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Fieldstone Wedding Reception

A party to celebrate the union of Genevieve Waldenwyd and Jonathan Fieldstone! The Keatons are overjoyed at their marriage and have thrown a party to celebrate it.


May 9, 2018, 10 p.m.

Hosted By

Kael Reigna


Jonathan Gawain Katarina Genevieve Margerie Aric Isabeau Tessa(RIP) Veronica Brigida Norwood Amari



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Keaton Hall - Grounds

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Comments and Log

Marital Blessings, a proud rooster arrives, following Tessa.

Tessa arrives carrying... a rooster who doesn't look particiularly pleased to be carried but isn't squacking either. "Genevieve?!"

Genevieve moves quietly into the grounds, somehow managing to seem self-conscious despite her upright gait and the elegant flutter of her frankly awesome dress. Her widened gaze is turned around the grounds until they alight on Jonathan. Is that bugger still sloshed from earlier? Who knows. In any case she's torn between approaching him to check, and to greet her hosts. Bloody hell.

Norwood and Margerie come at a very sedate pace, having taken their own sweet time coming but here more than on time. They're talking quietly as they enter, but look up and about as they do so. Smiles all around from the both of them.

The musicians are tuning their instruments, and Reigna is buzzing about the area putting the final touches on the flower arrangements. There is a staggering amount of alcohol present for an Oathlander hosted event. Still, there is plenty to soak it up with, given the buffet and the finger foods being passed around. For the more traditional Oathlanders, there is milk and tea available as well as the whiskey, cider, mead, wine and ale.

Genevieve belatedly turns to Tessa and her rooster (see, not even a hint of innuendo here) and gives a neat bow. Does it match the dress she's wearing, that bow? Who knows. "Lady Tessa," she smiles. "Good to see you. Thank you for coming."

It isn't every day that a real life Valardin princess stops in at a commoner wedding reception, such as it is, but today appears to be the exception as Princess Isabeau makes an appearance on the grounds of Keaton Hall. However, she takes pause for a moment to examine the goings on, perhaps hoping to espy either the bride or the groom. Is there a receiving line? A table for gifts? How do commoners do it? Isabeau has no idea.

Champion, a large Oathlands Vanner arrives, following Gawain.

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Jonathan is parked near to wherever the Keaton Count and Countess happen to be, dressed in a very fancy emerald-steel-and-blue-silk outfit that matches Genevieve's well. He is smiling openly and warmly to any and all nearby, with Sandra cluck-clucking near his feet. No receiving line that he knows of, just moving about and clapping shoulders and greeting people as he makes his way toward...Well, initially the buffet, but then he spots Genevieve and peels over that direction, moving to stand beside his darling new wife. "You look /stunning/, dear!" He sidles up next to her for a hug as he murmurs something in her ear, before turning to Tessa. "Lady Tessa! It's so nice to see yo-is that a rooster??" Sandra can be heard 'baaaawk'ing much the same question in chicken.

Katarina arrives onto the scene, scoping out the meticulously groomed party zone until her eyes fall upon Tessa's interception of Genevieve. "Well isn't that a handsome cock you've brought her," she chimes sweetly, her smile bright toward the bride. "You look beautiful, Mistress Fieldstone. Congratulations on your nuptials." A silken pouch is loosened from her hip, a searching look cast over the grounds once more. "I brought a gift. Where should I leave it?"

Tessa heads over to Genevieve and waves to Jonathan, "I have some traditions that the they do in Acorn Hill and since you're one of my people I thought them fitting." She holds out the Rooster. "A cock for you apparently it will make you fertile. He should follow you around for a month."

A party is a party, right? Just cause Gawain doesn't know the happy couple, doesn't mean he isn't going to show up. And so, with his usual exuberant grin, the big knight meanders in.

Let it not be said that Reigna is left alone with the work of setting things up. While Kael is not particularly adept at floral arrangement (let's face facts, he is almost -- just almost -- abysmal) there is nonetheless the fact that he is trying his hardest at ensuring that the event will be lovely for the commoner couple. Now if only he could be better with matching the arrangements that Reigna has done. Whatever the case, this small task done, he is looking up and catching sight of the Valardin Princess. He starts to lift a hand toward her to wave, mayhaps due to the casual nature of the event, but catches himself to deliver a precise bow instead. "Your highness," he rumbles by way of greeting.

Kael's greeting is for Isabeau, he hasn't spotted the OTHER Valardin Princess just yet!

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Reigna stands next to Jonathan and Genevieve, looking proud as can be. When Tessa arrives with the chicken, Reigna's eyes widen and her cheeks turn pink. Her lips part and and her jaw is a little loose and she just... starts giggling. And giggling. And snorting. And giggling again. "Lady Tessa Moore!"

