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End of Summer Pool Party

It's the end of the summer and what better what to celebrate those last few warm days than to take a dip in the brand new pool and lounge around the patio.

The Fidantes formally invites the compact to partake in their brand new extension built by their admiral, Lady Cadenza Fidante. Bring your swim attire or come as you are.

Join us for drinks, atmosphere, lovely scenery and...more drinks.


May 17, 2018, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Calista Cadenza Ignacio


Ramiro Montag Jaenelle Antonio Valarian Katarina Mydas(RIP) Jeffeth Kaine Fredrik Alaric



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Fidante Villa - Patio and Pool

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Isla, a small silver fox, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Sofia, a saucy sailor's aide, 3 Fidante House Guards, Monty the Python arrive, following Cadenza.

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Katarina is not far behind the King and his impressive contingency, sporting a perfect sun-kissed glow from a recent excursion out on the beaches. "Now this is certainly what we all need," she opines aloud, a sunny smile aimed to Alaric before she's efforting to find their gracious hostesses and host for a proper greeting on her way to the refreshments.

Cadenza was busy speaking to one of the servers, a grin on her lips as she takes a glance over the man before clearing her throat. Stepping away, she adjusts that caftan of hers ever so slightly before waving to those that were arriving. "Welcome!"

Fredrik enters with every sign of intrigue at all the details of the party. "Oh, is that...Oh my, they did spring for this party, didn't they?" He evidently has seen this band before, somewhere, and is smiling broadly with approval as he makes his way toward the hostess, bowing and smiling to any and all who might be in his path, including Katarina and Alaric, of course. "Your Highness, Your...Your Majesty," He hitches a second, a bit surprised to see the king of Arvum here, but he is polite and proper all the same, being very much aware of his surroundings as he waits patiently to greet Calista.

Walking in with a few bottles in his arms, he'd smile as he looks around and nods. Spotting Cadenza, he'd walk over her way and gives a small bow while still juggling the bottles. "Ah.. Lady Cadenza. I thought I'd bring something to help with the party.. I hope you don't mind?"

Already present at the pool, Calista speaks with a couple of servants about some last minute details before she moves towards the patio's entrance. Her attire is devastatingly Lycene and the colors of gold and turquoise only add to her Southern charms. The retinue of royal guards cannot be ignored. "Welcome, Majesty" she calls out towards the changing screens. All things informal tonight it seems. Calista moves to greet Katarina and then Fredrik. "Princess Katarina, welcome! I am Duchess Calista Fidante. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I hope you will enjoy the evening. Lady Cadenza went to great lengths to make this one amazing Summer send off." To Fredrik, she greets the nobleman with a warm smile. "Welcome, my lord. I am Duchess Calista Fidante.". There's a feeling she'll be saying that a lot tonight.

Cadenza looks up to see Ramiro and smiles brightly then. "Oh thank you!" Taking those bottles from him, she then passes them off to the servers to be put behind the bar for serving. "I don't mind at all. I'm sure one more selection won't hurt?" Giving him a wink she then looks over to those speaking with Calista, smiling as she does her intros but goes back to making sure everything was set.

"Glad to be here, Duchess Calista! You're looking lovely as always" Alaric calls out from behind the screen with a laugh at the informality. With one last disappearance to bend over behind it, he finally emerges out from the screen in a pair of simple black shorts for swimming while his retinue takes possession of all his other stuff. "Good evening," he declares affably to all the inbound bowing and such as he joins the parade to greet the other hostess. "Lady Cadenza, lovely to see you again. Thank you so much for hosting tonight. Let's send the summer off in style, shall we?"

Kaine looks a little unsure of himself upon stepping onto the patio, likely escorted there by guards. He rubs at one of his arms as he looks around and starts to approach the pool, looking a little more at ease at the sight of the water and the decor in the area. Another look is spared toward the changing curtains, and he at the very least pulls his beret off of his head.

Ramiro would of course bow to those who deserved such, handing off the bottles with a smile to Cadenza, then sort of drifting in the background as he'd take it all in. While certainly trying hard to look casual, it was a bit new and overwhelming, wasn't it?

"Lord Fredrik RedTyde," the Thraxian Lord introduces himself with a warm smile. "It's a very lovely and so very intersting party you have here, thank you for the open invitation!" He glances around to the changing rooms afterward and, with a last polite bow to the Hostess, starts to head in that direction. "After this last year, let's!" Apparently in total agreement with the king as he snatches up something cold and alcoholic on the way to change.

"The pleasure truly lies with me for making your acquaintance, Duchess Fidante," Katarina returns to Calista with a gracious smile. "Thank you for hosting such a wonderful party. Your home is absolutely breath-taking." She doesn't hold the hostess for long, making off toward the changing screens when they're free of the King to do a little changing of her own, or stripping down rather. Underneath her Eurusi-Oathlands outfit, there's an artfully twisted silk and chiffon bralette and shorts to allow her to roam freely.

Cadenza nods to Ramiro, leaning over to give him a whisper before turning to look as Alaric approach. Giving him bow she smiles up at him warmly then. "Same here. And thank you for coming. The Duchess wanted a pool party so I gave her a pool party...." Chuckling softly she then motions around. "And lets! I'm sure it'll be fun!"

Kaine starts to approach Cadenza and offers her a polite nod in greeting. "Er, hello there! I heard about a pool party and figured I would check it out. I'm not a Lord but -" He freezes at the sight of Alaric and offers the king a bow. When he rises he clears his throat and looks back over to Cadenza, offering her a sheepish smile and rubbing the back of his neck.

Ramiro drops Cardinal 1008 AR - Whyne Family Vineyards.

Ramiro drops Cardinal 1008 AR - Whyne Family Vineyards.

Ramiro drops Cardinal 1008 AR - Whyne Family Vineyards.

"But of course. Who deserves a pool party more than the Rose of Tor? Well, besides me, anyway," Alaric winks. With that, he turns and heads for the pool, smoothly diving in without breaking stride and emerging with his hair swept back away from his face. He props his elbows up along the side of the pool and beckons a servant with a tray of drinks to stop by and drop one off.

Alaric has joined the pool.

Ramiro flashes a smile towards Cadenza at her whisper with a small nod of thanks. He'd watch as the nobles would get relaxed and enjoying the water. Musing to himself, he'd continue to just drift along the side, watching without interrupting as he'd study those talking to the Duchess curiously.

Emerging from the changing room in red-and-blue swimming shorts (what Thraxian doesn't have a few sets of swimming outfits?), Fredrik whispers something to Kaine and claps the man on the shoulder as he passes, bare to the waist otherwise with many a nasty scar to show for it, despite the man's exercised-but-unimpressive physique. He heads for the pool and dives in, making himself at home after one last sip of his drink and setting it aside.

Fredrik has joined the pool.

Cadenza lets out a chuckle as she hears the king's comment then smiles. "Well enjoy....and let me know if you need anything as well....." With that she hears Kaine's voice and turns. Smiling brightly she nods. "Oh you're fine! It was an open invitation. Get comfortable....have a drink....take a swim." Casting a wink his way she looks to Calista then smiles. "Well...I hope this is what you had in mind, Duchess....and that it meets your expectations."

"All that you see here this evening is Lady Cadenza's hard work. She has planned and orchestrated this entire event and yes, I did want a pool party and she has delivered. I am so grateful to have her as part of my family." Calista tells anyone within an earshot. There is warmth in her eyes as she speaks of her newly minted cousin. Servants pass around glasses of wine while trays of decadent Lycene amuse-bouche also make their way around. Calista steals a glass of something fruity before she saunters closer to the edge of the pool. Gently, the Duchess dips her toe into the water, testing it for good measure. "This is exactly what I had in mind. I love the water. Here's a true fact about me, while I love the water and floating, it was Prince Victus who taught me how to dive and search for scallops."

Calista has joined the pool.

