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Greenmarch Sword Ceremony

Today is the day Lord Cullen Greenmarch becomes a man! Or at least, today is the day we celebrate the gifting of Lady Niamh's sword, Dusk, the Day Slayer, to the Sword of Greenhaven, and welcome him officially to Arx. Everyone is welcome to both the ceremony and party after.


May 8, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Simone Monique


Venturo Jordan(RIP) Tesha Tyrval Harlan Acacia Lucita Aric Cullen Katarina Reese Thesarin Coraline Arik Marius Wynna Rinel Percephon Khanne



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Greenmarch Lodge - Greenwood Gardens

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Comments and Log

Katarina arrives solo into the Greenmarch Gardens, eager to find a good seat before the ceremony commences. She glances around, searching the area for a familiar face as she settles on a bench near the fountain.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Lucita arrives, following Arik.

Cullen gets B O O K O F B L A D E S By Lady Monique Greenmarch from a Basket of Books ii Please Take One.

Soft evening light filters through the canopy of trees in the garden sending long shadows chasing across the grounds. Candles in small glass globes have been set on poles and hung from the branches of the trees all throughout the garden to spread light to every corner, giving the impression of little fireflies dancing throug the garden.

A small ring is set up off to one side, cordoned off with silk ropes and an unusual array of weapons lay neatly stacked in a box nearby. Is a golden feather sticking out of the box? The fountain is awash in light as lanterns on tall poles have been placed in a semi-circle around it to draw attention to the stone platform built into the edge of the fountain.

Simone steps up to the platform and calls out for everyone's attention, "Welcome to all of our guests this evening and thank you for joining us! We hope that you enjoy your evening in our lovely gardens designed to give our guests a small taste of the Greenwood!

But tonight we are here to celebrate and welcome our cousin, Lord Cullen Greenmarch, who has just joined us in Arx and has graciously agreed to take on the mantle of House Sword! Shortly, our own lovely Lady Monique Greenmarch shall present him with a gift from the family in honor of this momentous occasion! Please relax and enjoy the gardens until then!"

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, GusGus, the fluffy Whitehold Mountain puppy arrive, following Khanne.

Lucita gets B O O K O F B L A D E S By Lady Monique Greenmarch from a Basket of Books ii Please Take One.

Wynna enters the garden area more or less on time, humming quietly to herself as she takes in the decorum of the place - and scans for familiar faces besides that of Monique, her patron. She seems somewhat buoyed to see Thesarin at least, and a few other familiar people. At Simone's announcement, she listens attentively before moving silently towards Monique, head bowed to her in quiet greeting.

Marius stands by the fountain, watching Simone make the announcement. Arms folded, a slight smile on his face, but the Marquis is looking somewhat lost that there's an event going on in the Lodge gardens that he simply had to show up to, rather than be involved. "Yes, welcome." He chimes in, simply, after his wife finishes her little speech.

Monique is there with her family, standing alongside the platform, a glass of whiskey in one hand. The books are in a box on a table next to her and she's handing them out like candy and greeting everyone as they come after Simone's welcome. "Ah, Princess Katarina!" she waves, and then to Wynna, "Ah, my lovely protege! Mistress Wynna, have you met the Princess Katarina Valardin? The fiercest woman to ever sail the seas. Princess Katarina, this is my protege, Mistress Wynna Blackwing, whose incredible novels grace the shelves of the Gilded Page."

Thesarin makes his way into the Greenmarch grounds. He's wearing his usual resting scowl, looking as ever like a shav warlord in a fancy outfit--and a rougher sort of shav than the Greenmarches tended to. Wynna gets a short nod as he makes his way through the gardens, looking over the intricate carvings along the way. Simone and Marius get a low dip of his head after they've made their greetings.

Reese gets B O O K O F B L A D E S By Lady Monique Greenmarch from a Basket of Books ii Please Take One.

Arik and Lucita had arrived prior to Simone's announcement and stood amongst the other guest as the night was begun. The Halfshav Sword turns to look down at his pregnant companion for the evening and speaks in a low rumbling voice, "While I've only met the newly selected sword twice, I have to say I like his dispotion thus far. Thank you for accompanying me on coming out to congratulate him for the official party." Even while speaking to Lucita those frosted grey eyes skim the crowd looking for the man of the hour, Cullen.

Wyn smiles faintly towards Katarina, another bobbing of her head in typical commoner-on-noble deference. "I've not had the pleasure, no. It's an honor to meet you, your highness." She doesn't comment on the whole incredible novels bit.

3 Thrax Guards arrives, following Coraline.

Katarina raises her palm in almost bashful salutations when she hears her name called. "The honor is likewise, Mistresss Blackwing. I trust you've been enjoying yourself with Lady Monique? She's quite a character, someone who ought to be featured in her own tales," she teases the pair. "You'll have to show me which works of hers I should read first," she laughs to Monique. "I'd be more than happy to read them. I find myself happily enjoying a bit of shore leave."

Coraline gets B O O K O F B L A D E S By Lady Monique Greenmarch from a Basket of Books ii Please Take One.

Arik gets B O O K O F B L A D E S By Lady Monique Greenmarch from a Basket of Books ii Please Take One.

Standing near the platform with his hands behind his back, Cullen listens to Simone's announcement with a dip of the head and a smile, then scans the crowd. Removing one hand from behind his back to wave to the people gathered, he offers a quick bow in greeting, taking the chance to snag a book for himself while he is at it and putting it under his left arm, so as to prevent any sword accidents.