Aric enters from the direction of Keaton Hall and he is freshly shaven and dressed in his nicest set of armor, which is duly oiled and glossy. Is there even a bit a haircut, there? It seems Aric decided this was worth going all out for. He walks over to Jonathan and claps the man's shoulder. "Congratulations, Jonathan and Genevieve. I'm very happy for you both!" He looks around to see who else has joined, waving to people as he catches their eye. "Cousin and Lady Reigna. Another excellent showing and so soon after the last one. Marie deserves a vacation!"

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Genevieve just smiles at Jonathan, and perhaps unexpectedly, at least for him, leans into the hugs and smiles with genuine warmth. She whispers something into his ear, then turns that smile towards Katarina, "Oh, thank so much, your highness. That's very kind of you." Turning then to Kael, she smiles (so many smiles!) and bows, then turns back to Katarina andthen gives Reigna a brilliant-er smile. "Oh, I think you would know of a good place to put the gift, Countess Keaton?" Then she's got a... chicken in her hands, and Aric approaches her too. "Thank you, Lord Aric," she smiles. Again, gods. Her poor face,

The Keatons not only brought out the good china for the celebration, they brought the rarest of treasures! Still clad in her leathers (Gods the woman needs a proper dress), Veronica comes out from the house, carrying a little boy in her arms... and Amari carrying a girl, right? Veronica being Veronica, she makes a funny frowny face at the boy as he keeps tugging on locks of her blonde hair. "No." She shakes her head. He tugs. "No." Tugs. "Stop." Tugs. "Really, Aeryn, you need to stop." More tugs. Finally, she just sighs and rolls her eyes, and focuses on making her way towards the crowd.

Isabeau's expression brightens as she spots Kael and receives his formal greeting. For the time being, the beautiful blonde will busy herself with making her salutations to the Count before venturing over to become acquainted with the bride and groom. The whole matter of the chicke-- er, cock being presented appears to have brought a certain laughter to Isabeau's brilliant blue eyes, but she doesn't quite permit herself to laugh aloud in present company. "I've never been to a smallfolk reception before, my lord. Should I just go over and offer my gift or...?"

Genevieve also gives Tessa a belated and bewildered little thank-you.

When Tessa tells Genevieve of Acorn Hill's traditions, Katarina hardly bats a lash. "That's a rather interesting tradition," she comments mildly toward her protege. "You'll have to tell me more of the tradition, perhaps after we've plied ourselves with drink and plenty of merrymaking." She steps aside, moving to pass her silken pouch toward Jonathan with an apologetic smile. "While it is not as colorful as Lady Tessa's gifting a rooster to encourage fertility, I hope this gift has plenty of uses for you and your new bride, Master Fieldstone. May Limerance continue to smile favorably upon this new union."

"I am frankly amazed that Marie hasn't already run off to a beach somewhere, with how much she works for the family," Jonathan admits, grinning and nodding to Aric in something of a surprised expression as the man claps him on the shoulder. Mysteriously, a mug of ale has appeared in Jon's hands, and he is beaming to all and sundry as he gestures to Isabeau and Katarina, bowing at his waist. "Such esteemed company! me and the wife are delighted you could make it!" He does seem to shudder just a bit at 'Acorn Hill Traditions', as if concerned there might be more, his memory fresh of back-home ways, even as he grins. And drinks. And drinks a bit more. He lifts a hand to Gawain as well. "Hello random stranger, you are welcome too!"

Jonathan also takes the pouch from Katarina with a /deep/ bow to her. "And it is much appreciated, Your Highness, truly."

Tessa winks to Reigna, "It is TRADITION Countess, we don't giggle at Tradition!" She holds up a hand, "And I have a few more traditions to impart before festivities can begin." She reaches to her lumpy satchel and pulls free a pretty blue vase, "THIS is for you to throw at your husband's head the first time he makes you angry." She notes to Genevieve, "OH and there's one more package in here some whre,....."

"We could not possibly do nothing when our dear vassals wed." Reigna beams to Aric before he moves on, and she spies Isabeau, waving excitedly, "Cousin Isabeau!" She waves excitedly and moves over to embrace the Princess. "You look lovely! And congratulations on the success of your efforts! I am so proud of you.! As Veronica and Amari arrive with her children, Reigna blinks and looks startled, but soon enough she is looking to Isabeau and asking, "Have you seen Lord Aeryn lately?" She looks back to Tessa and shakes her head. "You are priceless, my lady."

Aric looks over and smiles to those he does not recognize, first being Isabeau since she is the closest. "Good eve, I don't recall that we have met before but to be honest, I /am/ drunk a lot, so don't be angry if we have. Lord Aric Keaton." He turns to nod to Katarina and Gawain in turn. "A pleasure to meet you all! Welcome!" He eyes his sister and Sword coming out with the children. "Lady Veronica! The cause of all this, as the rumors go? And my dear sister! Both with hands full!"

