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Igniseri Family Dinner XII

House Igniseri invites you to attend an informal family dinner, hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and the Igniseri Family. This dinner is open to any who wish to attend.


June 6, 2019, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Lucita Grazia Giuliano Teireno Rikako Rowenova Arman Miranda Brigida



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The room is set up for dinner, with tables arranged for optimum seating. For appetizers there is choice between various cheeses, fresh sliced breads, and herbed olive oil. Dinner is a choice between duck in a dill sauce or seared branzino, with a choice of asparagus, a light vegetable salad, or cooked carrots. A decadent chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and cream is what's for dessert.

Quenia seems to be bustling about seeing to last minute arrangements prior to anyone arriving for dinner. Various wines are set out for drinking, as well as regular drinks as well, and the table is set for several people to partake.

Lucita shivers a little as she gracefully steps into the Great Hall. A little 'woof' can be heard behind her as her dogs are left to play with Quenia's dog. Micana takes her cloak and after making sure it does not drip melting snow over the floor, slips to the side to sit with other guards and attendants. Lucita's amber gaze slides around the room and she gives a warm smile on seeing friends and family and a little curious glance toward the stranger. "Oh, it is good to see weather did not keep everyone away tonight! How are you?" To the unknown person she says. "I'm Baroness Lucita Saik, a former Igniseri."

Grazia arrives regally, wearing a thick fluffy white fur cloak over a black dress. She seems pleased to partake in the wine, which is of course one of her favorites, and she nods to those assembled. "Marquessa," she greets first with a deep bow of her head. "I hope everything is well with you. And Baroness Lucita, it is good to see you as well."

Giuliano stalks into the hall with his pale eyes taking everything in, a friendly smile on his face. Handing off his grey fur cloak to an attendant, hands smooth down his grey and blue silk doublet. After a formal bow of his head, the Pravosi swordsman straightens his shoulders and introduces himself. "Lord Giuliano Pravus. Duchess Grazia, a pleasure to see you once again." Listening to Grazia, he turns to Quenia and Lucita in order. "Marquessa Igniseri, I will venture. Baroness Lucita. Wonderful to meet you both."

Teireno steps into the Great Hall, taking note of all that have gathered there. Luckily, he didn't have to trek through the snow to make it there. He helps himself to a bit of wine, in order to help him relax. "Good evening, Quenia, Lucita, Duchess Grazia." He says, offering a friendly smile. He turns to Giuliano. "Pleased to meet you. I am Lord Teireno Igniseri."

Realizing a Baroness is addressing her, Rikako looks a little flustered and swallows. "H..hello. Am I intruding?"

"Soon enough, it will be spring," Quenia says to Lucita, as she looks to one of the windows. "Not soon enough, I'd say." She glances over at Grazia and nods her head graciously. "Duchess Grazia. All is well enough," she tells her. "And with yourself and House Rubino-Zaffria?" she queries. She glances over at Giuliano, giving him a curious look before offering a warm smile and a nod of the head. "Be welcome at Domus Igniseri, Lord Giuliano. And a pleasure to meet you as well." Then her cousin Teireno is arriving. "Teireno, can you be a dear and get me a glass of Zephyrs?" she says of her cousin, and then she's glancing over at the other newcomer, who is as much a stranger to her as Giulio. "Be welcome at Domus Igniseri. I'm Marquessa Quenia Igniseri. All are welcome to our humble home this evening," she motions Rikako toward her table. "There's plenty of food and drink."

"Still having issues with Clan Stormstorm. And I'm afraid a mess was made of our diplomatic efforts with Clan Wavewave," Grazia says to Quenia seriously, moving to sit near the Marquessa, her focus largely there, though she does nod to those who address her. "I might request that you send a diplomat to help me handle that case. I think we're going to launch a military offensive against Clan Stormstorm, but I'd like to add Clan Wavewave to the fold. They have some rich farmlands I'm eyeing. And we'll need to soothe House Gallo as well."

