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Igniseri Family Dinner X

House Igniseri invites you to attend an informal family dinner, hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and the Igniseri Family. Igniseri hosts may invite up to 1 guest, in addition to the usual guests hosted at their family affair.


Dec. 8, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Quenia Ennettia Lucita Luis Yelana


Laric Dafne Grazia Lysander Silvio Samuele Alarissa Salvatore Aiden Miranda Duarte



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

Quenia has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

Yelana has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

True to her Lycene nature, Quenia can be found sitting at the cozy seats by the fire. There are tables set up with food, which the servants will bring for anyone that wishes to go by the fire, or the main table is dressed for dinner as well. Guests are show in right away.

Grazia is a guest, and she's brought a baby with her, as well as a nursemaid to take care of her when she would like to eat. "Marquessa," she greets with a measure of warmth and a nod of her head. "Please allow me to present Lady Aileyna Rubino, heir to the seat of Gemecitta."

Coming in from the outside, Yelana makes her way past the table and moves closer to Quenia, flashing her a bright smile, "Cousin." She says, before turning to the pair of Rubino and greeting them with a well polished curtsy and finally choosing her seating besides the other Igniseri.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

Harlen, Alarissa arrive, following Duarte.

Quenia rises almost immediately as Grazia arrives. Her eyes go to the babe in her arms and she can't help but smile warmly at the pair. "Duchess. She is quite lovely. I look forward to seeing her blossom into a strong and capable young woman," she says with genuine tones. "I thought that we might have a more informal dinner this evening. Would you care to dine with us by the fire?" she motions toward the seats by the fireplace. A smile is given to Yelana as she arrives, "Cousin, have you seen Duchess Grazia's newest addition as yet?" she asks.

Duarte drifts in escorting Alarissa. He is jabbering away, and likely has been for their entire walk from whetever it began, "...and that wasn't the end of it. The duchess instituted a no-livestock ban about the manor shortly thereafter..."

Alarissa's giggling softly, blonde waves bouncing about her shoulders as Alarissa's chosen to dress little -down- for the evening. Nothing gaudy. "I can ell imagine. A cow, in your bedchambers. Oh, the smell. Though I wonder what would happen if I left a cow on Victus' ship... Do you think I could get a cow onto the Lady Thunderstruck?" She asks of the Amadeo Count as they make their way in.

A bit later than the rest, Ennettia appears! As usual, she looks as if she's just left her bed - and considering the light yawn, she probably just has. Eyes half-lidded and drowsy, hair "hastily" pinned up, a wrap of rich violet, green, and gold brocade wrapped around her for extra warmth, and somehow, unsmudged and perfectly lined eyes and tinted lips that curve into a little half-smile as she appears, though she makes her slow way right to the fireplace and the couches. "How marvelous, another full evening. I suppose it's lucky the little savage isn't joining us -- he's being punished for one thing or the other, I forget what the nursemaid said."

"Thank you. She is still very small yet, but I would like to consider having another one, you know?" Grazia replies with a measure of warmth and a smile for the baby, who admittedly looks a lot like her father Aiden. "But she is most precious to me, and family dinners seem like the best places to show off small children." She moves towards the fire to join the Igniseris already there. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Yelana. I am Duchess Grazia Rubino of Gemecitta.

"The pleasure is mine, my lady." Yelana keeps a polite tone dipping her head towards Grazia and flashing a smile at the smaller Rubino, "It's always nice to see the sight of children, it brings me some memories of the days I spent running around the wilderness around Granato." Then a second familiar face comes in, causing the young Igniseri to lift her hand in a wave, "I just hope he's being healthy, maybe there's something of his aunt on him."

