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The Fast and the Furious: Let's Try This Again

Grand Duke Consort Talen Velenosa and Princess Coraline Thrax will go head to head in a competition featuring two large dromond ships off the beaches of Arx. The first around the course and back to shore will win the other's ship. This means House Velenosa and House Thrax are effectively pink slipping military assets over a matter of pride. Terrible. Guests will be encouraged to choose their side by climbing aboard the respective vessal and engaging with its crew and captain.


Oct. 3, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Talen Coraline


Magpie Eleyna Alarissa Jordan(RIP) Quenia Waldemai Harper Aksel Amari Sorina Niklas Sabella Klaus Theron



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Amari.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Amari arrive, following Coraline.

Two large dromonds very clearly designated by their respective House flags, pennants and sailors, are off the shore. Currently a scramble is being made to bring rafts in towards the beach to allow those who wish to board the vessals to do so, while others are welcomed and catered for at the seaside itself. The Grand Duchess and her Consort have yet to make it to the ship for their House, stood greeting and acknowledging those who come to them, though Talen's a little preoccupied with throwing orders at his first mate for the day.

"You know we can't go *on* the ships, right? Because I can choose sides. It wouldn't be fair." Magpie is saying to Harper as he goes to drop down to sit under some trees, out of the direct sunlight. "Plus the view will be better from here. And there might be fuckin' clowns on those boats." The last part is said with the utmost importance. Then he tacks on, "And maybe I could take a nap. You know, later."

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Cora is chillin also chatting to her first mate, seems they have a pretty good working relationship actually. Apparently Cora has used this first mate before. Today she looks every inch the Captain, she even dug up a jaunty hat because one simply can't Captain effectively without one.

Eleyna leans in to place a hand on Talen's shoulder and murmur something into his ear before straightening once again and looking to those that have gathered. Despite the potential for losing one of her valuable dromonds in this exhibition, the Archduchess seems quite calm. Bemused by the spectacle even. She glances in Magpie and Harper's direction and offers Harper a tiny wave before she turns to look at the boats. "Just don't crash it, hm? Or, perhaps if you seem to be losing, -do- crash it. We can really cement your reputation for spitefulness."

Alarissa is not on the ship yet, on tge beach and taking in the sight of the two dromonde's "I suppose Princess Coraline that should you win, and how could you not, that Thrax should donate the dromonde to East Light yes?" There is a lift of her hand to Eleyna and Talen and Magpie as well.

Jordan is here to watch the Arx equivalent of the wacky wheels race, astride his horse, Volare, who ambles across the sand to the nearest palm tree, taking shelter beneath it. The knight settles down and ties his destrier to the branch, watching from that hopefully safe distance. You never know.

Quenia meanders down to the beach, after hearing there's going to be some swanky sort of race. She pauses a moment to send a messenger off, and once business is done she continues to make her way down. Her hair is coifed neatly in a pair of hairpins, and she wears a pair of earrings featuring phoenix, which matches her fiery embroidered aeterna dress, perhaps showing that House Igniseri is doing a bit better these days. She turns a curious eye to to ships, giving each one a thorough once over, and then moves to settle over by the picnic table. She wiggles her fingers to those she knows on her way there, chiefly Coraline, Alarissa, Eleyna, Talen, and Jordan, giving each their own respective nod, followed by a warm smile, as well.

Waldemai comes hurrying down from the city. "Sorry sorry sorry," he says. "Fell asleep."

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Harper eyes Magpie as they enter, and asks, "I thought Talen wanted you on his boat!" She looks over and waves to Cora with a grin then over to Talen and Eleyna with a bob of her head in greeting and a little wave back to Eleyna. Adding aside to Magpie, she says, "But yeah, I see your point." She drops down next to him under the trees and rubs her eyes blearily. She mutters, "Damned well better not see a clown for a long time. Honestly never again would be fine with me."

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Eleyna is also totally waving at Magpie as well. Promise.

"So they are going to race," Aksel murmurs to some other Northerns that came down to the beach to watch a race of ships. "Yeah, yeah, I don't know why they'd do such a thing. But at least there is booze."

Magpie offers a wave to Eleyna, and then another to Alarissa. Then he yells out loudly in a booming voice, "Prince Talen! Don't fail my training!! If you lose I'll be very disappointed!" There's a pause, then he calls, "Princess Coraline, you better win! If you don't my reputation will be ruined!!" The man brushes his hands together and lays back in the grassy sand, "There. I was supportive."

"I had considered a moment to bring our ballista aboard," Talen announces without shame, "but then I realised it would only be fair that if her highness won our ship while a ballista was aboard it? That she should keep that as well. I am not sure so many military assets lost to a bet is a good idea. It would have been funny, though." The Consort leans over and presses a kiss to Eleyna's cheek, then nods to those who are arriving, calling out, "If you wish to board a vessal, simply register yourself with one of our aides, and you may do so. Otherwise, if you wish to remain here on the beaches, I am told you well be well looked after." To Coraline he then asks, "Do we have like, like, rules? We should make Magpie the judge, I daresay," pointing towards the man who's getting uppity at his former students.

Amari arrives with the others filtering down to the beach with a bottle of something tucked under her arm. At least twice she hears mention of clowns and looks more confused than apprehensive about the possibility they're lurking on the ships for some reason. While many seem to be settling in under the trees to watch, she marches across the sand to the water's edge as if she intends to board one of the ships. Coraline's probably, since it's more directly ahead of where she stops. Politely she bows her head to the notables nearby but tries not to interupt anything, especially not Talen's instructions.

