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Cillian's and Petal's Wedding

Cillian and Petal are getting married in a small ceremony at the Stone Grove. Princess Drea will perform the ceremony. Rowenova is helping host the vent. Lottie is providing the refreshments.


July 13, 2019, 10 p.m.

Hosted By

Petal Cillian Drea Rowenova


Volcica Kael Valencia Reigna Rukhnis Rysen Ailith Lisebet Mikani



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Stone Grove

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Sir Pupsalot, a polite, tri-color corgi, Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, 4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Fidelity, a white-tailed eagle arrive, following Reigna.

Vern, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Reigna arrive, following Kael.

Volcica isn't -late-, of course, but the recently-returned Shaman cuts it close. Ash streaks her dark hair, but she's wearing just simple linens. Even spring this far south is warm! She's quiet as she joins those in the grove, glancing for familiar faces.

Drea stands in front of the grove near the altar and she smiles at Cillian and Petal. She walks over to a bench under a tree near the altar and she gestures with one hand. "Here, come sit down, you two. We'll wait a minute or so to get started, but I would like you to sit here."

Cillian nods his head when Drea asks for them to sit and so he moves ove to sit down he is in his leathers except for his shirt its a white silk. He does have his house bow across his back and a sword at his side.

It should be little surprise that the Marquis and Marquessa Keaton are walking arm-in-arm. Kael, however, is looking a little bit awkward - not late, you know, but just barely. Still, despite that, the Oathlander is shifting somewhat awkwardly as he approaches as though uncertain where precisely he should be guiding his wife. Of course when he catches sight of the bride and groom, there is a flash of a smile - bright and reassuring - toward both of them. It a congratulatory thing, even if not voiced out loud.

With a whisper of southern silks and a happy smile, the little vixen makes her way into the Stone Grove. A deep breath is taken and an affectionate expression touches her eyes as Valencia takes in the space and then the happy couple standing next to Drea. All three are offered a warm smile and incline of head before she slips to the back of the space to stay out of the way. The little princess couldn't look happier for the couple.

Reigna is on Kael's arm, looking so very excited. Once they are there, they find a seat and curls in close to Kael, taking his hand and holding onto it, linking her fingers with his. She is paying close attention to the bride and groom, beaming, and for some reason looking a little... proud?

Petal reaches out for Cillian's hand, giving such a gentle squeeze. She then nods in response to Drea's words. "Okay, Princess Shaman." She says, giving her a smile. She starts to the bench beneath the trees. The girl then peeks over those arriving, looking happy to see them. Her brown eyes brighten.

Rowenova checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty -2, rolling 52 higher.

Rowenova drops a wedding feast of bountiful proportions.

Rukhnis makes her way across the grass of the Stone Grove for the second time in as many days, though as a dark-garbed blot in the middle of bright sunshiny meadow she can't make quite as obscure an entrance as usual. As she nears the assembled wedding party she gives a small, formal bow to the bride and groom in particular before taking herself off to a respectful remove to observe the ceremony.

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After making sure the wedding feast is set up, Scout Rowenova steps closer to the copper poppies near where Princess Valencia is, and she looks forth to the wedding ceremony with a soft smile.

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Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay, Disciple Fulgence, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Ailith.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

There is a nod of greeting from Kael toward the others gathered for the festivities, with Princess Valencia the recipient of the deepest nod, likely due to the familiarity there. When his wife is clasping hands with him, he squeezes hers in turn and flashes her a fond smile - ridiculously fond of course, weddings you know - before turning back to the honored couple.

Rysen arrives at the Stone Grove with Lygeia at his side. He smiles warmly to see Cillian and Petal bedecked with wildflowers, and makes his way to the side of Rukhnis.

}c Hands raised, the High Shaman calls for attention, Drea's voice ringing out. "Good evening, everyone! Welcome, welcome. Come and sit down close by so that you can hear me. I won't shout at a wedding." She looks around at everyone and gestures to the benches for everyone to sit."

Petal is now perched on the bench by the altar. She is adorned in shades of blue and ivory. The girl has a handmade veil with blue flowers. Petal peeks over to Cillian, having and adoring and happy sort of smile for him. She then waves to Kael and Reigna, looking all flattered to see them. She smiles to Rysen and Valencia as well.

Reigna is very clearly feeling intensely, watching the couple and leaning in against Kael. She seems to be in great spirits, happily observing. When those she knows arrives, she waves to them, but tries not to draw attention away from the ceremony.