Kaine flashes Cadenza a smile and nods once. "Thank you! I'll go get changed." On his way over, he looks over to Fredrik and tips a nod his way as he passes by, then pauses to hear his whispered words and consider them for a moment. After that, he strides to the changing screen more confidently. He gets rid of his attire, and only his hands and satchel can be seen at the side of the screen as he stuffs his clothes into them. Then he pulls out a pair of navy blue wool swim shorts and emerges a moment later wearing them. He gets a bit of a running start and dives into a clear section of the pool, emerging from the depths a moment later.

Kaine has joined the pool.

Katarina clasps hold of a wine glass by the stem, then lowers herself onto the edge of the pool to let her feet soak in the cool waters. She leans back upon a hand, content to people watch while she sips her drink. "You did an amazing job, pulling all of this together, my lady," she pays her compliments where they're due to Cadenza, leaning forward to swirl her fingers across the water.

Alaric regards all the feet entering the water with a cheerful smirk from where he hangs from the edge of the pool in somewhat of the reverse with only his head and arm (and the drink) still outside. "Don't be afraid, the water's fine," he declares reassuringly. "Much less cold than the bay, at any rate."

At Alaric's reassuring declaration, he cannot call himself terribly surprised that there's a well-timed wave of pool water overtaking him from behind. "Oh no! May Mangata watch over us who bask in the water, be it a warm pool or the invigorating waters of the bay!" Katarina sing-songs with a soft titter from behind a hand.

Kaine dived into the pool and doesn't seem particularly bothered by the temperature. He starts to slowly swim around, enjoying the space. "This is a really nice pool!" He tips his torso back and spreads his arms wide to float just beneath the pool's surface. He smiles and half-closes his eyes, looking quite relaxed.

Cadenza moves from checking on things before sitting on the edge of the pool, slowly dipping her feet into the water and exhaling. Looking to Calista she smiles then as she nods. "Good I'm glad. And swimming? My mother just tossed me in the water and said 'good luck' father was horrified but let it happen." Laughing she just shakes her head a bit then before smirking.

Cadenza has joined the pool.

Alaric is quite pleasantly chatting up Fredrik quietly when a wave sent by some devious person breaks over his back. He turns about and squints at Katarina. "You can't say 'us' and 'in the water' until -you're- in the water," he retorts cheerfully, and sets his drink down on th edge to swiftly swim over and try and drag her in.

relaxing and speaking to Alaric and Calista, Fredrik says, with a glance to Katarina, "Aim for the knees, Your Majesty, it always is the weakest point." So very helpful, the RedTyde Lord. He glances to Cadenza and chuckles quietly as he remarks, "I mean, I had the usual education of learning to swim /before/ I learned to walk, really. Very handy thing, that." Then, growing a bit more quiet as he watches Alaric as if he might be up to something, sipping his drink with relish.

Calista lifts the hand that holds the wine glass and beckons others to come to the pool. Though she's not in the pool, yet, her legs dangle within the warmth of the lapping waves. As more and more people come to enjoy the very *very* end of Summer, the young woman is overcome with giggles. She takes quick notice of the mischief that might be going down and she shimmies herself on down, a little further away from Alaric and Katarina, closer to Cadenza and perhaps Fredrik and Kaine. "I love watching others swim about really. This is what I did in Tor and perhaps I am feeling a little homesick. It usually happens with the change of seasons. We do not have drastic climate changes in the Southern City-States. This ensemble is meant for basking in the sun and possibly lounging in the shade. This doesn't get wet."

6 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting arrive, following Jaenelle.

2 Silvershields, 6 House Velenosa Guards, Roger, Aurum, Jaenelle arrive, following Mydas.

Kaine starts to swim backwards with careful motions of his hands and feet, careful not to splash someone or run into them. He only goes a few inches before he tilts his head back to look at Calista upside down. "This is quite a fine pool for swimming, my Lady! I've only ever really swam in rivers as the Grotto isn't really for swimming." Then he turns over and starts to float on his stomach. "Woo!"

"But I have my feet in the water," Katarina protests, her eyes widening in alarm as Alaric swims over and drags her in, squealing and kicking all the way in with a splash. She barely manages to keep hold of her wine glass, but all its contents may be tipped over on him, again.

Fredrik checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

The guests all seem to be in the pool. Literally all of them are either IN the pool or sitting on the edge, drinking, laughing, and generally having a good time. Musicians play off to the side and servers pass rounds of drinks and finger foods that are signature bites from the Lyceum.

And nope! Fredrik tries to catch the drink, but it is spilled all over him instead in a downpour of liquor. He pauses, his composure as steady as a rock as he lets out a small 'hmmm...excellent vintage', before solving the problem by dunking himself down into the pool and then back up. "For every game, a result, Your Highness," He points out with a smirk toward the struggling Katarina before moving back toward where Calista and Kaine lounge and swim. He glances toward Mydas, and his gaze takes the man in entirely, taking note of him, his clothes, his attendants, and his companion with a small lift of his glass.

Cadenza chuckles as she looks to the shenanigans and simply holds an arm out in front of Calista. At the splash she just reaches out to pluck one of those peach drinks from a passing tray. Sip sip and....yup...none of that yet for her.

Calista chuckles softly at Kaine and gives him an appreciative nod of her head. "Thank you, I am so happy you are enjoying yourself. Again, I told Lady Cadenza I wished for the construction of the pool to be completed and she spearheaded the project. I've sadly been inundated with a lot more work than I can keep up with."

The newly announced betrothed, Prince Mydas Velenosa and Princess Jaenelle Velenosa, arrive arm in arm rather late to the party, but better late than never! Upon the sight of the splashing, and hearing the squealing currently taking place in the pool, the man arches a brow. "Well, we don't seem to be /too/ late." he remarks, glancing at the various individuals assembled. And then he steps forward to greet them! "Good evening to you all." he even smiles, politely at least. "Hopefully we've not missed too much?"

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Alaric revenges himself for the previous splashy interruption by semi-consentually escorting Katarina into the water, even if it gets some wine on him in the process. Fortunately, another quick dive below the water rectifies that and he pops back up by where he left his drink near Fredrik and Calista. "Shouldn't say things like 'indundated' when I might be starting a streak of dragging people into the pool, Calista," he observes impishly. He smiles over towards the entrance. "Well, now. Prince Ettore and Princess Jaenelle, congratulations to you both!" he declares sociably.

Calista checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Jaenelle dips her head politely, her smile perhaps a bit more warmer than that of Mydas'. "So I see! I am glad that we've shown up before everyone else had left. Though I am sure Calista would let us sit here sadly as she shared everything we had missed in a generous gesture to punish us for our poor habits." Then she turns towards the pool again, "but yes, hello! Thank you, Your Majesty. Are you using your lessons for good?"

Cadenza checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

Lifting himself up to rest on the edge of the pool, Fredrik dips his head in polite and casual respect to the two new arrivals as he stands to snag another bottle. "Your Highness', it is a fine pleasure to meet you both. Lord Fredrik RedTyde." And then he's moving to snag a bottle of wine and then turning to Alaric and Katarina. "I suppose this means you both will need your glasses topped off?" Deadpan while offering to the tumbling pair, of course.

Startled by what Alaric says, Calista does her best to get up and away from the edge of the water as quickly as she can to greet Jaenelle and Mydas but well, that doesn't happen, now does it? It's the damned kaftan. The way she was sitting at the edge of the pool let the long silk thing float around her thighs and when she pushed up with wet legs, got herself all tangled up. There's a flurry of silk and hair and then a big ol' splash!

Cadenza looks up from her drink as she hears the pair and smiles bright. "Congrats you too! And glad you could make it and welcome to the....." Motioning to the splashing she just chuckles a bit as she casually and easily move out of the splash zone without spilling her drink. "....the party!" Chuckling she just look to Calista and laughs. "Oh no...."

Katarina resurfaces with a delighted laugh, slicking her hair back from her face and raising her hand in welcoming reception of the newly arrived Velenosan couple. "Prince Ettore, Princess Janelle! I'm glad you could make it. Many blessings to you both on your recent engagement." She swims away from Alaric, kicking up as much water upon him on her way to the edge. "It's a pleasure to meet you, my Lord. You're right on time with the wine. Are you enjoying the party so far?"

