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Farshaw Family Dinner II

Dinner with family and friends of House Harthall. If you think you should be there, please let Lisebet, Alban or Ryhalt know in advance.


Sept. 29, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Sorrel Galen Violet Orvyn Ouida Sunniva Thorley Elsbetta


Farshaw Harthall


Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Westrock Aerie - Great Hall

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Heimlin, the Scholar, 5 Harthall house guards, Kestrel, the Scholar arrive, following Orvyn.

2 Harthall house guards arrives, following Ouida.

2 Harthall house guards leaves, following Ouida.

2 Harthall house guards arrives, following Ouida.

2 Harthall house guards arrives, following Sunniva.

With a bunch of folks called to important meetings here and there, the family dinner is a lot less formal than it might otherwise be. Lisebet is in armour, of all things, though at least it is very nice looking leather armour? And a tunic atop so she is comfortable. The table has been set for those who are dining, but as it is casual, it's a buffet style, letting everyone eat when they are ready from an assortment of delectable choices.

Lisebet has a glass of wine in hand, and is standing by the hearth, sipping quietly.

Violet arrives without Thorley and looking only vaguely uncomfortable. That could be the fact she is dressed in seasilk. And a dress no less. Thorley had been called to something himself, but had asked her to go. So here she was. And as she arrives she gives an awkward smile towards Lisebet, "Good evening, lady Lisebet" And she starts to curtsy and then just bows.

Lisebet smiles, raising her glass in a bit of a toast to Violet. "You look lovely, Violet - is it okay if I call you that by now? And please call me Lisebet." She gestures to the bar, where there are some non-alcoholic beverages available as well as alcoholic.

Violet actuallys seems relieved at Lisebet's words and her grin growns. "Yes, I would like that. And thank you, Thorley got this for me. And since it is summer I felt it should get some use," She says with a chuckle, hand running over the buldge of her belly that the dress accentuates. "Though I think it makes my belly look -way- bigger," And then she turns to the bar and the buffet and quickly sets about getting food and drink.

Arriving on the scene is a conglomerate of the Harthalls. Preceeded by guards that fan out into respectful locations, Orvyn and Sunniva appear with the usual small fanfare, Scholars in tow. It's also extremely probable that they are not alone and another Harthall is with them, the shining beauty of a knight, though she may need to introduce herself since she will need her own paragraph. Orvyn however, is dressed in tawny and black, the colours of the house as he gives a small nod of welcome to those whom he knows, which happens to be everyone this evening. "Ah, Lady Lisebet, lovely to see you, and Commandant, a pleasure as well, I trust everything is well with the preparations? Though I suppose we can discuss such things later," he adds, lips curled to a smile as he moves the group into the Great Hall.

A tall Oathlander, nearly as tall as Orvyn himself, follows in the Marquis and Marquessa's wake. Her dress is not especially formal; no skirts tonight, but her leather pants are finely crafted, her flowing nearly off the the shoulders linen shirt cinched close to her midsection by the armored corset that many Valardin kin seem to favor. Instead of a severe bun, her dark hair is gathered into a loose one at the nape of her neck, secured with a set of glittering hairpins at its crest. Her blue eyes are merry and curious as they take in the Farshaw Great Hall, and the soft smile she wears blooms into something brighter when her eyes fall on Lisebet.

"My lady," Ouida holds out a dazzling bouquet of fragrant blue wildflowers to Lisebet, "Thank you so much for your invitation." Her head tilts a little, less measuring and more of a gentle curiousity towards a potential friendly aquaintance, her smile still lighting her eyes. "I don't believe we have met in person, though I believe your fine reputation precedes you. I am Ouida Harthall, it's a pleasure to meet you at last, Commandant."

Violet pauses in selecting from the buffet as others arrive. Turning to the Marquis and Marquessa she bows as best a pregnant woman can. You do NOT want to see her curtsy. "A pleasure, Lord Orvyn. And a pleasure to finally put a face to the name of the Marquessa," She says to Sunniva. Turning again to face Oida she smiles and holds out her hands, "A please, Lady Ouida. I take it my reputation preceeds me?"

"I don't think you can blame the dress for that really, Violet." The comment is a bit dry, but amused. Lisebet pauses as she is given some beautiful wildflowers, examining them for a moment thoughtfully. "These are beautiful, m'Lady Ouida," she says with a smile. "Thank you. I see I need not introduce Violet, and I assume the rest of you have met? My sister Elsbetta will be joining us when she is able. In the meantime, would anyone like something to drink? Do please help yourselves." She does move to pour drinks to get everyone started though.

