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Hunger Pangs

The summer heat has driven many citizens to the beach seeking relief in the waters of the sea. But something lurks in the depths, driven by an insatiable appetite and drawn towards the crowded shore.


This is a one shot adventure not for the faint of heart! Come and have fun! This is open to everyone, though there is a medium risk! Please ping me an @mail if you'd like to participate.


Aug. 31, 2019, 7 p.m.

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Nurie Rysen Tyrus Mirella Icelyn Dianara Marian Aethan Juniper



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

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Though the Summer has technically given way to Autumn, the last few days have been blisteringly hot, as if to rebel against the coming cold. Today is no different, save that along with the heat is an awful humidity. The combination has driven many people to the beach in search of refreshing breezes and cool waters to bathe in.

It is late afternoon, the sun has grown orange, hanging low towards, but not yet touching, the horizon, casting vivid streaks across the sky and casting golden sparkles on the top of the water. There are several clusters of children and teens playing in the waves that crash against the shore, the tide just starting to come in, making the waves rougher, and reducing visibility as the sandy bottom is churned by the moving water. The seabirds are circling, occasionally making sorties in attempting to snag crusts of bread from picnickers. Dogs are barking, families have laid out blankets, all in all it is a gorgeous day.

"A blanket of sorts, though it's not very pretty," Nurie confesses, indicating the fabric neatly folded atop her basket. "It will keep the sand off though! I was experimenting with some fabric that would easily be cleaned of ink stains but...I accidentally spilled the inkwell on a bold that was /not/," she sighs, sadly. I've made a few aprons and ground blankets from it at least!" She doesn't seem to mind cedeing control of the basket to the Godsworn. Her cheeks color a bit at the mention of ruining something valuable, and her grin turns just a touch sheepish, but it's too lovely a day to not be cheerful, and so that brightness returns rather quickly. "How close do you think we should set up to the water?" she asks, biting her lower lip slightly as if to gauge how high the tide will come in.

Rysen and Deor make their way down the grassy hills towards the sand. "...maybe so," says Deor, "but there is absolutely no benefit to not having your sword drawn first."

"Except for surprise," retorts Rysen. "But they'd already seen us!" says Deor in exasperation. The two swordsman stop for a moment when they reach the sand. Rysen closes his eyes as the breeze off the water blows through his dark hair. "Gods and spirits, that feels good," he says. The two make their way along the beach, taking long drinks of refreshing water, as they look for a spot to relax amid the people and animals enjoying the afternoon.

"Prince Tyrus Thrax, Sister, at your service." Tyrus offers as way of introduction. To Marian, he replies. "I do not lead a noble House, nor serve as Voice. I command my ship, my crew, and in that case, a captain must be ready to make the first move, despite what they may wish, despite not wishing to be seen as abusing their power. You have to show the iron fist rather than the friendly face or the velvet glove sometimes, for the good of the ship and crew. It won't get any better if one hesitates or holds back from fear of harming those they hold close." His gaze then turns to the beach, as it grows more and more popular with families and various individuals. "It'll soon be quite crowded." he remarks.

Another figure wanders along the beach in the same unhurried manner; a short woman attired in a fluttery-skirted sundress of black-dyed cotton. Small bare feet as pale as clouds leave barely a mark upon the grit of sand, for her steps are as light as a cat's gentle tread. Shaded by a parasol of sky-blue silk, the dark-haired Lycene idly twirls its stem between her slender fingers as it rests over the narrow line of one pallid shoulder. Though her duskstone gaze is faraway, turned mostly to the ripple of shushing waves, she's not so distracted as to be impolite those any other strollers she might encounter. So it goes that anyone who passes by is given a small nod and a faint quirk of smile, prefectly courteous, perfectly composed. Now and then, however, she turns a tiny frown back along the path she just trod, as if she's seeking someone out. Someone who should probably be following her. Someone who is, for the present moment, out of sight.

Another knight who's decided to make the beach her day trip, Icelyn has combined the foray with exercise. To that end, she jogs down the steep pathway from the city in her leathers, breathing deep, even breaths as she runs. Only once she gains the sand does she slow down, pulling her elaborate leather helm off her head and running her fingers through her sweat-damp hair to dry it out. She nods to Rysen as she passes him, one knight to another. "Sir Knight," she greets quietly.

Dianara nods to the basket that Juniper steals away from Nurie and glances to Tyrus, murmuring, "I should have brought a picnic, too." Her brows lifts as he expounds about iron fists and glances to Marian to offer in a softer tone, "Then again, dealing with someone who feels insecure in position and respect... well, they might get the wrong idea if you are too blunt with them. They fear your exclusion and disapproval. Any sort of ire could spur them into further withdrawl until hope of a positive reconciliation dimishes."

A bold and inquisitive pair of seagulls circle Nurie's basket. These birds recognize food containers when they see them. They swoop lower and one lands not three feet from the baset. Beady black eyes locked on the container it is positive holds delights. It is clearly plotting.

Marian is standing near the statue of Mangata, having a pleasant conversation with Tyrus and Dianara. She glances at the mention of Juniper being over at the picnic and gives a wave to her and Nurie who's with her. She nods as Tyrus suggests a course of action, "Well, when I'm on the field and with my troops, I don't hestitate to move in and quickly squash any dissent. Such things are problematic on the field. However, the nuissances of the salon, the political landscape that voices often work in is far less easy to navigate." She nods as Dianara offers another perspective, perhaps why the other person might be acting as such, "Hmmm, yes, I didn't think of it that way."

Aethan does not seem to be ready to lay a blanket down on the beach, but that doesn't stop him from being //on// the beach. Apparently just for a walk, from the looks of it. His hands are in the pockets of his coat as he walks, his eyes gaze mostly on the ocean, though he does look ahead of himself enough to make sure he knows where he's going. Not enough to notice anyone he knows for the moment, though.

"Close enough that I stand a /small/ chance of winning a race to the water!" Juniper loosens her arm just enough that she can capture Nurie's hand in hers, drawing her nearer that ever shifting tide-line. "And not a terrible mistake, if it means we have a comfortable blanket to protect us from the sand. I commend you for your timing," she says with good cheer, a natural optimism. Their place staked out among the families, she proceeds to blanket-arranging. "It's a very great pleasure to finally meet you, Prince Tyrus! You look very much as I'd imagined," comes between the flap and swoop of ink-stained fabric shaken out in the salty breeze. Her efforts leaves her oblivious to seagull threats.

Rysen smiles warmly at Icelyn's greeting. "Lady Icelyn of House Acheron, I believe. It is good to see you again." Deor bows gracefully. "Thank the gods this heat will soon be behind us for the rest of the year," continues Rysen. "I hope you have been enjoying your time in Arx?"

"And this is probably why I do not dabble in politics." Tyrus remarks, smiling at Dianara's own point. "And why one should listen to a Whisper when it comes to such matters." he adds to Marian. His gaze then shifts focus, turning instead to Juniper. "And I... Well, I can't say I had any particular thought as to how you might look, but it is a pleasure nonetheless." he grins. It's while looking in her direction that he sees the seagulls, and does absolutely nothing from where he's standing. They're seagulls.

