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A Mazetti Celebration

House Mazetti will be holding an open party to celebrate the birth of the heir of House Mazetti, Lord Damianos. Food and drink shall be provided, thrilling entertainment will be on hand, and the night will be given over to revelry and merrymaking. Rumor has it that the Mazetti heir will not be in attendance, so it may be that the Marquessa and Marquis-Consort simply wish to break open a few casks of Third Wall and other delightful beverages. There may be a surprise for those in attendance! A surprise often reserved for only the finest people.


June 9, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Cambria Hadrian


Sabella Niklas Alarissa Giulio Derovai Daemon(RIP) Signe Isabeau Theo Morrighan



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Mazetti Manor - Reveler's Refectory

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Comments and Log

Cambria stands near the doors of the refectory so that she might greet those guests that arrive for the evening's levity. Each person is give a warm word and a friendly smile before being shown further in.

Atila arrives, following Signe.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Alarissa's making her way in, not a common sight in the Mazetti quarters, but when starting out on a tour, with a bunch of sailors, you need some moments of social mixing that won't include... well, all that.

Nightfall has come to Arx and the chill of Autumn has been pushed back from the marble halls of Mazetti Manor by crackling braziers and, where possible, hearths which have been lit and add their warmth to the atmosphere. The Reveler's Refectory is a spacious chamber featuring a pair of long tables which have been pushed to each side of the chamber, along with a few benches which rest against the walls. Guardians of Ostria stand along the walls in their cuirasses worn atop their robes and exceptionally expressionless given their faces lay hidden behind the flat, featureless steel facemasks built into their helmets. The silent Guardians appear to watch passively, their movement still enough that some could very well mistake them for statues.

The scent of roasted meats and other foods hangs in the air. Joined by the tinkling of glasses and the slosh of drink as it's poured. Servants move about the chamber quickly and efficiently seeing to the food and drink needs of guests. Atop the low dais sits a number of musicians, playing a popular song of Ostria that features heavily of slow beating drums, the lamenting cry of a horn periodically, and a pair of lutes. Opposite the door stands a shrouded object, tall and bulky, it's draped by blue and gold silk.

Hadrian stands alongside Cambria, a smile worn prominently on his sharp features and a glass of wine held within his hand. The arrival of Alarissa is met by a step forward by Hadrian and a shallow bow presented before the Princess-Consort of House Thrax, "Princess Alarissa, it's wonderful to see you again. Thank you for coming and," he considers her dress for a moment before he looks up with a renewed smile, "and you look impeccable as always."

Steve, an ungainly pelican, Isabelle, who isn't happy to be doing this arrive, following Niklas.

Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy have been dismissed.

Derovai and Morrighan head in, Derovai with a bag of particularly riotous colors. He himself hasn't changed his clothing from all black, which no doubt makes that bag even more visible against the monochromatic garb. He motions her to the side table that's set up, planting the eye-catching gift bag atop the table. It lands with a bit of a thunk, suggesting whatever's inside at least isn't feathers.

Derovai drops The Ugliest Bag Ever.

Steve, an ungainly pelican have been dismissed.

Niklas sweeps on in with Princess Sabella Grayson on his arm. "Gods above, I thought we'd never find this place." He looks around the room, a little surprised at the party atmosphere. "I thought... you know what? This is fine. We can dance." He continues on in, offering first Cambria a smile and a bow of his head. "Marquessa Cambria," and Hadrian, with whom he's only ever communicated via messenger, but who is nevertheless recognizable, "Marquis, good to finally meet you." And then since it's always good to stay on the right side of a Thrax princess, he sends a wave Alarissawards. "Princess! I hope you enjoyed your birthday!" And, finally, a big, big, big smile for Derovai. "Ah! Master Voss! I was hoping to TALK to you!"

Daemon's entrance is often times rather noisy considering the man could rarely be found outside of a full suit of armor. Today however, it was not only noisy but also accompanied by the occasion 'quack' and pitter-patter as well. He's brought his new compatriot, Jimbo the duck, who waddles along in the Knight's shadow. His beaming smile catches Cambria first when he steps through the door. "Marquessa, always a delight in the finest sense." He bows deeply before moving deeper into the room, another proper and graceful bow had for Marquis Hadrian as well with a flourish of his hand. All prim and proper as could be tonight!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Daemon before departing.

"Maarquis, Marquessa. You are just as impeccably dressed." Alarissa smiles. "I will not keep you from your other guests, thank you for this lovely celebration. I cannot wait to see just how dazzling it is." She's moving away then, to make space for others to greet, looking to Niklas as he calls over. "Delighted. Hiccup with the cake, but otherwise it went well. Your gift rests safe in my library now as well too. I hope you had fun at the party?"

Sabella also smiles at Cambria, "Marquessa. I hope the little prince enjoyed the little hydra! I was pretty sure I'd never seen one in any shops so I had it commissioned and I made sure it would be suitable for a baby. You're looking quite well!" And then she looks to Hardian with a nod, "Marquis. Congratulations! I hope you're both at least getting a little bit of sleep."

In contrast to her companion, Morrighan is bright, garbed in fiery hues of reds and golds - with a little black here and there, visibly sticking to a fire theme in her chosen attire. She occasionally gives a sidelong look to that..uniquely colored gift bag. It does rather stick out. The dame steps off towards the gestured table, politely nodding her head in greeting to those she passes, and deposits herself into the nearest seat, next to Derovai.

"Master Voss," Hadrian coos after Derovai as he wanders by with his garishly colored bag, "I told you that a gift wasn't necessary. Lord Damianos will have plenty of... and why is it that color? Why does everyone think I need horrendously colored things around me?" Hadrian exhales a heavy sigh as his attention snaps back to Cambria and then around to Alarissa. The look of vague amusement soon dissipates, only to replaced again by Hadrian's charcoal-whitened smile, dazzling bright. Alarissa's answer earns a quiet chuckle before Hadrian offers a polite dip of his chin in acceptance, "Please make yourself comfortable, enjoy a drink and if you have a particular need, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention." Hadrian's attention snaps around to Daemon and his greeting of the Marquessa, whom Hadrian glances to, then back to Daemon and the bow. Hadrian laughs aloud as he sweeps forward into an elaborate bow before Sir Daemon and casts a playful wink toward the man.

Hadrian's gaze sweeps over the arrivals and lands upon Sabella. A grin immediately flashes to life on the face of the Marquis-Consort and he offers an enthusiastic series of nods back to the Grayson princess, "It was a truly exceptional gift! Thank you so very much for it and sleep, well, we were prepared. Master Luigi has been an exceptionally talented babysitter, as he is in all things."

Derovai shrugs at Hadrian loosely. "And I told you I was bringing it anyway, Marquis, with your pardon. I offer it with the best intentions." There's a twist to his words that suggests something a bit wryer than those pristine motives. He gestures Morrighan to have a look into the bag, his smile turning a touch conspiratorial. But when Niklas calls his name as well, he looks up from where he sits -- staring a bit flatly at the other man. "Perhaps not today, I think, Lord Kennex." It's crisp.