Looking a little out of breath as she arrives, Cora looks about and waves to those whom she recognizes, then smiles extra for those she doesn't! Oddly she waves with her off hand today, the other tucked into a pocket, cause thats the style yo!

Reese arrives at the ceremony while adorned in lots of pink and toting longs of weapons. Her golden locks are tangled up with man ribbons. She peeks over the area, trying to get a sense for who is gathered here. A smiel is given over to Cullen. She is quick to gather up one of the offered books. Reese then smiles over to the man others that she knows.

One lanky Halfshav enters the Garden with his fairer, more vibrant counterpart on his arm. Percephon is speaking quietly speaking with Khanne, still looking a little pale and peaked from his most recent bout of sickness, but he appears to be in fine spirits. He escorts his lady-wife to a seat before he gently releases her arm, taking a look around in order to gree the majority of familiar faces with a twitch of a smile. "Evening, all."

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Simone steps down off of the platform and moves to stand near Marius, taking her husband's arm, then leaning in to whisper to him. She turns to wave and smile to the guests as they arrive. Seeing Cullen holding the book, she walks over and tugs it from where he has it tucked under his arm with a soft laugh, "I'll have one of the servants put this in your room, Cullen, lest you drop it and ruin the pretty cover."

Wynna waves over towards Percephon lightly as he enters, one scholar to another. To Katarina, she looks back with a crooked smile. "Well, I certainly did not wish to be the protege of someone /boring/, I shall say that much. I'm very lucky to have my arrangement with Lady Monique, we suit each other well." She doesn't offer any insight on what to read first, happy to let Monique handle that one if she chose to. She absently looks about as the gardens, watching people.

"Lady Khanne, Lord Percephon," Katarina smiles brightly at the Halfshav couple. "It's good to see the both of you here tonight. It's all very exciting, getting to see everyone after so long..." Her voice trails, her hand lifting anew in it's bashful little wave to Reese when she comes into her line of sight. "Princess Reese, it's good to see you too."

"We do," Monique agrees to Wynna, her gride wide for Katarina. "Better to have infamy than die unremembered, I suppose. Speaking of dying, I'm looking forward to your expedition, Princess, and honored that you accepted me along. Oh! Perce! Lady Khanne! Welcome! And Count Riven," there's a warm smile as she steps over to Thesarin, "So glad you could make it. How is Countess Mia?"

Marius inclines his head with a little tilt of it back to Thesarin as the Marquis steps over to meet his wife as she comes down from the platform, offering her his arm. "Count Riven. Glad you could make it." He says over to Thesarin before leaning in to listen to his wife's hushed words with a quick little nod and smile at her. "Of course." Marius simply states back to her.

Reese goes to take a perching seat at the fountain not far from Katarina. She smiles to Khanne and Percephon as they join. "Princess Katarina." She says softly to the princess.

Wynna looks to Monique and Katarina curiously. "An expedition, mhrm? Now I'm dreadfully curious."

Lucita waddles along with Arik and gives a smile. "Don't think have ever met him. Still it is good to get out and see people and this looks to be a nice gathering." She spots several she knows giving smiles and a few discrete waves to acknowledge them yet not interrupt the proceedings.

Over yonder Khanne and her husband Percephon arrive which seems to catch Arik's eyes because he's peering off in their direction even as he speaks almost interrupting Lucita, "Of course it'd be in a crowd I catch glimpse of her. Honestly." his voice is pitched low but not quietly as he all but sweeps Lucita off with him towards the area they are seated, poor Cullen's congratulations forgotten. "My 'new' brother-in-law and oft missed sister, the spirits must be at work for such happenstance." he says while giving Khanne a bit of a look.

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Seeing the basket and taking a copy of the books found there, Cora moves to the hosts of the evening event, "Thank you for hosting this looks lovely." She then goes to find booze, or a place to booze, or maybe people to booze with. Settling into a place near conversation she settles in to listen.

Handing the book over to Simone with a chuckle, "Thank you. I don't want to drop the book, no. I would be especially mortified, and then I would feel awful for having damaged it every time I looked at it. And then relive the incident over and over again..." Turning to the fountain, a slight wave is given. "Princess Reese, Princess Katarina. Glad to see you both today." Scanning the rest of the crowd, Cullen smiles warmly and greets the others he knows. "Lord Arik, Lady Tesha, Princess Coraline, Count Thesarin....good to see you all. I shall have to get to know the rest of you, of course."

Katarina winces in good-natured humor at Monique. "I've not had those tasked in my care aboard the Unsullied die yet. Let's not go jinxing it, no? I'll be in meditation and prayer to the Sentinel and Mangata soon enough before we leave port." A quiet grin is tipped toward Wynna. "I'd love to tell you about it. Perhaps after the ceremony?" she offers, turning to provide a warm reception to Arik and Lucita, albeit unfamiliarly, "My lord, and lady."

Servants circulate with light food and heavy beverages, careful to keep everyone's glass full.

Percephon's auburn eyebrows shoot up and over the rims of his spectacles, and the edge of his mouth twinges downward, quickly. "Lord Arik." A lift in his tone, attempting toward the pleasant again, even if it's a little hoarse. "Mo. Kata. Simone. Marius Goodwoman Blackwing. All well met."

"Wouldn't wish to miss it, Lady Monique. Marquis, Marquessa." Thesarin gives a pair of very serious nods toward the Greenmarches; it's possible he's not very good at this 'relaxing' thing. "The Countess is well. Busy, as ever; sends her regrets she couldn't make it." He gives another nod toward Cullen, and makes a low grunting noise at the back of his throat. "Lord Cullen. Man of the hour."

