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Rivenshari Wedding Reception

Come join House Rivenshari in welcoming Countess-Consort Joslyn Rivenshari into the family and celebrating her marriage to Count Athaur Rivenshari. The Clan will be celebrating their union with a reception


May 18, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Athaur Joslyn


Reese Azolla(RIP) Monique Eshra Etienne Clover Maru Mayir



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Longhouse

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Maru takes A wooden statue of a River Dragon that is holding a bell from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Monique gets A wooden statue of a River Dragon that is holding a bell from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Azolla gets A wooden statue of a River Dragon that is holding a bell from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Reese gets A wooden statue of a River Dragon that is holding a bell from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

The Clan has obviously already wound themselves up for a party. The wedding itself was a small, private afair done on a ship at the docks and the bride and groom were on their way back. Tables groaned under food and casks of drink and the sound of music and bells filled the air. Suddenly, over the sound of the music three large bells ring out, adding their peal of sound to the music. The members of the Clan present let out a cheer at the sound as Joslyn and Athaur step inside, arm in arm.

Athaur is dressed in sea silk and exotic leather, with bells of champagne silver braided in his hair and sewn through his clothes. He smiles to those present, sharing a few brief words with the clan as the couple are briefly mobbed and congratulated before making their way to the COunts table.

Vim, the dragon corgi, Sir Danan, Studious Valardin Scribe arrive, following Clover.

Reese is at the reception while adorned in her normal pink and ivory. It is very fancy though. She looks over to Athaur and Joslyn as they arrive, cheering on the couple and having a warm smile that reaches her blue eyes and brings her dimples to briefly bloom.

Azolla arrives walking in her normal slow and steady pace as she makes her way to settle in. She does not rush over to join the mob that surrounds Athaur and Joslyn she is more just quietly keeping an eye over the event.

Beside Athaur, Joslyn is dressed in an aeterna gown, intricate strips of cloth wrapped ina delicate weave over her form, and an elegant crown braid, with her hairpins held in place, a ribbon interwoven through that braid with bells that join the chorus of Athaur's bells beside him. She smiles bright to those that had come and waves as she leans into Athaur's side, greeting those that come to mob the pair before she lets him lead her over to the table together. "Thank you all for coming!" Joslyn calls out to everyone, casting a smile to her friends in attendance.

Representing Greenmarch this day is Lady Monique, younger sister to the Marquis. She's garbed in an Oathland's tea dress of corbeau green, reminiscent both of foliage and armor, long and fitted as it is, yet dagged and swirling at the hems. The redheaded beauty carries with her a soft velvet bag and wears a smile upon her lips as she approaches the newlyweds to extend the well-wishes of Greenmarch. There's a particularly handsome Archlector of Gild at her side, too, being pulled mercilessly from the sumptuous food.

Eshra and Maru enter from the back of the Longhouse instead of the front. No doubt checking on various tasks needing to be done. The Lady is dressed in seasilk, that has been crafted into the style of the Rivenshari's traditional gowns, layers of fine silk studded with shimmering blue opals and small glittering crystals. Wild chestnut curls hanging loose down her back with their abundance of brass bells singing out with each step as she drags Maru with her, tisking at him and the stolen cookies in his hand heading towards the happy couple. "I see you have learned the art."

Etienne also arrives with greetings and wishes, his outfit and adornments often dark in color and refined in manufacture set against the contrast of her pale hair. Pausing every so often to admire the decorations, of course, not just the array of food far out of reach.

Quietly -- well, as quiet as Clover can be, while still nearly managing to trip over the leg of a chair -- the duchess arrives late to the reception, dressed in a cascade of wispy gold-trimmed aeterna and with her hair bunned up. A gentle smile is quick to bloom at the sight of the couple, and after a hushed murmur with her scribe, she slinks on by the others, neatly finding a place within the gathering of people.

Maru is dressed in silks colored in the grey and gold of House Seliki with buttons of mother-of-pearl. He follows along, a smug look on his face as he eats the cookies for which he's been scolded. They're just so delicious. He finishes the last one just as they arrive at the table, dusting the crumbs off his hands. "I don't have to try very hard," he says with a chuckle. "Sometimes it's more work to _not_ get cookies from Amelia when I pass through."