His wife's laughter of course has Kael's own gaze glimmering with amusement. He moves toward Reigna, at least a few steps, and places a hand on her shoulder to squeeze lightly. He refrains from laughter -- up until the point that Tessa is declaring that there's a vase to be thrown at his head. That has him actually laughing out loud, though he attempts to conceal it well enough. Aric's arrival is met with a chin-up toward the other man and a merry smile to go along with it. "Indeed she does. Expect that we shall be on our own for close to a fortnight after this!"

Aric mutters, "We'll be lucky if the ... is still ... after tonight!"

Tessa finds the last package and pushes it into Jonathan's hands. "THIS is in the event she has good aim." She winks. Formal duties done she nods, "NOW! Drinking!"

Margerie and Norwood are here, really they are. But as they got in a little pre-reception time with the newlyweds, for the moment the two elder statespeople are wandering a bit and milling along the sides of the reception to greet some of the stragglers.

Shuffling the surprisingly biddable rooster under one arm, and taking the vase with the other, Genevieve actually laughs outright at Tessa's words. "Thank you, my lady," she says, "I'm sure it will come in very useful." She shoots such a sweet, sweet smile at Jonathan, then mumbles under her breath, "Especially if he doesn't slow down with the drinking." Returning her attention to the blonde Moore, she grins a bit. "Acorn Hill traditions," she says conspirationally. To all present, she then nods, "Marie always does a lovely job. And Lady Reigna and Lord Kael have been so kind to arrange this. I'm overhwlemed. But in a good way, of course."

Genevieve also flashes a big bright smile at Veronica!

Katarina draws away from the groom and his beautiful bride. A bashful smile finds its way upon her lips at Aric's rushed introduction, her head dipped in affable return, "Well met, my lord. Happy drinking in celebration of the newly weds." She floats off to the side, content to watch the unfolding events of the party while someone fills her hand with a cup of ale. Someone's shy.

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Isabeau receives Reigna's embrace with genuine affection, if not the same measure of enthusiasm. "I won't be able to stay for long, but I thought I might bring a gift and wish the new couple well," she explains to the countess before she hurries off to play hostess. The princess is left wearing a warm smile in the woman's wake such that Aric's introduction is accepted with a waning measure of residual warmth. "I am Princess Isabeau Valardin, my lord. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I do hope you might excuse me." Thereafter, the beautiful blonde makes her way over to where Genevieve and Jonathan are seated.

Holding up a roll of bandages in his not-drinking hand, Jonathan peers from Tessa to Genevieve before saying to the former seriously, "Thank you, Lady Moore. These will be /incredibly/ useful," he promises, a bit red in the cheeks and happy as can be already! He turns to Veronica and Amari and the two bundles in their arms. "And the little Lord and Lady Ward." He kneels down to give a little bow to both of them, because they deserve it, before turning to peer between Katarina and Aric, a grin on his face. He chuckles, rising up and producing a little straw doll from one pocket to pass to the little Ward and one for the Little heir-to-be. Hopefully distract them from hair pulling as he otherwise /tries/ to stick close to his wife. "Not the tradition with the pumpkin boats though, right? I love that one." He glances about as Isabeau approaches, looking curious but respectful.

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Tessa nlaps her hands together and turns away from the couple, heading to the refeashments and grins to Katarina, "Princess! Good evening! I hope you've been exceedingly well."

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Katarina raises her mug of ale in warm salute toward Tessa. "Lady Tessa," she chimes in soft-pitched welcome. "I've been doing well, and happy to make it to another of the Keaton celebrations. I hate missing the chances to see friends so dear to me. What of you?"

As it happens, Isabeau greet Genevieve first and offers her introduction in a gentle, rolling contralto voice that still quietly carries. "Good evening, mistress. I am Princess Isabeau Valardin and I wanted to pay you and your new husband a visit to offer my congratulations on your binding. Please accept this--" The blonde princess produces a small pouch, clearly filled with silver, offered over to the new bride. "--of behalf of House Valardin, that your new match might prosper."

"No, you look pretty, Kata." Amari tells the little girl she's toting around reaches for the crown of wildflowers she's wearing like she means to pull them off. Nope, she's taking that off. Her hair is left all crazy so the Keaton lawyer sets her down and patiently smoothes all the flyaways down again. "Do you want me to wear it then?" Yep. She sighs and plays along, taking the flower crown from the toddler and setting it atop her head for safekeeping. "Do you want up again?" She asks, and Kata shakes her head. No. She'll hold hands at least, so the pair make their way, sloooowly, to rejoin Veronica. A smile for Aric, polite dips of her head to others she's familiar with on the way. "Congratulations! I have a goat for you." She says to Jonathan and Genevieve, while little Ward accepts the offered doll a little confusedly.