"Even if he never admits to liking it, I most certainly do," Cambria says to Sabella. "I think it is wonderful. And...Oh look," she says tentatively, spotting the bag Derovai presents. "How...garish. Yes. Garish is the word. Even so, it is not the bag that matters. Ah, Sir Daemon - is that a duck?" She then asks, looking rather baffled by the animal trailing in the knight's wake. Her eyes then snap back to Derovai as she says, "Roosters, ducks, it seems poultry is the theme for this evening."

To Alarissa, Cambria says, "I echo the sentiments of the Marquis. I do believe you, and all of our guests this evening, will find yourselves having a good time."

Signe's not a common sight to the Mazetti Manor but all new life must be celebrated. Once inside her features instantly brighten at the decorations, the food, and most of all new faces. An extremely friendly husky trails her wake, his fluffy tail wagging with equal excitement. "Oh is the little one here? I would love to squish it's little puffy cheeks!" Hands mime the gesture on an imaginary swollen cheeked baby.

"Oh and Lord Niklas?" Hadrian calls after the moment after Luigi leans in to whisper quietly at the Marquis-Consort. Hadrian's smile trails after the Kennex lord before he nods his way, "It's great to finally meet you as well. There's Third Wall flowing freely. Your cherry lover is all around you, all that you need do is hold out a hand to find it filled by her". Hadrian's grin persists for a moment and his attention drifts around to regard Cambria for a moment. A nod is given and then Hadrian's attention drifts to Luigi. A moment later and Hadrian's hand slips down to his belt and a key is withdraw from a pouch, which he holds out for Luigi with the seriousness of a man who was in the process of handing the literal and metaphorical keys to the kingdom over to another.

As Luigi steps away and begins his path toward the silk-draped furniture. Hadrian's attention turns back to Signe and a lighthearted chuckle answers first, "Fortunately not. Lord Damianos is quite the party animal, but alas, this is a party intended for the adults. An opportunity for those who long abstained from too much partying, to finally indulge". Following that explanation Hadrian begins to move across the dance floor, though he takes great care not to impede the initial progress of Princess Sabella and Lord Niklas as he goes.

Niklas smiles when Hadrian boasts of the free flowing brandy, though his smile is a little brittle and when he sees the glasses of Ostrian cherry being passed around his expression becomes downright wolfish. But then the marquis has passed and Niklas is hurriying Sabella along, murmuring, "Why is there alcohol being served everywhere? Oof." So he looks around and gestures toward the dance floor. "Shall we? I promise, I'm much better than I was when I earned the title The Elbow of Kennex Kay."

Marie, chef of Keaton Hall arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

"That is indeed a duck, my generous patron." Daemon replies with cheerful demeanor practically overflowing. "It is a reminder I've brought home of a recent battle, that is thankfully not a new scar! My companions were set upon by a horde of hungry ducks just beyond the boundaries of Duskshire, a Laurent holding in the Oathlands. I took a diplomatic route with our feathery attackers and ever since, this fine fellow has been trailing in my wake! Say hello, Jimbo." The duck has at this point, wandered away from the rest of the party to start making circular laps around the entire room. He quacks and honks. No particular reason, just making noise for the sake of making some noise. "Well, we're still in our training stages. So it goes. Nonetheless, I'm overjoyed to be in the presence of yourself and the Marquis once again!"

Sabella laughs, "Because it's Arx and there's always alcohol everywhere. I think you're doing quite well, though." At his offer of a dance she gives him a way look and then grins, "Even if you aren't, I would love to dance with you. That elbow is why I fell in love with you, I think it knocked all my common sense away. Or maybe that was the wine available after the opera. Either way, you lucked out, Lord Niklas."

Derovai smiles towards Cambria. "I feel like you're henpecking my gift, Marquessa," he responds brightly, tilting the bag towards her for a look at what's inside as well, since she'd already gotten a peek. "I do hope it's received with all the warmth with which it's given." He glances over towards Hadrian, encouraging the other man to, "Take this bag shopping. You think the litter stops traffic; this bag will do the same with much less trouble, I assure you. Did you ever find it? I seem to recall some compl -- some statements in the Whites," he corrects himself, if a little belatedly, "about being unable to find it."

"The Marquis and I are always happy to host you," Cambria says to Daemon with a smile. "I am even more pleased to see you returned to Arx free from any new scars. While, ah, Jimbo may be an unconventional pet, I would rather a duck than a deformity." Her gaze falls upon Niklas and Sabella, then Hadrian, all three of whom are making their way to the dance floor.

"Master Voss," Cambria says, her attention returning to him and Morrighan. "I never turn my nose up at gifts. Especially those given in kindness to our son," she holds out her hands, perhaps to prove that she is unafraid to be seen with /that/ bag while wearing /this/ dress. "You have my thanks," Cambria says with sincerity.

"Find my litter? Oh, yes, it was down in, mm.." Hadrian pauses a moment, " of the Warrens. How it got down there? I don't know. Ghosts, probably," Hadrian answers with a good-natured chuckle. Hadrian's jaw shifts from one side to the other before he calls out to Daemon a rather curious question, "These ducks, did they have the body of a bear??" Hadrian pauses in his steps long enough for Daemon to offer a response or otherwise ignore the inquiry. Ultimately Hadrian continues on his journey across the dance floor until he comes to stand at the side of the silk-shrouded glass-faced case. Hadrian smartly whips the drape from atop it to reveal what lays within; a tall, golden-wax sealed bottle hidden away behind the glass face of the furniture. As Luigi sets to work unlocking the case and servants approach with trays of small glasses, Hadrian calls out with his back to the case, "It is my distinct honor, with the permission of Marquessa Cambria Mazetti, Countess of the March of Ostria, Mother of Lord Damianos the heir of House Mazetti, Her Most Flexibleness, patron of Sir Daemon Dracone, wife of THE Hadrian Mazetti, and so very much more has approved my whims and for that...", Hadrian then turns to Cambria and offers a bow toward his wife and de facto liege, " have my most sincere thanks."

Hadrian turns back to the crowd as he gestures to the bottle contained within the now opened case as Hadrian looks out over those gathered together within the Refectory, "First Wall," he says as he glances back to the bottle and then back to the House's guests, "House Mazetti has made First Wall for as long as it can remember. A spirit that is left to age for fifty years, before being unearthed... each year only a handful of bottles are brought up, causing the supply of it to be exceptionally limited. Frequently it is reserved for only the most auspicious of occasions, a bottle is frequently a gift given to the most important of allies to truly express the commitment of the Hydra to that alliance, to kings, queens, and High rulers across the Compact. This? Among all of you fine people? Is such an occasion. Tonight, in my eyes, as guests of our House and in celebration of both a birth and our ability to drink and carouse freely once more? Each and every one of you is a king or queen in my eyes for this night."

a glass-faced case draped in bold blue and glorious gold silk is now unlocked.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Renault, the mustachioed Lycene arrive, following Theo.

Marius arrives, following Giulio.

