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Igniseri Family Dinner XI

House Igniseri invites you to attend an informal family dinner, hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and the Igniseri Family. Igniseri hosts may invite up to 1 guest, in addition to the usual guests hosted at their family affair.


Jan. 31, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Quenia Ennettia Leena Luis Videl Yelana


Duarte Lucita Dafne Grazia Salvatore Miranda Silvio Juliana Sebastian Mirella



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

As guests start arriving, they'll see Quenia overseeing the staff working on the last few arrangements for the dinner this evening. The tables are set, the food is piled high, and there is drink a plenty that can easily flow around the room, as needed.

Duarte arrives with Mirella at his heels. Not unlike Peter Pan's shadow.

Mirella arrives at the heels of Count Peter. Duarte. Her posture is immaculate, her face is like marble. Neat curtsies are given when appropriate, as well as small smiles that almost reach her duskstone eyes.

Lucita steps into the Great Hall, her dogs left behind at the entry to play with Ruby, Quenia's dogs if she permits them to romp under the guard's supervision. Micana drifts off to visit with some of the various assistants, aides, nanny's and such about the household. She has the fresh clean scent of one who has spent some time soaking in the baths and indulging in a shampoo and a bit of relaxing. Her wayward curls are restrained by a veil laid over them and anchored to her dress but draped so her face and neck are left uncovered.

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

Arriving alone, except for the entourage that never seems to give her a moment to herself, Miranda is a mix of beauty this evening and ugliness. Depending upon your point of view, of course. Her beauty is marred by the visible lines of red that appear just under the sleeves of her gown on her left arm between elbow and shoulder and across her collarbone. Red, still a little swollen, but healing and minus bandages, for those who may have seen that vision of her recently. Still, she doesn't seem to be bothered, her hands lightly clasped in front of her. Her movements are slow and graceful, coming in just behind Grazia, but obviously with her. She looks as if she, too, took time to look her best, despite the imperfections she proudly bears. "Greetings, everyone," she offers with a warm smile, her voice is, as ever, soft and warm with that very slight rasp.

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Grazia's entourage mingles with Miranda's, and the two of them enter together. The duchess, of course, is as undamaged as one might expect from someone so well guarded, but she also folds her hands in front of her dress, lightly clasped together.

Quenia turns away from the staff, but not before shooing them off to their positions, when she hears others starting to arrive. She offers each a warm smile, and an equally warm greeting. "Count Duarte," she begins, giving Mirella something of a curious look; it's clear she does not know her. She then moves on to Lucita, giving her cousin a kiss on each cheek. "Lucita, it's good to see you. Really you should stop by more often," she gently chides. And then she looks over at Grazia and Mirella. These two she gives a warm smile and a nod of respect. "Duchess Grazia, Lady Miranda. I'm so glad you could make it to dinner this evening," she tells them, then waves her guests over to the table and various seating places. "If you'd care to find a place to make yourself at home, please do."

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"Thank you very much for the invitation to what promises to be a good evening," Duarte says in greeting to Quenia with the full expression of this silken Setarco accent. He motions to Mirella, "May I present the incomparable Mirella Fiorelli? A dear friend of mine."

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In quiet tones after Duarte's introduction, Mirella dips into another of those neat curtsies, her lips curving into a whisper of a smile, perfectly polite. "Marquessa, it is my pleasure to meet you." She looks around the others, silently composed, before dipping back on her heel again -- not imperious, not obsequious or meek. The uptick of one corner of her mouth is a little less calculated when she nods gently to Miranda in greeting.

Luis drinks.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mirella before departing.

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Miranda sends her own aide off to commiserate and visit with other members of the house. Really, there's no need for him to shadow her -everywhere-. The guards hover out of the way and Miranda gives them a baleful look of warning. Then, her attention shifts to Mirella, "Ahh, Mistress Fiorelli, how lovely to see you tonight." She glances from her to Quenia and back, "Though, I'm surprised to see you. Marquessa, have you met Mistress Mirella? She is a retainer of House Inverno, I believe.." She looks back to Mirella, "Yes?" Surprised she might be, but she has no issue with the woman's presence. "Count, it is good to see you, as well." A grin to Luis, "Starting early and without us, my lord?" She tsks playfull at him.