"Certainly, my lady," Wynna says swiftly, going quiet otherwise - she doesn't seem terribly inclined to get between nobles and their small talk. She remains close to Monique, hovering like a shadow.

As cullen greets her, Cora smiles, "Lord Cullen, a right pleasure to see you again." Moving forward she nabs a glass of something from the passing servant and moves over to him.

Lucita takes a seat at the fountain to which Arik guided her after a curtsy is given. She is clearly glad to see those already nearby and lowers her voice to speak further.

Tesha is here, she's just been quiet and awaiting things to begin. The Telmar woman is dressed in her usual crimson and there's a smile to Cullen when he greets her, "Lord Greenmarch." she dips her head to him. Then there's a look to Simone and Marius, "Marquis and Marquessa." she smiles to them. Then there's a look to her brother and a grin, "It's good to see you, Percephon." she tells him.

Marduc, a tattooed Prodigal, Gristle, an old Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Aric.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cullen before departing.

"Tesha," Percephon returns and his smile finally realizes itself, immediately going crooked, "You look whole. Managing well?"

Khanne walks in on her husband's arm. She is smilig to him as they walk, heads close together to share some private conversation before he shows her to a seat. Settling there, she looks around with wide mist-grey eyes, smiling should she catch anyone's attention... Until she spots Arik and his companion, brows shooting up in surprise and lips pursing in a soft 'oh' before she presses them together. Quickly, she turns to smile at Katarina and Reese at the seats before lifting a hand to wave to Monique.

If Cullen is lucky and it's his big day why shouldn't he be? He caught Arik with that greeting as he neared the statue where many people are seated or near enough to it. Arik pauses an looks back to Cullen with a hint of a grin, diverting his attention from Khanne and Percephon for a -brief- time. "Lord Cullen, Sword I came to congraulate you... I hope we never cross blades in a true duel, but so do I hope we are Great Swords you and I." he says in a friendly enough manner, offering out his hand to the fellow House Sword.

Simone waves over to Perce after spotting him and gives him a warm smile, "It is so good to see you again, cousin!" As the others arrive, she greets each in turn, welcoming them to the gardens, "Thank you for joining us! Please be at ease and relax and enjoy the gardens! Monique will present Cullen with a gift soon! As Tesha approaches she gives her a warm hug, "Hello cousin." She moves off to direct some of the servants to keep then circulating with food and drinks to all of the guests.

Marius looks over at Percephon with a quick smile, "Percephon. Good to see you back around. Whiskey will smoothe that over." He makes a gesture towards his throat quickly before giving Tesha his attention, smiling at her. "Lady Tesha, always welcome." The Marquis greets her smoothly before looking over the gardens to see if people are still arriving.

"Er I should have said Sword Cullen, congratulations to you this day. Well earned at that." Cora says with a grin, lifting her glass before drinking.

Monique steps up on the stone platform, waving to everyone, motioning Cullen up to the platform with her. "Everyone! Tonight we witness the passage of something truly special. If you were familiar with my cousin, Lady Niamh Greenmarch, you will know that never did a light burn so bright, so fierce. That light did not go out with her death. It merely simmered. Tonight, here, we will rekindle Niamh's blaze."

Monique's hands reach for the sword, Niamh's alaricite sword: "Greenmarch presents our Sword, Lord Cullen Greenmarch, with the gift of Dusk, the Day Slayer, Lady Niamh Greenmarch's alaricite blade. We know he will wield it with all the honor and glory our beloved Niamh did." She extends the blade with great, dramatic ceremony to Cullen.

Tesha gives a smile to Cullen and a bit of a squeeze to his arm as she whispers something to the Sword. Then she steps back to look to her brother and there's a nod, "I'm whole for the moment. No badgers being thrown at this event." she muses. "How have you been?" she asks him quietly.

Katarina falls quiet, her attention averted from her side conversations with her seated companions to look upon Monique as she speaks in preparation to present the sword to Cullen. Her gaze passes between the Greenmarchers, a faint smile of pride creasing her lips.

Aric enters quietly on his own, sending Marduc over to stay by the entrance with Gristle as he looks for a seat. He decides to head for the patio and finds himself a seat, pulling a bottle from within his coat and taking a quick sip from a metal flask as he watches the ceremony unfold.

Reese turns her attention to Monique, Dusk and Cullen. She has a smile that touches her blue eyes and is just a little sad. Maybe she remembers Niamh. She loos just a little misty-eyed.

Turning as Monique makes an announcement, Cullen steps up onto the platform with a bow of his coppery haired head to his cousin, taking the sword by the hilt with a firm grip. Making sure not to drop it, which is likely his greatest fear at the moment, the scabbard is hooked to his belt. "Thank you, Monique. It is a great honor, considering how Niamh is a legend, and was a dear friend and family member. I shall endeavor to make her and the whole family proud with my actions."

Wynna folds her hands behind her back, watching the ceremony silently - she's sporting a thoughtful expression.

Thesarin watches Monique and Cullen, nodding slowly as the blade is handed over. He raises a fist toward his chest, pounding against his torso two times, and giving another slow nod.

Khanne is just trying to truly settle in, exchanging greetings with people when she hears Niamh's name come from Monique's lips. Her own curl down into a frown of sadness and she lowers her gaze, eyes blinking a bit. She lifts a hand, curling a finger along those saddened lips, turning quiet.

