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Igniseri Family Dinner XIII

House Igniseri invites you to attend an informal family dinner, hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and the Igniseri Family. This dinner is open to any who wish to attend.


Aug. 29, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

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Ian Zoey Videl Silvio Alessia Juliana Catalana Wash Miranda




Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Zoey arrives, following Ian.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard, Argent, a silver hound arrive, following Juliana.

Dinner is set up as it normally would be, with the tables piled high with foods of all sorts. Tonight, there is a medley of desires, something from every fealty. Quenia greets any of the guests that arrive as they come, as she's giving out last minute instructions to servers to see about getting drinks and such ready for those arriving.

Ian actually comes in through a door like a normal person, keeping a close eye on his footsteps while he walks. When he looks up to look around, there's a hint of strain on his face that makes his rough features look rougher than usual.

Zoey enters with Ian, her face alight with her customary warm smile.

Videl almost skipped out on this. Today's a bad day, so when she enters the great hall she's leaning on her assistant. She's pale even by her usual standards, and when she sits down she has no energy, but she forces a smile and nods in greeting to those already here. "Quenia." She greets first, then, "Lord Ian, Lady Zoey." A pause, "How do you do?"

Silvio arrives, sans Lysander, but with no apparent shame about it. "Good evening, good evening." He's got an amiable air about him this evening, without seeming to be unusually dressed, or overly showy.

"Lord Ian, Lady Zoey!" Quenia exclaims as she finishes chatting with the staff. "It's so wonderful to see you. Do please come in and make yourselves comfortable. Anywhere at the table really." She motions them through and points over at the table. Her eyes then fall on Videl, and she gives her cousin a warm smile. "Cousin," she greets her. She then turns her attention on Silvio, and her smile warms. "Prince Silvio, it's good to see you gracing our halls again."

Ian bows his head to Quenia first: "Marquessa." And then he nods to Videl. "Lady Videl." Moving with his odd, mechanical walk, he goes over to take a seat, looking back at Zoey to see if she's following, like she might realistically turn around and run off or something.

Arriving shortly after Silvio, Alessia smiles warmly to the hostess first. "Good evening, Marquessa. Thank you for the invitation." She turns to those in the hall. "My lords, my ladies. It's good to see you." Her gaze falls on Ian and Zoey. "I had not expected to see you here. A pleasure none the less."

Zoey returns the greetings with smiles and curtseys, then takes a seat beside where she anticipates Ian will. She turns to Videl and answers. "Quite well! Aside from the weather, at least." She grins. "And how does this evening find you?"

2 Kennex corsairs arrives, following Catalana.

Catalana arrives, following Wash.

Silvio grinnns when Quenia calls him a prince. He leans in and kisses her cheek. "This is why I adore you. It is my pleasure to be here. Igniseri is, indeed, neighbors in Arx to the Rubino manor, and I am fond of its members."

Ian is actually dressed up (ish) for this event! In the sense that he's not wearing beat up old armor! And he has a clean shirt on! A clean shirt that doesn't have sweat stains! He takes a seat in all his dressed up (ish) glory.

"... if he is late, he can see her in the morning. I will peek in after dinner." Juliana's conversation ending just as she reaches the door and the nurse, carrying the dark haired moppet and had been on her heels, curtseys and turns to go instead of following Jules into the great hall. Juliana however continues in, the woman gowned in creamy colored silk, embroidered with deep colors of summer berries and vines. Pausing to see who has arrived and not seeing her husband sighs with a slight shake of her head. However, Quenia gets a nod and smile, Jules not interupting the conversations with the Marquessa's guests. Instead circles the table, pausing at Ian and Zoey, to nod to the lord, drop a kiss to Zoey's cheek without a word before she keeps moving, where? To Silvio off course, hand sliding onto his arm, seems the Prince has been elected escort.

Catalana has no clue what is going on. She was busy working when Wash just dragged him off away and brought her here. She didn't even have time to change into something more dinner appropriate. For that, he gets some serious side eye.

