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War of the Berries

The weather is warm, the nights are short, and it's time for a summer showdown to determine which fealty stands supreme in the Compact. Let's settle this the old fashioned way. Throw down your lance and pick up a tin. Forget steelsilk, the rage is white silk tunics to display your battle wounds or lack thereof. The weapon of choice isn't a House Sword, but a house pie.

Representing the Valardins: strawberry pies with a double crust.
Representing the Velenosas: triple-berry pie with a naked, open-face crust.
Representing the Thraxians: blueberry pies with a lattice crust.
Representing the Redrains: raspberry pies with decorative cutouts.
Representing the Graysons: blackberry pies with a crumb top, you know why.
Representing the Crownsworn: lingonberry pies with a single crust.
Representing the Godsworn: elderberry pies with the fancy crust, because pie.

Pies will be provided. You may eat your missiles. The last person standing with the fewest inflicted pie wounds wins.


Feb. 19, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Delilah Malcolm

GM'd By



Waldemai Mirk Alarissa Bhandn Silvio Petal Kaia Peri Olivia Zeriax



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Triumph Plaza

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Mirk.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

Triumph Plaza once upon a time looked this active: when the excitement of a snowball fight invariably ended with a triumph that brought down the High Inquisitor and led ribbons and Halfshav servants to victory. In the summer, things are substantially different. For one, there are at least seven tables set up with pies. Many pies. Enough pies to feed a tiny army, proof of the ransacking of berry bushes and patches of their less than perfect plunder. But that doesn't stop Houses Whitehawk, Shepherd, Bisland, and a few in between from having a responsibility to baking them.

Delilah is there in the midst of things, another cart full of plain white cloth tunics. A glass of berry wine is probably utterly unnecessary, but it's the free for all. SHe waves to Silvio and Waldemai, noticeably /not/ wearing white.

Waldemai is warming up his arm. "Be a pleasure to play a game that doesn't involve drinking or hitting things," he says. "Although we can drink voluntarily, can't we?"

Malcolm's picking blackberries from the pie he's selected, looking up - then toward Waldemai, perked up and grinning. "Yeah. Drinkin's encouraged. An' the only thing you're hittin is someone else w' delicious baked goods. Though -- still thinkin I might jus' sit here an' eat this."

Mirk arrives at the plaza, his guard dog left behind for the moment, noticeably not wearing white either. He lifts a hand to acknowledge Delilah in a wave, though he doesn't seem to recognize the rest of the patrons that are there when he arrives. "Lady Delilah," he calls out. "Congratulations on your recent proclamation, and an interesting event you have here. I hope you won't mind it too much if I observe, rather than throw pies into faces? I'm afraid I'd be more likely to hit the wrong person entirely and wind up the victim of an unfortunate dog pile if I tried, and well. Dignity."

Alarissa's maybe going to regret this. Possibly. There's pie and she's not in aerterna. But the Princess consort has traversed across town to former stomping grounds in support of her protege and as she starts to walk in measured pace around, a pause to look at the pies, she smiles to Delilah. "I'll have to bring whatever is left over, back to his Grace."

Waldemai is inspecting the pies with a practiced eye. "No cream," he observes. "Probably a good idea in this heat."

Sir Bhandn Yvar's arrival is, at most, unobtrusive, considering he's wearing clothes that have needed the attentions of a skilled weaver to patch shut more than just one or two holes and cuts in the fabric. He's also still wearing his swords on his back, though instead of just one, he's peacebonded both of them, just to make it clear he's not here to cause, or expect any trouble that does not involve berry juice. He also makes no moves towards greetings or other overtures, instead spending a few moments casting his dark eyes around just to take in the sights and get an overall read for the number of participants (competition) as well as search for the obvious host(s).

Silvio smiles in a delighted fashion and selects his Velenosan pie as well as the white tunic. Once he has it on, he gets one of those berry wine drinks too. "Perhaps it is a contest I can win for a change. That...and I love getting other people all messy." He waggles his brows with no lack of suggestion in his voice. " good sir, is completely within your command to hold. I certainly will own whatever mess is made of me."

"Well, given how the outcome of this may go, Lord Mirk, you are free to stand on the sideline calling out distractions. If it's a matter of proxy, certain houses might not actually win at all." Delilah laughs softly as she replies to Mirk, dipping in a curtsy to him and the other assembled nobility. "One can always hope that it turns out well, at the very least, no?" With a hint of a laugh, she says, "Dignity isn't intended for pies, at least where the pies are. Let's go ahead and see what becomes of it, Your Highness. We could cart all of them and barricade him behind pies. It's a subtle and certain cause. Help yourselves to a drink, we'll begin in a few minutes."

"Evenin, sers -- Lords an' Princess," Malcolm offers a broad smile, all teeth that are stained purple from berry wine and the pie he's still eating on. "Sorry, what? Did he say dinghy, my lady Delilah? Like, ah, a little boat? Or did he say somewhat else that I didn't get. 'Cause I don't think dignity ain't got a place around a pie-throwin thing like this."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Malcolm before departing.

