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Outdoor Charity Party

To celebrate the arrival of summer, enjoy the weather it brings, and gather some money to help out those children who cannot enjoy the weather due to their bondage in thalldrom. Lady Videl Igniseri invites all to come to the Plaza Unita to socialize, enjoy the weather, and donate to Thursday's Child. While no material rewards are promised, Lady Videl promises to spread word of the charity of some of the most generous.


Feb. 17, 2019, 3:30 p.m.

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Olivia Alarissa Aerwyna Leta Liara Miranda Sudara



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Plaza Unita

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Comments and Log

Alarissa drops Thursday's Child Locked Coinbox.

Olivia wanders in, a smile on her face. Her long blonde hair is free and has a bunch of buttercup flowers tied in it. She offers a polite wave to everyone as she enters.

Videl stands in the center of the plaza, clearly waiting for people to come in, she's got a glass of wine in one hand, and is ready to greet others when they arrive. Next to her stands a box marked for donations. "Thank you all for coming." She tells people when they file in.

Olivia smiles big and approaches Videl. As she makes it to her she curtseys politely. "Lady Videl. A pleasure to see you again, and so soon. I come bearing donations on behalf of House Ashford."

'Alarissa's making her way in, a smile on her face and a hat wide enough to keep sun off pale skin. "Lady Videl. Again we meet" Of course. "It's always a delight to come into the velenosan ward." Olivia is there again too. "Now all we need is some saik wine and it's a continuation of the other night"

Aerwyna walks into the area and looks around with a bit of a smile, hands folded behind her before she dips into a curtsey to the nobility before moving a bit further along the plaza, eyes going to the pavilions.

Videl smiles at Olivia, "Thank you, thank you. I have a donation of my own to offer, of course." And with that, she adds her own funds to the box, "I hope that each and every one of you donates as much as you can spare." she smiles to Alarissa and Aerwyna, "Your highness, miss, thank you both for coming."

Olivia begins looking in her coin purse before hmming to herself. She shrugs and just hands the whole purse over to Videl.

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Leta.

Aerwyna smiles gently to Videl, lowering her gaze as she dips her head once more and with that, approaches the box to make her own contribution.

1 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Videl watches the donations from others begin to come in, and smiles. "Thank you for your generosity." She answers both, and takes her wine to one of the benches, keeping an eye still on those coming in.

"It is only right that I come. It is a lovely summer afternoon anyways. Sometimes, one has to get out of the ward and venture forth. See what everyone else is wearing for the summer." Alarissa shifts to grab a glass of something and look around. "And, it is only right that I come to support you" Alarissa looks to Olivia. "You should see the hair combs that Master Reynir of the singing stones has made for the Thursday's Child auction at the end of the year. Divine." She leans in, false whispering. 'Alaricite"

Leta strolls through the gates and into the plaza, letting her gaze wander to the statues before focusing on the pavilions ahead. She slows down on her way there, taking the time to look over the scene and the people gathered in the vicinity of the coinbox, fingers idly fidgeting with her buttons.

Olivia smiles at Videl as she leaves her to her business. She approaches Alarissa, dipping in a polite curtsey before kissing her on both cheeks with a smile, "Princess, getting to also see you twice in as many days. A lucky week for me I suppose." She twiddles her hairpins a little, "I would like to get a set like that, but it would be wasted on me I think."

Aerwyna moves aside from the coinbox after her contribution and smiles, dipping into a low curtsey before Alarissa then straightening and stepping away, her smile warm as she looks to Videl soon after.

1 Grayson House Guards leaves, following Liara.

1 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Videl has joined the bench bearing the Igniseri crest.

"Nonsense. Not wasted on you at all. Something like this would heirloom pieces passed down. Gifted in wills, I am sure." Before Aerwyna can leave, Alarissa reaches out, fingertips gently brushing the clothier's forearm. "Thank you, for your assistance and donation. It is greatly appreciated. Ever little bit does a great deal to see the children freed." Making sure Aerwynna is acknowledged. "May I have your name?"

Videl gets up from her seat at the bench to greet Leta, "Hello, thank you for coming." She glances to Aerwyna next. "Thank you for your donation."

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Miranda.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp have been dismissed.