Valencia offers Rowenova a bright and happy smile, quickly shifting aside so that the Wolf Scout may join her among the poppies. A warm smile is offered to Kael along with a respectful nod in return, the little southern princess seeming very happy to see him and his lovely countess once more. Ailith, Volcica, Rukhnis and Rysen receive warm smiles, too, if they happen to turn her way. As Drea calls them to order it is all she can do to keep from bouncing with excitement.

Rukhnis offers a small half-bow to Rysen from her seated position as he takes up a place beside her, and then turns her attention to Drea and the soon-to-be-wed couple. She clasps her hands together in her lap and looks on just a little less sombrely than usual, the prospect of a happy wedding seeming to lend her the least bit of pleasure.

Quiet footsteps draw a small retinue of figure toward the grove -- the light by braziers illuminates their white and gold robes and tabards of service. Disciples carry potted plants and flowers, their paces slightly behind the Legate who pauses at the boundary of verdant ground and the crackled dried earth. Ailith's brow furrows, the knit deepening above her nose, as she quietly takes a standing position to the rear of the gathering. The disciples gently lower the potted flora to the rear corners before seating to observe. A gentle twitch at the corner of her lips surfaces as Ailith nods respectfully toward the Keatons until her eyes graze past the other attendees. The fox of Velenosa could hardly be missed and the Legate bends slightly in a bow to Valencia before Ailith opts to find a log -- and sit.

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Rysen and Lygeia take their seat beside Rukhnis, and Rysen, noticing Valencia, inclines his head and returns her smile before turning his attention to Drea, Petal and Cillian. "They look very nice," says Rysen softly to Rukhnis.

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It is unlikely that the smile has left Kael's face since he arrived, no matter the fact that underneath it all he *does* happen to look quite tired. Now, when Ailith passes through, his head is nodding respectfully, deeply, to the Legate and he barely refrains from bowing. Yet it is Drea's command that actually has him moving to guide Reigna to a seat, and quite swiftly so.

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Drea steps forward. "Good evening, everyone. We'll get started. First, we will call the Spirits to watch this joining and ask for their blessing. She starts with the altar to one side with the candle. She lights it, drops some powder on the trio of wicks and it flares up. "We call upon the Spirits of Fire to come and bless this union in this sacred grove." She moves to the left to the next altar. "The Spirits of Water to give them fertility and prosperity in their life together." To the third altar, going in a circle with the guests in the middle. "To the Spirit of Air," some chunks of something golden is dropped onto hot coals and a pungent smoke fills the air. "To take them on adventures that will only bring them together." Then she moves back to the altar at the front and she pours some earth into a planter and then drops some seeds into it. "To the Spirits of Earth to hold them together and root them in each other before anything else." She turns and holds out her hand. "Please, Cillian and Petal, come join me here at the altar."

Rukhnis nods in absent agreement to Rysen, her expression taking on a nostalgic and almost wistful look as she listens to Drea begin the ceremony.

Petal has a smile for Ailith, seemingly to notice her arrival. She then turns her attention to Drea. The girl watches the ritual with interest. When Drea urges then forward, she peeks to Cillian and then starts to rise to her slippered feet. Her cheeks warmed with happy flush and her brown eyes are bright.

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Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Smiles and nods shared, Valencia settles as Drea begins to call upon the Spirits. Head lowering reverently, the little vixen folds her hands gently in her lap and listens quietly, her smile slight but warm as she watches the ceremony unfold.

Ailith folds her hands together, resting them at her knees. Her lips move, silent as no words escape, and she calmly sits -- present as an oak tree with its branches held wide as though to embrace the sky.

Volcica has found a place probably somewhere in the middle, dark eyes watching Ailith until Drea calls attention. Once that happens? The shaman is murmuring along with the Princess-Mother, echoing the calls for the spirits without interrupting.

The Oathlander in the back - that would be Kael - shifts a bit uncomfortably with the calling of the spirits. Fidget, fidget. Still, he looks down in a solemn and respectful fashion through the ceremony.

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Lisebet has quietly come in, and is somewhere at the back, watching. Supporting definitely, but from a quiet spot where she can learn a bit without drawing attention away from the important event.

Drea picks up something from the box, it's a string of woven flowers, held together by vines. She holds out a hand for the bride and groom. "Give me your hands, the ones touching each other." She wraps the flowery vine around their wrists and hands tying them together and then she grabs something else and walks over. A pristine white orchid is tucked into Petal's hair. "Symbolism is important in Shamanism. This vine is a symbol of what you are doing here today. You are joining your lives, your bodies, your /selves/ together."