"Dignity, my lord," Mirk says in a deadpan tone to Malcolm, "is placing bets on the winners and hopefully walking away clean and wealthy." He glances around at the crowd. "I'll take bets from competitors, as well, if they're especially confident in their own performance." He flashes a grin, contrasted with his usual stoicism, but it doesn't last for more than a few moments. "Any takers?"

"I will give someone 1000 silver to hit him once the competition starts." Silvio offers to anyone listening, gesturing towards Mirk.

Waldemai flexes his arm. He's a smith. Nice biceps.

'Wine indeed and I shall stay safely away from the pie" Alarissa smiles. "Unless his grace were to suddenly appear, then that might be a different story." But she moves, taking wine in hand and heads for a safe - maybe - vantage point. "And I shall cheer your Duke on Lady Delilah, or maybe Master Waldemai"

"Nah-uh, my lord, any 'nough folk here to take bets from." Malcolm counters in easy-going fashion, considering the pie in his hand as he eyes up Mirk. His brushy eyebrows wriggle, his grin tilts, and he turns toward Delilah as she outlines the rules. "Donate that silver to Thurday's Child and I'll see that bet for a thousand in coin with nineteen thousand more behind it," the Shepherd Duke offers toward Silvio. "Then -- see, Lord Mirk's got to accept a pie. It's /charity./"

"I highly agree. A donation is secured from myself your Grace...consider it done." Silvio's dark eyes sparkle with the delight of having caused just a bit of harmless trouble.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrive, following Petal.

"If Princess-Consort'll take a pie, well, I'll make it a hundred thousand." Malcolm considers with a smile. "See -- got to find what people want and offer them a thing."

Petal arrives while adorned in her simple common clothing. She goes to man the pie cart. The petite prodigal has a gentle smile for those here.

Malcolm takes a yummy blackberry pie with crumb topping from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Kaia steps out of the Bisland Manor and heads over to where the crowd is gathered. A curious but beaming expression on her face, as she aproaches them. "Hello everyone!~"

Kaia checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 33 higher.

Petal smiles warmly over to Kaia. "Hi, Lady Kaia." She says, waving in her direction. She seems to be a cheerful mood.

"Last call for actual bets, if anyone's feeling confident," Mirk says, giving Silvio the side eye. He's not even acknowledging that offer. Instead, he takes a seat on the sidelines, most assuredly not dressed in white, and watches. "I'll add ten thousand silver to Thursday's Child, Lord Shepherd, to see Princess Alarissa accept a pie."

All those pies! Ribbons mark the different tables, it's not hard to find one's pie and proper fealty. They leave stark designations if the scent and hard work Petal made on the pies ("look pie cart") of all different designs. Delilah nods to a pair of Bisland guards required to wave a pair of flags, of course adorned with a pile of hand-painted berries.

"All right, let it be said I'm starting this now and let the free for all begin. It goes as long as we want or until the ammunition runs out. Or the King's Own show up," the Whitehawk girl sings merrily, saluting Petal at her appearance. "I refuse to question what they said. Settle it with your pie." Laughter shivers as she steps sideways, and holds up her hand. "Get your pies!"

Kaia takes a yummy blackberry pie with crumb topping from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Mirk checked charm + intimidation at difficulty 25, rolling 3 lower.

qait. Wait a minute. Alarissa -was- sipping her wine but Malcolm. Malcolm lifts her voice and Alarissa looks to the man. "If I take a pie, you reference someone actually, striking me, with a pie yes? You'll pledge a hundred thousand?" There's a look to Delilah as if to say should she? Then Mirk adds to the pot. "Your excellency, I was not competing because I am with child and his Grace gets terribly protective. But if you ensure that you won't endanger the child... I suppose, that I could do so in the name of charity and children. Is anyone else willing to add to the pot?"

Silvio checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 35 higher.

Bhandn's arms aren't exactly something to sneeze at either, as he makes his way towards the tables with the lingonberry pies upon it. He's still largely content to keep to himself, speaking very little, but there's a hint of a smirk as he swivels his attention to first one group, then the next, then back, momentarily hefting the crusty bunch of berry and bouncing it on one palm.

Waldemai applauds as Lord Silvio give the Velanosa crowd a big leg up.

Bhandn checked intellect + agriculture at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

"Aw, nah, if I toss a pie - well, it'll be on the side that ain't with child so much Princess Alarissa. An' I'm only gonna volunteer on account I'm sure that if I don't -- my lady Delilah might. An' well. I don't know how that would go. Anyone else willin to add to the pot to see Princess Alarissa Thrax accept a pie all graceful-like?"

Silvio winks at Waldemai, " save us with a good throwing arm...I am counting on you...because I am terrible at throwing anything that isn't a vase...or someone's boots..."

Kaia waves at Petal, "Miss Petal, lovely to see you! Great job with the pies!" she says pointing at the one she had just picked up from the cart.

Petal has a warm smile for Delilah that reaches her brown eyes. She looks amused by the event. She then smiles over to Kaia. "Thank you Lady Kaia."