Arik falls into conversation at a stone fountain with a statue of a stag

Listening, expression drawn, until Percephon has somehow acquired a small glass of whiskey in hand. To soothe what ails him, no doubt. When Monique mentions Niamh by name, he lifts his glass in a quiet toast, sips from it. Then, with a gentle elbow nudge he offers the glass to Khanne.

Khanne shares a few quiet words with those nearby, but when Percephon nudges her and hands her a glass of whiskey, she readily takes it. She lofts it into the sky and says, "always my sister. Always," before taking a few swallows worth.

After thinking about it for a moment, and clearly pushing aside his fear of dropping it on himself, Cullen pulls Dusk back out of the scabbard and holds it up for those who wish to get a closer look at it, head bowed in reverence and eyes focused on the shrine of trees, letting Monique do the speaking given his overwhelmed look.

Cullen wields Dusk, the Day Slayer - an alaracite bastard sword.

Marius turns towards Monique as she starts the announcement and watches the sword change hands. There's a faint, tight-lipped, smile at the mention of Niamh, only for the Marquis to exclaim, "I know you'll make us all proud, Cullen!" as the Sword of Greenhaven makes his statement.

Aric kicks back on the edge of the patio, legs stretched out in front of him. He sips from his flask and watches as Gristle, apparently, eludes Marduc and the hound finds his way to Aric's side, laying down beside him.

Harlan slips in quietly from outside, not speaking -- obviously not wanting to interrupt things.

Simone stands quietly off to the side, near Marius again, as Monique speaks. A faint look of sadness crosses her face as she talks about Niamh. As Cullen steps up to speak though her face lights up with a gentle glow of pride. She speaks up firmly and says, "We are honored to have you here with us Cullen!"

Harlan gets B O O K O F B L A D E S By Lady Monique Greenmarch from a Basket of Books ii Please Take One.

Arik appears to be harassing Khanne and Percephon in a brotherly way at the stone fountain for a short time there before claiming a whiskey from a passing servant and lifting it in a cheers gesture to Cullen as he draws the House blade.

Aric gets B O O K O F B L A D E S By Lady Monique Greenmarch from a Basket of Books ii Please Take One.

Katarina raises her whisky glass in salute to Cullen. "To Lord Cullen, Sword of Greenhaven," she calls out, her smile bright. "Long may he live!"

Thesarin gives a short nod toward Harlan, as the man enters, and takes a sip of one of the drinks that's been passing around. He seems to have wound up with one in his hand, at some point, and he lifts it toward Culler, nodding again in the newly appointed Sword's direction.

Tesha gives a smile to Cullen, a reassuring one as he takes the blade, she's stepped back to give him his space and standing closer to the fountain. She gives a look to something off to the side and then there's a lifting of her glass in cheers to the Sword of Greenhaven.

Lucita takes one of the whiskey's and toasts with it, a small sip. She listens to some of the conversations flowing around her.

Harlan nods in response towards Thesarin and speaks quietly, "Hello, Count. I wanted to at least stop by, all things considered. I'm glad that the sword has returned here and will be used well."

After enduring the good-natured brotherly harassment from Arik, Percephon's smile slants slightly in a way that likely mirrors Khanne's. He gaze cuts aside, then back, to focus his attention back on Cullen as the cheer goes up. "Congratulations to the new Sword of House Greenmarch," he echoes in a froggy voice.

Tyrval tries with limited success to unobtrusively slip in, though he's not precisely an unobtrusive figure. He glances slowly around, clearly looking around for someone.

Monique has just presented Cullen with Niamh Greenmarch's sword, Dusk, the Day Slayer, and she's standing down from the stone platform to allow him to wield it for the first time, her crimson hair a flame in the lantern, easily picked out from the crowd. Her smile is beatific, watching her cousin.

Katarina checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 0 higher.

Percephon checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 12 higher.

Once again climbing up the stone stairs, Simone moves to stand near Cullen on the platform and lays a hand on his arm. She raises her voice to catch the attention of the guests, "If I could please have your attention!" A michievous smile lights up her face as she looks out towards the guests to speak, "It is a little known fact that Lord Cullen is a budding author. Though he is unpublished at this time, we, his loving family, would like to offer him support and encouragement. In this vein we have set our first contest of the evening. We ask that some of our esteemed guests step up to this platform and provide Cullen with examples of storytelling. However, since we also like to see a spark of competition, we have added a few rules. The tales must be tall... the more outrageous, the better. Servants will move among you providing pen and paper for you to record your votes and return them to the servants. At the end of the storytelling, we will tally those votes to see who has won the contest!"

Khanne checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 10 higher.

Arik checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 5 lower.

There might have been eye-rolling, there is certainly a crooked smile given to her brother before she says a few words to him then rises up. She looks to Cullen and says, "Niamh was one of the dearest people to me in my life. To hold her sword, the sword of Greenmarch is a great honor, and I am sure she would be proud to see it be given to you." She lifts her glass up again in a toast to the man. Congratulations, Lord Cullen." The entrance of Tyrval has her arching a brow with curiosity.

Wynna perks up very slightly at the mention of writing and storytelling, though she notably doesn't seem terribly inclined to contribute beyond a vote, remaining characteristically silent as she watches the proceedings.

Katarina lifts her brows at Simone's announcement of the games. "Well this ought to be interesting," she murmurs aside to Reese and Lucita, setting down her untouched whisky. "I didn't know that Lord Cullen had literary aspirations. It feels like an obligation to at least try my hand at it, to celebrate and everything." She shifts, a curious glance cast across the crowd briefly before she's looking toward the stage once more.

