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Tourney: Sparte vs Zebulon

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! You won't want to miss this round of the Champions Tournamnt that pits the incredible Sparte against the rookie Zebulon! Steel will clash! Pain will be overcome! Blood will spill! All come out and cheer on your favorite Champion in the amazing match of skill and wits! Who will come out on top? Your own excitement and encouragement may help decide the winner!! Don't miss this match!!


June 9, 2018, 9 a.m.

Hosted By

Sparte Zebulon


Dycard Jordan(RIP) Terese Edain Isabeau Titania(RIP) Sabella Gianna



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Comments and Log

Through the streets of the city, Terese had been quiet as they strolled towards the proving grounds. A smile touches her lips as she catches his last words, "Generally there are rarely a such thing as too many snacks though I dare say I do not think I could eat this day." A slip of parchment is folded within her gloved hands though it is tucked away as her azure gaze slides about the ring itself. "It's my pleasure, though you've been a hard man to catch recently. I peeked about after your last messenger but felt hunting you down might be a bit much with all that is going on." Her usual manner of simple riding garb has been replaced out with sleek leathers that mold to her form. Her dark tresses are streaked with rich auburn highlights from the sun that gleam as she tips her head towards him for a quiet murmur.

"I apologize for that Cousin." Edain says to Terese, "It seems my attention gets pulled many directions these days, but that is not an excuse to not make time for family. I shall endeavor to be better..." He turns then and bows his head in greeting to others that arrive, "I will admit I am a bit dissapointed this fight might not happen. Guardsman Sparte is very enthusiastic and treat to watch."

The proving grounds are sometimes interesting to drop by, and Gianna's heard there's to be a match today. The apprentice Whisper has made her way here to watch. She still looks a little sleepy as she claims a seat.

Having heard of another tournament match, Jordan approaches the proving grounds at an easy pace. He joins the gathering of assorted spectators while looking around as if searching for the competitors.

Dycard arrives at the Proving Grounds on one of his exploratory trips around Arx, but on finding a crowd here he decides to stop and find out what's going on. Spotting and recognising Gianna, he makes his way over towards her and her seat. "Mistress Gianna, good day to you." His accent and bearing are refined, his clothing brand new and nothing special, but his boots and belt are old with the marks of years at sea. "Please do let me know if my presence is an imposition."

There should be little surprise when Princess Isabeau Valardin arrives to witness what is billed as a Champion's Guild event. She is a well-known patron of the guild (and the younger sister of the new Peerless). She gait is initially hurried, but she slows when she arrives to find the grounds strangely absent of combatants. There is still an audience assembled, at least, and the Oathlands princess easily spies her High Lord among them and makes her approach. "Your Grace! Is there... some delay??"

"Lord Dycard," Gianna tells the seafaring man, "You are no imposition. Please, come sit if you'd like. I'd heard there was a tourney match today, but... perhaps not. I trust you've been well?"

"Then I shall have to hold you too it, especially if you intend to be the provider of delectable treats," Terese muses as her own gaze follows Edain's own as she keeps his company close. A dip of her head is given in turn as others begin to filter in, dark auburn tipped curls float freely from the pins that try ever in vain to keep the coils of her thick mane in upswept and in place. A soft cry draws her attention around towards Isabeau, "A very very good question." There is a silent tension coiled within her frame despite the fair is chilled weather about. Gloved hands reach up to pull the collar of her fitted jacket closer, flipping it to lay against her neck as a gust of breeze eddies around them.

Titania comes walking into the grounds a cloak pulled about her form, her ocean blue eyes looking around to see who has gathered. Spotting Edain and a few others she starts her feet in their direction.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Edain smiles as Isabeau arrives and he says, "It would seem so Princess Isabeau." There is a tone of regret in his voice, "But I figure we can linger for a bit and see if they arrive. It is good to see you. I was taking the moment to catch up with Princess Terese and I am always happy for company." He looks then to Serad as more people start to gather, "Serad, take the basket around and see if anyone would like snacks."

Serad of course offers it to Terese and Isabeau first, before taking it around to others. There are bacon wrapped asparagus spears, slices of some sort of dense potato bread lightly grille with butter on each side, and th en cubes of a variety of melons. Turning then to see Titania Edain says, "Good morn, Countess Titania."

Dycard takes the seat he's been offered, next to Gianna. "I have," he replies, "Though I indulged in a little sparring earlier and I believe my bruises now bear bruises. And yourself, you are well I trust?" He turns to look at the various luminaries dotted about. "So many of the great and good," he remarks to Gianna, "But I'll wager none has a voice like yours."

"Likely not," Gianna tells Dycard without even a hint of humility. "I'm quite well. The Bard's College has been recognized as an official organization and people have been making donations - some quite generous, at that. Our first fundraiser was a success and people are very enthusiastic. There's the matter of purchasing more instruments, furnishing, and decorating, but it's coming along faster than I anticipated. Do you think someone else might spar instead?"

"Nothing like a good duel to start out a morning!" Sabella says cheerfully as she wanders in with her entourage. She gives big smiles to those she knows and wanders over towards Gianna, "Did I miss the match? And if you need more instruments do let me know. I can help purchase some of them!"

There is a lift of a gloved hand as Terese's politely declines the offer from Serad there there is for a moment within the quiet tension a look of regret over passing up those little bacon wrapped spears. "A pleasure Princess Isabeau, I believe we've only corresponded briefly through messenger and it is high time to meet you properly." For a moment, that flicker of a smile turns warm and genuine assisted with the natural rosy flush of cheeks from the winter's air. She dips her head as well to Titania, "Terese Valardin, at your service," she offers to the Countess as she approaches.

Jordan nods his greetings to Terese and Isabeau, both Valardin Princesses he knows. He nods also to Sabella, flashing the Grayson Princess a brief smile, while looking distracted, casting a glance around.

"Perhaps you and our cousin might stand in as the warm-up," Isabeau playfully suggests to Edain, though there is a mild tone that implies she may not entirely be joking. Terese is admired briefly before the other Valardin princess says, "Good morning, cousin. A pleasure, of course, to see more family... living and breathing."

Titania smiles, "Your Grace, as always it is good to see you and also good morning." she smiles looking to Terese, "And a pleasure to meet you." she folds her hands in front of her as she stops standing close to Edain and Terese.

Dycard rises to offer the approaching Sabella an elegant bow. "Your Highness," he greets her before retaking his seat. "Mistress Gianna has found some seats with a very good view of... well, not a great deal at the moment." Then to Gianna, "If there's aught I can do, please do let me know. I can certainly offer some small funds for your aid."

Sparte shows up, still dressed for Iron Guard patrol. He waves off some of the people gathered for the tournament, stepping up to raise his voice briefly. "Sorry! Sorry! I was working and just got the news, someone botched a bit of scheduling. This is happening tonight."

Gianna shakes her head at Sabella, noting, "I think there's been a mistake. And if you'd care to help purchase instruments, that would be most appreciated, Your Highness! Bliss Whisper has suggested a tour to discover the best luthiers and such. Lord Dycard, I would happily accept any resources you would like to offer." And there's Sparte, and she says, "Ah. There's been a mistake."

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