing of it all has become...fuzzy. But I am glad he was there as well, for all of our sakes," Valdemar responds to his wife. He then lets out a low laugh at what Juliana says of Luis, before nodding slightly and telling her, "I understand all too well. Life gets that way sometimes. Hopefully he can make time for himself soon, though."

Lucita blushes lightly. and lifts her gaze. To Zoey she says though her voice carries. "I managed the leap onto the horses back believe it or not, and the bridge and the jump, but we took a break and I loosened the horses girth and like a rooky stupid beginner, I failed to tighten it up when we made another round of the course. The hedge jump had me sliding right off, heels up in the hedge. I never did see who all was watching. But I wasn't the first to land there, the hedge showed plenty of smushed areas.

There's a murmur between Vanora and Juliana that dips low for a moment before the Duchess' voice loses that hush. "He is a remarkable man, the only way Pravus would have ever parted with such a remarkable woman." Theoretically, but the smile for Jules is a real once, the Grimhall Duchess' spirits high. She gives a parting wave to Lethe but laments to the pair she walks with, "I do wish Lady Lethe had remained a while longer, I hardly get to see her either. Though that ought be remedied soon enough. I confess the chill is having its moment with me, I ought to have opted for long sleeves. Practicality."

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Catalana briefly touches her bracelet and allows the light to flicker off it. "You're too kind. I brought some of that seraphanite after everyone talked about it at the leadership ball. It is beautiful. And well. Pearls go with everything." She then smiles to her husband, "Would you like to warm up by dancing? Or wish to get another drink? I heard something about Nik bringing the good stuff."

As it appears no one else is arriving, Wash leaves his post at the gangplank and collects a trio of steaming mugs for himself and the Graysons. "I have no objections to dancing, but a hot drink is the priority." He holds three mugs in two hands awkwardly. He holds them out to Niklas and Sabella. "The good stuff. Yes."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Vanora before departing.

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Juliana is quiet for a long tme, then smiles softly with a nod. "Luis has kept me together many times. Through many pains. I am glad to know he has helped others too though it is not surprising." she pauses again glancing back over her shoulder towards the dock as if hoping his name might summon him. Then glancing back. "I think that maybe, I might return to Igniseri in case he does make it home."

"He meant me when he said that," Sabella grins to Catalana and then moves in for a hug, "Although I suppose he would have said he brought the best stuff then, right, Nik?" When Wash comes over with those mugs she immediately moves to take two and hand the other to Nik, "Thanks, Wash! What is this? There isn't an octopus in here, is there? And Lady Thea! I'm so happy to see you! We're really branching out, not meeting at the coffee house these days. Our secret club seems to be very fashionable."

"He is a good man, a good friend even if I have not seen him in some time," Valdemar tells Juliana, before a messenger approaches him and Vanora with a missive. He looks at it with her, then frowns slightly for a moment before saying, "It looks as if we should be getting back to the longhouse." As they make their way arm in arm to the gangplank to ask that it be put back in place, he stops before Wash and Catalana again. "Thank you for your generous hospitality, my Lady, but it turns out we cannot stay," he tells the hostess before departing.

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"Give him our love, Jules." Vanora responds as a missive is delivered. She steps aside discreetly to open hers but before she's even finished there is a nod of her head. "Yes, so it seems we should. Thank you so much for hosting,"

"Of course Duke Grimhall. It was kind of you to drop by." Wash says with a nod in their direction. "Many demands on the time of a Duke and Duchess. We understand."

Juliana is overheard praising Wash.

Juliana is overheard praising Zoey.

Thea nods to Sabella, amusement flashing in her futures,"Yes well--I do try an expand my horizons as they say,"sipping from her glass. She eventually goes to take a seat, still watching everyone.

Juliana is overheard praising Catalana.

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Catalana hugs Sabella too, "I do always hope Nik brings the good rum. It's why he is my favorite cousin." She curiously looks to Thea, "A secret society?"

Zoey gets a white gold Kennex signet ring set with an amethyst ship from a Conch Shell purse.

Lucita says, "A singer and musician. That is my passion, music and its various aspects. It has led into some odd directions though. Do you like music, Your Highness?""

"Not so secret," Sabella says with a laugh, "And we have yet to form it. I'm teasing Lady Thea since I often run into her and a group of others in the mornings at the coffee house. I call them the Breakfast Club since you could set your daily schedule to them. But now Lady Thea and I keep meeting at social gatherings so perhaps we ought to form our own party club! I know another Princess or two who would be very interested in such a thing!"

Wash takes up a position near Sirius. "If you look closely here at the foremast. You can see the damage the Bounty took at Setarco. She served as a medical ship there, being a leisure vessel, but she was close enough to take some fire at the end."

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Catalana trails with her husband and laughs at Sabella's words brightly. "A party club? Count me in. I love a good party. I hope the Grayson dinner this month to be as lively as the last." She then offers Thea a proper smile, "Your dress is beautiful. I think this is my favorite of the ones I've seen so far."

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Thea tells Sabella, trying to make her words sound reasonable,"I need to find out what they're all doing somehow who know." Surprise flashes in Thea's gold-flecked green eyes, but she doesn't allow it shown. Instead she offers Catalana a smile,"Thank you, Lady Catalana,"the young Malvici says with sincere politeness.

Catalana gives Lucita a briefly sad smile, her own arm coming to find Wash's elbow, "I can't believe it has been three years. I doubt I could be as brave as you have been if Wash was to perish."

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