Tesha gives a smile when she hears Simone talk on the contest and there's a look to her brother, "Percephon, why don't you try it?" she gives him a grin. She was a number cruncher. Not a talespinner.

Reese looks over to Katarina, nodding. "Oh, I am going to try." She says regarding the storytelling contest. "I will make it up as I go along. It will be epic."

Rolling his shoulders back, hitching the left upward in a shrug, Percephon casts a deadpan look toward Tesha. "Should I?" Which really means: "Sure."

Arik looks towards the stage at the commentary of a storytelling contest and then takes a long drink from his whiskey, oh look a servant is there to top it off. He drinks it again before commenting to his companions.

Cullen checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 5 higher.

Eyes suddenly turning from the shrine to Simone, Dusk still wielded in his hand, grey eyes fill with curiosity - and then comes the mention of the book. Yes, that book. An audible groan and Cullen nearly stabs himself in the face before remembering to palm with the left, not with the right. "I do hope that my proposed work is not mentioned in such esteemed company..." A voice calls out about how dear Niamh was to her, but he cannot pick out who it is. Shaking his head at Katarina slowly, "No, was a joke." Still, he smiles rather brightly, and gives Acacia a wave upon her entrance. The arrival of Tyrval gets a coppery brow raised in interest.

Aric raises his flask with the others in salute to Cullen as he brandishes the blade. Huzzah and all that. Oh, yes, it's a party in his five foot radius, for sure.

Simone gives Cullen a teasing look before quickly stepping down from the platform to stand by Marius once more. Looking up at Marius, her eyes sparkle with humor, "I have no doubt that I will be in trouble with Cullen later for this one."

Khanne smiles a bright smile at Percephon. "I cannot wait to hear what story you tell. I positively will not tell a tale...I wouldn't even be able to decide which to tell! But I will be a very good audience member."

Katarina tucks her lower lip between her teeth, veiling her amused smile at Cullen. "Do we just go up then?" she wonders aloud, her gaze seeking out Monique and Simone for further instruction.

Acacia quietly makes her way into the celebration, slipping to the side of the door in an effort to be unnoticed. Large honey-brown eyes scan the crowd looking for someone. She gives a smile at the huzzahs and her smile grows considerably more as Cullen catches her eye and winks before slipping to the side to take the scene in.

Monique dips her head to Katarina. "The stage is yours," and the Minx of the Marches turns to find a fresh drink in the crowd, her eyes landing on someone in the process.

Tyrval looks at the brandished blade with interest, "The last owner was impressive. I imagine the new owner will acquit himself admirably as well." He bows low to Simone, inclining his head as he says, "Thank you for the invitation." He then slowly walks towards Monique to stand beside her.

Katarina checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 0 higher.

Monique leans in to whisper something to Tyrval, and there's the glimmer of a teasing smile on her lips.

Katarina gives a slight pause at Monique, staring past the Minx of the Marches toward the empty stage. "Ah, well," she exhales slowly, rising from her seat to move across the grounds toward the stage.

Wynna blinks, staring blatantly at Tyrval as he drifts over to Monique. She's close to Monique as well, being her protege and all. Huh.

Tesha has joined the a stone fountain with a statue of a stag.

Marius only gives his wife a quick grin, that he just as quickly wipes, as Simone comes to stand by him. "Don't worry, he will be too busy writing to have time to exact vengeance, dear. Book to write and all that." Then, the Marquis inclines his head in a dip to Tyrval, "Welcome, Prince Tyrval. Monique told us you might be coming. Enjoy the evening." before he turns his eyes to the stage. And, it appears, Katarina.

Thesarin watches Tyrval as the elf speaks, giving a low nod to the Prince but keeping his silence. He lets his attentions switch between Katarina, and the talking between Tyrval and Monique, large arms crossed in front of his chest.

Having cheered for Cullen and now realizing the time, Cora downs her drink and waves to everyone there on her way out. The games seem fun but she really must away.

3 Thrax Guards leaves, following Coraline.

Simone smiles warmly at Tyrval and slips into a curtsy, "Ahh! Prince Tyrval, it is our honor to have you attend our event. Please be at ease and we do hope that you enjoy it." She looks at Monique with a slightly curious expression but holds her tongue for now. "We have already presented Cullen with his gift from the house as you have noted... now we have asked our guests to regale us with outlandish tales." Catching a passing servant she directs them to provide food and drink to the Prince, should he wish it. Turning towards the stage she watches Katarina get ready to present the first tale of the evening.

Khanne tilts her head, studying Tyrval for a quiet moment and watching his interactions with others. Leaning towards Percephon, she mentions quietly, "I hope you have an entertaining tall tale, Love. The Prince is here."

Harlan remains mostly silent and in the background. He just wanted to see the sword passed on, although his eyes do watch Tyrval for a moment. (OOC: Have to run home, gone for 20-30)

Catching the name of the Prince, Cullen realizes who it is when he vacates the stage to stand near Simone and Marius, sheathing Dusk in the process. While doing so, a bow is offered to Tyrval. "I certainly hope so as well, Prince Tyrval. An honor to meet you and have you here," the new Sword of Greenhaven states in a quiet, if steady voice. The Marquis, however, is shot a look at the mention of him writing a certain book before his face breaks into a grin.

"Noticed, my darling. I can only promise to try my level best," Percephon murmurs toward Khanne as he leans slightly to the side. After replying, dark eyes flick that way, watching the Prince speak with his (former) cousin, Monique.