Naturally there's a drink acquired in hand before Signe sets out to mingle about. Given an answer to her inquiry there's a brief appearance of disappointment before her usual delightful demeanor resumes. To Hadrian she says, "Oh! Another time then I will may have the chance to pinch those cheeks!" Off she goes to mingle. By rational deduction Signe moves to greet one of the hosts. To Cambria she raises her half drunken glass, "The spirits welcome the arrival new life and may he be blessed and protected Marquessa Mazetti. Are you looking forward to tonight?" She asks and a sidelong greeting is offered to Daemon as well, "Valliant knight! It is good to see you once again."

Trailed by his secretary Marius, the figure of Giulio Mazetti enters the refectory. Those dark orbs flit from person to person, his eyes tracking slowly. There are faint tilts of his head towards individuals of note. Theo receives a dry smile and a tilt of his head. Those eyes flit towards Derovai, head tilted towards the man. Cambria gets a bow and a dip of his head -- as does the Marquis.

Perhaps stretching the acceptable bounds of 'fashionably late', Theo Velenosa comes striding into the party with his trademarked swagger. From his lips hangs a thin cigarette of haze, musky smoke rolling about his face from its end. He flashes a bright grin to the room at large, spreading his arms to greet them like old friends. It doesn't much matter that he knows but a scant few of them. "I heard there was a party!?"

Niklas pauses in any intent to dance while Hadrian makes his speech. Sidelong to Sabella he says, "First Wall really is quite tasty. It could very well be my favorite sleep aid." Then he heaves a big sigh. "I wonder if they're serving coffee anywhere." Deflating somewhat he mutters, "I hate sobriety so very, very much. But, hey, at least I'm not sober and on a ship. That was the worst combination." He glances over to Derovai and whispers, "We should go talk to Master Voss once we've had a dance or two. He seems like he is in a poor mood and could use the two of us and our famous brand of cheerfulness to help buck him up."

"You only have one first born," Cambria chimes in, grinning broadly. There is then a noble incline of her head to Hadrian, which does not quite hide the fact that the list he rattled off before thanking her makes that same grin only grow. When Signe approaches her, Cambria assures the other woman, "Another day, I shall be sure to invite you. Thank you for your kind words."

Pellinor have been dismissed.

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Derovai edges the bag over towards Cambria. He doesn't stand, or move to give it to her properly in any way. She'll have to pluck it off the table if she wants to claim it, it seems. "I am glad my kindness isn't overlooked for once, Marquessa," he replies easily to the woman, free of any sting to the words. Hadrian's response about the litter doesn't get a response, but after all, Hadrian's moving on with purpose. He raises a brow at Giulio, but offers no invitation, leaning back to watch as the drink is unveiled. "Always wanted to be ennobled. Not sure I'm suitably noble," he calls over to Hadrian lightly.

"Prince Theo! How strange it is to see you somewhere! I certainly don't run into you everywhere! People are going to start to talk!" Sabella greets Theo with a grin and a laugh, "And I'm sure what they'll say is 'look at those two, competing to see who is the most social,' but it is nice to run into you again." She then smiles at Niklas, "If you'd like to postpone the dancing and just go talk to Derovai we can. Since all of our statuses have thus been raised make sure you bow very low to him."

Marius moves to pour his master a drink before Giulio meanders towards the table. Settling down at one of the spots, he crosses his feet at the ankle. "Thank you," he offers to Marius, raising his glass in the man's direction. Taking a swallow, he says to Cambria. "I trust you are well, cousin?" he inquires, his brow lofting in question. Hadrian gets a smile, his head tilting his way.

"The spread is quite delightful," he remarks, reaching for a piece of the peppered cheese and nibbling lightly.

"Princess Sabella! Charmed, as always!" He flashes a rakish grin, striding over in the direction of the Princess and Niklas. "And you must be Lord Kennex," he says, extending his hand to the man. "Prince Theo Velenosa. Can I interest you two in some Southern Thunder? From the very first batch!" He gives a vague wave of his hand, and Renault, cheeks flushed with the effort of carrying it about, brings a heavy cask over, setting it down upon a table.

"And I've certainly not forgotten your advice to /not/ come home with any extra deformities!" Daemon muses back to the Marquessa as his gaze turns then upon Hadrian. Who's question earns a... curious tilt of the knight's head. "Ducks as large as bears...? Well, you've given me a nightmare to ponder, but no. The ducks were rather normal sized. Still, one cannot discount the ferocity of an animal, even if it is small and feathery. With a bill." He sends a weary glance Jimbo's way before Signe is next in line to steal his attention! "Ah, dear lady Signe! A pleasure! I didn't know you enjoyed Lycene parties."

Cambria picks up The Ugliest Bag Ever.

"And Master Voss," Hadrian refocuses his attention from regarding the entirety of the gathering to Derovai himself as he announces for the benefit of Derovai, "I've told you before and I'll tell you again. Eventually I'll see you become one of the Hydra. Earlier than later, most likely. The family of House Mazetti is quite large and," the Marquis-Consort shares with a broad grin as he leans toward Derovai and offers up a stage-whisper, "twins seem to run in their family. Like, a lot. Not even that whole 'there's something in Arx's water that makes every other lady squirt out twins' sort of runs in the family. Twins, Master Voss. Twins." Hadrian's attention sweeps then around to regard Giulio and a polite bow is cast toward the Mazetti lord, "Lord Giulio, good to see you this evening. We're just about to open a bottle of First Wall... you've arrived just in time."

With that a servant steps forward to gingerly lift the bottle of First Wall from the cabinet and with the assistance of another pair of hands, removes the wax seal covering much of the bottle. Soon enough the drink is poured out carefully into the small glasses and each glass is gradually handed out, carefully, to a guest.

Hadrian's attention sweeps back to Daemon as his gloved hand accepts a glass of First Wall into it and a chuckle is cast back to Sir Daemon, "No, no. Not as large as bears. More like, mm...think of a bear's body, then put a giant duck head on it. Similar in effect to a bear's body, but with an owl's head on it..", Hadrian's shoulders shrug heavily and then he moves on from the topic of discussion - at least for the moment.

Cambria drops The Ugliest Bag Ever.

Cambria chuckles at the exchange between Hadrian and Daemon, though she says nothing further concerning ducks, and bears, or whatever peculiar amalgamation thereof. Instead, she scoops up the gift of Derovai before turning to her cousin. "I am quite well, cousin. It was a little sad that I had to send Theron off before this evening, rather than after, but some things simply cannot wait. I hope he had the opportunity to bid his farewells to you before leaving. Ah," she gestures Giulio forward, and Daemon too! "Sir Daemon, I insist you take a sip of First Wall, if nothing more than that. You shall severely hurt my feelings otherwise. If friendship can be expressed through liquid alone, then this is a very /sincere/ show of it, from the Mazetti family to all of you."

"I would love that, truly. I am Lady Signe Nightgold, shaman for our house." She introduces herself to assure the correct name will be issued for that invitation. Shifting her attention she says to Daemon, "I love all parties. Any thing is reason enough for a cause of celebration. Especially new life." She gestures with her glass as the conversation passing between Hadrian and Daemon becomes amusingly absured. "How would that even sound? Does it growl-quack-hoot?" She attempts to immitate what all three of those sounds may sound like.

