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The Greatest Show

Whispers of a name ripple through the streets of Arx, Galinius Roderic, THE Galinius Roderic, alchemical master extraordinaire is coming to Arx! His name is synonymous with miracles, he is the Prince of Potions, the Salve Sensation, the Master of Medicine. Galinius Roderic is here. He will be setting up shop in the Central Market for a month's time, one last chance to have your aches lifted, your pesky symptoms eased before he fades into retirement. Maybe he's looking for an apprentice to carry on his good works? There has yet to be a condition this man cannot cure. Some whisper that he's been chosen by Lagoma to do her works in Aion. Some say that's Blasphemy, but others? They just want to be healed.

This is the first in an ongoing plot arc. I'd like to keep it to 10 people, max, if possible, with priority given to Physicians. That being said, I'm usually up for folks to jump in. If you wants dibs on a spot, please @mail me by Sunday, Sept 2nd so I have a general idea of how many folks will be participating.


Sept. 11, 2018, 4 p.m.

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Christine Ian Lethe Coraline Brigida Rey Sheena Meriah



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The City Center

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Sheena checked perception + streetwise at difficulty 20, rolling 12 higher.

Leporis, the silent handmaiden arrives, following Joslyn.

Rumors have been swirling for days about the impending arrival of THE Galinius Roderic, alchemist of legend! He's been on a tour of Arvum since returning from his travels abroad. A few days ago a wagon pulled into the City Center Market, a tent fashioned in the back, taking over a large section of the market space (with permits, naturally) and after some time taken to set up the stage and multi-roomed tents, word spreads that Galinius himself will be putting on a demonstration today. A large crowd has gathered as the final touches are set, a pair of assistants laying out dark glass bottles in a row, plumping the cushion on a grandiose carved chair set in the middle of the stage.

The curtains are drawn back, and Galinius is center stage, a tall, spare and trim figure of a man, silk stockings and a velvet tunic, a half-cape gracing one shoulder. His hair is silvered and coiffed to perfection, swept back from his face in a voluminous style. His brows are thick and set over a pair of intense green eyes. A patrician nose and thin lipped mouth gives him an effortlessly stern appearance, though there is a magnetic charm to the man, a tangible charisma as he steps forward. His voice, when he speaks, projects easily, a resonate quality with excellent diction and enunciation. His accent is from the Crownlands, smooth and just a little arrogant.

"Welcome, citizens of Arx, to the future of health and beauty! I, Galinius Roderic have returned from the distant shores of Eurus, I have bartered with Cardian traders and brought back elixirs and herbs unseen by any on our humble shores! If you have a problem, a persistent irritant or condition, I. Can. FIX IT!"

Giuseppe Gallo of Lenosia leaves, following Luca.

Christine arrives with Aida at her side, both woman chatting on some shav tongue. She gestures around to the older woman and when she sees the tent she gets closer.

Ian is here, although probably not for the snake oil -- er -- alchemy show. In fact, it's a good bet that if he had any idea something like this was going on, he'd be as far away as possible, considering. But here he is, poor sweet summer child, shopping at the market with no idea what he's just walked into. He's at a stall that's selling flasks, because of course he is. As he gradually realizes what's going on around him, he swears under his breath.

Lethe looks around with an eager curiosity. She keeps her attention on Galinius as he speaks and waits to see what might happen.

Cora and Sheena are there together watching the specticle, and listening. Cora shakes her head minutely as she listens thinking. To Sheena she says softly, "I might actually be able to test this directly." Waving a hand to catch the man's attention she calls, "And can you speed up healing Master Galinius?"

Brigida stands right in the middle of the crowd, somehow staring down at the man on stage despite the fact that she is looking up at him. Her hands are on the knobbly end of her walking stick, knuckles turning white as she grips it, leaning heavily on the knotted old oak. She is flanked on either side by robed disciples of Petrichor, both of whom seem quite impressed with the show Galinius is putting on, already checking to see how much silver they have in their pouches. The Archlector herself, however, looks far less than impressed. When Coraline calls out to the man she gives a slight snort. "Perhaps he has a curefor getting old."