Acacia gives a little loft of brow and looks genuinely surprised as the Prince arrives and proceeds to take her time to discreetly study the man from her place against the wall. A little grin appears on the curvy redhead's lips that is quickly wrestled into a pleasant but slightly more neutral expression.

"I've never actually, officially, been introduced, or introduced myself to him, but I of course know who he is... and everyone knows how the Nox'Alfar like to be entertained..." Khanne smiles to Percephon. "I've no doubt, however, that you will do well."

Arik looks in the direction of Tyrval for several long moments and then sniffs quietly before commenting to the side.

Aric watches the Prince arrive and speak to people. If he hadn't heard introductions from his perch on the patio, he would not have realized who the man was. He quietly sips from his flask, a hand ruffling through his hound's coat as the old dog snores gently beside him.

Monique continues to speaks in low tones to Tyrval for a moment as she awaits with baited breath Katarina's tall tale. When she breaks off, she turns to Wynna. "Mistress Wynna? Have you met Prince Tyrval? Prince Tyrval, this is my protege, the inestimably talented Mistress Wynna Blackwing."

Wynna blinks twice before merely inclining her head to the elf, her lips pursed thoughtfully. "Well met, prince. Lady Monique honors me, but I should find my talent entirely estimable by my reckoning." She pauses. "At least until I no longer have to edit my work before I'm through with it."

Tyrval looks thoughtfully at Arik for a long moment then snaps his fingers at him, "I've -heard- of you. Lord Arik Halfshav, right? Exceptional with a sword, just exceptional. You're heads and shoulders above some." He smiles then at Wynna, "Charmed."

Gathering an end of her elaborately draped scarves in her fidgeting hands, Katarina stares wide-eyed at the crowd-filled gardens before she manages to clear her throat and train her mouth into a contemplative moue. "Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived an old King who had ten daughters and three sons. Though two were truly of his own blood, he loved them all very much. So much that he hid him away from the world, hoping to protect them from the evil he knew festered within the very walls of his kingdom. One day, this old King was visited by a dark mage. He brought ill omens of death and suffrage of hundreds of thousands of his people, but promised all these people could be spared if he did one thing."

She pauses for dramatic effect, or perhaps to gather her thoughts before she continues on quickly. "If he sacrificed the very thing that he loved dear, his kingdom and all the people in it would be saved. The King was very much troubled by this. The only thing he loved greatest in this world was his children, so he ... gathered them in his arms and held them tight, telling them how much he adored them. It was his youngest child, Princess Tik, who told her father she understood. To do what needed to be done, and save their kingdom. And with great anguish, her father did. He sacrificed his children in hopes to save the kingdom, but it would not be so. He was tricked by the dark mage, who laughed at the now grieving king. This Dark Mage went on to kill the king and take his throne, imprisioning the people of the kingdom for a thousand years of endless sufrage and pain until he was overthrown by one of his own daughters. She banished him from the lands, and restored peace and prosperity to the lands."

Khanne grins and says with a smirk towards her brother. "Of course he has heard of you."

"That must most certainyl be a tall tale!" Monique applauds for Katarina enthusiastically. "And now, Lord Arik shall take the stage and /try/ to tell one taller!"

Simone claps at Katarina's story, giving her a big smile, "Bravo! Well done, Princess Katarina! Thank you!"

Katarina steps down off the stage, more than happy to abandon it to the next contestant. She settles down into her old seat, smoothing her silks out beneath her palms with a relieved sigh.

Arik seems distracted for a few moments by Tyrval commentary his brow furrowing and then a smirk coming to his lips as he dips his head towards the Prince. "One time imparticular, but in Arx I often feel that I have much to learn and mayhap luck had been favoring me in other duels." and with that he's off towards the stage..

Arik takes to the stage with one hand on the hilt of the Halfshav House sword and the other stroking his coppery beard, mussing it up in the process. "Long ago in the Northlands there was a great man, a father, a warrior, a man whose name none remember... This great man, he has a great animal, his most loyal and beloved companion called Son." the Halfshav Lord pauses there and draws his hand away from his beard. "But there was a problem, a truth the great man did not know. His mother, his sister, his lover, and his daughter all tried to warn him... That is no companion, no friend, your Son is no house animal to be kept at the foot of your bed... No he is a wolf, feral and dangerous." Both of Arik's hands upturn now towards the crowd in an opening and welcoming gesture, his voice mimicing disbelief "The great man said this cannot be true. He comes when I call. He sits at the foot of my bed. From my plate he eats... My hand he has never bitten. We hunt together and he defends me loyaly. He is Son, my most loyal." there is another pause and

Arik places a hand against his heart, "One day the great man was out with Son, in the woods and they were hunting. Alone with the winter snows in the distance. There was a rabbit, scared and darting. The great man's horse bolted and he was dragged through the trees and the brambles. At the end he cut himself free, but this great man lay in the snow, stomach open, legs broken... So great was this man he looked at his beloved Son approach... With guts spilled the wolf approached and began to eat... And the great man said with relief, tears in his eyes... At least one of us will live." At the end of the story he looks around at the crowd and seems to not expect much in the way of applause given the topic of the tale and instead begins to stride off the stage and back towards the stone fountain and those seated there, though he does slant a look at Tyrval on his way down the side of the stage.

Wynna merely smiles tightly at the elven prince, inclining her head once more, a quick glance shot to Monique before she settles her gaze back on those speaking.

