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Assembly of the Hundred Cities

This inaugural event will take place in the Hall of the Hundred Cities, newly built specific for this purpose, and a sight to behold. The Lyceum's peerage, gentry and citizens are invited to witness the unity of the Lyceum through the discussion of the agenda and if there's suitable time, petition the gathered Duchesses and their representatives to request advice and support. Admittance will only be permitted to those of Velenosan fealty.


June 22, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Eleyna Talen


Grazia Lucita Mydas(RIP) Mirari Theo Quenia Isolde Pasquale Cambria Lys Belladonna Luis



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Hall of the Hundred Cities

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, Tale - The Snow Fox, A Mirror Masked Woman, Calvary -- A Large Fluffy Hound, 6 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Isolde.

Quenia has joined the Gemecittan Benches.

6 House Velenosa Guards, Jiacomo, the Velenosa seneschal arrive, following Talen.

Talen drops General Benches.

Talen drops a set of high backed chairs at the center of the room.

Eleyna has joined the a set of high backed chairs at the center of the room.

As people begin to file in, Eleyna sits in the center of the room, clad in a mixture of umbra and aeterna. She waits patiently, offering smiles here and there to some as they enter. The Archduchess is a center of calm in the cavernous room as attendants and ushers busily move between benches. Wine is on offer because it wouldn't be a proper Lycene gathering without wine, and the ushers quietly guide the attendees to the appropriate seating. The Duchesses are shown to the seats in the center of the room near Eleyna as she waits for people to finish filing in and get settled before speaking.

1 Saik Guard arrives, following Lucita.

Talen has joined the Lenosian Benches.

Lucita gives sidelong glances to the personnel at the entry and murmurs to them. "Of course I am of this fealty, do I not look enough like Lycene?" There is an amicable smile on her face as she says this. All but one guard have been left behind as the woman steps in and pauses to examine the surroundings and those who are present. She gives a curtsy before joining the Southport sector.

Lucita has joined the Southport Benches.

Mydas arrives alone, clad in mainly umbra with some aeterna brocade to offset the dark. Covered by the fabric, and the addition of a shoulder cape, he doesn't seem to have minded the outside cold to get to the Hall. Or perhaps he didn't notice, Northern-raised and all that. Silently, he takes his seat at one of the benches left for Lenosia, and waits.

Isolde has joined the a set of high backed chairs at the center of the room.

Mirari makes her way into the hall, followed quietly by a guard. She wiggles her fingers at Eleyna as she makes her way toward the beverages. She plucks a glass of wine from a tray when it's offered and moves to find a seat, getting comfortable as she turns to people watch.

Cambria strides through the doors of the Hall of the Hundred Cities, trailed by her two assistants, and surrounded by Guardians who somehow managed to navigate the sea of people crossing hither and thither as though they possessed an internal map which kept them from colliding with others as they made their way to the Torean benches, where the Marquessa of House Mazetti seats herself in a flaring of skirts.

Grazia has left the Gemecittan Benches.

Grazia has joined the a set of high backed chairs at the center of the room.

Talen enters and, with his sister taking up beside Eleyna as her favoured Voice of the night, he moves to settle amongst the Lenosians. "Hey," he murmurs simply.

Grazia goes to sit with the Archduchess and the other duchesses at the center of the room. She bows her head to Eleyna politely as she sits down, careful of her skirts, adjusting them just so against the mirrored floor so that they suggest rather than reveal.

Belladonna enters with her usual aplomb, seeking out the benches meant for Setarco and her vassals. She seats herself, motioning to her assistant to have the guards bring in the wine while Aida herself tends to the glasses. Having her own personal bottle brought to her, the Duchess lets a glass be poured while waiting for the assembly to begin proper.

Pasquale strides in, all in dark silks, which only serve to enhance the palor of his features. He's as Lycene as anyone, though. He takes a glass of wine with a murmured thanks and is ushered in the area for Setarco's vassals. Where he sits.

Belladonna gets Setarco Serpentine Red from small canvas bag.

Belladonna drops Setarco Serpentine Red.

Isolde is a little late, hobbling into the Hall with a cane for balance. Dark eyes linger longingly at the wine laid out but the princess settles on flagging down a servant and asking for water instead. Then she's making her way to Eleyna's side with a faint smile, only for her sister-in-law. The pregnant woman is very quick to settle into her seat -- because heels are hell.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard, Tamsin arrive, following Luis.

Belladonna has left the Setarcan Benches.

Luis has joined the Gemecittan Benches.

Belladonna has joined the a set of high backed chairs at the center of the room.

Quenia makes her way into the building. She stands tall, and with grace, and makes her way over to the Gemcittan seats and settles down within one of the chairs. She forgoes wine for the moment, perhaps wanting to have a clear head. Today, her expression is solemn; each day is a new emotion or expression for her, even since the execution of last week.

Luis follows Quenia in and joins her at the Gemcittan seats.