Signe checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

"How delightful," Giulio remarks, his head tilting in a small nod towards Hadrian, "I cannot imagine it being anything aside from delightful." He sips, however, at the glass he already has -- at least for a moment, his eyes lingering on the gold flecks for a moment, watching the way they float in suspension.

Then, he tilt shis head towards Cambria, setting his drink aside for a moment, claiming the crystal. He considers it for a moment, then, takes a tiny sip. The sigh that escapes his lips is most pleasant. "Ah, some of the little treats."

Niklas looks after Derovai, then shakes his head at Sabella. "No, no. Let's go dance. We can annoy Master Voss later. As it is, I may wish to speak to him about my little project." He pulls Sabella out onto the dancefloor, takes one of her hands in his and puts his other hand around her waist, the proceeds to lead her in an appropriate dance for the pace of the music. "Ah, I forgot how good you are on your feet. Er. You know what I mean."

Niklas checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 61 higher.

Sabella checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Derovai laughs a bit sharply at Hadrian's words. "You'll have to wait a very long time for that, Marquis. I'm afraid I'm a man of Arx, and the heat to the South doesn't sit well with me. My deepest apologies." He doesn't move from where he sits, but his smile hangs around for a second or two longer before it drops. He takes a glass of wine when it makes its way over to him from the servant, setting it on the table exactly where the hideous bag had once sat. At Signe's animal noises, he taps a hand on the glass, half-clapping. "I should have had you do that for the Explorers' test. You know, there's occasionally merit in imitating an animal, even an imaginary one such as that." Sabella's and Niklas' comments don't seem to merit any response, though he does call over, "Is Her Highness not often on her feet with you, Lord Kennex?"

Niklas and Sabella straight up dance the fuck out of this place.

Sabella looks pretty impressed with Niklas' footwork, "You've been practicing! Or taking lessons?" She asks, sounding very amused as they glide across the dance floor and for once she's content to let him lead. He's even doing a little bit more fancy footwork than she is. "Is this all preparation for the wedding?" When Derovai calls out her cheeks flush just a bit and she calls back, "He's been home for a fortnight, so as little as possible since the docks!"

"How would it sound?" Hadrian asks of Signe would an amused chuckle, "Absolutely fucking terrifying, I'd imagine." A glass of First Wall in hand, Hadrian sips at it slowly. Taking a great deal of time to truly savor and appreciate it. A comment is made to Daemon as Hadrian approaches him and holds out his own glass of First Wall, "It's quite literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drink it, Sir Daemon...I'd afraid you'd hurt the Marquessa's feelings if you refused. Which would then cause me a headache. Which would then merit a response from me..and, well.." Hadrian's grin turns playfully dangerous as he continues to hold the glass of House Mazetti's 50 year-old drink out for the Oathlander. He doesn't look to Derovai though when Hadrian replies to Master Voss, "Answers change with time and circumstances, Master Voss. Besides, the manor needs a caretaker in the event that the family ever withdraws fully to Ostria again. This home was essentially abandoned for... a couple decades, before the Marquessa arrived in Arx?" Hadrian's hand waggles at Derovai while Hadrian's brilliant green eyes continue to rest upon Daemon and the glass of First Wall remains held in offer. The showing of Niklas and Sabella though seems to draw the attention of Hadrian, from Daemon, to them.

"I really am none too sure if I /want/ to keep imagining this, with all due respect Marquis..." Daemon shakily replies back to Hadrian after this horrid brand of duck-bear shenanigans takes shape in the mind's eye. And it ain't pretty. The knight seemed brace to break the lines in a tactical retreat before Cambria's melodic voice carried its way over to him. Thankfully enough of a distraction to wash away the animalistic conversation they were partaking in. "'First Wall'...? This is something alcoholic I presume, yes? Is it the first wall because it's the strongest or the lightest...?" With a sheepish look on his face, his eyes are darting between Hadrian and Signe both. "Well if it would put a smile upon the dear Marquessa's face... I suppose..." A gauntlet takes the offered drink, which is soon tilted back to his lips. His face scrunches up immediately in all manner of sourness, though commendably he holds on. "A-Ah... Has a kick to it."

Derovai blinks, responding with clearly feigned innocence, "On the docks, even? Lord Niklas, I didn't think you had it in you for such assignations." He does look impressed at that dancing, though, his eyes widening slightly before he murmurs something to Morrighan. Hadrian's response earns a quick smile. "I'm a man of constancy, Marquis," he responds briefly, a gloved hand reaching out to his drink glass.

Hadrian is overheard praising Daemon for: That was enough to make someones eyes water. Well played, Sir Dracone.

Niklas starts out doing a very proper waltz, but the music inspires him and before long he and Sabella are swinging around the dance floor, twirling past guests who stop their inferior dancing to gawp as the pair tear it up. Did he just lift her? Is that a double twirl? They're going from three step to six step. Is that Pearlspire Swing? Are they inventing the Lindy Hop?! Is Jayus watching this and getting just a little jealous. Uh. Probably!

"I hope you'll send us invitations," Cambria calls out to the dancing Sabella and Niklas. She herself has yet to take a sip from the fabled First Wall, watching as she does her guests as they are afforded the opportunity to experience it for themselves. "Tonight is certainly not the night to trouble ourselves by imagining such bizarre and, no doubt, frightening creatures..." As Daemon samples the brandy, Cambria does indeed smile. It is the little things that count, as has been said!

"Quite possibly over a hundred years, actually," Cambria informs both Hadrian and Derovai. "Which was why it took so long to make livable."

The young shaman laughed, amused by her own humor. Signe gives a small bow of the head to Derovai, "Can we do it again then? It was so much fun and you make a very convincing drunk. I didn't understand anything you said at all!" She laughed again as her eyes caught the impressive dance moves of Niklas and Sabella on the dance floor which cause her jaw to drop. "I'd like to try that." She says in awe. Her attention is once again shifted as Daemon takes a sip of the first wall. The Nightgold grinned at the knight, "There you go, like a champion."

A dry smile toys Giulio's lips as he watches Daemon for a moment, glass in hand. Then, he takes a small sip, allowing himself a moment to savor it. He nods towards Cambria, "Matters of state are... understandable. I will miss my brother, but, such is as it is." And then, he drains the cordial glass, nodding in approval, before setting it aisde and reclaiming his other glass.

His gaze flits to Sabella and Niklas, his head bowing in a small nod, one corner of his mouth rising in a more welcoming smile. "Excellently done," he remarks, tilting his glass in their direction.

Hadrian offers a nod to Daemon as he drinks the glass and the Marquis-Consort seems to resist the grin that threatens to overtake his features as he nods toward Daemon, "It's quite potent. The most potent in the Wall line... Fourth Wall is out of this world, but First Wall is by far the most prestigous and, frankly, you'll feel your nutsack start tingling here in a minute or two." Hadrian explains all of this quite non-chalantly as he steps away from Daemon and along to Signe, whom Hadrian's casts a smile toward. Hadrian's goal seems to be that he return to Cambria's side, though he addresses the Mazetti marquessa as he goes, "Perhaps a century. Yes, I apologize. During that time period, your arrival in the city, I had a number of other far greater concerns on my mind that I forgot exactly how old this manor is... what with a contract being used in a most deplorable fashion and all of that. I was understandably distracted". Hadrian at least has the good sense to wink playfully at Cambria following his little accusation. He does however turn his attention back around to regard Niklas and Sabella, whom he claps happily for, "A lovely dance. If only you," he says with a glance back to Cambria, "knew how to dance. I miss dancing. Horseback riding too."