Reese listens to the story with close attention, smiling in response to her story and even clapping as it comes to an end. She seems pretty focused on the stories right now.

Marius applauds the storytellers as he watches the stage, calling out cheerful encouraging remarks to each one of them in turn as they finish.

Percephon follows in the wake of Arik, rising and walking toward the stage. As he does so, he removes a handkerchief from his pocket. "So, it's pretty much accepted that I've got an intolerance to nearly everything with fur or feathers out there. Close enough contact will cause the usual: runny nose, burning eyes, and overall patheticness follows. Please, don't mention that to my own pets -- please. But no one So, one evening while I was out and following an interesting lead on an investigation, I wound up lost. It was about to storm, and I sought shelter in an ruined old house. As I was getting settled in, the storm started, and I startled as the door suddenly blew open and a cat prowled in. Now, it was ... huge. About thrice the size of any normal cat. Now, I was already cold and shivering -- but I was also unsettled and decently scared, so, I started to sneeze.

This cat fixes big yellow eyes on me, staring, with its black tail lashing too and fro. It suddenly spoke in a low yowl, telling me: "Wait until Ashra comes." What else was I supposed to do? I nodded politely to the cat, stayed in place, and waited. Still sneezing all the while.

Nooooot too long after that, I nervously noticed that the wind blew the door open again. Another cat, much larger than the first, came prowling into the room. As large as the biggest Keaton hound. It sat on my feet, warming them up, and it stared at me with large yellow eyes. I nodded to it, tried to hold by breath -- but I still sneezed. It spoke in a low, threatening voice: "Wait until Ashra comes." Now, I was all prepared to run -- but not out into a storm -- so I stayed and waited some more.

Finally, the door opens again. A cat as large as a man prowls into the house and walks right up to me, sitting down where the others sat. I looked at it. It looked at me. I greeted it with a nod and it stared at me with eyes are large as dinner plates. I asked, "Who are you?" It answered, "I'm Ashra. Bless you."

Lucita exchanges a few comments with Khanne and then nods a polite greeting to Tyrval. She is quiet during the story telling, giving a smile as she listens. "Dark tales, such dark tales!" At the thought of killing the children, one hand drops protectively toward her belly.

Harlan 30

Reese listens to Percephon's tale, smiling in response. She then rises to her slippered feet, heading up to tell her own story.

Monique applauds both Arik and Percephon and then motions to Reese. "And our final contestant, Princess Reese Grayson!"

Reese makes her way to the front, moving with her cat-like grace and then stopping to peek over the audience. She start stop speak, living her voice to carry. "This is a true story about the Lady Niamh Greenmarch and I think it honors her sword because Niamh, her elk, her sword and her true love are in the story. Lord Cullen will show up too. So listen closely!

Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a lovely fortress called the Grayson Grounds. Perched upon the rooftops were gryphons guarding the palace. Mostly they were green and gray, but one of them was pink. Although that isn't really important to the story, pink gryphons. Lady Niamh rode up while adorned in a set of leather and rubicund armor. I don't know who all remembers her armor, but it was pretty bad ass, light and strong at the very same time much like her. And I don't know if anyone remembers her elk, but her elk was bad ass too. On the elk's antlers were all kinds of wild things from the woods, dried flowers and vines and moss. Her elk was the wildest of elks in all of Compact.

She rides, rides onto the grounds with an army of elks behind her. The gryphons were all pretty grumpy, large and with feathers and fur. They bristled up and one gryphon with huge dark eyes and pale pale feathers and a lovely voice of a songbird calls down. "What is the wild woman on a elk doing on our lands, go away this is Gryphon land!" The pink gryphon rawrs really loud. She was kind of a pest and liked making lots of noises.

In the distance though was a copse of trees, bare and wintery trees. Many would think these trees were quite dead. In a tall oak tree without a single leaf yet and silvery-gray bark was a small gryphon with no fur and no feathers and maybe even no teeth. Actually she looked pretty old! Her claws were of opaline alatricite and her teeth were of alatricte too.

She saw Niamh and her eyes widened, her heart swelled and her featherless wings fluttered. She hushed the younger gryphons perched on the roof with nothing but a look. "Niamh of the woods. Niamh of the Gold. Niamh of a brightness too great for this land. Niamh..." She said and Niamh rode up on her elk into the barren barren copse of trees and into the arms of the barren barren Gryphon.

They realized they were true loves and stared to adventure to many places together. They fought the abyss. They protected the wild places. They went far and wide. During the day they traveled. At night they had each other. No night was too cold. Niamh was truly too bright for this world and so the furless Gryphon got her a gift of Dusk and night to calm the glow to try and keep her anchored to this word and that gift was Dusk. I give to you of myself, the Gryphon said and Niamh cherished her blade, but not as much as she cherished her featherless friend.

Lord Cullen fought far away in a forest filled with demons and he fought and he fought, thinking one day this fight will be over and one day I will go to see my bright cousin and and her blade of dusk and times long past. He fought in a battle that lasted two whole years. He couldn't even stop to have a drink of a water, it was one unending fight. But finally he killed the last demon and he traveled to the bright Niamh. He found her int he woods outside of Compact, glowing gold and glowing cold, her featherless gryphon not there to warm and the sword not close enough to dim her. Someone had taken them away! He found the sword, but the gryphon was gone and so was Niamh. They could not stay long in this world without each other. He did cry. Cullen was strong enough for tears and he took dusk and said...."I will fight in your stead against the abyss and for the woods. One unending fight. You will always be remembered, too bright Niamh."