"Cara used to bring her girls here. I'll have to pester Laric to bring them by." There's something of a bit of longing when Quenia speaks of Cara and the girls, but that drifts off after a moment as her attention is brought to her newest guests. "Count Duarte, Princess Alarissa. Thank you for coming. We're dining a bit informally tonight if you'd like to join us by the fire. And, what's this about bovine beasts being inside of a home?" she asks. She wiggles her fingers over at Ennettia as her famously lazy cousin comes into have dinner as well. "There's also plenty of wine to go around," so much so that the wine is placed in the tables closest to the fire. Servants are in standby should anyone want a glass poured.

"You would have to ask Lady Juliana. She, not I, is the bovine smuggler." Duarte advises Alarissa. "Lord Sebastian and I were less than discreet in carrying it back down the flight of stairs. Its moo'ing awoke the son of Cassius, and the bovine-ban of 1006 was born!"

'Informality is delightful!" Alarissa breaks away from Duarte's arm to press cheek kisses to Quenia's. "And if I had known children were fine to bring, I would have brought the twins to be coo'd over as well. Next time." Next time. She's looking for a spot then to settle, to leave Quenia to tend to other guests. "I'll have to ask her how she got the cow up there and get her help in getting a cow on his ship."

"That does sound dreadful, Count Duarte," Grazia notes to Duarte with a somewhat disapproving frown. And then she remembers that she is holding her baby and the smile flickers back to her face, and she looks pleased with herself. "Princess Alarissa, I don't believe I've had the pleasure. I am Duchess Grazia Rubino of Gemecitta, and this is my heir Aileyna. I wanted her to meet the Marquessa."

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Ennettia falls into one of the seats close to the fire, adjusting her wrap around her even as she stares at the wine wistfully, as if hoping some will pour itself before she sighs and reaches to fill her glass. Eyes slant towards Yelana, with a hint of resignation, "I /have/ learned that traipsing about is a clear Igniseri trait. Nello certainly has that in spades." She says dryly, before pulling her attention to the rest of the group. Duarte, of course, gets wider grin, and a lazily blown kiss, Alarissa and Grazia both rank highly enough Ennettia musters the energy to wave idly towards the pair, and the future duchess is eyed with indulgent suspicion.

Lucita comes into the room after having shed cloak and cleaned the clinging snow off her boots in the Atrium. Dogs are left in the atrium along with a guard to keep an eye on them. She maneuvers through the Great Hall till she can snag one of the wines available then turns to give a curtsy on spotting Alarissa, not spilling a drop as she does so. A beguiling smile is on her lips as she says "Good evening."

Duarte drifts toward Ennettia and gently takes the bottle of wine from her grasp to complete it's pouring. "Your arm might get a chill, love. Allow me."

"So, that's what Marquessa Lianne meant when she said that Lady Juliana was the sort to get herself into a bit of adventuresome trouble," Quenia quips lightly as she eyes Duarte and the rest of his story. "That will certainly make adventures quite interesting around House Igniseri, assuming that marriage negotiations get finalized by the Faith," her eyes alight brightly when she says this. She looks over at Alarissa, "May I present to you my cousin, Lady Yelana Igniseri." she looks to Yelana, "This is Princess Alarissa Thrax and Count Duarte Amadeo." See? She didn't forget Duarte. "You know Ennettia of course," she teases Yelana's way, winking at Ennettia. One of the servants rushes over to Ennettia to fill her glass. They are on duty this evening! Though they do not go through the motions of taste testing the wine for Ennettia as they might the other guests.

Yelana takes a glass of wine into her hands, sipping every now and then as her dark eyes go around the incoming guests, there so many new faces for her! A proud smirk forms on her face as Ennettia goes about the Igniseri traits, "Well, anytime you feel like giving his nursemaids a rest, you can send him to me. When the weather allows it, we can get him to burn his energy at camping, even." She suggests turning back at both Alarissa and Duarte, "Your Highness, my Lord, is a pleasure to meet the both of you."

'I confess there are a great many in this room that I have never met." Informality means there's no comment to Ennetia's wave and instead she gets one in return from Alarissa who fins a seat and eases down. "Lady Yelena, a pleasure to meet you. Have you been in the city long?"