Rey has been poking around just abit and the tiny Mercy is easy to be dismissed or noticed when she is dressed as such. Today she is dressed as a Mercy and is sitting on a small group of boxes near the stage and near where Cora and Sheena happen to be, she is silent with her hands in her lap as she watches the "show". Those sea-green eyes ponder the Silver-haired Master and seems to be listening.

Christine seems to hear Brigida and she snickers at her comment. She murmurs to Aida, probably repeating it, cause the older woman chuckles (she chuckles! She doesn't squint or grumble!) and looks at Brigida with a sympathetic look, from old woman to old woman.

Christine in the meanwhile seems to have spotted Ian and she walks to him to offer him a hug. "Dear! Did you come to see the miracle man? I heard about him when I was shopping..."

Undoubtdly the timid tailor was dragged along by Coraline but as she has shown previously, she goes along with what peole want of her in general. "Doesn't seem like he would lie." says the gullible one. "I brought some stuff to work on while watching." Unsurprising. Though, she sticks close to Coraline and Rey, since Rey is near by and Sheena vaguely knows her.

Ian looks over at Christine when he hears her voice, and shakes his head. "Didn't know he'd be here." He leaves it unsaid that he wouldn't be here if he had. He is definitely not getting any closer. "Been a while. You doing good?"

Coraline's question draws Galinius' attention and he looks to the young woman with a wide smile. "What ails you, my young -- Thraxian Princess?" His eyes rake her form, as if seeking out signs or signals of injury, taking in various details, and looking fairly confident in his estimation of her rank. Brigida's commentary does not go unnoticed and the man offers her a wide smile, "Well my dear lady of the Faith. Why... could you be that most beautiful of Archlectors? Petrichor's Rose? Ahhh, for you I do indeed have something to bring the rush and flush of youth back into your lovely bones." Galinius looks back to Coraline, "What healing was it you needed, your highness? Tell me while Abdrigal fetches me my bottled youth." He motions to one of his female assistants who is moving towards a dark green bottle, opening it up and using a pair of tongs to remove what appears to be a dark sphere the size of a peach pit.

Rey gets a warm smile and Sheena gets a nod before Cora's attention goes back to the man, "You are quite correct, Thraxian Princess it is." Cora says grinning, "As to what healing, I have wolf bites, lots of them some quite deep, been healing for a few weeks now, course being the active sort I would very much prefer them to be done with that sort of thing. Can you get skin, muscle, and sinew to heal faster? No infection thankfully." she tosses in there.

Meriah is nearby and watching, she has found an inconspicuous area to lean for the moment, observing the showmanship with a mild curiosity. Her attention shifts between those Galinius addresses and the man himself, but always back to the man.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrive, following Petal.

"My bones are like everyone else's, goodman, and nothing about them is any lovelier than your own," drawls Brigida, tone more dry than cross. "And I haven't been a rose in form or attitude in a few years. But if you think you have something in there to provide me a rush and a flush, then I should like to see it. I can't remember the last time anything gave me much of a flush, but the antics of a Golden Rose in her prime would make most of these children blush." Despite her words, she looks at the man with challenge. The woman of faith is among the more skeptical in the audience. Skeptical and more than a little vexed on behalf of those she feels have been bamboozled by his slick showmanship.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant leave, following Petal.

Christine grins to Ian. "I'm fine, I've been busy... What about you, dear?" Aida frowns as she listens and asks something to Christine as Galinius adresses Brigida. Christine's translation makes Aida stare at the man now

Back to the stage Sheena looks, clasping her hands together a moment before sliding her hand to the pack she wears to pull out an item. Undoubtedly for her to work on. She stays quiet now as she watches to see how things are going to happen.

"Shopping for the gift day thing," Ian says to Christine with a sigh. "I'm no good at this stuff, figuring out what people want."

