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PrP: A Pirate Surprise Party Part 1

A series of fishing villages on the coast of Ischia are being preyed upon by ne'er-do-wells of the nautical persuasion. House Seraceni is sending a small strike force to deal with this threat and as a show of force without weakening their efforts against larger threats. Every few weeks the ruffians and pirates show up and demand goods, supplies, and the like. This time there is going to be a surprise waiting for them!

There's a few people who have shown interest in pirate hunting PrP's and they get first dibs. I will take up to 6 total people. There is the possibility for diplomacy, and combat, depending on the actions of the players. Come equipped properly for your goals!


Sept. 27, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

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Luis Miranda Reese Ronja Silvio Vitalis Fecundo Caspian Sebastian Isidora Emily



Outside Arx - Lyceum near Ischia - Outside Arx - Ischia - Veshani Village

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Down at the docks outside Arx, there are two new ships set up side by side on one of the piers. Both of which are Cog's and ready to set sail. There are sailors in the rigging and checking the sails, supplies and last minute things are being brought on board. Overseeing it all is Faruq who is standing with a tall dark skinned woman with bright red hair discussing things. Some will know her as Valla, the Bosun of one of the ships - The Black Siren. Others may not recognize her at all.

When more notable people start showing up Faruq looks over towards them all, giving them a once over as they arrive and a dip of his chin in a nod of greetings. All businesslike as he is in 'Captain' mode, Faruq's greetings are short but welcoming. It is to Ronja he speaks first:

"Captain Sandreef." Faruq greets Ronja with a wide sharkish smile: "Ready to take your command?"

To the others: "Captain Ronja Sandreef will be captaining the Widow's Tears. I will keep the Black Siren nearby to assist and to help ensure that any problems that crop up will be dealt with... like our prey trying to flee and escape. It will be a bit of a trip to get down to Ischia but barring an unforseen storm or sea serpent, should be uneventful." Famous last words: "Go ahead and bring your things up and get situated. Claim a hammock below decks, all that fun stuff."

Spotting Emily, Faruq offers a tip of his hat towards her: "Your husband told me you'd be taking his place on this venture. I hear good things about that bow of yours and the skill at which you use it. Could be very handy on this one. Welcome aboard."

With a backpack over his shoulder, someone that people might not have known was coming appears, Grandmaster Caspian Wild! He offers a grin as he approaches Faruq, giving him a wave as he says, "Hey! I hear you guys are going after pirates. I'm bored, take me with you!" He exclaims, giving his backpack full of supplies a tug at the straps.

Fecundo looks to Isidora and gestures to the Widow's Tears before looking back to her. He looks to Faruq, "Nice names." He looks to Ronja, "Been a while, hasn't triip to the lowers tea house by the clinic." He waves to Miranda, Caspian and Silvio looking to the others.

Silvio looks a bit different, though he's certainly still recognizable as the Lord Rubino. His hair is STILL in long, loose, loopy curls, but he isn't wearing any eye makeup, and is covered head to toe in leather armor instead of fancy duds. He has a duffel bag as well, and doesn't even complain when he's told there's a hammock waiting on him. He looks over his shoulder to see Caspian running up, and that's when he sees the others. A smile touches full lips at the assembly. "Who invited Lord Fecundo?! UGH, throw that one back." He chuckles, clearly teasing.

Sebastian arrives at the docks, striding easily over the ground as he admires the ships. A quiet young woman's moving at his side, carrying a bag -- which she hands him as they step close to the ship. They make a brief exchange, the artist giving a low laugh as he waves her off and turns back towards the ships at hand. Sharp eyes might notice that there's a moment of hesitancy, there on the docks, which the Pravus Lord overcomes by striding purposefully towards Faruq. "Lord Faruq -- good to see you. I hope you're well stocked with rum?" he inquires with a laugh, giving a nod to the others as they arrive.

Faruq gets a wide grin from Ronja when he addresses her. "I've been ready since last week," she answers. Ronja's 'captain mode' wasn't far off from her norm, for those that knew her. All smiles, a constant, energetic stream of words and movement, she was hands-on in directing the crew. Fecundo gets her attention after some of the last preparations are made. "Hey, Fecundo! How have have you been? You have some good friends at your back, I see."

Nods to Fecundo as she boards the ship. "Hello Ronja." She smiles at the woman. She looks back at Silvio and raises an eyebrow. Only her second time meeting the man. She still didn't know what to make of him.

The Lady Deepwood eyes the waters that caresses the dock with a measure of wariness in her blue eyes. Despite what appears to be some hesitation, she closes the distance to the two ships stills when Faruq speaks. Her eyes move to Ronja and she gives a nod of her head, a few wild strands of hair already free of their containment at the nape of her neck. She rolls a shoulder and adjusts the lay of her quiver and bow which is unstrung on her back.

Meaning to take a step closer and introduce herself, she takes on a wry smile at his address, "I...well...Lord Luis is not my the moment. But yes he did send me in his place and have you. I certainly hope it will be of some aid this day," she inclines her head to him. "Happy to help." Her eyes shift over the others having heard Ronja's name.

Miranda arrives with a bag slung over her shoulder. She smiles a bit at Caspian as he asks to go Pirate-hunting. She is heading on board the Widow's Tears. A wave is sent Faruq's way and Valla's. She slaps Silvio on the shoulder, "I have told you that you're my favorite, right? If you must throw my brother overboard, do it when we need to distract the pirates, okay?" She grins, "C'mon. Let's claim a hammock before everyone else."



Caspian gives a few nods to Sebastian, telling him, "Thraxians will not get on a boat that has no rum. I would sooner get on a boat. He gives a wave over to Emily, Fecundo, Isidora, Miranda, and even Silvio. "I haven't stabbed any pirates in a few years. This brings back memories to my mercenary days."

Caspian says, "I would sooner get on a boat with no food, I meant to say."

Shifting the weight of his bag, Sebastian gives a low-throated laugh at Caspian's words. "Well -- given my mother is Marjory Thrax -- I believe I am keeping the family tradition." He tilts his head. "Grandmaster Caspian, yes? I've seen you fight before, of course -- it's good to finally get a chance to mee you in person. Lord Sebastian Pravus," he offers a hand towards the man, then gives a warm smile to Miranda, "Lady Miranda, good to see you again."

"My apologies my lady." Faruq offers to Emily with a deep bow and a flourish of his hat as he sweeps it off his bald head: "You are more than welcome. Again, I am sorry for the confusion news is late on the sea sometimes." Faruq's attention shifts to Sebastian and dark lips twist into a wide smile: "Aye, there is plenty of rum for the trip there and back, but that's not license to try and drink it all up lest you deal with Captain Sandreef for dereliction of duties. It's a long swim." Faruq laughs at his own joke, a deep booming sound. Miranda gets a wink and a tip of his hat. Caspian gets a grin of his own to follow: "Grandmaster, I think that should be fine as long as Captain Sandreef doesn't mind the extra hand." Silvio gets a welcoming thwack on the shoulder with one large hand, as does Sebastian: "Sooner we're away, the sooner we're back aye?" A dip of his chin in a deep nod to Ronja follows: "Captain, I leave her in your hands." Faruq goes to see to the last of getting the Black Siren ready. From then on, once on the sea, communication will be by flag signals more than face to face.

Silvio bobs his head to Miranda. "That you have, my darling. But, I have told no one, fear not." He winks. "I see eveyrone is worrying about only the essentials." A glance to Caspian and Sebastian, smiling, then clomps on board to toss his stuff in a hammock. He is, perhaps, not the usual distraction.

Faruq also welcomes Isidora with a small smile and a: "Princess, hopefully we won't be needing your skills on this one, but better safe than sorry hmm? Welcome along."

Fecundo glances at Silvio, "I love you too, Silvio...but I'm too sweet for chum." He nods to Sebastian and Emily, "Fecundo Rubino." He looks to Caspian, "I'm more of a mead guy, myself." He's got his own gear and any that Isidora needed to be carried.

Caspian takes Sabastian's hand and gives it a firm shake, smiling to the man as he greets him with, "Good to hear. He gives a nod over to Faruq as he notes the rum and the extra hand for Ronja. He turns back to Sebastian, telling him, "Looks like we have rum. So let me go offer my blade to the other Captian." He heads for Ronja, greeting her with, "Oh Captian, my Captian! I'm here to stab a pirate. Can you bring me along so I can stab a pirate please? Pretty please?"

Isidora smiles at Faruq slightly, "I hope not ... though I did bring enough supplies to take care of everyone." She hopes that she never has to crack her bag open. Moving down she picks a hammock and a place on deck to stash her bag. She moves by Fecundo. "I'm not stepping on your toes by coming am I?"