Teireno nods and heads over to the wines, pouring a bottle of Zephyrs into a glass. He brings it back over to Quenia and sets it on the table beside her, otherwise leaving her to her business. He glances over at Rikako and gives her a smile. "Not at all. Are you new to Arx, may I ask?"

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Swiftly moving to take a seat near Quenia and across from Grazia, his attention turns from one to the other. "Thank you for the welcome to your home, Marquessa. I had wondered about how life for Juliana was here, and I doubt it could be anything less than wonderful." The Duchess is talking business, he listens with a concerned expression. "It has gotten worse than when I first spoke with you, Duchess Grazia?" There's a glance at the wines before he smiles at Teireno. "Lord Teireno. I haven't met you before either, good evening to you."

The soulful hound Sir Floppington as well as the Northern lass Scout Rowenova show up to Igniseri Dinner, the former one being let in by the latter one who momentarily scans the great hall with her cobalt-blue, khol-lined eyes before smiling fondly after actually seeing who all attends here.

Rikako smiles, relaxing as she is welcomed. "Thank you. I'm Rikako. It is a pleasure and honor to meet you, Marquessa Quenia and Baroness Lucita." To Teirono's question she nods. "Yes, I just arrived today."

Lucita gives a soft little sound on listening to Grazia, sympathy showing in her expression. "You have had a difficult time with that, Duchess." She says gently and then asks. "One for me, too, if you will, please Cousin Teireno." A little smile of welcome is given the newly met people. She finds a seat and looks up at Nova when she brings her dog in. "Golden and Gunther are with Ruby, Quenia's hound, back in the atrium if Sir Floppinhgton wants canine companionship for a while. One of my guards is keeping an eye on them."

2 House Velenosa Guards, Matteo arrive, following Arman.

Quenia quirks a brow lightly at Grazia when she begins talking about the issues with Rubino-Zaffria's abandoned problems. She listens, and nods her head. "I'd be more than happy to help. In truth, I thought I was going to be part of the initial aid back in the beginning, but I was never told when the meeting with House Shepherd would be. Miranda recently reached out to talk about any aid I could give," she informs her Duchess. "In the meantime we've been gathering resources and such for the agricultural center I've been meaning to have built on Granato lands for some time. I'm happy to say that we've gathered more than enough for a facility that will be simply legendary in all of Arvum, and located on the Pilgrim's Path as well, hopefully bringing in influx of new tourists and travelers to buy our wines and wares. Miranda is helping a bit with that." She smiles up at Teireno as he gets her a glass of wine. She sips at it and then takes it over to the table to settle. As she does, the servers are bringing out the appetizers. She nods to Rikako. "A pleasure to meet you, Mistress." She glances over at Giuliano, "Juliana has kept mostly to her rooms during the winter. She hates the cold more than we Igniseri I believe. Also, she's with child, and so I think she's been keeping to her beds until the pregnancy sickness wears off."

"Welcome to the city, Mistress Rikako. It can be a bit bewildering at times, but you'll get the hang of it, I reassure you." Teireno smiles. He heads back over to the wines, pouring another glass of Zephyrs for Lucita. He sets it beside her, then takes a seat nearby, listening in on the conversation.

"That's because House Shepherd has literally never showed up to a meeting. We've asked them to come over several times, and once the duke showed up at the palazzo long enough to introduce himself before running off to see about... goodness knows, something else," Grazia notes with a measure of disgruntlement, rolling her eyes. It seems clear that she does not much approve of the Duke of Graypeak. She purses her lips and takes a sip of her wine, then sighs. "I will be happy to invest in your facility, as well. I think it will be quite beneficial to the region," she notes, sounding interested.

A wide, warm grin meets Rowenova when the northern scout enters. "Most formidable opponent Nova, come here and have a seat! But if you would do me a favor and bring me a glass of your finest red available, I would call you an even more flowery name." Giuliano throws out that offer/request, smiling at Rikako afterwards. "Are you part of the, I guess not if you're introducing yourself to them. Greetings then." Offering that before leaning forward to listen, Lucita is given a bright look. "You are Lord Luis' sister, are you not? Good to finally meet you. I have heard wonderful things about the Saiklands."