2 Rubino and Zaffria guards have been dismissed.

Liara strolls into the plaza, a smile quickly finding her features as she takes the place in, though her end goal is evidently the pavilions and the people gathered about. When her gaze alights on Videl, she moves nearer, first up to convey a document to the lady. "The weather's being rather agreeable, isn't it?"

Olivia smirks a little bit at the princess, "I suppose any future niece I have would enjoy them..." She thinks for a moment and smiles.

Feeling the brush of fingertips to her forearm causes Aerwyna not to move too hastily yet and she smiles at the Princess' words, answering softly, "I am Aerwyna Froic, Your Highness."

Leta starts moving forward, but stops short as Videl rises, one hand sketching a forward motion as if to signal the woman not to bother with her. But then she smiles, and politely bows her head, "Of course, m'Lady. Sure thing. Just thought I'd contribute, I suppose," she says respectfully in a Lowers accent, silks and Velenosa guard escort notwithstanding.

Videl takes the document and puts it in the donation box, smiling at Liara and curtseying slightly. "It is, thank you for coming and for your donation, your highness." She answers Leta next, "All contributions are very much appreciated." Her attention back towards Liara, "So how do you do, your highness?"

Walking away from the Plaza Unita, the Sword of Gemecitta, aka Miranda, is engrossed in a conversation with her lanky aide, Brenlin, who is looking delighted to have her to chat with as well as appearing most put out. Miranda is moving a few pieces of parchment from a stack in one hand to the other, going through them with a bit of a frown. "I've been back, what? One day? Could this not wait for a few hours? It's a beautiful day and I plan to enjoy it." Brenlin groans, apparently he IS put out by the delay. "Pardon, my Lady, but you have been gone several weeks and these just will not keep! The unit is awaiting changes and.." Miranda growls and looks at her aide with a look that any smart man would not ignore. Brenlin is, apparently, a genius. He bows his head, relieves her of the papers she holds, sticks them and other pages into his satchel and takes about five steps back. "Forgive me. Of course. It's a lovely day. This can wait." She gives him her best winning smile and notices, then, the party! "Ooh! In time for a celebration!"

"There will be plenty of nieces I am sure." Alarissa looks to Aerwyna, gesturing for the woman to remain. 'Come, drink with us. Enjoy the day unless you must leave forthwith?" She inquires. There's a glance to her Grayson cousin come in and Leta, a lift of her finger to Liara in greeting.

"Rather splendidly, thank you," Liara replies to Videl, with a flash of a smile. She gives a flutter of her silk-gloved fingers in response to Alarissa, then, seeing Miranda, extends the little wave to the Rubino too.

"I can stand for a while, your Highness, thank you so much." Aerwyna responds with a light and respectful dip of her head, "I hope you receive many a donation."

Leta nods again to Videl, "It's for the little ones and all, isn't it? And - well, I suppose it's been a while since I've come this way, thought I'd... have a look," she furrows her brow a moment, then reaches for the coinpurse at her side, fingers giving it a light tap before she nods curiously to the box. "That's it then, is it, m'Lady?" The brawny woman starts heading in that direction, digging into her purse for a few fat coins.

Miranda waves in greeting to Liara, "Your highness! Lovely to see you!" And a wave to Alarissa, of course, "And you as well, your highness!" She sort of circles the Square a bit, taking in the sights and food and things. To Alarissa, she asks, "How goes the Charity?"

Olivia smiles and finds a seat watching the crowd gather and mingle

"Good to hear, I'm doing well myself." Videl answers Liara, and then heads over to address Miranda, "Thank you for coming, my lady." She overhears the question, "I think we're off to a good start today, but we could always use more."

"IT goes well, very well. It's almost as if this year, people have realized this is not a whim, that I am very serious about doing this and thus, they have been generous in seeing what I hope is some day my legacy, but above all, a better future for the isles and the children." She offers a kiss to either of Miranda's cheeks. "In the last month, a million alone has been given. The generosity is astounding." A glance back to Aerwyna. "Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax, Lady Olivia Ashford, Lady Miranda Rubino." Alarissa offers introductions to the commoner. 'To whom do we have the pleasure of speaking with?"

Liara procures a glass of wine for herself and drifts over towards the edge of the gathering, with the apparent purpose of studying the statue in the centre of the plaza for a moment.

