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4 Your Beastie Friends

Do you have a four legged fluffy friend following you around? Two legged friend flying around? Delivering your messages? Protecting you? Keeping you warm during winter? Well it is time to show them some appreciation. Join Lady Mabelle at the Laurent fields for an afternoon devoted to your Beasty Friends. More information will follow.


Sept. 15, 2019, 1 p.m.

Hosted By



Evaristo Lethe Icelyn Cahal Alessia Caspian Brigida Rinel



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Stables and Fields

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Comments and Log

Animals are your friends and the stables are already brimming with quite a few, at least three dogs, some chickens, the horses, of course. The stables are set for an animal feast, like a petting zoo for adults who just wants to play with their companions. There are bowls of food and water everywhere, a large MAYPOLE with strings for kittens and birds, a large patch of grass for dogs to play with and a large maze with a yummy prize at the end.

Mabelle is standing by the door, well crouching, greeting the little guests as they arrive and offer a wink to their patrons, directing them to get a boon for their friends from the chest, "Hello! Hello! Come in!"

Evaristo is bringing an eight-legged pet, a large tarantula that is currently tucked into a warm scarf around his neck, since the autumn chill isn't perfect conditions for a Lycene spider. However, with the warm breeze of the day, it's not that bad so she can ride on the side of his neck, tucked into that scarf. "Lady Mabelle!" the Harlequin bard exclaims when he enters, giving her that bright, dazzling broad grin. "This is an AMAZING event, once more. I brought little Silk here, she'll be thrilled to see all the other animals," he says and gives his spider a little pet with a finger. Silk looks largely unimpressed.

Lethe arrives to the event with her cat Fireball. She smiles as she sees Mabelle. "Hello this all looks so fun."

The knight who arrives next looks deeply uncertain about this whole thing. But here is Icelyn, approaching as if she expects someone to leap out and attack her at any moment. Instead of a sword, though, she holds a turtle in both hands, cradled carefully while it hides in its shell. She bows to Mabelle. "Lady Mabelle, is it?" She offers the turtle for inspection, since Mabelle is greeting the pets. "This is ... a new experience." Lethe and Evaristo both receive bows in their turn, the turtle held before Icelyn like a shield.

Cahal brings a large, but still relatively young, dog with him. She's a big thing who stands hip high to the tall Blackram but lacks any sort of intimidating mannerisms to go with the size. His hand stays loosely on the dogs neck, offering a mix of security and restraint to the creature, as he goes to greet the hostess. "Interesting event idea Lady Mabelle!" He chuckles when he realises the animals are supposed to be greeted "I call this girl Hickory. She has a fancier, longer, name but I can rarely remember it." He's clearly curious about the spider.

Mabelle rounds her eyes somewhat at Evaristo, but grins at him nonetheless, "Hello Evaristo", she eyes silk frightenedly and bows her head with a strained smile, "Hi there Silk, I suspect you would love to get lost in the maze". She reaches down to pet Fireball and greet Lethe, "Lady Tyde, welcome welcome, please come in. There are quite a few beverages and treats". She directs the attention of the Fireball to the maypole awaiting to see the reaction of the fluff". Mabelle straightens as Icelyn arrives. She beams toward her unfamiliar, "I am, Lady Mabelle Laurent, a pleasure Lady...?". she trails and coos at the turtle, "Oh you are sweet. I didnt think of turtles!", she widens her eyes alarmed, "Cupcake, go get some lettuce from the kitchen", she instructs her girl.

Hickory receives a pet on her head, "Awwww look at you, you are so cute", Mabelle just melts and smiles to Cahal, "You are cute too. Welcome".

Meanwhile, the resident trio of dogs are sitting, eyes squinting as they inspect all those invader animals enter their turf, and Toffee begins yapping.

"Icelyn Acheron," the knight introduces herself to Mabelle and the others with a deep nod. "The turtle is Cat. Don't worry ... I wouldn't have thought of one either. My Marquessa is obsessive about them, and gave me one when I arrived."

She watches the other pets arrive with interest, and though she doesn't approach them, her gaze is admiring.

Cahal laughs in response to Mabelle's words. "Why think you my Lady. You and your collection are pretty cute too."