With one last twirl of orchid painted skirts, Sabella wraps an arm around Niklas' shoulders as he dips her down low. With a big smile she gives him a kiss on the cheek and reaches out for one of his hands, "Where was that talent the first time I met you? I think one of my ears is still a little larger than the other," she laughs and then calls out to Cambria, "Of course, Marquessa! You and your generous husband are at the top of the list!"

Hadrian is overheard praising Niklas for: Watching Lord Niklas dance is like watching someone make love to a dance floor. Not on, but to it.

Hadrian is overheard praising Derovai for: He comes bearing gifts, even when he's assured it's not necessary. He's quite insistent. Adorable too. Future Hydra.

Hadrian is overheard praising Sabella for: She may be a dance floor; I don't know. When it's all said and done though, she puts on a wonderful show with her partner.

Niklas looks over Sabella's ears and grimaces. "My, I didn't notice an imperfection. Oof. We may have to call the wedding off. Perhaps Princess Caith. I hear she does give the best hugs." He raises his eyebrows at Sabella, then gladly takes her hand and leads her away from the dance floor, totally quitting while he's ahead. There only seems to be one refuge from alcohol everywhere, though, and fortunately it's a buffet! He snaps up a plate and looks over the food on offer, then just goes ahead and takes two of everything. To Sabelle he says, "I've loved Lycene cuisine ever since Vanora made me some eggs with those little Setarco peppers. Do you want anything?"

Hadrian is overheard praising Cambria for: Cambles. I hate you most of the time. Now is not one of those times.

Cambria steps in close to her husband's side, murmuring something to the man before giving him back his personal space. Her gaze falls upon all those gathered, a lazy smile upon her countenance. She clasps her hands at her front, clearly ignoring Hadrian for the moment.

Derovai shoots a concerned look at something said at the table. He starts to rise from the table, offering his redheaded acquaintance his arm.

"Is there any bread? Bread with lots of butter," Sabella tells Nik, looking over the offerings. She glances over at Derovai as he stands and calls out with a grin, "Master Voss, do you dance?" She then points to something else at the table, "Ooh, get some of that too. I'm not all that hungry but I'll pick off your plate."

Daemon's expression remains frozen in a light smile and wide eyes as Hadrian explains the full effects of the brandy to him. The alcoholic ichor still working its way through his system enough to make the grown man blush already. Then the glass slips from his fingers, freefalling for only a moment before he's swiped it out of the air again. "... Like a champion." He repeats Signe's words as if they would allow confidence to flourish. "Like a champion." A beat. "... I am not a champion." He doubles over with a sinister sounding 'hrrrgkgk' rumbling from the back of his throat, the knight quick to step away from the crowd and set that brandy somewhere safe. Safe and far away. "Not to worry, I am fine! Indigestion is but a symptom, and one that is surely to pass! Albeit noisily."

When Marius approaches Giulio, the Mazetti lord raises a brow. He listens to something said and nods, his head shaking. Glancing towards Cambria, he says, "Forgive me, cousin. I need to look into a matter." His lips settle in dry amusement. "You know how it is." He glances towards Daemon. "Good Sir Knight, I hope it finds itself attended to quickly." And then, rising, he walks towards the door, collecting Marius.

Marius leaves, following Giulio.

Cambria is overheard praising Hadrian for: I don't hate you right now, either.

Rubbing lightly at her face, Morrighan moves to rise from her table, giving Derovai's shoulder a light pat, reassuring. She purses her lips at that offered arm, giving him a squinted look, and accepts, linking arms.

"Oh my," Cambria says, observing Daemon. "Should we perhaps fetch Sir Daemon something milk?" She then notices Derovai and Morrighan, "Is everything alright?" She asks them, before glancing askance to Hadrian and muttering some other low comment that she manages to keep between them. "And of course there is bread and butter!" She is sure to inform Sabella.

Signe's feature soften, watching as Daemon double-overs with illness hitting him. She does attempt to offer a few consoling pats on the back, but he's already taken off. "Oh no... I think it tingled more than his balls Marquis Hadrian."

While Niklas is filling up a plate for himself and Sabella and Sabella has decided to see if Derovai can dance as well as Nik, which he can't as everyone who attended the dance contest and saw Derovai's box step can attest, Nik's sour-faced assistant receives a handful of papers and flips through them before she walks over and says something quietly to the pair of them. Niklas' eyes go wide and his smile goes huge and he says, "PRINCESS CASSIMA?! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, I'm so happy, oh oh oh!" He looks at Sabella an poorly whispers, "I guessed that when Tikva let it spill, but I also guessed Princess Caith and Princess Agatha, so I was guessing all over the place. Oh oh oh, he better invite us to that wedding! He should have you give him away! Oh gods, I am so weirdly excited about all of this!" He shoves a stuffed pepper into his face, then turns and waves to Derovai, "Master Voss, I have something I'd like to talk to you about, though it can wait until after your dance!"

Alarissa has been busy off conversing with others in the room but is in search of something to drink and there's a concerned glance to Daemon. "The first poisoning of the night?"

Derovai smiles a bit wryly at Morrighan. "I only meant to help you up," he deadpans. "You looked tired." But he moves to escort the woman to the door. Sabella's question makes him shake his head briefly, before he adds over his shoulder, "It's all right," to Cambria. He starts to proceed apace to the door, but Niklas' calling out to him makes him stop. He murmurs something briefly to Morrighan, a question of sorts, before remarking, "A moment please, Lord Kennex."

Hadrian's attention drifts to Cambria and then back around to Daemon, whom the Marquis-Consort fixes with a smile at his display of agility, "First Wall is a rather potent drink. Absinthe they call it. I'm sure you'll feel it all with time and, well," Hadrian's attention shifts around to Signe and her concerns regarding Daemon. Which results in Hadrian laughing aloud, hearty and confident, "Then my goal of tickling Sir Daemon's balls this evening has been a resounding success. Good night, everybody!" Hadrian then turns away and prepares to depart from the Refectory. He does stop however in order to take Cambria's hand within his own, though he doesn't seek to drag her from her spot. There the two mortal enemies remain, holding hands. Though the talk of poisoning earns a gesture from the Marquis-Consort, "As you all saw, the bottle was sealed and I certainly didn't arrange a poisoning. Besides, poisoning is soooo 997 AR. These days you hire someone to hunt someone down, lash them to their horse, then drag them to the nearest town where you mount them on a wall like a trout or game head. Duh." Hadrian says all of this with a good-natured, cheerful grin.