"Ahhh, bad wolves. I do indeed have something that should speed up the healing and is guaranteed to reduce the chances of scarring. Now," Galinius looks to Coraline as he gestures for his male assistant to fetch him another bottle, "Mordo, the Salvation Salve, if you please." There is a brief glance to ensure his aid is doing as requested, before Galinius looks back to Coraline, "Now the only real remedy for such wounds is time, your highness. I can shave a week off your recovery, *if* you follow my directions and apply this salve thrice daily." He motions for Coraline to come closer, "But what I peddle is the truth, not pretty lies." He looks back to Abdrigal and takes the round pill from her and opens a pouch, putting the ball inside and rolling it around. It is removed with another set of tongs and he offers it to Brigida. "Eat of this, and be again the Golden Rose." The ball is offered to the Archlector, the man giving a slick bow, the item extended in those tongs. It looks a little messy, coated in something sticky.

Rey is swinging her legs and looks nothing more than a very young girl covered in white as she ponders the tall male as each item is offered and she wrinkles her brow gently over something that has been said.

Game enough Cora moves closer, her green eys watching the man. "A week? Well a week is better than none to be sure. And cost for the salve?" Cora asks in a curious tone.

Rey checked intellect + alchemy at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Lethe continues to watch quietly. She turns her atttention to Brigida and Coraline as Galinius speaks with them.

Christine chuckles. "Oh, dear. I forgot the gift day..." She tilts her head. "Well... People always can use a nice knife. If not to fight, to eat. Or to hang on a wall. I have a sword in my wall I wouldn't dare to use..." She raises a shoulder. "And pretty clothes make nice presents too..." She's also paying attention to the demostration too, mostly now that Aida is so interested and demands explanations or translations from time to time. Demands them!

Ian isn't watching what's happening too closely; most of his attention is on Christine, a display of that focus that he usually shows while talking with someone. His gaze is fixed on her. "I still have that scarf. It's come in handy a couple times."

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Brigida gives the ball a look that could be called dubious if one were feeling incredibly generous. Hostile if one is being a bit more ridiculous. "You know, Goodman Galinius, I have a pet pig. Now I didn't realize that those were cure-alls, but I suppose I should be excited to know that he drops cure-alls all day long. I should have to have one of my disciples follow him around and collect the cure-alls as they come out his backside. How much do you charge for such a treasure?"

"The salve runs about four thousand silver per ounce. An ounce contains roughly twelve applications." Galinius says, "But I tell you, it will work like nothing you've ever seen." He puts a hand up over his heart as if swearing a vow. "I will be here in the city for a month's time. If you have not seen and felt a noticeable change in half that time, I will refund your silver." There is an affronted look turned to the Archlector and Galinius puts a hand over his heart and shakes his head. "I can promise you, there is no feces in this. Nor, might I add, is it a cure all. No such thing in my experience. For you, I would offer this free of charge, but they typically go for one thousand silver per bolus. I strongly suggest consuming no more than one per day. Youth unfettered can be dangerous."

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp arrives, following Miranda.

"Ohh that is steep, what sort of ingredients do you use? Now I am no alchemist but I am curious what sort of herbs might stimulate tissue regeneration. I will certainly give you the four thousand and give it a try however." she pulls out a small pouch, counts out the silver and holds it out for him.

Rey tilts her head to the side and nods toward Coraline after a few momens of thought on what is offered. But otherwise she let's Brigida deal with her own, seeing as the Archlector has it more than in hand. But also it is interessting to listen to her.

Aida seems about to jump to the stage and pick that pill if Brigida doesn't, once she gets the whispered explanation from Christine! The lady, though, holds her maid's shawl in an attempt to keep her near, as she grins to Ian. "Useful! That's great! You need to tell me how, was it so cold when you needed it? It was really warm, at least."

"I ended up lighting it on fire, actually," Ian tells Christine. "Like you suggested. Wasp problems. Smoke drives them away." Aida's interest in the stage draws Ian's attention there, but only for a moment. Then he goes back to listing the long and storied history of his scarf. "Used it to keep some stuff off my face a couple times and breathe in dusty or smoky areas, once to filter a really bright light that I had to look at. I still didn't see right for days after, but it could have been a lot worse. Once used it to staunch a shark bite, and on that same day to block out a nasty sound."