All while she makes her way to the table and sits down.

Grazia promptly sits down at the table and has a glass of wine brought for her. Good Granato wine, of course. Nothing else will do here, after all. She then seems content to listen to the conversations while she sips her wine.

Luis and Juliana enter together, both have a slightly rumpled look about them, which may explain why they are coming in behind everyone else. Luis, for once looking comfortable in his silk, though the wrapped swords constant compainions even now. With her arm linked in his, Jules leans into Luis' shoulder, head tilted as if listening closely to what he is saying. Her dark hair loose, falling in haphazard curls down her back, the bright, summer colors of yellows and golds, reaching up to push the dark curls from his forhead before turning to look at the others that have arrived.

Lucita's amber gaze tracks over toward the one being introduced and she gives an amicable smile. "Hello. I'm Baroness Lucita Saik." She introduces herself and since has not claimed a place at the table, she moves over toward her cousin to give a hug and kiss on the cheek and on spotting Juliana and her brother, they receive the same, her smile warming.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mirella before departing.

Quenia turns her attention to Duarte and Mirella. She gives the Count a studious look, and seems to frown a touch at him. "I don't think I see any grapes, Lord Duarte," she comments, a wryly amused expression taking hold of her features. She inclines her head delicately in Mirella's direction, "A pleasure to meet you, Mistress Mirella. Do please make yourself home at Domus Igniseri and enjoy the food we've provided for this evening." Which includes a choice between various cheeses, fresh sliced breads, and herbed olive oil for starters. In fact, the servants start serving the appetizers nearly right away, since so many have already joined the dinner. She starts to answer Miranda, but then Luis and Juliana arrive and her attention is suddenly called away, "Luis, Juliana! Welcome to dinner," she exclaims brightly, eyes holding a mirthful note at their rather rumpled state. "I do hope this evening's fair will at least prove somewhat satisfying." She smiles at Lucita when she receives a hug and a kiss. Then, goes to take her own seat at the table.

Duarte knew he forgot something! Gdi. He's none too pleased about it as he slinks abashedly away from Quenia and toward the table.

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"As far as courtships go, that one seems promising," Grazia notes dryly to Quenia, amusement evident in her husky voice, and she lifts a glass to the young couple. "Methinks some satisfying has been going on."

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Taking a bit of cheese and bread, Miranda also brings her small boal of herbed olive oil closer. She tears off a piece of bread, bite-sized, and dips it into the oil to pop into her mouth to chew, helping herself. A glass of wine is also placed before her, Miranda having arranged that as well. "I feel like I've come full circle. It's been a year, just over, since I first came to Arx and one of the first things I did was attend a dinner here." She says this to no one in particular and to all who care to listen. She looks over at the couple and smiles behind her glass, sipping the wine.

To Miranda, Mirella offers a nod of confirmation. "Retainer to House Inverno, indeed. And it's very good to see you again as well." Once again, she dips her head in respectful greeting, this time to Lucita. "My pleasure to meet you also, Baroness Lucita." Back to Quenia afterwards goes her attention, her smile one of polite gratitude. "Thank you, I will." A brief look towards Luis and Juliana is given, quite casually as though nothing amiss. Lycene, after all. For all that, though, it seems that she's taking in the scene with some interest behind her bland expression. Well, bland until Duarte wanders off, and her eyebrow raises a bit. Absent-mindedly, with a murmur of thanks to the server who offers her a glass of Granato red, she turns her head to see where the Count is going.

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Quenia chuckles heartily at Grazia's comment, some merriment coming to her eyes. "I have no doubts that this courtship will survive it's duration, and come to fruition with a marriage in the end." That mirth only grows even more. "Not unless Luis does something to bog it all up," she gives her cousin a brief, squinty-eyed look, when she then pins on Duarte a moment. Oh yes. She saw his look of guilt! She smiles over at Miranda. "And Arx is the better for having you hear, and if not Arx, then definitely Igniseri for the help that you've offered. We've been ever thankful for the aid you've lent us in dealing with the pirates." She plucks away at various chunks of cheeses as she speaks to her various guests, eating a nibble here and there, and washing it away with one of the Granato wines. She settles back to nibble at a particularly large piece of cheese, but before she starts working at it she asks, "So, what has everyone been doing with themselves of late? For me, I've been satisfying my curiosity by delving into research regarding the Nefer'khat, which Lord Cadern has been gracious enough to lead."