Alarissa has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

As Duarte is shooed away by eager Igniseri house servants, he redirects himself to those present. "Marquessa Quenia, I am honored for your invitation and thank you so much for putting this on." He smiles to Yelana, "Hello, my lady." And a grin for Grazia, "I do miss her - the cow. But I hear she was delicious."

Harlen have been dismissed.

Ennettia shudders at the very /idea/ of camping, though she does smile towards Duarte and slips her arm back within her shawl. "Considerate as always, dearling." She praises, and after a moment gestures towards the seat nearer her if he would like to sit. Glancing towards Yelana, she does add, "Do take him, if you'd like, but I do hope you don't mean anytime soon. It's unfit for humans outside." Said with a little sniff before she takes a sip of her wine. Ahh, a true southern disdain for the cold! "I do plan to ship him off to Kara and the Countess once once in a while as well. He is getting to that age where he needs to be looked after with more care than a servant provides." But of course, not by her. She has wine to drink.

"Not long, I practically just arrived from Granato." Yelana admits with a slight shake of her head, "But I've been in the city before, I used to help my cousin, the Countess, with her business." She explains, "Now I just wanna help around the Mirrorguard and the Lodge." The Igniseri takes one more sip from the wine, savouring as it warms her from the inside, before she directs her attention to Ennettia, "Now that's something I'm already missing from home. I can't wait for the spring to come."

Lucita chuckles softly ans takes a sip of her wine. "There is camping, and then there is camping in style as Princess Alarissa does. Comfort, luxury, amusing company and exquisite foods." She shakes her head a little. "My twins have family to visit and fostering when they are older." Yelana gets a smile of welcome, then a nod to her comment about awaiting spring.

"The weather is certainly better in the Lyceum. We don't get all of this awful snow," Grazia points out with a little shake of her head, cozy near the fire with her babe. "This winter has been absolutely dreadful. At least I don't have far to get home. I just have to go outside and across the plaza."

Quenia grins over at Yelana. "Bellisa is relishing being your replacement, Yelana. No worries there. Besides, I figured it was time to cut you loose so that you'd be able to do the things you wanted to do. The Mirrorguard is still up and coming, so we've a chance to develop it into something more." Which seems to please Quenia a bit. She looks over at Alarissa and looks surprised. "Oh? I thought you've met my cousin Ennettia and Duchess Grazia." She motions to each, "Duchess Grazia, Lady Ennettia, please meet Princess Alarissa Thrax." She blushes a bit for her assumptions.

'The Duchess, always in passing and never, I think the Lady Ennettia. If I have, I have forgotten and that error is all mine." A servant is gestured for and wine eventually in hand when Lucita talks about camping Princess style. "As if that could be called camping. But I call it camping. With servant sand tents and honest to gods beds and nary a thing left for the wanting. If I don't have to be bereft of comforts and there are wagons, well then. I give credit to Lou for it though. She wanted to take me camping." Alarissa sips her wine. "She no longer wants to take me camping. I agree on the dreadful weather. I have remained inside under furs. Burning wood at a furious rate while Victus strides out on our balcony with his chest bared and talks about how refreshing it is." A shudder.

Quenia stares at Alarissa. "Your husband is quite mad," she declares boldly. "QUITE," she emphasizes. Without apology. She shakes her head in complete disbelief. "Warm fires are the only place to enjoy weather such as this, and cozy blankets, and nice glasses of wine." She lifts her own glass of wine from the table and takes a sip after her declaration. She looks over at Lucita and raises a brow. "Where are the twins fostering?" she asks, curious.

Yelana returns Lucita smile with one of her own, she doesn't seem to be short on those at all, "I only know the kind of camping that we do at the Lodge, but this one seems very interesting, I wouldn't be opposed by trying it out someday." Her eyes move back at Quenia, "I'm sure she will do well and I'm certainly looking forward to meet more of the Mirrorguard in the city, we're lucky to have some of our brightest minds united there."