Brigida gives another snort when the man mentions the dangers of unfettered youth. "Oh, Goodman Galinius, do believe that I have seen those dangers straight on." She looks back to the bolus, expression tightening. Boy, bolus is just not a particularly enticing way to describe something one is meant to ingest. Without looking to Coraline the Archlector says, "You cannot expect him to answer those questions, dear. After all, these are proprietary preparations. A magician never reveals his secrets." She studies the ball a moment longer, then nods to one of her disciples who shuffles forth to take it.

Quietly to Rey and Coraline Sheena says, "I think he is being truthful. We do not know how far he has travelled to find the things he needs. He could have went from corner to corner of our world to find the best medicines there are." Sheena's voice doesn't carry very well but she might be close enough with Coraline and Rey that she might be over heard.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor have been dismissed.

Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor have been dismissed.

Galinius does not dirty his hands with money, oh no. Abdrigal accepts the pouch of silver and Mordo gives her the bottle of salve. "Apply this to a hot compress and set it over the wound. Leave in place until the compress turns cold. Do this three times a day and you should see a change for the better." Galinius nods to the instructions given and when Coraline asks for the ingredients, there is a little smile, one that might be considered coy on a less stern and patrician fellow. He points grandly to the Archlector at her comments, smiling. "She is correct, I cannot give away all my secrets, your highness, but I will tell you I have included yarrow, calendula and comfrey along with some other things, and stewed in my special method." There is a look of disappointment when the Archlector declines to try the medicine ball right away, and Galinius scans the crowd. "Now, I cannot call this a demonstration in truth if nothing is tried! Are there any others, feeling a bit worn and tired in search of a shot of eternal youth?" He looks around the square, his commanding voice carrying. "You there! Grandmother, come up here, I will give you one of these, free of charge if you eat it now and tell the crowd how you feel?" The woman in question is likely in her late forties and looks a bit aggrieved to be labeled 'grandmother'. Still, she moves forward, picking her way through the crowd towards the stage, "Well. I am a little extra tired today..."

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

Taking the bottle and sliding it in her pocket, Cora nods to the man and moves back to where Rey and Sheena are. "Of course," she murmurs, eyes following the not that old woman.

Aida GRUMBLES in disappointment when someone younger than her gets called to the stage when the old woman was almost bouncing in place when Christine told her he was looking for new volunteers!

Christine tries to calm her down, also frowning as the man calls grandmother to someone almost her age, and she turns back to Ian. "You burnt it! Oh, dear! A shark!" She places a hand on her chest and laughs. "Well, that's a strong scarf!!"

Caspian checked command + teaching at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Ian nods to Christine. "It's been pretty tough. I've had to get someone to mend it in a couple places, but you can't tell unless you look close." He side-eyes the woman going up to the stage.

Reigna GM Roll checked charm(5) + propaganda(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

To be fair, commoners typically only live into their 50s, so, late 40s is getting up there. No one likes to be called old though. The woman moves forward and makes a face when presented with her own sticky bolus. She holds it between two fingers and sniffs skeptically and then takes a bite. Her face implies it does not taste particularly delightful. Galinius is smiling though, watching her with pride. "Now, stay up here while you finish that, my dear and we will check back in with you in a few minutes time." He looks back to the crowd and begins launching into a new sales pitch, "Galinius Roderic does more than heal the body! He heals the soul and the mind! Who here has a problem talking to other folks? Are you terminally shy? I can FIX YOU! Are you having trouble meeting the right person? Does everyone you try to take home end up going home with someone else? I. CAN." And here, his assistants get in on it, shouting in unision: "FIX YOU!" The crowd is warming up to him, certainly, there was a slow start with Coraline and Brigida, but this synchronized shouting is getting them into the spirit. "Who wants to come up here and get FIXED!?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sheena before departing.

The talk of being shy causes the timid Sheena to glance more closely at the stage, looking mildly uncertain. Being the not bold thing she is Sheena just settles in closer to Coraline and sends word off with a messenger.

Reigna GM Roll checked composure(3) at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

Lethe continues to pay close attentiong to Galinius, but she seems hesitant to come up. She stays where she is and looks around at the crowd.