Jordan glances from one competitor to the other, thoughtfully. Finally, to Talen, he asks, "You need a... what's the rules of this boat race, exactly?"

Cora grins at Alarissa's comment, "That would be lovely, it can be our flagship. We certainly can use a dromond." She waves to Talen and Eleyna cheerfully and that is then expanded to Jordan, Quenia, and Harper, Magpie gets a smirk, "I shall endevour to do you proud and not ruin your reputation, besides I really want that ship." Amari gets a cheerful wave. "Yeah sure Magpie should in theory be impartial. Not sure about rules, I figured we would have a point we would sail to, turn around and sail back?" she shrugs.

Harper grins over at Magpie and says with a cheeky grin as she pokes him lightly in the ribs, "That's what you get for staying on shore, I reckon." Pulling her legs in to sit cross-legged, she looks over to watch the proceedings. She calls over to Talen, "Good luck, Dark Prince Patron!" Then glancing over at Coraline, she gives her a sheepishly apologetic little grin, and calls over, "Sorry, Cora! He'd probably be miserable to work with if I don't cheer for him, but I hope you do real well!"

After returning the waves and smiles to that that direct them her way, Eleyna sighs deeply and mutters to Talen as he kisses her cheek, "I'm almost tempted to ride on Coraline's ship out of spite, but I don't trust you with my boat. Besides, I need to be within shoe-throwing distance if you lose." She reaches out, gives Talen's rear a pat as if answering for his kiss, and then begins to waddle herself toward the rafts headed to the Velenosa dromond.

Quenia chuckles softly at Magpie offering advice to each of his seeming past students, amusement clear in her eyes. She glances between Talen and Coraline to see how they take it, and the response she sees so far causes her to grin somewhat. But then a messenger comes to her and says a few words, and something else catches her attention. She thanks them, and starts to make her way back to the city. Something the messenger said has clearly aroused her curiosity, for that's the look she bears as she leaves.

Alarissa lifts a hand to wave over Amari, a smile on her face.

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"NO, NO, NO! I'm not judging anything! I'm here to relax and enjoy the fun! I already put my time in on both of you!" Magpie calls. "I'm ready to relax and be well looked after! Bring on the well-looking-after." Then he shifts a bit so he can use Harper's lap as a pillow.

"I'll take the Foxboat. You're not going to sink it, right?" Jordan asks of Talen, offering a bow towards Coraline at her greeting.

Cora smirks and shrugs at Harper, "Its all good, I plan to have fun and see where it goes. Don't get me wrong, I expect to win and might have to throw a shoe at Talen if I do somehow lose, but I don't think I am allowed to lose so." another cheerful shrug. She laughs at Magipe's words, "Awww come on, you know I was an absolute pleasure to teach." she teases.

"Well, we have a place to sail out to, far out there and marked by buoys," Talen confirms, "but I more meant if I accidentally crash into you are you going to rage. Destroying military assets before they get to the finish line, potentially sinking a couple hundred of our men, these things happen." Suddenly a lot of sailors look nervous, if they weren't already. It's right when Jordan asks, too. "No, of course not. The Grand Duchess told me it's not actually my boat anyway, and to remember that, and if I sink it she'll make me regret it." Then, he calls, "all aboard!" and marches to one of the transports for his ship. "Good luck, your highness. Princess Consort, do try not to fret, if we win the ship we'll be certain it gets good glory in future naval battles."

Harper chuckles at Eleyna, and calls over, "I wouldn't trust him either, Archduchess! Let me know if you need extra boots for throwing at him!" She looks down at Magpie as he shifts around and reaches down to ruffle his hair with a smile, "Can you see there alright?" Looking over to Coraline, she gives her a wide grin, and says, "You can borrow my boot to throw at him too!"

"It's a good thing you have two of them, Harper!" Eleyna calls out with a laugh as she makes it to the boat. She looks over her shoulder at Talen and makes big eyes and a little pouty face at him, as if requesting his help into it.

"Aw, I didn't bring any shoes for throwing." Amari complains mildly, even as she looks down to consider the bottle of liquor she's brought alone. That might make for fine throwing. Maybe. When she looks up again she catches Alarissa's greeting and replies in kind, lifting her hand and smiling briefly. If only because she's got to arrange a ride to Coraline's ship. "There won't be any crashing or ramming or subsequent sinking, right?" Because that might change her mind about riding along on this adventure.

"I don't imagine I will try and sink anything on the extreme off chance of my losing, please do refrain from crashing into me though. If you do I might be very cross with you and use Harper's offered boot to good effect." She calls to Talen amused and begins heading to her ship following Amari and adds to Amari, "Not if I can help it!"

Waldemai has no problem following Prince Talen onto the racing ship. "I don't know anything about sailing, but I can pull on rope with the best of them." He probably can, too. "Just point me at it and tell me when!"

Talen assists the baby laden Eleyna into the boat carefully, ensuring her stability, and then nodding to her to seat himself shortly after. While the sailors on hand cram it full of persons, they soon are off towards the Velenosan dromond. "No promises!" Talen yells to Coraline, finally. As the oars are utilised to push them out to sea, it takes a measure of time before everyone's being assisted on the large deck. Being the second largest kind of naval vessal available under conventional Compact designs, it is crewed by a great many individuals, swarming with activity. Waldemai's offer of some extra labour has him glance over to the man, size him up, and comment, "I definitely won't quibble with that, Master Isenhu. Your muscle will be well employed. Stick with one of the sailors and they'll show you the ropes." Pun intended, mf'ers. Once at helm, he looks across towards the other dromond, waiting for the signal that they're equally ready and can begin.