Now that introductions are done and pleasantries exchanged, Duarte does doubleback to the seat offered by Ennettia and settles down, soon collecting his own glass of wine. "I went camping just recently. It's far too easy to eat a wrong berry and get sick. Do not recommend." He looks curiously to Ennettia. "Have they fed you today?"

"I think I shall loathe winters in Arx dreadfully. I just refuse to leave the house during them." Ennettia says as she enjoys more of her wine, glancing to Alarissa, "You have my sympathies-- though I suppose it could also be useful. Sending him off to do everything instead of needing to do anything yourself." The widow sighs, a bit wistfully, before chuckling at Duarte's words, "Not for dinner. I did have a delightful breakfast, and quite a tasty new recipe for mulled red wine for lunch." Her eyes turn towards the food, considering, "Oh, stuffed olives! I do adore these. Are they from the most recent shipment?"

"DOdes not quite work that way when you are the voice of a great house and your husband is the High Lord. But I shall strive to do so. Or maybe I'll send for the Count and tell him to earn his keep as protege, and fetch me this and that." She teases the man. "So, then, I shall set up another evening camping then, in the summer? But before then, Lady Delilah and I are working on an ice fortress to be built in the judgement green I believe, to be assailed, conquered and it's treasures carted off into a party in the ice castles courtyard."

Lucita says, "With part of the Saiks allies." She says to Quenia discretely, with a sidelong glance. She sips from her wine and then adds. "But not for another nine years, and we shall see, things may have changed by then." After another sip she adds. "I'll be leaving them here in Arx when we make a visit to Saikland soon. Be leaving in a few days but not staying too long. Good to check on things periodically and make sure all is running well. After listening to Alarissa she murmurs. "That does sound like fun, and something different to do.""

Quenia looks to Duarte, and wrinkles her nose. "I wouldn't know the first thing to do when camping. Though, I'm sure Yelana would teach me if I needed to know." She glances over at Yelana to make certain that she would, indeed, do such a thing. She looks over at Grazia and says, "How are things with House Rubino? We've had a small slew of troubles we've been dealing with, and as a result, Luis has started working on building up our military a bit more. Something about having a kidnapped Knight of Solace in your land or leftover pirates from the Gyre war who made their own in your lands makes for something dreadful to chew over." She looks over at Ennettia and nods her head. "They are," she confirms. Quenia glances over at Alarissa and grins when she mentions making Duarte do things for her, and then raises her brow a bit at the mention of an ice fortress. "Oh, that sounds like a lovely event. When will that be?" she asks. She glances over at Lucita and nods silently at her comment, acknowledging it.

"That sounds like an engaging game, the ice castles and such," Grazia remarks to Alarissa with a measure of interest. "Not really my style, but engaging nontheless." She nods to Quenia. "We're also working on building up our militaries. It's important to keep up our military strength."

The talk of treasures sure gets Yelana interested, she leans into her seat, trying to listen closer to what Alarissa is saying, "That is very promising, I have never even seen a fortress made out of ice, assaulting it should be fun." She says, smirking and giving Quenia a decisive nod, "As long you keep me within reach, you don't have to worry about what lies in the woods, cousin."

"Apologies, your highness. I am only ordered about so by the lovely Aspect of Luxury, here." Duarte, of course, motions to Ennettia. "I am hopeful, however, to warn my keep as your protege in some other less laborious fashion. I should hate to have the guards turn their noses up at me like the days of old."

"I suppose for the Lady Ennetia I may relinquish claim." A hand wafting away the Count. "Care for him well Lady Ennetia. He is a diamond of the highest order to be worn about the neck." Alarissa nestles in further to the spot chosen. "As for the castle, the date I think the Lady Delilah is more aware of? She merely asked for my assistance in gathering volunteers to guard treasures and for funding."

pouts at Duarte's words, even as she reaches to pluck up an olive to eat, "I hardly order you about, dearling. And I never said I would claim you." But she's got a slight little smile hovering at the corner of her lips, as she nibbles on the dish of olives, as she glances towards Alarissa, "But of course, if you aren't using him, I do need someone to make sure my glass is full of wine. And possibly to get me one of those little raspberry chocolate cups."