"You are quite welcome, Lady Alessia," Quenia greets the Mazetti noblewoman. "Do please make yourself comfortable," she reiterates. Clearly, she totally forgot about Silvio's lack of a princely title, but then she's been holed up in her house and busy of late. Shh! Don't tell Rubino-Zaffria! "I'm rather glad to see you. There should be a few favorites on the table for you," she confides in Silvio. She then looks over at Juliana, and a wide smile brims upon her lips. "I take it Luis is out busy doing Luis things again?" she asks her cousin-in-law. "Does he have any time at all to dote on his daughter?" she wonders, wiggling her fingers at Bastian.

The dress Catalana is wearing is the first one he bought for her in Arx, and fittingly, Quenia was the first Lycene whose acquaintance he made in Arx. He seems exuberantly overjoyed to once again be attending on Marquessa Quenia. "My Lady." He says, after being introduced with Catalana on his elbow. "Do I hear right, Luis is absent this evening? I am very disappointed. He is the highlight of every Igniseri dinner, after the matron, the daughters, the dinner and the delights. In that order." He hands off his hat and gloves and approaches, offering the Marquessa a deep bow, and a token of his appreciation, literally.

Wash 1-wave

"I didn't think I'd ever see you without your coat, my lord." Alessia says with an amused smile as she appraises Ian's garb. At Wash and Catalana's entrance, she smiles warmly with her greeting. "My lord, my lady."

"Well, Lord Wash, you'll have to settle for doting on his daughter, and Lady Juliana, of course." Quenia notes to Wash, offering him and Catalana both a warm smile as they arrive. Once all the greetings are done, she makes her way over to the table and takes a seat. "I certainly hope everyone has come prepared to tell a story or two this evening, or at least fill me in on what it is you've been doing. I'm afraid I haven't been able to get out and about as often as I would have liked and I'm behind on all the latest gossip and goings on. Things in Granato have been busy ever since sending the architects and builders that way to start building our agricultural center."

Ian looks down at himself. "Yeah," he says to Alessia. He rolls his shoulders once, and stretches his right arm, probably also not used to not feeling the fencer's spaulder strapped to it. "Seemed a little beat up for a nice dinner."

Silvio slips away from Quenia and wiggles his fingers at the treats on the table. "Ohhh,how excellent. This all shall be delicious. Of course, we shall be delighted to catch you up...and tell a story or two." As others arrive, he bows his head and introduces himself. "I am Lord Silvio Rubino.."

"Luis? No he said he would try to make it back in time for dinner. No doubt there is something that cropped up." Juliana shrugs a little, more than used to her husband's hectic schedule. "And he spends time with Bastian every morning.. Though.." her tone turning a touch dry, amusment warming her eyes. "I fear I might need to find a new nurse if he keeps walking into the nursery naked." Then pats Silvio's arm. "So Silvio is going to keep me out of trouble this evening. Isn't that so my Prince?" smiling to the man who's arm she claimed.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrive, following Miranda.

"The compact continues to exist, so I suppose I am fine." Videl answers Zoey. Glancing to other arrivals, "Lady Alessia, Lord Silvio, Lady Catalana. Lord Wash." She greets them in turn, clearly having some trouble raising her voice.

Miranda enters the great hall, gesturing idly to her entourage to leave her. The guards stand by the door and Brenlin steps out to go find something to do. Miranda glances about as she enters, for a moment, just a bit wide-eyed and looking, frankly, like she might turn around and chase after her aide. Dear caught in headlights. Yup. It's a PARTY, but she is all dressed up.

Catalana smiles warmly at the hostess "It's a pleasure to see you again and thank you for the invitation." A glance again at Wash, was there an invitation? lets hope so. Spotting her cousin and wife she goes to sit with them, but pauses to remark on Ian's appearance "Oh. You've lost your coat? You look lovely tonight."