Apparently not entirely unfamiliar with how breezy the beach can be (and perhaps explaining how heavy that dang basket is and why) Nurie has brought some things to weigh down the blanket--the basket, a couple of bottles of corked cider, and a book. And also behinds,probably at some point. It's a large blanket--beautiful and grey-blue, but with faint stains of splattered ink in spots and blotches that do not add appeal. It's ample enough for several other people. "You're welcome to join us," Nurie says to those nearby. "I don't have a lot of tarts, but there are cheeses and some fruits!" A keeper of doves, Nurie looks at the gulls quite chidingly. "Be good, and maybe we'll save some scraps for you, you big cheeky beauties!"

Marian chuckles at Tyrus' words and admits to him, "And a few years ago, I would be solely in your corner, agreeing with you. But I took the mantle so I do my best to navigate matters even when frankly, I'd much rather be out there commanding my troops." She motions to Dianara, "It's one of the reasons why I urged High Lord Darren to contract with the Whisper House because I knew in some ways having that sounding board is so important." She doesn't pay the seagulls any mind but does consider the invitation from Nurie to join them. She looks to her companions to see what they think.

The seagull creeps closer to the basket with great stealthiness. It is clearly unseen and therefore it attacks! With a flap of its wings it pounces on the basket, sticking its head inside on the hunt for anything it can get its beak on.
Meanwhile a whole flock of birds take to the air and start swinging out over the water in a large sweep. The swimmers furtherest out -- a cluster of eight or so teens and young adults start squealing with laughter.

"And you," Icelyn says with a bow to Rysen. "Lord Crovane, yes? I hope you're well." Her gaze slowly drifts past his fast, up towards the sky, and she watches the wheeling birds as she talks. "The city suits me," she says noncommittally. "But the mountains are cooler. If we're blessed, we won't have too much more of this heat." She frowns. "Those birds are thick up there tonight. Look there." She points at the flight over the water

"We would love to join you, if there is room." Upon seeing the duo of Juniper and Nurie working to secure the blanket on the sand, Dianara steps forward to assist where she can to at least prove that she's willing to help when offered an invitation. When the bold little seagull makes a move to attack the basket, Dianara flaps her hands in its direction and shouts, "Shoo!"

Outfoxed by a gull! Juniper, triumphantly pinning one edge of the blanket beneath bare feet-- she's slipped out of the shoes, on this sand-- plants hands on hips and is in the act of saying, "Yes, you'd all be welcome. She always--" And then, they're attacked! The squeak which follows is inelegant. So too the toppling pounce as she tries to snatch the basket back and away from the gull predator.

The flapping of wings from the direction of where Nurie is setting up the picnic catches Aethan's attention, and he turns that way. When he does, he catches sight of Marian and Tyrus, and there's a lifted hand in greeting. He looks as though he's about to start that way, though the commotion of birds over the water distracts him. His eyebrows raise as his gaze follows their path toward the swimmers, and a little huff escapes him. It isn't a laugh, per se, but it's somewhere close to it. Probably, anyway.

Between Juniper's pounce and Dianara's flapping, the bird is thoroughly spooked -- but with the ravenous persistance of any rat-bird, it keeps a fierce hold on its prize, drawing out a spray of truly delectable looking grapes from the basket, even as it flaps its wings and springs into the air.

"I'd be lying if cheese and fruits didn't sound appealing right about n--" And then the basket is under attack! The prince moves then, to gallantly rescue the defenseless food from the dangerous and evil seagull. Not quite charging with a roar, but neither is he just casually making his way to the scene of the crime being committed. "If you INSIST on being made part of the meal..." he tells the bird as he approaches, intent on getting it out of there with minimal food losses. He does wave at Aethan, or perhaps he's trying to catch hold of the seagull. Alas, this Thraxian does not fly. "Damn it. I like grapes." he says while watching the fiend flap higher into the air.

Rysen turns to look over his shoulder in the direction Icelyn's indicated, and his grey eyes linger on the flock of birds. Turning back to Icelyn but shifting his posture to watch the birds and the sea, Rysen says to Icelyn. "Indeed, Rysen Crovane of Stormwall," he says, "and this is Deor."

"A pleasure, My Lady," says the blond-haired swordsman. "I've heard they've built a new facility for Whispers in Aviaron's Peak," says Rysen to Icelyn. "Have you had a chance to see it by chance?"

Nurie stomps her foot at the gull--though probably this isn't enough to dislodge him or her, as there's quite a lot of good stuff in there! She claps twice quite loudly, as Juniper goes in for the rescue, her dark eyes lifting skyward and then brushing the area nearby--as if seeking out other theieving buddies nearby. She can't help but laugh though as the gull soars off with the heavy grapes. "Do you know, I saw one of them actually open a satchel the other evening, on the beach, while the owner was in the water!"

Marian motions to the flock of seagulls that are moving over some swimmers, "Hmmm, probably a large school of fish or the like. Although, it's odd that they'd be staying close to all those swimmers. Usually the presence of man tends to scatter them." She gives a thoughtful look and shakes her head, turning her attention back to those that she's talking to. She waves to Aethan in greeting before laughing at the sight of Nurie and Dianara trying to scare off the seagull, "And that's what you get when humans feed scavengers." She doesn't seem inclined to stop the thieves, just laugh at the seagulls.

Seagulls go winging out to the waters, and so Mirella raises her parasol above her head as the winged menaces fly by. They might drop food on her head. They might rain down poop. And while the silk of her parasol is rather lovely, she'd prefer any mess to fall upon the shading canvas rather than on her head or down her back. Taking another look up the beach, the woman then looks out to the sea where the birds have flown. The laughter drifting over from the swimmers provokes a curious arch of one eyebrow.

The squeals from the water grow louder, laughter and shrieks from the group bobbing about fifty meters or so out. It's deep enough for them to be treading water, bobbing with each swell of wave that rolls past, far past the breakers.

Some of the seagulls start diving, coming up with small wriggling silver anchovies and sardines. Some of the children and adults closer to shore shout and point further out into the water, "It's a sealion!" "Mommy, I wanna see! Hold me up!" "It's so CUTE!" "It could be dangerous, it still has teeth."

Icelyn idles out towards the water's edge, and the picnic, still watching and talking to Rysen. "I heard the same," she murmurs. "But I haven't returned to Aviaron's Peak since I came back into Compact-held lands." She flicks her glance up to the flying seagulls again. "I've heard it's very grand. It'll be a boon for my family and the trade in our lands, and I'm glad of that."

Finally she turns back to face Rysen and Deor, nodding to the blond as well. "Sea's as busy as the land today," she observes as fresh shouts come ashore. "I've a mind to swim."

Something /very/ naughty is said in the tongue of Northern shav'arvani by Juniper. More than a whiff of scandal, that, if anyone knows the language. Juniper wriggles back to sit on her heels and drags the basket along. "Well," she sighs, "I suppose he stole that fair and square. But Nurie's sure to have packed more... a whole satchel? Really? Oh, they're awful," sounds more amused than aggrieved. She spares a glance towards the water, the swimmers, and the commotion out there is enough to see her climbing to her feet again, eyes shaded with one sandy hand. "What in the world?"