Sunniva checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

Entering with Orvyn, Sunniva removes her hand from his arm upon their crossing of the threshold. Her own russet gown hints at undertones of gold and pull the hue from her hair. The smile that spreads to her lips remains, showing a flash of white teeth as she lowers into a curtesy to Lisebet. "My lady, always a pleasure to spend time with you and thank you for having us," she adds to the Marquis' greeting. She rises and looks to Ouida as she steps forward to introduce herself. A proud smile remains as her sister speaks though her attention easily shifts to Violet as she is greeted. She lowers into a shallow curtesy, the wealth of her skirts gathering in the action. "Ahhh you are the Commander...well met and look.." She motions with her hand before speaks, "So far along, congratulations!"

Orvyn nods his head after introductions are made, "The Lady Ouida Harthall, Sword of Harthall, Dame and my sister," Orvyn explains, of Ouida, but also adds, "And the Marquessa Sunniva Harthall, my lovely wife," he explains, even though it is merely formal at this point, "And how are you this evening? We must help ourselves to drinks? Well now this is an informal situation, but lovely none the less," he adds with a slight smirk, clearly not put out in the slightest. "So then, where are the rest of the wonderful Farshaws? Or am I only limited to the best this evening?" he queries with a wink to Sunniva, as she pulls her hand away, "What would you like to drink?"

"And the Commandant Violet Sandreef-Marjawn, currently in our employ for the coming month," Orvyn adds.

Ouida will take Violet's offered hands, though perhaps it seems passing strange in a noble gathering, it is the clasp of a sister-at-arms, with the callouses to attest to the truth of it, warm and respectful, before she relinquishes them. "Indeed," she cheerfully confirms the Crimson Blade's reputation. "And well met!" A grin towards Lisebet accompanies a gently spoken, "Far be it from me to turn down the offer of a drink in such comely company as I find myself in tonight! What wine would you recommend, dear Lady? Or is there a specialty of Farshaw?"

Violet grins at Orvyn as she makes her way to sit at the table. "Thorley was called to some Valardin cavalry business I believe, so he asked me to come," She explains, bowing her head once Ouida's full title is given. "Definitely a pleasure. I wish I could come explore the Shallows with you, but you'll be fine with Lieutenant Harlex. He's one of my best," She says with obvious pride of the man. As she sits down she lets out a happy sounding sigh and takes a sip of her juice. "I still have two months, Lisebet!" She answers with a chuckle.

Lisebet grins at Violet, inclining her head. "Ryhalt also asked me to give his regrets, but he too has been called away for something or other to do with Valardin business. I think it is also possible that Alban has gone along as well." She isn't quite sure about that, as she's not spoken to him directly. She chuckles a bit, and says, "I don't think we have a wine that is our specialty so much. Coffee liqueurs now, that's another story. "Mind you, we do have a good selection here in the cabinet. There's cider, mead, some green apple wine and a variety of other drinks to be had."

A shake of her head is given at Orvyn's excessive complimenting, though it is a fond smile that she offers him. As the Lady Lisebet lists off what there is to drink she hmmms, "The apple wine sounds refreshing, please," she asks of Orvyn. A light dip of her head is given before she takes a step forward and means to join the Commander in sitting. Her silks are gathered and she gracefully deposits herself into place, smoothing her skirts into place. "Only two months. That is rather have you been feeling?"

Without much thinking of it, Ouida's solicitous manners that have been hammered into her head kick in, she will wait to take her seat until Orvyn and Sunniva do, pulling out a chair for them both, and only then going to the buffet to claim at least one portion of every type of food on offer onto her plate, which adds up to a probably skirting the line of ladylike portion of food on her plate. It doesn't seem at all to bother her, however. Her brows go up slightly. "A coffee liqueur? I don't believe I've tried that, but I would very much like to, Lady Lisebet." She sets her plate down, but waits to sit quite amiably, apparently to ensure that the host and her brother are seated before she will take hers.

