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Lady Christine Kennex

I read something about that in a book... How was it...?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Oblivious knowledge seeker
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: female
Age: 39
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'7''
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: light brown
Skintone: fair

Description: Christine isn't the short type, around 5'7'', which makes her look even skinnier than what she is. However, any image of fragility she could show, tends to disappear when she starts moving.
Long brown hair cascades down her back and has brown shiny eyes, long eyelashes and a smile that can seem so innocent... or so naughty.
Time seems to have been kind with her appearance, and little wrinkles touch her face. In any case, nothing that some nice make up cannot mask
A thin large tattoo of an ivy grows up her right leg, up her thigh and back, and finishes as a ring around the middle finger of her left hand. Small leaves sprout from the twisted stems, some of them formed by letters instead of just simple lines. They form mostly random words, in different writings and languages.

Personality: Christine has one true love: books. That doesn't avoid her being interested in other things. Like people. Blunt or charming, flirty or dry, it's not that she has different personalities, is that she loves observing how people react to each of them... It doesn't help the fact that she's so easy to distract, either...

Background: Christine spent most of her early days learning how to read, how to write, how to get more books... The world didn't need to be seen, since you can find it all and more in a good library.
But then, one day she did. On her way back home, after visiting her cousin Denholm, she decided to take a detour...
And ever since, she's been travelling around... because, why just to read books if you can be part of them?