Alarissa offers her arm to Amari, "To the ship then? I will not miss this. How are?" She asksn heading with others to make way to the dromonde

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Roland, the worst bard in Arvum arrive, following Niklas.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard, Niklas arrive, following Sabella.

Sorina appears quietly and makes her way to the tree line to watch the races, settling quietly as she takes in those speaking on and wandering the beach.

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Once all those going to the dromond are aboard the small boat, and yes Cora offers to help Alarissa in, the little craft sets off towards the much larger one. The trip doesn't take that long and soon Cora, Amari, and Alarissa at least (unless others hopped in and I missed it) are on deck. The moment her two companions are safely aboard, Cora is making quick strides towards the helm of the Thraxian vessel. Shortly thereafter the signal is made. "Let's do this thing!" she says with an overabundance of cheer, someone is clearly thrilled to be racing dromonds.

Talen checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Coraline checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Like a well oiled machine the Thrax crew hop to following Cora's orders, her hands are light and loving upon the wheel, and the ship moves like a stallion finally given the chance to run free after being constrained for far too long. The ship slides along the water with the grace that only such a large ship can manage. Sails belled out with wind, lines snapping taut harnessing that power to full effect. Oh yes, this ship wants to sail, and Cora is more than happy to let her shine.

Amari waves her hand a little in that way one does when the answer to how are you is "eh". She doesn't provide much detail beyond that during the trip from beach to dromonde, but is happy enough to sit with Alarissa on the way over. "How have you been?" She'll ask at some point, and will look quite relieved when she's up on deck proper where it seems far less likely she'll fall off and drown. Phew. "Go Cora!" She enthuses before she is trying to find a nice out of the way place where the sailors won't run her over as they get to work.

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Harper rests her hands on Magpie's shoulders and looks down at him with a grin, saying, "Don't fall asleep and miss the race." She looks over at Sorina curiously as she makes her way towards them and bobs her head politely in greeting, saying, "Heya ma'am, feel free to sit with us if you like. I'm Harper and this's Magpie. What's your name?" She motions to Magpie, who is stretched out under the trees using her lap as a pillow as she says his name. She looks over to the ships though as they start preparing to set sail, and calls out loudly, "Good luck!" Which one she's calling for now isn't exactly certain, though.

Jordan is on a boat, and though he's pacing the main deck as it starts to set sail, he doesn't seem too pleased with his decision. Deciding that the best possible position in the ship is by a stationary reference, he decides to settle down next to one of the marines of the crew.

Talen's ship is a little slower to get themselves situated and pushed out beyond the anchor point; perhaps due to the fact that everyone's worried if they give him enough speed he will immediately slam into the side of Coraline's ship, perhaps not. As Talen barks orders, it's to his sailors, the oars splayed and sunk lightly into the seafoam to surge forward. The crew themselves are as you'd expect; impeccable servicemen. The first mate is carrying Talen a little bit, because at one point, he leaning lazily over the wheel and eyeing the Thrax take the lead. There's a purse of his lips, and he wonders, "Is Princess Consort Alarissa more or less pregnant than you, Eleyna? We seem to be going slower than them." He didn't accuse or insult at all, he'll claim for weeks after this day. He just pointed out some interesting considerations.

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Coraline checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 70 higher.

On board the Velenosa dromond, Eleyna is seated on a crate off to the side where she can still watch and offer commentary, but no get in the way of those who are actually doing the work. She has a shawl clutched around her to break the chill of the breeze off the sea as they get moving. Upon noticing that the Thraxian vessel has taken the lead, the Archduchess frowns and raises her voice, "I have no idea, dearest. Perhaps you should be considering how to actually sail a ship instead of commenting on how fat my arse is!" Then, a daintly slippers goes sailing through the air in Talen's direction.

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Magpie murmurs, "Wake me up when they actually get going and it's interesting.." He seems more than content to nap until that point. Harper's stuck as a pillow.

"...imagine Princess Coraline will have the advantage, since she'll probably have thrall rowers. The necessity for inspiring your crew drops sharply when you hold their lives in your hand." Niklas looks up and down the beach, Sabella on his arm, before he heads over to help set her down at the picnic bench. Once he's slumped into his seat he waves over to Sam, who quickly comes over with a sheet of parchment and a stick of char, for to sketch the race.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

2 Grayson House Guards have been dismissed.

Clark, an exasperated guard have been dismissed.

Talen checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 76 higher.

Quenia returns to the beaches several long moments later. Her expression is pensive, and perhaps a bit disappointed. She heads once more to the picnic table and settles down so she can watch the race as it progresses.

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"A born and bred Thraxian. Let your salt blood course princess Coraline!"

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"You think so?" Sabella has a seat not without some difficulty considering how pregnant she is. She cranes her neck to watch, "I wonder what caused them to bet such expensive things! I helped Lou raise the funds for our recent ship so I know they aren't cheap!" she smiles and waves to those she knows and even those she doesn't!

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The wind whipping through and Cora isn't even paying attention to the other ship, she salutes Alarissa at her words and calls out, "You heard her, show em what Thrax can do!" Even though they are doing quite well the Velenosan ship seems to be doing it's best to catch up and Cora runs her hands along the wheel and begins whispering. Maybe she is speaking to the ship, maybe praying, maybe neither, but whatever the case may be she is focused on one task, to win this race.