Aric smiles as the two Princesses (Princi?) greet him and both wander away almost immediately and him all cleaned up for once. He sniffs at his hands and shrugs, grinning widely as heads over to the food and drink tables and grabs a glass of whiskey. He leans over to Jonathan and refills his ale without asking, but that's what friends are for! He raises his glass to Jonathan. "To a long and fruitful marriage filled with love and joy!"

With a big old rooster happily tucked under one arm, and a blue vase tucked under the other, Genevieve stands by the refreshment table with Aric, Isabeau and her slightly plastered husband. Giving the kids a bit of a smile, she nods at Isabeau's greeting rather than bowing, because she doesn't want bird book down her amazing dress. "Oh, thank you so much your highness, that's very kind," she smiles, then gives a very calm nod at Joanthan to accept the pouch on her behalf. Or take the rooster or something. And then there's Amari and a goat. Another nod, another big smile, "Lady Amari, thank you so much."

"Alright everyone! I have done a considerable amount research into Lycene and Northlands games that involve alcohol and drinking!" Reigna uses her Outdoor Keaton voice. "The first game is called, Most Likely To. The way it is played is that someone comes up with something that they would never do. For instance, I would say "This person is most likely to ride a cow through a village square!" And then all who are playing point to the person they think is most likely to do such a thing. The person with the most fingers pointed at them must drink!" There is a look around to make sure people understand the rules and then she says, "I will be observing to ensure no one gets too wine sick and dies. Good luck!"

Tessa shrugs slightly, "I've been unsettlingly busy as a matter of fact Princess Katarina, pursuing all sorts of things everyone seems to think are reckless."

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Reigna, once she's done with her announcement turns and moves over to Katarina to give the other Valardin Princess a hug. "Princess Katarina! I saw your namesake around here somewhere. I think Amari has her. Speaking of... I should likely find my children and make sure that Veronica is participating in the games..."

Jonathan accepts the pouch with a warm smile for Isabeau. "My many thanks, Your Highness. We are truly honored you could make it!" He glances up Reigna proposes the game in question, then turns to peruse all the people at the party so far. "Is the person involved drinking?" He points at Aric anyway, because he isn't going to point at himself. BIG POINTING AT ARIC. Still takes a sip of his suddenly-full ale anyway!

Isabeau moves just a bit down the way at the buffet tables to greet Jonathan and offer him another small pouch of silver with a similar blessing. "Congratulations on your binding, Master Fieldstone. Please accept this gift on behalf of House Valardin... and may the gods bless your union. I'm sorry that I cannot stay longer, but please know that I wish you both the best."

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Brigida is intrigued by the game, as she picks up a low cup. "Oh, good. I'm always grateful for young folk volunteering to know my limits better than I do. I've grow attached to living. I would hate to end the run early. Takes the pressure off." She rolls on up to the banquet table.

Veronica stops when Aric calls her out, and shakes her head to his comment. "You heard wrong, Aric. I just assisted and made sure Jon proposed properly. Waggling his fingers from across the table doesn't make for a proposal." She states dryly, while her head keeps getting tugged to the side by Aeryn's insistent pulls on her hair. "Aeryn, stop." She tells the little Lord again, and begins glancing around for one of the maids. Maybe Marie. Someone, help, take the kid!

Katarina looks aside at Tessa, considering her at length. "So long as you continue to return home safely," she acquiseces to her protege. "You can tell me about it, the things you're endeavoring to do. I'm sure there's a few on my list that might err on the side of a tad too adventurous." When Reigna approaches, the Valardin rises to make the hug easier for the countess. "Countess Keaton, I wouldn't wish to keep you from your games. You look wonderful, and this seems to come together well. I'll abscond away with my namesake shortly before we get too deep in the drink."

Jordal, a bodyguard leaves, following Isabeau.

Margerie looks towards Tessa thoughtfully when Reigna describes the game. "Lady Moore, I apologize in advance if I point to you regularly through the course of the game. I am simply somewhat in awe for your capacity to be surprising. You have the potential to do just about anything, I imagine." She lifts a drink in salute towards the young Lady of Acorn Hill.

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"Since this is their wedding, Jonathan or Genevieve can pick the first Most Likely To!" Reigna finishes up, seeing that people get the gist and goes back to using her normal volume voice.

Katarina laughs brightly at Margerie. "I feel we're going to have to point to her quite often," she agrees, a warm look slanted upon Tessa. "You're the most brave and daring in the lot, unquestioned."

Kael offers Reigna a rather curious look when the game is announced, as though he was noooot quite sure of such a thing. Note the way that his brows have risen up to a bit of a height at this point. He is turning around and peering at the crowd before spying Aric once more and flashing him a grin. "That seems a game, cousin, that you might drink your fare share at. Does this make you the winner or loser of such a thing?" Is he teasing? Perhaps. The sparkle of his eyes indicates it is so even as he's finding himself a seat and a tumbler of something to sip on.