Lucita gives her companion on the Southport bench a smile and politely keeps her voice lowered as she speaks to him.

Fashionably late as ever, Theo comes striding into the hall, unbucklng his umbra coat at the waist and giving the garment a quick shake. His gaze flicks over the room, briefly, and then he's setting out for the Lenosian benches, where he takes a seat near Talen. "Cousin."

Once the crowd seems mostly settled, the Archduchess rises from her seat and looks those gathered over before raising her voice to address them. "Thank for joining us for the inaugral use of the newly constructed Hall of the Hundred Cities. This place has been created to foster unity and interdependence between each of the Hundred Cities. See, the thing I noticed since beginning my tenure as Grand Duchess is the similarity between the structure of the Compact and the structure of the Lyceum. They are similar in which we all have a voice. We all can speak on the matters that effect our realm. This will be our place to do so, especially as the Compact faces so very many threats, many of which target the Lyceum directly. In the future, we will provide more detailed agendas for these meetings. Today, because there is no set agenda, we are opening the floor for petitions from the citizens and peers of the Lyceum."

Lys is a few steps behind Theo, shaking the edge of her umbral skirts. Emerald eyes flicker across the room but then she's detouring away from Theo to approach Eleyna, givng a little curtsey to her patron. Murmuring her hellos, "Your grace, my ladies, your highness." But then she's wandering over to take a seat next to Theo.

Lys has joined the Lenosian Benches.

Talen has joined the line.

Talen leaps up from his seat and tags someone to say he wants to go up to discuss a matter. Or at least have the spotlight to bask in the glorious attention.

Pasquale offers a quick bow to Belladonna as he passes her, before settling on his bench properly. He listens with sharp attention as Eleyna begins, but seems largely content to observe and absorb for the moment.

Turn in line: Talen

Quenia does not seem to have anything to discuss, but does turn a curious eye to Talen as he gets up and becomes first in line.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

"By now some of you may have heard of the passing of Baron Stefano Gilden," Talen intones aloud, "and the nature of his death was not one that befit any man, not least of all the Sword of Lenosia, or the Sword of any House." There's a brief pause as he says, "I will be undertaking an investigation into the matter and ask that if anyone happens to have information on the matter that they come forward. Furthermore, until we know anything further, I am being advised that individuals who feel a creeping sense of being watched to spend time around mirrors with their guard in order to heighten the chances of seeing any such adversaries. We don't have reason to believe this is targetting anyone in particular at this moment but as more information becomes available I'll share it in turn." Then, with a glance to the center table, he adds, "That is all."

"On the matter of mirrors, I offer my own services in blessing them -- in Tehom's name -- so that they might provide an extra measure of comfort." Isolde comments from her place among the Duchesses. "Those interested, simply send a letter and it will be seen to."

"Thank you, Archduke. I am sure that many of us wish to be kept apprised of the investigation into the death of Baron Stefano. These... things remain a threat to all of us in the Lyceum. In regards to other investigations currently ongoing, if Prince Mydas Velenosa would stand to give an update as to his findings in the death of Duke Consort Cassius Pravus, please?"

Talen returns to his seat, passing Mydas undoubtedly on the way, and provides him a light smack on the bicep and a murmur.

Talen mutters, "Tag, you're ... ..."

Isolde is overheard praising Prisila: A social mover and shaker, like any true Lycene should be.

Mydas was indeed on his way, and pauses long enough to hear what Talen has to say, which causes his lips to curl slightly, as if about to smile, before he resumes his path. "Duke Consort Cassius Pravus was slain by the same individual that has killed the commoner Moira Grayhope and other individuals within the city. Efforts have reached the point where we are actively preparing for the arrest and ensure the murderer is brought to immediate justice. Accomplices to the individual in question have, so reports say, been dealt with already. Due to it being an ongoing effort, however, I can share only so much. I would like it being taken into account should questions be asked." Still, he stands to see if there are any questions.

Harlen leaves, following Duarte.

"Thank you, Prince Mydas. Those are the two most pressing concerns of the moment. If there are no other questions or issues to be brought before the Lyceum, then I suggest we adjourn so that all who wish to can attend Marquessa Quenia's duel with Count Amadeo. As I said before, this was more of a test run of how we use this space. I will put out a call before the next meeting for those who wish to put a specific item on the agenda. Thank you." The Archduchess nods and the doors open and ushers begin to once again filter through the crowd to offer assistance to the exits.

Quenia tips her head in a nod in Eleyna's direction when the duel is mentioned, a faint half-smile touching her lips. "It features Bliss Whisper and my protege, Zir Zebulon Whitewake, both champions. I expect with Bliss involved, it'll be a grand sort of show." With that she rises from her seat so she can make her way to Reflection Square.

Quenia has left the Gemecittan Benches.

Mydas bows, and with the announcement the Assembly is to be brought to an end, heads for the exit.

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