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Unrivaled: Aleksei vs Salvatore

Aleksei Morgan and Salvatore Zaffria face off in the first round of the Champions Guild Unrivaled Tourney!


Sept. 24, 2018, 9:30 p.m.

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Aleksei Salvatore


Helia Triton Geralt Lucita Lethe Bashira(RIP) Cassandra Caspian Lisebet Silvio Donella Waldemai Arianna Harmon


The Champions


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Comments and Log

In ambles Helia -- hands in her pocket, a sway in her step, and looking a little tousled around the edges, like she just rolled out of bed. She just did, that's why. Finding a place in the crowd, she stands there and yawns. Then it's a wave to Lucita and Lethe as she spies them in the noble seating. A wave, a respectful nod of the head, and a smile.

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Triton spies a couple of familiar faces, one of them lugging armor, the other chowing on popcorn. Totally not to try and swipe any popcorn, he offers a smile and a wave of a hand at Caspian and Bashira, while joining the push of people seeking a seat. There's even a 'sorry' or two when he bumps a couple a little too hard while shuffling for a place to park his broad butt.

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Aleksei strides in on a brisk gait, looking windswept and bright-eyed. He's in a bit more armor than usual, his everyday wear bolstered with more pieces. He makes his way off to the dueling ring, arms stretched overhead a bit. "Hello everyone!"

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Geralt walks in with all the grace of a mountain, the huge northman not wearing armor but with the massive greatsword Frostsea swung over his back. The more interesting part perhaps it that his arm is slipped around the incredibly slender and quite a lot younger form of Arianna Stonewood, the pair walking close enough that it's hard to see daylight between the two of them. He mumbles something to her, and they head towards the Noble seating, finding places beside one another as they continue to whisper back and forth.

Lucita lifts a hand to wave at Helia and give an amicable smile though she is deep in conversation with Silvio and Lethe at the moment.

Lethe looks toward Helia with a friendly smile and waves back.

Salvatore picks his way in the older man looking a little keyed up and perhaps more sober than usual. Salvatore is wearing armor that looks rather new for the occasion. The armor itself looks serviceable but is painted no doubt for the show. He has his Mace resting on his shoulder as he surveys the crowd, "Well this should be interesting." He says more to himself than anything as he heads for the dueling ring.

"Yes, my armor for the Lodge defense and the Order." she tells him with a smile. "And sure. I haven't tried it on yet, so we can give it a try once we get home." she smiles to that. When she sees Triton waving there's a return one given to the Lord of Ravenseye and a smile.

The Legate arrives a little late. Cassandra's steps in her armor are well practiced, and of course, kept clean and in order. There's a bow of the Legate's head as she approaches Caspian.

"Hey Aleksei! Salvatore! Good luck out there!" Caspian calls out to Aleksei and Salvatore with a grin his way, hands cupped over his mouth. "Fight hard and put on a good show!"

Lisebet makes her way to the event, so she can watch. Curiosity brings her more than anything. She's dressed in summary white and pink, and smiles at those she recognizes, offering nods of acknowledgement and even a small wave or two.

"Hey there!" Aleksei's smile is bright for Salvatore when he arrives and joins him on the dueling grounds, still stretching his arms up overhead, leaning over one way to stretch one side, then the other. "You ready for this?"

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Caspian is overheard praising Aleksei.

Caspian is overheard praising Salvatore.

Caspian is overheard praising Helia.

Caspian is overheard praising Fecundo.

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After a moment of contemplation, Cassandra approaches the two combatants. "May you both fight valiantly and bravely - and may you both continue to prove worthy Champions." she offers in a brief blessing of the pair before she moves to join the small crowd that has gathered.

Caspian is overheard praising The champions: The Champions is putting on a great tournament! Everyone watch and enjoy it!

Aleksei gets a vicious, single edged sword with a subtle curve from a black leather swordbelt.

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Helia is overheard praising The champions: Yay Aleksei!

Helia is overheard praising The champions: Yay Salvatore!

Aleksei wields a vicious, single edged sword with a subtle curve.

Aleksei gets an unadorned steel longsword with a leather-wrapped hilt from a black leather swordbelt.

Aleksei wields an unadorned steel longsword with a leather-wrapped hilt.

Salvatore glances up and over to Cassandra blinking somewhat in surprise but lowers his head in acknowledgement. He waves to Caspian and nods to a few other familiar sorts. He settles his gaze on Aleksei and chuckles, "I suppose as ready as I'm going to be." He admits as he stretches his arm a little ruefully.

Silvio lets out a sudden, very loud cheer. "Salvatore, You are amazing and are sure to triumph today!!!" A beat. "And you look amazing!!" Much clapping.