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Lifting her voice, Genevieve suggests, "Most likely to wake up in a field?" She looks between Jonathan and Aric as a helpful suggestion. The rooster bawks a bit under her arm.

Reigna points to Jonathan, with a grin on her face.

Aric points to Jonathan on that one, lifting his glass for a drink anyway, win or lose, because it's whiskey and that is what you do.

Katarina glances down at the cock ensared under Genevieve's arm, then up to the bride and groom contemplatively. She casually points a finger toward Aric.

Jonathan peers about at the couple fingers in his direction, then points to Aric with a bit of a snicker. "Harder to find fields in Arx, or I'd just drink!" He explains. Quite logically.

Genevieve nods sagely at Reigna, smiling, then turns a very neutral gaze back on Jonathan. She nods to him a little more warningly.

Kael gestures with his tumbler with a sweep of his arm as though deliberating his choice and, at this point, is pointing at Aric. "Jaerith," he offers as an aside to wife, finding it just so.

Margerie looks about the grounds, seeking out Jaerith. But alas! The nephew is not there. And oh, yes, Cousin Aric does get a mildly narrow eyed looking at. "I must admit, I can picture quite a few of you for this one. And the young husband is probably equal to the task, but in order not to see him too in his cups by the end of the evening..." Aric, poor lad, it is your turn for pointing at.

"You're welcome. I'm so happy for you both." Amari sneaks in before Kata is trying to wander elsewhere with the straw doll she's wanting to apparently show to Reigna. She'll go that way too, ears perked to the rules of the game being given and brow up. "Somebody is going to get so drunk." She says, mostly to herself, since Veronica is battling a Squall. She catches the question, and points at Aric.

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Brigida simply has a sip from her cup, and says, "Nothing wrong with waking up amongst Petrichor's bounty, my lad. Only mind you choose a shady spot. Your good wife is fine-skinned."

Veronica beckons one of the nursemaids, and right now has her hands full. But Aeryn babbles something and points at Aric.

It looks like Amari's charge has gone missing in the excitement of wedding games, along with Katarina. Girland her namesake are conveniently cuddled up off to the side, letting the toddler babble away about her straw doll.

"Oh my Goodness, Blessed Archlector!" Jonathan clearly didn't see her there, and is almost falling over himself to bow at the waist. "She /is/ lovely, isn't she? But a fierce one, have no doubt. I am so delighted you could come to our humble party!" And bubbling about it, to say the least. Almost enough to not watch Aric take his due. Almost.

Aric counts fingers around him and slumps his shoulders in mock defeat. "It's going to be a long night..." He laughs and downs his glass in a few large gulps and then swaps it for a fresh whiskey. "My turn? Most likely to spend all their silver on chickens!"

"Well, that's me done," Jonathan may be heard murmuring under his breath, maybe.

Reigna looks over as the Archlector arrives and she smiles warmly, pushing up towards her feet in that manner gravid women have, before she makes her way to the elder woman. "Blessed Brigida! Welcome, thank you so much for coming!" She grins at Jonathan and smiles, "Congratulations again, Squire Fieldstone." Reigna looks around and then moves over to find Kael. Though Aric's suggestion has her laughing and pointing to Jonathan again.

Tessa nods to Katarina and then plucks up a glass lifting it to Margerie, "Well I do strive to be surprising."

Genevieve also gives Brigida a bow. Or at least she would if she wasn't laden down with an armful of avian and a vase under the other arm. Instead she gives her a very respectful nod. "Yes, thank you so much. It's so good to see you." Flicking a look from Aric, she turns back at Jonathan's words. A little nod is given there, and a genuine smile. "And I'm very happy with that.

Kael slips in a bit closer to his wife when she comes over, wrapping an arm around her before easily gesturing toward Jonathan with that. No delay at all. He catches sight of Kata and Amari however, his brows lifting in unison before he's grinning toward the child. "Hello, there. This, little girl, might not be the best place for you. Reigna?" He nudges his wife to show off Kata before adding more softly, "Shall I go fetch Eliza?" The nurse, that is. Ah, but there is Brigida indeed. "Blessed Brigida!" he calls forth amiably, saluting her -- not pointing, you see!

Genevieve also gives Margerie a lovely smile. Did she greet the Aunty Superior? She can't recall. But she smiles!

Aric turns in a circle with his pointing finger out and it lands on Jonathan, of course.

Amari points at Jonathan. When she does, Kata is whisked away! She looks to Kael and turns her hands over as if there was nothing she could do, a shadow flitted by and ate her.