Waldemai listens to Lord Silvio and warms up his good throwing arm. "Not Sir Jeffeth, not Princess Reese, but with a little luck I can hit the broad side of a barn."

"Never aim for her stomach, and know there is a shield available." Delilah playfully gestures at Mirk. "He might be a gentleman, or one of us could make a sacrifice play. Though if any Inquisitor shows up, target them. Princess Alarissa, your command of your presence is enough to put terror into the unsuspecting. Thrax has never stood taller and finer tonight than in your presence, and your husband's disapproval may stay their arms, no?" She grins impishly. "Now, then, shall we begin?"

After a moment of taking in some of the faces, she spots Duke Malcolm and waves at him with her free hand "Duke Malcolm! Seems like we'll be teaming up for the Graysons, huh?" she says with a beaming smile, as she aproaches the man.

Alarissa checked wits + war at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

"For the children, I would take a pie. One moment while I at least attempt to protect my dress. Lest my handmaids have an apoplectic fit hmm?" And Alarissa it seems, is joining in, divesting herself of jewelry and adorning herself with something to protect her dress before carefully, a blueberry lattice pie is where she goes.

Waldemai is the designated flinger for Velanosa. He picks himself up a triple-berry with an open-face crust. "Mmmm....pie," he says, but under the stern eye of Lord Silvio he flings it. Launch that pie!

Silvio takes a yummy triple berry open face pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Alarissa takes a delicious blueberry lattice crust pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

"Oh, yeah, Lady Kaia -- we got this. We really, really do. I think, er, no offense -- that I'll be aiming for the broad side of a barn myself." Malcolm's tone of voice is cheery and chirppy, as he considers how to best lay out his pie attack.

Bhandn gets a yummy lingonberry single crust pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

"Mind yourslf, Princess-Consort. I think folks are keep to throw a pie your way." Although, oh, Malcolm's eye is on Mirk. The Halfshav lord

Malcolm checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

"You couldn't be trying anything on me?" Mirk nods his head in the direction of other competitors. "Look at all of the competitors eyeing you up. Oh, the poor time you'll have about it, if you focus all your efforts on a man on the sidelines. Friendly advice? Duck."

Mirk checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 25, rolling 32 higher.

Malcolm aimed, threw. Medium range shot toward Mirk. He just tosses and hopes for the best.

Kaia chuckles at the Duke's remarks, and then proceeds to eye the crowd, searching for a victim to throw her pie at, altough evidently still undecided.

Silvio says very dramatically, "I will bravely defend you..." He pokes a finger into his pie and then licks the taste off his finger, slowly. Its decadence in action. (pie siren vs Malcolm)

Silvio checked charm + seduction at difficulty 25, rolling 19 higher.

This is going to smart. At least Malcolm likes a pie. Or several. Or ... several.

"Is that a threat Duke?" Alarissa looks to the pie in her hand, with a sorrowful look. "It does look very good." But she loads up and takes aim, one hand to launch, the other to try and gift it some heft and force in the direction of the good Duke Shepard. (Throwing at Malcolm)

Petal seems a little confused about what is going on and she randomly decides to try and throw a pie at Alarissa. "It is not every day I get to throw pies at High Lords Princesses." She says.

Petal checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Still occasionally bouncing that lingonberry pie in his hand, Bhandn just... observes to see how much damage everyone is going to try and inflict on each other. But when Silvio starts making penetrating gestures with his fingers, that settles the matter of just who gets to be first in his mind. "Either eat it or throw it," he calls out to Silvio by way of warning, "but right now you're telling everyone you want to marry it."

Kaia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Alarissa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 23, rolling 7 lower.

Bhandn has rolled a critical success!
Bhandn checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 30 higher.

Peri walks out of Seliki Manor and espies the pie cart. She should not have taken that nap. She overslept the start of the War of the Berries. She draws closer to the pie cart to look for leftovers.

Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 7 higher.

Kaia casually walks across the plaza, with her blackberry pie in hand, getting slightly closer to her target - which happens to ALSO be Mirk! And immediately tosses the pie from a short distance towards the Halfshav lord -unsure if she's ultimately suceed- and then she makes a run for it, away from him, while chuckling.

Waldemai goes to fling at Lord Malcolm while Lord Silvio has him distracted. It's called teamwork, people! Oohrah!

Petal is behind the pie cart while in her simple common clothe clothing, but being the pie girl doesn't seem to stop her from joining in. She tried to throw a raspberry pie at Princess Alarissa.

Malcolm's distracted. He's not sure what he was hit with -- or when. But, it's damned good. He wipes a chunk of reddish-blurple goop from his cheek and takes a taste, "Nm!"

Peri is overheard praising Petal: For handling the pies

Mirk is hit with a pie, right as he's warning Malcolm to duck. He sighs, pulls the tin off his face, and wipes at his face with one hand. He squints at Malcolm for a long second, through bits of blackberry pie still stuck to his face.