The moment that Marian mentions feeding scavengers, Dianara blushes just a little bit, probably because more than a few times, she's like been on the various beach sharing her lunch with the seagulls. Or stray cats. Or feral children. She slants a glance at Nurie, smiling apologetically. "I'm sorry. I was trying to scare it away. I'm not even intimidating enough to frighten a seagull." The commotion in the water drags her gaze that way, but mainly because Juniper's drawn attention to it.

Aethan squints as the excited cries can be heard from out in the water, his head tipping to the side as he scans for the creature that has been seen by the swimmers. Only for a few moments, though, before he turns back to start toward Marian and Tyrus again. "Your Highnesses," he says, inclining his head to the both of them in turn. "Seems like I chose an exciting day for a walk." His tone is a little bit dry as he looks out toward the water again where the commotion is happening.

From where she stands, Mirella carefully raises her voice so it will carry across the shush of the waves, and towards the children and adults standing closer to the shore. "A sealion? Where?" She starts to wander that way with slow graceful steps, squinting with curiosity out over the water.

With the seagull well and truly away, Tyrus' attention returns to his most immediate vicinity. "Quite, Lord Aethan. Seems there's quite a crowd gathered here, both humans and fish, apparently, to cause seagulls and sealions to make that kind of appearance." he remarks to the Kennex before glancing back to the water. "We may have a child bitten if they get too close, but I trust their parents have enough sense to keep an eye on them." he adds, in the direction of Dianara, Juniper, Nurie and Marian.

Marian frowns at the mention of the sealion, "Hmmm, I hope they leave it alone. Bothering such predators can be problematic." She keeps an eye to the water, even as she continues to talk to the group, "Lord Aethan, it's good to see you." She nods to all the families on the beach, "I imagine everyone is getting in the last bit of summer before it gets colder." She motions to herself in leathers, "I should have probably dressed down but my walk on the beach was just for thinking rather than enjoying the beach." She then assures Dianara, "Oh don't be bothered by the seagulls. Even I don't intimidate them."

"They're very stubborn!" Nurie reassures Dianara. "I don't think there are many people who can distract them for very long once they've decided there's treasure to be found!" The commotion and shouts have her eyes widening though. "There's /lions/ in the /sea?/" She gasps. Because why not, there's elves in there too and gods know what else. Anything is possible! But she herself doesn't get up just yet, as she brings out some of the promised cheese (and a little knife to put it with) and the rest of the grapes.

Rysen chuckles and nods to Icelyn. "It's the day for it, surely," says Rysen, though his attention is drawn to the shouts from the swimmers. He glances at Icelyn with the slightest look of concern, but running a hand through his dark hair, he smiles again and says, "I may join you in a moment, if you wouldn't mind the company." He takes another long drink from his waterskin and hands it to Deor. "Did someone say there's a sealion out there?" he says under his breath.

A sleek head breaks the surface, a series of hoarse barks, before the sealion dives back under the waves. It is under the water for several long seconds before he breaches the surface, a large fish in his mouth. With a twitch of his head he gobbles the fish before twisting in the water. A large shadow shifts through the gloom of the water, and the shrieks of laughter from the furthest group turn to gasps and splashes, "Fish!"

Like Nurie, Juniper is unfamiliar. And that lack of familiarity leads to a /great deal/ of curiousity, complete with wide eyes and an attempt to stand a little taller on her toes, in hopes of seeing. "Lions! Like the ones we have in the mountains? Do they ever come on land? Will we have to run?" She startles then, and throws out her arm, finger extended to point. "Look! There!"

Mirella lowers her parasol, all the better to remove the obscuring shadows from her eyes and allow her to get a better peep at the waves. Turning at the sound of Rysen's voice, she flicks a distracted curtsy and smile his way. Lifting one hand from the stem of the parasol, she extends her arm and points over to where sealion has bobbed up with a fish. "Hello Lord Rysen." She turns her gaze back just in time to catch sight of the shadow on the water. "...oh... and that might be a shark..." Her voice is low and wary.

Icelyn's brows rise high as she hears the Shav'arvani swearing from Juniper. "Impressive, My Lady," she murmurs. Probably low enough for the Godsworn to hear, and no more. "Haven't heard anything like that since I came south again." She nods with apparent respect.

To Rysen she says, "I don't mind company." And removing her leather boots, she ambles out towards the water. She glances back halfway there, and gives Rysen a frown of some mounting concern. That is a /big/ shadow so close to land.

"You as well, Princess Marian," Aethan replies. "I hope you're well." There's a brief flash of a smile across his face at Tyrus' first words, too, though it does fade at the mention of a possible child biting. "Surprising that they're getting so close to all the people," he comments, before Nurie's words have him looking that way, and he looks from her to Juniper at the pair's confusion about sea lions. He starts to say something else, but just then, one pops its head above water, and he doesn't have to! Instead, he turns back, his eyes narrowing again as he watches the creature as best he can from here. He does not seem to be planning on getting in the water.

"Well... No. Not quite like mountain lions. They're more interested in fish than anything else, and I'm told some people find them adorable." he says in Nurie's and Juniper's direction. And then the head of one can be seen, and the prince indicates it with his hand. "So, yes, not quite the same. Not sure why they're called sea lions, but there you go." Then, at all the excitment about fish, he glances back to Aethan. "What's next, a whale?" He looks back to Mangata's statue, adding. "You might be overdoing it a little."

"Hmmm, at that size? Maybe a school of bigger fish such as herring or mackerel," Marian comments on the bigger the shadow that's near the sealion, "It will probably bring bigger predators..." She shakes her head, "I don't want to step on anyone's fun but hanging out near such things can be a bit problematic." She doesn't seem inclined to interfere yet but there's a mounting concern as she watches the children playing in the water. She does admit to her companions, "But then...I'm a bit overprotective. I can't help it since I've become a mother."

Rysen smiles when he hears Mirella's voice. "Afternoon, Mirella," he replies. "Are you enj - a shark?" He says, and, casting a glance back towards Icelyn, says quickly, "Wait, My Lady." Blushing, Rysen says, "Sorry, Lady Icelyn - it's just that this is Mirella," he says gesturing to the young woman, "and I have learned to trust her instincts, even if," he says in a very, very low voice, "it failed to warn her that a certain pie may have been more unappetizing than it may have seemed." His attention has been fully drawn to the water and he says, "If it is a shark, we'll need to get those people out of the water right away."

Nurie listens to the discussion going on, and then rises to stand as well. "Perhaps we should warn them? Encourage them to watch from the shore?" She asks, a little uncertainly. "Before something bigger wants to eat the school of fish?" She glances to the others, her hands clasping a little in front of her.

Dianara doesn't seem nearly as excited by the prospect of a sealion, but she does seem more than a little interested when Nurie brings out some cheese. She's been on the beach talking for a very long time! It makes a Whisper hungry. Though, she does frown a little as she nods to Nurie, "Might be wise to warn them away just in case. Nothing like a bite to ruin a day at the beach..."

The shadow shifts away, heading south, parallel to the shoreline, and away from Arx. The sealion does a full breach out of the water, it's sleek body visible as it chases after the large shadow, which given the chase, appears to be a school of bigger fish. There are squeals from teh children who get to see this, and the group out past the break start splashing one another again. Some of them are diving under the surface and swimming about.