Cillian gets up with Petal and moves to the altar with her, he looks at everyone and then looks to Drea. He stands there holding Petals hand watching and listening.

Cillian gets up with Petal and moves to the altar with her, he looks at everyone and then looks to Drea. He stands there holding Petals hand watching and listening. He lifts his hand up with Petals giving it to Drea as she asked. He looks to Petal smiling softly looking to her eyes.

Petal lifts her hands that are holding Cillian's, the girl looking from him to Drea. Her brown eyes brighten as the orchid is tucked into her chestnut locks, mingling with the flowers on her veil. She turns her attention back to Cillian, gazing adoringly upon him.

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Lisebet catches sight of Kael, and smiles slighly. Her gaze goes back to Petal and Cillian, and Drea, simply standing respectfully.

Drea steps back after tying them together. She smiles at them in delight. "Now is the fun part for me." She looks up to the group. "You are all here to support these two. So I am goign to ask a favor. Anyone who wants to now has the chance to come up here and /tell/ them you wishes for them."

Kael's looking sidelong down his bench, offering a few words toward those that he is sitting near - his wife, the Legate Ailith. When he catches sight of Lisebet, he tips his head toward her and then gestures toward the bench that the small gathering is at. A clear indication of welcome. Ah, and with Drea's request for public speaking he looks toward his wife, brows arching.

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Turn in line: Reigna

Petal keeps a gentle hold of Cillian's hands. She look all bright-eyed and joyfully flushed.

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Reigna looks over to Kael when Drea calls for volunteers to speak, and she beams, getting to her feet, "I will!" Reigna moves over towards Drea, and she smiles to Petal and Cillian. "I cannot express wholly my joy for the both of you. I wish nothing but the best for the both of you. For wach day to begin with a reminder of your love, for each night to be spent in one another's arms. Marriage is," She looks over to Kael, her smile widening, "what you make of it. Never forget that. May Limerance and the spirits watch over the love you have for one another, and that your family grows and keeps you for now and forever."

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Turn in line: Volcica

Petal turns her attention to Reigna, seeming flattered by her words. "Thank you, Marquesa for your words and for the veil." She says speaking in her heavy Northern Shav accent.

Cillian looks to Reigna nodding his head, "Thank you Marquesa." he says with his thick accent a small pink comes to his cheek.

Volcica stands, though she doesn't move to seperate herself from the guests. "On behalf of not just myself, but the Bonespire, I wish you both happiness. I hope that both the Gods and the Spirits bless you as you start a life together-- a new beginning, some might say. I hope that you both embrace this change, and that you continue to grow, shift and take charge of each day. I hope the current of your love stays strong, and never stagnates. However cold it gets, keep each other warm."

Turn in line: Lisebet

Reigna curtsies to the couple and moves back to the bench with her husband and Mother Ailith.

When it's her turn, the obviously with-child Lisebet who is here without her own husband presently makes her way to the front. She glances around for a long moment, and then says, "It's not that I have anything new to say, but I want to add my words to this, to let you know that sometimes family includes friends and those who end up thrown together by happenstance. My wish for you both is that your love continue to grow, and that you both stays as in love as you are today. There may well be days where it's difficult- I expect there will. I hope that you will be able to think back to today, and the way you feel now,whenever that happens, and that together you will be able to surpass any difficulties." She pauses and then adds, "As many children as you would like, may Limerance and the spirits watch and protect you both." That said, she inclines her head politely to Drea, acknowledging the Shaman, and offers a warm smile to the couple, before she returns to her seat, though she moves a bit to settle over with Kael, Reigna and the others there.

Turn in line: Ailith

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Sir Pupsalot, a polite, tri-color corgi, Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, 4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Fidelity, a white-tailed eagle, Briar, a young Oakhaven black and tan bloodhound arrive, following Reigna.

Petal listens to Volcica's words and then to Lisebet's, giving them both a warm smile. The girl's joy lingers. "Thank you Lady Volcica and Duchess Lisebet." She says softly. She gives Cillian's hands a gentle squeeze.

Rysen's eyes gleam with admiration as Lisebet speaks, and he nods in agreement with the sentiments she expresses.

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Volcica settles back down, more than a little awkward. The shaman isn't really the warm and friendly type, but she tried!