Miranda smiles at Silvio, then turns to nod to Sebastian, "My Lord Pravus, greetings. I had no idea you were coming. It is good to see you!" She smiles at that and goes below decks to dump her things into a hammock. Claimed. Then she returns to look to the only person she does not know. Emily. "I'm Miranda Rubino, little sister and big harrasser of Fecundo there." She grins, "Also, a sometimes big fan of his, when he's worthy." She chuckles and eyes the ship, then turns to Ronja. "Captain."

"There is no need, things will be as they will be, Lord Faruq," Emily says with a measure of good humor before offer a deep inclination of her head for the hat being removed from atop his head. "Which boat would you like me to board...?" A question within a question asks the Lady Emily as her eyes narrow and she draws a breath. Courage. Shoulders straighten and as her eyes lift she doe a quick shift of her attention to the wave from Caspian. "Caspian! What luck, it is good to see you are here," she says to him. That cheerful smile remains upon her lips when Fecundo introduces himself, "Well met, Fecundo Rubino, Emily Deepwood. May fortunes favor our meeting this day," she says sharply, a twinkle in her eye as she pulls free her bow and sets string to one end and bending across her leg, is quick to set the string in place. "Ahhh so we have a collection of Rubinos. I say when family is around luck is twice fold, well met to you as well Miranda." She dips her head to Isidora.

"You're a good man, Lord Faruq," Sebastian says in response to the assurance about rum -- and the warning too -- earning a grin. "Well. I can always defect to your ship if needed, yes?" He's /probably/ just joking, but who can say. The welcoming thwack earns an easy grin from the Pravus Lord. With an easy grin to Silvio, he says, "Rum, and my sword," his hand drops to his weapon. "What more could one need against pirates, really? Ah, Lord Fecundo. Good to meet you," is added, "You're Miranda's brother?" he gives a nod towards Caspian as the man goes to greet the captain.

"He's more likely to get tossed off for drinking it all!" Ronja calls to Faruq on a light chuckle on her own. At his call, few quick steps lead the captain to the upper deck and greeted by Caspian's plea. The breath she had drawn in to start barking out orders shakes out of her chest in a small laugh. "Mind that you have a good reason to stab them before you start, but welcome aboard." She turns then back to start directing the action again. She calls out over the Widow's Tears, "Alright! Sail down, anchor up, let's get her movin'!" Miranda then gets a nod in greeting. "We're about ready to go, be ready."

Caspian beams a smile to Ronja and climbs aboard with a two fingered salute given to Ronja. "Okay, I'll be descriminate in who I stab then!" He calls to her as he walks the gangplank onto the ship, hopping onto the deck as he leans against the railing, saying, "It's good to be on a ship and not be rowing it for once."

Fecundo gets Isidora's other stuff stowed, choosing a hammock by hers and shakes his head to Isidora, "Not at all, My Lady Dragon." He nods to Sebastian, "that I am." He nods to Emily as well, "well met." He seems more comfortable on a boat than he let on.

With the lines cast, anchors drawn, and a few shudders of oars in the water to move the ships away from the docks both vessels are soon underway. Even with the help of currents, good course charted, and great weather it's going to be a bit of a trip down to Ischia from Arx itself. The salt air on the breeze is warm and comfortable, not as hot and stuffy as being stuck in the city. The roll of the ships underfoot can cause it's own source of discomfort for those not used to it and there will no doubt be those hung over the railing and emptying their stomachs.

Especially once the food comes. A ships cook gets food into bellies, but there is no fine dining aboard the ships. While capable cooks there just isn't the supplies for such a thing. At least at the start of the voyage the food is better. Have to eat the stuff that spoils first! That will change soon enough. Then it wil be breaking open barrels of salted meat with the occasional live pig or chicken slaughtered.

Silvio checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Sebastian checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Miranda checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Emily checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Fecundo checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Isidora checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Silvio was downstairs, trying to ride out the terror of the high seas in the swaying hammock, but that swiftly shows itself as a bad idea. Abruptly, the Lord swings himself out of the hammock and makes a run for the stairs, gripping the railings as he hurries to the deck. He pushes past one of the sailors and then grips the edge of the boat, looking pale. It takes a few more rolls of the sea before he finally cures himself of his trouble by cleverly chumming the open waters with a few wretches. He coughs and holds his own hair up out of the way, then wiggles his free hand. "Will someone not get me a wet cloth?!"

"Shit, I should have brought my lute," Realizes Caspian as they sale off away form Arx, watching it fade into the distance as they sail into the bay. "Is it too late to turn back and get my lute!" He calls out to the group in a jesting tone.

Sheer will of being and focusing on something far away allows Emily to hold onto her stomach even as the ship rocks. A smile curls her lips for her fortune this go round aboard a boat and instead looks to Silvio not far from her upending his stomach. She grimaces for him and touches the side of her hip and pulls away a small skin of water. "I have water," she offers the poor Lord.

Isidora leans against the railing and sits down to not feel the rocking of the ship so much. Every once in awhile she takes a deep sniff of a bottle in her hand. She closes her eyes as she relaxes or tries to.

Sebastian has long had a love of sailing -- though it's been some time, since before Setarco, in fact -- since he's been on the sea. He seems almost tense, initially, which could be attributed to sea sickness -- though he shows no signs of that -- but whatever thing has him unsettled fades away as his enjoyment of the wide open spaces, the sea air, the familarities of ship-board life kick in. The lack of fine food that he's used to doesn't seem to bother him so much, though he doesn't eat a great deal -- and maybe drinks more than eats, truth be told. He does like the rum! Maybe it helps with inspiration, because he sets himself up on a coil of rope, sketch book resting on his lap, making mostly half-finished drawings of the sailors at work, or this or that slice of life as the ship cuts through the waters. "No water. Rum?" the Pravus :ord oh-so-helpfully offers Silvio. Thankfully, Emily's more inclined to do the more helpful thing.

Miranda stands on the deck as it sails off. She closes her eyes a moment to enjoy the salty air and breeze on her face. She's done this before, perchance, as she doesn't seem to have issues with the movement of the boat. Her hair blows in the wind and then Silvio comes running out onto deck. She chuckles and moves towards him, grabbing a wet cloth for her cousin. She takes his hair up and offers the cloth to him. "Here. Breathe. Take it easy, Cousin." She smiles, "When you're done, we'll put this hair up in a nice braid so it doesn't get knotted flapping about your face, hmm?" Or in his next hurl.

It seems that Fecundo has sailed before and the rocking of the boat doesn't bother him much. He keeps Isidora's hair back in the even she does get sick, watching as the sea rolls by.

Ronja was more likely to get landsick (whatever that was) than seasick. In fact, the young woman never seemed more awake and alive than when she stood at the captain's station on the stern castle. Open air, good weather, a working boat and a capable crew - what more could she ask for?

This was Ronja's day-to-day. Cheerful, energetic, possibly one of the most pleasant captains on the sea. There's a grin and sibilant inhale as she watches two of the others on the boat find their way to the edge. "Thank you for not throwing up on the deck!" she calls out, still chuckling. "Someone make sure they have buckets."

Silvio checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Caspian checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 15 higher.

Miranda checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 1 lower.

Sebastian checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 1 higher.

Silvio somehow...manages to take the wet cloth from Miranda, and the water from Emily, and be elegant about it. He swipes his forehead and cheeks, then finally wipes at his mouth, then takes a long swig of the water to rinse out of his mouth. "A braid is so very...outlander, but, I suppose in /this case/, it is practical and I am obviously not going to cut my hair." A pause. "Thank you...thank you both."

Isidora rests her head on Fecundo's shoulder. "Thank you."

Silvio checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 0 higher.

Emily checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 5 lower.

Isidora checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 10 higher.

Fecundo checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 10 higher.

Ronja checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 5 higher.

Emily checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Ronja has rolled a critical success!
Ronja checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 69 higher.

Faruq checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

As the days turn to nights, and then back into days the weather isn't always calm. The Black Siren leads the way, knowing the sea's of the southern oceans rather well the worst of the inclement weather is avoided but there are still some heavy waves that have to be dealt with. Ronja wisely steers the Widow's Tear's out of the wake of the Black Siren and lanterns are hung up so the ships have a better chance of seeing each other.

There is a lot of rain.

Enough rain that Emily and Miranda take unlucky slips across the deck while running lines. Emily manages to catch herself but Miranda ends up tripping over one of the buckets that were left out for Silvio! Down she goes, hitting the deck hard and starts sliding towards the railing!

Fecundo checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Miranda tries to grab at the deck and anything else in the way as she starts sliding!!