"Cute from a distance, maybe, but they ate so many of our goats I don't think I could find a lion adorable. Is it safe, for those swimmers to be out there?" Juniper had heard Marian's caution and the concern is genuine, though softened by Tyrus' remark on dietary habits. Whales? Sharks? She plucks at her lower lip with her teeth and casts a glance at the seafarers among them. Everyone seems in agreement? So she dips and seizes the hem of her skirt, dragging it up between her legs to tuck it into her belt. Legs exposed, hem safe from soaking, she pads towards the water and lifts her hand, beginning a summoning wave at those still in the water.

Mirella looks at Rysen for a few long, long moments, blinking slowly. "That was a traumatic moment in my life and I would prefer not to remember it, Lord Rysen. I would also prefer it if you would not speak of it again. That said, congratulations on your wedding ceremony. It was very nice." She dips into a curtsy to Icelyn with that said, and quirks up a distracted smile. "Lady Icelyn." She looks back to the water then and notes, "Ah, maybe not a shark then. Well that's good."

Tyrus' last comment draws a snort from Aethan, and it's his turn to shade his eyes as he looks out at the water. He's following the shadow, whatever smile was left fading a little bit into a more neutral look again. "Not if they get between it and its food," he says after Juniper's question. "But if they don't try to touch it, it will probably be all right." Not the most reassuring of statements, but probably at least truthful.

Icelyn bows to Mirella. "Well met," she says. Standing just above the current tide level, she has looked back at Rysen and Mirella and can see as Juniper too approaches. "Seems someone else has had the same idea, My Lady. Lord Crovane." She raises her voice to call to Juniper. "Help, Sister?" she asks, apparently offering her own.

Marian motions to where the large shadow is moving away, "'s headed down the shoreline, away from the swimmers." She starts to relax again since the danger appears to have past, "I think it will be fine. The sealion and other predators will follow the school of fish." She nods to Aethan's words, "Yes, oftentimes swimmers can get bit if they interfere with the hunting. Or get mistaken as prey." She motions to herself, "When I swim in the waters, I always have a knife strapped to my leg for such problems."

At least Nurie gets a full look as the sealion jumps out of the waves. "Oh!" She cries out with delight. "Almost as lovely as the dolphins that chase the ships!" Her worry abates a little, though, as Juniper appears to take things in hand in going to give a warning, or at least a suggestion, to those still in the water. She turns back to the basket, to draw out some cloth-wrapped small crusty loaves of bread, to break and have with the cheese. "A sailor told me once that there are very strange blobby creatures that float in warmer waters that do not have teeth but sting fearsomely if you touch them, worse than a bee!" she says, quietly.

Many of the gulls, now well fed by the schools of fish, rest on the surface of the water, legs churning unseen, as they bob along with the motion of the water.

"It seems to be moving away." Tyrus notes of the school of fish. "And I imagine before too long the sealion will want to follow it, as well." As to Aethan's comment, the prince nods. "Aye. We'll have to trust their parents know what they're doing." To Marian's comment, he arches a brow, but nods. "Probably wise, if one has to deal with a threat immediately underwater." He listens curiously to Nurie's tale, and possibly is attracted by the food as he steps closer to have a taste of that fine cheese and bread. "Jellyfish?" he asks Nurie. "Some of them have a sting that's quite deadly, and remains so even if they wash ashore."

Rysen blushes even harder. "Apologies, Mirella. I've already forgotten it, and thank you." He watches as the sea lion breaches again, and breathes out, noticeably relieved. Turning when Icelyn mentions a Sister of the Faith, Rysen turns and notices Juniper along with Marian and Aethan. "Gods and spirits," says Rysen, with a smile. "That's Princess Marian and Lord Aethan Kennex." He glances back at Mirella and says, "At least we know if was a shark, we'd have one of the most compelling people I've ever heard shouting the order to get out of the water." Rysen makes his way a bit closer to Marian, and says, "Afternoon, Your Highness, My Lord," he says, placing a fist over his heart and bowing his head to the Redrain Warchief and the Admiral of the Stormward Fleet.

There are some bathers that look over to Juniper as she starts waving at them and they start to head her way. There are plenty more that haven't noticed the Godsworn flagging them. Those that do head towards Juniper, ushering a passel of children towards the shallower waters ask, "Is there something wrong, sister? Did you need assistance?"

Dianara glances out to the water and wrinkles her nose as she mutters, "The prospect of going for a swim in the sea is becoming less and less appealing. Why in the world would someone name such a thing after -jelly-? Jelly is delightful. Being stung to death is -not- delightful."

Marian nods at Tyrus' words, "Yes, it's quite irritating on the skin I've heard even though I've never been stung by one." She does admit to them, "In the Greenwood, I mainly dealt with freshwater fish and it wasn't till I moved to Arx was I close to the ocean." She pauses at Rysen's greeting and then returns the gesture, "Lord Rysen, good day. My apologies for not making the wedding. Please accept my well wishes now." She glances about to see if Mikani is with him, "And where is your lovely bride?" She stifles a chuckle as Dianara talks about the jellyfish, "I suppose the sailor that coined their name probably didn't consider how ill advised that was. Really, they're nothing like jelly in substance or form. I never got the relation."

"I think we'd have to bribe them out of the water at this point!" Stopped mid-calf in the water, Juniper calls back to Icelyn-- a little too soon, since there are swimmers en route. But the beachside experts seem to be agreeing the threat has passed and that leaves the little Godsworn sheepish. "Oh, we were concerned someone might be bitten by a sealion. Or that sharks would come in, with the fish. But if everyone's alright, I am very much sorry for interrupting!" And for missing talk about creatures made of /jelly/. Life is cruel.

"Perhaps so," Nurie admits to Tyrus. "Though it's hard to say what sailor's tales one can believe or not," she says, apologetically. "I've not travelled greatly, before we--before my lady's household moved to Arx," she explains. She frowns ever so slightly, in deep thought, however. "But Princess Marian, aren't your legs mostly /in/ the water when you're on the beach or swimming? What if the dread creature bit off the one with the knife!! If I thought there were sharks I might have to tie one on each leg AND my arms AND be sure to have some very long hairpins!"

Aethan's expression doesn't change much when the fish move away from the swimmers, but there's maybe the slightest relaxation in his shoulders as it does. There's another glance to Nurie at the talk of jellyfish, and Tyrus' words get a nod. "Even if it's not a deadly one, the sting hurts like the Abyss," he remarks, before his attention is caught by Rysen's greeting. "My lord," he says in reply, lifting a hand as he inclines his head in greeting.

"It's better to be safe than sorry," Icelyn says to Juniper. She steps out slightly into the water herself, looking past the swimmers, out to sea. "My name is Icelyn. I don't believe we've met." Short and sweet, that's her.

"It's rather pretty, when you see it in the water. Of course, it's also difficult to see just how far away it actually is while in the water with it, so..." Tyrus shrugs. "Some stings, as Lord Aethan says, are far more painful than deadly. Most in my experience are not lethal, but some... Some can be. As with everything else in the world, jellyfish and otherwise, their deadliness varies. As does their size." In case there was any question the man came from the Mourning Isles. He glances at Rysen when he approaches and nods in the man's direction, but does not interrupt.