At the end of the first salvo, the damage is great. Weeping berries and great hideous stains. A crushed pie flung by the Thraxian princess lies in the middle of the square, ignominous ending for its heroic flight. The fling by Malcolm in Mirk's direction is considerably more accurate than Kaia's, but both threaten to blackenberry the Redrain lord's demeanor. Or at least his garments! Yet the irresistible siren's songs spun by Silvio and Mirk are equally dangerous to distract --- HEY MALCOLM, look over the-- and opens an opportunity for Waldemai to launch a direct strike with all that Lycene wiliness! By wiliness, just throwing something. Petal is a dangerous, unseen fighter from the side, splatting Alarissa but just barely. Kaia reclaims some glory of sorts for Grayson, some greater. None so tasty.

But it's Sir Bhandn who delivers a devastatingly accurate strike that sails, sails even through the firefight of other pies, swinging right past Alarissa's lovely locks... to find an unsuspecting Lord Silvio. That kind of accuracy might slay hunger where it stands.

There's a shriek. She had expected pie from Malcolm but not from Petal as that pie strikes shoulder and the tunic is smeared and splattered. It makes the Princess Consort leap up and bring her hands up to defend by instinct. "Mercy! Mercy!"

Alarissa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 23, rolling 10 lower.

And when she recovers from the initial shock, it's another pie taken up and this time, the princess attempt to heave it at petal.

Petal manages to dodge just in time, ducking behind the pie cart. "Oh..these pies won't turn on me, the pie baker." She teases. The girl seems to be in happy mood and seems to be heaving fun.

There's something about Alarissa's shriek that's got Malcolm's attention focused her way, eyes wide -- very wide -- and he quickly scans around for the source of this ambushed pie attack. Instead, he sees Silvio. "Yoooooou." He says with a grin. Taking up another pie, he throws.

Bhandn has rolled a critical success!
Bhandn checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Malcolm checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

"Pssst." Peri says to the lovely pie maker, the lovely Petal. "Psssst, can I have a pie to eat?" Peri imitates the motion of someone taking big bites of pie. chomp chomp. "Um... any flavor?" Big golden hazel pleading eyes focus on Petal.

Zeriax gets umbra lounging pants from Red Pouch.

Silvio checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 80 higher.

Mirk squints at Kaia, as well, and then squints at Malcolm, and then between them. He brushes the pie off his cloak, most of it from Kaia's pie, which does nothing, and says, "Now, which one of you is it that hit my face." He points at Kaia, blaming her. "Blackberry pie. Not something civilized like blueberry. You eat those foraged, not baked into a pie. Do you think this is the first time I've had that on my cloak? No. I've eaten blackberries since before you were born, Lady Bisland, and to use it as your weapon..." Is he ranting about pie at Kaia? Yes he is. And blaming her for what could well be either her or Malcolm's handiwork, at that.

Mirk checked intellect + theology at difficulty 35, rolling 4 higher.

Delilah is overheard praising Mirk: Look, the man talked down a Bisland lady with the theosophical implications of a berry pie. Enough said.

Delilah is overheard praising Silvio: Raspberries quake in fury, and blackberries steam in shame they aren't nearly so tart as Silvio Rubino. Or sassy. But all that fun.

Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Waldemai closes in to close range while Lord Silvio has another distracted. Ka-BOOM.

Peri takes a yummy blackberry pie with crumb topping from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Petal takes a blueberry pie this time and tries to throw such at Bhandn, choosing a new target now. "I think since he dodges so amazingly, he should be the next target." She announces in her heavy Northern Shav accent.

Kaia checked composure + theology at difficulty 35, rolling 12 lower.

Silvio is struck with a pie right out of nowhere!! Its not who he was paying any attention to, then WHAM!!! He is suddenly just DRIPPING in pie from the marvelous toss of Bhandn. The pie soaks into the white tunic and clings to his skin and he turns towards the hulk of a knight. His eyes rake the man up and down as he stands there, pie-stained and unaware that there are MORE HITS coming his way. His focus is fixed and he gasps and throws his hand to his chest. "You got me right in the eye!!" Its not near his eye. "Its right in the eyes AHHHH...I can barely see! My world is going to black. I think I am allergic to whatever was in your pie!" He flails his free hand and throws a spectacular show of dramatics to beguile the most sensible of...even children, really.

Zeriax gets a yummy lingonberry single crust pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Petal checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Olivia wanders in looking a bit confused at the gathering. She sees a bunch of friends though, so she waves super excitedly! She wanders over to Delilah with a smile and asks "What is going on?"

Petal is behind the pie cart and well she launches a blueberry pie toward Bhandn. The girl has skinny bird arms, but the pie throw is still okay, but maybe not okay enough. She has a warm smile for Olivia. "Lady Olivia, hi!"

Zeriax has rolled a critical success!
Zeriax checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 30 higher.

Peri checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 45, rolling 28 lower.