Miranda smiles to Videl and offers, "Lady Miranda Rubino." She looks amused, "It's mostly an accidental coming. You have this party in the perfect spot to ambush the assorted Velenosan Houses, I see." She winks, "Very crafty. I approve." She nods on the side to Alarissa's words, returning the cheek-kissing. "I'm impressed, truly." Then a look towards the commoner that the Princess-Consort's addressed.

Aerwyna speaks up a bit louder after the introductions are made, realizing her voice must be getting lost in the conversations as quite the crowd has gathered and she introduces herself, "I am Aerwyna Froic, a relatively new seamstress here in Arx." She dips into a curstey to the others introduced to her.

Olivia rises from her seat and approaches Liara on the edge of the gathering, she curtseys politely. "Princess Grayson. A pleasure. Someone else who likes to people watch I see!"

"I did get Duchess Grazia's blessing to host this here, and I had it announced that it would be here many days in advance." Videl answers Miranda with a cheerful smile, "So I wouldn't call it much of an ambush. I'm Videl Igniseri, a pleasure." She also smiles towards Aerwyna, "A pleasure, mistress Froic."

Gaze drawn away from the statue, Liara offers up an easy smile for Olivia, her eyebrows easing up in a small, inquisitive arch, "To people watch, my lady? And how are you?" Then part of an exchange about Videl draws a little laugh from Liara, and she wonders, "Perhaps if you were to have 'surprise' stitched into the sides of the pavilions?"

Miranda chuckles at Videl, "I'm sure you did. I've been out of Arx for a couple of weeks, so I may have missed out on this announcement. Still, a party is hardly a terrible thing to be ambushed by, no?" She chuckles and then to Aerwyna, she bows her head, "Mistress, a pleasure. What store is yours and what sort of things might we find? I've been to the tangled skein a good deal, but rarely find something to my tastes."

Miranda winks at Liara, apparently liking her humor.

"Ahh a seamstress. And in a gathering as this? Woo them Mistress seamstress. Why should we come to you instead of Mistress Thornburn or Mistress Penrose." Alarissa looks to Olivia and Miranda but then back to the small grouping.

Having tucked her coins away into the box, Leta takes a few steps back to get out of the way, shifts in place and looks about, before locating the nearest source of wine glasses. That's where she's headed, taking a long hearty sip. Then she wanders, fiddling with the beads on her necklace, bowing her head left and right as she comes across anyone that looks even vaguely noble.

Aerwyna's lips are quick to smile to Videl, Miranda and Alarissa as she speaks, her fingers linking together, "I own Aerwyna's Fashion and I craft dresses, shoes and I'm learning to do a bit of jewelry. So far I've been honored to dress Princess Marian and I've sold dresses to a few.. Lord Martino is interested in a commission also."

"Anyway, while you are here, Lady Miranda, have you considered contributing to Thursday's child? This party is in the name of collecting donations for that charity." Videl pushes a little bit when she says that, "Every donation helps, after all." She glances towards Aerwyna, "I'll have to consider you a commission. I have some supplies of umbra in need of a purpose."

Listening intently to Aerwyna, Miranda mms softly, "If you've anything to show, I would like to come by and take a peek, hmm? I have few things I truly enjoy." A glance to the others, "I practically live in my armor it seems." SHe is wearing a Lycene gown fit for the summer, so she can't have ONLY armor in her wardrobe! A look, then, to Videl, "Oh, I've contributed. Donated. I can always send more, though I do not carry such on my person, naturally."

Liara spots Leta on her wandering way, and gives a ready smile. The Grayson's gaze flits down briefly over Leta's overcoat, and she brightens all the further, and remarks, "My, I adore the cut of that, and it suits you splendidly." That Liara doesn't know Leta doesn't get in the way of admiring a spot of fashion.

Aerwyna dips her head to Videl and Miranda, "I would be delighted if you wish to give me the opportunity! I do have one gown that is in store to be viewed, a pretty garment as bright and cheerful for summer."

Miranda nods to Aerwyna, "I will come by then, when I've a moment. For now, I should head back to my Aide and manage some of the work he's had lying in wait for me. Oy." She smiles warmly, seeming more amused than anything, really, as if tolerating her aide's moods is a joy for her, not a problem. She looks to Videl and Alarissa, "I'll see what I can do to add to the cause, as well. Children should not incur their parents' debts. Good luck and may the Gods bless you all." She smiles warmly and turns to take her leave.