"Of course, been there once already...ships not entirely a fan," Emily admits to the Pravus lord. There is a chuckle for the mention of his hair in a braid. She grips the side of the ship as it continues to rock, glancing back over her shoulder to the others and those that make the ride look effortless even as a bit of her stomach complains for a second or two. The days go on, light rising and falling and Emily has taken to sitting most of the time - center so as not to rock so much. Unfortunately she rises at an ill timed moment and her foot catches on the edge of a portion of decking. Nearly dropping her bow, she manages to slip a foot back, planting the heel before she goes ass over end, a strained grunt that is high pitched escapes her as she keeps from going any further. It takes a moment of waddling her feet back into place from the extension of her leg to finally stand upright. Too long trying to right herself means she is unable to help Miranda.

Silvio is looking much more like a human, every day, instead of like a fanciful prowling sex kitten. The wet weather has drown any fluff in his braid, and forced a more severe expression on his pale face. He looks positively panicked when Miranda starts sliding towards danger, and he calls out, "Miranda!!" Though he is dangerously close to being slip slidey himself. He starts to let go of his hand hold for but one moment, and instantly starts to slip, so he grabs back on.

Fecundo is pretty good on his feet, ut has to shift when Miranda starts to slide. Holding on with one arm, he manages to reach out and snag her by the back of the tunic, keeping hold until she it able to right herself and get conteol of herself.'

Rain, so much rain. Caspian is careful walking, even someone as sure footed as him would be careful, the man taking refuge form the rain hiding under anything that can provide shelter. When Miranda slips and slides, his eyes go wide, and he starts for the woman, but Fecundo beats him to the punch, so he goes back to hiding from the rain.

The rain doesn't make for a happy Sebastian -- means he can't draw. But, on the upside, it's good distraction from whatever tension about sailing that seems to linger in his mind, leaning into the railing and bracing himself against the surge and pull of the water. He hears -- rather than sees -- Miranda's slip, saved by Fecundo, turning just in time to see the tail end of it with a low, sympathetic whistle. Emily's unevenness is caught in the process, and he reaches out a hand to help steady her in the wake. "Careful there," he murmurs to her. "Wouldn't want to damage that fine looking bow of yours."

Miranda hits the deck hard and is sliding. Hands flailing to grab at anything she can to keep from sliding right off the boat. Her expression is both determined and terrified. It's not exactly her life long dream to fall off a ship! Or if she did, with some grace at least! Suddenly, her progress comes to an abrupt halt and she sees Fecundo's got her. Her expression changes instantly. Gratitude, absolute. And, strangely, a lack of surprise. She gets to her feet and grabs onto the side. Once she's up, her other arm is flung around her brother and she gives him a tight hug. "I will never live this down, will I?" She chuckles before releasing him.

Silvio lets out a relieved sigh and closes his eyes for a moment. When they open, he smiles faintly. "Now I must forever admit to love Fecundo...for his daring rescue of your life."

Ronja plays witness to the events from the stern castle, as Emily and Miranda both nearly slide right off the boat. Like anyone else, Ronja was about ready to leap down to catch them, but stops short when Emily catches herself and Miranda is caught by Fecundo. A breath of relief rushes from her chest and she moves back into position. "Good catch, Lord Fecundo! Someone get that man a hot cocoa or something!"

The tension in her back leg eases when Sebastian reaches out to help secure her in place, letting out a breath as Miranda is saved. Emily becomes focused on not losing her footing again, reaching her hand in turn to grasp his arm and then carefully straighten. "I am reminded why I like dry land," she mutters to Sebastian while giving him a grateful smile. "My thanks, at least we are both concerned about the same thing," she remarks to him, giving a glance to her bow. Pushing sopping wet hair from her face she gives another worrisome look back at Miranda and Fecundo, "Thank goodness," she intones, "I did speak of luck RIGHT before we sailed."

Isidora stays wedges against a wall so she doesn't slip and slide. She had plaited her hair in two braids then had it rolled back in an updo in the back to keep it out of her way and her face. She smiles slightly as Fecundo catches Miranda. She was glad that Miranda was still on board. The rain seemed to make everyone cranky. She knew that cider warmed would help to keep people calmed and their stomachs at ease.

Emily is overheard praising Fecundo.

Silvio is overheard praising Fecundo.

Ronja is overheard praising Fecundo.

After pulling his sister t o a more stable bae, Fecundo offers a smile, "We'll stop counting when we get back to Arx....we wtill have a long way to go, sistermine." He hunkers down for the storm, himself, right by where Isidora is."

"I like dry land too," Sebastian admits, giving a briefly wry smile to Emily, "But there's something to be said for the spice and... mm, /unpredictability/ of being out on the water," he responds. He doesn't seem bothered that he's soaked, giving a grin towards Miranda and Fecundo when they embrace. "A moment they'll remember forever, right?" He keeps his other hand -- the one not steadying Emily -- firmly wrapped around the railing.

Sebastian is overheard praising Fecundo.

The storm breaks, the ships having sailed past the worst of it judging by the waves that were seen off in the distance. Waves that were taller than the masts of the ships in the crack of the lightning off in the distance. The storm is moving away from the way the ships are though and smooth sailing returns. Fortunately thanks to Fecundo's quick reflexes tragedy was avoided!

As the peak of a mountain off in the distance is finally able to be seen without being on the crow's nest, the Black Siren signals with flags the change in course and both ships heel to starboard to approach at an angle. It's only another few days before there is a shallow bay that is barely a bay with nothing nearby except a bunch of trees and rocky shoals of beaches and tidepools.

With Anchor away, Faruq stands at the poop deck of the Black Siren and waits for Ronja to bring the Widow's Tears alongside: "From here we have some options. My thinking is that those of you who are going to Veshani travel overland from here so that the pirates don't see our sails and get spooked. I'll take The Black Siren out a ways and look see if they try to escape. Hopefully I can mark their course if any get away so we can hunt them down if necessary. You can sail into the harbor there, what harbor it is if you like, and then have the crew take her back but she might be seen."

Ah. Choices.

"Hold on, I don't think I really understand what you just said there," Says CAspian back to Faruq, raising his hand, "So our options is approach by land or by sea?" he questions him, breaking it down to simplier terms.

Dry, at least in some measure of the word, Emily appears a bit bedraggled - as they likely all do. She stands looking quite ready to depart, her tanned skin looking somewhat white. Clearing her throat, she looks at the others and lifts her voice rather readily, "Walk from here." There was no hesitation in that - crisp - clear - desperately precise. "If that's what we all choose of course," she adds. She tucks her bow at her side, glancing towards the others as they make their decisions.

Miranda smiles at Fecundo, then looks to Silvio and laughs. She's not bothered by the rain at all. For the remainder of the trip, she finds rope to practice knots with and finds one of the sailors by which she can watch and learn some of how the ship's workings go. Once they get alongside the Black Siren, she listens to Faruq's words and glances towards the land. She smiles at Caspian's question, "We'd have to row to shore, but yes." She nods, "I like being sneaky. I say we travel by land and find what we may. No need to risk being spotted."

After days in a mix of rain and sea environments, Sebastian's clothing is crinkled -- yet he still looks at ease, every bit the Lord as he usually does. Sebastian, naturally, glances at Ronja after Faruq's call. "I think it ought to be Captain Ronja's call. It's her command to put at risk, after all." With a shift of shoulders, he adds: "Personally, I'd welcome the walk and the assurance we'll have a ride home."

Fecundo mms, "I next time..I'm brinigng a horse."

Miranda eyes her brother, "So you can catch it, too, from falling into the sea during a storm?" She snorts, "Have you lost your mind?"

Semaphore was almost as natural to Ronja by this point as she coordinated a stop near the other boat. For the first time in days they were within shouting distance of each other. She calls out to Faruq, "The crew seems to favor a quiet approach by land! We need a signal we can send to you if things go to shit!"

Isidora agrees with Miranda, "Seems like they wouldn't like the ocean too much ...." She looks at the land before Isidora looks over at Ronja, "Like a whistle?"

"They would be way too far away to hear a whistle," Ronja answers aside to Isidora, "It would have to be smoke or something."

Fecundo looks about, "Anyone bring a bird? Might be as quick as any other signal."

"Would the flash of a mirror be something we could see?" Asks Caspian back to Ronja with a tilt of his head her way. "As long as we get there before it gets dark, that might work?"

Isidora looks at Caspian, "Mirrors may not be such a good idea ... they are a bit of a bad omen ...."

"Yes Caspian." Faruq says with a deep booming laugh: "Both have their problems. Sounds like it'll be a walk, but I'll be far enough out that it'd take smoke to really signal us. So build a bonfire or light a building on fire or something." Faruq suggests: "You should have a day to prepare for the pirates when you get there, even overland. We're only a day out on foot but they might have spotters that'd notice a pair of Cog's." Faruq nods at Ronja's assertion in complete agreement with his Protege.