Orvyn nods to the comments directed his way, bowing his head to Violet slightly, "Well I shall trust your impression of your Lieutenant and I look forward to the response we get in the Shallows. A proper blow to the pirates there will help us quite substantially," he adds with a nod and then looks to Sunniva at the mention of baby. "Apple wine it is," he replies chuckling as he finds the seats and then pulls one out for the Marquessa and then Ouida, waiting patiently to serve drinks as needed, though he chuckles as Ouida runs for the food, "Well I think she can handle herself... I will just sip some wine I do believe..." he muses as he finds his chair and waits after taking a cup for the Marquessa and himself.

Violet pats the belly with a chuckle, shifting slightly. "Starting to get uncomfortable at times. Mostly if I am on my feet for too long or sitting too long. Good thing I'm often up and down right now," She says with a chuckle. "Mae, the midwife, has said that my fitness is certainly helping reduce a lot of the normal discomforts. The rest is just me over doing it. Which Thorley scolds me for," She says with a chuckle. She begins to pick at her plate, trying to eat slowly and it is a touch obvious. Soldiers tend to shovel.

Lisebet's brother alas is not here. She helps with the drinks, making sure that everyone has something, and then she adds, "We have set up the food as a buffet. Of course, there are servants and they will be in and out to refill drinks and various dishes as the evening goes through. However, we are easily family enough, I think, to dispense with some of the formalities. If you are comfortable helping yourself, then please do so." She pauses and then adds, "I expect that we may well have a formal dinner in the near future." She makes sure there's some twilight or daylight dragon for Ouida, along with the rest of the drinks. "Lady Ouida, there is always some of this liqueur at the coffee shop, should you want more." She gets a plate with just a few choice morsels, and then comes to settle in a seat, setting her plate and drink down.

Whomever gets her chair for her is given a thank you before Sunniva focuses on Violet. "I suspect you find it quite a change from your usual activity, but you are looking rather well if I may say so. I am delighted to say that my training with the physicians continues and I hope soon we will touch on the topic of midwifery so that I may expand upon what I already know. But its very clear you are the picture of health, Commander," Sunniva remarks with an easy smile though her blue eyes flit towards Ouida as her plate continues to harbor more and more food. A bemuse press of lips is all the reaction that will arise from her taking notice.

"How go the Farshaw preparations for the Lodge, my lady?" Ouida inquires of Lisebet, as of course she still waits patiently for Orvyn to sit, even after he's pulled out a chair for her. All the patience of a younger sister who knows exactly how to be a brat--and a "correct" one at that--to long suffering elder brother, while looking perfectly innocent. "I have been counting the days until I can return to the shop, though I would be lying if certain trusted young servants have not been dispatched to fetch a couple of treats since then. With the understanding that only one will make it back to my suite." A sideglance to Sunniva. What? And then, "Have you learned anything particularly interesting in your training thus far?" Probably not the most appropriate mealtime subject, but the knight does look genuinely interested.

"Well thank you. Mae agrees even though she is very disagreeing on me going to the Gray Forest and Lodge defense. But I've skills no one else has that are important, and promises made," Violet says with a shrug. "Plus I can still shoot an arrow at 100 years and hit my target." She plucks some roasted potato on her fork and chews with obvious delight. Quickly though so she can ask of the Marquessa, when Ouida goes and asks it for her. Instead she nods her head, "I've always been in awe of physicians."

Lisebet considers what she has learned by way of training, but quickly realises the question is not for her. Still she smiles, and says, "I've learned that leathers definitely get more comfortable over time," she puts in wryly. "And so far, our fund raising goes well, which is the part that I am aware of. Lord Alban and my brother have the rest under way, as far as I can tell. I was hoping to find out tonight what they are up to, but it will have to wait, it seems." She tilts her head slightly. "I am uncertain why you cannot just return to the shop whenever you would like, my Lady Ouida?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Violet before departing.

Orvyn, settled and having contented himself for the short moment with his wine, snaps back to the conversation as the thoughts of the Lodge are mentioned. He looks from one to the other, attempting to catch up to where they were in the conversation and then he nods quickly, "It does seem like it will be quite a battle, I am hoping that what we have provided through the Consortium will be enough to cover the costs for the siege and reclamation of the Lodge. Though if there is anything that you need as individuals, please do not hesitate to ask us, and should we be able to support such a cause, we will see what we can offer," he shares with them, a look to Sunniva before he grows quiet again, listening once more to the conversations.