Leta looks to Liara and bows her head almost immediately in respecful acknowledgment. The compliment to her coat makes her pause and look down, fingers skimming over the glass buttons down the front. "Thank you!" She smiles broadly, then hastens to add, "Uh, m'Lady? Doesn't it, just? Thought it was - well, the skies have been pretty blue, haven't they? Thought I might as well."

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards leave, following Miranda.

Videl nods to Miranda when the lady leaves, then turns her attention back towards Aerwyna. "I'll come by later then, discuss some ideas." She promises, "And you can tell me what it'll cost and hopefully we can come to a positive arrangement." She smiles, then flits over towards Liara and Leta, "That is quite the lovely coat." She then asks, "What do you think of my dress, your highness?"

Aerwyna smiles brightly to Miranda, watching her leave before she turns to Videl, nodding once and still holding the smile, "Thank you, I look forward to seeing you soon, my Lady."

"They have - and they are being generous enough to behave themselves today, too," Liara replies to Miranda. "Not to suggest that you should suddenly change if the weather does." A flash of a grin, then Liara's gaze turns towards Videl. "It's marvellous, my lady. Strikingly coloured - did you engage a Thraxian tailor?"

Olivia wandera the Plaza smiling inspecting all the neat stuff here.

"Oh. Pardon, your Highness," Leta corrects herself after hearing how Videl addresses Liara. Then offers Videl a small smile. "Thank you," she adds, then goes quiet, glancing back down at herself with a thoughtful expression, tugging slightly on the coat to smooth it in places. She drains the rest of her wine in a big gulp.

Alarissa takes Thursday's Child Locked Coinbox.

A messenger steps through to Alarissa, The Princess consort taking up the letter passed over and looking it over. "My apologies. I need to go tend to some Thrax matters. Lady Videl, it's been a delight. Thank you very much for this. I shall get you the numbers forthwith!" She states, a hand lifted and fingers wriggled to everyone else before starting for the way toward Thrax

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat leave, following Alarissa.

Gaze flitting back to Leta, Liara introduces herself with an easy smile, "My name's Liara Grayson. Might I ask your own? 'Lovely overcoat woman' is perhaps not going to be universally recognisable."

Aerwyna also comments on the overcoat as she comes closer with a smile, "It is an exquisite overcoat indeed.. very lovely." She smiles to the woman but gives way to Liara's query, her eyes turning to the woman curiously also.

Videl is overheard praising Olivia: Such generosity.

Videl is overheard praising Leta: Such generosity.

Videl is overheard praising Aerwyna: Such generosity.

Videl is overheard praising Lucita: Such generosity.

Videl is overheard praising Liara: Such generosity.

Aerwyna is overheard praising Videl: May Thursday's Child continue to get what is needed!

"No, she's from Redrain, but I did take some Thraxian influences in the design, and I deliberately wanted it to be restrictive to represent the bondage from which we're working to free these children." Videl ansers Liara's question, then glances to Leta, "I'm not sure it's come up, but I'm Lady Videl Igniseri"

Leta dips her head and touches her fingers to her chest. "Leta Broadbent, knight of the Lyceum, your Highness," she introduces herself in a respectful tone, looking up again to flash a broad friendly smile, "It's an honor to meet you." She extends the smile to Aerwyna and nods. "Why, thank you!"

There's another respectful nod for Videl's introduction, her eyes seeming to catch on the young woman for a moment at the mention of her name. "A pleasure, m'Lady."

Liara offers Leta a warm and ready smile, replying, "A pleasure, Dame Leta." Her gaze then alights momentarily on Aerwyna, and she goes on to say, "Did I hear that you are Aerwyna? I certainly heard that you have a shop, and shall be sure to visit." Then the Grayson looks over to Videl to reply, a little wryly, "I tend to have other purposes in mind in the event that I pick something restrictive." Not that much about her own current garb is restrictive, as such, just various degrees of fashion over being practical.

Aerwyna dips her head gently at Liara's words towards her, "Yes, your Highness, Aerwyna Froic and I am delighted that you will visit. If you ever need anything commissioned, please do not hesitate to let me know. Clothing, jewelry even." She dips her head again and smiles.