Sebastian mostly focuses on pulling straight his jacket, though Isidora's words have him glancing towards the Valardin Princess with a sudden interest.

Miranda nods and gathers her few things, then finds Silvio. "Cousin, stay with me, mm? I may be slippery on a ship, but I'm good on land, no?" She smiles gently at him and looks to see what the Captains decide.

Looking about her person for anything helpful, Emily comes up with nothing. Though as the others come up with ideas and offerings, Fecundo gets a grin as the scout then adjusts the belt at her waste with her short sword, briefly pulling it partially from the scabbard to make sure the moisture had not done any damage. "Omen?" Curiously she looks at Isidora, slipping the blade the rest of the way back into its sheath.

Silvio is just busy making sure he has all of his stuff...including a fair bit of coin. "I am certain we can manage to set something on fire, if necessary." He also glances to Isidora for a moment. "Of course you are marvelous on land...there is no one I would trust more to defend us all...though, of course, I am sure everyone on this trip is quite capable." He perks up a bit. "I would love to get on land..."

Isidora nods, "Aye ... Mirrorborn demons ... we don't need another enemy on this quest. Let's just keep the mirrors on board or better yet ... no where near." She slings her physician's bag over her shoulder so the strap crosses her body.

Isidora puts remedies and tonics held in a padded box in a physician's medicine satchel.

Ronja turns back to those present, "Anyone here think they can brew up something we can burn that would let off an interesting color of smoke?"

Isidora looks at Ronja, "I could ..." She nods to Ronja.

Sebastian seems to have lost interest in the discussion of smoke signals. Well, that and he's very pointedly finding places on his person and in his bag to stow an extra bottle of rum. Just in case.

"So, we cross the land, then spy on the pirates, burn a house down and get back on the ship? Do we talk to them? Find out their motivations and who they are working for?" Silvio pauses and then straightens himself up, "Do I get to press someone uncomfortably against a wall and demand answers, because, let me tell you, that has been in my bank for years and I would truly enjoy getting to do that."

Both brows raise, wrinkling Emily's brow before she glances aside at Isidora when she answers her. "Noted," she merely says and adjusts her cuirass at the bottom, rolling her shoulders as she keeps hold and looks quite ready to disembark from the ship - no matter how still it is at the moment.

"Alright, what colors?" Ronja questions Isidora.

Fecundo makes sure Isidora has what she needs before he gets his things together. Helooks to Miranda, "Not unlike Setarco, hmm?" He looks to Emily and back to others, "Anyone know this land enough to know if we can fend off the land instead of carrying salted meat?"

Caspian looks over to Silvio, he says to him, "WEll, from what I understand, they come every few weeks to attack the village. So what I imagine we'll do is we'll wait in the village for them to come, and then attack them as they come ashore."

Miranda makes a face at her brother, "Oh sure. Just like Setarco." Sarcasm. Thy name is Miranda. She looks at Silvio and chuckles, "Maybe. Let's first get on land and find some pirates, hmm?" She checks her weapons and looks ready to go. No seasickness with her. And she's likely to eyeball a storm, while on a boat, with a bit more respect next time. Ahem.

"Alright!" Ronja calls back to Faruq, "Weird colored smoke means we're in deep trouble and need you and your crew to come save our asses! Now, before we go, remind us what exactly is our objective?"

Isidora looks at Ronja, "I can make Purple and Orange .... easily enough with what we have on board the ship ...." She smiles.

There's a tightening of lips at the mention of Setarco by Sebastian, and probably not wholly entirely because he's Pravus. Silvio's words earn a brief, amused cough though -- a welcome distraction, edging up to the man and laying a hand on his shoulder. "If you do, I'm definitely capturing that moment in paint for future."

"Not familiar, but does not mean we can get a basic understanding once we step foot on ground," Emily offers Fecundo with a curl of her lips.

"It should be plenty capable for hunting, but that might slow you down my lord." Faruq answers Fecundo's question about hunting off the land. Looking towards the others, Faruq announces: "Alright, so this town, Veshani, has been plagued by a bunch of pirates that pop in every two weeks to take a portion of their goods, food, and money. So far things have been peaceful as far as I know as the townsfolk haven't tried to fight back and there's been no need for hostages or anything like that. Normally pirates don't have the gall to come after a land target unless it's a lot further away but it happens. I want the pirates stopped. I don't care if you kill them all. I don't care if you strap them in irons, or if you somehow make them understand that it is no longer healthy for them to prey upon Seraceni's Vassals. How you choose to do that, is up to you. When you get into town, the woman who runs the Mercantile Exchange, Messere Kassali will have more information for you and should answer any questions. It's a straight shot southwest from here and you'll come up on the eastern shore of Veshani's harbor."

"That's perfect, Highness," Ronja answers Isidora with a nod. "Alright, landlovers, you heard him," Ronja addresses the others with a playful smirk on her lips. "Let's get ashore before any more of you throw up." Without any further hesitation, she started for one of the rowboats.

Silvio checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Rowing to the shore isn't to bad, one boat can carry the group and then it can be taken back to the ship. The Black Siren rows back out and Faruq gives a wave: "Got it! Strange smoke get my ass in as quick as I can." He calls back with a laugh as the ship rows back out and then out to sea a ways. The trip through the forest is pretty uneventful, no swamps, no bogs, not much of anything. There is game a plenty though, the woods are very much alive. It is almost a straight shot through and anyone with rudimentary survival skills can keep them going in the right direction.

The village named Veshani is a good sized town but not big enough to remotely be called a city. There is a lightly protected bay from shoals and sandbar, but nothing truly impressive or the town might be bigger. A series of docks have been set up, mostly full of fishing boats and the occasional merchant or tradeship. Not a warship in sight.

The streets are mostly crushed seashell and stone gravel for inclement weather, the buildings are made of wood as it is the most common resources other than the bounty of the sea. A number of houses are set along the streets and surroundings, a few farms on the outskirts. There is three large buildings in the town that overshadow most of the others. One is the Inn and Tavern, several stories and is likely the hub for travellers and sailors alike. The second is the Mercantile House which oversees all trade in the town and collects taxes. The third is the Warehouse that holds all the goods for the Mercantile House.

The atmosphere is rather glum and moody, depressed even. It is quiet and subdued as people go about their business as best they can before the inclement pirate arrival.

Caspian has been examining the village as they walk through it, giving a sympathic gaze to the people here. Though the large Mercantile House catches his attention, and he points to it, "That's probably where we'll find Kassali. Lets get going, I'm sure you guys have questions."

Truthfully, Sebastian isn't wholly at home in places as wild as this -- he just has the confidence to pull off making it look pretty easy -- plus a small amount of survival experience. His head turns this way and that, not alert for danger, but other things -- his artists' eye capturing and remembering the more striking features that others might not even notice: the way the sun streams through the leaves above; the way the roots of one of the trees tangles in on itself. This distraction only shifts when they arrive in the town itself -- studying the people instead of the environment. He's mostly just following Caspian since the Grandmaster seems to be taking the lead.

Once off the boat, Ronja switches pretty seamlessly out of her captain mode and leaves the leadership to those more familiar with land. She remains calm and relaxed, seeming to be very at ease despite the danger they were about to head to.

Miranda enters the village and takes in the note of despair lingering amongst those who call it home. She frowns a little bit, some of her usual joviality fading due to seeing what the pirates are doing to the small town. She follows Caspian's gaze towards the Mercantile House and nods a little, not to anything in particular. "No one goes off on their own," she says, simply.

Isidora checked charm + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Sebastian has rolled a critical success!
Sebastian checked charm + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 79 higher.

Silvio is a bit out of his element, insofar as this is the furthest he's ever been from the mainland. "I agree to that." He says to Miranda, and though he notices several people heading off on their own, he lingers back and falls quiet, sticking with Miranda for the time being, and /observes/ the shit out of the small town, like looking for places to run, places to ambush, anyone who looks shady, or like they are too well armed for a farmer. There are traitors in every group, he figures.

Ronja is with Isidora, then.

Emily checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Caspian looks as people go off not to where he suggested, but off to do their own things, and he shrugs to Miranda, "Too late for that. Shall we got to the Merchant House and inquire?" He wonders to the woman, smiling a helpless smile.

As Caspian takes the lead Emily hesitates upon spying what she thinks to be some sort of store all building - warehouse. Clearing her throat she quickens her pace and gives a touch to Sebastian's arm. "Come with me? I want to get a look at the warehouse and see if we can't set up some traps, places to fire from and so forth..but also see if any of the workers will give us an idea of what is taken," she offers. There is an attempt at a smile to get the Pravus to come with her. Making her way towards the warehouse she will begin searching the area for advantages and stumble along beside Sebastian at times, attempting to ask questions but appearing no where near as inviting to talk to. "How...yeah trees don't talk so this is why you are here..." she remarks.