"Yes, thank you all for coming. We greatly appreciate it." Athaur provides some playful chidding in Ravashari to some of the more exuberant members of the clan. He turns in place once at the table at the head of the house. "We bid you welcome to our home and are happy to share this occasion with all of you. Please make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the festivities with us."

Athaur has joined the The Count's table.

Joslyn has joined the The Count's table.

Reese peeks over to Clover, having a smile for her that reaches her eyes. "Duchess Clover, hi!" She says. She then waves over to Maru. She looks to Joslyn, giving her a smile as well. "You look very lovely. I hope that I get a chance to dance with the bride." She says a bit sheepishly and her cheeks are pink.

Azolla makes her way over to Joslyn and Athaur and says gently, "Congratulations, I hope you both have a very wonderful future together." She offers them a warm smile and says, "Lord Rysen is not here and I did not prepare a specific song but do let me know if you would enjoy for me to sing for you on this joyous occasion," she adds warmly, moving to find a place to sit and see what happens at the event

The warm hello is met with a lift and a wiggle of Clover's fingers, who adequately responds, "Hello, Princess Reese. Knight of Ribbons." It's enough to draw a wider and more generous smile from the duchess; bright green irises catching the bride as she nods in agreement. "I just hope to dance. Period!" Naturally, she's quick to add, "Congratulations! I wish the best for the both of you," when everyone else is also offering their congratulations.

Reese looks over to Azolla, having a smile for her as well. "Greetings, Lady Azolla, it is nice to see you." She ays, before looking to Clover. "Oh, I would love to dance with you, Duchess. I mean I would be super flattered if you would." She says and her cheeks are quite pink. She seems to be in a cheerful mood.

Reese is overheard praising Joslyn: Lovely bride!

Reese is overheard praising Athaur: Handsome Groom!

Monique approaches Joslyn and Athaur, dipping her flame-bright head deeply and offering the velvet bag she carries carefully to the Count. "Count Athaur, Countess-Consort, on behalf of Greenmarch I offer deepest congratulations on your union, and all the blessings of the gods and spirits both for a happy and prosperous life together."

Eshra laughs.. which for any the really know her is something that few have heard, the sound warm and rich. "Bewitching Amelia was not part of the deal, Maru." nodding to nobles and clans members as she drags the Seliki lord through the crowd and towards the large table. "Athaur, Maru broke Amelia." kissing the count on the top of the head as she passes his chair towards her own and smiling to Joslyn across from her.

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Joslyn settles beside Athaur, looking to the rather excitable Rivenshari, and she rather eagerly reaches for some wine and her food, looking rather famished after the day had gone so far, she beams at the arrival of a few others, the smile warm for Clover, Reese and Azolla. "Thank you," she says again. "There will be time for dancing soon, I just need to eat something, I've spent the entire morning getting dressed and makeup done," she laughs. "A song would be lovely, though I am not sure what you know! I'd say, pick anything you think would be appropriate, you have a lovely voice," she assures the other woman. She adds as well to Clover. "Thank you, so far it all seems to be off to a rather lovely start. We have a great many plans for our future. "Thank you Lady Monique. Looks like we're set to be neighbors, so I hope we're set to see more of each other," she grins, eyeing the bag curiously, before she meets Eshra's gaze, returning the smile, warmth radiating from her gaze.

Maru offers Reese a wave and a smile and then turns toward Eshra and laughs. "Hey, I can't help it if she likes me," he says. "She's been giving me cookies since I first visited." It's true. She has. He steps up the to the table and smiles to Athaur and Joslyn. "Congratulations, both of you."

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Reese smiles over to Eshra as well. "Greetings Lady Eshra." She says. She then turns to Joslyn. "I guess I can wait a few moments before trying to dance with the bride." She says and has a pout, but it is a playful one.

Azolla has joined the The Count's table.

Athaur beams at Azolla as she approaches. "Of course, I would love a song. Whatever you think would be appropriate, my lady. You have a beautiful voice." He smiles brightly to Reese and laughs. "Thank you so much. I am happy you can make it. Just let me have once dance with my wife." He gives Reese a wink before taking the bag from Monique. "Lady Monique thank you for coming." He looks inside the bag and his eyes widen. "This is most generous, thank you." He offers the bag to Joslyn to show her as well before turning to his Sister. "I would feel more sympathetic to Amelia if not for the thrashing she gave me last night." He grins brightly.