Harper snorts down at Magpie, "Talen's already behind. And doing something annoying if I had any guess by the way the Archduchess is already throwing her shoes at him." She provides Magpie a commentary, but gets distracted at seeing Niklas and Sabella enter. Calling over to them, she says, "Heya Princess Graceful and Prince Funny Man!" She gives them a cheerful wave, then looks over to Sorina with a grin, answering, "Yep, I'm cheering on Talen only because he'd be even more of a pain in the rear if I didn't, I reckon. But mostly because the Archduchess is sailing with him." The grin on her face clearly shows that she's fond of Talen anyway, though.

a huge spotted dog named Fury leaves, following Aksel.

"Please stand behind me, then," Talen says, "you are not Rose Velenosa, you will not need to go down with the ship." Was there ever a Rose? I don't know but it is a Titanic reference. "It will also allow me to focus better." Then, as he leans back, he taps his fingers against the wheel and purses his lips. "Waldemai Isenhu! If you're not on the oars already, please join them. No skill with ropes needed!" It's apparently a secret weapon, should the man join him, because despite the slow finish he does start edging closer towards a similar pace as Captain Coraline. "Should've brought the ballista," he insists to himself, like a sourpuss.

Waldemai hears his master's voice. "Push over," he tells one of the oarsmen and plops himself on the bench. "You boys on the other side better keep up!"

"-Behind- you? What in the world is -that- supposed to mean?" Eleyna slips off her other shoe and gestures so that the crewman that fetched the first for her can hand her the second in preparation. Then, the ship picks up speed and Waldemai is taking one of the oars, so she seems a bit less likely to launch the second slipper at Talen's face for the moment. Perhaps his next words will change his fate for the better.

Coraline checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Talen checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

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"Damnit Talen, you have longer experience than Coraline, you should be winning." Magpie murmurs to the air around him, as there's no chance that the words will ever reach the prince." Then he snickers, "Eleyna's throwing shoes at him? HAhaha, nice. I'm sure he deserves it."

Harper nudges Magpie, and says, "You might wanna pay attention. Talen pulled ahead a bit, so it's real close. I think he's making more trouble though cause the Archduchess is looking like she might throw a shoe again. Bet he deserves it too!" She smirks and looks down at Magpie, "One of the sailors just brought it back to her so I reckon she's gonna be throwing them a lot." She looks back up to the race to watch closely now.

Alarissa closes her eyesn praying as well, a smile on her face. Whrn she opens her eyes it's to se where the Velenosa ship is. "Oh dear. At least it's just shoes and not knives or spidersc she calls to the others on the boat.

The distance isn't great, the wind is good, and it is a perfect day to sail. As such the ships seem to fly, around the turn point they go and back, slicing through the water with ease. However, even though Talen's ship started to make a recovery, it isn't enough and Cora's pulls ahead again. At last the finish buoys are passed and it is Cora's ship that achieves it. Perhaps even on land they can hear a whoop of good cheer come from the Thraxian Captain. Already she begins congratulating the crew and thanking each for their hard work.

"A dromond isn't nearly as expensive as a caravel. I did some research into possibly buying a ship for the Bard's College, for entertaining. Ultimately decided against it. I figured the rowers would depress party goers." Niklas offers Quenia a dip of his head when she sits at his table. "Marquessa. So good to see you." He returns Harper's wave. "Guard Harper! Keeping the beaches safe?" His attention returns to the race and he tilts his head toward his wife. "I'm mostly here to make sure Alarissa comes out all right. People who get in boats with Coraline don't have a great survival rate."

"Officer Harper!" Sabella greets the other woman brightly, offering an enthusiastic wave, "How have you been?! I heard you adopted a child so I shall be looking to you for all your experience in a few years," she pats her huge stomach and looks out at the race, "Oh, hush," she elbows Niklas, "I'm rather sure that the Princess could order the very waters to part should she need to and she'd come out fine. Who are you rooting for, Marquessa?" she asks Quenia.

Magpie groans, then pushes to sit up. He peers intently at the two ships racing. "Oh Talen. C'mon man, pick it up. I taught you better." Then he laughs, "Ah shit, she's got him. No way he's gonna close the distance in time. Good job, Princess." He muses. "Eleyna's probably pissed."

The proximity in which House Velenosa's ship keeps with House Thrax's indicates that the crews are almost evenly matched, but their captains choices and decisions made as they venture out, swing around and come back, they all play in. Talen takes the wider curve over the cleaner cut his opponent does, leaving them steadily flagging until it becomes more obvious that the islanders are taking the day. Also, taking the ship. When they glide past the finish line and cruise into a slower drift, Talen shakes his head and places his forehead slowly against the wheel. After a short laugh, a breath, he then rises up and points to Eleyna, "Look what you did by distracting me." The little bobbing boats that act as adjudicators sound the bellowing horn, lift up House Thrax's pennant, and indicate the winner for anyone not clear it is so. The Grand Duke Consort then heads to the side of the ship and yells over, "Well done, Captain. Your highness. The ship is yours for your House. You deserve it. See you firm land." Then, as he turns around, he throws up his hands, "One last chore before we ditch this beauty, everyone. Let's put up their colours. Raise House Thrax's flag, this is officially theirs!" Someone's sent to go and raise the appropriate flag while Talen heads for Waldemai, smacks him on the shoulder in silent thanks, and relieves him of his post.

Waldemai listens as the prince whispers to him and turns vaguely red under his olive skin. "I should have done better, your highness," he mutters, looking away.

Talen says, "One man among many. You might count for ten, but there's still hundreds more."