That pie throw was spectacular enough to make a man want to gloat. Instead, Bhandn lets out a guffaw as his toss does even better than expected. He'd put his arm and shoulder both into it, and those are hardly weak. "Now there's a man who's getting real close and friendly with his food," he offers by way of a catcall, putting both hands to his mouth to shout it over from his distance away. At which point Silvio starts his theatrics about being murdered by lingonberries and going blind. "It's not the pie making you go blind, but --" He gets interrupted by the feeling of something striking him, and for the span of one second he stares at that little heart-shape delivery from Waldemai.

The next second: his head comes up and stares right at the smith.

The third second: he points at Waldemai. You're next.

Kaia had just reached the pie cart once more, and was grabbing yet another blackberry pie -readying herself to toss it once again towards the same lord representative of Redrain (Mirk) when his long and boring speech about pies and INSANE blackberries stunned her on the spot, she glanced around slightly dumbfounded and then back at him with an amused grin "Are you serious...?"

Zeriax made sure to change his clothes from the gathering from earlier. As much as he would've liked to stay and chat it up with the strays that hung around, he wanted to throw him some pies. The lupine-like man came shirtless, shoeless, wearing his lounging pants, ready to take a lickin (figuratively? Maybe?). He was running late, which mean for him, he was literally running. By the time he got there, pies were already in the air! "I could smell this from a mile away!" He exclaimed, practically growling. There was the scent of alcohol on his breath, the man's entire aura different from just hours earlier. Overflowing with joy, overflowing with eagerness, he was like a spewing font of feral energy. Still sprinting, the man grabbed (luckily, somehow) a Lingonberry pie without looking, and ''hurled it'' straight towards the first person he saw. Which happened to be Peri. "How do ya like this, Gravy Girl!?" His hollered, voice booming, that grin wiiiiiide on his face.

Delilah is safely behind a pie cart, for the most part. With no Valardins about for the moment, she is perfectly secure. Long as she has a parasol, her Confessor at a distance and refusing to be drawn into this nonsense. No fun Inquisition! She waves to Olivia. "We're demolishing the last of the berries from the season, fundraising for Princess Alarissa, and making a great big mess!"

Olivia checked intellect + theology at difficulty 35, rolling 13 higher.

"Lord Malcolm still has yet to strike me with a pie. To which he is paying a hundred thousand for the privilege. Mistress Petal has already done so." Alarissa calls from her corner, already aiming to get another pie and see who to attempt to aim it at - and fail - again.

A sea of bodies in white shifts marked by blue, violet, crimson, and pinkish splotches make for an entertaining pie-war, to be sure.

Petal checked composure + theology at difficulty 35, rolling 15 lower.

It's possible that Peri dodged towards the pie in order to save the floor and the pie cart. She is splattered in Lingonberry pie. This gives her a chance to save more pie for Kalani back home. Peri was about to start eating all of the blackperry pie. She sticks her tongue out at Zeriax. And then she starts picking pieces of pie out of her hair and her shirt and snacking on them. Mmmm.

"Absolutely," Mirk says, with utter conviction. "The only conclusion possible is to hit the Crownsworn with pies." He peers in the direction of Bhandn. "Anything else would be madness. Also, he's winning." He adds that last, almost as an afterthought, and folds his hands in front of himself, self-satisfied. Though it's hard to manage dignity with remnants of not one but two pies on his face and clothes.

Malcolm's found one of his favorites --blackberry, again, and he's stuck his thumb in it. No plums here, just forest fruit. He is nibbling a chunk of pie from his fingers when he pauses, considers the pie in his hand. Then he eyes Alarissa. Then the pie. Then Alarissa. Then the pie.

Olivia starts rambling away about the metaphysical properties of pies and berries and how they may or may not have large amount of theological signifigance, at poor Petal. Olivia clearly loves pies and berries, and even more so loves the chance to drone on and on and on about them at the poor seamstress. God gods she must be boring.

Petal looks to Olivia's and her brown eyes widen. Petal seems fully taken in by her talk of pies and starts to yammer back. "I grew most of these berries the lodge and then I baked them in the outdoor ovens behind my shop partly and in the kitchen in my shop partly." She says, rambling back and being fully taken out of pie throwing action.

The thick and furious exchanges become more segmented by personal matters than fealty. Alarissa flings another pie for Thrax and Islands at Petal, but the wily Redrain seamstress just won't get smacked. Bhandn is another brilliant example of staying out of dodge, literally, until the Piesassin is seduced by the distracting dramatics of the Pieren of Gemecitta, blesse'd be his tunic. Malcolm takes revenge for Grayson by throwing a pie at Silvio with success, whereas Mirk turns the sharp mind of the Halfshavs to stun Kaia with his salient argument. That surely must be an inspiration for Olivia, who in turn uses a talk of berries to keep Petal distracted. Maybe they can compare recipes. In all this talk, action! Waldemai just barely strikes Bhandn in an artful glob of filling, while Zeriax as a new arrival flings lingonberry at hapless Peri.

Shepherd's Duke ambles over, coated in pie, that stride all relaxed and rangy until he's just about in Alarissa's conversation space. Then, he goes for a direct smush. Against, ahem, the back of Alarissa.

Malcolm checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Bhandn checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 6 lower.