Wash leads Catalana over, making introductions. "Now Lady Juliana, you are looking wonderful. I'm glad you found a home in House Igniseri. Such generosity and conviviality I have never seen the like." He is seated after Catalana, just to her right. "I look forward to our continued collaborations." He says to Quenia. "Even if it is something as simple as shucking oysters." There may not have been an invitation. He's run roughshod over that in the past.

"I mean, it's not lost." Is there wine? If there is wine, Ian is definitely going to be drinking some. Because it's looking like it's going to be one of those nights. "It's back home." He nods to Miranda when she comes in.

"Hanging safely," Zoey adds with a good-natured smile. "Don't worry, he'll probably have it back on as soon as we're home."

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There is always wine in House Igniseri. In fact, several of the Igniseri wines are being served already by the staff. They go around asking the guests what their favorites are, pointing to the liquor cabinet for those who aren't certain what Igniseri produces. "I am quite looking forward to the venture we're planning in the future, but we'll speak more of that at another time," Quenia tells Wash, now that she's all settled at the table. She grins between Ian and Zoey. "Sometimes it's nice to shake off the mantle of our every day things and try something new, even if it makes us uncomfortable. You look quite nice, Lord Ian." Something Wash says catches her attention and she blinks, giving Videl an extremely curious look.

Miranda gets one of those emergency missives so she can't even linger to greet the hostess... aw well..

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat leave, following Miranda.

Settling in beside the hostess and Kennexes, Alessia too seems keen for the wine, though her spirits are as high as when she entered. Glancing up as Miranda enters, her smile brightens, though the Rubino disappears just as quickly.

Ian is not good at wines, so hopefully one of the servants will take pity and just pick something for him.

Videl raises her eyebrow at Quenia's curious look. "Is something the matter, Quenia?" She asks simply.

Zoey sees the 'I need a drink' look on her husband's face and signals a server. "Something dry and red. Two glasses."

A server places a glass of white wine on the table in front of Alessia at her request. "Wastrels in the Lyceum?" She asks, curiously, glancing between Quenia and Wash.

Another server stops by Ian and Zoey, leaving glasses of dark red wine in front of them. Zoey takes a sip from hers.

Catalana collects a glass of wine herself and listens in, joking or course "Aren't all in the lyceum wastrels?"

"Wastrels at sea." Wash clarifies. "There is nothing so perfect to distinguish men of character than to test their mettle at sea. If they have the strength of character, presence of mind, and confidence of spirit to overcome close quarters, bland food, unending labor and a lack of diversion, they are anything but wastrels. But in general, those that are, are caught out quite quickly. The trick is making sure they don't infect others with their less savory behavior."

Lips curling at Catalana's remark, Alessia nods. "Indeed. It's why we have a heirarchy." She inclines her head to Juliana. "Such as different terms." She takes a drink from her glass.

With wine in hand at last, Ian settles in to drink it and listen to the conversation. His sharp eyes move from person to person, taking in details, a casual gesture, the direction of a gaze.

Wash says, "What comes between scoundrel and wastrel?"

Catalana immediately answers "Lord Wash."

Zoey claps her hand over her mouth at Catalana's reply.

Quenia is in the midst of sipping her own glass of wine when Catalana responds to Wash. She ends up spluttering wine all over the table.

"Oh." Wash says. "Well. It's refreshing to know my place." He reaches for a glass of wine to soothe that vicious burn.

Ian makes a coughing sort of sound into his wine that might be a supressed laugh.

"A rogue." Alessia answers though amused by the interjection.

Juliana chuckles, taking a sip of her drink, brows arched slightly at the Kennex clan across the table. "If you need examples of each, I am sure we can enlighten. "Sebastian is clearly a wastrel... Luis, a scoundrel.."

Catalana smiles apologetically at her husband, "I am sorry. It just slipped out." She does however consider Wash, "You could be a rouge, or a scallywag? Is that better?"