Miranda smirks at Caspian and motions him to lead on. Isidora, Fecundo (likely), and ROnja head off to the tavern and the rest.. to the Merchantile House to talk to Messerre Kassali. Miranda keeps Silvio close and is also eyeballing people, just looking to see if anyone might be wary or looking inclined to speak.

Seeing an armed group of what is obviously not pirates brings a little life to the area and the people. Some hopeful expressions follow and when asked for accountings everyone has the same story:

Two months ago three longships arrived and sacked one of the merchant vessels and destroyed what lone longship the town had for defense. They didn't kill anyone but they took weapons and means to resist from the people. Their leader was a big man named Dozon, who told them nobody would be hurt so long as they partitioned off food, supplies, and other valuables for them to take every full moon. Nobody knows why it is the full moon, but it is. Ever since then the town has been in a slump and unable to get anything really done.

The interior of the Inn is bustling and busy even if it is much quieter than one might expect. There is a large bar and many tables with a couple of comely women waiitng on the patrons. Well comely for a village, not Arx, but they have to put up with their fair share of attention regardless. Behind the bar is the innkeep and bartender, a large swathy skinned man wearing an apron over a grey linen shirt and slacks. He may have been quite the figure when he was younger, now he is more rounded than muscular but still rather impressive with a balding head of grey hair named Banla who seems happy to see new patrons, but even that is subdued and grim though he tries to hide it. He does offer cheap rooms for the night for anyone who wishes to stay and suggests everyone stay indoors once the sun is setting.

The Mercantile House is spartan and business centered. A large open space with no chairs, patrons must stand in line, and a counter that goes across the whole of the building. There are bars reinforcing the counter and extending to the ceiling to protect the people behind it. A number of individuals work the counter to see to it that goods are exchanged hands for the proper amounts of coin, taking their percentage and the taxes for House Seraceni in the process.

The establishment is ran by a thin and severe older woman who may have been a beauty at one time in the past but is all angular lines and wrinkles now. She dresses in functional no-nonsense clothing. Once luxurious dark hair is now streaked with silver and grey. She speaks in clipped curt tones just as no-nonsense as the image she presents.

That was a 'yes' to Caspian from Miranda. =)

Emily checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Although Sebastian wears his sword openly, there's nothing martial about his stance or bearing to suggest he's here in any capacity to defend. Still pacing Caspian, it's Emily's words that divert the Pravus Lord from his path. He doesn't seem at all difficult to dissuade, given he offers a brief grin and a, "Sure. As long as you keep that bow handy," he says, falling into step with her. He steps into the warehouse, eyes flickering this way and that -- but it's the people, again, that take his interest. There's an ease with which he approaches the workers and engages them in conversation that makes it look effortless. It almost seems at first like he's so interested in what the workers are doing that he forgets why they're there, though the topic naturally turns to the pirates -- given they're due so soon -- and what they seem interested in.

Once inside the building Caspian looks around a moment before he spies behind the bars that older woman, and approaches her, greeting her with a winning smile, "Kassali? Would you happen to be Kassali?" He asks, cutting in line if he must to get to her.

Miranda follows Caspian, a few feet behind him. She listens to him speak to the older woman and looks about at those standing in line and present in the Merchantile House. For the moment, she is quiet and thoughtful.

Kassali looks at Caspian and then his weapons and armor. One eyebrow goes up high towards her severe hairline and she nods curtly: "I am. Why are you here. You're a bit early if you're a pirate and too-" Kassali sniffs the air once: "Clean."

"Name's Caspian, Caspian Wild, I'm a friend of Lord Faruq and part of a group he's sent here," Reveals Capsian, taking off his barbute to tip it to her like it's a hat. "We came to talk about the pirates. Do you got a moment to answer some questions?"

Kassali looks at Caspian for a moment: "Well you are certainly not a pirate. What questions do you have then?" She goes about tallying some notes on a ledger as she waits for the questions.

Silvio is with Miranda and Caspian. He...proceeds to look like he's the evilest, twisted, one of all of them, dressed in his tooled, black leathers, with tangled hair in a braid, all messy from the wind and travel. Yet, he's not muscular enough to be a brute. He covertly casts his eyes around for anyone that seems overly interested.

Fecundo is overheard praising Miranda.

Fecundo is overheard praising Caspian.

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Fecundo is overheard praising Emily.

"Well, you are certainly a busy woman! Not even pausing in your work," Caspian says with a small chuckle to Kassali, then proceeds to start off with the basics, when they come, who is their leader, same stuff that the other group is asking, likely getting the same answer. Then next, he wonders, "How many in total would you say the pirates are? Three ships, that's gotta be a lot of pirates, right?"

With the charming Pravus doing the talking, Emily is given a chance to truly survey the area. Dark brows furrow and she hmmms thoughtfully, briefly distracted by exchanges as she makes motions as if marking something in her mind's eye. A dip of her chin she will edge up to Sebastian. Patient. Emily is just that but she needs to be in constant movement and so her fingers tap at her thigh until he has finished whatever question he may be asking to those around. She then wets her lips and glances back, making a motion to the square of the village. "It is the most secure position in the town, we need to set up people around, on and in the buildings that circle it if we are to take advantage of our location. Tell me...what sort of weapon are you handy with?"

Fecundo is overheard praising Sebastian.

Fecundo is overheard praising Silvio.

Fecundo is overheard praising Isidora.

The stories are largely the same, though Sebastian's expression is sympathetic everytime. Pirates looking for food, supplies and anything valuable. "Opportunists," Sebastian murmurs to Emily, sounding disgusted, as they walk away from the third person to tell a variation on the same story. "Preying on people who can't fight back." He exhales. "Could be worse. And, on the upside -- means something as simple as a show of force, or any resistance could be likely to scare them off." He regards the square she indicates, giving a nod of his head. "Other than the paintbrush?" he asks, wryly. "No, I'm quite well trained with the sword," he rests a hand on the raven-hilted sword at his side. "You're thinking show of force, then, my lady?"

Miranda lets Caspian ask his questions, then offers one of her own, "Messerre, I'm Miranda Rubino, a friend of Seraceni. When you partition off these goods and things, where do the pirates pick them up? I'm assuming they come on shore at least to pick up and, so long as these things are present, they head back. Is that also correct?"

Miranda technically asks 2 questions.

"There was three ships the first few times." Kassali answers Caspian and Miranda as she continues to work: "Now it is just one or two, they're getting lazy, complacent. Usually anywhere from half a dozen to a dozen men come ashore and load up their pick from the Warehouse and then they leave. No muss. No fuss." Kassali sets her quill down and looks sternly at Caspian: "But it is disrupting trade. Merchants are tired of losing some of their cargo while it waits to be picked up. There was also the taking of the whole cargo of Swallow's Flight, which didn't do much good either. Used to be they'd get what luxury items we had but not much of that flowing through anymore. Now it is mostly food. I'm worried they might start taking people soon for... cargo."

"There will always be those that prey on the meek and that is why there must be those that oppose them...and that is us at this moment," Emily remarks in turn to Sebastian. Her hand goes to her own hip, glancing down at his blade when he names it. There is a momentary admiration for the hilt before she looks back up at him. A long squinting glance is offered to the square as she nods her head, "I think we should...though to be honest do we know if ALL of them are coming this time around or is it a portion? I think we need an ambush, manage to capture one or two of them and get some more clear answers," she explains. "That way if we have one ship arrive when there may be more we can be certain we are going to leave this town safe when we depart."

Miranda mms, "And where do you put these supplies?" She wonders, "Can you show us?" She looks to Caspian, "If they're getting complacent.." She includes Emily and Sebastian and Silvio, too. "..I say we go wait where the cargo normally is and we greet them all proper-like."

Kassali nods to Miranda in the affirmative: "Warehouse right across the courtyard there. We tried to pick out stuff for them but now they send people in to see what all we've got then they cart off what they want. They carry it to their ships."

The Warehouse itself is a rather large building with an empty floorplan. It has several large doors in the front so that carts can be wheeled in and out easily. The Warehouse has been arranged in such a way to facilitate the storage of barrels, crates, and sacks of goods. There is plenty of space to hide behind cargo and an open area where goods are already stacked for the pirates to claim when they arrive based on the best guess of the civilians as to what the Pirates will want. Mostly it is grain, barrels of rum, dried and salted meats, etc.