Brigida squints suspiciously over the rim of her cup. "Chickens? Is that some sort of new euphemism? I feel I ought be concerned..." To Jonathan, she says, "All lovely blossoms conceal their own perils. Or do not. And don't grovel, you're the man of the hour. Love of Petrichor, boy, unburden the poor girl. She's your wife, not a porter." And she smiles at Genevieve approvingly. "Lets have a look at you. Pretty as a peach. As you should be. Bless you both. Be good, and be fruitful. I will remember you in my prayers." To the Count and Countess, the aging former Rose makes a gesture of respect. "Thank you for opening your home."

Margerie points to Genevieve instead of Jonathan. "Now you see, what if she spends all her silver getting gift cocks for her husband?" There's no impishness, no scandal to her tone. She's not trying to break anyone, promise! She also speaks more quietly at her table, chuckling at something.

"Well, that's a settled vote for me, if one /games the systems!/" Jonathan declares to Aric. But the broad grin on his face shows he doesn't even mind at all as he takes a good, long slug of his ale --see, ale is better than whiskey -- and goes for a refill. "Hmmm...." He considers for a moment, before asking, "Most likely to charge into impossible odds!" He leaves his pointing for a short time from now, scurrying over to relieve his wife of the rooster, at least. Leaves her the vase, in case she needs it, right. "She /is/ a beautiful sight, isn't she? And tough as nails, a fine woman all around!" Pride in his wife apparent in his tone, now his own hands full of ale and avian.

A nursemaid comes to the rescue, and takes Aeryn from Veronica's arms to bring the toddler lord to one side. Thus freed, Veronica takes a moment to tidy up her blonde hair, then points to Jonathan. Also, she finally has a chance to look around and notes who everyone is present. Brigida is the only one she doesn't recognize, so the Archlector gets a curious look from her.

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Jonathan does /also/ guffaw at Margerie's joke, turning a bit red and opening his mouth as if to reply....Then looking at his wife, and shutting it.

When Amari is showing empty hands, Kael's brows furrow and there is a glance around her, trying to take stock of the missing child. His eyes flick toward the nursemaid and he is rising, rumbling forth a query of, "Did Eliza take her?" There is concern there, mind, but it is a more sedate thing.

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Pawn, the courtier's apprentice arrives, delivering a message to Reigna before departing.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

Aric hears Jonathan's 'Most Likely' and starts looking for someone in particular as he grabs a mug of cider and walks over to the now un-burdened Veronica and hands her the mug with a smile and a bow, then steps back a few feet and points at her.

Margerie wasn't joking! Just ... didn't think about what she was saying. Someone clearly hasn't been salacious in quite some time. Ahh, and charging into things at impossible odds. This time she does point at Tessa. "With a will."

Genevieve manages not to lose it at Margerie's quip, thank the gods, because it allows her to give Brigida a genuinely touched look at the compliment complimeted. "Thank you," says simply, then takes the vase in both hands (because yes, it might come in handy). At the next Most Likely, she frees a hand and points at Veronica. Because of course she would.

There is a frown from Reigna when Kael seems unsure where Kata is. But before she can get too worked up, a messenger arrives. Reigna opens the missive and reads it, with a look of relief and she offers it to Kael. "Katarina has her." She looks for Aeryn, and seeing him with Eliza, she points it out to Kael. "And Squall is with Eliza. We can relax." She leans in and kisses Kael's cheek.

Jonathan holds the rooster close, the thing seeming fond of Jonathan and lightly nibbling on his fingers as he peers between Tessa and Veronica. "As absolutely amazing as Vee is..." He points at Tessa.

That's a Veronica one, for sure. Amari points right at her. Unfortunately, she's too distracted to enjoy it much. She's managed to lose an entire child. Good job, Amari. Good job. "She was right here, then I looked up and-" Now she's with Katarina? Well, now she doesn't have to have a heart attack.

Tessa bins to Margerie and bows, refilling her ale, then winks to Jonathan, "Fearless is... well it's NOT my middle name but it should be."

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Make no mistake of it, that adrenaline is spiking from Kael when Amari is indicating that the child was right there. His eyes widen slightly and his muscles are tensing -- and, thankfully, there is a missive explanation. The young man's eyes close and he exhales rather heavily. "All right," he says quietly to Reigna, offering forth a weak smile for Amari before grabbing his tumbler of liquor and downing it like a pro. Hiss.

Veronica blinks at the fingers pointed her way. "That is NOT what I do. Fearless is not the same as reckless." She protests, and points her finger at Tessa.

Genevieve reconsiders then, and gives Veronica just the faintest dip of her chin.

Brigida chides in her crotchety, aging battle-axe sort of way, "Don't choke it, boy. I am pretty sure you can set it down, if the count is amenable. It will be a challenge for the doormen." She stumps along through the crowd, and peers a long moment at Veronica, eyes narrowing. "You are very tall," she decides, ultimately benignly, and makes her way t a bench to sit.