And there was no ramming, crashing and subsequent sinking. Amari is happy with that result. When the ship she's on glides by the buoys for the win, she finally uncorks the bottle she's brought with her and doesn't throw it at anyone. It's congratulatory after all, so passed around while she applauds and cheers. She only quiets when House Velenosa's ship comes up alongside and Talen calls over. She looks somber and serious for that, but grins at Coraline and Alarissa on the sly a few times.

Eleyna winces as she slowly gets to her feet and snipes back at Talen, "You brought it on yourself. I warned you that I'd throw a shoe at you, but you just had to test me." Then, she offers a smile to Waldemai, her tone more measured as she says, "Well done and thank you for stepping in to help." She turns away. "Now, someone help me get off this thing so I can finalize the transfer. I'll let you explain this to the family, Talen."

"Well raced Duke Talen, anytime you want another rematch I am happy to oblige." Cora calls back in gentle teasing but she is clearly serious in her congratulations, "See you on land." She takes the bottle when it is passed her way and salutes the Thrax colors then her crew before taking a drink.

Harper chuckles and says, "Well, Cora won. Reckon Victus is gonna give Talen fits about that for a good, long while." She grins over at Niklas and chuckles, "I'm off duty! And I've sailed with Cora and lived to tell the tale!" She gives Sabella a nod, "Yes ma'am we sure did. Magpie and I, together." She chuckles and says, "I dunno, Pie's pretty independent... reckon he's not real hard to raise, honestly." Then her attention is back on the boats and she chuckles over at Magpie, "Well, there goes my boots. The Archduchess is gonna wallop him real hard, I bet." Turning her head, she says something quietly aside to Sorina.

"Looks like we have a victor," says Niklas mildly, looking from his drawing to the ships as they start back toward the beach. When Harper and Sabella have their exchange he looks over, somewhat confused. "Pie? I thought they adopted a Keskialetta? Or... no, that was Lady Rosalie, wasn't it? Little Kes. Right."

Jordan watches as the sailors, now short of a ship, start to empty the vessel. He's clearly amused with the outcome and walks across the gangplank without trouble. "I think it was a close race, anyways, Your Highness," he says to Talen, in passing, bowing to both him and the Archduchess on his way to his horse.

Over the next short period of time, all but a portion of the crew disembark the formerly Velenosan dromond to get treated to food, drink, and an otherwise inexhaustible amount of Thrax-Velenosa banter. Sailors rough-housing about, exchanging coin, and otherwise having a moment over the competition. Talen even gets a drink himself, saying to Jordan, "That is was. I commend House Thrax's continued superiority in Magnata's domain." Then, looking to Eleyna, he says, "I'll send a nicely worded letter to Jaenelle and Antonio, they'll definitely understand." It's not really clear if he's being serious in this belief.

Sabella applauds and cheers, singing a snippet of a Thraxian sea shanty, "Was there any doubt the ones with the sea in their sigil would win?" She grins to Niklas then nods, "Kes was Rosalie and Alexandre! Though there's a million of them in the city so I can understand the confusion."

"Now we know who listened better when I was teaching..." Magpie jokes, then gives a wave to Coraline and two thumbs up if she looks his way. Then he gives Talen a slow, sad, shake of his head. "Better luck next time, Prince Talen!"

Cora beams at Magpie's words, now close enough to hear him, then to Sabella as well, "Kes is amazing, she and Avery are fast friends. And Prince Talen did an amazing job, he was wonderful fun to compete against. Though I admit I have been sailing as often as I can get out to do so for months. Ever since those lessons I take every opportunity." she shrugs and gives the ship a fond look, "And she was a wonderful ship to sail." Moving closer to Sabella she speaks quietly for a moment.

Harper grins at Niklas, and explains, "Pie's our son and he's seven now. We adopted him from the Tragedy." She glances back over as the others start making their way back, then grins over at Coraline, saying, "Congrats, Princess Coraline!" Looking over at Talen, she says to Magpie with an impish gleam in her eyes, "That Talen listened to you at all is amazing. I figured he'd be too busy talking to hear you."

Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy puppy arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

Talen hears Harper and Magpie and says, "Actually I was too busy eating sandwiches while he was doing all the talking. He made good sandwiches though, so I'm not complaining about my sailing lessons from him."

Eleyna murmurs something to Talen and then moves off to congratulation Coraline, "Excellet sailing, Princess Coraline. Very well done." She moves over to the location of something to drink and attempts to slip her shoes back on.

The bottle of rum returns to Amari's hands so she has a drink before disembarking, making sure Alarissa reaches the shore too with an offered arm, if she needs one. Otherwise, she's fairly quiet and content to watch and listen to the swirl of voices and the snippets of sea shanties. A messenger happens to find her in the crowd, as they're apt to do and what she reads causes a wince.

"Right, right. Do you know how many Keskis and Lettas and Keseses I interviewed before I found Sam? In the end I think I went with him just because all the Keskialettas sort of blended together." Niklas nods to Harper. "Right. Lot of adoptions in the whites these days! Ainsley and the Knights do good work."

"They'd probably lose a horse race, to be fair. But it's probably more exciting to bet on yourself in a race you have less odds of victory, so I'd say House Velenosa is to be commended for bravery on making such high wagers, at any rate," Jordan grins at Talen and Eleyna as he steps back, still towards his original destination. "But yes, congratulations, Highnesses!" This to Alarissa and Coraline as he reaches his horse, atop Volare in a matter of moments as he secures himself in the saddle before spurring his mount onward to the city.

A warm smile goes to Eleyna, "My thanks your grace, I enjoyed it greatly and while the next race will likely not involve such expensive wagers, I would happily race again. He did a wonderful job, no doubt mostly due to your encouragement." she adds with a grin, "I am pretty sure I saw a slipper or two." To Jordan Cora nods, "Oh yes, I am terrible aboard a horse." She leans closer to Amari as well and speaks softly to her next.