"Rory? Davas, have you seen Rory? Gemma?" The words float in from that group beyond the breakers in that eerie way that it sometimes can. The tide continues to roll in, the waves getting bigger, about five to eight foot swells. As one of the rollers crests, the water is dark and murky. As it crashes, something bobs forward, rolled onto the sand near the cluster of Nurie, Juniper and Tyrus. That is a leg, roughly severed above the knee. And it looks really, really, REALLY fresh.

Mirella inclines a gracious smile to Rysen. See, all is forgiven! She holds no annoyance in her expression or gaze, certainly. "Thank you, my lord." When he moves closer to Marian, she takes the opportunity to wander over to where Juniper is standing, placing her feet at the edge of the waves a few feet away. Salty water leaks over her toes as the short Lycene peers over to where the swimmers are fully immersed and distracted further out into. With a quick tilt of her head she side-nods to the red-headed woman in greeting. "Sister Juniper. Can you see anything out there." Mirella lowers her parasol and folds it up.

Juniper checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 12 lower.

Rysen chuckles and shakes his head. "No apologies necessary, Your Highness. I suspect Lady Mikani is working with Princess Drea on the Spirit Walker's library. If you see her, please don't mention that I came to the sea without her. She'll be jealous," he says with a grin. Rysen listens to Marian, Aethan, Tyrus and Nurie, speak of sea jellies, but his eyes keep moving toward the swimmers in the water, as Mirella's warning seems to still be haunting him. Rysen pulls off his boots and takes a step closer to Icelyn, glancing towards the lady to see if she still intends to swim.

"Sister Juniper, it's a pleasure, my lady!" Somehow she makes this introduction a courtly thing, even while wobbling into a turn as the lapping water jostles her legs. Wind-whipped and salt-speckled, she collects her skirts a little higher and takes one step towards the shore-- when her shin collides with... a shin. It takes only a single glance for the healer to understand what she's seeing. Far less graceful then, the scream, the flail, the fall which follows, right into the water.

Mirella inclines a gracious smile to Rysen. See, all is forgiven! She holds no annoyance in her expression or gaze, certainly. "Thank you, my lord." When he moves closer to Marian, she takes the opportunity to wander over to where Juniper is standing, placing her feet at the edge of the waves a few feet away. Salty water leaks over her toes as the short Lycene peers over to where the swimmers are fully immersed and distracted further out into. With a quick tilt of her head she side-nods to the red-headed woman in greeting. "Sister Juniper. Can you see anything out there." Mirella lowers her parasol and folds it up, lowering her eyes for the moment. She looks up just in time to see the leg roll closer, all severed and gross. Her eyes widen to saucer-like proportions just as Juniper falls over.

Mirella checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher. Mirella rolled a critical!

"What is..." Tyrus steps closer, at first not seeing it correctly. When he does, when the severed leg is indeed revealed to be a leg, he reacts immediately, turning in the direction of those that are still swimming. "EVERYONE OUT OF THE WATER, NOW!" His voice is strong, the command of an experienced sea captain who's had to let himself be heard over the chaos of battle. There's no panic to be heard in that voice, just command of a Prince that expects to be obeyed without question, utterly serious.

Aethan checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 29 higher.

Marian shakes her head at Nurie's thoughts on arming oneself in the ocean, "Well...if a shark manages to bite off my leg in one bite, then I doubt a knife would have been much effective in the first place. Thankfully creatures of that size and aggresion are rare." She does have to point out that hairpins are a good idea, "And the hairpins...I'll have to remember that for the future." She laughs at Rysen's answer and assures him with a wink, "I'll make sure to let her know if I run into her."

At the sight of the severed leg, Marian's eyes narrow and then she launches to action. With a clear, booming voice the warchief shouts out, "Everyone out of the water....NOW!"

Icelyn doesn't immediately /see/ the leg. She's focused on catching Juniper, leaping forward to keep the woman on her feet with a firm hand under the elbow. "What's --" then she does see the leg. That's her 'oh shit' face: Narrow eyes, persed mouth, pale. "Back out of the water!" she bellows at the swimmers far out. "Hie you in the water out there! Come back to the clear sand!"

Marian checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Juniper checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

Icelyn checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 18 higher.

Marian checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 22 higher.

At the sound of Juniper's scream, Dianara turns her head and rises fully to her feet. She starts to move in that direction, not bothering to hike up her skirt in order to step towards the water. "Sister Juniper? Are you alright?" Then, she sees the severed leg. She doesn't scream. Instead, she instinctively follows Tyrus's command and starts helping others nearby out of the water, using her best 'teacher voice' to shout out, "Come along now!"

Aethan checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Juniper's scream draws Rysen's attention to the severed leg. His eyes narrow, and he glances towards the group in the water. Rysen glances back toward Deor who throws the Crovane lord a blackwood spear. Turing to Aethan, Rysen says, "Any ships or boats nearby that we can commandeer?"

Dianara checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Tyrus checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 17 higher.

Rysen checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 13 higher.

Tyrus checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Nurie checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Tyrus checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 10 higher.

Dianara checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 9 lower.

Nurie checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 5 higher.

Icelyn checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 10 lower.

Marian checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 97 higher. Marian rolled a critical!

Aethan quiets after the greeting, just watching for now. That is, until Juniper walks in, and starts to scream. It's then that he sees the reason for it, and he adds his own call to the fray. "OUT, NOW!" he calls, cupping his hands to his mouth to be heard over the din, the normally stoic and quiet man calling louder and more forcefully than one might think is possible for him.

Mirella checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Mirella doesnt need to be told twice. She steps back out of the salty water as carefully as she can, allowing others to pick Juniper from the surf. (She'll be fine.) One might hear her gentle murmur as the Lycene glassily tilts a departing glance at the leg. "Maybe it *was* a shark..."

Nurie startles as something large washes up on shore, and perhaps at first her mind makes it seem like it might be just a log or large piece of driftwood. But when her brain catches up to vision, Nurie screams as well, both hands clapping over her mouth suddenly, as her skin goes ashen. She jumps at the sudden shout from both Tyrus and Marian, taking to her feet again.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(7) at difficulty 10, rolling 30 higher.

Rysen wields a carved blackwood spear with a steel head.

At a rough estimate, there are a little over 200 people at the beach that are currently in the water when the leg rolls up onto the shore. Aethan is the first to shout out, his loud voice used to barking orders rolls out over the waves, catching the attention of a group of six or so adults. The command radiating from his tone is enough for each adult to grab one small child under an arm and haul in for the shore line. Tyrus is next, and with a similar bellow grabs the attention of three more adults, five more children grabbed and pulled in towards the shore with much complaining. Dianara calls out, a bit drowned out by the captain's hollering, but she manages to get the attention of one teenaged young man, who looks confused, squinting at her. He's curious though, but not yet moving. Icelyn's yelling falls on the deaf ears of a couple stealing kisses as they bob in the waves.