"Wait, what!?" Sabella immediately moves over to stand a lot closer to Isabella than she likes to read the papers over her shoulder, "Cassima! That's....actually we should have all seen that coming, I guess. But still! I can't believe he didn't tell me himself! I shall have to write him a sharply worded note of congratulations and then hug him the next time I see him. Really hard and perhaps smiling and singing." She picks up a piece of buttered bread (thanks Niklas) and has a bite, smiling brilliantly while chewing, then looks to Hadrian curiously at the description of the drink. "I don't think I've ever had anything like that." She glances sidelong at Niklas, "I don't want to tempt you if you want to stay away, but if it's something you can't experience again, would a sip truly hurt?"

"Dunnae confuse me with all th'gentlemanly manners an' etiquette I ain't familiar with, how's I s'posed tae know?" the dame dryly quips, loosening her link on Derovai's arm, and gives him a light, good-natured shove at the shoulder. Still, she meanders along at least towards the door, well and able enough to see herself home. There's a subtle bob of her head in response, reassuring pat given to his shoulder.

Signe is overheard praising Daemon for: He lasted a good while! Brave attempt!

"I do believe her highness, princess Alarissa, has not had the chance to have a taste of First Wall, either," Cambria says to Hadrian. Her hand tugs forward, though undoubtedly there is not enough strength there to actually pull the much taller man forward. "A good host remains until the end. Like a captain on a sinking ship." She plants a smile upon her face.

"It had best be an Ostrian horse Marquis." Alarissa smiles. "If one must be dragged behind a horse, one should be dragged behind the finest." Alarissa has not has a glass but she taps a fore and middle finger on the top of that rounded midriff of hers. "I should likely refrain. I overindulged on my birthday. Yes, it is a thrax child, but that doesn't mean I need to pickle it before it's born. But I shall hope some day that we are deemed worthy of a bottle all our own to enjoy."

"Ugh. Okay, one drink can't hurt. And I've always wanted to be poisoned. I've had dinner with Vanora, shared a lunch with Duchess Fidante and share drinks with Prince Alessandro and not a one of them has ever poisoned me. Honestly, it was starting to get a little hurtful." Niklas leans over to give Sabella a kiss on the cheek, adding, "Let's go speak with Master Voss. I can bore him with my project and then we can both chatter to one another until his ears fall off. Or he tears them off."

"Manners and etiquette? Perish the thought, Dame Morrighan, and let it be stricken from the record that anyone accused me of having either," Derovai responds to Morrighan. That shove makes him shuffle forward slightly; he's not the strongest fellow, after all. But he drops his arm from hers, nodding at her response and reassurance, turning back just at the door. His gaze goes, at length, to Niklas. "Well?"

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After draining her first glass Signe goes in search of sampling the 'First Wall' even with Sir Daemon's unfortunate incident after consumption. She easily laughs, "I think I'll be able to manage. At least a few sips. Days apart."

Sabella gestures quickly for two of those glasses to be carefully brought over, then hands one to Niklas and clinks the edge of his glass gently, "Just a sip or two. I'm sure it's fine! This is the celebration of a birth, it's not like they'd serve something so ridiculously strong it would take out the party guests! And sure, lead the way. But bring your plate!" She says brightly before taking a large sip.

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"Please, my privates are not a subject for discussion!" Daemon protests quite loudly between all of the other concerned voices joining in. After a few more hacking coughs, he's even starting to get color back. And not all just the blood rushing to his head either. "I just require a seat to quell the raging fire in my stomach... Goodness is it burning a hole in there? It certainly feels like it." The Oathlander scraps his lips with the palm of his gauntlet, tilting his way over to a seat at the table.

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Sabella's assurances to Niklas earn a subdued smile from Dadrian before he calls out, "I can assure you, it's not poisoned. You'll be quite alright. Eventually. Most likely. Actually, Luigi? Could you draft up a waiver quickly? You're my lawyer. Act like it," Hadrian exhales a heavy, exasperated breath. Then his attention drifts back around to Daemon and a nod is given, "Very well. I hereby decree," Hadrian calls out throughout the chamber, "there shall be no more discussion of Sir Daemon's Dracone's privates for the duration of this party. Tomorrow though? Feel free to write about it until your hands cramp!"

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"My poor protege," Cambria murmurs sorrowfully as she watches Daemon take a seat. She then blinks, looking briefly concerned as she says to herself, "I thought I was off mother duty this evening." She then shakes her head, dismissing the notion. "Ah, forgive me, your highness, I was thoughtless in my excitement."

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Derovai strolls casually over to the table at which he and Morrighan were sitting. There's something said at the table, quietly. He tilts his head, but just nods once at Niklas. "I'll wait for it," he responds to the Thrax fellow, not bothering to take a seat, instead opting to abandon his full glass and make his way towards the buffet table.

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'Not thoughtless, not in the least. Another day I will enjoy it." Alarissa assures Cambria, looking to Daemon. "Give him a moment to breath. I'm sure he'll be fine."

Niklas looks at his drink and then up at Hadrian before he heaves a sigh and says, "Now I can add 'had drinks at Marquis Mazetti's home' to my list of people who refuse to poison me. Eventually I'm going to be insulted." He pauses, realizing something, and adds, "Damn it! Lianne Malesparo, too! The entire Lyceum is conspiring against me by refusing to conspire against me!"

Signe eyed the shot glass, raising it high to examine the liquid within and then a sniff. Instantly her face scrunched and the Nightgold turned her nose away. "ugh..." Giving a shake of her head she brought the glass to her lips for a small, very small taste. Nope. The other hand waved frantically at her face for air as she urged for a servant to take it away.

Jordal, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

"Yes I am quite fine... I just..." Daemon draws in a deep breath. At some point, Jimbo had also rejoined the knight at his side. Though Jimbo was not being very helpful as instead he seemed too keen on nipping at Daemon's cloak instead. "Require breathing. It was only one sip. Not the end of the world. Maybe the end of mine, but not the entirety of the world! No sir or madam!" With another sputtering cough and an 'I'm fiiiine' choked out, he faces the rest of his table with a large, crooked smile. "So, how have the festivities been treating you all? Hm?"

"I can assure you Lord Niklas, the day that you give me a reason to poison you that you won't know it was me," Hadrian offers back with a humored chuckle before he gestures back at Niklas and the drink that he sighs into, "*Besides*, a far better message is sent by a dozen young men and women with with explicit instructions that they'll receive a bounty of ten thousand silver per tooth. *That* gets far greater results and sends a much clearer message. A poisoning? Someone can get over that in a few days and move on with their life. Having to have their children chew their food for them? That is something that sticks with someone for life." Hadrian explains all of this with a half-amused chuckle, though he offers a faint shrug of his shoulders, "We're all friends here though. There's need for such senseless talk of violence, or poisonings, or whatever... if you truly want to be poisoned? I know a lady. We can make this happen. You'll be right as rain by tomorrow night," Hadrian offers to Niklas with a raise of his eyebrows. Signe's eloquently spoken protest though earns a glance from Hadrian and he offers reassuringly, "It'll put hair on your chest. Or, well, more, maybe? Whatever. I don't know your life."