Lisebet smiles warmly on her way by Volcica, acknowledging her as well

The Legate of Concepts rises from the far benches and in unison, as if signaled, the disciples stand as well. The four disciples each carry a potted plant with the fifth now held by Ailith. She strides down the aisle, with a smile given to each person in passing until her full attention rests on the bride and groom. Before the altar, she bows, a whispered hum to the familiar short greeting made to the Triad of Creation. And she turns. "I certainly hope all shall forgive me for taking up this opportunity. While I am not as familiar with the young groom here today, a man I have heard by reputation is respectful, kind, and loyal, it is the bride whom I have had the honor to witness her awakening to the Faith and seen her flourish and grow as the flowers she tends at the Lodge."

Her head bows slightly. "I bring forth five gifts for your marriage. The first," a potted flower of aqua is presented by a disciple, "from the sharp cliffs of the Maelstrom, a wildflower that embraces the sea and sways to the winds of Mangata. It represents the first kiss Goodwoman Petal felt by the Goddess -- a gift of awakening and wonder of discovery. May the two of you never forget what brought you together, that budded love which now leads you to the second gift," another potted plant but of white, "from Redrain, near the mountains of Crovane, this snowdrop does not succumb to the treacherous wilds. It thrives. And so may your marriage be like the snowdrop, not withering, but holding steady to face whatever challenges that come before you."

Onto the third, this one of red. "From the Crownlands, along the river leading to Arx, these wildflowers may easily be missed were it not for their vibrant hue. May you both embrace each other and life to its fullest, teasing each other of until your cheeks are as red as those flowers." Ailith chuckles. The fourth is set at their feet, this one in pale pink. "From Velenosa, in honor of Goodwoman Petal's former patron, though a slight change -- a starlily of pink. May you both be willing to accept the unexpected and find the humor even in the most stressing of situations." And now the fifth, Ailith flushes as she steps closer to the couple to whisper more lowly. "From the far oft barony where I was but a farmer's daughter, a simple Oathlander wildflower bouquet. Never forget your roots and learn to entwine them as you make a home and family together -- in the domain of Petrichor, as Mangata sustains is, and the light and changes by Lagoma. May your vows to your lieges and services, by Limerance, hold your fidelity and union. Walk in the light of Faith and your beliefs. Blossom and flourish." And she steps back murmuring thanks, before returning to her seat.

A rope of those five flower hues is tied around the potted plants, each with a small tag that has a poem dedicated to the Triad of Creation, along with a seed packet.

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Turn in line: Valencia

The little dark eyed vixen looks truly touched by the ceremony and the couple who seem so much in love. Her smile is warm and her expression soft and affectionate as she takes her turn in sharing her wishes for the happy couple.

"I'm so very happy for you both. To find love such as this is a rare and beautiful thing. I cannot say how wonderful it is to see two who have such a treasure between them," Valencia begins with a warm smile to both.

"My wishes for you are so many, but as I do not wish to keep you from honeymoon, I shall try very hard to be brief, for me at least," she smiles playfully, her large dark eyes dancing playfully.

The little southern princess' smile simmers to one of earnest hope and fondness. "I wish you both such light and a long and happy life together, your days filled with joy and delight. I wish you the most beautiful luck to guide your steps and see you to a successful and bright future side-by-side. And above all, I wish you love that only grows deeper and stronger with each passing day. Congratulations on your union and brightest blessings upon you both. May all your days be happier and more fulfilling than the next."

Turn in line: Rowenova

The little vixen offer another sweet smile and drifts back to her place in the poppies.

Petal turns her focus to Ailith, the girl still holding Cillian's hands and giving them another gentle squeeze. She listens to the Legate, seemingly more and more enchanted and moved as the woman continues. Tears bead on her dark lashes, but they are happy tears. "Thank Ailith. The plants are so beautiful and so are your words and well thank you." She says, seeming to be a bit at lose for words. She then turns to Valencia, her lashes still damp. "Thank you Princess. I still remember when you helped work in my shop a long time ago when I was newly arrived."

Ailith gently encourages Lisebet to join at the benches, a coaxing wave of her hand. Meanwhile, her disciples disperse to enjoy themselves and the wedding, namely right now by sitting and not causing too much of a stir.

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Cillian nods his head to all the words and the gifts of plants for Ailith, "I thank you, both of you for the kind words." he looks to Petal smiling and squeezing her hand in return believe it or not he can be shy at times.

With fond eyes, both Scout Rowenova and the soulful hound Sir Floppington are the last ones to step up. The human being of the daring duo reaches up and shoulder clasps each one, Petal and Cillian, while the canine companion is happily wagging. "My own sentiments run parallel with what those before me already spake: wishing you growth and wellness together, my dear friends." Then, she lets go and motions forth to the tea cart with the mysterious box (from cedar panels) on top of it as well as the Northern feast set out there. "As promised, I have brought the food, but there is a cake which Lottie baked over there in the mystery box. She wishes you both the best future ahead, too, even if she cannot be here today." She steps back to the copper poppies, but Sir Floppington lets out a couple bayings from his houndly maw as if the Bestest Good Boy Ever were actually saying something there. Who knows what, though! He heads back after that to Nova's side.