Kaine seems to be entertaining himself by turning onto his back in the pool, then on his stomach, then on his back again. He keeps his neck craned to keep his face from touching the water as he swirls around. "Hah! I can still do it. I didn't think I would be able to." Then he dives under the pool and emerges out of the water again, closer to Calista and Cadenza. "Well, it's a very fine project indeed! I wouldn't even know where to begin when it comes to making a pool but I've made other things, and really, making something beautiful is difficult - but with enough creativity, it's possible!" He gently clears his throat. "Kaine Algair, by the way! I'm Marquis Fairen Leary's protege."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Ettore offers to Alaric in response, incling his head respectuflly. There are drinks offered! The prince takes one for himself, and of course Jaenelle lest she declines, such is the fate of gentlemen. He turns his attention to Fredrik, gold eyes curious, and nods to the man. "And I you, Lord Fredrik. A recent arrival to Arx, I take it?" he asks, before watching Calista's wonderful display of acrobatics. "Well. Hello to you too, Calista." he says with dry amusement. She's probably fine, right? He otherwise inclines his head to Cadenza and Katarina in turn for their congratulations. "Thank you, thank you all. In case it comes up, yes I'm the lucky one."

Alaric watches Calista fall into the pool with a slightly raised eyebrow. "Even if all I did was suggest it, I'm taking credit for that," he proclaims triumphantly. "That's two for me!" He grins at Fredrik. "That would be delightful, thank you," he says appreciatively. Without much apparent concern for all the splashing and chaos around him, he looks up at Jaenelle. "I'm ahead in the 'people thrown into the pool' competition. That sounds good to me," he replies.

Fredrik fills all the glasses of those that need them (which is probably everyone but Calista at the moment) and settles in at the edge of the pool, wearing only his trunks to reveal a tanned, much-scarred personage. "Oh yes, very recent. The climate just wasn't right before now, you know? Such long winters tend to be dangerous to the blood," he explains to Mydas, sipping at his wine and gesturing to the seat next to him at the edge of the pool, decently away from the splashing now.

Cadenza looks over to Kaine then as she smiles brightly. "Oh Marquis Fairen's protege! Well nice to meet you!" Leaning in she feigns a whisper. "If you don't move...they can't see you to toss you in...." Grinning she sits up straight then nods. "Yes.....I am do to meet with the Marquis soon in fact. My husband and I will sitting down with him and his lovely wife soon." Finishing her drink, she passes off the glass before leaning back on her hands as she crosses her legs. "If you see him before I, tell him I said hello."

Calista surfaces rather quickly, sputtering water and flipping hair out of her face. She doesn't have her eyes open yet, but she splashes water in what seems to be Alaric's direction. It could also hit someone else. All's fair in a swimming pool. "Princess Jaenelle, Prince Mydas. Congratulations and welcome!" She's probably not even facing them as she greets them but thus is the role of a Duchess, yeah? Once she gets herself together, she moves to the edge of the pool, unravels herself from the kaftan and hands it over to a house servant. "Okay, I am going to need a new drink because the last one left me."

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Jaenelle winces as Calista's usually graceful movement fail her, eyes focused on the water in hopes that the woman does rise to the surface and there is no need to save her. There her eyes remain even as she acknowledges Fredrik. "Lord RedTyde. It is a pleasure to meet you. Is she ok?" is asked, perhaps asking just for the hell of it. "It is not nice to throw people in the pool without asking them if they can swim, Your Majesty. Do remember that is the first rule. Or was that nudity?" She smiles, finally looking from Calista who /si/ alive to Alaric. The her eyes shift towards Mydas, "yes you are."

Kaine lets out a laugh at the advice, and shifts into a wading position, then gives Cadenza an easy nod. "This is true, I suppose! - I'll pass your greetings to the Marquis when I can. He's sponsoring an ongoing silent auction that will end in a few days at my shop! I'm very grateful for his patronage." He bobs a nod and says, "It's quite nice to meet you though, my Lady! You have a very fine home."

Alaric regally endures half the pool splashing him. "No, you were right, that's the first rule," he admits to Jaenelle. "Establishing the rules for proper attire or lack thereof comes after minimizing any drowning risks." He looks over his shoulder. "Lord Fredrik has you covered," he tells Calista helpfully.

"Mm, I suppose it depends on the winter. It certainly was a long one for Tyde till recent years, wasn't it?" Mydas remarks to Fredrik casually. The displays at the pool are enough to convince the man to prefer to stay away, and where Fredrik chose to make his spot. "Were you trying to upstage our entrance, Calista? You've succeeded, by the way." he remarks with a teasing smirk, the tone friendly. "Perhaps you should stay away from the dangers of the pool for a time, mm?" He glances at Jaenelle, but does not reply, his eyes showing his amusement instead.

And so Fredrik does! He hefts himself over to where Calista comes up from the pool, with a new drink and a towel in hand for her. A large one. "Always be prepared, my father used to say...But then he got ambushed, so it's give and take, right?" And then he's seating himself where he can speak to Mydas and Jaenelle as well, calmly sipping at his drink. "That is was, Prince Ettore, but the new year came for Tyde and RedTyde alike...Well, for /the/ RedTyde, anyway."

Cadenza chuckles to Kaine as she nods. "Thanks...I appreciate it. And this is the Duchess' lovely home. I just got lucky to marry one of her handsome cousins and was allowed to design and have this pool put in." Grinning she just shake her head as she looks up then, just listening to the conversation around her. A smile was tugging at her lips as she looks least she got everything organize the guests to enjoy so it was time to relax.

Kaine lets out an 'ooh' and nods in understanding. "I see! That's pretty fun. - My home's just an apartment above my shop. At least I don't have to walk very far to start work!" He gives a sheepish grin and starts to look for the aforementioned Duchess. "Ah." He clears his throat a little as he sees the situation, and Fredrik bringing a towel, then checks to see that his own wool shorts are still on. They are.

"I came ill prepared for a pool party, unfortunately, and did not follow my own rules so I shall stay away from the edge. Where it is dry. And my dress wont get ruined, again." Jaenelle tells those in the water, remaining where Mydas and now Fredrik sit. The former Thraxian focuses her attention towards Fredrik now, "I am sorry, I was slightly distracted. Did you say you've just arrived in Arx?" She must have missed the first part of the conversation.

"Even the most prepared can fall to bad luck. Fortune, for all her questionable existence, can s till prove cruel." Mydas remarks to Fredrik. "Sometimes to no fault of its victims." As being /the/ RedTyde, the prince nods. "I see. An arrival to Arx with purpose, then. I wish you luck and success, to see you lose the dubious honour." he offers. He nods to Jaenelle when she asks. "Recent arrival and Tyde sworn." he adds, though he leaves further details to Fredrik. He's only just met the man, after all.

Striding in to the pool area like he belongs there, the huge Harrow gives Kaine a wave, "Master Kaine! And Your Highness!" Kind of a sloppy bow, but the king is in the water, so it works, probably. Dropping into a lounge chair, he gazes over the rest before declaring, "I don't know the rest of you, but I'm surprised my sister isn't here scowling and generally...well, scowling."

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A glance to Jaenelle with a broad, even-toothed smile for the Princess. "Indeed so, Your Highness. I have come after long discussion with the Duchess Margot, as your betrothed said. She wishes to expand her trade empire, and that happens to be my area of expertise, really. Along with a few other details." He gestures toward Mydas then, admitting his point. "As you said. But I find that while luck can be cruel, too often we blanket that word over things that just weren't properly planned for. And my thanks, Prince Ettore, I do rather hope that someday there might be many more little RedTydes, but it is a dream, at this time."

"It's a lovely dress. I don't blame you for wanting to be extra careful to prevent any harm to it," Alaric tells Jaenelle agreeably. "Well, there are plenty of other amusements than swimming about. Musicians, sweets, and plenty of alcohol, of course. I think you'll be quite all right." He grins boyishly and turns to the new familiar voice. "Dame Felicia's more of a glowerer than a scowler, Master Valarian," Alaric notes idly from where he hangs in the water with an arm on the edge. "And she's on the night watch this week, so even I don't get to see a lot of her. Unless I wake up in the middle of the night for some reason, I suppose."