Nodding at the Marquessa, "I don't blame her, I hate the cold as well. I've not come near getting used to it yet, and long for Setarco. Still, here I am." This discussion of serious matters does draw him in - crushing shavs, infrastructure, politics. It never could be said that Giuliano Pravus is not a serious man, and so he takes the opportunity to learn.

Arman slipped into the Great Hall with little pomp and circumstance. If a herald was present, the elder prince would be quick to silence them with a sharp look... quite happy to announce his own arrival rather than the showmanship notable to the Peerage in general. His man Matteo in all of his disfigured glory shadowed the man, looming a few paces behind to walk in the wake of the statesman's footsteps while the prince's attending guards went about joining those of the House. As Arman approached the small gathering, harkened by the soft tap of his walking stick, it only took a few moments to gauge the edges of the conversation at hand. "It's a shame to hear their incompetence continues." He spoke toward Grazia first, dipping his head in greeting to the woman before attention turned to Quenia and he inclined a slight bow though at this juncture remained quiet otherwise. Lucita would get a nod too if she was in the immediate vicinity and Rowenova her own acknowledgment.

Lucita rises and gives Arman a curtsy and then nods toward the empty seat near her. "Prince Arman, You made it out through that snow. It is good some have been diligent keeping the walkways cleared as much as possible. Marquessa Quenia sets a fine meal for all to share."

"Have you tried reaching out to his wife, Duchess Delilah? She might be the easier of the two to speak with." Quenia suggests to Grazia, pulling bits of food onto her plate as she speaks. She then notices Rowenova coming to dinner, and offers the woman a warm smile, "Mistress Rowenova, welcome to Domus Igniseri. Please feel free to dine at our table." That said, she turns back to Grazia when she's offering a pledge of support. She seems pleased by this. "House Igniseri would, of course, welcome any further assistance you would wish to give, Duchess Grazia. And, I would of course be willing to help with the abandoned issues. I also speak Lycene shav'arvani. I learned awhile ago just in case any surrounding area near to Granato would see activity after the issues at Southport." Then Arman is speaking and she turns to regard him. Sh hasn't met this prince as yet, though with Lucita rising and offering proper greetings, she follows suit, rising from her own seat and offering a curtsey to Arman. It helps that Lucita is introducing him. "Be welcome to Domus Igniseri," she extends to him as well. Once the greetings are done, she retakes her seat, allowing Arman to find one of his own. Servants, of course, will be quick to help him with anything he needs.

After what Lucita says, Nova peeks down toward Flop and outright asks him, "Well, do you want to go play with the other dogs?" The look Nova gets is that soulful one where Flop gazes up at her all adoringly and tail wags, doing so softly side to side, before he moves to lean heavily against her right leg. Then, she speaks up, "Well, I think he wants to stay with me." says she to Lucita then also includes Quenia in her gaze, "Would any bother be had if the Best Good Boy Ever is here?" Nova looks up toward Giuliano with a wave and a smile before she defers the favor to a servant of the House of the hostess. After explaining what Giuliano wants, that she does not know the House stock, but that he wants the finest red; Nova nods forth to Arman with a light smile. Though, she does not move to take a seat yet, her gaze first regarding Quenia.

Rikako nods to Teireno. Catching herself starting to chew on the inside of her lip, she stops herself. "Thank you for the welcome to the city and assurance." After he goes for wine, she goes to sample some of the cheese and bread laid out as appetizers. She returns Giuliano's smile. "No, indeed, I am not. Hello." Curious, she listened to the conversation, but had no context to understand further meaning.

Teireno stands up briefly to give a proper bow to Arman. "Good evening, Your Highness." He takes his seat again, perking up when he heard the sound of a dog. He glances over at Flop, grinning at the pup. He does have a soft spot for animals, after all!

"I am going to need some military leadership," Grazia says thoughtfully, taking another sip of her wine as she looks to Quenia seriously. "But also two diplomatic projects. Perhaps you could work on soothing House Gallo's feelings for me? I would like them to understand without a shadow of a doubt that Clan Stormstorm set them up and framed House Groverfield. It is entirely on Clan Stormstorm." She licks her lips and smiles up at the Velenosa prince. "Prince Arman, it is a pleasure to see you, as always."