"Scoundrel. Rogue. Wastrel. I assume there are yet more titles in both directions. So I find myself fairly in the middle of the pack?" Wash asks hopefully. "I'd object to being lumped in with scallywag. That's a sailing term we use for the mop that cleans off the poop deck."

Quenia daintily wipes at her lips with her napkin, this time hiding her amusement behind it as Catalana continues. After a few moments, she comes to the rescue. "Lord Wash, what sort of stories do you have to tell with regards to yourself or the world beyond?" she wonders. "Choose one, give the tale, and then pick someone to go next."

Wash is overheard praising Quenia: My first, best and favorite host in the Lyceum.

Wash is overheard praising Catalana: So quick of wit her tongue leaves rope burns instead of lashes.

"Reprobate is a special tier." Alessia adds to the rankings with a faint smile. To Quenia's suggestion of story telling, she turns to Wash, intrigued.

Wash is overjoyed to share a tale. "I haven't been on many adventures recently. But I heard a sad tale that I would relate. It happened in a Thrax province. One where the thralls were not so well treated. They were in fact, so oppressed that those that turned to banditry were held up as heroes against their overlords. In this particular instance, just one such bandit came across the Captain of a vessel, who was much laden down with the treasures he had acquired in reaving, and being in an advantageous position, relieved the Captain of his valuables." Wash sips his drink. "He had been long away from his home, but figured that bringing that wealth to the thralls he had left behind would surely heal some of the afflictions they suffered under. So he sneaked back into their homestead and spread that wealth around. Convinced that the thralls would see him as benefactor, he took his rest there, in the same chamber where he had slept before turning bandit. Only he awakened to find the very same Captain standing over him. His own lover had turned him in." Wash says, musing sadly. "What could cause her to take that action will never be known. She disappeared before her his neck snapped on the gallows." Wash is silent for a moment. "Sorry. I suppose that's not really the sort of story we should hope for tonight, is it? Lady Mazetti. Perhaps you have one more lively?"

Quenia listens attentively to Wash's story. "Well, er... that was indeed an interesting story, Lord Wash. Thank you for sharing it." She glances over at Alessia, then, to see what she has to offer now that she's been selected to go next.

Interested in the tale told, Alessia tilts her head in thought. "She didn't like that he wanted to spread the wealth potentially?" Raising her brows as she's called upon to tell the next tale, clearly not prepared for it, she glances around the table. "Oh. Well. The most memorable tale I've heard, of late involves... crabs. But that doesn't fall under the category of 'lively'." Her lips curl as she thinks of something 'upbeat'. "A certain lord has apparently been commissioning an endless line of canes for Blessed Brigida and calling upon some poor smith who had -no clue- what he was getting himself into, to send them to her. She wasn't especially pleased."

Ian gives Wash a puzzled look when he tells his story, and then shifts his attention to Alessia and quirks an eyebrow.

Quenia winces slightly at that, familiar with Brigidia's disposition. "I feel for the man, though I suppose if he kept sending things to her that he quite deserved it. Did they ever find her real cane?"

Juliana is overheard praising Wash: For starting things off... right.

Catalana winces too, "Is that why she is in a particularly foul mood of late?"

"High Hill would put anyone in a foul mood." Wash comments. "I can't blame her for biting our heads off."

Zoey sips her wine a bit faster than she normally would at the last part of Wash's story.

"No, one can not blame her. I believe you need to pick the next person, Alessia." Juliana smiles as she takes a drink.

"I'm not certain." Alessia says of the cane, taking another drink. "Mistress Josephine offered quite the reward if I recall correctly. I'd be surprised if she hadn't gotten it back." She nods at the comment on High Hill, grimacing somewhat. "Lady Juliana." She chooses with a smile.

Wash says, "Rapscallions!" Wash bursts out. "Above or below Scoundrel?""

Catalana is the one to lose her composure is she snorts into her drink at Wash's sudden outburst.

"Less common word, I'd say above," replies Zoey.