"She got lost in the Iron Guard barracks once, though I suspect it might've been some sort of prank of her. The guards kept shaking their bed clothes every night, and I was told they never turned the light off either. But, someone found her and returned her to me!" Evaristo beams, and the tarantula waves two front legs as if agreeing with all this. "Lady Icelyn, nice to see you again! Ah, turtles," he says and looks fondly at the little critter. "Love them." He opens his mouth to say something else, closes it again and just smiles a too wide smile for some reason. "Lady Lethe! Hello there. What a lovely cat. We got a ginger cat on the ship, his name is Mutiny. Couldn't bring him though, he'd get quite upset and run off and hiss at everyone and cause a ruckus," he jokes. He then turns to Cahal and looks up. And up. He's a fairly tall man himself, but his eyes widen a tad at the Blackram man with his dog. "You sure that's not some sort of pony?" he asks rascally, eyes glittering. He bows to the nobles after that. "Second First Harlequin Evaristo Arterius, Mockingbird of the Bard's College and Captain of Webbed Wheel. Pick a title or just call me Ev."

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid arrive, following Alessia.

Mabelle winks to Cahal as she smiles to Icelyn, "Well met Lady Icelyn. I think I sent a cookie basket to your.. cousin? Spouse? Forgive me I am not familiar with the family very much, Lord Riagnon?" she smiles to her as Cupcake just returns with Lettuce treats for the turtle. She laughs at Evaristo's tale and shakes her head, "Goodness, Evaristo, you will end up giving someone a heart attack one day. No offense Silk".

They can stand and talk all they want. Maple and Truffle are practical dogs. They smell meats grilling. It comes from that bush. What's that. Where is the enterance? They are circling the area while Toffee keeps getting mad at the guests.

Lethe nods happily. "It's so good to be here. All of the pets are very cute." Fireball lets himself be petted. He glances at the maypole with disinsterest until he is led by Lethe to the maypole with his tail held high. Lethe shows him the ribbons and it doesn't take the cat long to want to play as he bites and swats at them with his paws. Lethe gets a drink while she watches him. She looks to Evaristo. "Thank you. His name is Fireball. He's usually pretty friendly. It's too bad Mutiny couldn't come, but I suppose his place is on the ship."

Mabelle takes a grey cloth toy mouse from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Mabelle drops a grey cloth toy mouse.

Cahal gets a grey cloth toy rabbit from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Evaristo gets a grey cloth toy mouse from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

"She's all legs." Cahal claims to Evaristo "And long hair. She's really not that big." he gives Hickory another pat on the head. The dog herself now staring after that tempting aroma. "She's a working dog though so she needs to be big. She's bred to course deer." he tries to get the dogs attention by wriggling the stuffed rabbit in front of her nose and after a few tries the hound gently takes the stuffed item out of his hand and lies down to chew on it.

A random Rooster call is hears from the chicken coop, but you dont see anything.

Arriving -late- to the event but with her cat in tow, Alessia gives Mabelle an apologetic smile as she enters the stables. "I'm so sorry I'm late. She did -not- want to wake up." She rolls her eyes at Nallah, who looks positively shameless. "What are we up to?" She glances around as she tries to catch up.

Lethe gets a grey cloth toy mouse from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

"I won a puppy in a drunken dart contest, from the Shepherds," Evaristo admits, "a big white fluffy thing. Since I don't know the first thing about taking care of dogs, I let the crew look after him these days. He's a ship's dog, I suppose - quite the leap for a mountain dog," Evaristo says and looks at the other large dog with some curiosity. He edges to the table with the drinks and foods, getting himself a cider and a few cookies to nibble on. The chest with toys - his eyes light up like he is the one wanting the toy, and he shamelessly grabs one of the rat ones. "I, uh, will give this to Mutiny later," he promises, admiring the little stuffed animal before he puts in the scarf next to the spider, who wraps her legs around it. He gives Alessia a bow and a smile, but remains quiet now as he stuffs his face with cookies.

Mabelle grins at Alessia as she enters, "Its quite alright, this is as casual an events as events can go. Hello Nallah", she leans to pet the cat who.. escapes her, "Lady Lethe's cat, Fireball is playing with the maypole. There's a maze with fish and meat in the end".