Reigna GM Roll checked perception(4) at difficulty 20, rolling 27 higher.

He's asking for volunteers! And Aida almost lost her shawl struggling with Christine to rush to the stage! Christine gestures to Ian to excuse her and she rushes before the maid, trying to call her to her senses. It's useless, she's blinded by promised youth.

Okay, so possibly it is less than logical for a man to ask for people suffering from bashfulness or shyness to come onto the stage. Or is it? There are plenty of people who seem eager to come forward, and Galinius ignores these folk pretty much right off the bat. Instead, he is scanning the audience, looking for those who less particularly reluctant to answer the call to come forward. As such, he focuses on Sheena, Rey, Lethe and Ian. Pointing to each of them, he begins rousing the crowd, "You there, the beautiful blonde Mercy, come on up to the stage my dear, and bring your friend with you." Rey's friend being Sheena, naturally. "And you... my lord, in the back there? With the cane?" He grimaces as Aida is charging the stage, motioning for Mordo to step in and help the excited maid. He gives the crowd a final scan and focuses on Lethe, "You, my lady, why do you not come up as well! Bring her forward, friends, help her up onto the stage!"

Ian hears 'My lord' and 'with the cane', and he seems both unsurprised and unenthusiastic to have done so. He shifts his attention towards the stage with a sigh. "I'll pass." His thick Isles accent comes out even in those two words, raised to be heard over the crowd. Then Aida breaks free from Christine's restraint and charges onstage, and he gives Christine a questioning look.

Rey arches an eyebrow as she is pointed out, she gives a half smile at the beautiful part but then sighs gently as she slides off her box and wraps an arm around Sheena's. She whispers something to her and then looks up at the stage again and ponders a long moment before finally moving with slow steps, those green eyes almost lost for a moment, and in truth it might be Sheena that leads those final steps.

Lethe looks surprised when she's pointed out. She takes a deep breath and nods as she decides she will head up to the stage.

Reigna GM Roll checked charm(5) + manipulation(4) at difficulty 35, rolling 21 higher.

Lethe checked willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 20 lower.

Cora goes along with Sheena and Rey, more for moral support for Sheena.

Coraline checked willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 16 higher.

Christine rolls her eyes to as answer of his

When she is focused on Sheena squeaks and tries to scooch behind Coraline, shaking her head. THe whisper from Rey causes her to /somewhat/ relax. Not much but she doesn't resit the taking od her arm by Rey. She does glance up at Coraline, likely trying to decide if it is safe away from the princess. This is dne even as she goes with Rey. Once on the stage she scoots behind Rey to keep eyes off her. When Coraline goes as well she relaxes even more and shifts to hide behind both of them ad peek between them at what is going on.

Galinius moves to Lethe first, holding out his hand in a way that invites her to put her hand in his. He is handsome in a stately, almost noble sort of way. He offers a respectful bow to Lethe and asks, "Tell me, my lady, if there was one thing you could change about your personality... what would it be? Oh, you do not have to say it loudly, come, whisper into my ear."

Christine rolls her eyes to Ian as an answer to his questioning look. Despite her own cane, she manages to reach Aida before she reaches the stage (she's younger after all!) and there is an argument in Isles Shav before Christine manages to grab her and drag her away. Whoever knows the language will understand some tomorrows and promises... She passes near Ian and murmurs to him. "If you are staying, would you tell me how that youth miracle worked, please? I think I'll better take Aida home before she does something crazy..."

Ian shrugs to Christine. "Sure," he agrees. "Good luck."

Lethe frowns as she considers what to say. She takes his hand, but she doesn't bother to whisper. "Change about my personality? I like who I am, but I suppose I wouldn't mind being more popular."

"Who doesn't want to be more popular... I have just the thing. Mordo? Bring me the perfume of allure." Galinius replies with a smile to the crowd. He takes Lethe's hand and begins stroking the back of it with gentle pressure, soon enough the assistant arrives and lightly applies a perfumed oil to the pulse points at Lethe's neck and wrists before withdrawing. Galinius leans in and begins whispering into her ear, keeping a proper posture, not being any more forward than continuing to stroke the back of her hand.