Sebastian gives a faint, oddly rueful smile at the vehemence of the Lady Deepwood, but is nodding in agreement all the same. "An ambush would work." He gestures, "We know they'll come in here, collect the goods and leave like the workers said they did the last time." He pauses for a moment, rubbing at his chin. "If we want to keep them from coming back -- perhaps add a twist of fear to the proceedings? Being attacked by a human force is something that can be countered next time, with more men. But we could be... not. We could obscure ourselves, dress up, make it look like what they're being attacked by isn't wholly human."

"So, we poison a bunch of rum and meat and let them take it." Silvio offers his very Lycene perspective on how to deal with a literal ship full of pirates.

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Miranda blinks and looks over at Silvio and very slowly grins. Then she gives him another sly look, "Cousin. I..." She wipes an invisible tear from her cheek. "I am so proud to call you mine."

Isidora is overheard praising Ronja.

"The problem with that plan is that the survivors will come back and pillage the village," Caspian says back to Silvio with a shake of his head. "No, we need to send a clear message that if they continue this, they will be destroyed."

Miranda adds to her appraisal of her cousin-by-marriage, "Well.. I think we should poison the lot." She looks to Caspian, "But also have a set up here. The Pirates have to know they'd get help eventually. Though that's assuming they're eating the meats and such that they steal."

Lips part and Emily lets out a laugh, "Why Lord Sebastian I say you have a creative streak in you that goes beyond art..but then again this in itself could be art...creating creatures in place of humans." She crosses her arms across her chest and hmmms,"I like the way you think but do we have the means to do such a thing...acting as a threatening creature is definitely on my list to do," she admits before amending, "Now.." She looks to the others now throwing ideas out and there is a singular look that she offers him, "How Lycene of you," she remarks then clears her throat. "After giving the area a once over, the square is going to be our best place to defend the town should we need to. But I think perhaps those we may meet tonight are just a portion of a larger group...a prisoner or two would not go amiss."

Caspian still looks a bit skeptical of the plan, though he does eventually say, "If we're gonna talk what we're gonna do, we should gather everyone up to do it." He says to her, "The village isn't big, they couldn't have gone far. Lets check the inn and warehouse."

Miranda asks, "Lady Deepwood, what skills do you have?" She's the only one she doesn't know, after all. To Caspian, "Aye, let's. Too many in charge too. Need to hear ideas and pick what might work best."

With Miranda in agreement, Caspian leads the trio out to go to the inn and warehouse, trying to round everyone up back at the inn for meeting time, which he will rent a room to do such, so they have some privacy!

Miranda snagged Emily and Sebastian on their way out!

Silvio props his hands on his hips. "The pirates need to have no need to return here again...or they will, eventually. There needs to be nothing worth the potential loss of coming back. So, the sting, whatever it is, has to really hurt."

The inn room that is rented is big enough for the group, if everyone is friendly enough. It isn't like this place has palatial suites but it can handle some uppity merchant captains from time to time. Privacy is gained, stories are shared, and now the group has about 3 hours before night fall and the possible arrival of the pirates. IF they show up on this night.

The Pravus Lord looks pleased with the 'creative streak' comment, taking it as a compliment. "Fear is about appearance. Darkness helps. Obscure our faces with mud and other things -- attack from the shadows." Sebastian nods towards Emily. He heads towards the inn to join the others as they settle in, gesturing towards the Lady Deepwood, "Perhaps you can share your plan with the others."

A nod is given in regards to gathering the rest but Emily thus looks to Miranda, "Hmmm tracking, the use of my bow, traversing more...demanding ground than we have here," she admits with a rueful smirk. "Setting traps and the like," she explains in the silent aside. "I can make myself scarce too..." there is a faint chuckle for that before she falls into step to keep up the conversation with Miranda as the rest are rounded up. Sebastian gets a look for the shadows comment, "The only way to attack." The Deepwood looks pleased as well, giving him a wrinkle of her nose as her grin spreads. "I would gladly share once we are all together, we will need to make a united decision however," she remarks in regards to her plan.

"We have a lot of options," Ronja concurs, "So let's hear what we got so far for ideas."

Isidora relaxes into her seat with a mug of coffee

Miranda gestures to Emily and Sebastian to start.

Miranda has rolled a critical success!
Miranda checked wits + war at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Emily checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Emily is overheard praising Miranda.

Once everyone is together and in the Inn's cozy room - all 8 people - everyone has a chance to catch up on what everyone learned. Then the discussion for what to do happens. Everyone has ideas. Everyone's heard. In the end, the group wants to enable the villagers to continue with their lives unimpeded by pirates and to empower them to feel like they are back in control! They need to join the fight, to help themselves be rid of these pirates once and for all!

To that end, Miranda suggests an ambush. When the pirates come in and dock at the harbor, Emily can use her *mad* archery skills to light the boats on fire. While the pirates are distracted with the flames, villagers and members of the group alike can attack anyone trying to flee the boats. Villagers and members of the Pirate Party will be in hiding nearby on the village's ships in the harbor. The exit route from the warehouse will thus be cut off and any pirates coming from there can be dealt with by any who may want to hide nearby, as well.

Ronja is overheard praising Miranda.

Caspian checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Sebastian checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Miranda checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Ronja checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Isidora checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Silvio checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

A few hours later the sun begins to set and it is then when it is low on the horizon to where there is just an orange glow that the shadows of the pirate longships can be seen. The prows of the ship are decorated with the faces of a dragon and what can only assumed to be a very poorly carved mermaid. Someone liked breasts.

A Lot.

As the ships come gliding up towards the docks by power of their sails it's easy to tell that the ships are not fully crewed. Perhaps a dozen men all told. Enough to crew the ships but definitely not a full war complement. Probably to account for the plunder they assume they are going to take in. All of the townsfolk are indoors, they know better than to get in the way. They don't want to be noticed at this point and convincing them to do otherwise? Not at this time. The ships pull up into an empty dock on both sides and are tied off.

At least, that is the image the town is presenting. Caspian, Sebastian, Miranda, and Ronja all went to rally the townsfolk. Isidora promising to heal those who are hurt. Silvio is inspiring beyond all, even Caspian, though the two of them are sure to have broken plenty of farmgirl hearts with their inspirations.

. Most of the Pirates are rather scraggly looking, in linens and leather occasionally. They look dirty in the way of a person who doesn't have a home of their own to clean up on. Personal hygiene often goes to the wayside when at sea for long stretches for some crews. There is a dozen men though only six come onto the beach, armed with cutlass, saber, or the occasional straight blade. Their leader is a large man bigger than any two of them put together.

His appearance is massive but not hard, if it were any other situation he might even appear jolly. There is muscle and a deliberate nature to his movements that indicates he is still a powerful man. Swarthy bronzed skin that is freckled by the sun for years can be seen across his shoulders, arms, and chest. A rather prodigious stomach rounding out the front of him. His nose has been broken and smashed into his face sometime in the past which gives him a breathy gasping sound to his words as he can't breathe through it anymore.

Their mood and attitude is wickedly jovial. They aren't expecting trouble.

Ronja's first order of business is to double-check to make sure she doesn't know these guys. She's on the dock, sitting wrapped up in a blanket and pretending to be destitute and oblivious. Her intents will differ depending on whether she knows these pirates or not.

Emily checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Sebastian checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

There are ample boats belonging to the villagers to hide in and Miranda is in one along the dock. Beside her, Silvio also resides, keeping her cousin-by-marriage close. They're hiding under a tarp, as if the boat were merely waiting to be used. Nothing to see here. Her sword is out, ready to jump out at the pirate soon as Emily strikes the ship!

Miranda wields Razz, a diamondplate scimitar.

Miranda checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Ronja checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

It's been some time since Sebastian's been forced to draw his sword with anything other than intent to clean it. It's not to say there's reluctance, however: after rallying the townfolk, even the Pravus Lord feels the fire of the group's intent to take back what has been stolen from them. He sets up in the dark, just outside the warehouse -- he's smeared his face with dirt, not quite the eldrich monster he discussed with Emily earlier, but a silent shadow all the same, ready to attack once the pirates are occupied carrying their loot.

Sebastian wields a long sword with a raven hilt.

Emily is not there to present the inspiring show that the rest of the group does. She is in fact up at the highest point she can get close to the docks and the incoming ships. A small metal brazier has been placed carefully atop the net mending shack that has been chosen. The arrows prepped and soaked in oil she waits, keeping low as to not be seen before she can strike. The first arrow is notched and once there, she dips the endin so that it catches with a rush. The boats are pulling up and she is drawing back, waiting for them to start to disembark so she can cause the most amount of chaos and confusion.

The bow string creaks as her she draws and aims. The closest sail to her will be aimed for first. With a momentary pause in breath, she takes that additional moment as more than half have left their ships before she releaes. TWANG.