To Coraline's quiet question, Sabella laughs, "I am doing well! Ready to be myself again, but Lady Margret says I've still got at least a month left. That was amazing sailing! Is there nothing you can't do?"

Alarissa does indie make it onto shore, safe and round. "I thank House Velenosa for their generous gift, and wish to relay Grand Duchess, Consort, that the ship will be in fact, gifted to the Order of the East Light, so that it may assist in Velenosa waters when needed and thus never be too far from home." Probably not very re-assuring in the end but, at least it will indeed be not far from home time to time. "It was well sailed, both ships."

"Oh I imagine you are quite ready, but Lady Margret is incredible. You couldn't be in better hands as it were." Cora nods with a warm smile, "Oh there is quite a bit I can't do. I just try to throw myself into what I can do well and hope it all balances out." Her attention goes back to Alarissa and Cora bows in gratitude, all serious Cora as she does, "The Order of East Light is grateful for this generous donation and will put it to very good use in protecting the seas and those upon them. Indeed House Velenosa's waters will be well defended indeed."

"I'm equally skilled with a horse. Ships are just sea horses," Talen insists, "but that, in this context, probably means I'm not very good." Hm. As he gets a drink, he moves to toast Coraline, and says, "Honestly, I'm going to enjoy Jaenelle freaking out a little, and then I'll spend the time ensuring a new ship is built, but with more ballista this time."

Magpie gets to his feet, stretching and brushing sand absently from his breeches. "Alright. I think I'm gonna head back. I have something I promised to do later.. crime.. or taking Pie to watch crime.. or maybe it was taking Pie to watch a play? I don't remember. And now I want a sandwich." He glances at Talen accusingly before leaning in to give Harper a quick kiss. "Seeya later."

Niklas calls out, "Will there be another grand horse race in the Lycene tradition, Archduke? Sabella's got more space in our trophy case!"

Amari folds the missive she's just received over a few times until it's a tight little square and murmurs something to Coraline as she accepts a hug.

Talen calls out to Niklas, "I have something in the works. Last time it was chariot racing, this time it's going to be dragons. Don't worry, not real ones."

Harper relaxes in the grass and listens to the banter around her, looking a little droopy eyed. Reaching up she rubs her eyes, then shakes her head. She looks over at Magpie and chuckles at his comments, "Behave. Both of you!" Returning Magpie's kiss, she grins and tosses after him, "I'll be home soon!" But Talen's comment has her eyeing him skeptically, saying, "You gonna paint horses and dress them up as dragons?"

If that's supposed to discourage her, Sabella does not act the part, perking up and saying brightly, "Oh, I hope that is true! I've always dreamed of hugging a dragon! Which would probably be the best way to ride it!" To Coraline she nods, "Lady Margret is fantastic! I write to her all hours of the day and night with silly questions and she never gets angry in the least."

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Talen wobbles his hands at Harper, "Something a little more grand than that, but you'll see!" Then, he knocks back his drink and scoops Eleyna a little closer. Then, with a raised hand, he goes to mill about with the Archduchess amongst the sailors, thanking them for their service and probably reassuring them that they'll have a job... somewhere else. On another ship. Probably a smaller ship. Poor guys.

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Cora laughs at Talen's words, "I am just glad I am not having to explain to Alarissa why we are out a dromond." she admits, "Not sure I could quite find the enjoyment for that." She smirks and adds, "I think I will avoid the riding dragons bit till I can ride my own damn horse properly. Doubt I will ever take to riding horses as I have riding ships." ah but Talen has scurried off and Cora rolls her eyes in his direction, "Man never stays still does he?" To Sabella she nods with enthusiasm, "I don't get to work with her often but I am always amazed by her skill and knowledge when I do. At some point I need to set time aside to pick her brain."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jordan before departing.

"Done and Done" Alarissa states to Amari with a smile. "I need something that will make me look beautiful and not a whale." Talens taking off with Eleyna and there's a wave before Alarissa's looking toward the city. "I'll go tend to the paperwork Coraline. Enjoy your victory. Try not to bet any -more- of our boats hmm?" A kiss pressed to Amari's cheek and a wave for others she knows who are present, Alarissa is making her way back to the city.

Niklas pushes himself back to his feet, blowing char dust off of his drawing, then extends a hand to Sabella. "There's a secret Greenmarch dinner to which I've been invited. Would you care to accompany as my plus one? If your husband disapproves, I understand."

Glory, the proud and fickle warhorse, Dorren the curious retailed squirrel arrive, following Klaus.

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Waldemai heads off, working his shoulder. This oar left to the sailors.

Cora grins at Alarissa's words, "I will try very hard not to bet any more ships. Promise." and does her best to look innocent, or at least like she means it. "Thanks for letting me this time though and for giving the prize to East Light." this said more seriously, and she doesn't even fuss. She gives a wave Niklas' way, "Good to see you Prince Niklas." she says cheerfully then.

Klaus comes in down on the beach, on top of a huge war horse. He is staring daggers at her as he uses his knees to direct her, his tone a bit chiding at he does. "Yes this is ineed all your fault, you had to chase an apple cart. I feed you I know I do, you did this to make me late on purpose."

Amari smiles after Alarissa and offers a quick, but still somehow proper little curtsey before she's off and away to handle paperwork. She's finally able then to focus more on the present and realize she hasn't even taken a moment to greet Niklas and Sabella, so she does if only with a polite bow of her head to the couple.