"If your skills are needed, then of course you must and I will be certain to pray for you safe return, Commander. Though anything that can be done while pregnant that is quite impressive," she remarks. Sunniva smiles and is about to say more when Ouida questions her about her studies and Violet's comment only serves to draw a smile from her, "You and I both but I think the talk of bile and humours are not for this moment, perhaps another should you really wish to know," she provides her sister, giving her a dip of her chin but no less amusement. Her expression grows more serious as she catches Orvyn's words ands he nods her head, looking to Lisebet. "Yes of course, you have only to ask. I will be at the field hospital myself."

Violet chuckles around her mouthful before swallowing. "No, I suppose bodily bits are not dinner talk are they? At least not polite dinner talk," She says grinning. "All prayers are certainly welcome. I've kept my husband nervous for sure, even though I mostly stay among close patrols and the command tents. Or the watchtower with my glass." She takes a sip from her juice and asks, "Right now the Blades are doing well with their part of the defense. We'll see how things sit afterwards, but I'm confident in my people."

Once Orvyn is seated, Ouida slips into her chair with grace, though she nearly forgets to put her napkin in her lap before she gazes with a lover's intensity at the plate of many choices. It's the meat the draws her first, and she very tenderly carves a delicate bite from her portion. "Just think how even more versatile you will be, Commandant," she muses towards Violet, with no little admiration. "As you learn how to adapt to changes from within as well as without. I wager the lessons will continue to serve even when the babe is born! I cannot say that I would not worry at the prospect of battle in the woods, especially now, but I know better than to deny the bearer of a blade her desires." A conspiratorial wink. A bit of meat is eaten, chewed slowly, a soft sigh escaping after a swallow. "I've not yet learned to balance the life of an administrator as well as everything else," she confesses to Lisebet. "When it is time to fight, you fight until the fight is done, and then you may rest or play or train. On the battlefield of Arx and paperwork, the battle never truly ends! I am not as bright as my brother here, so I'm just now learning this, the value of carving out time for momentary respite." There is a hard look at Orvyn, for a moment.

Lisebet smiles, and says, "Princess Zara, Princess Isabeau, Lady Aahana and Lady Ouida have assisted or promised assistance. I have been raising funds to assist in supplies that might be needed," she offers. There's a sip of wine and a brief hesitation, and then, "And I will be at the lodge, I think near the tower? Though I am not quite certain where exactly. I will truthfully be going where the little group I am with will be." She takes a breath and then she grins at Ouida. "Oh, it's definitely good to take a moment of respite when it is offered. Otherwise, there is nothing to carry you through to the end of the fight, is there?"

Wulfwin, the Ambitious Squire arrives, following Thorley.

Orvyn's rising again, if only to gather himself some food so that he can settle back in his seat once more and eat, now that he's onto his second cup of wine. The Marquis is silent for the most part, giving a small nod here and there to listen to the conversation as it continues, a look back towards Ouida when she looks to him, but he says nothing then as well. Finall to Sunniva, Orvyn adds, "Indeed, as much fun as it is to discuss our business during dinner time, I do thank you for your restraint, my dear," laughing he pokes his food and pops it into his mouth, chewing while finding the next bite to ready. As talk slides into martial discussion, Orvyn becomes clearly interested in Ouida's responses and how she is perceieved by the others, watching rather carefully for the time being.

Violet considers Ouida's words and nods. "You're probably right. Though I did promise to try and stay less busy in the last month if things allow," She chuckles and it is likely one of those promises that attempts to happen will be made. But Violet is not a restful person. As Thorley arrives he can see her sitting near Sunniva and Lisebet, a plate that has been well delved into already before her.

"I do try to retain a certain amount of decorum when others are eating," Sunniva remarks. Though she has yet to get food for herself she drinks her wine slowly, enjoying the crisp taste. "I am quite impressed with how many ladies are attending the field and rather...given heart. When we as a entire united front can deal with problems head on the more likely all will end well." She smiles across the table at Lisebet and then Violet, inclining her head to both. "If I had the ability to use a sword to any effect or rather any weapon for that matter I would do what I could but I fear my strengths lie elsewhere," she intones. Finally she rises, her chair moving so that she can move about it and towards the buffet of food. Her plate is a contrast to Ouida's in that she finds fruits and small slices of cheese to accumulate on her plate before anything else. There is a small rainbow of differential coloration that spans it before she returns quietly to find her place once more.