Then there is Marian. The warchief has a way with projecting that makes thunder seem muted. Her roar is more than enough to command the attention of 19 adults, each one grabbing another person and coming in. The confused boy Dianara reached is swept along with the group, though Icelyn's kissing couple, SOMEHOW remains oblivious. All in all, over sixty of the two hundred people are on their way out of the water. The group beyond the breakers are still out there, looking around somewhat frantically.

Just as a particularly tall wave rolls in, framing the couple in their embrace when the culprit is finally visible. A shark, massive, bigger than it should be, can be seen swimming within the cresting wave. Its body is easily more than twenty five feet in length, at least eight feet wide. The skin is mottled gray along the dorsal side of the body, while the belly is a white that is veined in dark, sinister winds of black. Its mouth opens impossibly wide, and that couple? Well. They are just ending their kiss, the woman seeing the monster aiming right at them, her scream piercing the air before those jagged, awful teeth, black and bloody slice into the body of her beau.

Marian spies the monster of the deep attacking the couple. As the screams start around her the warchief goes quiet, deadly quiet. There's a rattle in her chest that brings forth a roar that is nothing short of terrifying as the fires in her eyes flare. The warchief unsheathes her diamondplate sword and without care of her own safety charges the beast in the water. Everyone else dimms from her vision as her complete and total focus is on killing that shark.

The massive beast's appearance stills Icelyn in the water, but in the calm way of a hunter. And her first reaction is not violent. But the former Godsworn knight is right behind Marian, a silent missile cutting the water in wet leathers and determination. She aims for the girl left in the water. The shark may get to her before Icelyn does, but Icelyn is determined to make it as close a race as she can. She doesn't have time to glance back at the shoreline. She just goes.

With wet feet placed back on the dry sands, Mirella holds her parasol in both hands and quietly watches the bloody onslaught out in the water. She has a safe vantage point from here, allowing her to watch with a vaguely transfixed gaze. It's like she's seen something like this happen before, such is her lack of surprise at the sheet murderous power the shark can call upon to rend that man in twain. She lifts her voice to those who can hear, "I've seen shark attacks before. Caina's all about the sharks. That woman had better be lucky." She raises her voice to a shout to helpfully offer, "Hit it in the gills!"

Mirella also adds, "Or the eyes!"

Seeing Marian take off towards the giant shark, Rysen springs into the water like an osprey. Holding his blackwood spear in one hand, he cuts the water with his legs and arms in a modified breast stroke, swimming perpendicular to the shark, and then quickly angling to take it from its side.

The sight of the monster has Tyrus tightening his fist, his knuckles white against his skin. Yet he doesn't charge at the monster like the others. Instead, he turns to his guards. "Send the signal for my ship, I'll gather volunteers." To their credit, the Thraxian guards obey at once, taking off at a run while Tyrus looks to the others. "Anyone who's done battle on a ship before and willing, follow me to my ship. We'll have to wait for the rowboat to arrive before we can help them." He glances towards those who already have gone to sea to fight the beast. "They'll have to keep it occupied long enough." He won't be joining the other warriors in the water. He'll be commanding his ship to get the people to safety.

What is happening in the water is... impossibly hard to see, and harder to *stop* seeing. The massive shark's teeth have latched onto the man, tearing his body in half, as the woman screams. Marian roars onto the scene, her blade held in two hands, the diamondplate glowing in the light of the setting sun. The water is deep here, six feet, but despite that, instinctively using the water to buoy her up, the sword strikes at the mouth of the beast, digging a furrow into the side of its face. Sharks don't roar, but this one violently thrashes, twisting its body, even as it tries to gulp its prize down, retreating back into deeper water.

Marian's action probably saves Icelyn's life, because it distracts the shark from the new food morsel swimming right up into range. The other half of the kissing couple is still alive - shocked, she begins to go under the water. But Icelyn is there to grab her harshly and yank her up, dragging her arm over Icelyn's shoulders to support her wait. She's not usually a rescue swimmer. But she's strong, and turns to haul the young woman back to shore. She comes in quickly, standing as soon as she's able and dragging the dazed, huge-eyed woman behind her. They stagger out of the water and up the sands towards the picnic blanket and the group that remains nearby it, and Icelyn carefully lowers the girl to sit. One of the civilian's hands is clenched very tightly.

It's clenched around her beau's. Which has been bloodily severed above the wrist. It dribbles water and blood into the sand, and she doesn't notice at all.

Dianara is no warrior. Far from it. She's a Whisper in a silk dress. A silk dress that is getting steadily wetter as the water laps against her legs from the thrashing of the creatre out in the water. She backs away from the water and mutters, "I'm not a stronger enough swimmer to go out there and fetch people. If you get a boat here, I can try to help, though." For now, Dianara tries to make sure that those within wading range of the shore can make it safely to the beach.

Dianara checked charm + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

The commotion of the attack and Dianara's work draws more and more people's attention and they are steadily moving in towards the shore. There is a bit of a panic though, and some of the adults appear to be trampling a few elderly folks.

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

After his shout to evacuate the ocean, Aethan's head snaps to Tyrus at the other man's words, and there's no hesitation as he closes the rest of the distance between them quickly. He inclines his head and lifts a hand to confirm his assistance with prince's the stated plan, leaving those who've already entered the water to take on the shark so they can get as many as they can out of the water and away.

Rysen checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 60 higher.

Nurie checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

"Is it old? It must be older," Nurie murmurs, as if to herself, still grey-faced, her fingers curled up near her lips. "They scream a lot more when it's happening," Her voice /sounds/ as pale as her face, but then she looks towards the water's edge, her gaze seeking out Juniper, as if to make sure she's all right. The food forgotten for now, Nurie runs towards the water's edge, looking to spot anyone lost in the trampling confusion, that might be left out when there's so many eyes that people slip through the cracks, especially chldren. Fortunately she doesn't see the shark attacking the lovers, her concentration more on trying to get others to safety--but her theory might be proven right by the terrible scream from the water that make a cold shiver go up her spine. She waves a hand, sleeves aflutter, as if to guide people towards the shore, holding out her arms for youngsters or others. "This way, this way! That's it! Up to the dunes!"

With Icelyn's supporting hand, Juniper is able to stumble and slosh and thrash her way out of the water. Curls are straightened with water-weight now, plastered to brow and cheeks, and her movements are hampered by the clinging drape of her sodden dress. Inhaling saltwater is an excellent deterrent against further screaming though, so she spills coughing and sputtering onto the sands, on all fours while retreating swimmers stampede all around her. It's a struggle to get upright but that leaves her perfectly positioned-- as the crowd surges through the surf and someone's grandma is knocked to the sand beside her, the little priestess lets herself slip sideways. One body shielded by another, curling around the older woman, she tucks her head down and scrunches her eyes shut against the impact of feet and bodies flailing by.

Rysen swims through the water towards the shark, retreating from Marian's attack. Kicking his legs, and giving a final stroke with his arm, Rysen surges through the water and stabs his blackwood spear into the massive shark's gills, releasing a torrent of blood into the water. The shark continues its retreat, as Rysen swims to the side of Marian, and breaches the water.

Rysen checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(7) + brawl(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

33 inflicted and Marian is harmed for serious damage.