Lucita says, "Oh, that does sound interesting. Is that something we can learn from you should any information turn up, cousin? I've been spending time researching a bit about music and related topics and learning a bit about stewardship." She nibbles some of the fruit and cheeses as she takes a sip of wine from the glass served her. " That's actually turned out to be a time saver once I got into it. Lets me go directly to a source instead of wasting hours talking to the wrong people for what I need."

"Sorry, Marquessa. Did you say 'Never Cat'?" Duarte wonders with a furrow to his brow as he reaches for his wine glass at the table. One my wonder how often he's asked that of people. Seems he never quite hears it right.

Juliana smiles to Lucita. "Sebastian is... waiting for me to stab him a few more times for getting stabbed in the first place." holds her hand up before panic can ensue. "He is fine, resting after the trip back from Setarco. I am to see him after dinner but that is why he is not here." then a nod to Grazia then Quenia, dimples flashing at the comments. "No fear, Luis and I have had plenty of time to understand what annoys us about each other." teases looking up to the dark haired Lord. Then the slinking of Duarte, lifts a brow before she whispers something to Luis then leaving him, crosses to the Count, again the conversation turning to whispers in Duarte's ear as well.

A look of pride comes over Miranda's expression at Quenia's praise and gratitude. She bows her head with an equally appreciative smile. "You've provided me multiple opportunities to assist, Marquessa, and it's been my pleasure. Thank you for that." A pause, "As to myself, I've been helping where I can and have managed to employ, if I may use the word loosely, my sister-by-marriage in matters of research. Particularly an ancestor of ours." She gestures to herself and motions to Grazia, "Or, at the least, of our House. It's been a fascinating study, truly and, at some point, I should like to write it all done and provide a copy for our House's library." The last is directed to Grazia, naturally. She does glance over to the Count and Mirella, but if the Count's oddities bother her, it doesn't show.

With smiles in all the right places of the conversation -- light and ephemeral smiles, entirely mannerly -- Mirella turns her head to regard Duarte with what might be considered a look of patience. "No, Count Duarte. I believe Marquessa Quenia said 'Nefer'khat'." After murmuring a gentle congratulations to Juliana and Luis, she turns her gaze back to Quenia with a glint of curiosity in her eyes. "That's an interesting name, indeed. If you should need any help with your research, please let me know. I'm quite good at digging through books and records."

"I am glad that you are enjoying your research," Grazia says to Miranda, listening with a measure of interest, though she doesn't seem to comment on the Nefer'khat issue, at least for the moment. She's just listening and watching hawkishly, like her house sigil.

"I'll certainly be glad to share it with anyone that's interested," Quenia addresses Lucita first, after having finished her piece of choice. There is, of course, more wine. She gives her cousin a warm smile. "It's been something of a curiosity, particularly hearing that woman, Shard, is one of their leaders, and didn't even know it!" She looks back to Duarte, "Neff-Er-Khat," she pronounces it out for him, as best she can. "Maybe we'll learn a bit more about the First Sphinx even," she wonders aloud, caught up in that thought a moment. "Or their Pyramids, or their Hall of Stars...." and for a moment it's a dreamy moment, where she's caught up in something she's perhaps imagining. Juliana's comment catches her off guard though and pulls her out of that state. "Why on Arvum would you stab your brother?" she asks, slightly horrified, and then is quickly assuaged by the rest of the explanation. "Oh. Yes. I see. I probably would have done something similar with my brothers," she tells the visiting Pravus soon to be Igniseri.

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Lucita glances toward Juliana, eyes widening in alarm at the news Bas got stabbed, then easing only to fade into a flicker of disappointment showing momentarily in her expression that he is not coming to the dinner. "Did not even let me know he was back, the rascal. The twins have been wanting to go on another 'nic' at the 'no-no water' with him. That is toddler talk for picnic at the beach." A nod is given Miranda. "Am glad to see you are healing up well. If you decide you wish to return and work on the next phase, let me know and we can talk it over."