"Master Valarian" Jaenelle says, a soft clearing of her throat. "Just because I have not responded to your missives does not mean that you have completely forgotten you have met me before. Unless I should have thrown you from the Carlotta after all." There really is no annoyance to her tone. Then she gives Fredrik and Mydas her attention once more, "Margot is a brilliant woman, one I admire a great deal. My cousin Dagon and she have created a great thing here and I am pleased that they are encouraging more to come to Arx to be part of it."

Cadenza looks up to Valarian, hearing his voice and smiles. "Well let's fix not knowing everyone! I'm Cadenza Fidante! Glad you could make the party." Grinning she finally stands from having her feet in the water, taking a step back to grab another drink as it passes.

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Calista is ever so grateful for Fredrik's attention. She quietly thanks him for the towel and the drink and moves closer to the edge of the pool where she can properly converse with others. "Did you say trade is your area of expertise?" Calista inquires of Fredrik as she tries to get some water out of her ear. She does this rather elegantly because she does all things in an elegant and graceful manner. "Perhaps then we should discuss business when not at a party."

"Certainly, proper planning is too often underestimated. Yet even for those who might make it a point to lay out the most thorough plans, luck's pebbles can be enough to derail the whole attempt." replies, and agrees, Mydas to Fredrik. "Trade, you say? I am the Voice of the Silver Consortium, an organization dedicated to offer various Houses and other such entities a place to discuss trade and cooperation on economical matters. Should you ever be interested to represent RedTyde, do feel free. Or Tyde itself, the House still lacks a representative." he remarks. And then at Calista's words, cannot help but remark. "A party is a fine time to discuss business... if the one with whom you're trying to make a deal with has had more to drink than you did." he smirks.

Fredrik bows his head easily to Calista. "Just so, Duchess, but I prefer to think of myself as a master of /details/. It just so happens that trade is something that benefits from a keen eye and a good sense for timing, hmm?" But of course, his attention also is snagged by Mydas. "Oh very well true, as my own family's history more than proves, alas. And of course I have heard of the Silver Consortium, I have won..And lost..more than my fair amount of trade, competing against you and yours. I would be honored to represent Tyde in this, with the Duchess' approval, of course."

Fredrik also waggles his wine glass, which is still more than half-full. Nursing his drinks, it seems, with a faint smirk.

Katarina was summoned away to respond to missives for a while. She makes her return to the poolside and claims a fresh glass of wine for herself, settling down comfortably on the edge. "I've not heard truer words spoken, Your Highness," she declares to Mydas, then turns a small smile upon the ladies nearby. "I hope I haven't missed much in my brief absence?"

"Did you just refer to me as a pebble?" Jaenelle asks Mydas, though her expression is relaxed so who knows if she is endeared to derailing his entire life or not. She takes a sip of the wine collected by her betrothed when they first entered, listening to the two men talk, "I have also noticed the greatest alliances are usually formed around a body of water, a pool is no different in this. It also means that should any business arrangement that prospers within your party is your doing and therefore you should get a percentage of the profit, Calista."

Grinning to Jaenelle from his lounge chair with a glass of wine in hand, as red as his armor, more than his hair, Valarian takes a long sip. "Aye, that would have been hilarious if I had been tossed off the ship, but I am glad you didn't, Princess. It is a pleasure to see you again." Beaming a smile to Cadenza, "Hey! Hello Cadenza Fidante! I am glad I could make it as well. Valarian Harrow, and thank you for holding it!" Lifting his glass to Alaric, "Aye, I hear you, I've not seen her as much as I'd like as of late. But it's good you see her if you wake up in the middle of the night at least. Better she's there, it means I can shave off Arion's hair with no one interrupting.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

In comes the huge form of Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, the large man's typical lumber is accelerated to a quickened pace. And. He. Looks. Alarmed. Not in an actual we're under siege sort of alarmed, but oh my gosh I forgot my mom's birthday sort of alarmed. The behemoth is looking around the party rapidly, pausing as he enters the scene of the pool party. His hands are briefly pressed on his waist, looking around with some concern. Because again, alarmed.

Something Mydas says about business at parties with drinks has her summoning a servant over with more for wine for Fredrik. Her lips curve with her signature Tehom may care grin. "Do not let him speak about you in such a manner Princess Jaenelle. You are no pebble. You are gold." The teasing continues but her dark emerald eyes flicker with mirth at Mydas just then.

Cadenza smiles brightly at Valarian and chuckles. "Of course! Duchess Calista mused an idea and therefore....I provided by building this place, planning the party and the like. Needless to say.....first few weeks after my wedding was pretty busy...." At that she turns and see the large knight. Raising her free hand she waves since her other was occupied with a drink. "Sir Jeffeth! Welcome!"

"Of course. The offer does not come with a time limit." Mydas assures Fredrik, before shifting his attention to Katarina. "And which ones were they, Your Highness?" he answers Katarina, his amusement mingled with curiosity. Jaenelle's question, however, rightfully turns his attention back to her. "Pebble? Perhaps at first glance. But it would take hardly more than an instant to realize that which was seen as pebble first is instead revealed to be the diamond in the rough." he answers smoothly, and brings Jaenelle's free hand to his lips for a chaste kiss for good measure. "Also, stop giving Calista ideas." he chides teasingly.

"Surely a diamond large enough to crush the hearts of many men, even if she has chosen just one," Fredrik puts in with a raise of his new glass to Jaenelle and Mydas both. "I will speak to my Duchess presently and let you know. Perhaps we can arrange a dinner over it, I feel we have much we could discuss, Prince Ettore." And then he is turning to thank Calista properly for the drinks with a beaming smile. "An excellent party, Duchess."

Chilling in his lounge chair completely to the point of near slumping, somehow Valarian manages to drink his wine without spilling any into his beard. Lifting the glass to Cadenza, "Well, it's an awesome idea. I love it. I think we need a pool, but maybe not. Not without moving. Hrm. I wonder if my patron has a pool on her grounds..." Frowning a bit, he resolves with a thump to his chest, "I shall find out." Glancing over at Fredrik, "Oh, Tyde? I think my patron is your vassal. I guess that makes you grand-patron?" Chuckling and stretching out his legs, suddenly, a challenger appears! At least to the title of giant. A broad smile on his lips for Jeffeth, the giant Harrow gasps in surprise. "Gods! Sir Jeffeth, you snuck up on me. Must be the height."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valarian before departing.

"I am not sure if I could have tossed you myself, but I would have tried and failing that asked you very nicely to do it yourself. It is nice to see you again though, Master Valarian" Jaenelle tells the man with a grin, lifting her glass of wine in toast towards him. "I think I adore you all" she tells Mydas, Calista, and Fredrik, a look of appreciation for their flattering words. Her hand turns to gently stroke Mydas' cheek after its kissed. Her attention is pulled, rightly so, towards Jeffeth as her protege looks ALARMED. "Jeffeth? Are you ok?"

"That poor lad. It seems like you can't be a proper Harrow without some degree of jealousy for his hair," Alaric notes with a lightly reproachful shake of his head to Valarian. "On the contrary, I heartily endorse giving Calista ideas!" he chimes in with a raise of his glass. "She's much more fun the more she has at her disposal." He glances up from the water at Jeffeth. "It's all right, Sir Jeffeth, it's only a pool," he declares reassuringly.

"No. It is not the size, but its quality, that enabled it to cut through the most solid barriers and allow her such access to one's heart." Mydas says quietly, and though he is answering Fredrik, his eyes are on Jaenelle. But then his gaze shifts to the Lord, and he nods. "Of course, I'd be delighted." he assures. "If Calista doesn't rob me of all the opportunities first. I suppose I shouldn't be too cross if she does, Minister and such." he smirks teasingly. And then a messenger arrives, bearing a letter. "Ah, it seems I must take my leave. My apologies, though I'll hopefully be gone only shortly." And with that, the nobleman takes his leave, hopefully to return to the party later!