With a wink and another lift of a smile, Clover tells Reese, "I think we can arrange that after the food's been set." The duchess puts some weight in her words with an amicable bump of her shoulder into Reese's side, and then she turns that very same smile to the others. Particularly Maru, considering he's waving in her general direction.

Azolla offers Athaur a warm smile as she says gently, "Maybe you can accompany me. I am willing to craft you a suitable song for you, your bride and your guests."

"I thought perhaps the motif suited Rivenshari whilst the blade itself could be well-wielded by the lovely Countess-Consort," Monique says to both Athaur and Joslyn with a green-eyed wink. "Be well and be happy. I've no doubt I shall see you around, perhaps come to Greenmarch and enjoy the underground hotsprings now that you're close by," she offers to Josyln, and then slips back to join the crowd and merriment.

Pete, a Grayhope account manager arrives, following Mayir.

Joslyn looks to Reese with a giggle and nods her head. "Yes, the dance with my husband must come first," she says, trying to shovel as much food as she can into her mouth while still managing to appear lady-like, looking in the bag that Athaur shows her with a little widened gaze. "That is beautiful," she says, handing it back to him. "Thank you Lady Monique, I'll be sure to visit soon, that does sound like a lovely place to escape to for a time," she smiles, before glancing to Athaur. "What did Amelia do to you?" she wonders with a grin. "Also who is Amelia?"

Reese looks over to Joslyn and Athaur, giving them a sheepish smile. "Oh, of course." she says in the their direction. She then bumps her hip gently back to Clover's. "I guess we have to wait to dance with the bride." She says and then gently tries to kiss Clover's cheek. She leans down to reach such.

Athaur laughs softly. "Amelia is our cook and seneschal. Of sorts really. She handles the domestic things for our house. She was a bit cross with me because I didn't know we needed a cake until sometime last night." He shrugs his shoulders and grins.

Eshra blinks at Joslyn then turns her eyes onto Athaur. "You said you made sure she knew everything to keep from feeling left out." arches a brow at her brother good naturedly then looks back to Jos. "Amelia, sister-mine, is.." nods to a good looking 50ish woman that is directing servers. "... she runs the house basically..especially the kitchens. She also is the only one who knows how to make those dark ginger cookies that you see everyone eating. It's been tradition since we were small to try and steal them from the cooling tables without her laying into us. Each child learns their own strategy."

Maru watches Reese and Clover, a smile in his eyes, and then looks back over toward the conversation about Amelia. "She's been giving me cookies ever since I started coming around the Expanse," he says, to complete the explanation. "I think she's just happy to see somebody with some years around here." He chuckles and then looks back out over the crowd. There's food on his plate, but he did just eat a fistful of cookies.

Moving away from the happy couple, Monique leads Etienne towards Clover, essaying an easy, graceful curtsey. "Duchess, it's good to see you again. It's been too long." Her lips quirk at the corners. "I was speaking with the wonderful Marquessa Keaton the other day and she recommended you as the perfect co-host for an event I have in mind. Would you happen to be free in the next week to get together and speak on it? Perhaps over tea or tea that smells strongly of whiskey?"

Azolla is listening the the flow of conversation, waiting on some indication she should sing. Azolla wears a warm friendly smile as she seems to just enjoy being here and observing

Eshra smiles to Reese, then shakes her head. "I am sorry Princess, I didn't miss you, just sort of got swept away. It is good to see you. And how have you been?"

Athaur turning towards Azolla he smiles warmly at her. "I would be happy to accompany you. Just let me know when you are ready." He looks at his sister, offering an innocent looking smile. "There is a great deal to remember to explain."

"Better late than never!" Mayir is saying to Pete (his assistant and not at all a kitchenatrix) as he strolls on into the Longhouse, stopping off to get himself some rum. Yes, rum seems good! Oh! And rice! The two of them nosh, as he looks for the Woman of the Hour.

Ever helpful, Clover presses to the tips of her toes so that Reese doesn't have to bend down THAT far. Then, pivoting on her toes, she meets Monique's curtsy with her own. "It has been way too long! I would love to get together and speak on it. Tea that smells strongly of whiskey is /perfect/." Naturally, she'll take note of Etienne as well; fingers lifting and wiggling in greeting to the Archlector. "Hello! Clover Farshaw, Duchess-Consor of Westrock Reach."