As is proper, Giuliano rises to give Arman a formal bow. "Your Highness. Quite fine to see you once more, Prince Arman. I hope the night treats you well." After resuming his seat and accepting a glass of wine from a servant once they've sipped from it, "Ah, well. A pleasure nonetheless Messere Rikako. From where do you come?" One pale eye and an ear trained in that direction while the other remains on Quenia and Grazia. "Since Juliana is now a member of the family, perhaps I could lend a hand of some sort, should you wish the assistance of an outsider. Of course, that is always something we can discuss another time, as I would like to know the background of it all."

"It's no problem at all, Rowenova. He's most welcome to stay," Quenia speaks of Sir Floppington. She looks then to Rikako. "Tell me, have you been to Arx long, or are you new to the city?" She might have answered that question already, but Quenia missed it. She then looks back to Grazia, asking, "Have you had the chance, yet, to meet my cousin, Lord Teireno Igniseri? He has told me he's been spending quite a bit of time over at the Palazzo." A pause, then she says. "I could aid projects already going on, but my time to lead projects is rather filled at the moment. The Mirrorguard has put me to work on some other things regarding the Lyceum, and of course this agricultural center has been taking up a bit more time than I expected. But I have time to assist with projects already started." She makes certain that is made clear, so there's no doubt about her time issues.

Arman moved to take the seat Lucita had indicated, handing his walking stick to Matteo who remained looming behind the chair of the prince. "I have. It is good to see you, Baroness." He chuckled in a soft lilt, settling in and turning attention more firmly toward Quenia, "Marquessa Quenia, thank you for the hospitality this evening. I have been looking forward to meeting you properly and appreciate the open invitation this evening. Please, do not let my interjection disrupt the conversation." He gestured absently aside with his hand in emphasis to his words. Teireno received a nod of greeting next, gracious and polite before he leaned back so that the serving staff could go about making his plate. "Is that branzino? It's been years... and hello, Lord Giuliano. I am happy our paths have come to cross again." He was clearly pleased with the selection and though Matteo looked uneasy not being the one to handle Arman's food, the prince merely shot the man a sharp glance to which the 'valet' straightened and accepted his idleness. Grazia's greeting bayed forward another smile, though for now he remained quiet to take in the food and company. Nova got a bit of a side glance as she had yet to seat herself, but nothing more than a brief diversion of his attention and small smile.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrive, following Miranda.

Lucita waits until the prince is served and the others then begins to eat at a leisurely pace that permits her to enjoy the conversation and company. "So much is goihng on on all fronts, it seems, that it is difficult to keep up with everything.

Teireno "Yes, Duchess Grazia and I have met. I think I've gotten myself familiar with a lot of the Rubino-Zaffria." Teireno chuckles a bit, trying to hold back a blush. He helps himself to a bit of dinner, content to just listen in for a while.

Rikako swallows a piece of cheese before she answers Giuliano. "Nowhere important up river, really. I tracked down a few rumors that led me to the city." Gathering a Prince has come, she joins everyone else with a curtsy to greet him before she resumed politely listening.

Miranda arrives, fashionably late! She dismisses her guards and aide, well.. makes them wait at the back of the hall out of the way, as she arrives. A glance about to those present and a warm smile is on her face as she approaches. "Forgive me for being late, everyone!" She smiles, bowing her head to Grazia, "Duchess." And to Quenia, "Marquessa." There's others she knows! "Lord Teireno, hello!" Even if he's on his way out perhaps. "Scout," to Nova. And, "Baroness." To Lucita. "A regular who's who here." She smiles and to those she doesn't know or hasn't met. "I'm Lady Miranda Rubino." A hurried entrance so that she can sit and join the eating before it's cold or all gone!

@emit After Sir Floppington is welcomed to stay, both he and Nova deeply bow to Marquessa Quenia before they stand back up in synchronized time. Then, the daring duo make their way to one of the seats adjacent to Giuliano but on the side closest to Lucita. The Northern lass clunks down her armored rear into that chosen chair. The soulful hound briefly detours to meet up with Teireno.