Duarte kisses the air beside Juliana's cheek. "It's lovely to see you as well, my lady." He looks back fo Quenia and lifts his glass, "Ah! Ne--fffff---er-caht." He takes a sip. "What is a sphinx? And how many of them are there?" That one seems to be directed at Mirella.

Miranda nods to Lucita, "Ahh, it twas but a flesh wound and nicely healing. Isidora gave me a clean bill of health and says if I use the oils she gave me, I won't have new scars, they'll fade out over time." She glances to her arm and neckline, a hand delicately tracing fingers over the lines that look disturbingly like the perfect match for a set of fingers or something similar. "But I'm right as rain. Let me know what you need." A glance is given to Mirella then as she mentions research. "Oooh, the magic word."

Quenia turns then to Miranda, lifting a brow lightly. "I'd be most interested in learning of your research, whenever you have time. Perhaps I can ask my more junior assistant to be of aid sometime. Though, I dare say she's still quite learning about how to be a research assistant from the Scholars." Where one ought to learn such skills! She looks back to Mirella and seems delighted at her offer. "I'll let Lord Cadern know that you are more than welcome to assist this research. He's leading it, and of course will need to be the one to share the paperwork." She looks over at Lucita, lifting a brow at her and giving her a hard quizzical look, and tries to decipher 'nic' at the 'no-no water'. She notes to Juliana. "I do hope he'll recover well. He's promised to make a painting for me, and I'd like to talk to him about that soon." She looks over at Duarte and frowns at him thoughtfully. "Something vaguely cat-like," she settles on, waving her hand in a not-so descriptive manner as she does.

If Mirella is shocked by the notion or someone getting stabbed, she doesn't seem to show it. She seems more absorbed in the talk of research and pyramids and sphinxes and so forth. After dainty sip of wine she places her glass down, turning only to Duarte when he asks a question of her. "I couldn't say, but I'd imagine there's more than one of them." There's no sarcasm in her voice, then once again, her dark eyes regard Quenia she turns her attention between Quenia and Miranda. "Hall of Stars... that sounds very grand and mysterious. Thank you, Marquessa, that's a very kind offer." She gives a nod to Miranda, a slightly more expressive smile along with the nod this time. "Indeed, the magic word." Then, "Oh, and I'm glad you're healing well."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

Taking a seat, Juliana smiles back to those that expressed concern. "Sebastian will be fine. Between Lianne and myself we will see to it. I will remind him of the painting. He has been distracted on that front." Reaching to take up Luis' glass and take a sip before putting it back. Those that have known her well, having seen her do the same with Bas often. The Pravus drops silent for a time as she listens to the conversation, catching up on the topic at hand.

"Like a cat, but never a cat." Duarte quips back to Mirella with a smile. "Well whoever the Never Cats are, they seem to have the reverence of our city's fine, and elusive, guests."

It's the talk of wounds that has Quenia actually listening further, and then she sees Miranda and her eyes widen somewhat. "Lady Miranda, what happened to your arm?" she asks. Not an exclamation, more just a realization that one of her guests had been wounded. In between her concern she pauses for a couple of messengers. Her briw crinkles, and she shoots off a quick reply before turning back to her guests with an apologetic look. She appears mollified by Juliana's comments with regards to Sebastian. "It'll be different from his other work, of which he gave me a private showing. He assured me he was quite up to the challenge. But, once he's healed, of course. There's no rush, really." She looks back to Mirella and says with a certain authority on the matter. "It is a large hall full of stars. The stars are souls I think, those that wink brightest. Though, I'm trying to uncover the truth of it for certain."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

At Quenia's inquiry, Miranda looks to the Marquessa a moment and seems to consider the answer, sipping at her wine. "I had a disagreement with a tainted bear." She lifts her right hand up to indicate its height and probably has to stand to really give its size its due. Bigger than a large horse. "He was very grumpy." She eats some cheese as well, pulling at some more bread, "Lord Salvatore also caused it some grief, but we're both well and on the mend."

Oh no, that's MiellaXD

Lucita says, "So modest. She did not even speak how everyone worked together and saved a villager's life. The bear was after the boy!""

Lucita lifts her cup of wine to acknowledge Miranda as she speaks then listens to the others as they converse.