"You didn't think about this until last night?" Joslyn laughs and playfully rolls her eyes. "Perhaps I should have handled more than I did," she muses with a smirk, before she looks back to Eshra. "Some detals escaped mention, but it's no matter. I'm sure I'll learn to be afraid of her in time," she chuckles. "So I shall now have to learn how to escape with them myself? I suppose throwing my weight around as the countess consort won't do any good," she giggles. "Or is at least against the spirit of the game."

Azolla offers Athaur another warm smile and she says gently, "I am ready whenever you are." She glances around. "Where would you like me," she questions as if to look for a proper place for a performance

"No one told me there needed to be cake until last night." Athaur attempts to rationally explain. He looks to Joslyn and grins mischeviously. "Oh no. You should try that. Just let me know so that I can watch." Turning to Azolla he offers a smile. "Whenever you might like. I find up at the head of the hall here has the best sound." He gestures to Patock, whispering to the lad something before sending him off."

Maru turns toward the food and drink in front of him on the table. If dancing is to be done, then food should be had first. Not to mention drink. Drink is _always_ good.

"It's a wedding!" Joslyn pokes his shoulder with a little squint. "Do Ravashari not have cakes at weddings? What do you have?" she wonders, she drinks more of her wine, deep red and sweet, letting it roll over her tongue, she slows down and takes in the rest of everybody, she finally notices Mayir and gives him a pleasant wave. "Mayir, you made it!" she smiles. "Wasn't sure if you'd be coming or not," her bells jingle in her hair as she turns to face him.

Azolla nods gently and moves herself to the place Athaur directs her to. Her emerald eyes glance over the crowd gathered as she settles in her position. Azolla waits for Athaur to join her seeming to prepare herself to sing.

"Not make it? How could I not make it?" Mayir flits over to Joslyn with his drink in hand and wraps an arm around to kiss her cheek. "You are radiant, as you would expect! Congratulations, Countess! Now when you say you'll be to something with bells on!" Well, now Mayir knows she will be!

Monique's smile grows brighter as she looks aside to Etienne. It's just a natural thing that happens when the beauty looks his shining way. "Ah, my apologies. Duchess Farshaw, might I introduce the Archlector of Gild, Blessed Etienne, who was Telmar before he renounced his family for his Godsworn vows. Eti, the Duchess-Consort, who I have always found to be an intriguing woman. I do look forward to the whiskey-tea, Duchess. I'll send my assistant Primus to arrange the details at your convenience and send my deepest gratitude to Marquessa Reigna for the suggestion."

"We lived on boats, Joslyn. Baking cakes was not something we did much of at all. Actually I think my first peice of cake was at Lady Monique's wedding." Eshra grins. "So it wasn't any of us really thought about, no."

Athaur shrugs his shoulders. "No, we don't usually do cake." He laughs softly as Patock delivers his Zither to him. He moves some of the plates out of the way as he places the stringed instrument on the table. "Usually, we just do cookies at weddings, if I recall. Or maybe we just use any excuse for cookies." He looks to Azolla and smiles. "When you are ready."

Azolla checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Athaur checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Azolla's hauntingly beautiful voice begins to rise over the noise and talking. All other sounds seem to fall quiet or add in to the melody of the song she sings. She sings a stereotypical love song. Letting the words craft the story of great love and eternal bonds formed. As she sings she takes careful care to draw a clear picture of the story she crafts with her song. As she draws to the end of the song her voice fades back to silence and she rests her voice, letting her voice and words settle on the audience as she remains standing where she is for a while

"A pleasure" Etienne returns in greeting to Clover. "Given the prevalence of whiskey-tea it must really receive it's own moniker at some point. Making it that much easier to dispense." as the singing begins he looks, a gentle smile playing on his face.

Put simply, Clover looks rather embarrassed at not catching on sooner. "It's wonderful to meet you, Blessed Etienne. Join us for the tea if your schedule allows? In other words, yes -- I look forward to the letter!" Having said that, the duchess quiets at the mention of cake, boats, and most importantly, the song that follows thereafter.

Reese is overheard praising Azolla: Lovel singing!

Reese is overheard praising Clover: Amazing Duchess!