Sabella laughs and takes Niklas' hand, "How could I say no to such a discreet invitation?" getting to her feet does require some help as her balance is just off and, well, she has some heft to her. Lots? She waves to Amari, "Lady Amari! Did I tell you who won your basket? I've gotten so many compliments on it!"

Harper hops up and dusts grass off, giving Sorina a polite bob of her head, "Nice meeting you, Sorina!" She wanders over to stand by Coraline and tosses over, "Hey Cora! If you want me to liason with your folks like I do the Solace just let me know. Be glad to do it and I'm even getting a little beter at sailing!" She grins over at Coraline, with a chuckle, adding, "Reckon I'll try and not get any rope burns next time." She bobs her head politely at Alarissa and gives her a little bow, as the princess gets ready to depart. She looks over at Klaus though, eyeing the big horse curiously, and lets out a low whistle, saying to no one in particular, "Damn that's a big horse."

"Lady Amari! Good to see you in passing! Princess Coraline, congratulations on the win. The Archduke does a lot of underestimating people, I think." When Niklas sees Klaus coming down to the beach he offers the Laurent a wave. "Sabella, this is Lord Klaus Laurent. Duke Cristoph's... oh, let's say cousin."

"I did hear who won the dragonweep ring, but no, who did win mine?" Amari asks Sabella, quite curious, before turning to Niklas a dipping her head again, "Good to see you, Your Highness!"

Cora grins and waves at Klaus, "She is just making sure you realize the amazing company she is, so you don't take her for granted. By the way I won." she just leaves that hanging there, with meaning the smirk on her face saying quite a bit all by itself. To Haper Cora nods with enthusiasm, "That would be wonderful! We would love to have you on board. I already am well aware of just how amazing you are in the field." A warm smile goes to both Sabella and Niklas, "It is always a pleasure to see you both. Ah Archduke Talen was great fun to race with, and he has always been fun to watch compete as well."

Glory snorts, and comes over to nuzzle Coraline, and perhaps to sniff if she has treats. A streak of bright red, almost crimson flashes out from behind Klaus' shoulder and now stands on top of Glory's head, chittering away at Coraline as if she would understand. Klaus rolls his eyes as he dismounts. "Not you as well. I know I feed you!" Klaus sighs a bit, then turns to the lady the Princess introduced. "Cousin is an apt word, I am certain it holds a ring of truth someplace. Greetings to you Princess Sabella." He then looks to Coraline with perhaps a look of dreed and panic on his features. "You won?"

"Legate Cassandra! She wasn't in attendence but sent a lovely note. And I know that Mistress Gianna was upset she did not win it." Sabella replies to Amari, before nodding to Klaus, "It's lovely to meet another Laurent! Your family is quite lovely! And yes, Princess Coraline won Thrax a new boat! A...drummer! Or something like that!"

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Cora does indeed have treats for both the horse and the squirrel, perhaps there is a reason she now carries such things. A handful of nuts go to the squirrel and an apple goes to the horse. "I did indeed win yes," she beams even as she gives pets to both the animals. She grins at Sabella's words and nods without correcting her, "Alarissa granted it to East Light, so now the Order has a flagship. However, having won there was that little agreement. Sorry Glory." she says with a smirk.

That's a large horse, and when Sabella says Laurent, Amari turns more to look up at Klaus with interest. She smiles slowly after Coraline mentions a little agreement. "On the mouth?" She wonders, looking between them, eyebrow raised.

Klaus looks perhaps he might jump into the water, but then he would sink like a stone. He looks about to see if there might be another path of escape, but finds none. He sighs and then turns back to Coraline. "You spoil them, you know this? You owe me a trip on this new ship." He next squares his shoulders as if about to face a lion in its den. "A promise and my word is my word." He steps forward, closes his eyes, and kisses Glory right on the the horse's mouth.

Harper nods to Cora, and says, "Sounds real good to me, then." She looks over and studies the horse, then with a slight grin, she holds out her hand to let it get used to her. After a few minutes, she reaches up to stroke the velvety nose in greeting. Stepping back though, she bobs her head to Klaus and says simply, "I'm Harper. Don't think we've met before." The comments on an agreement has her looking back over to Coraline curiously and Amari's comment has her eyebrows shooting up. She says, "Err... you're gonna kiss the horse or the fella, Cora?" But then Klaus is kissing his horse and she busts out laughing, "Well, you sure do like your horse, mister."

"On the mouth indeed it seems," Cora nods grinning. Harper's words break what control Cora had managed to keep and she starts laughing, gripping her sides. Eventually she gets enough control to speak again. "There we go! No doubt that will require extra oats tonight." She says to Harper, "I will get the paperwork situated, and while I do like his horse Glory and I are just friends." She beams at Klaus, "You are welcome aboard the new ship anytime, not as private as one of the smaller ones but I am sure we can do a proper inspection."

That's amusing, very, very amusing to Amari. When Cora starts laughing she can't help but do the same. Her eyebrow drops and a hand goes politely over her mouth to reign in the giggles before too long. "Right on the mouth." She says that as if she's halfway impressed. "I'm Lady Amari Keaton, by the way." She offers politely, both to Klaus and Harper. She still has a bottle of rum so that's offered up too, just incase it might be required.

Klaus makes a face, and begins to vigorously rub his mouth with his arm, his tongue out even and making noises almsot like he ate food which did not agree with him. Glory merely rolls her eyes, then makes a pleasing "neigh" at Coraline for the mention of oats. Klaus still looks at Glory out of the corner of his eye. "You planned this, I know it." Once he feels his mouth is as clean as he can get it, he turns to the other woman and tried to smile and look as respectful as he can, given the situation. "Greetings to you Harper, as best as it can be. It will teach me to make a bet with the good Princess. I promised her if she won, I would kiss Glory."