Confident she doesn't recognize any of these guys, Ronja readies her blade beneath the blanket and prepares to skewer someone as soon as she sees fire.

Caspian is awaiting on one of the ships, dagger in hand, crouched on the deck of a merchant ship as he peers over the edge and awaits. When the time comes, he is ready. His eyes are on the big, jolly looking muscular guy, a mark for him to take out. he runs his finger along the spine of his blade, grinning an exicted grin.

Faruq GM Roll checked perception(2) + streetwise(1) at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Caspian wields Thrall's Fury, a diamondplate seax.

Ronja wields Seafarer's Lament.

Emily wields a short bow.

Massive, but not hard. Its a good starting point for Silvio, who seems generally unafraid, at least while weapons remain in their sheathes. Hiding under the tarp, he shivers once. "Keep an eye on Sebastian too, if you can manage it. He paints well, but I don't know how he does in battle."

Isidora gets a physician's fine steel scalpel from a physician's medicine satchel.

Isidora wields a physician's fine steel scalpel.

The big fat pirate leader takes fully eight of the pirates with him towards the warehouse and they are crass, crude, loud, and utterly unafraid at all. His voice is a wheezy bellow as they talk about how they hope the warehouse has some decent stuff this time or they'll have to grab some 'entertainment' to make the trip worth while. Meanwhile as the majority of the pirates goes down towards the town center where the ambush awaits them, one of the four left by the longboats catches sight of Ronja and see's through her clever disguise. He's a weasely faced fellow with greasy hair and pock marked skin: "What's this? What are you doing out here. What you got there?!" He draws his cutlass and the other three men come to see what weaselboy is up to!

Emily is not there to present the inspiring show that the rest of the group does. She is in fact up at the highest point she can get close to the docks and the incoming ships. A small metal brazier has been placed carefully atop the net mending shack that has been chosen. The arrows prepped and soaked in oil she waits, keeping low as to not be seen before she can strike. The first arrow is notched and once there, she dips the end in so that it catches with a rush. The boats are pulling up and she is drawing back, waiting for them to reach their goal so she can cause the most amount of chaos and confusion.

The bow string creaks as her she draws and aims. The closest sail to her will be aimed for first. With a momentary pause in breath, she takes that additional moment as they cross the docs towards the warehouse. When the pirates begin to enter she releases the arrow with an outward breath. TWANG.

Emily has rolled a critical success!
Emily checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 99 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Sebastian checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Miranda checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Sebastian checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Caspian sees that his Captian is in trouble, so he leaps up from his hiding spot, jumps between the pirate and Ronja and immedately goes for a slash across the stomach with his diamondplate knife, introducing himself in one quick breath, "HiI'mCaspiantimetodiefucker!"

Silvio checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Ronja checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + dodge(1) at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Sebastian rises slowly up from his position in the dark, intent on sneaking up behind one of the pirates. So focused on his approach, he doesn't spot one of the crates, nudging it as he goes past -- drawing the attention of the pirate nearest him. With a kind of look like, /oops/, but also /oh well/, he lifts his sword, slashing at the pirate and and clipping him, grinning a little as he draws first blood. He doesn't bother with talk -- just seems focused on not getting stabbed right now.

Miranda flings herself out of the boat, throwing aside the tarp, Razz shining and ready to go. She swings Razz through the air at Pirate #3, trying to gut him or slice him in half! In her exhuberance, Miranda misses him completely when her pirate (#3) turns in time to see her swing and dodge out of the way! "Hello, Hot-Stuff," she grins, "Shall we dance?"

Hearing them talk about 'grabbing some entertainment' was almost enough to inspire Ronja to her feet at that moment, blowing the whole timing on their plan. Her hand eagerly pulls at the blade beneath, and though she doesn't jump at them prematurely, it's enough to gain their interest. Well, plan's scrapped. She pops up out of her 'hiding' spot when she's noticed and with a twirl throws her blanket into the face of the man that approached her, running in immediately after it and pushing her sword both through it and the man blinded by it. "Subtlety was never really my strong suit, sorry!"

The first arrow successful Emily has no time to make certain the rest are fine but the clash is heard. She is drawing her next arrow and setting it alight with measured, careful motion so as not to catch anything around her aflame. The bow is lifted slowly and she draws back, elbow bending as the string creaks again in that waiting time between preparation and action. For a woman that has an inability to remain still she sure can focus for condensed short moments. Breath stolen, she waits, and then releases the second shot. The arrow finds the second sale and the other ship goes ablaze. It is only then that her blue eyes lift to look out over the water to see the third ship and what its doing. Another arrow is already up and ready sans the oil soaked rag.

The two ships, now brilliant bofires on water begin to catch not only on sales but on the wood as well. There is a secret smile that passes her lips as she readies to take down living men instead of boats. Lips firm briefly as her smile fades.

Isidora watches the city center from the inn where she has the triage center set up. Her honeyed eyes watch and hope there won't be too many coming her way. Fecundo stands next to her watching.

While Pirate 3 is totally distracted by Miranda, Silvio totally unfairly comes up from behind him from the same boat, and jabs him in the side with his sneaky little dagger. He then looks fairly well surprised at himself and takes a few steps back as he processes how that felt to pierce flesh with a blade and.../mean it/. No quip comes from him.

|As the pirate ships sails catch fire after the two expert shots from Emily on her rooftop, a flurry of activity begins down on the docks. The four men who were about to accost Ronja are suddenly beset on all sides by the intrepid group of nobles, guildmasters, ship captains, and highly trained make your day very bad people.

All four pirates get hurt, Caspian, somehow, managing to hurt his the least. Sebastian attempts to sneak up and murder someone but only manages a light fleshwound. Ronja's blanket toss has devastating affect and she runs a pock marked pirate through, but there's some life in him yet! Miranda on the other hand, does not have as much luck in her initial forray, her target avoiding her attack but it sets him up quite nicely for Silvio to make his night quite painful. Most people prefer those bits still attached or on the inside.

The pirates start to fight back as gasps and cries of pain happen. Silvio, Caspian, Ronja, and Sebastian all earning the ire of the men they attacked. Though admittedly, some are fresher than others. The worst part is the shout:

"We're under attack!" From the streets and the rooftops come howls of battle from poorly armed, bit still armed townsfolk as they rush out to surround the seven pirates and their leader with the mentality of a vicious mob of oppressed people inspired by true leaders.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Silvio checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 32, rolling 26 higher.

Ronja checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Miranda checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 14 higher.

Sebastian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 37, rolling 9 lower.

9 inflicted and Sebastian is harmed for minor damage.

Caspian checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Silvio checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Sebastian checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Ronja checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 38, rolling 13 lower.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 42, rolling 14 lower.

Miranda checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 64 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 52, rolling 19 lower.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 79, rolling 40 lower.

"DamnitImeanttokillyouwith that first attack here let me try again!" Caspian says in his speed talking as he leaps back away from the slashing of the pirate's cutlass and goes in again as the man recovers from his swing, cutting at the sword arm of the pirate, who somehow still is alive after that! Though bleeding badly. "Damn it you're still alive and I can't stop talking like this oh gods help me!"

She asked him to dance and Silvio got in his shot. But the moment that Pirate #3 decided to turn on her cousin-by-marriage.. her FAVORITE cousin-by-marriage, Miranda growls and her sword sweeps out to clash against the pirate's sword, protecting Silvio. She snarls at him and her blade is moving as she says, "Dance with -ME-, Bastard." And then she swings her sword down to cleave the man nearly in half from shoulder to opposite side.

It's hard to fight with a blanket over your head. With ease, Ronja side-steps her foe's retort and draws a clean slice from his side. Her eyes tick to Caspian when she hears the word 'help' somewhere in the fast-moving stream of panic flowing from his mouth. "Y'alright over there, Caspian?!"

Whatever satisfaction Sebastian had at drawing first blood is short lived: the pirate rallies quickly, taking a swipe at the Pravus Lord that cuts a sharp line across his mid-section, drawing blood. It earns a hiss -- as much of surprise as pain -- before the artiste grits his teeth, breathing hard as he swings back and scores another hit. The pirate's still going strong though, so he prepares to defend himself, not daring to look at what everyone else is doing right now, even though he can hear plenty of cursing nearby.

Silvio darts out of the way of further damage, and manages a quippy, "He's a terrible dancer, Miranda. Ohh...I do adore you. Marry me." Silvio winks, then casts his eyes further up the field, noting a bit of blood on other people he likes. He points with his weapon towards Sebastian's villain, and then starts towards him. "Destroy this plague, good people, and the flowers will bloom brighter than ever before!" He shouts to some random villager with a stick, and the guy's friends.