Lucita's glance slips from Ennetia to the Count and back but she merely listens, without comment or questions. "So what news have I missed hearing about today? The cold has had me reclusive at times, enjoying a warm room and warm drinks and whatever company may have dropped by."

Quenia dips her head in Grazia's direction. "Should you need help, I'll be glad to provide my social skills to the task. We're stronger together, after all." There's Quenia, being a good vassal! Or, trying. She grins over at Yelana, "Guarding treasure, or finding it, seems to be your thing, indeed." She glances at the interplay between Alarissa, Ennettia, and Duarte and chuckles. "I'm certain Ennettia could relinquish you for one evening if Princess Alarissa had need," she winks in their direction, amused. "You know the Igniseri news, mostly. Except the part where House Pravus approached us about a potential marriage contract. It hasn't been announced yet, because the Faith still needs to approve it and House Pravus wishes for Juliana to have a period of mourning for her father, but she'll be joining House Igniseri after a courtship."

"Not as such, my love. But what you do are many of these." Duarte demonstrates with an exaggerated wistful gaze toward the chocolate cups, and then a slow, pleading puppy look to Ennettia and bats his eyes with a sigh. Soon enough, though, there he is. Standing and padding over to said treats and placing a couple on a little round plate to be delivered. To himself. The small pile set just a finger tip's width out of easy Ennettia-reach. He gazes to Quenia curiously, "And who is her intended, if we may ask?"

"Weddings are exciting," Grazia purrs brightly, lounging back to bask in the fire's warmth with the baby on her chest snoozing. Her voice is deep for a woman, and she lounges like the Lycene that she is. "Quenia, we'll discuss more business later, when you're not entertaining guests."

"Then I shall drag you to assist us Quenia darling. To guard a treasure and provide challenge for those who seek to claim it!" Alarissa looks pleased at that. "Victus shall be guarding one as well. Someone will have to best him at a sword. To score a hit upon his chest and break a snowflake of glass. Or so we have thought. Some of it is still in planning stages but it shall be implemented before the weather turns. Not that it seems inclined to turn anytime soon." The mention of Juliana marrying in has her own brows rising. 'I echo the question."

Lucita says, "My brother, Luis. They have known each other for years, at least ever since I moved to Arx four years ago." She answers briefly then gives a little grin. "He is the only male in the family right now that is in Arx.""

"I would certainly appreciate that, you're right, cousin." Yelana gives Quenia just another firm nod before turning to Princess Alarissa, "Should I drop Lady Delilah a message about it, Your Highness?" She asks, covering her face with the glass of wine as the topic of the conversation moves into weddings.

"Grown, at any rate." Ennettia adds after Lucita's words, with a light shrug before she throws Duarte a dark look, "I shall remember your care, dearest." Ennettia says with a tiny smile, before she looks back towards Grazia, "Weddings are exhausting, however. And I do have a thing or two to talk to you, Grazia, at some point. Perhaps I shall just dictate a letter about it. I can't think of the specifics at the moment." Enenttia says, happily finishing her glass of wine and holding it out so a servant can refill it.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp arrives, following Miranda.

Quenia leans over to whisper something to Yelana before looking over at Lucita. "Lord Luis," she confirms. She nods to Grazia regarding talk of business between houses, and then is distracted by Alarissa. She grins, "I'd be delighted to help, though I might make them perform some act of social grace in guarding the treasure." For that is her speciality, as she mentioned! The dinner is in an informal setting, with most people congregating at the cozy seats by the fire.