"Your words on how even the best plans are challenged by the tiniest of pebbles," Katarina chimes to Mydas, raising her glass to her lips with a curious look arched over toward the behemoth of a knight rapidly entering the party. "Sir Bayweather," she extends in polite welcoming. "It is good to see you! You haven't missed much. Won't you come try the wine and escape the heat of summer in the pool with us?" She turns upon the pool's edge to look toward Alaric. "A pool that you'll undoubtedly pull unsuspecting victims into at your leisure, Your Majesty," she accuses sweetly.

2 Silvershields, 6 House Velenosa Guards, Roger, Aurum leave, following Mydas.

"You are most welcomed, Lord Fredrik, though I cannot take the credit. Lady Cadenza put all of this together. " Calista offers a warm smile to the Redtyde lord before swimming away from the group. "If you could all excuse me for moment." As she paddles past Alaric, she flashes him a mischievous grin, then slips out from the pool for a bit.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valarian before departing.

"RedTyde, I'm a vassal of Tyde, when you get down to it. Ward at the moment." He answers Valarian, but his gaze turns to Mydas at the man's comment, and following him as he leaves. "My word, that was a /good/ answer. See why you love him," He tells Jaenelle, seeming impressed. He downs the rest of his drink and glances to Jeffeth, watching the man like a hawk as he points out to him, "You'll find it quicker if you tell us what it is you're looking for, Sir."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Jeffeth gives a distracted wave to Cadenza. Yes. Hi. Excuse me, busy looking CONCERNED. Then his attention flits to Valarian, another distracted smile. And finally Jaenelle's voice. There! His shoulders sage some as Jeffeth makes a beeline for Jaenelle. The huge knight is quickly bowing at the waist to her. "Your Highness, I heard the news, and I think I heard the news late, and at least a dozen people must have congratulated you already, and I'm /extremely/ late with my congratulations." He straightens up slowly. "And I haven't even got you a gift yet." The big man for a moment looks utterly heart broken, failing his patron so. But another deep bow is given. "Your Highness. Might I offer my most sincere congratulations." Jeffeth rumbles now seeming to relax as he has gotten this very important business off his chest. Everyone relax, it's okay now. WHEW.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

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Shocked at the very thought of being /jealous/ of Arion's hair, Valarian emits a bit of a sniff before giving Alaric a bit of side eye. "It's not jealousy. He just goes on and on about it and it's just not true. Mine's the best, naturally. He loads his with weird things that I'm going to find out if they are flammable. Also, he snores. Loudly. And he thinks he looks good in a dress, but he's delusional." Take /that/, Arion! Glancing over at Jaenelle, "Congratulations! On whatever it is I'm congratulating you on! Clearly something!" Draining his glass after lifting it in a lazy gesture, he waits for someone to come and refill it.

Fredrik does not laugh at the revealed source of Jeffeth's distress. No, that would be improper, even here. But he /does/ smile, and people nearby might hear, "That's so damn loyal and adorable. I'd sell all my ships for a man half as good."

Alaric eyes Katarina sidelong. "Well, obviously. If they're suspecting they put up a better defense," he scoffs, tipping his drink back. "You won't get a fearsome reputation for pool-throwing if you don't succeed most of the time. And then what would you accuse me of?" Speaking of accusing, he looks back at Valarian. "You all bring it up too regularly for it not to be jealousy. Nobody ever complains to me about Scipio's singing voice! But that hair, every last one of you."

Cadenza blinks to Jeffeth then raises her brow at his appeareance then smiles at his words to Jaenelle. Chuckling a bit she then looks to Sofia who appears to murmur something in her ear. A slight frown tugs at her features but she nods as she looks to the grip. "Pardon me...." Excusing her herself, since she was the one who organized all of this, she quickly stepped away to the door to go deal with something as quickly as possible.

It is a good thing that Jeffeth bows that low because his height dwarfs her even as she stands. "Sir Bayweather" Jaenelle begins, her voice soft as she reaches for his hands, clasping them within her own smaller ones. There is obvious affection for the man. "Thank you. I may have received many letters offering me congratulations, but I assure you that I was holding out for yours especially. It is certainly the best one ive gotten thus far, and it might be the most special. Please do not worry about a gift or that you heard the news late, you made up for it, I promise." She motions for him to bend slightly so she may kiss his cheek. "You just missed my intended, he had a meeting he had to go to, but he should be back if he doesn't get lost or cold feet, or flee the city altogether." Will he? Perhaps. To Fredrik she grins, "loyalty finds the same. If you are good to those who choose to be loyal, they will be good to you." Valarian is given a glance, "I am getting married Master Harrow. I hope you'll come to the wedding?"

A warm smile for Jaenelle as Fredrik stands, brushing himself down. "I stayed loyal for almost two decades, Your Highness, and the reward was getting to call myself Lord RedTyde again. It is a good lesson, believe me." He dips his head to one and all in a slight bow as he makes ready to depart. "Alas, business waits for no man, as your Promised knows quite well, and I must be going. but it was a /lovely/ party, and I am so thankful I could come!"

Katarina eyes Alaric thoughtfully. "I'd accuse you of being unappreciative of the fine art of bay watching," she cheerfully decides, her attention turned toward the band of musicians performing such romantic music. "Good men are not hard to find, Lord Fredik," the Valardin offers. "They will be loyal to those who are good to them. I was fortunate to find two good proteges who are valorous and brave both in their own rights." She makes her way to her feet, another missive coming. "It looks as though my attention is needed elsewhere though. Thank you for such a lovely party," she cals to Cadenza and Calista.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

"Because I've got a better singing voice, that's acknowledged. Ask Princess Caith, she'll tell you. She's my biggest admirer. I'm the best bard the Grotto has ever known. I sing quite regularly there, and people come from blocks away to hear it. Really. She said she'd contact Princess Saoirse to get me to sing for you! Alas, I've seen no contract yet," Valarian sighs to Alaric with a grin, then smiles at Jaenelle. "Oh! Congratulations then! Yeah, sure. I tend to show up at things, it's what I do sometimes."

Oh. Whew. If he notices Fredrik's smile or Cadenza's brow, he doesn't show it. Instead his huge shoulers lose some of the tension they were holding at Jaenelle's words. As she clasps his hands and motions him to get down here he obliges, bending so she may kiss his cheek. It elicits a radiant smile shining brightly down at her. "I will still get a gift." He assures her, all toothy smiles now that the CONCERN is gone. When she mentions he just missed her intended Jeffeth looks over his shoulder to find the man in question. "If he does flee the city, Your Highness I likely am faster and can run him down and bring him back to you." A joke. Probably. He's no longer smiling.

But then she's talking of loyalty and Jeffeth is smiling again. His large mitts giving her smaller hands a small squeeze. Bowing to her once again the big man rumbles something lowly in her ear before slowly standing and stepping to her side, slightly behind her, like a giant guard dog.

Furrowing his brows for a moment after rereading one of the messages, his lips quirk into a slight grin. "But, I'd better go for now. Something I need to take care of for the Explorers...thank you for the party though, and Your Highness, don't believe a word Felicia ever says. Ever." With a solemn nod, the other huge man slips off with a very off key whistle.

"Pleased once again to make your acquaintance, Lord Fredrik. Best of results to your endeavors here in the capital," Alaric tells Fredrik in parting. "And you'd be correct about that one as well, Princess Katarina. I'm terrible at being passive. A good evening to you as well," he adds for Katarina. Valarian gets a faintly amused smirk. "Somehow I've yet to see any venture go smoothly that has Princess Caith and Princess Saoirse both in its description," he observes.

Cadenza returns from whatever called her to the doors and steps aside. "Thank you both for coming, both of you." Bowing her head to both Fredrik and Katarina before making her way back to the group.

Fredrik has left the pool.

Valarian amends the king's statement on his way out, "Yet. You haven't yet. But now! You will."" Winking, off he goes.