It's a stare down. Graypeak and Maelstrom. Beauty and.. the beast? Probably not. But at he keeps looking to the pie and her, Alarissa's grabbing one last pie and heaving that blueberry behemoth with all the force that she can muster when he draws near, twisting in spot to try and avoid a hit to the front as well.

Alarissa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Olivia checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Olivia sees her fealty buddy become a target and rushes to his aid hoping to push him out of the way!

Silvio checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 17 higher.

Mirk checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 25, rolling 49 higher.

Olivia gets a yummy blackberry pie with crumb topping from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Malcolm's out, clutching at his sides, laughing. Especially when Olivia gets struck in the name of Grayson. "Lady Ashford, you served well!"

Waldemai checked strength + brawl at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Peri takes a delicious blueberry lattice crust pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Olivia gets a yummy lingonberry single crust pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Olivia gets a delicious raspberry pie with bear shaped cut-outs from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Silvio is struck again! He eyeballs Malcolm, then also winks. AHH the wounds of glorious battle at last! He hands off his pie to Waldemai with a very classy 'get him', whispered. "How dare thee try to attack my countryman!" He shouts in a voice that mocks command. "This is Waldemai! The Pie-bandit of the league of seven triumphs! The scourge of the berry fields of rabbitown! He cannot be defeated in combat by mere mortals!!" He improvises with struts and arm motions, his long braid swaying and his pie-stained tunic displaying proudly the battlewounds of Piemageddon.

Olivia gets a yummy triple berry open face pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Waldemai was again following Silvio's lead in double teaming Bhandn, but darn that Lord Mirk. Waldemai is so distracted he forgets about Bhandn and smushes the pie, with all the appropriate respect, of course, onto Lord Mirk.

Peri takes a yummy triple berry open face pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Kaia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Olivia gets double crust strawberry pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Olivia gets a delicious blueberry lattice crust pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Bhandn takes his time getting a second pie, still keeping his eyes on the smith that dinged him just a moment ago. The knight even slowly runs a calloused finger through the bits that struck him on the shirt, and slowly puts it into his mouth. He winds up, all focus, but something about Silvio's voice just /gets/ to him, and the shot goes awry. It makes the heavily muscled knight scowl. And finish off the bits of pie his left hand was using to reduce the damage to his shirt.

Delilah takes a yummy triple berry open face pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Olivia gets a yummy elderberry pie with a fancy crust from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Delilah takes a yummy lingonberry single crust pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Silvio is overheard praising Petal.

Kaia takes a yummy lingonberry single crust pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Olivia is overheard praising Petal: SO MUCH PIE

Silvio is overheard praising Bhandn: the best distracted knight and good sport

Peri takes a delicious raspberry pie with bear shaped cut-outs from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Kaia takes double crust strawberry pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Silvio is overheard praising Waldemai.

Mirk points a finger in Waldemai's direction. "You're singled out, Master Waldemai. The big, the bad, the about to be hit with a pie-..." He shoots a look in Bhandn, attempting to psych the man out. Either it works as planned or perhaps the hit itself throws off Waldemai's aim, but Mirk comes out unscathed from this round of the pie-throwing. There's a smirk on his face at his success, and he takes a moment to bow, a piece of blackberry pie dislodged and flung to the floor by the motion. "You're a fitting distraction," he says to Bhandn. "Fitting indeed."

Delilah takes double crust strawberry pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Silvio is overheard praising Delilah.

Bhandn is overheard praising Petal: It's tasty; I should do this more often.

Silvio is overheard praising Malcolm.

Kaia takes a delicious blueberry lattice crust pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Delilah takes a delicious raspberry pie with bear shaped cut-outs from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Peri takes a yummy elberberry pie with a fancy crust from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Delilah mutters, "You look good in pie!"

Struck. Another screech, berry smeared from here Malcolm has most certainly naild and mashed pie into Alarissa's tunic. Hands are up again, laughter mixed with the screech and an "I yield, I yield" Given as she's hightailing it off the field of play. She's fulfilled her side after all. Taken the pie for the children.

Zeriax checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 24 higher.

Malcolm leaves, returns, still pretty coated in pie. He's out of the fight, finally, and standing beside Delilah -- all tucked behind the car. Looking aside, he grins, "Thanks. I taste good too."

Delilah takes a yummy blackberry pie with crumb topping from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Delilah takes a delicious blueberry lattice crust pie from a wooden wheeled pie cart.

Zeriax paused for a moment, sliding to a stop in the pie goop on the ground. "Hi." He said, laughing when she stuck her tongue out at him. He picked a piece of pie out of her hair, nommed on it as well, then immediately spun back around to see who else he could glomp. There were so many new faces, he couldn't tell who was who just by looking at them. Good thing his sniffer could tell (vaguely, by that point) which pies they were throwing. Time to pie Lady Bisland! Zeriax ducked and weaved in and around people, nearly slipping on the berry blood all over the ground a number of times, before he pulled himself together to toss one more pie at Kaia. "I can't help myself!" He said, just as he threw another one.