"Thank you. He is usually okay if he can see me, but he gets worried if not able to do so. Also, thank you for hosting this dinner, Marquessa Quenia." Then, "Prince Arman, it has been a while. I do hope you are doing well?" Then, "Lady Miranda! Wonderful to see you. Duchess Grazia, too. There are only two of us that I have yet to meet. I think I heard the name Mistress Rikako when coming in?" Then, she looks to Teireno to whom Sir Flop soulfully gazes.

Rowenova has joined the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

Teireno smiles at Miranda. "Lady Miranda, good to see you." He glances down at Sir Floppington, extending his hand in friendship. "Aren't you an adorable fellow?" He looks up at Nova. "Pardon me, I nearly forgot to introduce myself! My name is Lord Teireno Igniseri. It is a pleasure to meet you." He smiles. "Is this your dog?"

Arman turned his attention to Rowenova as she addressed him, idly beginning to partake in his meal. "Yes, as spring slowly approaches each day I feel my limbs begin to shake the ache from my joints. It is good to see you again, my dear." To Miranda's entrance he gave the familiar woman a bow of his head, but didn't interrupt ongoing hellos.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding arrive, following Brigida.

"I find it fortunate that our paths have crossed again as well, Your Highness." Now Miranda enters, Giuliano dips his head respectfully once more. "Lord Giuliano Pravus. I have heard tell of you, Lady Miranda. I am glad to finally meet you in person." Giving her a bright-eyed smile, he says to Tiereno, "Lord Tiereno, I will remember to make your acquaintance properly. I find that I have far more new relatives through Juliana than I imagined." Accepting a serving of the bronzino and bread, he takes a judicious bite with a sound of approval, following it with a sip of wine.

Quenia glances over as Miranda arrives, offering the Rubino voice a warm smile. "Lady Miranda. I was just speaking to Duchess Grazia about how you wanted to talk about any aid House Igniseri could give regarding the House Stormstrom and Clan Wavewave problems." Silly names those! She looks to Giuliano. "Lord Giuliano, what can you tell us about yourself?" she asks, then looks back to Rikako. "You as well, Mistress Rikako. What is it you do?"

Rikako returns Miranda's smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Miranda. I am Rikako." She watches Rowenova's greeting to the Marquessa with fascination at the well trained dog. Hearing Rowenova's question she waves though it is painfully obvious which is she, likely.

Miranda removes gloves from her hands to place within her cloak, the hood comes off. Brenlin is there suddenly to take her cloak for her and then dashes off into obscurity once more. Nice to have a lanky aide, no? She turns her attention to Giuliano and lifts a brow, "Have you?" She smoothes her dress under her as she sits, "Well, Lord Giuliano, we are well met and you have me at quite the disadvantage. I wonder what things you've heard and from whom?" Her tone is playful, "You should elaborate, in case I need to work up a defense for myself, of course." She smiles. Then a look to Quenia, "I believe Lord Salvatore's handling the tribes as per our Duchess' will. I'm planning to work out some sort of peace talks with the Houses. They're being manipulated by these tribes and need to realize it." A warm smile to Rikako, "Well met."

"Miranda. You and I and Lord Salvatore will need to sit down and discuss details. It is good that Lord Salvatore is handling the military effort. I will make certain he gets what he needs. Lord Pravus here has offered to help as well," Grazia notes to her cousin. "I probably should lead my own diplomatic effort into determining whether we can get Clan Wavewave to join us while you mediate with House Gallo."

There is a slight commotion at the entrance with a voice heard.

"Of ^course^ I can turn up at this dinner without an invite! I was given an open invite to visit the house whenever I wanted. When? Oh maybe forty years ago. No it doesn't expire just because who made it is dead. Anyway I heard they were serving duck!"

Archlector Brigida appears, shooing off the protests of her disciples who seem nervous at barging into a Lycene House, whereas Brigida brooks no one stopping her as she clomps her way in. Trailing the party is a harried Templar Knight... with a fat boar on a leash as well as Brigida peers around the room.