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Alaric also has undoubtedly already secured the title of most people dragged (slash startled into independently falling) into the pool for the evening, but that doesn't stop him from trying to snag Cadenza on her return when she gets within range.

"If you wish" Jaenelle tells Jeffeth in regards to the gift, giggling softly, "I am sure Ettore has not run away, his sister would be very upset at his leaving after it took so long to get him into the Velenosa family in the first place. You would be a welcomed sight after she was done with him." A few quiet words are shared between the two, "another duel?" is said loudly, "I do hope you win, I added to the prize purse." Though people have probably heard that too as there was a proclamation sent out about that by her other protege. She loves these guys. "You do, Master Valarian Like ships. I expect nothing less if you crashed random weddings as well."

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Alaric pops up out of the water with an unstealthy splash and promptly swing-and-a-misses as Cadenza just hops over his grasping arms, resulting in the King sliding back into the water empty-handed. He clicks his tongue in mild disappointment before picking his drink back up with a laugh.

Cadenza promptly spins around and twirls out of the King's grasp. Laughing she just bows to him. "Your Majesty...almost...." But with that she'd turn her back to the pull and just...fell in backwards as she splashes in that way. After a few moments she surfaces with a laugh. "...but I am due to get in the water."

Gino, a surly sailor, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Antonio.

Cadenza had just 'fallen' into the water herself. Alaric was...well trying to pull everyone in while the others were standing nearby in some fashion chatting away.

Alaric is splashed (again) by Cadenza falling in next to him. He doesn't seem to mind too terribly. "Three!" he declares brightly because he's just taking credit for everything tonight. He eyes her sidelong when she pops back up. "You're welcome for the prompt, then," he tells her cheerfully.

The best advice one can give to those who like to be where they shouldn't is: "Act like you belong." And for the Thraxian former smuggler, well thats far to easy at a Lyceum pool party. One only has to act slightly drunk, though not enough to invite a duel, a little bit of flirting, and partake in excess and debauchery. It helps that swim attire means that his normal completely in no way fashionable commoner garb can be cast the way side for something simple. A rather simple pair of swim trunks. And considering how many nobles like to play at being pirate or the like, well who will mind a few scars here and there. Montag makes his way about, picking a few bits of food from some servants, liberating a bottle of spirits, and doing his best... to look like he belongs.

"A tournament." The big man corrects gently with a light smile.

Antonio doesn't own swim attire- so he arrives wearing what he usually does- leather. He's late of course, but then he's usually late to just about everything.

Jaenelle is at a perfectly proper distance away from the pool that she is in no danger of getting splashed as those within it are doing so. Instead, she stands securely out of the way with her wall of a knight Jeffeth to protect her if need be. "I wish you all the best!" she tells the knight, beaming at him.

"A tournament." The big man corrects gently with a light smile. "Oh you added to the pool?" Jeffeth grunts, blinking down at her "Well thank you your Highness." He gives a broad toothy smile to her. "I should probably get over there, to prepare." The huge knight bends down once more in another bow to the short woman. "I'll write to you how I do." The large man does indeed stand in front of Jaenelle as a splash screen.

Alaric raises his glass to Jeffeth. "Indeed, best of luck Sir Jeffeth. We haven't had a proper tournament in the city since the last, well, Tournament of Roses," he says encouragingly before draining the remainder of his drink and lifting himself up and out of the pool to sit down on the side and shake off some of the water to refuses to drip off of him.

Montag slams back the shot and watches the King get into his own bit of trouble. Montag keeps his distance from the big boss. King's Own possibly might get stabby when someone completely unknown lingers to close. This is entire party is likely giving some poor King's Own a veritable heartattack as every angle is a new possible threat. Are they decked out in swim wear? Antonio is noted. "Boooo." Montag calls out, noting his lack of swim attire. "Leather armor makes terrible swim wear."

Montag gets a -look- from Antonio when he boos him, narrowed eyes followed by a smirk. "It works better than metal armor." It's worth noting that his leathers are cut more like clothing rather than strict armor. "I actually don't wear anything when I swim. In the Lycene fashion." Or at least that's his excuse.

Cadenza looks over to Alaric with a laugh now as she nods. "It's thank you...." Grinning she looks up to those entering, giving a wave to Antonio and Montag. "Welcome welcome! Get yourselves a drink if you like and join us!" Pushing her wet hair out of her face she looks over to Jeffeth and nods. "Good luck, Sir Jeffeth!"

The Lord Sistermander is here to make sure the King doesnt get himself killed. Or kills someone else when he drags them into the pool. Jaenelle observes Alaric, "Your Majesty, I believe Sir Jeffeth is leaving me now too. You will keep me company now that you've left the pool and are no longer a threat to the city? Unless you are otherwise occupied and then I will just have to find a nice seat to sit in and wither." Antonio is given a pause, "you could swim naked, but it might be cold. Do you really wish to try that?"

Alaric snags a towel on his way back to transition into a dryer and more spectacularly dressed state behind the changing screen. "Well then, lovely to see you all tonight, I've had a splendid time, but I can't stay any longer unfortunately. A King's work is never done. Duchess Calista, Lady Cadenza, my unbounded appreciation for your excellent hosting tonight." He smiles regally. "Princess Jaenelle, Prince Antonio, Sir Jeffeth," he glances curiously at Montag, "booing guy, a pleasant evening to you all."

Alaric has left the pool.

Montag gives Antonio his own smirk, "Ah well, true that! More then a few poor bastards found that out the hard way in history and all." He remarks, his 'Boo' clearly just some cheeky fun. Act like you belong, but don't stick out too much. Though its hard to not stick out if you're trying to act like Lycene!

Cadenza says a farewell to the King as he makes his exit then exhales a bit as she swims over to the side of the pool to relax. As a server passes she picks another glass of drink off of their tray before looking to Jaenelle. "So how have you been? Obviously excited about the upcoming nuptials." A smile tugs at her lips as she takes a sip.

Jaenelle sighs as Alaric leaves her too. She is just batting a million today. Ah and there is Cadenza, saving her. "I am not sure. Is it odd to not understand what is going on? There is so much to do now, but I am not sure where to start or how. I just showed up to my last wedding." Because that is what every bride to be thinks, surely.

Antonio is in a smirky mood- Jaenelle gets one now. "if it's too cold to swim naked it's too cold to swim- period." Cadenza's greeting is returned with a smile and a dip of his head.

Cadenza smiles as she leans against the side of the pool as her legs moving gently keeps her body afloat. Good thing for strategically placed embroidered roses covering her. "Well...." Taking a sip she smiles. "You could always hire someone. what you want?" A beat. "We kept our ceremony very small...since anything large was not me. We had a reception and just invited whomever wanted to party with us. So I say....start with if you want big or small then go from there?"

Cadenza returns that nod to Antonio.

"My first wedding was large, there were hundreds of people there. The Luceum never does anything small though, do they? And Thrax of course wished to put on a showing as well" Jaenelle remembers, though her smile is pleasant at the memory and not sentimental. "Ettore and I have yet to actually discuss the wedding part yet, I am sure he will have his own opinions on the matter. I guess with everything happening recently, I wish to provide something where people can enjoy and relax, and forget for a moment. To celebrate what we have. Not unlike what you have done for us here." And Antonio. She smiles, "you are missing out then. The Velenosa estate has that great cold pool in the east wing. Try it some time."

"The frigidarium in the baths? I use it all the time," Antonio laughs softly, "One doesn't need clothing for it." As the talk progress to weddings, however, he falls silent.

"You'd be surprised how cold the water can get and how long someone can last. Now of course if there is ice floating about in it... wouldn't suggest the dip less you are one of the northern types." Montag remarks, giving a glance to Jaenelle as she ponders the future and the wedding event for not just herself but the Compact. The man raises his half glass of whiskey in a bit of salute to her consideration, before he slams it back.

Cadenza nods a bit as she smiles. "And that is why....I'm the odd duck. They insist I take after my father in that regard...." Chuckling a bit she smiles. "Then again I was always at sea and hardly ever home...." Exhaling deeply she takes another sip then smiles as she nods. "But that is a brilliant idea....something to just...relax...."