Aida, an old woman leaves, following Christine.

There's a subtle change in the way that Ian stands, watching Galinius' treatment of Lethe. There's no disapproval written on his face, no outrage, but at the same time, he looks like he's right on the edge of interfering.

Lethe starts to relax as she listens to what Galinius whispers. She takes the time to take in the new scent and looks around at the people watching. She smiles with more confidence than when she stepped onto the stage.

After he is done whispering to Lethe, Galinus takes her hand and lifts it so that he can kiss her knuckles before presenting her to the crowd, "Does she not seem far more alluring? See that smile! See her grace! Her nerves are gone! Give her a round of applause, show her how much you love her!" The crowd is getting into this display and is offering a roaring cheer for Lethe, before Mordo offers her his arm, to guide her off the stage, murmuring something to Lethe before releasing her.

Lethe is still smiling as she steps off the stage. She even removes her gold haircomb and sets it into the box by the tent. Her raven curls flow down her back as she returns to the crowd.

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Mongoose arrives, following Joscelin.

Meriah fumes for a moment and then comes out of her lean, walking through the crowd to see the show up close. This is about when Lethe is exiting the stage, letting her hair down. The surgeon eyes Galinus. "This isn't medicine," he says. Loudly.

Joscelin has rolled a critical success!
Joscelin checked perception + economics at difficulty 20, rolling 92 higher.

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

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Reigna GM Roll checked composure(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 18 lower.

Mongoose arrives, following Joscelin.

Galinius smiles as he watches Lethe go, turning to look to Sheena and Coraline. He studies the Princess for a long moment and with a grin says, "You seem unbothered by anxiety, your highness, ahhh, but your friend here..." Galinius' eyes fall on Sheena and there is a look in his eyes that seems so very compassionate. He extends his hand to her, an obvious invitation to lay her hand in his, though Meriah's interjection, has him looking towards the one-eyed surgeon. He breaks his facade, seeing Meriah's scars in all their glory, starting backwards, recoiling in obvious disgust. "By the gods!" It takes him a moment to refocus, to reapply that mask of noble calm and he peers at her again. "It is not standard medicine, but it heals the heart, my goodwoman. Uh... you might be a challenge to fix, but if anyone can fix you it is Galinius Roderic!" He clears his throat and looks back to Sheena, that hand extending towards her. "Come my dear, let me help you."

Ian makes a soft huffing sound that might be a laugh at Galinius' reaction to Meriah. There might have even been something resembling an upward quirk to the corners of his mouth. Or at least on corner. Maybe it was a spasm.

Rey is not used to people being able to hide behind her but Sheena is as tiny as she is, if maybe showing more curves. But when the Mercy glances at Sheena and squeezes her hand gently and if needed will walk with her over to Galinius. Or well Coraline might and then Rey will simply stay in her place on the stage and look out not over the crowd but over those who are working this show.

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Joscelin checked perception + economics at difficulty 20, rolling 12 higher.

Nodding at his observation at her lack of anxiety, Cora nods, "This is true, I am here to help her." And she indicates Sheena. Cora's own amusement at his response is briefly evident although hidden quickly.

Mongoose leaves, following Joscelin.

A small nervous smile is given by Sheena towards Galinius. Though, she does not move from her spot behind Rey and Coraline. She does wriggle her head to fit between them, though. She really looks like a child peeking between her mother's legs. "I'm good here." insists Sheena quietly. She, unlike the amusemetnt of others, gives Galinius a small disappointed frown when he recoils from Meriah, "THat is not very nice." she informs him. The small frown deeps a little, "She is here for your help, yes?"

"I was not intending to be cruel, little one." Galinius replies to Sheena, "I was simply unprepared. And I *did* say I would help her..." Galinius shakes his head, "Come now I promise I will not bite. Come forward so that I might cure you of this bashfulness. Do you not want to be free to enjoy the company of others without being shackled by fear?" Galinius looks to the crowd, selling it hard. Folks are murmuring among themselves, nodding to this and that.

