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Empty Nests

Shannon Sinclaire came home from a stint at the Twinbridge University and instead of finding her parents, she found an empty house. Startled, she started asking around and no one has seen them in a couple of days. Given the recent happenings in the Uppers, she wastes no time in getting to the Iron Guard and making a report.


This is probably going to be a one-shot PrP involving my usual blend of action, adventure and a dash of horror. This is geared primarily for Iron Guard folks, but if you can think of a reason to be invited on a ride along, feel free to join! Going to try to keep this to 6-8 people if possible. Page or mail me to let me know if you're planning on joining. Walk ins likely welcome!


June 18, 2019, 5:30 p.m.

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Arx - Upper Boroughs - Courtiers Pride

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