Duarte gently pushes the plate toward Ennettia with an out-stretched finger. "Such happy news. Whatever will they do with her room at the manor, though? I wonder." He hmms. "I'm happy, though, and hopeful that this contract may quell what had been rising tension between Pravus and Igniseri." He looks to Quenia, "Wasn't there rising tension?" He shrugs.

Quenia blinks at Duarte, "There was rising tension?" she asks, clearly out of the loop on that one. She looks to Lucita with a questioning look.

Duarte flutters his hand. "Must've been someone else." His attention departs for the olives.

Yelana smiles at whatever is whispered at her, "I wouldn't be opposed to something like this in the future, though." She says to her cousin, "Just need to get my feet wet, first."

"How tragic. It might have been interesting." Ennettia says, looking entirely as if she doesn't care either way. She does smile towards Duarte and collects one of the little raspberry cups, now that they are actually near enough she doesn't need to put in the effort to stress. "I suppose I am grateful, however. One of my favorite opponents in Stones is a Seraceni. It would make things awkward."

Lucita says, "I've not been aware of any rising tension between Pravus and Igniseri or Saik either one?" She says softly. "Wonder who or what the source was?"

Miranda enters the great hall more than fashionably late and looking rather abashed about it. Whoopsie. "Good evening, everyone, apologies for being so late. Have I missed anything interesting?"

Quenia hrms softly. "Well, House Igniseri wouldn't go to House Seraceni's aid. I can't imagine that would be it considering Seraceni barred House Pravus from entering their waters and then the Archduchess barred anyone from the Lyceum from entering their waters. That ban hasn't been lifted, as yet," she points out. She nods to Lucita, seeming relieved. She smiles over at Miranda, nodding her head. "Lady Miranda, good to see you again. Have you met Princess Alarissa Thrax, Count Duarte Amadeo, Lady Yelana Igniseri, Lady Ennettia Igniseri, or Baroness Lucita Saik?" She almost claimed Lucita as an Igniseri out of old habits, but quickly changed it to Saik!

'In confess that we have heard of no tensions. Save that a pravus seems to be marrying in everywhere and thus it woulds Eem, the Duchess is trying to solidify favors and allies." Alarissa quips, a look to Miranda. "Perhaps we have, but I can't remember" A bashful smile, pinked cheeks. "Seems to be a running theme for me this night."

"Oh think nothing of it. I am sure I simply have my facts confused." Duarte says as he collects olives into a cupped hand. "Happens all the time."

"House Seraceni has not made many friends, considering their bizarre behavior towards other houses. Unfortunately, Lady Miranda got burned by a former lord of that house who made wild claims about their prowess, only to renounce house and nobility when called to apologize to his lieges," Grazia points out with a little shake of her head.

A look to those introduced to her, Miranda bows her head, "I've met most, but am please to meet you, your Highness and Lady Ennettia." She smiles warmly to the pair, though the conversation does cause her to pause a bit. A look over to Grazia as she speaks and looks a little bit... horrified.. but then that expression vanishes. Miranda seems almost of two minds about coming tonight, ahem.

Ennettia gives a little shrug, "I know very little about them, save for Lady Apadolia or however her name goes," Ennettia says with a vague little wave of one hand, that turns into a little waggle of fingers towards Miranda. As usual, Ennettia is quiet comfortably draped on a seat, and even yawns slightly. "She is excellent at stones, and I do love the occasional mental game. I was quite angry that the weather was too cold for me to make it to Katarina's games evening." A small sigh, before Ennettia looks back towards Miranda, "Do come have some olives. And wine, of course. There's a marvelous selection."

Quenia glances over at Miranda, at Grazia's announcement, giving her a consoling look. "At least you didn't find out the man was a traitor just weeks prior to your wedding day," Quenia tells her, very earnestly. A thing that still rather haunts her, and it shows for a moment on her features. She takes a moment, takes a long hefty sip of her wine, and then visibly shakes her unease off. She looks over at Alarissa, asking. "Are there any other events you are planning on hosting? Anything warm?" she looks hopeful, to change the subject! She looks over at Ennettia and says, "I might have taught Lady Appolonia social graces a time or two, but that was before all this happened."