Roger, Aurum, 6 House Velenosa Guards, 2 Silvershields arrive, following Mydas.

Jaenelle dips her head towards Montag, lifting her glass as he does his. "I have heard that as well. Apparently men from the north like to share their survival in colder waters repeatedly to anyone who was not born higher than Farhaven." Its like being a vegan for swimmers. "We shall see though" she tells Cadenza.

Calista steps back onto the patio with a fresh glass of some fruity cocktail. By now the Duchess is mostly dried off and she takes a seat upon one of the lounge chairs. Never worse for wear, just exhausted from business as usual.

Mydas returns after his earlier absence, just in time to hear Jaenelle. "I spoke of it once." he remarks as he comes to join her. "And I've not insisted on it." he arches a brow, as if challenging her to contradict him.

Its around this time that Gino, Antonio's runner comes uh.. running up to him to hand him a bit of paper. Which, after reading, causes Antonio turn and slip out without much of a warning or farewell.

Gino, a surly sailor, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Antonio.

"Thats because they're generally braggarts who spent to much time in the cold water." Montag says with a little bit of a wink as he turns to regard some of the new comers, the man eyeing Calista for a moment and then Mydas. "Well the man in leather armor has departed! Anyone interested in donning some platemail and going for a dip." He inquires as he nabs another whiskey. "Do be a doll and go fetch another bottle... everyone is so parched." he remarks to the servant with a little wave at everyone here. Hes probably just looking to nab a bottle on his way out.

Cadenza floats on over to the side of the pool where Calista is sitting and smirks. Waving to Antonio as he leaves she cuts her eyes over to Calista. "I think he's still mad about that time I left him at port.....that was like....4 years ago." Snickering she then sips her drink as she looks to Jaenelle with a nod.

3 Fidante House Guards, Sir Fernando of the Knights of Roses, Clara, the shy squire arrive, following Ignacio.

"You really aren't stabbed" Jaenelle tells Mydas as he returns, perhaps looking actually relieved that he wasnt. The smile she gives him totally doesnt contradict him, though perhaps she is biding her time. "You left Antonio? I might be a bit upset at that as well if I were dropped off somewhere and left, even after 4 years." There is amusement at the thought though. "I am almost certain that people are getting out of the pool at a higher rate then they are getting in" she informs Montag, "though if you wished, I would not be sad at the entertainment you provided going in."

Calista catches Antonio leaving just as she settles herself back down. Her eyes follow him until he is completely out of sight and turns once more to those who remain. "Ah, we have a newcomer." She lifts her chin towards Montag. "Welcome to Casa Fidante." It is easy to see whatever business the woman was tending to for most of the night has somewhat taken a toll on her. She motions for a server to keep the drinks coming. "Oh, is that what that was all about?" Calista inquires of Cadenza. "I think we need the musicians to play a little louder. I am in the mood to dance."

Arriving several hours late and not dressed for a pool party, the Fidante Lord arrived with a small retinue of knights and House Guard. Ignacio clearly looks exhausted as he flashes a weak smile over to Cadenza, raising his hand in a wave as he heads straight to the outside bar to retrieve a glass of wine that the servants are already prepping for him since he tends to be predictable when it comes to drinks.

"Rumours of my death were greatly exaggerated." Mydas confirms to Jaenelle. He nods to Montag politely, having apparently no idea who the man is, before glancing at Calista when she announces her mood. "I believe I shall sit that one out." he states.

Cadenza chuckles softly as she shook her head. "I was much younger and more wild. That was before I was....." Stopping she seems to trail off then cleared her throat a bit, taking a long sip. Looking to Jaenelle and Calista she smiles. "He's the one that taught me how to truly sail in the beginning. Then I thought I was going to be an adult and go do things so...I did. Then the Silent War started and......I was gone for a bit." Still floating in that pool she looks to Ignacio, that smile brightening then as she watches him for a moment before looking to the others.

"Ahhh and thank you for having me. You must be the Duchess Fidante..." Montag remarks with a practiced little bow. "I am..." he says and hesitates for just a moment as he crafts the lie in his mind and gives it a little life. "Jormund Trell. Merchant out of Darkwater. Well. Was a merchant out of Darkwater. Something about horrible creatures..." He waves a hand as if they all know the story. Clearly not one who was to attached to home.

Montag checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Montag makes a slightly convincing merchant to those who aren't playing to much attention! Of course hes not exactly as pudgy as one who probably counts coins and manages ledgers, but maybe its been a few lean months of trading!

Jaenelle counts a lot of coins as Minster of Income for a great house. Her rooms are covered in ledgers. She dares someone to find pudgy! Still, she makes a sound of interest towards 'Jormund' as he introduces himself. "And are you new to Arx then?"

Calista checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Cadenza checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Something tickled Calista's ears. It was the pause but she finds nothing truly out of the ordinary. "Jormund Trell. Merchant." She rises from her state of repose and gives the man a better look. She leans in closer and murmurs to him, but does not whisper. "Merchants are my favorite." The tone of her voice is sultry and low, but is it ominous? What does she like Merchants best for? Business? Dancing? Dinner? "Do you dance, Master Jormund? I've had a rather long and exhausting day and would love to be swept off my feet. Could you oblige?"

After collecting his glass of crimson liquid, he walks over to take a seat on the edge of the pool, his smokey emerald gaze affixed upon the raven haired former princess, calling out to her, "Ah my love, it seems your party is going well. I am surrounded by beautiful women, however even with a pool of beautiful women, it is you that catches my eye first and foremost. A beauty among beauties, they brightest start in the night sky. Even after a long day, you invigorate me and make me wish that I would never have to blink." Ignacio says to Cadenza with the faint smile still upon his face as he lifts his glass to his lips, taking a sip from the wine within, "So, how was your day my lovely rose?"

Jaenelle asks questions! Questions!? Was he prepared for questions? "I am. Well... I stopped here now and then to lay off some cargo when ever my routes or contracts took me here... but I'm thinking of putting some permanent business here. Far to wild out there for my tastes. All this talk of beasts... demons... elves. Though I guess elves are a bit of an Arxian problem?" He keeps the lie going. He turns to regard Calista as she leans so close. Can she smell the lie on him!? "Really? I dare say Duchess. No one likes merchants. We're a terrible bunch." he says and raises his hands, depositing his whiskey glass on a passing tray. "We all dance a bit, the dance of life. I could say something a bit more flowery, but I'm not a merchant of flowers." he says with a warm grin.

Montag checked charm + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 9 higher.

Mydas glances towards Jormund Trell but with little interest, not enough to pierce through the disguise, his attention instead upon the mesage he receives from his assistant. Nothing that has him excusing himself, at least. Instead he watches, and most importantly listens, to Ignacio's entrance with evident amusement, but doesn't comment, apparently content to listen to the various conversation around him.

Calista checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 54 higher.

"Is that so?" Jaenelle asks, eyeing the man. Does she believe him? "I am the Crown's Minister of Infrastructure. It is my job to see that ever merchant who comes to Arx is seen to and provided for. It is also my job to see that every person who wishes a shop in the Ward of the Compact is given one. I am certain we shall be working rather closely with one another in many capacities of your business dealings." Check Mate. Ignacio is given a soft look, amusement mixed with an impressed glance.

Cadenza looks over to Montag....a brow slightly raising. Those sky blue eyes look up on the man....looking him over actually as she takes a sip of her champagne only to be distracted by Ignacio. Letting out a mock exasperated sigh she laughs as she slowly pulls herself out of the pool. That caftan clinging to her she laughs a bit. "You look worn out, Iggy. And mine busy....." Chuckling she looks to Calista but then back to the Rose Knight with a smile. "Rough day? Is because of the trip?"