Sir Floppington reaches up and puts his big paw in Teireno's hand, doing so with a little pressure down then lift up, as if he were trying to help out in the handshaking he anticipates. Nova quietly speaks to Giuliano before then smiling back to the collected gathering, "Lord Teireno and Mistress Rikako: a pleasure to meet you, too. I am Scout Rowenova of the Ranging Wolves, a scouting party under the direct command of Lord Arik Halfshav for whom I am a personal retainer, too. I am a servant and scribe for House Halfshav, too. Meanwhile, I am the proud protege of Baroness Lucita here." Glancing over to where Lucita is, she smiles brightly and fondly to her before looking back to Prince Arman, "Your Highness, I am glad that your aches are fading away now, and I must apologize if a certain someone may not have gotten to doing the certain Thing... We split up, so I cannot really remind him now." Then, the Archlector of Petrichor shows up, and Nova lifts up a greeting hand her way. Also, Sir Floppington seems to peek that way, too, but he still shakes, too!

Micana have been dismissed.

1 Saik Guard have been dismissed.

Teireno happily shakes Sir Floppington's hand, then gives him a friendly pat on the head. "So smart! And cute!" Obviously, Teireno seems more enamored with the animal than anything else going on. He looks over at Nova. "Oh! Um, it is a pleasure to meet you, Scout Rowenova. Eheh."

Rikako turns her head to Quenia upon hearing her name. "I don't have an official job here yet. I am thinking of putting my talent of seeking out clues and learning mysteries to some use. If that doesn't work out, I'm not sure."

Arman leaned to briefly murmur something to Grazia between bites, but attention turned soon after to Rowenova. "I had heard rumor of such. I am sorry to hear that, Scout Rowenova. There is no need to apologize." And that was that! As the Archlector entered, the prince actually took the moment to rise from his seat to cross the room toward her and wordlessly offer his arm in escort so as to see the holy woman to a seat. Granted... the pig got a /look/.

A nod to Grazia is given by Miranda who replies, "Absolutely. I'm mostly asking around to see who is willing to help, of course. My diplomatic skills are not as high as I'd like." She gestures to Quenia and Lucita who just stepped out, "I've asked both the Marquessa and Baroness to assist, or, at the least, sent them missives to discuss it further." She smiles towards Arman, "Your Highness, it's well to see you again." She flags down a servant to pour some red wine in her glass and of course begins to gather some food. It is a dinner, after all! A look to Rikako, "Are you a scholar or researcher, Mistress?"

"Oh, an investigator!" Quenia's face lights up. "There are people wanting things researched all the time, I'm certain your services will come in quite handy. Not everyone has the time or skill to find just the thing they're looking for, after all." She looks to Grazia a moment, considering. "It seems we, and by we I mean Arvum, may be facing a new threat soon. Have you heard about what happened to House Moore?"

"Perhaps some people are just too noteworthy not to be talked about, Lady Miranda." After a sip of wine, Giuliano pauses, "In a good way, of course. I only have an advantage because I am no one of note, at least here. This is not Setarco, as sad of a fact as that happens to be." Smiling wistfully at the idea of his much warmer home, he lifts his glass to Miranda, but Quenia's question does cause him to ponder for a moment. "I command the Duchess' Swords of the Evening...a great honor, as we make sure that all vassals with a mind towards treason are dealt with quickly, before they can before a problem. After Duke Pietro's death, the Duchess was wise to put together the Swords as a force to make sure all internal issues are swiftly handled. I only now was called to Arx to help assist the family given that Setarco is quite content with her rule."

"No, you should probably be doing something militarily," Grazia points out blandly to Miranda, looking thoughtful. She frowns deeply. "Yes, and I'm not sure what to make of it, Marquessa. But it definitely seems to be quite awful."

Arman glanced to Rikako, mirroring Quenia's interest. "There are indeed. Myself among them seeking to employ talented men and women of such a vocation."