Lucita gives a warm smile to Miranda. "Good to see you again. Has the soreness from the lesson eased off? Some of those moves, when I first learned them, made me quite stiff and achy in the shoulders and back." She glances toward the others. "Lady Miranda is one of my students for small weapons."

Yelana eyes move from one person to the other as she listens attentively to the talk of House Seraceni and their current relationships with other Houses, the glass of wine remains covering her mouth before she settles her gaze at Miranda, whom gets a smile as greeting from the Igniseri.

"Nothing warm planned. Though I am sure that we can come up with some grand thing held somewhere to do just that. Involving lots of fire. Lots of fire." Alarissa quips.

"Yes. The merchant withdrawal from Seraceni waters was unfortunate." Duarte says without sounding like he really thinks it was. He delights in an olive and is otherwise silent as the conversation moves forward.

Miranda comes over and joins everyone, selecting the wine and pouring herself a glass. She takes a sip, or three, before looking to Lucita, "Aye, Baroness. Fortunately, I already have a pretty good work out regimen and can lessen the effects of overworking my tired muscles." She smiles warmly to Lucita, "And I am honored to be your student. I learn a great deal when you teach." She glances about. "I'm afraid to ask, but how is it that Seraceni is the topic of conversation?"

Ennettia actually brightens a bit, looking towards Alarissa, "Truly? How delightful! Lots and lots of fire is precisely what these cold winters call for." Well, apparently the idea has infused Ennettia with enough energy to look expectant and intrigued. "I shall try to make it if such a thing happens - but the walk over to wherever it is may prevent me. I do hope you don't mind. The cold, after all." She glances towards Miranda, and fills in, "Oh, not the Seraceni, but Pravus. I only mentioned that my favored opponent in Stones was a Seraceni. The one with the impossible name."

"So then we bring the fire to you lady Ennetia. I shall brave the cold under the wight of furs. But only I you help me figure out that which would use fire a plenty hmm?"Alarissa smiles at the other woman.

Quenia nods to Ennettia. "Yes, that," she says in explanation to Miranda, pointing at Ennettia. "It just came up in passing." She looks back between Alarissa and Ennettia and grins, "A bonfire would be lovely, I think. With lots of warm drinks to go with it."

"We can also have someone tell stories at the bonfire." Yelana suggests with a small shrug, placing her glass aside for the moment, "Maybe we can even have someone sing at it. From what I hear, the last musical event, about the Metallics was a huge success. Sadly I was still travelling here, so I couldn't listen to it, myself."

"And there is always simply watching people put things in the fire to burn. Don't they have the powders and things that change colors of the flames when thrown in? That would look lovely, don't you think? You could have several bonfires and simply fling mystery packets at the fire to see them change color. It would amuse the little mushroom, if nothing else."

"See, already we as a group are settling upon the event. Though perhaps not the metallics. Something new and not done before. I

"See, already we as a group are settling upon the event. Though perhaps not the metallics. Something new and not done before. I would imagine there are other singers within the city that could use a little promoting. We can put out a call for one. Someone who could benefit from our attentions hmm?" Alarissa adds and counters to the suggestions. "So we have colored fires, someone to sing, perhaps of a promise of spring to come. What else?"

Quenia glances over at Lucita, "Do you have some ideas on something new and not done before?" She grins, since she's putting her cousin and singing protege on the spot a bit, perhaps trying to rope her into helping.

Miranda sees her aide motion to her from the great hall's doors, trying to be discreet. Miranda goes to see what is up and frowns. "Alright, please excuse me. I need to take care of this." She does go to Grazia and murmur to her a moment.

"I've mostly seen music done in addition to other events, so it would make sense to have a concert with other events. When Duke Aiden had his masquerade ball, he had Mistress Gianna sing a song. It was quite lovely," Grazia mentions thoughtfully. "We shall see you later, Lady Miranda, darling."