No, she cannot smell the lie on Jormund, but she's toying with him like a cat toys with a mouse. Calista tips her glass back, all the way, slowly drinking every.last.drop. of wine before handing her empty glass to the nearest servant. "That is a shame now, isn't it, Master Jormund." Shadowed emerald eyes level with his as she extends her hand to him, a proper invitation to dance as the musicians play a little louder, a little more passionate, something with staccato. "We are the house of Swords and Roses. Perhaps, if you let me, I could convince you to be my personal merchant of flowers." Her voice is even softer and more melodic than usual. This is done with purpose. He is her target and she is focused on him. Do others see and feel the change? Naturally. She is not hiding the way in which she works her womanly wiles. What she does not do is drape herself all over him or cock a hip. No. She doesn't have to. Raw sexuality breathes out of every pore in her body. "It's just a dance."

"Yes, I have been listening to reports of bandit activity, pirate movements, and predictions on the weather based on study of history by scholars. I have also hand picking knights to travel with us as well. It is important that we minimize the risks after all, we can't afford to have serious setbacks at this point." Ignacio says to Cadenza, seemingly to the knight of roses, no one else exists around him as he speaks to his wife, perhaps partly due to his obvious fatigue.

The name Jormund doesn't fit the man at all, too Northern with a hint of Shav, but he wears the lie well enough. "Well well... if I am looking to open up a store front, I shall make sure to contact the Crown's Minister of Infrastructure..." he remarks with a half bow to Jaenelle before Calista soon occupies his sight and mind for the moment. "A merchant of roses... no no... not my taste. I would make them wilt. Now a merchant of swords. Oh that I could do." He says, letting a little bit of that lie slip. He takes her hand and allows Calista to chose their dance. "Its rarely just a dance with your type I have found..." But the fake merchant allows himself to be snagged. Half the fun of traps is running straight forward into them. He tilts his head, listening to the musicians, "Not my kind of tune, but I can make it work." He says as he pulls her into a dance to make the Lyceum proud. Did he say he was from Darkwater? Maybe hes actually from Tor.

Cadenza raises her brow at Ignacio's word, sipping her drink before she speaks again. "Should I.....?" Her words trailing of. "....should I make a separate trip back?" At that she looks to Montag and Calista she smirks a bit before looking to Jaenelle and Myda with a smile. "So...I'm glad you both could make it....truly."

Montag checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Calista checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 20 lower.

Ignacio checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Montag checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 13 lower.

There's something about being this close to JORMUND. His scent. His hair, his everything that is throwing her off. That and the loads of alcohol she's had tonight are just not sitting well. It's a good thing the woman is charming and seductive. They don't gel well in the dance and she's moving them way too damn close to the edge of the water. Suddenly, Calista grips Jormund and starts laughing. "I'm going to fall in again."

"Duchess overboard!" Montag calls out, as he is quiet terrible at this dance. Time in Lyceum ballrooms he has not been spending on all his merchanting adventures. Both of their footwork takes them far to close to the pool and as Montag wraps his hand around Calista's hip they both go falling into the pool. Splash.

Ignacio checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 20 lower.

Mydas watches this taking place... and turns to Jaenelle. "Home then?" he offers her his arm. "Thank you for holding such a party. My apologies for missing most of it." His attention is mostly on Cadenza as he speaks, Calista being rather... occupied. "I'm sure she won't drown." And with that, the nobleman begins to lead the way out.

The dark haired knight shoots his gaze over to Calista and Montag as the fall into the pool. At first, Ignacio's hand moves towards his sword hilt at the sudden event, but he pauses and just bursts into laughter. He shakes his head, calling out to Calista, "Good form Duchess!" He can't resist making the comment, taking a sip from his glass to hide his big grin.

Jaenelle takes the offered arm with a delicate touch, once more looking concerned as Calista manages to fall into the pool when they entered and now falls back when they exit. "It has become tradition for Calista to try to drown herself when we come into a room." To Cadenza she wiggles the fingers on her free hand, "thank you, it was lovely!"

6 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting leave, following Jaenelle.

Roger, Aurum, 6 House Velenosa Guards, 2 Silvershields, Jaenelle leave, following Mydas.

Cadenza lets out a laugh as she watches the events and just shakes her head. "Oh shit...." Putting her hand to her mouth she just steps over to make sure they're okay. "....oh dear....."

Like before, Calista surfaces quickly, whipping hair off her face and laughing hysterically. She wipes the water from her face and bows her head respectfully at Ignacio who shouted such words of encouragement. "That's enough dancing for me. It's probably time I head in for the night."

Montag rises up from the water, spitting it out in a spout like fashion like some kind of Lying-Merchant-Dolphin. "Ahhh you serve the drinks far to strong here. I forgot which foot was my left and which was my right!" he says as he takes a moment before he makes his way to the edge of the pool.

Ignacio making his way over towards Calista without actually entering the pool, he offers a hand to her, probably in some way tempting her to pull him in as well, but the gesture overall is very gentlemanly... Unless mischief is afoot. "Let me help you Duchess." He says with a faint smirk upon his lips.

Calista shares a couple of whispered words with Jormund before Ignacio expresses what a gentleman he is. "Thank you, cousin." She says with a smile. With Ignacio's assistance, Calista is up and out of the pool with ease. "I meant to do that. Life has been so serious lately. I am ever so grateful for this evening. I have not let my hair down like this in a very long time." She doesn't mean literally. "Thank you again for a lovely evening. I believe it is time for me to go and take a bath then go to sleep." As if she needs to get any wetter than she already is. "Master Jormund, I will send a messenger your way in the next day or two to discuss business. Ignacio and Cadenza, rest well this evening. Everything was absolutely perfect. You are an excellent party planner and hostess."

'Jormund' gives a little wave to the departing Duchess as he whistles down a servant to claim another drink. One must enjoy the the hospitality as far as his lies will take him. He slams back a shot of whiskey before he makes his way out of the pool, no gentlemanly knights to help him out. Of course the so called merchant hardly seems like he needs the help, a bit limber and spry as he is!

Cadenza looking to Calista she bows her head and chucks. "We will. And I'm glad you enjoyed it...." Smirking at her 'meant to do that' she says nothing as she slowly moves her gaze to Montag. Looking him over, those blue eyes were shameless as she takes him in.

"Of course Duchess." Ignacio says to Calista, remaining more or less formal in this setting, offering her a slight bow before his attention shifts over to Montag and decides to make his way over to the merchant. The knight gives the man a once over glance before he addresses him, "I do not believe I caught your name, I am Lord Ignacio Fidante." He says, offering the man a slight smile, but it is still clear that fatigue is a factor in his demeanor.

Calista has left the pool.

3 Fidante House Guards, Alejandro leave, following Calista.

Ignacio is overheard praising Cadenza for: What a wonderful pool party! A great host as always!

"Jormound..." A pause. Wait. What was his last name? Tell? Smell? "Trell..." His memory returning to him only a moment later. "Lord Fidante. A pleasure. The Lyceum is as a wonderful host as always. I often myself in Thraxian ports... and well... I can assure you it is usually just as they say." he says with a pleasant smile. At least that part is the truth, and easily comes!

"Ah, Master Trell. You said you are a merchant?" Ignacio asks ask Montag, taking a slow sip from his glass of wine, "I am sure that is interesting, sailing port to port? Is your ship docked here in Arx right now?"

Cadenza slowly walks up to Montag, that sheer caftan clinging to her since she was just in the pool not long before. "Sailing? Do tell....I've always wondered about all of that...."

3 Fidante House Guards, Alejandro arrive, following Calista.

3 Fidante House Guards, Alejandro leave, following Calista.

"Its not. I sold it. As I said. Settling down. And I have no need for a ship I'm not going to be sailing, and more use for capital." He says as he deposits his now empty drink on the tray. But now... people have become interested. Far to dangerous. Hes acting like he belongs, mingling with his betters, "Lots of salt. And lots of men who think they can sing." He says with a smile to Cadenza. He teases a waggle of his finger at Cadenza, "But you are the Admiral of the Rose Tempest. Now now! I can spot a tease and lie like that a mile away." The 'merchant' does a little twirl before he gives a bow to Ignacio and Cadenza. "Thank you for hosting dear Admiral. I look forward to the next pool party."

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