And the end of round three sees... Olivia heroically leaps in the way of a pie thrown by Alarissa, ending her service to the fight on Grayson's behalf. She wears it beautifully! But fallen foe, little did the Thraxian blueberry know mercy on her. Bhandn throws wide trying to strike Waldemai, but there is balance thanks to the Sentinel intervening: Mirk charms the poor Lycene man, so at least he can't throw very accurately back at the Northlander. Silvio keeps up the pressure on his knightly target, the Pieassasin and Siren of Pie a story waiting for someone here to pen it. Not for children. It's the not-safe-for-Oathlands version...

Kaia attacks Alarissa again with skill, nicking her with blackberries in a fall, and Zeriax closes out a swing that splats her. Delilah is left by the side, nodding to her Bisland guards.

They wave the berry flags. "Let the final tallies of success and loss this day be calculated!" she calls out.

Olivia hits the ground from diving to protect the Duke! Absolutely covered in pie. She looks up to Malcolm and extends her arm slowly... She says weakly (and very over dramatically, she is no actor), "D...Duke.... Avenge me...." She feigns death and sticks her tongue out.

Kaia successfully managed to avenge Olivia's sacrifice by smashing that blackberry pie right at Alarissa, turning around with a smile, that short after turned into a shriek followed by laughter, when she was greeted straight away by a pie on her face, coutesy of Zeriax.

Silvio chuckles at Olivia's feigned death. "Very nice very nice, "he praises to her, dripping with two pie hits. He kicks a pie plate away from himself and...astoundingly, appears to be niether blind nor dying in any way!

"People have no respect for bystanders in this game," Mirk says in a deadpan tone. "It's unbelievable." He's eyeing Malcolm and Kaia and Waldemai in particular.

1 Inquisition Confessors, Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards leave, following Delilah.

1 Inquisition Confessors, Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Delilah.

Zeriax saw Olivia's dramatic conclusion, and saluted her with a sharp and rigid posture. "May we never forget her sacrifice." After a few moments, he pulled the pie off of Kaia's face. "Hi. You look absolutely delicious right about now." He snickered, before looking back around.

Malcolm's grinning brightly through all that sticky-ookiness to give Olivia a thumbs up, a flutter of eyelashes toward Silvio, and then a loud - delighted laugh for Mirk. "Pie happens."

No, Delilah totally did not go running into her house. She simply has a chest brought out, a little one, that springs open with a twist of a key. Because style. "Is everyone ready to hear our victors? For we have several prizes donated to this lovely event, and aside from the first, you are given to choose which ones you would like if you are placed."

Delilah drops Beaver-Hide Mittens.

Delilah drops Winter's Kiss, a refreshingly cool scent.

Delilah drops Winter's Grove, a dark woodsy scent.

Delilah drops a tin of herbal muscle salve.

Kaia still inevitably chuckling, looks up at the wild man (Zeriax) "Well thank you!~ Couldn't have done it without you!" she shouts with sarcastic amusement, before sticking her tongue out at him and then smiling. Shortly after, glancing towards Mirk and giving him a small wave of the fingers in unison to a wide mischievous grin. Her eyes darting back at Olivia, "Your sacrifice was not in vain Olivia! For Grayson!" she cheers.

Malcolm's conferring with Delilah for several moments, then, he withdraws a rather -- er -- interesting medal. Of gold vermeil, the medal itself is wrought into a pie slice. Filled with peach opal fruits and topped with a pink, sparkly scoop of ice cream. Pie assassin al la mode. "For all his hits and deadly accuracy with a baked good, Sir Bhandn's the winner of the War of the Berries medal."

Peri's ears are tingling. She can hear someone calling for her from Seliki Manor. She balances a stack of pies in her arms and dashes home!

Olivia leaps up rather quickly seeing the unpied Petal. Covered in pie she runs over and hugs Petal tightly, sharing her pie with Petal. Bwaahahahaha. "Love you P!"

"Ohhh there are prizes besides seeing everyone covered in pie?" Silvio chuckles with delight at the notion, and then at the announcement, he claps his stained hands for the victor!

"There, there!" Delilah applauds from in front of the chest with its particularly exciting contents. "We had an excellent showdown here, and we truly have some stunning examples of participation. Thus, in the lead with the stellar demonstration of why the Hundred Cities embraces culture and drama, Lord Silvio Rubino! Please come and claim your prize, or you can hold a debt on me to design you a garment suitable to your tastes as long as you supply the fabric." Her gaze sparks brilliantly. "There are! Now, after Lord Silvio, a masterful performance by Lord Mirk Halfshav teaches us all about rights of berries. Goodness, that's stunning. Please go help yourself."

Waldemai applauds Sir Bhandn, who was a good sport about everything please don't beat me up on the way home nice man.

Waldemai also applauds foe Lord Silvio, teammate, and Lord Mirk since his hands are moving anyway.