Not expecting to have been kept out as long as he was, Thorley is apologetic when he arrives and heads over to where his wife is, a bow offered to Sunniva and Lisebet. "Did I hear Commandant Violet Sandreef-Marjawn say that she was going to try to take it easy?" he asks, tone completely incredulous, "I can't believe that. Someone should put that in a journal for all time!"

Though she's attentive to the conversation, the food is slowly and methodically disappearing from Ouida's plate. Meat, bread, fruits, cheese, all are given their due with half-lidded pleasure at the first bite. Clearly, Ouida could very well be any stout cook's wildest fantasy made flesh. She reaches out to gently rest her hand atop Sunniva's "Dear one, not all of us are called to beat each other senseless with sticks and swords. Would you want to linger long in a garden with but one kind of flower? As the gods have granted us those with many gifts, let us be appreciative for them all. Don't you agree?" A little squeeze, and then Thorley is entering. She may not know the lovely Commandant very well, but she knows well the futility of keeping a good woman down, and his incredulous tone brings a burst of sweet laughter from her lips, looking to Violet to see if the commandant has indeed been caught out.

Lisebet laughs at Thorley's entry, an impish glance going towards Violet. "Perhaps you ought to, Sir Thorley," she offers merrily. Certainly, it won't be Lisebet writing such things in her journal. "Do come join us, there's food, drink, and good company to be had." It still may be the end of the world, truthfully, given that Violet is wearing a dress, and Lisebet ... is not. Shocking. "Very nicely said, Dame Ouida," Lisebet offers with a smile. "And truthfully, I will not be wielding a sword." She makes a face there, and then says, "I am still rather bewildered by it, but I have to help if I can."

Orvyn nods to Thorley's arrival and chuckles himself. "Ah, Sir Thorley Sandreef, my sister, the Lady Ouida Harthall, Sword, and Dame, I imagine you both would have many things in common, though do not get her started on..." he suddenly looks towards Ouida and just stops mid sentence, shrugging and then going back to his food with a snort of amusement.

Violet stops chewing mid-bite and her eyes get a little wide. Then she quickly swallows and turns to smile at Thorley. "Hello love, no. I was talking about trying to take it easy if I can in the last month. I know it would make -you- happier," She says with a wink.

"Yes, yes it would. Though I get the feeling that you will be in the middle of protecting the Lodge when you give birth." Thorley says with a smirk and presses a kiss to Violet's cheek. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Ouida. Are you going to be coming to help clear out the pirate hovels that the Crimson Blades discovered on their last time there?"

Sunniva turns her hand in order to take Ouida's hand and give a squeeze back with a warm, fond smile, "Of course not, merely stating that I find it commendable and I am rather impressed by the show of force by everyone in every state of being," she remarks. She returns the squeeze again and shakes her head, "I will never wield a blade," her eyes move to Lisebet and inclines her head, "But I will do my best to offer the aid I can to those that so boldly go," she expresses. Her eyes move from Lisebet to Violet, Ouida and finally to Thorley as he enters. She dips her head, "Ahhh so you are the one who has graciously gifted the Commandant with a blessing. A pleasure Sir Sandreef," she inclines her head to the man once more, reaching for her wine to take a sip.

"Aye," is Ouida's reply to Thorley, with easy camraderie. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Sir Thorley. I do not know if looking forward to doing so is the most correct term to use in gentle company, but I am indeed looking forward to being upon the field once more, with salt spray in my hair, sand beneath my feet, and sweat upon my brow. I shall look forward to serving with you." Then it's a sip of the coffee liquer, which brings a jolt to her spine and a widening of her eyes in delight.

Violet smirks in amusement at Thorley's comment, tilting her cheek to his kiss. "Don't tempt the dream," She tells him as she reaches to take another bite from her plate. "I would prefer to not give birth on a battlefield, though. I promise that." Turning her attention to Sunniva she says, "The mind can be just as deadly and dangerous as any blade."

Lisebet chuckles at all the cameraderie. She inclines her head to the group, letting her eyes show her comfort with the group and her mischief. "The mind can indeed. Though I do believe it takes baby steps. I don't recall - have we spoken at all about such a thing as primum?" Hey, it's not bodily parts, bits or fluids, given that lisebet is not a physician. The group is at the table, eating a very casual dinner. The food is set up as a buffet, and there are drinks as well allowing for everyone to serve themselves as they wish.