"Indeed," Cambria says to Alarissa. "Sir Daemon is made of stout stuff. And," she smiles. "I dare say you and your husband can look forward to a bottle in the future." Her gaze trails towards Signe, whom she watches with some small amusement. Then, to Niklas, "Don't take it too personally, Lord Niklas. It is rather like if you poison one, you must poison all. No matter how Sir Daemon and Lady Signe may appear." Hadrian's comment about hair earns something of a half-cough from the Marquessa, however. Because that was the truly shocking thing, out of all he just said. Yes.

"I've greatly enjoyed myself so far!" Sabella tells Daemon cheerfully, taking another small sip. Then she glances over at Hadrian for his explanation and pauses. "I really would've made a terrible Mazetti." She laughs and shakes her head. "Don't encourage him! Lord Niklas is just a touch dramatic. It comes from being so blessed by Jayus. Or maybe just being the second son he desires some of the attentions people tend to give the firstborn? Personally, I like being the second sister. Nothing much is ever expected of me, and I'm not the youngest so I feel no need to prove myself! Best of both worlds!"

Derovai props himself against the buffet table, nodding towards the Mazettis. He's gotten a slice of bread and cheese from the buffet table, and he chews and swallows, listening to the conversation around him. "That makes two of us," he remarks just as Sabella claims to be quite unsuited for the House here. Another bite of his small snack.

"Keep trying Lord Kennex, some day they will show their affection. Lament loud enough and they might go out of their way." It's meant nicely, Alarissa smiling at Niklas. "They at least waited till I wasn't pregnant before lightely poisoning me. Well, not the Mazetti's. It will come, just keep try- is that a duck..."

"You think this is Mazetti?" Cambria asks Sabella as she gestures to Hadrian with her thumb. "That? That right there is /aaaaaaallllllll/ Hadrian, former Duke of Southport." Spoken, oddly enough, with extreme pride.

Signe's darting towards the refreshment table to wash the foul taste out of her mouth. More alcohol to cure the other alcohol. Once she's able to somewhat compose herself, the Nightgold attempts to resume conversation, laughing, "If I am to grow hair anywhere I'd rather it not be on my breasts. The arms sure... legs. Let's not make my tits furry Marquis Hadrian."

Princess Isabeau Valardin is a familiar face to those mysterious masked Guardians of Mazetti Manor, so when she offers one a warm smile and the hint of a wink when she walks by, it may be because she recognizes the man's carriage or stance... or else she's simply slipped into a playful mood even before she's found her way into the party proper. Once she's just a few steps beyond the threshold, the Oathlander princess takes pause to inventory to attendees and seek out the location of the Marquessa and her Marquis-Consort. It's only property to pay the hosts their due before anyone else.

"That's a duck," Hadrian answers Alarissa with a stoic nod of his head, "I've decided to name him Long. He's a Duck. Last name Dong. I've also decided to stage a kidnapping and have him put in the garden pond. He will, of course, be welcome in the House of Fountains in the winter months." Then Hadrian's attention bounds back to Cambria, then along to Sabella, then back to Cambria. He considers the Mazetti marquessa for a moment and then his attention snaps back to Sabella, whom Hadrian addresses next, "I believe what the Marquessa is trying to say is: I am not speaking as her Voice for the moment. Just as a man who likes positive results to negative situations. I was not," he coughs, "thankfully," he coughs again, "born a Mazetti, naturally. Obviously. Alas," Hadrian's gloved hand weaves a vague gesture into the air before himself. A fresh glass is placed into his hand and the Marquis glances down to the contents and the flakes of gold that float within it. He smiles a little before his attention turns up and back to Signe, "Fine, fiiine. Wait, yeah, no..", his mouth opens and his lips quiver for a moment as he dry heaves a little before shake his head promptly and waving another hand, "...nope, I'm good! Sorry. Hairy breasts got me there for a moment. If..", then Hadrian's attention bounds around to Cambria and, for a moment, Hadrian simply stares at the Marquessa before he simply shivers and unleashes an eloquently spoken, "...bwuuuhh.."

"Well I don't want to /plan/ a poisoning. It should be spontaneous and unexpected, like a birthday party or a smile from Master Voss." Niklas lifts his empty glass in salute to both the Marquis and the Marquessa. "Here's to throwing away two months of sobriety for a glass of the best alcohol in Arvum." Niklas snorts at Sabella's comment. "Second son? All of the attention was heaped on Ceci and Connie, trust me. Mother and Father preferred their babies. Renny and I were beaten with sticks." He pauses, then adds, "Well, maybe not sticks. Or beaten. We hated our lute lessons, though, I can say that. Mother was quite a perfectionist." Niklas nods to Alarissa, but at her question he looks at the animal he's currently eating. "Ah, no, I think it's an Oathlands gamehen."

Derovai raises that bread to his mouth for another bite, his own gloved hands arranged just so to flash a quite rude gesture towards Niklas. Must be a coincidence.

Cambria just shakes her head at Hadrian when he shudders, as though she had finally had it. She walks away from him, turning just in time to see Isabeau step through the door. "Ah," she begins, reaching forward with her hands in order to that the Valardin's own. "Princess Isabeau, so glad you could make it," she says cheerfully.

It's a duck Hadrian confirms. ANd with that, a shake of her head, Alarissa's making her way off to disappear in with the rest of those mingling in the room.

"Oh another duck?" Daemon asks with a chipper look to Hadrian. "Jimbo could have friends! Though Jimbo does already have another friend back in Duskshire that was left with his people. Perhaps we could have a triple play date at some point? I'm certain Jimbo One and Jimbo Two would appreciate learning from others of different cultures around Arvum!"

"My dear marquessa," comes Isabeau's arguably affectionate reply as she gladly clasps hands with Cambria and bathes her in a radiant expression. And, what's more, the beautiful blonde even goes so far as to lean in and leave a light kiss on the other woman's cheek. "You always host the best parties! I'm so pleased that I could make it."

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"No, no," Hadrian corrects with a point an index finger abruptly curling toward Jimbo I, "I mean that duck. Long Dong. I'm going to have him kidnapped." Hadrian rather blatantly tells the owner that he intends to stage said kidnapping. The arrival of Isabeau though earns Hadrian's attention and he casts a broad grin toward the Valardin princess, followed by a polite bow toward her, "Your highness, as per always, it's a delight to see you again. And so soon? We're truly fortunate to be in your presence so quickly."

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"Oh you mean to say you'll be... Marquis Hadrian that is illegal!" Daemon protests, looking appalled at the very nature of such a prospect. "If Jimbo One is gone and receives a new name, Jimbo Two will never find his sibling again! That would be truly /awful/."

"I think what the Marquis /means/ to say is that we would /love/ to have Jimbo I over for visits. I am sure he would greatly enjoy our pond, as well as the House of Fountains during cold weather such as this. In fact..." A smile blossoms upon her features. "Well, no, never mind...I believe you and Lady Signe have had quite enough excitement for one night. Another time."

Derovai finishes off that slice of bread and cheese, remaining largely silent but present, watching the conversation and offering nothing into it for the moment except, "Look inside that bag I brought, Sir Dracone. There are three of them. Perhaps there's a third, ah, Jimbo. Another brother, even if perhaps from another mother." A faint smile follows all those rhymes.