2 Pravus Guard arrives, following Sudara.

"Armor's restrictive enough when I have to wear it, I suppose," Leta offers commentary with a faint smile, then takes a couple of steps back just to get rid of her empty glass on a nearby table. There. This frees her hand to fidget some more with her person, looking curiously to Aerwyna, "Do you mind if I ask where your shop is, Mistress Froic?"

Videl smiles, "There are many reasons and more to wear any given piece with any given traits, I was just explaining why I chose this garb." She ansers Liara, and nods to Leta, "A pleasure."

Late but in earnest might be considered to trump absent but regretful - or so Sudara hopes. Showing up well after her intended time, and beyond even a pretence of being merely 'fashionably' late, the widowed Pravus is clad in her customary black attire... with the addition of a sheepishly apologetic expression. Entering the circuit of the pavilions, she peers around in search of the event's hostess - or indeed, anyone else she might recognise.

"Marvellous. I look forwards to seeing it," comes Liara's reply to Aerwyna. Then she flashes Leta a grin, noting, "If you are curious as to what else might be, there is Lady Videl's excellent example there, and I am sure people might suggest designs." The princess procures a fresh glass of wine for herself, having finished the first, then her gaze finds Sudara, and she offers a flutter of her gloved fingers in a wave.

"Merchant Road East." Aerwyna answers with a warm grin to Leta, "Ah, thank you, Princess." She then says to Liara, biting her lower lip softly.

Videl smiles and turns to Sudara when the pravus arrives, "Lady Sudara," She greets warmly, "Princess Alarissa has unfortunately already left, but I'm still glad to see you have come. Better late than never, am I right?"

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

"That is what I am rather fervently hoping," Sudara answers with a self-conscious laugh. "I truly do apologise for being so hopelessly tardy. I had intended to turn up a *great* deal earlier than this." To the others present, she offers a polite inclination of her head - and another sheepish smile.

Leta shakes her head at Liara, flashing a brief, bright, amused smile. "I reckon some of my doublets are about as restrictive as I care to wear outside the battlefield, your Highness," she replies. She acknowledges Aerwyna's answer with a small nod, then looks to Sudara and bows her head politely, "M'Lady."

"Never having worn a doublet, while it is tempting to imagine that they are somehow rather tight, I shall take your point as it was meant," Liara replies to Leta, with a wink. She sips at her fresh glass of wine, then remarks to Sudara, "Not entirely hopeless - there are some marvellous people to chat with, still."

Videl takes a sip from her wine and smiles towards Sudara, "So have you come with a donation? If you hand it to me I will make sure it gets to princess Alarissa, or you can send it to her by messenger, either will work." She glances to Leta, "I've seen doublets, I wouldn't call them restrictive. Burdensome, sure, but not restrictive."

"Depending upon either the tightness or the flamboyance, they could certainly provde a hindrance," Sudara asserts with a grin, inclining her head once more in response to Liara's praise of the remaining company. "And I am afraid that I am running so late that I have not even managed to come by way of the bank. I could write out a promissory note, but I think that a donation direct to the princess might make best sense. Citing a certain hostess as my spur to making it, of course."

Leta inclines her head and holds a hand up, grinning, "As you say, m'Lady. I reckon it all comes down to what you're comparing them to and what you're used to. Some of them are right tightly fitted. Compared to a tunic and such, anyhow, and I reckon that's about all I'm likely to wear if not for fighting," the brawny woman remarks, then glances down at herself, fingers adjusting the buttons that fasten her coat.

Finishing her second glass of wine, Liara remarks to those nearby, "I have another engagement which I must attend. Lovely to see you all, and have an excellent evening."

"Thank you for coming, your highness." Videl answers Liara pleasantly, "If you need me for anything, don't hesitate to call upon me." She offers her patron, then glances towards the others, "I do think I'm close to running out of time myself, but thank you all very much for coming."

Sudara sinks into a formal curtsey - primarily aimed at the departing princess, though the others certainly receive a share of her attention. "I am sorry that I missed virtually all of it - but delighted that it seems to have gone well."

"There's still plenty to nibble and sip on," Leta offers helpfully, with a hopeful look back at one of the nearby pavilions. And so she takes a few steps to the nearest table to pluck some light finger food to nibble on and fetch herself a glass of wine.

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