Tessa is apparently everyone's favorite for charging into danger... because it is sorta her thing. She looks around the places. "Um. Who is most likely to have the next baby? IT DEFINATELY won't be me."

Brigida said to drop the chicken, and so the chicken is dropped. At once, like a schoolboy caught with a forbidden text. The rooster clucks a couple times, spots Sandra, and immediately begins chasing her all around the party, bawk-bawk-bawking all the way

Aric doesn't even have to think about it and climbs on a stool to point over at Countess Reigna. Granted, it is an easy one. He sips at his whiskey as he grins wildly.

"Baaaah, currently pregnant people don't count, that's cheating! Besides, she can't drink, you...Lord." He isn't quite sloshed enough to call him something, even as he hops up onto a bench seat to peer about, wavering a bit. Hmmmm...He points at Genevieve. The poor fool.

Tessa thinks and decides to be an imp before she points at Genevieve. People only get married so they can make babies after all.

Margerie laughs at the question, reaching over squeeze Tessa's arm before gesturing towards Reigna. "Oh, at least this one doesn't require TOO much thinking about. Unless we abide by that condition." The one the mystery person cast.

Jonathan climbed up on the bench seat, by the waty.

Veronica just /has to/ look at the Archlector again, when she's called tall for no apparent reason. So she marches across the courtyard towards Brigida, extending her arm and finger towards Genevieve as well, until she comes to a stop before Brigida. "Archlector." She bows to the much shorter, much older woman. "Veronica Keaton, Sword of Oakhaven, at your service."

Kael moves over and snares another tumbler, this one full, and lifts it high in the air. "I suppose I shall need to drink for my wife!" he declares, highly amused. No, Reigna is not drinking at the moment, but the Count appears to be amiable enough to do precisely that.

"I am not eligable!" Reigna replies with a laugh, and she too points to Genevieve. Because. "I was married only two months before I was carrying Aeryn!" Reigna calls out, laughing, even as she leans in against Kael with another laugh.

Amari loses toddlers, so she's definitely not ready for babies. She feels plenty bad about it too, so after an apologetic little frown to Kael she quickly makes her way to a seat. She finds one near Margerie and Tessa, and settles in there silently. She doesn't even point at anyone this round, but instead finds herself a cup of something drinkable.

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Genevieve sets the vase down on the table, then take a mug of cider and grins as she sips from it. A finger is gently pointed at the Reigna, but she flashes a cheeky grin at the host. What the hell is happening here? Genevieve's actually exhibiting genuine happiness and everything. Tt fades a bit as she looks up at Jon, though, and she narrows her eyes as she takes another sip. "Not if you don't calm down." There's a hint of fondness in her eyes though, grudging and exasperated as it is.

Now it is a proper Oathlands do. Something something barnyard animals something, Valardin, ha-ha. Brigida smirks faintly as Reigna is pointed at and teases, "Spared again." She raises an eyebrow and says, "Mine? Odd, as you've just introduced yourself as sword in service to the house. Ah, well, never mind, my dear. I will find something for you to do. Probably it won't involve chasing cocks round the hall." She says, "Brigida. Archlector of Petrichor. I'm pleased to meet you, Lady Veronica."

Margerie pulls Amari down to sit next to her ant tucks an arm casually around her cousin's waist. She even holds out a spare bit of ale to her. "Are you having a good evening? You are looking somewhat somber."

Tessa grins over to Amari, "I isupoose you'll be the next one to have a wedding or something." TEssa assumes. "I will get you a dozen cocks when you do to make sure you can catch up with the countess in the baby department."

Jonathan spreads his hands to Genevieve. "I am not seeing everyone from up here, but I think you just barely have the lead in pointed fingers, my dear wife." He does hop down from the bench seat though, slugging a bit more of his ale and pecking her on the cheek, before watching as Sandra hops up into a nearby bush to warble down at the new rooster. "Well, that looks familiar..."

Genevieve whispers something to Jonathan.

Veronica opens her mouth, then closes it at Brigida. "Uhm." She makes a muffled noise before continuing. "Yes, the pleasure is mine, Archlector. Well, at your service this evening, then?" Beat. "Can we get you a drink? Food? A... chicken?"

Genevieve goes a bit red at something Jonathan said to her. She takes another sip of her cider, looks away, then nods quietly.

Clutching the head of her cudgel/walking stick, Brigida says, "That one seems like it will be making its way around to everyone, eventually, thank you. Sit, will you? Have pity on an old woman, likely to get a neck crick peering up at you. Do we see much of you, at Petrichor's shrine, my dear?"

Genevieve frowns a bit, then says, "Who's the most likely think of a better question than I can, and speak it on my behalf?"