"You were still terribly cruel." says Sheena, still frowning. Her expressive face shows her disappointment at his reaction to MEriah. However, assured that both Coraline and Rey will not let anything ill towards her go unresponded too Sheena /finally/ squeezes out from behind them, by going between them.

Meriah puts her hands on her hips. She comes forward. But not yet onto the stage. "Eat my ass, I don't want your goof juice." The surgeon blurts out. Maybe she has had enough of him, maybe he caught her on a bad day. It's unclear. "Leave her alone, you creep." She waves Sheena away and then takes the stage. "Come on. Try to cure me then, I dare you."

Yes, that was definitely a smile that flitted across Ian's expression -- right around 'eat my ass'. Even after it goes, the echo of it remains in a slight softening of his haggard features.

Reigna GM Roll checked charm(5) + manipulation(4) at difficulty 40, rolling 1 higher.

Meriah checked willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 5 lower.

At Meriah's more aggressive interference, there is a turn from Galinius away from Sheena to focus on Meriah. The crowd is uncertain about all of this now, a couple of boos thrown out at the interruption, several laughs at Meriah's language. As she steps onto the stage, he nods, dipping down into a fancy, courtly bow, extending his hand in invitation for Meriah to place her hand in his. "As you wish, goodman. Step forward and we will see if I can successfully heal your heart."

Meriah stares at Galinius intently for a moment. When he offers his hand, she raises hers, and instead of taking it she slaps down on his with a cackle. "Hey, pal. Buy me dinner first won't yea?" The surgeon grins toothily. "If touchin' a girl heals her heart, well I /mean/, I'm a regular miracle worker!"

Ian snorts and makes a coughing sound that also might be a laugh. He shifts a little more weight to his cane.

Reigna GM Roll checked charm(5) + propaganda(3) at difficulty 20, rolling 41 higher.

Mordo arrives, unbidden with a different bottle, but Galinius, frowning at the stinging slap delivered to his palm holds up his other hand. "No, Mordo. This creature seeks only to disrupt, not to participate." There is something of an arrogant sneer in Galinius' voice as he looks to Meriah, "Why do you deny the people what they want? These people are here to be cured, this poor creature can barely endure the public eye, shivering behind her friends. I seek only to help, and yet you, well. My offer remains. If you genuinely seek help, I will cure you, free of charge. But for now? For now I believe I am done." Galinius turns to the crowd, "You fine people deserve better. But I cannot work with such disruptions. Do let her know how you feel. I will return later this evening." There is a glance cast to Meriah, "Provided certain disruptions cease." That last bit? Downright ominous. The crowd has *definitely* turned on Meriah, the chorus of boos getting louder, people starting to heckle and shout at her, clearly upset that the show, for now, is over.

Letatria, Savereon, Umbrio, an enormous palomino destrier arrive, following Aahana.

Letatria, Savereon, Umbrio, an enormous palomino destrier leave, following Aahana.

Turning on the crowd Cora scowls, "That is ENOUGH, you will calm yourselves and retain civility and you will do so NOW!"

Coraline has rolled a critical success!
Coraline checked command + propaganda at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

It's a little belated, Ian's realization that Galinius has turned the crowd on Meriah, but when that realization comes, his amusement drains away, leaving him dangerously calm, with something dark in his electric blue eyes. He starts in her direction.

Meriah hears the boos and jeers of the crowd. She frowns for a moment and then looks back at Galinius. She leans forward, lifting her eyepatch briefly for him to see the vacant hole. "I see you," is all she says. A toothy grin. Before she steps back, hands risen. "Apologizes! Apologizes! Ol' Black Meriah just havin' a bit of fun!"

Coraline is an imposing figure when she wants or needs to be, and the Thraxian Princess is able to get quiet a lot of people to turn their hissing and booing into just grumbling. There are still one or two belligerent individuals who continue to heckle the surgeon, hoping that the size of the crowd will hide them. The chances of outright violence is firmly reduced to zero, but people are still jerks. As for Galinius, the sight of that empty socket makes the man shudder and hurk and he turns away, definitely looking grossed out. The assistants start to pack things up and draw the curtains. The show, for now, is over.

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