Miranda suggests to Lucita, "Well, you were sneaky and got me to tell the tale to a tavern full of people. Now it's your turn. Regale them with our adventures!"

After a moment of long consideration to Miranda, and with a nod that could mean anything, Mirella gives apologetic nods all around and declares. "I must be away now, but thank you for your kind hospitality Marquessa." She stands, and with a dip on her heels and murmurered goodbyes, the retainer excuses herself and is away! She does give Duarte an extra nod though.

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Now both of Quenia's brows raise at Miranda's story. "A tainted bear? And Lord Salvatore?" She sits up a bit straighter when he's mentioned. "He's healing, you said?" And, there are tiny concern lines on her brow. "I shall have to scold him later about going after bit, tainted bears. Though, it certainly sounds like quite a story, and one you should tell some time." And at Miranda's comment, Quenia turns her attention to Lucita, giving her cousin a squinty-eyed look. Which is diverted only momentarily as she nods to acknowledge Mirella's departure.

Lucita hesitates then says. "not sure you want such a tale for dinnertime conversation. How can I enjoy all this wonderful food if I am busy telling a long winded tale with all its embelishments!" She quips with a soft laugh and a wink and dramatically raises a hand to her chest as she speaks. "Besides, it would keep everyone else from sharing their news and opinions if I am rambling on like that.

Miranda sits back in her chair, highly amused at Lucita's refusal and sips her wine. She looks... very entertained. Oh, look, food. She distracts herself with food for a moment, then says, "So, Isidora is looking into our ancestor, Father Alessandro Rubino. He was a crafter turned Archlector of Jayus. Apparently, he was considered a True Seer. He predicted or foresaw a great many things that happened and, actually, are mimicking current events." She hmmms, "SO I asked her to dig more into him, but we've deviated at the moment. Other things got my attention. She's a wiz at this research gig."

Quenia glances over at Lucita, but then something Miranda said quickly catches her attention. She presses her lips together a moment, then says. "He was mentioned in the Canticle of the Long Vigil, I believe. Have you heard of it?" she asks.

Juliana glances towards Miranda when the wounds are mentioned. Though the Pravus will intrude, there is a very... clinical...look to the way she studies those wounds that are visable before she is distracted again by a whisper from Luis which gets a smile and his glass stolen again.

Duarte is there. Watching. Listening. Drinking. Looking pretty. He also smells magnificent. He smells like glory and attainment.

"Yes, I've seen a copy. Blessed Sina asked for a copy as well." Miranda offers, "The way I heard it, the Canticle was Father Rubino's greatest work. Or one of them. You came across it, too?"

Quenia nods to Miranda, a sly look in her eyes a moment. "A recent acquisition from a friend who has a love for all things grape, particularly wines, though sometimes just the fruit itself." That sly look is accompanied by a mirthful expression. She then glances back to Lucita and hrmphs. "I suppose you and I will need to chat later about it then. It's probably time we do our check in anyway," she tells her.

Miranda wonders, "Check in? Check in ... where? For what?"

Lucita gives Quenia a nod. "Certainly, Quenia." She says softly and her gaze drifts back and forth as each person speaks, following the flow of conversation. "Quenia is my patron and I check in with her every so often while we discuss plans that will mutually benefit each other and to offer aid in different projects. I check in with her on little things like how the resource raising for Estaban's Hall of Heroes exhibit is coming along. I'm a thrid of the way there now, a little less than seven thousand left to go."

Quenia gives Lucita an encouraging look. "I think after the wine extravaganza, I can start helping more towards that. I've been every so anxious that the vintners be extremely careful with our newest bottles of wine." She frowns. "One of the crates of peach wine came completely shattered."

"How awful," Grazia says in response to the idea of a shattered crate of wine, shaking her head slightly. "We live in a world that does not value its wine enough, I daresay."

\"Anyway, a chat for another time. The hour is growing late, and I want to thank everyone for coming. You are welcome to continue to eat, and mingle as you please." Quenia tells her guests as she prepares to depart.

Duarte stands and bows as Quenia prepares to leave. "One quick word, I beg..." he follows her out, while sending a parting wave to the others.

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Quenia gives Duarte a curious look, but nods her head. "Of course." She then leads the way out.

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Grazia rises to her feet as well to walk with Miranda the long distance back to her house.

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