"Why didn't I think about that? Boats are definitely not what I'm used to," she quirks her lips at the thought. "Well I'm glad you've gotten to experience the wonders of cake!" she grins again, eating her food and greeting Mayir, wrapping her arms around him, kissing his cheek in return. "So good to see you! Is that actually an expression?" Joslyn wonders, tilting her head curiously. "But thank you! It's exciting to say the least," she smiles then and curiously watches Athaur and Azolla as they set themselves up, and she watches them, eyes widening as she listens to the song, she draws silent and just watches, looking quite impressed. Once it's all done she blinks again breaking into applause. "You can play! She was no lying," she smiles at Azolla That is... just beautiful!"

Reese seems very enchanted by the singing. She looks all dreamy and everything. The girl sways along with the music. "So beautiful." She murmurs softly when the song comes to an end.

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Athaur is overheard praising Joslyn.

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Azolla smiles warmly and says, "Thank you, you are too kind. I am happy to have the chance to sing along with with the Count accompanying me, it truly is an honor to sing with him and for you and your guests." Azolla folds her hands and glances at Athuar a momentt. "That was very lovely thank you," she tells him gently

Maru is overheard praising Joslyn.

"I think it's an expression!" says Mayir as he hugs Joslyn close and then releases her. "But I am so happy for you. You are going to be a great countess. As you are a great everything else!" He winks at her and then steps away after whispering in her ear for a moment.

Mayir is overheard praising Joslyn: Countess Joslyn! Will be there with bells on!

Monique cants her flame-bright head at the mention of her name, but there seems to be nothing to say and the song so enthralling. The Minx of the Marches falls silent to listen, her emerald gaze sliding sidelong to the Archlector with a sappy expression as the words seem to strike a chord. Her fingers slip out to find his, squeezing.

Monique is overheard praising Azolla: Beautiful and inspiring

Athaur hands the Zither off to Patock to be put away again. "Well, I am new to the Zither. Much more familiar with the guitar." He smiles warmly at Joslyn before looking to Azolla and offering her a seated bow. "Always a pleasure to play with you, My Lady."

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"Oh, it was not an S after all," Azolla says chuckling musically. "No wonder I could not think of the name."

"Beautiful indeed," she smiles to Azolla and Athaur both. "I've never heard of the instrument truth be told, but you play it wonderfully, and you sound amazing together. I'd love to hear more from you both," she rises from her seat to join Athaur then. "Though I do believe there is the matter of having a dance with your bride."

She adds to Mayir and chuckles. "Thank you, I'll try my best."

Azolla moves away from the couple to find her seat again. She quietly watches, hands folded in her lap

Athaur smiles, pushing himself to his feet. He offers Joslyn a hand and beams at her. "There is a dance to be had, yes. I have been looking forward to it for sometime."

Vagari - Cinder Kitten arrives, delivering a message to Joslyn before departing.

Joslyn smiles to Athaur. "Okay, so," she takes his hand and squeezes lightly. "We'll do this your way," she smiles. "Hopefully I don't look too terrible while doing it," she grins, letting him take the lead on the dance, waiting for the music to start.

Maru laughs. "Don't worry Countess, your husband told me once that there's no wrong way to dance. Though, I think he was just trying to make me feel better."

Having made his appearances with Joslyn, Mayir downs the rest of his rum and heads for the exits. Appearance made! And then on to the rest of the night!

Pete, a Grayhope account manager leaves, following Mayir.

It's so hard for Clover not to snort out a half-laugh at Maru's remark, and in an attempt to ease the bride's nerves, she adds, "You've got great footwork, you'll be fine!" Settling quietly in her spot at the table, she watches with a brilliant smile for the two.

Athaur laughs softly. "You will look marvelous. How could you not. Lord Maru is correct, there is no wrong way to dance. Even if he stretches that truth at times." He gives Maru a wink before he lifts his hands and claps them together. The band swings up into a song, something cheerful and vibrant. He reaches his hand out, taking his wife's hand in his as he starts to stomp his feet on the floor in rythmn to the music.

Eshra watches the couple move to the floor, leaning in against Maru. "I think you dance just fine." said to the Seliki lord with a grin, before starting a rythmnic clap in time with the music.