Donella shows up to have a looksee at the exhibition just as things are getting underway. "That has the ring of fatalism to it," she remarks, with an eyebrow. "Aren't they supposed to glisten and clang and strive until we all need a drink?" She doesn't get out to these things much.

"Thank you, Blessed Cassandra," Aleksei says with a weight of familiarity and respect, offering her a warm smile. He straightens up, rolling out his shoulders a bit, and then he unsheathes a plain, unadorned longsword of simple, if quality, steel. He grins across at Salvatore, settling into a fighting stance. "Let's have at it, then."

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Lisebet calls out, "Good luck to both the champions," with a happy cheer. She's obviously not all sure who is favoured, who might win, but she's willing to cheer for both.

From within the crowd, Helia raises her voice, "Here's to a good fight! Good luck, both of you!" Then she shuts up and settles back to watch, arms crossed.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Salvatore glances around and he considers Aleksei, "We're not supposed to do any grandstanding and speeches? Well I suppose I could get used to being a Champion." He says and then he hefts his Mace beginning it in slow swinging and he takes up a mirroring stance to Aleksei and steps forward beginning to circle and join the fight. He touches Aleksei and gets sliced in exchange. His own seems to do little but scuff a little while Aleksei draws a neat slice of blood. Salvatore pauses there looking amused, "Well that does seem to be first blood."

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3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Sparte, Denica leave, following Coraline.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting leave, following Reese.

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Waldemai always likes a parade. "Wow, that was quite a parade."

"There was so much color..." Arianna says with a neutral expression on her face.

"I like to kind of intermingle and stuff," Aleksei is saying to Salvatore in the moments before they face off. He's grinning wide and rakish, looking light on his feet, particularly given their difference in armor styles. His gaze is sharp, and those first moments has him looking on his guard, testing a bit at Salvatore's defenses; he gets the slightest of knocks of his own, but then he's thrusting in, right under Salvatore's guard, to slice a clean, shallow cut. He even looks a bit surprised. "Well now there's not even /time/ for the grandstanding. No one's gonna hire me now!"

Salvatore looks entirely bemused at the turn of events his tone utterly droll, "Yes, I'm sure this will utterly disrupt your demand for work." He slowly lowers his mace with a shrug, "Well that's definitely different than war." He glances around to the audience, "So it seems it was to first blood, and that appears to be first blood. Rather anti-climactic but I suppose that's what happens in duels." It's clear Salvatore is not someone who is used to fighting before an audience and thus he gives an elegant shrug.

Silvio crosses his arms over his chest. "its entirely unfair since one is a bashing sort of weapon and the other is a slicey one. We all walked /all the way out here... and it is hot outside."

Donella says, "Tie one hand behind their backs and make them do it again! Oh c'mon, you know you want to! Strapping young men as you are."

Aleksei flashes a grin over at Donella. "/One/ of us is a strapping young man," he says with teasing humor, reaching over to clasp Salvatore's shoulder good-naturedly. Except then he's looking down at the cut he left behind and then looking back to the stands. "Anybody good at, uh, patching things up?"

"That was rather efficient," Lisebet says, startled at how quickly the fight has drawn to an end. "I am glad I wasn't late."

Arianna peers around at the assembled people,"We were all here to see how the Champion's do their thing. Sad day when a Mercies not around when someone gets stabbed like that." Concern was written across her features as she looks at Salvadore,"Excellent form though my Lord, no offense intended. You both fought well."

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Harmon shuffles through the stands to find himself a spot.

Lethe looks to Salvatore and Aleksei. "I can patch things up."

Lucita glances down the row of seating and murmurs softly. "Lady Lethe is a skilled healer and midwife. She offered to tend wounds if wanted."

Donella soberly remarks, "I fear many of them are saving themselves, for times to come. And that is perhaps wise. Though, you know, tonight I would almost wager on a pair of mercies winding bandages, if that was on spectacle."

For once Arianna laughs, breaking up her almost too serious demeanor.

Geralt considers, "Ye should suggest that as a new event at somethin," he remarks, "competitive bandagin'..not often that the healers get te show off their talents to people in a condition te be appreciating them at the time."

Salvatore waves a hand dismissively at the various complaints or calls for more. He snorts at Donella's suggestion, "Well I don't expect after having two hands that being one handed and stabbed is going to improve my entertainment value." His tone remaining droll as he inclines his head to Arianna, "I call it my standing still and getting stabbed form." But then his focus settles on Lethe softening as he inclines his head to her, "If you would be willing, My Lady. I would certainly appreciate it. The only thing less pleasant than a loss is probably bleeding out from one."