Lucita chuckles softly. "Perhaps. I am not as good at lyrics or the researched content as Princess Sorrel, but I can try to come up with something if it is not too soon. Would need a bit of time to muse over it." She gives a mischievious smile. "Nothing too brawdy or risque, nothing too sad, see, thoughts already sorting through it."

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp leaves, following Miranda.

A lazy wave towards the departing Miranda, though Ennettia, having already put in enough effort, in her opinion, settles back, to sip wine and listen.

"Count Amadeo has mentioned a fondness for bovine meat, tonight." Yelana notes, gesturing in the direction of Duarte with her empty glass before refilling it, "I'm sure he isn't the only one in Arx that shares this appreciation, so maybe we already know what to serve." She shrugs, "It also helps with the rustic ambiance of a bonfire."

"Then Lucita, you shall sing. We shall throw sachets onto the fire to produce different colors, and meat of the bovine variety it shall be, not a drop of seafood anywhere. No live octopi. At. All." Alarissa smiles. 'And take however long you would need Luctia. It will take time to plan, for bowers and the like. In fact, winter camping, Alarissa style within the grounds of Igniseri? Warmth everywhere? Could you mange to bear that burden Lady Ennettia?"

Quenia glances over at Alarissa with a strange look. "Live. Octopi?" She pauses, asking, "As food?!" She looks simply horrified. "Uh, no. I mean, seafood is good and all, but no." She does nod though about things taking time to plan. "Indeed, time will be needed, I think." She looks to Lucita and smiles. "Bah. Didn't Driskell praise you for your original songs?"

"I think that I am going to get going. Put the baby to bed and all that," Grazia says, though she is slow to rise from her place by the fire. "I shall leave you all to planning your lovely event."

Quenia nods over to Grazia, offering her a warm smile. "Thank you for coming and for bringing her," she nods toward the baby. "She is absolutely lovely," she reiterates.

"Oh, I have had the octopi. Not totally alive, but they are quite delicious seared and grilled properly." Ennettia says, wrinkling her nose. "I feel as if that would be too much effort. Ah," She smiles towards Grazia, "Good night, Duchess. Do enjoy your evening." Though Ennettia does look a bit puzzled -- possibly, that anyone is concerned about when a baby sleeps. But her attention goes to Alarissa next, "I suppose I might manage such a thing. So long as it was kept deliciously warm and there was enough wine."

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty leave, following Grazia.

Lucita's eyes widen and she looks up toward Quenia. She just gives a little modest, tiny nod as her cheeks warm. "He used my songs a number of times, surprising me when he did that. " She lowers her gaze, takes a sip of her wine though she has been eating along with the meal so not over-indulging. "I am going to have to leave before too long myself." She comments as some of the guests start to drift away.

Quenia grins at Ennettia. "I think we've the wine more than covered." She motions to the table with bottles upon bottles of wine before them for reference. She nods to Lucita, offering, "Thank you for coming tonight. It's been such a long time since I held a dinner, I felt it was needed. A good respite from always working."

Lucita rises from her seat, "Compliments to the cook and servers, the meal was delicious and service was good. It was a pleasure to share the meal with you all and the company. May the rest of your evening be peaceful and enjoyable as this time with you all has been."

1 Saik Guard, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Lucita.

Ennettia chuckles, enjoying her second-- third? Cup of wine, looking pleasantly relaxed. "it is nice to attend another one of these. I usually either am busy working or sleep through these. I do enjoy them, of course." She says towards Quenia, lifting her glass with a faint smile.

Quenia sets down her wine glass, looking around the room. "In truth, I am growing a bit tired myself. I want to thank you all for coming. It has been delightful and enlightening, and I do look forward to the various event ideas suggested this evening." The latter is addressed to Alarissa in particular. "Do feel free to stay and partake in wine, for as long as you want. The servants will see you safely to a carriage to take you home."

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