"Footwork just seems different when I'm doing it like this," Joslyn grins over at Clover, and then she takes Athaur's hand in hers, and after a moment of watching him, she moves in those steps that she'd practiced time and time again, not rehearsed, but a spontaneous stomp to the beat, her bells ringing out with her steps. She beams and keeps her eyes on him, moving to the beat of the music with her husband.

Azolla watches at Athaur takes Joslyn's hand and the band starts to play the song. She is quiet but she has a warm and gentle smile as she gazes upon the couple

Lacing her fingers through Etienne's, Monique offers a wave to the married couple once more, and a dip of her head. Then the duo are slipping off, tugging cloaks up against the winter chill.

Dandy, the red fox, 1 Templar Knight guards leave, following Etienne.

Kit, the grey fox, Primus, First of Monique's Assistants, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Tertius, Third of Monique's Assistants, Quartus, Fourth of Monique's Assistants, Etienne leave, following Monique.

Reese is still here! She listens to the song that starts playing and has a smile. She taps her right foot in time to the music and everything.

This is no typical courtly dance of rehearsed moves and boring steps. Athaur begins to move, his body swaying in time to the music as it plays. His feet pound out a rythmn to accompany the music that is played, the bells covering him adding their own music. He keeps his hand in Joslyn's, gently guiding her along as the move along to the music. He gives his wife a reassuring smile as their spirited dance continues.

Azolla's emerald eyes watch every step of the dance with an intense curiosity. She is silently watching the couple dance together, a smile still upon her lips that lights up her features

"Of course you think I dance just fine," Maru says, looking toward Eshra with a grin. Then he turns out to watch the dancing. The dancing that's not being done by him. His hands start clapping and his foot starts stomping.

Joslyn moves her body beside his, following his lead but adding her own flare to it, moving herself as if she's moving in the dance of the blades that she dances so often, swaying and using that footwork that Clover spoke of to her advantage, getting closer, letting her steps mingle with his, letting his hand guide her, each step of hers drawing her closer to her husband with a brilliant smile growing on her lips.

Joslyn gets A wooden statue of a River Dragon that is holding a bell from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Eshra moves to stand from the table, hand holding onto one of Maru's. "Lords and Ladies.. a moment please? First please everyone make sure you get your gift from the chest." the Rivenshari Voice raises her dark warm voice to be heard over the crowd. "Hello and thank you all for coming. Today is a special day for the Rivenshari, it marks a day that we are not only recovering from our past but are growing." A smile given to Joslyn and Athaur before she continues. "It also marks a day where we hold to tradtion as well as open ourselves up and embrace new ways. It is this tradition however that I would like to now address. As many of you no doubt know or at least can tell, bells are important to the Rivenshari." giving her head a shake so that abundance of bells that braid through her curls can be heard singing. "Each Rivenshari wears them, the higher the station, the more bells they can wear. We hang them from our boats, our homes and around our land. But there are bells that we seldom ring at all." lifting her hand to point upwards to the three large brass bells that hang between the two carved sea serpents. "These we only ring at times of importance. When a family member is born or dies. When the Rivenshari go to war or like today.. when one of the family marries and we welcome a new member. So today, for the first time since we have joined the Compact.. they will ring. So you all have your dragon and bells? Please join in to celebrate the marriage of Count Athaur Rivenshari and Countess-Consort Joslyn Rivenshari." at which time she nods to the youth holding the cord to the three big bells and he starts to ring them.. the sound loud and deep as it fills the winter night.

Athaur rests with Joslyn, his arms around her with a smile as their dance comes to an end. He turns towards his sister, offering her a smile as she speaks. When the great bells ring, he stomps his foot, sending the bells on his person to ringing along with them, as members of the clan add their own bells to the sound.

Azolla follows suit and lets her bell join the sound, curiously watching and listening

Eshra gets A wooden statue of a River Dragon that is holding a bell from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Clover takes A wooden statue of a River Dragon that is holding a bell from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Maru lifts his own dragon bell and shakes it, adding to the cacophany.

Joslyn stands with Athaur as her dance comes to an end, leaning into him as Eshra speaks and she gives a warm smile to her new family as she announces the tradition, and the bells start to ring. As Athaur lets his bells ring out, she gives her head a hearty shake, letting her own bells join into the chorus. "The beginning of a new age, I think," she murmurs to Athaur, beaming with pride.

Reese seems to really enjoy the party, but eventually she slips off!

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting leave, following Reese.

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