YEAH THERE IS. Maple found the enterance and now he is standing there all confused. He runs left, he runs right and Truffle runs right by him. Toffee? She's still yapping at the guests. Mabelle sighs at her, "Oh my goodness, be silent, go eat." She turns to Alessia, "Food, chickens - not food, cats, dogs, spider, turtle, and a hawk. Did I cover everyone?"

[add], Mabelle gasps at Evaristo, "You gave up a Shepherd?"

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette arrive, following Caspian.

Lethe grabs a toy mouse for Fireball to play with and smiles as she sees Alessia. "Hi that is such a pretty cat." Lethe tosses the toy mouse to her cat he and grabs it in his mouth.

"Well if you're not going to serve spider as a dish I'm not sure why I came." Alessia says to Mabelle with a wry smile. "I was joking." She glances around to reassure whoever the cat belonged to. "Master Evaristo." She greets the harlequin with a smile. "Oh, thank you, my lady. She has to be to hide how terrible she is underneath." She comments with a teasing smile.

Icelyn crouches, depositing Cat the turtle on the ground, where it thoughtfully grabs a chunk of grass in its mouth. Rising again, Icelyn nods to Evaristo, rather belatedly. "It's good to see you well," she tells the man. "And the spider, too." She studies the choices of food fit for guests while the turtle crawls slowly off.

One hand reaches out to pet Cahal's dog. "She's quite a beast," she observes. "She must feel lost in the city."

Cahal says "Well she's nothing as special as one of those shepherds dogs." to Evaristo. "I'm sure theres deerhounds all over the place. Gotta say. Its nice to have a dog I dont keep tripping over though. Those little ones." he points at Truffle. "They're an absolute menace." he gives a grin to the harlequin. "I'm pretty sure the average ship doorway must be one too." he turns his attention to Icelyn and her turtle then. "I missed your given name. Sorry. I'm Cahal if you missed mine as well. Cahal Blackram." Hickory wags her tail when Icelyn goes to pet her and Cahal just grins at Icelyn. "Yeah. Such a beast that she'll accept pets from anyone. I wouldnt try running around her though."

Evaristo's spider is the most easy going pet. She sits tucked in a little scarf-nest on his left shoulder and peeks out at everything with all her eyes. He pauses with a cookie half-way to his mouth, staring at Mabelle with incomprehension. "No, I still got the dog. He's just, you know, a ship dog. Getting fat and spoiled and likes to bark at dolphins. We shave him when it's too warm, I mean, you ever taken a longhaired fluffy dog to the southern Lyceum?" There's a grin at Cahal there, because he probably gets it. "Once, they shaved him to look like a lion, haha. He didn't mind though, I mean... Dog." He obviously doesn't understand the treasure he won, getting a Shepherd mountain dog. He glances around and when people look busy, he gives half a cookie to any dog that is close enough.

"I've come to cuddle with all the fluff!" Calls out Caspian as he steps into the area, arms raised, looking out over the plethora of animals. "Send them all to me. I will lay down and be buried."

Around and around Maple turns in the maze, and Truffle has long reached the middle of the maze. The grilled meats are driving them crazy. Meanwhile Toffee knows exactly what dogs should really care about. Colorful ribbons. Mabelle gazes at her running to play with the cats and nearly palms her face. She has guests though, "Truffle is not a menace. He will grow and replace my guards one day!". She gasps shockedly at Evaristo, "Oh my god you are wasting a dog!". As Caspian enters, she laughs and invites him , "Please come in, Caspian, I'd watch the spider".

"I'm sure everyone was convinced by the disguise." Alessia settles into a seat, resting her back as her maid approaches her with a glass of wine. "The mini-lion disguise that is." She says to Evaristo with a wry smile.

Cahal nods at Evaristo. "The summers here make me wish I had that option too." He grins at Mabelle then. "Tell that to the man who just fell over her three times because she was playing around his ankles."

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding arrive, following Brigida.

Lethe looks around. "We've really had a fun time, but I do need to be going. I've had a fun time seeing everyone's pets and playing with Fireball."

Mabelle cups her cheeks, "Truffle is a boy!", she calls to Lady Lethe, "Would you like some chocolate ,Lady Tyde?". She travels toward Alessia and settles besides her.