The line has been dismissed by Drea.

Valencia is overheard praising Petal: A beautiful woman and bride. May happiness find her and her love for all their days together.

Valencia is overheard praising Cillian: A dashing groom who has chosen his bride so very well. May happiness be theirs for all their days to come.

Valencia is overheard praising Drea: A beautiful ceremony.

Reigna is overheard praising Petal: A sweet woman with the most loving heart. May she find a lifetime of joy in her marriage!

Petal smiles to Cillian and then to Drea, before looking upon Nova. "Thank you Nova and thank you for bringing the food and being our friend and in a way our family." She then pauses for a moment. "And Cillian, I love you and I am so very happy to be marrying you and marrying you here in the Stone Grove and I am blessed to have met you and your family. Thank you everyone for coming and all your kind words. I feel surrounded by people who care about us and thank you. We hope that this our marriage here today will be part of the healing at the grove and well thank you Princess Drea, for welcoming us here and marrying us and being so wonderful." She says and then leans toward Cillian, trying to kiss him.

Drea smiles at everyone who speaks up. She turns back to Cillian and Petal. "Everyone here wishes you two only the best. I want you to look at each other. Look into the eyes of the one whose hand you are holding. That is your focus. That is where you should be looking. When life gets hard, and it will, look at each other. Remember what it was that brought you together and know that as long as you are bound to each other by love and choice, you can deal with anything." She leans over to offer them both a kiss on the cheek. "Now, I want you to untie each other and make a flower crown out of these vines and petals. Then the crown you make will go on your spouse's head." She winks at them and then raises her voice again. "This sacred space isn't what it was, what it should be. But as we come here to celebrate the spirits, Petrichor, rebirth, new life and those things that are offerings, we hope that it will help the Grove renew and become again as it should be. May the Spirits bless your life together, Cillian and Petal."

Ailith is overheard praising Petal.

Ailith is overheard praising Cillian.

Cillian looks to Nova and smirks then when Drea speaks he nods his head moving to untie the vines moving to make it into a crowl leaing over to place a soft kiss on Petals lips in return and places the crown on her head, "I would ask for no other to stand at my side Orcid." he says in his thick northern shav accent.

Ailith takes a basket planted in lush wildflowers from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

"May the spirits bless you and aid you through all adversity, so long as you both shall live," Rukhnis murmurs in echo to Drea. Sighing softly, she gets to her feet, smoothing down her tunic as she glances around at the grove.

Valencia smiles and nods, her hands coming together in delight and a deep breath taken. "I do love to see such love," she smiles to Rowenova. "It gives me hope that others might find such beautiful things, too."

Petal returns Cillian's kiss, lowering her damp lashes and leaning into toward him. She seems lost to this moment for a few seconds. The girl the places the crown of vines upon his head. "I wouldn't either. I love you Cillian." She says in her shave accented voice.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari - Cinder Kitten, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men arrive, following Mikani.

Volcica takes a basket planted in lush wildflowers from a lovely wooden leaf chest.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Reigna before departing.

Ailith joins in the gentle applause and fanfare of witnessing a bride and groom share their first married kiss.

Volcica applauds softly, looking on as the couple celebrates. A glance is spared for Mikani as the woman arrives.

Rysen rises beside Rukhnis, and says to Petal and Cillian, "May the gods and spirits bless you in your life together." A happy smile passes over his face as Petal puts the crown of vines on Cillian's head.

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Nova almost melts after what Petal says, but she somehow stays standing up. "Aye." says she ever so quietly to Valencia. She soon joins Volcica in the clapping applause whilst adoringly watching Petal and Cillian.

Drea gets a booze bottle with apricot brandy inside from a circular tray distinctly styled as a Northern shield.

Drea holds up a bottle from a shield-shaped tray. "If you desire, we can now toast to the happy couple. May your life together be long and happy."

Reigna cheers for the couple, looking entirely too pleased for them.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Reigna before departing.

Drea is overheard praising Petal: A lovely bride

Drea is overheard praising Cillian: A dedicated groom

Mikani slips in silently and takes a seat by Rysen quietly as she is able to. A large smile crosses her lips as she joins in the applause.

Drea is overheard praising Rowenova: A stunning repast.

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