The retreat is not long lived. The shark circles shortly and turns back, barreling towards Marian, jaws open wide. One of the teeth is a different color than the others, folded oddly in its mouth. Still there are plenty with which it attempts to grab Marian, those razor teeth piercing the thick bear-hide armor. The armor does its job, however, blunting most of the damage, though Marian's red blood now mingles with the thick purple-black of its own.

Marian lets out a roar filled with rage as the shark bites through the armor to pierce her porcelain skin. The fury in her eyes does not dim as the relentless warchief continues to attack the monster with single minded intensity. Not allowing her focus to waiver, Marian continues to power on, bringing diamondplate sword again to pierce the thick hide of the shark. However, her next blow is off because she can't get a good swing. However, her vicious thrashing manages to get her loose from the shark's maw. She's able to bring her head above water to get a breath.

Icelyn checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 29 higher.

Handing her charge off to be helped away from the danger zone, Icelyn fights her way back through the crowd. She pauses briefly near Juniper to redirect crowds - by which is meant 'elbow people out of the way' so the Godsworn might have a chance to get the grandmother up and away. But then she is running again, grabbing her bow out of the sand, and clambering up onto the nearby diving platform.

Shooting at a moving target in water from this vantage point is not easy, but Icelyn is a scout and an archer. It's what she does best. Three shots go off in quick succession, missing the humans in the water sometimes by meer feet. One sticks home in the shark's dorsel fin, but the other two plunge into its injured gills. She is already grabbing more arrows from their secure quiver, barely looking to see where the others have gone.

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 32 higher.

Rysen checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 19 higher.

As Icelyn's arrow sinks into the shark's dorsal fin, Rysen dives below the water, desperate to release the beast's jaws from Marian. He dives nearly to the sandy bottom and rising upward strikes with all his might into the wound previously opened by Marian's sword. The steel head of the spear sinks into the sharks flesh, possibly piercing its throat.

Tyrus looks to Aethan and nods. "We'll get those people out of there first. If the shark stands in our way, we engage, but I'd rather avoid ramming into the others fighting it. There's terrified people out there, they should be our first priority." he tells the Kennex Lord. "The people we pick up will probably be panicked, so someone that can soothe them will help." he adds to Dianara when she offers. He watches Icelyn take shots at the monster from her vantage point, watches then the trashing of the great beast, but not for long. The rowboat has arrived. "Let's go!" No time to waste, and the Prince leads the way onto the boat. Hopefully they'll be there in time.

Dianara checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Despite her sopping skirts, Dianara keeps wading out to usher those who are coming into shore onto the beach, all the while actually attempting to keep more people from being trampled. If someone within reaching distance stumbles or is knocked over, Dianara's arm is beneath theirs, guiding them until they can walk on their own. One of the little ones, she just outrights carries, letting the terrified child cling to her hip until she can deliver him to his parents on shore and then wade out to continue to make sure no one gets hurt on their way out of the water.

Nurie checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Juniper checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

"Back towards the dunes, now, that's it! Mind the others once you're out of the water, you're safe!" Nurie continues to call out as people stream by, her gaze with a touch of worry as she looks for a certain white-clad friend. She catches a glimpse now and then but the throng is too thick for several moments, though Nurie continues to move closer. The tailor may be delicate enough to look like she might well blow away in a stiff breeze, but she's also /tall/ and thus at least a so-so crowdbreaker. Her pretty gown flutters in the breeze as well, visually directing people to not crash into her. "Up, up, my darlings!" she say urgently, offering a hand to the sister and the shielded elderly woman. "Sister, how can we best help the people that are up and away?" Her ashen face has regained its color, the lady's maid/household manager coming out now, as her dark eyes turn to Juniper for guidance.

Aethan nods when Tyrus speaks, his face an expressionless mask; the man's normal stoicism lends itself well to this situation. While it is unlikely he's been in the //exact// one before -- considering the shark's size and ferocity -- he's probably been in at least a few to which one could draw some parallels. He looks to Dianara as well, and while he doesn't smile, there's another brief nod, and the slightest softening of the expression which might indicate approval. He doesn't say anything, however, just follows the Thrax prince to the boat.

Mirella checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

With help, and her fair share of bumps and bruises, Juniper manages to get back to her feet. She follows the sound of Nurie's voice and all but collides with the taller woman there. More coughing clears the last of the saltwater she's inhaled, but her voice remains scratchy, raw. "I... those. Those who can walk, get farther up onto the beach! Those who can't, collect... collect them in one place. I can start," another cough, "I'll start splinting. Binding. I need to rip up your blanket, I'm sorry." But that's a distracted apology. Her attention is already on the problem at hand, the pair working in concert to organize the crowd into something manageable, the healer settling in to begin to seeing to injuries-- both physical and emotional.

Though she'd probably be quite as happy to stay on the shore watching Princess Marian Redrain duking it out with a giant shark, Mirella does have something akin to a conscience and a sense of responsibility. There are a couple of kids trying to struggle their way past the waves and onto the shore, neither of them being strong enough with their skinny flailing limbs to quite make it back to dry ground. There's kicking, there's screaming, both from the children and their mother, and it's a horrible sound. Really horrible. So with a deep, deep sigh Mirella strides quickly over to the edge of the water, wading into it until she's submerged up to thighs. Then she dives forward, with years of experience in swimming in choppy waters to help propel her through the water.

Rysen checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 5 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(7) + brawl(3) at difficulty 40, rolling 15 higher.

The children are screaming, within eyeline of the shark and the pinkish hue of the bloody water is sloshing their way. Mirella arrives and secures both of them in either arm, turns on her back and kicks towards the shore, not stopping until they wash up onto the beach at Dianara's feet.

The battle continues, the shark's maw opening and shutting, more purplish blood oozing out of it from multiple injuries. It looks extremely hurt. Whereas any natural animal would have retreated after the first blow, this one is clearly driven by something else. It thrashes, the weight of its body slamming into Marian, forcing her under water.

William, a taciturn quartermaster have been dismissed.

Marian is pushed under the water, being taken down to the sandy bottom as the gigantic shark tries to share the warchief. Even as the water fills her lungs, that vicious green fired gaze never wavers or hesitates. Actually, driving the warchief to the bottom gives the warrior leverage that she didn't have while treading water. The diamondplate sword is swing as she braces her feet on the bottom and a mighty thrust is given to the monster.

The furious attack sinks deep in the belly of the shark, cutting it open. Entrails are exposed as Marian's blade strikes true.

The water turns thick and purple black as the beast thrashes, stirring up the water and sand and blood. Things begin pouring out of the animal, tugged by the tide towards the shore. As for the beast tiself, the creature turns, tossed forward and around by the waves. There is no sign of Marian.

From her vantage point, Icelyn stands tall, an arrow held to her string and pinched between index and middle fingers. The string is pulled back for a long shot into the water, but she holds still, watching the shark for signs of life after Marian's last brutal thrust. For now, she doesn't shoot again.

60 inflicted and Marian is harmed for serious damage.

Rysen checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 6 higher.

10 inflicted and Rysen is harmed for minor damage.

At last, they reach the galley. While typically used to transport the Prince and sink ships, notably pirates, it has enough space to pick up the no doubt terrified swimmers still kept from the shore. "It looks like they've killed it." Tyrus notes, with some relief as he moves to the wheel. "Let's get them out of there. Oars, row!" And so the galley moves closer, towards the survivours and the warriors that bravely fought the sharks. They deserve the ship ride.