"Aye, my Lady. I am the guilty party. Though she's already brought us one blessing home." There's a smirk at that as Thorley goes to finally fix his plate. Glancing to Ouida, he nods, "Have you decided to assist with the defense of the Lodge? I was introduced to the Fluffybottoms last night. Turns out that Violet already knew them." As he starts to set up his plate, there's a glance to his cousin. "And what exactly are you planning on doing, Lady Lisebet?"

Elsbetta quickly moves down the stairs looking a bit rushed. "I am so sorry everyone I fell asleep while reading. No idea what came over me" she moves forward to give her sister a quick hug and smiles at Thorley

Orvyn's gaze sweeps over the dinner's participants and he chuckles, a glance towards Elsbetta as she joins them and he gives the woman a nod in greeting. He's now upon his third cup of wine if anyone was keeping track, while he rises to help himself to a smaller plate of morsels than the first. Eating slowly now, content to listen, Orvyn once again remains quiet for a while, though eventually he does speak up, "Ah, yes well Sir Thorley, I would not wish to put the Commandant into any strange or worriesome position during the works. Though mercenary life must be interesting with the addition of a child to the mix, no?" he queries of the table.

Ouida stands as a new lady enters, and bows her head, though she takes her seat soon after, due to the informal setting. "What a pleasure to make your acquaintance," she greets Elsbetta, warmly. "I am Ouida Harthall." She looks to both Lisebet and Elsbetta, perhaps their statue providing her with a clue about blood relations there, though she doesn't comment on it. "Was it so entrancing a read, then, my lady?" There's a gentle tease to her voice, and a wink to accompany it. "My assistance has largely been in pushing about resources," she tells Thorley. "Though if more sword arms are needed, I will heed the call!"

"Aye the mind, depends on how it is used and for what purposes but you are right in many ways," Sunniva intones, not at all disagreeing. She sips upon her wine slowly, giving a soft laugh to Thorley and a dip of her head as her wine glass is lifted in his direction. The marquessa falls into silence, listening as she takes part of her plate, supping finally as her eyes lift to move between those that converse. Her smile remains pleanst but fades in her idleness. That is until Elsbetta arrives. She lifts her hand in greeting before washing down a bite she took with more from her cup.

Lisebet offers a nearly shy look at Thorley after she returns Elsbetta's hug. "I am going to try to help weaken one of the giant gargantuan creatures that is suspected to be coming," she says quietly. "And Lady Ouida, this is my sister, Lady Elsbetta Farshaw. Els, this is Marquis Orvyn and Marquessa Sunniva Harthall. And I don't know if you've met Commandant Violet Sandreef-Marjawn yet?" That said, she sips some more wine, finishing her glass.

Elsbetta smiles at Ouida and sheepishly admits "It was the house accounting books and after pages and pages of figures I think my mind finally decided I needed a break. Next time I will ensure I am sitting on a very uncomfortable chair and have some strong coffee to keep me awake." She smiles at the others and says "So very nice to meet you all its great to be back in the city" she moves over and pours herself a glass of wine and takes a few items on a plate for herself

Orvyn perks up with that, his eyes alighting upon Elsbetta, "Oh, you say the accounts and ledgers? That would be a very important duty, and you are to take care of the Farshaw ledgers now that you have returned?" he asks of her, clearly curious, a smile starting to form upon his lips now that there is something that clearly interests him. "There is a place for swords and those experienced in such things, and I treasure my sister that she is able to handle such things, and my Marquessa in her way with words and peoples... but figures and numbers, the counting and organizational requirements of all things... numbers always tell the most curious of stories," he explains to all.

"Ah, briefly at some social thing perhaps, but a pleasure none the less lady Elsbetta," Violet says with a smile. "And I fall asleep over accounting books too. It's why Erin gives them to be at the start of the day, along with my coffee." Her gaze turns to Lisebet and there is interest there. "Oh indeed? I am sure your help will be of great benefit to the group. I just hope Prince Laric has the ritual right."

Ouida sighs most sympathetically towards Elsbetta. "I confess, I have had similar reaction to such things, my lady," she shakes her head woefully. "A most fearsome task!" she says, quite impressed, to Lisebet. Though her eyes narrow ever so slightly as well. "You did say there would be adequate protection about you while you were doing this, yes?" At Orvyn's perk up about the numbers--well, it's not an eyeroll, exactly, but an indulgent look that little siblings everywhere might well recognize as the precursor to a noogie. Except for this doesn't happen. This time. Instead she is good, and tosses down another swig of that delicious coffee liquer.