The pig is NO different to all the dogs people have, except fatter and more truffle focussed. As Arman escorts her, the Golden Rose of Tor examines everyone as she passes them, giving serene nods to them. "What happened to House Moore is a tragedy and looks to be similar to what happened to the Steelhearts. I am ^not^ happy about this."

Arman was sure Brigida was settled and her chair properly scooched in before he returned to his seat and his meal.

Quenia glances over at Arman. "Was the Steelhart's house overgrown overnight as well, with no one else seen or heard from? I heard of someone having a dream, and that tree people are maybe responsible for this, and are marching this way. House Moore was involved in the same dream. I'd use to scoff at these sorts of things, but after all the things I heard about happened during the Gyre war in Setarco, I'm not sure I can scoff at the strange and weird any further." She notes, as an aside to Grazia, "It was not mine."

Rikako considers if she could be considered a scholar or researcher, but shakes her head at Grazia. "I am not formally trained, so no. I think I'm more suited to Investigation as Marquessa Quenia says." With a light, rueful laugh, she nods to the assertion that it is a time-consuming endeavor. "It is a valuable trade here in the city?" When even the Prince Arman expressed interest, she blushed. "I guess it must be if even a Prince is seeking."

@emit Sir Floppington happily accepts the friendly pat and the lovely compliments from Lord Teireno, doing so with a fond look to him. This definitely is a newfound friend! So many wags ensue at a moderate pace, making sure not to inadvertently wack anything behind him. After the man's attention breaks, though, then Sir Floppington is off to join back up with Nova but not before a doggie bow to Brigida. Once he arrives by Nova's side, he sits down like a Very Good Boy Indeed. Nova speaks up to Teireno, "To answer your question, well, I never say he is my dog. He kinda saved my life. I guess if it were the other way around, then maybe I would claim him, but no. I am his human." Then, Nova affirmatively nods to Arman. That's that! When he and Quenia are speaking with Rikako, Nova nods along. "Aye, the Marquessa is right, there are many who are in need of researchers." Nova takes an interest in what is being said between Miranda and Grazia but is common and does not comment on military matters right now, much like the situation with House Moore, but she does listen carefully to everyone.

Teireno carefully stands up. "I'm afraid I have to retire to my room for a while. A bit too exhausted as of late." He properly bows to everyone. "My apologies. May you all have a pleasant evening." He says, before making his way out of the Great Hall.

"We can talk more of it as you like, my Lady," Miranda offers easily to Grazia. She does sip her wine, glancing over at Giuliano and speaking quietly to him a moment. Her eyes focus on him as she speaks, but then returns to the conversation about the table.

1 Scarlet Phoenix Guard leaves, following Teireno.

Arman looked to Quenia as he settled in anew. "Strange, I heard of a similar dream recently... though what caught me off guard is the strike point was stated to be Setarco. Tree men as well." A small smile went Rikako's way, "If you are in need of work, I have an abundance to share. Do not be afraid to send me a missive."

"I have heard such strange things while working for the Inquisition as you would not believe, and that I barely believe myself. It is a strange world we live in," Grazia agrees to Quenia with a bit of a frown as she eats a bit of dinner.

Brigida manages to get her hands on some duck and begins to eat. Between mouthfuls the Archlector queries, "Treemen? What is this Arman?"

Dipping his head at Brigida when she arrives with a bit of fuss, "Blessed, good evening to you. I do not believe I have met you before, or at least in quite a long time," Giuliano greets the Archlector, then raises a brow at Quenia's information about House Moore. Smiling at Rikako again, "It's an excellent vocation, and one I practice a very little in my spare time. Something while I'm digging around, really." He nods in agreement with Nova, but then blinks at Arman. "A strike point at Setarco? Of tree men?" Sitting up with a worried expression, his eyes sharpen, waiting to hear more.