Name Summary
Aerandir A jovial and easy-going noblewoman whose path mine crossed with in the Ambassador Salon, one familiar with Acacia.
Aethan The studious Kennex -- knowledgable, and no-nonsense. Very good qualities all.
Agnarr A kraken, but seems more keen on studying than skinning. Just as well.
Ainsley She's an interesting Lady who says she wants to train, but came to the training center in silk dresses and stockings. Not good for training! Get some armor, Lady Christine!
Alaric She seems rather freespirited and whimsical for a scholar, but I suppose it would be unrealistic to expect every scholar to be uniformly shy, retiring, and staid.
Alarissa A kennex through and through.
Alexis Lady Christine Kennex. A self-professed bookworm with a delightful laugh. And a shared sense of humour.
Amarantha I like anyone who gives Baron Stormbreak a hardtime.
Ann It's like looking into a mirror. Could this be a sister from another mister?
Arianna Beautiful and charming, she possesses the look of a scholar. Kennex is a lucky man to count this woman among his family. She still remains so beautiful for claiming to be "old." I have no idea what she is talking about but if she needs me to I will play along. I hope to see more of her!
Austen A friendly woman, who I at first believed fragile - surprised me with her limberness!
Bianca Hungry for knowledge, though a bit familiar like her second cousin. That did not make her unpleasant, though, and I appreciate her desire to aid the whole.
Cadenza What a wonderful woman! I could see myself getting into some fun with her.
Caspian She is of House Kennex, so she has already among the more better nobles in my book
Cirroch A woman who seems to be well informed about the lesser known truths of life and the world.
Clara I didn't get to talk to her much but she seems like a nice woman. Hopefully, I get to speak with her again soon.
Clover A quiet woman, with an interesting tattoo.
Cristoph I didn't have much of a chance to speak with her when we first met, but there was much talk of boats and people falling into dungeon cells full of snakes! However she came across as polite and friendly and I wouldn't be adverse to further engagements in the future where we spoke at greater length.
Daemon A lady of Kennex! A fine looking one at that. I did like her pet, though I must say I don't think Elegance agreed. A shame.
Darrow A woman who is curious about the violence I bring, yet believes in the power of life to change for the better.
Delilah Without a doubt, an ally in my mind. She seems well informed, and who could argue that? There is much to learn about her, and although I may hesitate, she is one of good intentions.
Denica Says she's a bookworm, but she seems to know a thing or two that you just don't get from books.
Derovai Kind, maybe a bit too much so. Needs practice with her knives.
Echo A sweet lady who seems somewhat interested in the going-ons at the Training Center. She looks kinda tough, to be honest. I bet she's hiding some cool tricks up her sleeve.
Elgana A lovely lady who seems to enjoy books and rum. I'm trying to like books more so at least we have rum to bond over. Will definitely seek this one out for rum at the very least.
Fairen A cheerful, friendly sort of lady who seems quite affectionate. Very attractive, and seems to possess a degree of compassion for others.
Hana A Kennex woman who I bumped into in the Traders Tavern, talking business with Joslyn. She seems cheerful and friendly, in a manner I don't usually associate with the Isles!
Ian I'm not sure she's all there, sometimes. The scarf turned out to be useful, though.
Isolde I'm dying to see what's in that basket. The Lady Kennex is proving my preconception of stoic and serious Thrax to be wrong.
Jeffeth A woman seeking out her relative who was upset. She seemed responsible, she was just caught in the wake of Sameera's wrath.
Lucita A scholarly woman deep into research, will help her when I can. Pleasant natured, well spoken. Looking forward to the next time we speak.
Mae She seems nice, she seems friendly, and had she not be in MY inn, I might actually have liked to speak to her!
Maeve She seems a sweet enough Lady! I enjoyed being able to simply chat with her in the Grotto.
Marian Perhaps we walk down the same path but different roads. I am grateful that she seems to want to help me in my quest. She and her friend seems more adept than I to do this damn research.
Merek %bMerek met this woman in his shoppe. She seems to be nice enough, and it seems she is a Thrax, if the way she holds herself is any indication. Christine also seems to like shopping!
Monique At least she tried to cheer for me. I didn't give her much to cheer for! I like her cheer, though. It's infectious. And a Kennex. I like them a great deal.
Naka A helpful teacher and a fellow seeker after knowledge.
Nash Approachable, outgoing, friendly. And an art lover! She's a good example of what nobility from all houses, Isles or the rest, should be like.
Niklas My most scholarly cousin. I'm pretty sure she, Octavia and I are the only ones in the family who don't consider books to be something to be kept in the bathroom for emergencies.
Orathy Princess Christine, her gut is so clean and she like to be seen, wearing fur in the lowers. A drink, a scrub, and one good thug, will see her flipped over my shoulder.
Petal She seems very nice and generous. She looks good in blue.
Raja Met this woman over some drinks at the Murder. She seems nice enough. She also seems to get 'it' about not asking too many questions.
Reese She seems to be studious and thoughtful. She certainly love books a lot. She is friendly and likes to shop. I love to shop as well, so maybe we will go shopping together some day.
Rinel Is that a tattoo in /High Arxian/?!
Rook Kennex lady, known to visit the baths. She found amusement as well as I did regarding Lady Clover's shock that I would bathe naked.
Sabella I still owe her a tour of our Grayson library, but the Lady Christine has an impressive grasp of languages and I quite enjoyed the translation of a scroll that she did!
Saedrus A delightfully unique woman. I recall she made for very interesting company.
Sameera A book person. Undecided on thoughts.
Sergei Seems interested, or curious in just about anything. Carefree girl for a noble, but I don't mind her company any.
Skye A fellow knowledge seeker right in the heart of Thrax. Perhaps I should seek her help with my research.
Sorrel Although she claims to be old, she's really just slightly older. But she's a fine lady, with a good attitude and sense of fun, quite pleasant to spend time with.
Sparte She seems fun and loves books. Loves them! I wonder if she'd read any book someone gave her. Oooh, I should give her that terrible story about Dash the Guard Corgi and Tiny Tom having a forbidden love. What? No, I didn't write it. I suddenly have to wash my hair.
Talen A slightly more mature woman of the Compact who happens to have a thing for walking up and down stairs. They met when Christine walked in on Talen and Agnarr finishing off a bout of training in the center of the Compact ward. It seems she didn't want to be there to train, so one assumes it was to leer at soldiers.
Theron Lady Christine Kennex is a relative of Lord Washburn and Lord Ian's. The Kennex women are less icy and analytical in behavior than their counterparts. It's an interesting case in studies. Either way, she seems to be a good person.
Tomwell An interesting woman! I get the feeling there's more to her than meets the eye, and I'd be curious to find out what.
Torian They were at the Merchant West fire and The Compact owes them a debt of gratitude!
Turo A Kennex scholar who studies the occult? Well, this may prove for some interesting conversations. And not nearly as dust-covered as other scholars I've met.
Tyrval We'll likely meet again. It's always the quiet ones.
Vanora She's utterly lovely, and has such a warm and inviting personality. I am pleased to meet another woman in the Kennex family whose company I feel I could grow to enjoy.
Vayle Kind. Our introduction was limited, but her thirst for knowledge seems clear and is appreciated as some of her questions fell hand in hand with my own.
Victus Another Lady of Kennex, but one that's got a fun-loving type of demeanor. Seems smart too. That's a dangerous combination that I am pretty a-okay with.
Zalika A love Lady who I can't wait to see wearing my fashions. I hope to make fast friends and not just a new customer.