"A fearsome but eseential task," Sunniva puts in, glancing to Orvyn as she reaches over to briefly touch his hand. "It is why we put forth only our most bold to the task...because only he would ever find such things enticing," she smirks, "Though I must admit it seems the males of Harthall have the same interests. Lord Kent is of the same mind and Lord Josiah is rather inquisitive," she adds, smirking a bit across at Ouida with a soft laugh before she reaches for her wine and realizes she has already done away with it. Clucking her tongue, she pushes herself up and means to expedite the process of filling it. The whisper of her russet skirts sounsd as she crosses the distance to do just that, perhaps plucking up a fruit or two for consumption.

Lisebet inclines her head. "I think there will be a couple groups, Violet," she explains. Elsbetta gets a grin at the accounting story, especially when Orvyn picks up on it. "I do hope so as well," she says with feeling. "Or we may all be in a great deal of pain. As for protection," she adds, with a glance at Ouida, "there is, definitely. And I will also have my armour. Which - I trusted that you all would not mind, I am breaking in the leather so that it will be comfortable. Ish. When I need it." Honest, Ouida, she's not planning to get dead. "There seem to be many inquisitive men about."

There's a glance towards Violet, and then Thorley swallows. "I've decided to take on Rymarr's request for mounted cavalry to respond to the call." And he's not exactly the /greatest/ rider in the world.

Elsbetta with a sparkle in her eyes smiles at Orvyn and says "I am in complete agreement that the accounts and ledgers are very important generally I can give them the attention they deserve." her smile expands to an impish grin. She inclines her head towards Lisebet "Liz has been squeaking slightly around for the past few days."

Violet turns to look at Thorley now and raises a brow. "Really?" There is a hint of worry in her voice. "Well, you'll do well. You always do in what you put your mind too," She says smiling warmly. Turning back to Lisebet, "Ah, a smart move. The more you wear them the easier they'll move and, well yes. As you say," She chuckles as her own stumbling words and hides behind a sip of juice.

Orvyn's hand turns over to squeeze Sunniva's as she reaches for it, holding her hand for the moment that it takes her to go off and find herself a drink. He sips from his cup afterwards, smiling contentedly now, as the talk slips back over to accounts, "They tell the true story of the house and lands. Provided one does have access to the true ledgers of the respective owners. Such a marvelous tale contained within, and yes I understand how dry many will think of them, but I assure you that there is a poetic beauty locked away within the pages of ledgers, it just takes the right sort of eye to see it. I am pleased to see that Farshaw has access to one such person now." A pause and he nods his head to Ouida, offering her a wink as the noogie is not forthcoming.

"Ryhalt is the one who loves doing the books but I was just checking up on him" Elsbetta says with a teasing grin. Sips her wine and looks at her younger sister "Liz has always gotten into mischief and has always been able to get herself and everyone else she dragged in out with ease ... so I am not too concerned though I will make sure to ensure others keep an eye on her.."

Continuing to peruse the buffet table, Sunniva is catching snippets of conversation and glances back bewteen Harthall siblings with something of an expectant knowing smile. She refills her cup finally and begins the return to her seat. Eyes shift to each as they speak and she hmms thoughtfully. It is with a careful grace and manuvering of skirts that has her sitting once more with the rest. Her cup is partaken of before it is set aside and glances to Thorley and Violet, her smile softening a hair before fingers pluck up a piece of fruit. None of these areas are her forte, sword or ledgers.

"A well crafted suit of leathers does lend itself to both protection and an appreciation of the assets within it," Ouida remarks, once more with that wolfish grin. "My goodness, Lady Lisebet, next thing you know, you'll be joining the ranks of those of us more libertine," she teases, counting on her fingers. "First Lycene silks, now armor, what shall we expect next?" Her laughter is inclusive though, and tender, her eyes twinkling.

As the evening winds down Violet catches and hides a yawn behind her hand. "I'm afraid I need to cut my evening short. I did say I'd get more rest, and these days my body isn't letting me push," She says as she stands. Glancing at Thorley she waits for him before giving an attempt at a curtsy. She's too stuffed to bow. "Good evening everyone, it was a pleasure. Especially to meet you, Lady Ouida and Marquessa."