Jonathan points at Aric at that one. Why? Because he can, of course. Plus he's busy relishing his new wife's red face at something he said.

Amari leans into Margerie for a moment as she reaches up to take the flower crown from her hair that Kata had eschewed. She'll trade it for spare ale, and try not to look so somber afterwards. Tessa's grin is not quite matched, but there's an attempt, "Me? Not with my luck, Tessa." She shakes her head at the generous offer, laughing softly. "A dozen? That's too generous." Oh, and since she missed the last round, she points at Margerie.

Using her Keaton voice, Reigna gets up and says, "I think it is time for the next game! This one is called Most Distinctive Feature. Geneveive will pick a person, everyone whispers to agree on that person's most defining trait and then that person has to figure out what it is. Each wrong answer is a drink!" She grins to Genny and says, "Go forth!"

Aric gulps down a mouthful of the amber liquor from his higher perch on the bench, and winks at Genevieve, but points his finger at Tessa.

Veronica nods to Brigida's request, and sets herself down next to the Archlector. "I admittedly spend more time at the Shrine of the Sentinel; I usually seek the guidance of the Silent Watcher in what I do." She explains quietly to Brigida, looking up towards Reigna as she announces a new game.

"Oh, that sounds like just the most clever way to get a person drunk that there is," Jonathan remarks with a bit of a shudder, peering aside to Veronica's hapless interaction with the Archlector and grinning a bit at the back-and-forth. You'll catch him in the shrine the proper amount, of course.

Tessa Grins to Aric, "Oh I would but new game.... though it's a pity I was going to ask who is most likely not wearing underclothes." She laughs before she considers Reigna, "I have never seen you be such a strong supporter of drink. I do like it."

Genevieve takes another big drink from her cider mug, nods at Aric with a faint smile, then gives Jonathan a red-faced stink eye. "I'm certainly not picking him. He's on his way already. Twisting her face thoughtfully, she finally decides and points gently at Margerie. "Lady Margerie." Another smile.

Genevieve takes another big drink from her cider mug, nods at Aric with a faint smile, then gives Jonathan a red-faced stink eye. "I'm certainly not picking him." He's on his way already. Twisting her face thoughtfully, she finally decides and points gently at Margerie. "Lady Margerie." Another smile.

Margerie finds herself adorned with a flower crown. She tries to look up, but there is only a vague blur of overhang colors. That soft warmth is creeping into her features, the contented pleasure of seeing her acorns at play and full of affections. "You can look as somber as you like, dear, anyone that says you must smile all the time has likely had a difficult upbringing." Then the bride says her name and she looks at Genevieve. "Hmmm? OH! The next game. Well then. Do let me know when you youngsters are ready!"

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"Interesting," Brigida says, and sips from her cup. "I had you pegged for one of Gloria's. No matter, the Sentinel is also great, in his eternal obervance." She presses her lips thinly, and asks, "What is the difference between vengeance and justice?"

Amari frowns in that case, but she can't quite fully slip back into the somberness now. Not when she's next to her favorite Margerie. There's a little whispering between them, but not after she's named the first contestant on Guess Your Defining Trait. It might seem cheaty. "I'll tell you why, after. If you're still sober-ish. This could be really difficult..."

Margerie pats Amari's hand and rises from her seat. She quietly heads over to get a few spare glasses of beverages. The wild bunch are making her worry it's going to be along bit of drinking. "So, Reigna, do I get clues? Is it a one word thing, or a description?"

Jonathan bobs his head, seeming satisfied with the answer of any and all and instead swiveling his gaze to Margerie with a smile. "I think she should be allowed a quick question during, really."

"No hints!" Reigna replies to Margerie, with a grin. "We have a consensus! Name your most distinctive feature!"

Brigida rises up from her seat with a pat applied toward Veronica's shoulder in a most considering way. But she doesn't say much, except to give her regrets, and repeat her blessings. And then she sortof drifts... leaning on the hand of her cane, with a suddenly purposeful expression, excusing herself. Keeping the doormen, and the rooster on their toes.

Genevieve doesn't notice Jonathan as he moves next to her. She does give a jump at something he does thereafter, however. A warning look is shot his way, but she doesn't reach for the vase. Yet.

Kael kisses his wife on the cheek and then is easing up from the bench so that he can catch Brigida. He evidently is going to play escort off the grounds to the older woman, offering forth a few swift words quietly to her.

Margerie exhales loudly as Reigna's no hints rule. She returns to her seat next to Amari and sets the drinks up for her future hangover. And if the newlyweds also get refreshed drinks on the way? Well so be it! Just a little wink at Genevieve. "If we are speaking of physical features, let's see. That you lot haven't given me grey hairs yet? Or the smile I have when you are all in one place and safe? Or my alarming lack of scars for being a Keaton?"

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