Signe keeps a hand onto the refreshment table to help guide her towards a seat. Behind the lovely assortment of various foods and drinks, the Nightgold began filling up a plate. Taking a little of everything. "I just need to get something in my stomach before trying the First Wall again." She responds Cambria while examining some brightly decorated treat in hand. "Or maybe some how lose all sense of taste." The woman chuckled.

"I don't understand the question," Hadrian answers Daemon on the topic of some activities being illegal. Hadrian seems to dismiss the legality of it all with a faint flick of his wrist and a call out to Luigi, "Master Luigi? As my lawyer, if someone's duck ends up in my pond, is it now my duck?" Hadrian's gaze flicks around to regard Jimbo I. Then, with a sigh, Hadrian's focus returns to Daemon, "Fine, fine, Sir Daemon. You're a good spirit and sport, so I'll just get my own duck... no, a swan..", Hadrian muses to himself with a stoic nod. He laces his gloved fingers together and then a glance is cast aside to Cambria, "Yes, I think a swan would be a wonderful idea. A good swan is a formidable defender, or so I'm told. Baron Russo, before his untimely demise, had a bet swan. I believe he fed it one of his dogs once...", though Hadrian's attention drifts around to regard Signe and her own commentary. Hadrian provides her with a polite bow of his head before he presents her with a bright smile, "Your praise is well received, Lady Signe, thank you. We only have about five bottles delivered to Arx per year, so it seemed a good idea to share one of those bottles with our guests here this evening."

Isabeau lingers a little while longer in Cambria's company, conspiring quietly with the Mazetti marquessa for a few more moments before parting ways. It's now Hadrian's turn to receive his hellos, which the Valardin princess offers by way of maintaining her bright smile and shining her cobalt blue gaze in his direction and she dips into a polite curtsy and says, "Do you know, at this rate, perhaps you should just appoint me a guest suite..."

Cambria releases Isabeau into the proverbial wild, once again surveying all her gathered guests. "I often find it wise to eat before drinking as well," she says to Signe. Derovai's own impromptu rhyming earns a smile from the Marquessa.

"/Sir/." Daemon fires back Derovai's way. "These pieces are /clearly/ related to Roosters, not ducks. You may think me easily flummoxed, but my knowledge of ducks has increased tenfold in the past month. I am not so easily bamboozled." With a stiff 'hmph', his arms are crossed across his steel chest as he turns his chin up at such a troublemaker. "Just as well, Jimbo I believe has enough rights that if he did find himself upon the good Marquis' pond, I'm certain a fine could be paid beyond forced indentured servitude. We are not savages here."

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Derovai responds easily to Daemon, "Forgive me for the cock-up, then," unruffled. He dusts his hands free of breadcrumbs, before raising his brows towards the Mazettis. "And indeed, that's my cue. A pleasant dinner, Marquessa -- Marquis-Consort. I'll leave while I still have the chance, before he -- " a black-gloved thumb jabs at Hadrian, " -- offers me a barony or the like. Well met, and congratulations again."

Hadrian simply stares at Daemon for a good, long while. Lips parted and his mouth hanging ever so slightly open. Hadrian doesn't blink. Hadrian doesn't move. For all intents and purposes, it almost looks as though Hadrian doesn't even breathe. He simply stares at Daemon with an intermingling of disbelief, wonder, and amazement. The stare stretches onward without Hadrian so much of sighing. It's only after he blinks that Hadrian gestures toward Daemon, while his bold green eyes turn to Cambria, "Your protege is hilarious, Cambria. I want you to bring him around more often. I'm going to have a chair made for him. Maybe a hat too. Something with gems. Then I'll take him out to parties with me. Then we'll throw silver at people. It'll be great," Hadrian relates with a firm nod of his head. Alas, Hadrian's attention is soon apprehended by Isabeau, whom he greets with a renewed smile and a dip of his chin, "There are guest rooms within the manor, but they're within the, ah..." Hadrian's lips purse and then twitch about for a moment before he continues, "...the Whispering Wing. Servant's and Guardian's quarters. So, ah, yes, I'm not certain if they're befitting an individual of your status, your highness."

Derovai's comment though does earn a rebuttle from Hadrian, even if he never even glances from Isabeau, "Baron Derovai sounds straight up stupid. No. Lord Derovai? Better..", then Hadrian seems to abruptly return his attention to the discussion with Isabeau.

Hadrian adds another comment to Derovai, "You should come visit me in a few days time. I'll see you then," yet he continues to watch Isabeau.

"Heavens," Cambria exclaims, throwing her hands into the air in mock exasperation. "This is going too far. Marquis, Sir Daemon, Jimbo I certainly /will not/ be forced into any indentured servitude. My pond is a pure /delight/," said with some small bit of heat, as though she could not abide the very thought that her garden pond might be misconstrued as some sort of prison for ducks.

She maintains the facade until she hears Derovai mention the gift of a barony, at which point the Marquessa laughs aloud. She quickly lifts a hand to her mouth, then says from behind it, "A lot of people these days are asking us for baronies. Counties, even. If only I had that sort land..." She continues to giggle, quite amused. "It was good to see you this evening, master Voss. Thank you again for your gift."

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Derovai tilts his head at Hadrian for a moment or two, offering a smile but no response, before he turns to Cambria, "Oh, I've no intention of asking for it," he counters crisply, before adding, "I figured you'd both appreciate the gift. Sorry it's a touch obvious, but it has panache despite that, and it was indeed money well spent." He flicks a hand towards the hosts in leavetaking, before he starts for the door casually.

"Be well Master Voss!" Signe called out from behind a pile of food mixed in with various snacks and treats collected around the refreshment table. "Spirits guide and protect you!" A traditional offered farewell then Signe starts to enjoy her plate of delights.

"Well," the princess drolly drawls, briefly considering Derovai mid-moment before she shifts her attention back to Hadrian and continues her musing. "...I'm sure we could find some suitable arrangement, my lord." There is only the barest hint of a pause that follows before Isabeau turns away from the marquis-consort and looks to seek out some refreshment.

"It's one of the finest ponds in Arx. Arvum even, maybe," Hadrian answers with a straight face and a solemn nod as he glances from Daemon to Cambria. Then back to Isabeau and her comments. He offers a bright grin in return, followed by a polite bow toward the Valardin princess before Hadrian answers her musing, "I'm sure that the Marquessa and I could figure something out for the future. It's always important to have quarters set aside for guests, anyhow". Once Isabeau slips away, Hadrian's attention turns around to the gathering as a whole as he takes in the presence of the remaining guests, then turns his attention up and around to the banners featuring the three-head hydra, and then finally back to the Mazetti's Marquessa, "Cambria? The party seems to be reaching a lull. Perhaps you should take Sir Daemon out to the House of Fountains and show him the duck that I was referring to?"

"It might scare Jimbo," Cambria counters, glancing between Hadrian and Daemon.

Signe has left the The Banquet Table.

Florian leaves, following Derovai.

Hadrian gets Ostrian First Wall, 955 AR from a glass-faced case draped in bold blue and glorious gold silk.

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