Zeriax winked at Kaia, before turning to peer out at everyone else. Delilah unlocking the chest to showcase prizes caught his attention! Then, as things moved forward, his attention was caught elsewhere yet again! The moment Malcom brings out the medal, Zeriax immediately begins a slow clap for Bhandn. A big, loud slo clap. The clapping continued as the rest of the names continued to be called, the man holding nothing back between his hands connecting with each other.

Silvio touches his hand to his chest. "Oh...thank you, so much, I was just saying I needed a new, lightweight dress for this heat. We can talk later, dearest. Where do the donations go, again?"

Petal is behind the pie cart once again. She cheers as Bhandn is announce as the winner. "Yeah, Bhandh Pie champion!" The girl calls out in her heavy accent.

Malcolm puts a yummy blackberry pie with crumb topping in a supple black mountainscape belt with a dazzling starry sky.

Malcolm steals one last pie for himself.

Zeriax puts a yummy lingonberry single crust pie in Blue Pouch.

Petal returns Olivia's hug, although she does get some pie upon herself in the process. "Oh, Olivia." She says softly and her smile is all warm and right, reaching her brown eyes.

Petal is overheard praising Bhandn: Pie Champion!

Petal is overheard praising Delilah: Berry Pie Hostest.

Petal is overheard praising Olivia: Super Awesome!

Mirk is overheard praising Delilah: A contest for the ages.

Mirk is overheard praising Bhandn: Master of Pies.

Mirk gets Beaver-Hide Mittens.

Mirk bows low, to Delilah, a mock formality at the announcement. "There can only be one selection," he says in a dry tone, scooping up the beaver-hide mittens. "Thank you, Lady Delilah, though next time I'd prefer to give a lecture while clean and not covered in pie."

Olivia is overheard praising Petal: Can't be a bad day if she is around!

Zeriax is overheard praising Delilah: The berry best there ever was! I was rightly mysti-pied!

Olivia is overheard praising Delilah: Awesome fun event! Too bad I came late."

"Then you shall have it, Lord Silvio." Delilah inclines her head slightly. "I invite you to be my guest or contact my dear companion, Raffaele, to indulge yourself in one too many pieces of art at your leisure. Though remember, Mistress Petal is exceptional in her designs. If your heart aches for sartorial accomplishments, I bow to her talents. She does things in aeterna and umbra that make my heart ache." A hand to her chest, a sigh. "Donations to Princess Alarissa, if you would. Lord Mirk, a lovely choice. Messere Waldemai, you are up to choose what you like, and then Lady Kaia!"

Kaia is overheard praising Petal: Great job with those pies!

Waldemai looks surprised that his name is called, but his choice is obvious. He's a smith. "Thank you, my lady," he says, snatching up the muscle salve. "Just what I need."

Waldemai gets a tin of herbal muscle salve.

Kaia is overheard praising Bhandn: Congratulations Pie assassin!

Petal seems very flattered by Delilah's words and her cheeks are pink and everything. "Take you Lady Delilah."

Hearing that he's the winner makes for a pleasant surprise, considering he landed only one direct blow and received his own berry surprise in turn, as evidenced by the discoloration on his shirt. "Huh," is his vocal response, as if it hadn't occurred to him that it was possible he'd done more harm than received.

He crosses over to Malcolm as that medal is brought out, though Bhandn takes a moment to turn his head towards Silvio when he broaches the subject of other prizes. "Just think of what you look like right now to the rest of us," he calls back. The medal, once it's in his possession, is promptly attached to, of all places, the cloth Bhandn has tied around his left arm, with no explanation for why he chooses to hang it there of all places. He murmurs his thanks, both to Malcolm and Delilah, offering something of a bow as well, then withdraws as Delilah goes on to name the others.

Kaia takes Winter's Kiss, a refreshingly cool scent.

Malcolm's offering applause for all the participants, taking small steps back - baaaaack - and baaaaaack. He does not want to ruin his dessert after all this.

Zeriax couldn't help but chuckle with everyone else's puns and good natured sportsmanship. Or bad acting. When it came time for him to step up to receive a prize, he actually managed to fake a tear. There was a sniffle. There was a little talent there, but it was still clearly overacted. "I want to thank Petrichor for these berries. And, also, the lovely contestants for being there for me to pie. And, my mother to birth me to..." He couldn't hold it in. He burst out laughing, picking up the last little bit there. Wiping actual tears from his eyes, he bowed his head to Delilah. "Thank you." He said, in earnest. He turned to Malcolm. "And you." With that? He made his way back to the pie cart, sniffing the new product. "Mmm. I like this one."

Zeriax gets Winter's Grove, a dark woodsy scent.

"I wish to thank House Shepherd for donating a medal, House Riven for their gloves," how Delilah says this with a straight face is tough. "Lady Lorna Deepwood created the salve and perfumes, and all pie trouble belongs in the heart of Petal Penrose there. So I shall consider this a fine job with Messere Zeriax, our student of pie and elves, to round out the last success. But let's all eat our fill and be merry."

Petal smiles over to Zeriax at this words. "The berries are grown a the lodge, but I do give out free berry bushes to those who want such, because the more plants the better." She smiles once again at Delilah's words.

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