Toffee notices Caspian standing there. Begging to pet a dog so she prances toward him, wagging her tail all happy.

"Well, I tried to convince some street kids it was a mini lion, but I don't think they fell for it," Evaristo jokes back. He looks at Caspian and gives the champion an upnod, and then side-eyes the spider on his shoulder speculatively, as if considering sending that one over at the man. But, it's a tiny animal that can easily get hurt or lost, so it is merely a one-second thought. He lets out an amused chuckle at Cahal's explanation about his dog. "I think," he admits, "I prefer small animals myself." He gives Lethe a bow and a big smile. "It was nice to see you again, my lady."

Lethe nods to Mabelle. "Sure thank you." She looks to Evaristo. "It was nice to see you too." She takes some chocolate to go. Fireball follows her as she goes with his new toy mouse in his mouth.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates, Fireball, a fluffy cat leave, following Lethe.

Caspian can die happy now, a dog has come to him! He squats down to get to Toffee's level and strokes the dog. "Good dog, good dog," he says with a bright smile, scratching behind the dog's ears. "Wait, I've seen you around before."

Mabelle grins at Evaristo, "Didnt you the dog was white? How would they think its a lion?". She asks Alessia, "How have you been, Lady Mazetti? I met your cousin today".

Barks are heard from deep within the Maze and some whines as well. Then silence and huffing.

A pig enters... a boar to be precise. A fat boar, waddling along happily leading the Archlector of Petrichor who seems to be smiling at present.

"You think street kids have ever seen a real lion? Most of them don't venture past the Lowers," Evaristo says with a laugh. "But yeah, they've heard of them or seen pictures, so they were sceptical. You don't fool street kids THAT easily." He sees Brigida there and eyes her and her staff with some trepidation, sort of sidling out of sight - Cahal there, he's great to half hide behind.

Cahal would indeed be excellent for hiding behind if he didn't chose almost that exact moment to crouch down and play tug-a-rabbit with his dog a bit.

"Take care, Lady Lethe." Alessia raises her glass to the Islander as she departs before taking a sip. "I wonder why." She says teasingly to Evaristo. She raises her brow, turning to Mabelle. "I have many. Which one of them?" She smiles.

Chunk, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrives, following Rinel.

Mabelle rounds her eyes, "Oh that's a pig.", she raises her gaze to Brigida, "Hello Blessed, welcome to the Laurent stables". She smiles to her as she enters, ordering one of the servants to stick with her. She eyes Evaristo, "Come now, they are not stupid children." She briefly inspects the situation with Caspian and Toffee before answering Alessia, "Antea. Shy one".

There is a sudden howl from the maze and Mabelle rushes toward the place where the noise came from, to watch her two dogs, next to a crate of meat, fighting over a single piece.

Brigida checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Rinel arrives, topped by stunning headgear.

It's her cat. Her headgear is Chunk. Chunk looks about himself, uncoils from his mistress' head, and leaps off her shoulderto go investigate Oswald. It is probably the ugliest cat he has every seen. Chunk is a charitable soul and will not mention such things.

Cahal straightens up and the dog moves to her feet at his side. Her ears perked up. "Its been fun. Thanks for hosting Mabelle." he smiles to Evaristo. "Hope to meet you and Silk again Evaristo." A final wave and he walks away.

Oswald seems not to be particularly bothered about Chunk's feelings. Indeed if asked Oswald would probably say Chunk is a rather scrawny little thing and obvious not well loved like him... after all look how tubby Oswald is?

Bridiga acknowledges the greeting from Mabelle, spots the Evaristo now that Cahal is moving away and then she focuses on Rinel, "Rinel. Are you still behaving?"

Rinel bows deeply to Brigida. "I am attempting to, Blessed," she says demurely. "I stepped out of line yesterday with the Princess Thrax, but she was gracious enough to forgive my overreach."

Mabelle waves to Cahal as he leaves, "Take care, thank you for coming!". She smiles to Rinel as she enters, "Hello Rinel, how are you?" she remains by Alessia and murmurs to her briefly.

Hickory, a young sighthound, Russel, a discreet assistant, 1 House Lyonesse Adept Guards, Kiko, the Harrier leave, following Cahal.