The fight starts to go badly for the pirates on the docks, they are moderately outnumbered yes, but one of their number falls in a spray of blood and gore, hacked and stabbed by Miranda and Silvio. Caspian manages to cause a significantly more painful and deadly wound, but his opponent is still alive! For now. He looks more disturbed by Caspian's words, almost horrified: "What is this?!" The pirate shouts in confused pained horror. Ronja strikes her opponent a terrible blow, and Sebastian manages to wound his again, but not as badly as the others have accomplished!

Isidora and Fecundo can see the townspeople surrounding the eight pirates in the town square. The pirates all have their weapons out and there appears to be a standoff at the moment. Wild eyes, snarls, and shouts indicates there may be a case of mutually assured destruction down in the town at the moment. Or so it looks. Nobody seems willing to make the first move.

The boats though, they burn rather prettily now. The heat gets hotter on the docks, but, the smoke is regular colored.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Ronja checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Sebastian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 20 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 23, rolling 40 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Ronja checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 56, rolling 32 lower.

Emily checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 23, rolling 10 higher.

Sebastian checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 48, rolling 29 lower.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 26, rolling 1 lower.

The group near the docks is engaged still and Emily moves her aim for the one looking a little more capable and is engaged with Sebastian. Pressing her lips to a firm line she adjusts her stance on the rooftop and aims down the shaft of the arrow. She waits, watching Sebastian and his opponent bob in and out from their exchange and when she sees that backward step from the foe she releases, letting the arrow speed to its target. The brown fletched arrow protrudes from his chest and she lowers the bow so that her hand can go for her next arrow, already lifting it to set into place for her following target, all the while watching to see how many fall.

Apparently getting cut is really good motivation for wanting to avoid getting cut again. This time Sebastian's ready for the counter-attack, and manages to successfully dodge the pirate's slashing attack at him. He hears some pretty horrible sounds nearby, but thankfully a moment later he hears Silvio's voice, exhaling a breath -- though he doesn't take his eyes off his opponent, waiting for an opening. It comes soon enough, but the Pravus' sword stroke barely knicks him. He looks startled -- and relieved, truthfully -- when an arrow slices through the air into the chest of pirate he's battling.

As things on the docks begin to settle, Miranda rushes by to head inland to see what she can do with and for the villagers! Silvio in tow!

"I'm fine!" Caspian calls otu to Ronja with a laugh given her way, lifting his knife up to parry a coming swing and drags his knife along the blade before making a swipe across the man's neck with a splurt of blood. "I'm just fucking around!" He sees the stalemate going on at the warehouse in the distance, then looks to Sebastian and the one he's engage in. "I wana fight the leader...but...better not be selfish!" And with that, he rushes to engage with that pirate that's still alive!

Caspian goes after Ronja's pirate, that is!

Ronja wasn't too keen on mercifully sparing any of these men, especially not after some of the things she had heard them say, but in the back of her mind she still worries about the ship unaccounted for. Figuring a blinded and injured pirate might be at a disadvantage, Ronja moves in and attempts to wrap him up even further, but as it turns out, Ronja's not very skilled with her bare hands. And a flailing, pissed off pirate is hard to manuever around without getting cut. "He's an asshole, I want a piece of him, too!" Ronja answers Caspian. "Help me out with this guy, yeah?"

On the docks half the pirates go down Caspian managing to take the man down with a well placed cut across his throat, an arrow blossoms from the pirate the Sebastian manages to nick barely and he staggers backwards towards the edge of the docks and the water but doesn't fall just yet. Ronja tries her best to subdue the man with the blanket and a punch, trying to grapple him but he shakes the blanket off and free himself of it to try and fight normally.

Silvio and Miranda rush away from the docks and towards the villagers who have the other pirates surrounded, but those pirates are not hurt, everyone is just eyeballing each other. The villagers look like they might start to either rush the pirates, or break. It could go either way.

Faruq GM Roll checked willpower(2) + survival(1) at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked willpower(2) + survival(1) at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Sebastian has rolled a critical success!
Sebastian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 29, rolling 19 higher.

Ronja checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 43, rolling 11 lower.

11 inflicted and Ronja is unharmed.

Sebastian checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 29, rolling 1 higher.

Ronja checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 56, rolling 21 lower.

Emily checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + dodge(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Faruq GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 51, rolling 39 lower.

Miranda checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

There's another close moment where the pirate closes, but Sebastian's getting a feel for the pirate's tells now -- managing to avoid the slashing attack. With an exhale, the Lord steps forward, /into/ range immediately after the attempt, trying to grab for that arrow that's embedded in the pirate's chest and shove it deeper. The pirate sees Bas' hand stealing forward though, and manages to dodge before he can get a hold, and the two part for a moment, paving the way for Caspian to step in.

The next arrow shall rain down upon the untouched pirates who are making their stand in the square. Emily brings her bow about, adjusting her stance once more and moving as far forwars as she can get atop the roof of the shack. Drawing back sharply, she extends the bow further to cover some of the distance and hopefully do more damage. One eye narrows, nearly closes as her breath hitches and she goes still. Silence, calm and then there is that twang that has been accenting each of her shots. The arrow speeds toward's the leader and as it sticks, sinking in with a sickly sound, she waits, realizing she has drawn attention but is already twisting her hand to try to find another arrow at her back from the silver wing quiver.

And then the blanket comes off, and the pirate can see again. Well, it was a fun little tousle in the sheets, but once his weapon finds purchase on her armor, dangerously close to marring that tattoo coiled beneath it, Ronja decides to end the game before anything worse happens. She waits for his next attack and parries it hard to the side and upward, forcing his defenses open. She steps in, lands a punch to his nose, and while he recoils, slips her blade between his ribs. As his corpse slides free of her weapon, she cocks a grin to Caspian, "Sorry, bud," she offers as he then has to change targets again, then starts moving to catch up with the warehouse crew.

Caspian goes over to Ronja but she is a strong, proud woman and doens't need help killing her pirates. He is halfway there before he switches targets to the other pirate that is still alive, running up to him and lunges with a stab into his side, "HiI'mBackToTalkingLikeThisAgainAndNowYou'reDead!" He says as the knife plundges between the pirate's ribcage.

Miranda runs, Silvio on her heels, righ to where the villagers are gathered. Her beautiful sword, Razz in her hand, but lowered. She slows her run to a walk as she approaches the stand off. "Villagers of Veshani! These ... people ..." She uses the term lightly and points with her sword to the gathered pirates, "... have stolen your hope and happiness! They come because they are too lazy to work! They put in a small bit of work to deprive you of that which you use to protect yourselves and now do not even BOTHER to worry that you might rise up against them! Now is your chance! Now is your time to tell them you are done taking their shit! Do not be afraid for THEY are cowards! Convinced that they cannot be defeated! But look!" She swings a leg behind her to stand sideways and uses her sword to point to BOTH burning ships, "They cannot escape! They have nowhere to run! Now it is upon you! You to tell them how it will be from now on! Will you let them stay and rule your lives? Or will you fight?" And then an arrow is thunk into the leader. She glances up towards Emily and then back to the villagers. "NOW is your time!"

On the docks things go very still very fast. Sebastian tries to push his opponent into a boat to finish him off but the man has enough life in him to step right into Caspian's deadly knife strike and keep over with a spurt of blood. Ronja finishes off her opponent with a strike of her sword with bad intentions that are well rewarded, for her.

In the middle of the town square the big pirate leader, Dozon, suddenly sprouts an arrow from his big fat gut, and he doubles over from the impact with a grunty squeel of pain. That's when it happens, Miranda and Silvio go charging into the villagers shouting to attack and it is the tipping point required.

All the townspeople who were inspired rush the pirates. Isidora will have her work cut out for her by the time the pirates fall. The towns people are not trained warriors like the adventurer's who came to free the village from the oppression of the Pirates. As blood curdling cries and shouts of anger and pain, the scent of blood on sea shells, gravel, and hard packed earth along with the scent of painful death... it is a charnel house.

Those never smell nice.

It is all over not long after that as the group rushes to assist the villagers and all to soon it is silent, but for the cries and moans of the wounded. Stunned and shocked faces abound. Most of the pirates dead, but, the big fat one played dead on the ground with an arrow in his gut. Isidora will be able to save him for... questioning.

Once the villagers dive in and get their hands dirty, so to speak, Miranda and Silvio join the fray. She keeps close tabs on her cousin and protects him from any harm. She aids villagers as she can, sending any to the inn when needed. When it's all said and done, they have one pirate leader for questioning. It was a good day!

"There better be rum left after this," is all Sebastian mutters as he adjusts his grip on his sword and heads for the villiage.

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