Lethe looks to Lucita and nods.There's before standing and going to tend to Salvatore. "I am a healer. Of course I'll help. "

"Oh, thank you, Lady Lethe!" Aleksei says brightly when she volunteers from the stands. "I think I got him a bit worse than I intended." And then he's scoffing at Salvatore a moment later. "Not that you're going to /bleed out/. Don't be so dramatic!" He looks back to the stands with a hint of a smirk. "My apologies! I should have made a bigger show before we started."

Arianna is overheard praising Salvatore: I commend the man for his sense of humor and appreciation for battle.

Lisebet is not a healer, alas, but she does look relieved when one is in the stands to be able to assist. There is an approving nod at that.

Lisebet is overheard praising Salvatore.

Donella suggests thoughtfully, "Someone could have a berry tart brought out from Lottie's and we could paint on some additional carnage for you. We might even race eachother, so we appreciate those that DO have skill. Triage, moving the wounded, blotting their fevered brows... nearly drowning them in scalding broth..."

Lisebet is overheard praising Aleksei.

Arianna is overheard praising Aleksei: He stabbed that poor Lord, but he looked good while doing it too.

Lisebet is overheard praising Lethe.

Aleksei is overheard praising Salvatore: A worthy opponent!

Lucita is overheard praising Lethe.

Lucita is overheard praising Salvatore.

Donella is overheard praising Salvatore: He didn't cry and swear either, bless him.

Lucita is overheard praising Aleksei.

Geralt is overheard praising Aleksei: Not that anyone cares what I think, but he seems like a good fighter.

Aleksei is overheard praising The champions.

Geralt is overheard praising Salvatore: Did a good job

Donella is overheard praising Aleksei: You are the stabbiest!

Where's that shout coming from? It's Helia again, hidden in the crowd as she is, "Thanks for the fight!" Then, "There's always more duels, Lord Salvatore!"

Lethe carefully tends to Salvatore and bandages the wound. "Make sure to have someone change the bandages and look over your wound later." She says with a kind smile.

With a straight face,"Sometimes Lord Salvadore, that tactic works. Especially when you're wearing serious armor and the enemy comes at you with a pigsticker and he tries the stabbery." Arianna purses her lips and shakes her head,"Smash. I've seen it happen one too many times I'm afraid. Courtesy of being a sellsword."

Bashira gives a smile to something that Triton says and she stands. She's having a soft conversation with the man as she gives a respectfully dip of her head to him as she agrees to something.

Salvatore chuckles faintly and offers to Aleksei, "But... if I DID it would be quite the story." He points out as he shifts moving where Lethe can tend to the wound. He looks clearly releived as she deals with it, "Thank you. I'm sure i'll be able to manage it." He then inclines his head to Arianna, "Well I'm not dead yet I can take a few losses in the dueling ring that's part of what I wanted to see here I suppose and the city lives up to it. I suppose it's a reminder to stay on my horse. Well thank you all for coming, unfortunately I don't think there is much else to see."

Lisebet is overheard praising The champions.

Triton lumbers himself back up to his feet, and with a pause and a few words exchanged with Bashira, bends down to scoop up the bulky armor bag she brought, hefting it over his shoulder before straightening back up. Flashing her a bright smile, he simply adds some sort of agreement and steps back perhaps to let her lead back out of the stands.

Salvatore is overheard praising Lethe: A fine and helpful healer!

Salvatore is overheard praising Aleksei: A worthy opponent

Silvio pops out of his seat and sways out of the arena.

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Geralt moves to stand up, yawning. "Welp..this was a thing, but," he reaches down and offers Arianna a hand, pulling her up and then simply scooping her on up higher still. He tosses the lithe young noblewoman over his shoulder, turning without apparent effort, "I think we'll be off," he says cheerfully, "a good evenin' to ye all." Then, the man is starting to make his way to head back towards the Redrain ward with Arianna.

Lisebet inclines her head to those who are under way, Triton and Bashira among them. She offers a brief nod to Geralt, as well. "Well fought, both of you, she says, standing near to the dueling field.

"Thank you, Lord Ravenseye." Bashira states as she heads out of the commoners stands. Then she's heading towards the exit and out.

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"Thank you, Lady Lethe," Aleksei says to her again with a warm smile. "And thank you all for coming!" he adds to the crowd. He seems to be wrapping up for his own exit.

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Triton leaves, following Bashira.

Lucita smiles at the others, gives Lethe a nod and Salvatore and then rises from her seat and gathers her dogs to quietly head out.

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