"Blessed." Alessia greets Brigida as she enters, her lips curling at the boar before turning to Mabelle. "Oh, she's not shy." She chuckles lightly. "She's a woman of action rather words so isn't prone to small talk. She's one of our generals. She's much more commanding than I could dream of being."

Caspian pets Toffee for a little while longer before he rises, stretching, smiling down to the dog. "You're a good dog. Thanks for the company!" He looks around for a moment, humming in thought, noting to himself, "Now I really want a pet."

Evaristo is saved by Rinel, it seems. So he gives Brigida a dazzling, charming smile and the spider on his shoulder waves two legs from its scarf-nest. "Nice to meet you, Lord Blackram," he says to the departing Cahal, and then he begins to saunter around to pet some of the dogs, but being careful so his spider doesn't get scared.

Mabelle considers Alessia, "Is she? Well she did mention military training. Interesting, I did not get to speak to her at length". She amuses herself with Caspian, inquiring, "Why dont you get one then? I am about to receive two more as a doggy patron for a week", she grins at Caspian.

Meanwhile the two dogs at the end of the maze are eating way more than they should.

"Did I just see that spider wave to the Archlector?" Asks Caspian with a few blinks.

Brigida notes the smile from Brigida and returns it with a brief narrowing of the eyes before she bobs her head to Alessia, "Alessia. Are you well?" To Rinel she gives a steady, 'Hmmmm' before saying, "Good. What did you do to annoy her then?"

"I am, thank you." Alessia turns to Brigida. "Yourself?" She leans forward, intrigued by Rinel's story.

"I... made very frank comments about some of the recent decisions of Her Highness," Rinel says, scuffing her shoes against the dirt. She obviously does not want to speak more on the topic. "Oh, look! Chunk is getting along with the, er, pig."

And indeed he is. Chunk is brushing up against Oswald's bulk, purring loudly.

Evaristo is overheard praising Mabelle: Pets!

Evaristo murmurs something to his spider, then bows deeply to Mabelle. "Thank you for all this, Lady Mabelle, but I best take Silk back to the ship before it gets much colder." He nods politely to everyone else, and then he and his spider lazily leaves the Laurent estate.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette leave, following Caspian.

Mabelle listens to Rinel curiously as she speaks to the Brigida, meanwhile her two dogs are silent, likely entered a meat comma

Brigida gives Rinel a slightly toned down version of her normal stare before she hmmphs, "Well... Good. When you are as old as me you might be able to get away with that... but not now. Oh yes... careful he doesn't sit on your cat.. and he is a boar thank you very much."

Oswald seems to be ignoring the cat or rather enjoying the rubbing.

Rinel inclines her head. "Yes... I'm trying my best to obey the strictures of the Faith. Father Aureth seems pleased with my progress," she offers.

Chunk trots back to where the humans are speaking and begins to rub up against /Brigida/.

Turning to the others while she sips from her glass amidst murmurs to Mabelle, Alessia smiles at Rinel. "I'm glad to hear it. I'm sure they're glad to have someone so knowledgeable among them."

Brigida looks down at Chunk and smiles before she looks back up to Rinel, "I'm pleased with your progress too. You've been very much an asset when it has come to assisting with my work around the Faith."

Mabelle walks over to the maze and finds her two dogs sleeping soundly. She beckons her guards and murmurs to him, "Take them inside". She walks over to Tofffee gathering her in her arms.

Rinel blushes at the praise from Alessia and Brigida both. "Thank you, Blessed. Thank you, my lady. I simply try to serve the Gods," she says. She looks at her feet.

Alessia gets a grey cloth toy rabbit from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Mabelle bids here quietly, "Thank you all for coming. Feel free to linger and enjoy the food and treats!"

Brigida bobs her head and finds that Oswald has managed to get his head into a picnic basket and is eating away merrily. She hmmps before reaching forward to raise Rinel's chin, "Enough of that. Look up. Be proud of what you have achieved."

Rising from her seat as Mabelle prepares to depart, Alessia smiles at the gathered. "It was lovely seeing you all. Thank you again for the invitation, Mabelle." She gets a toy from the chest.

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