Quenia nods after Teireno. "Rest well, cousin," she tells him. She then turns her attention back to the conversation at hand. She turns her attention on Arman. "I haven't yet started an investigation for the Mirrorguard, but based on this I might. But what topic would we /even/ consider researching for that?" she wonders. She nods to Brigida. "Treeman. The dream stared off with a mountain, and a tree as tall as a mountain, that rose high in the sky and supported a city of people, but not people. Tree people. They started marching east, then - House Moore was enveloped in overgrowth at the end of the dream. Only just yesterday we heard that House Moore, all of their lands, are overgrown now. Overnight." She looks to Arman. "The person I know who had the dream, they'll be glad to hear it wasn't just them I think. They are fearful they'd be considered crazy."

Miranda sips her wine and speaks softly to Giuliano, but her eyes cut to those speaking of Treemen and Setarco. What? Her gaze is quite curious.

Arman's lips parted, a quip meant for Brigida right on the tip of his tongue... and then he thought better of it. Small smile filled the pause in his transition from quip to conversation, "Beyond the dream someone mentioned to me, this is the first I've heard much about it beyond the overgrowth itself." He looked to Quenia as she divulged more information, nodding at mention of further investigation, but falling thoughtful on it. "I have a feeling the individual I have mentioned will share that comfort as well." Then to Giuliano, "At this juncture, it is possible that the dream mentioned to me may not be a vision of the future, but perhaps a warning of the past. It is too early to find a firm theory, unfortunately. I forwarded the individual to Marquessa Lianne Malespero (formerly Pravus) in hopes her expertise might provide some insight."

Rikako smiles brightly at the Prince as he offers to give her work if she would write. "That is most generous, I will be certain to once I get settled." To Giuliano, she nods. "It's fun and so satisfying to find out the truth of something. I am happy to hear you dabble in it. May I ask you a question sometime if I need someone to help me think through a puzzle?"

Nova almost whispers to Giuliano again but notices Miranda is doing the same, so she briefly grins then looks forth to Prince Arman and 'seriouses up'. "Hmm... I wonder if Spirits have anything to do with this. Have any of you consulted a Northern shaman like Elder Mirk and the Princess Mother Drea?"

Quenia jots off a quick message, then notes. "That's all the information I have on it myself, or what they were willing to share at least." A pause, then she changes the subject. "Did you have a chance to look at the lovely dresses in the atrium for our raffle to support the agricultural center?' she asks. "If not, you should take a look. They are Lyceum themed. Tickets are 1 for 5 Economic resources or 5 for 20 Economic resources." She furrows her brow. "And, hopefully I can get some crafters involved with this project at some point. Guild Mistress Joscelin did not seem inclined to want to offer help in anyway in asking if people were interested."

Brigida nods to Giuliano, "No. I don't believe I do know you. I never forget a name, except whatisnsme." She shrugs before she listens to Quenia and Arman and bows her head to murmur a quiet prayer to the Lord of Nature. "This worries me. Severely. Not just because of Acorn Hill but what seems to be a growing trend of unnatural and malevonent treegrowth. I'm going to addressing this issue head on." The mention of Mirk catches her ear and she bobs her head,"Elder Mirk has been in touch with me."

Miranda winks at Nova and speaks softly.

Arman gave a shake of his head to Rowenova as he was mid-bite, but he took a moment to finish it. Again he motioned to speak, but with Brigida's attention he simply gestured toward her in deference.

After Quenia asks about those who have seen the dresses, Nova lifts her fork which she waves to indicate that she has, indeed, checked out the dresses. Afterwards, she stays quiet until Brigida finishes up her prayer before then appreciatively noting with a little smile. "Good deal. Thank you so much, Archlector." She waves goodbye to Arman before hearing something over here concerning Giuliano and Miranda. It seems she leans to conspire with them, doing so with a little smirk as well as a gesture of her fork in a twirl.

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Quenia nods appreciatively to Rowenova. "I hope to see you at the raffle tomorrow night." She blushes, "Which reminds me, I need to work on getting numbers out to people who donated!" She rises from her seat. "Do please excuse me. A bit of work I had forgotten about. Do please enjoy dinner and stay as long as you want."

Brigida squints across the table at the clutch of whispers and gives them one of her glares. "Whispering like that makes you all seem like a pack of conspirators. Hardly the polite thing to do at a dinner gathering."

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