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Lady Yelana Igniseri

Shadows lurk everywhere and you never know what you're going to find around the next corner.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Pragmatic Investigator
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Igniseri
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 5/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: smoky black
Skintone: olive

Description: Slender and graceful, everything about Yelana suggests a soft innocence with a deeper wisdom reflected within her smoky black eyes. Her long fall of wispy dark curls are artfully arranged with great care, delicately twisted or fashioned into the latest of Lycene styles. She has a round face and cheeks that easily dimple whenever she smiles. Her olive skin is often complemented by a careful array of makeup, and her lush, full lips are almost always curled into a secretive, yet warm smile.

Personality: Yelana is often accused of having her head in the clouds, or in her books. She's an avid reader, who loves to research things. The more obscure it is, the more she finds it interesting. But her head isn't always in her books. She takes time to enjoy her surroundings, kick back, and have fun too. She a very social creature and thrives on parties and outdoor life equally well. Some accuse her of being overly pragmatic, but in truth she's full of sass and wit, and usually has some snappy comeback ready to use should the situation call for it. She's not above being flirtatious, and enjoys going out and just having some fun.

Background: The daughter of a lesser line of the Igniseri family, Yelana has never born the burden of responsibility. She wasn't expected to, until the time the family needed her to make a marriage alliance. This has left her free to pursue those things she enjoyed most; satisfying her curiosity and a rugged outdoor life. Growing up, she was never far from a book or a story, swept away by the tales of some dashing prince or enchanted by the stories of elves and the sacrifices they made for the Compact. Fact or fiction, it didn't matter to her. She gobbled it all up, marveling at the tales woven within. She was often teased by her brother Ilsoreno that she'd grow into a tree for as much as she read. And, whenever a particularly interesting topic came up, she'd throw herself into it passionately, researching it thoroughly.

All that reading did not make Yelana a dull and boring person. Oh no! For, as much as she loved to read those adventures, she also enjoyed re-enacting them or going out on adventures of her own, often of her own making. She'd grab some armor from the armory, steal away with a bow, nick a horse, and go out onto the plains of Granato and pretend she was hunting some great monster, uncovering some great secret, or maybe just go hunting and bring back some food, for she loved being out of doors and being useful out of doors. Sometimes, she would even drag her brothers Ilsoreno and Vincino with her. It wasn't exactly a rough and tumble childhood, but she certainly enjoyed having two brothers who appreciated her for who she was.

A series of unfortunate events in her family eventually dragged her to Arx, between Marquessa Emilisia abdicating in lieu of her eldest son Vincere, and then both of Emisilia's sons, Vincere and Pietro, dying in the Battle of Pridehall, and then Yelana's own brother, Ilsoreno, dying. She found she had to get away from it all. There was just too much sadness lurking around Granato. So, she did what she does best. She grabbed some armor from the armory, stole away with a bow, nicked a horse, and set out to head to the big city of Arx to get away from it all.

Coming to Arx has been an eye-opening experience for her, and she's certainly learned that there's a greater number of things to get involved with since coming to the city. When the call came out that the Lycene's Mirrorguard was taking new recruits, she decided to join as part of the Unreflected; a group dedicated to investigating the mysteries of Arvum, as well as defeating some of the Compact's greatest enemies. It was a chance for her to get involved in research and adventure all wrapped up into one. She's also become enamored of the Lodge of Petrichor. She's always felt a fondness for the God of dominion and enjoyed the outdoors life, and an organization that's dedicated to nature and hunting is something she'd really like to get involved with as it gives her an opportunity to get away from the city. She's heard about the dangers that the Lodge is facing and wants to do her part to help keep the Lodge safe so that others might come to enjoy it as she has. She thinks of this as an opportunity to define herself, and set her own path in life, and maybe become something of the stuff that people dream up in the stories that she's read.

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