Harper quirks a grin at Amari and bobs her head in greeting, saying, "Nice to meet you my lady." Klaus' explanation has her turning back his way with a chuckle, "You might wanna take the lady's rum. But at least horses don't lick themselves like dogs do." Her eyes sparkle impishly as she says it, obviously enjoying the teasing a lot, adding, "Never bet Cora. Especially don't bet her that you can slide down a rope from a crow's nest. Even with gloves on it burns!" She grins and shoots a glance over at Cora.

"Hey, all I did was suggest it as a potential manner by which you might remember my skill in sailing as you seemed somewhat doubtful." Cora says sticking her own tongue out at Klaus, "And hey I never bet on anything but a sure thing, as a rule. There are exceptions but they are exceedingly rare." she says smirking, "And yeah, sliding down a rope takes practice and a high pain tolerance." Amari gets a grin, "and I have promised Lady Amari a party for months now, at some point I need to deliver, I don't think this counts, rum or no."

Amari's eye widen at Harper's talk of sliding down a rope and Cora's confirmation that it was a real thing that happened. She looks at their hands, then to the one she was just covering her mouth with. It's not calloused enough for that sort of thing, not at all. She has soft noble lady hands that would probably just burn or fall off in the attempt. "That, no, that's just terrifying." Slowly she shakes her head, stopping only to put a more positive spin on things, "It's almost a party! If the horse was less sober, maybe."

Klaus gets a horrifed look. "No, absolutely not. No alcohol for Glory!" Glory looks indignant and huffs, Dorren merely looks opportunistic as any squirrel and leans towards where rum may be. Klaus flicks her on the nose. "And none for you either!" He does take the rum and swirks it about his mouth before spitting it out. Again, perhaps not the world's best first impression.

Harper chuckles at Amari, and shakes her head, "It's not the worst pain I've ever felt, but sure wasn't real fun. I reckon some of the wounds I've gotten fighting alongside Cora were worse. Or maybe getting beat up by drunks here and there on duty in the Guard. Either way, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone till you know what you're doing!" She grins at Coraline, and says, "Anyway, I oughta be off to find Magpie before he gets Pie in too much trouble. I'll get with you on the paperwork. I already cleared it with Bosshawk a while ago, just haven't had time to catch you with all the work at the Lodge lately." Turning to Amari and Klaus, she bobs her head politely, "Nice meeting you both. See all of you around!" She turns to head off giving them all a wave over her shoulder.

Amari lifts a hand to Harper before she's off and away, echoing her sentiment, "A pleasure, Harper. Take care!"

"Oh yeah there is more painful stuff you can get into for sure, in fact I am pretty sure we have seen a few." Cora sighs in memory for a moment then nods, "No problem, and yeah I didn't figure she would kick up a fuss. Good she gave it the go ahead though." she nods then grins and eyes Amari's hands, "Yup, don't recommend you trying it." she waves as Harper begins to head off, "Take care of yourself and we will get your sorted." then sighs at the waste of good rum, "Tsk, use whiskey if you are going to just spit it out."

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Amari is standing on the beach next to Coraline, facing Klaus and his horse, Glory. She looks fairly entertained by whatever's going on. It seems to involve a bottle of rum and a squirrel, but isn't quite a party. "I will happily pass on the rope sliding." She agrees with the Thrax princess and again about the rum. That's just heartbreaking. "Aaaah. Well, the rest is yours."

Klaus looks over to Coraline and gives her perhaps a look with sry mirth in its gaze. "I could have kissed you." As Harper leaves Klaus bids the lady farewell as he did like her. Klaus smiles next to Amari. "I will drink the next bit, I promise."

Arriving well beyond the point of fashionably late, Theron starts uttering some curses. "I missed it! It's not my fault, I- know what? Nevermind. Who won?!" Theron even throws up his hands in the air as he asks someone, anyone of the beach occupants the answer of this great mystery.

"All of it." Amari insists, but it's not that bad, there's really only a third or less left in the bottle. Just enough to do serious damage to the average teetotalling Oathlander, while likely not being fatal. "You're a Laurent then? A cousin of Duke Cristoph's?" She's probe politely before the curses and question from the Mazetti has her turn and glance over her shoulder at him. "Princess Coraline, Theron."

"Perhaps I am being slightly unfaithful to Talen, but I am not surprised. Thank you Lady Amari." Theron nods gratefully as the information is passed. "I will leave you all in peace then. Enjoy the night and drinks!" Theron flashes a wink and turns to depart, though in mid-stride he turns to walk backwards to call back cheerfully. "Did she win by a lot? Or was it a close showing?"

Klaus inclines his head to Theron as he arrives. "Greetings to you Sir and the Princess Coraline did indeed win, but I was not here to witness it so I cannot say how large her victory was." Then Klaus takes the offered rum, tilts the bottle, and drains it.

"Not too close. They had a bad start and never quite caught up." Amari says, holding her hands apart which can't literally be the distance she won by, but maybe a scaled down approximation. That must be it. Rather gravely she also notes something else, "The Arch Duchess was throwing her shoes at him, I heard."

"The Arch Duchess is nearly always throwing something at him!" Theron laughs, continuing his backwards stride. He taps two fingers to his brow to sketch a salute towards Klaus, it turns into a finger waggle wave towards Amari. Then he's turning around again to head back into the city.

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