Quenia chuckles softly at Wash's outburst, her eyes dancing with merriment. She looks back to Juliana as she gives her story, her expression warming. "That's a lovely tale from your childhood, and a memory of your Uncle. It sounds like you and Lord Sebastian had quite the adventure!" she exclaims the latter. "Who do you choose to go after you?"

Ian looks decidedly dubious about at least the tail end of Juliana's story, but he doesn't actually say anything.

"Above. Those are somewhat prized, no end to their entertainment value." Alessia responds to Wash's query as though there was any evidential bases to her statement. To Juliana's story, her mien does warm. "That was a lovely story. It's nice to have fond memories of passed loved ones to return to from time to time." She says in agreement with Quenia. She turns to Ian, awaiting his own story.

Ian takes a drink of wine. "So, uh. All the stuff I've been up to lately has been either boring or..." A pause. "I mean, things have been weird. I know Wash knows the story behind why Aethan, Porter and I never used bird calls as signals when we were trying to do anything secret, but does anyone else know that story?"

Ian looks, particularly, to Juliana, who might have been told said story by Aethan.

Zoey sips and smiles. "I think I have, but I want to hear it again. Jog my memory."

Catalana almost asks but shakes her head at Ian. Encouraging him to speak.

Jules glances up, shaking her head a little at the question directed her way. "No, I don't beleive that is one of the stories that Aethan told me."

Quenia shakes her head at Ian. "I've heard a few stories of you and your kin, but that is not one of them."

"Not at all." Alessia's lips curl, clearly intrigued, she seems intent to find out the backstory here.

Ian thinks a moment. "We'd just put into berth in Stormward, and Porter wanted to go and see a lady he was -- you know, Porter. So... married. So I guess I was busy that night, I can't remember why, and he had to get Aethan to stand watch for him, in case the husband came home. Aethan agreed to do it, because the lady's townhouse was right across the street from a bar." He looks at Zoey. "This was back when he was still drinking." Then, picking up the story again: "So they agreed that if the husband was coming home, Aethan would hoot like an owl. And so Porter'd know how much time he had to make his goodbyes, Aethan was supposed to hoot more depending on how urgent the situation was." The story probably isn't over at this point, but Ian pauses for a drink of wine, anyway.

"Anyway," Ian picks up. "So Aethan's standing there outside the bar, and he's got a bottle of -- probably vodka that he's knocking back, and an owl lands on the lintel of the bar, right over his head."

Zoey gasps, "No!" then goes back to listening raptly, a wide grin on his face.

Ian pauses for another drink of wine. "So the owl lands, and it hoots. And Aethan sees shadows start to move around in the second floor of the townhouse, where the lady's bedroom is, and then the owl hoots again. And then it -- I mean, I guess it was a really vocal owl, right? Because it really started going. And the next think Aethan knows, Porter's hanging out the window, buck naked." A pause, and then he finishes the story in his characteristically flat voice, as serious as ever: "And that, or so the sailors say, was the night when the moon shone full over Stormward."

Juliana listening her smile softened as Ian talks about his older brother. When the punchline comes there is a small snort of amusement before she takes another sip.

Catalana says to Wash, a touch too loud "Is that why there was always an owl outside my room when you visited Stormward? "

Wash says, "Yes. But more importantly. Are there any stories about Porter in which he does not lose his pants?"

Ian snorts. "It's not like he's Prince Galen in a room where someone said the word 'party'," he shoots back to Wash with a twitch of a grin.

Laughing at the story when Ian finishes, Alessia shakes her head. "I imagine he wasn't too pleased when the mix-up was made clear." She says with a smile.

Quenia smirks with amusement as she listens to the story, and at the end she gasps, and starts laughing a bit. "Oh my. That surely must have been a sight!" She laughs more at Wash's comment. "Lord Ian, as always, you know how to entertain withy tales."

Juliana is overheard praising Quenia: Hostess with the mostess.

Catalana shouldn't ask. She really shouldn't. But she does. "What about Galen and party?"

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