"Baby determines bedtime these days." Thorley says with a little laugh, offering a bow to the family and friends - after all, this dinner was the first one since that little announcement.

Ouida rises as Violet rises and the commandant and Thorley move to depart. "Rest well, Commandant. I'm certain I'll have the pleasure of your company again, and yours as well, Sir Thorley? A good evening to your both." She will remain standing until they depart, and then once more take her seat.

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Private Fane, Crimson Blade Assistant leave, following Violet.

Wulfwin, the Ambitious Squire leaves, following Thorley.

Lisebet smiles sweetly at Ouida. "Why thank you," she says. "As to what next, that would be telling." There is that flair of mischief across her face, and she gets to her feet to go refill her wine glass. Yes, those leathers do definitely provide an appreciation of the assets, indeed, if you're looking.

Elsbetta shakes her head at her sister with a smile of indulgence. " I am so glad Ryhalt isn't here Liz you do add white to his hair with your ways. I have always been the "quiet" sister .... atleast as far anyone knows" she adds slyly. Taking a lady like nibble from her food.

The Marquessa watches as Ouida rises and remains in her seat as the other's depart, but she does give them a bright smile. "Rest well..and I am glad that we could me at last." She watches the two go, glancing up at Ouida before she lifts her drink to her lips to wet her throat. Sunniva reaches out for a bit more of the food, "This is lovely...thank you Lady Lisebet. As ever we are grateful for the invitation." She inclines her head to the hostess and then to Elsbetta.

"As Ouida is my only sister, she gets the best and worst titles for everything depending on her... erm my mood," Orvyn replies before winking at Ouida and then turning to catch her glance at Lisebet and he sighs in a good natured way. "Well now, that was a lovely way to spend the evening, though all this talk of ledgers and numbers has me all bothered... I should likely need to return to the Keep to take care of such sums..." he admits with a rumbling laugh.

Wine in hand, Lisebet returns to her seat, giving a mock innocent look to her sister. "I do not know what you are talking about, certainly, Els." There is a smile to Orvyn and Sunniva, gently. "You are most welcome," she says. "I am glad you could make it. It is definitely nice to have a chance to chat with you all. I hope we can do this again sometime soon. I do apologize if I was monopolizing the conversation. I did not intend to."

Just so her sister-in-heart doesn't kick her under the table, Ouida keeps her sidelong blue-eyed appreciation of those assets for the most part in good taste, the vision compemented by the sweet taste of the piece of fruit she pops into her mouth. "It seems you've been caring for them well," she observes. "The more you dress them, the more they become part of you. Though thankfully you'll have better options than the lanolin that my knight swore by in my squiring days. It would seem that softness and suppleness would not protect as well from a hit, but in truth the more they are part of you, and softened with conditioning, the stronger they will be." Hey, it's an excuse to look, all right?" One dark brow rises at Elsbetta's claiming of the quiet one mantle, her grin widening. "Oh, is that so, my lady? Well, I'll know to keep an eye on you then!" She seems reluctant to even think of departing the company she's presently in, though she too nods along sadly. "It is so, there is a very early morning for me." Amazingly, there is nary a crumb left on the statuesque knight's plate. "And you have been a lovely hostess, Lady Lisebet. Perhaps we might host you and Lady Elsbetta at the keep soon?"

"Indeed, a lovely evening, and thank you. We shall connect again soon, I am certain, and remind your Duke that we would love to have him and the Duchess join us for a meal sometime," Orvyn replies, smiling for nicety's sake. "I will see you all soon," he does leave it at that, waiting for those whom may wish to return with him, and bowing politely to those whom will remain.

Her wine gone and the pleanstries given, Sunniva pushes herself up with graceful precision. "Thank you both, ever so much," she remarks. The Marquessa offers the Farshaw ladies a warm smile and glances to Orvyn. It is then she will take his hand and move about their chairs. "Till next time, be well," she offers after Orvyn's exchange. She glances to Ouida to see if she will come but otherwise will take her leave for the evening with the Marquis, dipping her head to exchange soft words.

Elsbetta smiles widely at their guests "It has been such a pleasure to get caught up eventhough I was late" rising to her feet " I hope we get a chance to do it again soon"

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