As blood fills the water and Marian cannot be found, Rysen dives again. Releasing his spear, he swims through the gore-infested water, forcing his eyes open to find the Redrain Warchief. Amid that gruesome haze, Rysen finds the shark's jaws still latched onto the one who slew it. Releasing his breath in a burst of effort, Rysen gets his arms into the space between the sharks jaws, and with all his strength, forces them open.

"Of course, whatever you need, take it!" And then Nurie moves to get to work, helping to get those that can't walk anymore due to physical injury or shock to settle in one place, enlisting some help of some mothers to collect all the children who have gotten separated from parents in the tumult in one place, distributing as best as possible the picnic treats amongst the waiting children even if it means that everyone just gets a few morsels. She's not a healer, but perhaps the same gentle spirit that has soothed many a lady or customer can still do some good at keeping people calm. Even some of her very long skirt and long sleeves are sacrificed for makeshift tie ons or bandages, handed over to the Juniper, ruining the lovely linen gown without hesitation, but she does not bat an eye. She is focused on the work, touching and soothing each individual that she can, the heat and humidity and tears and churning water for the moment forgotten.

The fury fades as the beast dies on the blade of her diamondplate sword. Then Marian feels the burning of her lungs as her body screams through the fog to tell her that she's drowning. She thrashes against the maw of the shark, trying to get free but she's trapped by her own success. That's when Rysen blindly gropes through the blood and entrails to free her. She manages to get free but her attack has left her severely wounded. Her blood flows into the water with the shark's victims. Half eaten body parts surround her. She tries to kick up, but her limbs are not working. A few bubbles break the surface as the last bit of air leaves her lungs.

Juniper wields Hope, a diamondplate dagger.

Dianara's entire body is shaking as those who can actually reach shore have been brought ashore while Tyrus and Aethan head out on the ship to fetch those further out. The Whisper herself looks like she might drop, but a deep breath and a pair of squared shoulders keeps her on her feet as she trudges in Juniper and Nurie's direction and the little triage area they are setting up, calling out, "What can I do to help?"

Mirella checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 16 higher.

As the galley moves closer to what's left of the fray, Aethan's eyes scan the water for signs of Marian, but it's even more difficult to see with the blood in the water now. He turns to Tyrus then, saying, "I'm diving for her," before he sheds his coat and his boots as quickly as he can. They're relatively close now, and he's fresh as opposed to having fought a giant shark, and so he climbs up onto the railing and dives off the side to assist Rysen with getting Marian aboard the boat. And perhaps Rysen aboard the boat, too -- the other man is hurt.

Mirella looks like a wet cat as she kneels on the shore. Children are handed over to someone else who has the emotional sensitivity and energy to deal with their hysterical crying. Probably their mothers, who knows? Not Mirella, that's fore sure; she's done her job and that's as far as it goes. After a few long breaths she pushes strands of hair away from her face, then peers back to where the shark fills the water with gore and blood. Is it dead? Looks like it might be! Are there other sharks lurking around? Not that she can see. So, with all that in mind, the small Lycene raises to her feet, turns back to the sea and then wades into the surf again. Strong kicks take her to the corpse of the great beast, and by extension Marian and Rysen. She took tries to prise open those jaws alongside the lord, then with a tug thinks to drag it back to the shore so that the Princess might have air to breath and the benefit of several others to help release her from the teeth.

Or Mirella helps to drag it back to the boat. Whatever works!

Depending on the success of Tyrus' ship, and the people attempting to recover Marian from the sandy ocean bottom, there will be a great need for bandages, Juniper estimates. Luckily she is equipped with a knife-- a peasant's blade fabulously crafted in diamondplate-- and fabric to spare. Nurie's blanket? Chopped up, used to splint and wrap broken and twisted limbs. Juniper's own skirt, to mid-thigh? Slashed to ribbons. The skirt and sleeves offered by the seamstress? Bandages! She'd screamed at being surprised by a severed limb. Now, on land, in her element, she moves efficiently through her triage. "Hold pressure here," she tells Dianara, all too willing to guide a hand to a bleeding arm, buffered with a pad of linen. " that the Princess? Clear a path! Nurie, spread the blanket out. Here! Bring her here!"

Mirella checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 62 higher.

Though the water burns his eyes, Rysen catches sight of Marian, and swims to her side. Swimming under her arm, and supporting her body in the water, Rysen kicks upward with a desperate burst of energy that causes both warriors to breach the water. "Aethan!" Ryesn calls out, as Mirella breaks the surface of the water beside them. He helps Marian to Aethan and can't help but smile to see the Redrain leader take a breath.

"Oars, stop!" Tyrus commands when they've reached the rest of the survivours. Ropes are thrown overboard and people, as efficiently as possible, are brought onto the ship. To Aethan, he nods, and orders a rope to be ready to bring him, Marian and Rysen back up when they're found. As he continues to watch further people being brought aboard, and the progress being made to get the shark's body closer. "Get the hooks, make sure it doesn't float away." he orders.

With the shark clearly dead, Icelyn rapidly unstrings her bow and scrambles down from the platform. She looks between the drama out in the waves and the wounded and shocked on shore, lower lips held between her teeth. Then she runs for the triage area. The body of the shark holds very little interest for her, and she can tell she'd get in the way of the boat rescue. But here, she can be useful.

Kicking up sand behind her she slides to a stop and drops to her knees beside Nurie. She's not dressed in fine silks that could be used for bandages, but she's got two good hands. She takes over the next pressure pad from Juniper without needing to be asked, nodding to the Mercy. "Go on," she says. "I've got this one." She's worked with them enough to understand this. Hold and elevate and keep your mouth shut so Juniper can work. That's what she does.

The remains of the blanket are spread and weighted, for a makeshift place to lay the princess that won't involve rubbing /sand/ in the wound at least. And Nurie tries to stay out of the way unless given instructions, lending mostly her quiet and gentle presence. At least she's deft at removing both clothing and armor quickly as needed for treatment, and seems to have an eye for keeping the workspace clean and uncluttered.

Dianara applies pressure exactly where she is instructed. She smiles down at the owner of said bleeding arm, giving them a gentle smile as she murmurs in a low, soothing voice, "Don't you worry a bit now. Sister Juniper is one of the best healers I've ever met in my life. I heard that, once, during a particularly nasty fight over a pair of slippers at the Whisper House, someone sustained some rather nasty claw marks right to the face and she managed to heal them right up. Didn't even leave a scar. You are in -wonderful- hands."

As Tyrus' ship casts out its lines, Rysen takes hold of one, blinking rapidly and wiping his eyes fruitlessly to try and get a better sense of what's happening around him. He begins to pull himself closer to the deck.

Aethan hears Rysen's call, and he starts swimming that way with sure strokes of someone who's spent his whole life around -- or indeed in -- water. He helps Rysen get Marian out, looking around to make sure there's no one left before he begins to haul himself back up aboard the ship as well. Bloody, though. Sorry, Tyrus.

Marian is overheard praising Reigna: Great PrP

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