Zane, a tall and silent servant arrives, following Venturo.

Quirking his lips at Simone, Cullen tells her with a long sigh, hand over heart, "Sadly, Marian specifically told me I am not allowed to write that book. The world shall never know my creative genius. Sadly." Looking more relieved than unhappy about that fact, he applauds each contestant's tale with a smile upon his face, although Reese's brings a surprised look given his own role in it. "Thank you for that, Princess. Would that I could honor her so. But I shall do my best, as her memory deserves no less than that."

Tyrval listens attentively to each tale, keeping his expression carefully neutral to avoid favoring one or the other, though nodding in restrained approval as each finishes.

Slipping into the ceremony quite rather late, Venturo keeps to the outskirts so as not to disrupt. Those pale green eyes flicker over the gathering, but of course it is ultimately upon the man of the hour, Cullen, that he studies for the longest. The brewer's hands tuck behind his back, the fingers of one wrapping about the wrist of the other.

Simone watches closely as the servants wander around the area offering paper and pends and collecting the votes from the audience. She speaks to the side at Cullen, "But think Cousin, you shall have such wonderful tales to help you learn to write so well." She flashes him a quick, mischievous grin at him before returning to her oversight of the servants, directing some of them here and there to various guests to make certain everyone gets a chance to vote.

Lucita says, "They are all so well told. It is hard to decide.""

Reese looks over to Cullen giving him a smile at his words. "Oh.." She says as if trying to find the right words. "I know you will honor her, Lord Cullen." She finally says.

Katarina casts a curious look upon Tyrval momentarily, though her attention falls ultimately upon a late comer to the party. Her smile is one of subdued delight, bringing her hand up in subtle wave toward Venturo. When a piece of parchment is passed to her, she's quick to jot down something and pass it along in the right direction.

"Each tale was crafted with spine-tingling excitement and we are honored by each. I thank Princess Katarina, Lord Arik, Lord Percephon, and Princess Reeese for their exceptional, spur-of-the-moment contributions." A servant passes her a piece of paper and she unfolds it. "The winner this evening is... Lord Percephon Halfshav!"

Monique drops Gift Chest.

Harlan listens to the stories, although he looks around periodically. As with others, he's probably glancing at Tyrval from time to time. Still, he's not really making a -thing- of it, just looking at pretty much everyone generally.

Monique waves a hand to a chest on the stage. "The gift chest is yours to choose from, Perce!"

Katarina brings her hands up in quick applause when Percephon is revealed to be the winner. "Congratulations, my lord," she commends him, before rising to slip off to the edges of the party.

Arik claps for Percephon as his victory is announced evidently speaking with him at the stone fountain and chuckling as he awaits the scholarly sort to claim his prize.

With a blink, Percephon pushes up and out of his seat, muttering: "My deep and unending thanks."

Percephon gets a silver web-caught dark obsidian wristlet from Gift Chest.

Acacia gets B O O K O F B L A D E S By Lady Monique Greenmarch from a Basket of Books ii Please Take One.

Monique picks up Gift Chest.

Aric sets his flask in his lap and claps loudly for Percephon and his grisly tale. "Well told!" He grabs his flask and takes a last drink before capping it and setting it inside his jacket.

Reese smiles when the winner is announced. She looks curiously toward the chest of gifts. "Congrats, Lord Percephon." She murmurs.

Simone claps loudly and smiles at Perce, "Congratulations, Perce! Well done!" She watches for a moment as Perce comes forward to collect his prize, then leans over to whisper to Marius. Quietly she slips off to another part of the yard taking a few servants with her and starts directing them to set up for the next game.

Reese is overheard praising Percephon for: yays, storytelling!

Reese is overheard praising Cullen for: Worthy of Niamh's Sword

Marius fills out his vote paper, trading it for a glass of whiskey from the servant taking it back. He watches Monique, waiting for the winner to be announced as he lips at the glass and then gives an awkward, one-hand-against-glass, applause. "Well told!" as Percephon goes to get his prize.

Arik is overheard praising Percephon for: Brave enough to tell a silly tale and not look a fool doing it. Talented one.

Reese is overheard praising Monique for: A great hostest

Monique is overheard praising Cullen for: Our Sword!

Lucita claps for the storytellers, all of them.

Venturo's hands lift to give a round of applause for the winner, and his head dips into a warm nod of greeting towards Katraina for her own. Down his hands drop once more.

Cullen is overheard praising Monique for: A wonderful host!

Cullen is overheard praising Simone for: An an excellent party planner!

Katarina is overheard praising Simone for: A graceful hostess as ever.

Slipping past the basket, Acacia picks up a book and then joins the others in their appreciative applause, cheering along with the rest.

Reese is overheard praising Simone for: Leading the Greenmarches with wisdom and Grace

Wynna claps gently, smiling faintly to herself when Percephon is announced as the winner.

Prize in hand, victory sealed. Percephon offers the rest of the Greenmarch party a quick little grin, before he briefly murmurs a word or two of pardon in order to excuse himself. "It's been very pleasant, however, I ought to return to the Hall for the night before I start to cough over everyone's good time..."

Thesarin has rolled 1 5-sided dice: 1

Aric has rolled 1 5-sided dice: 2

Percephon has left the a stone fountain with a statue of a stag.

Celeste, the realist messenger leaves, following Percephon.

Reese has rolled 1 5-sided dice: 4

Having moved over towards a ring set up at the edge of the garden, near the fountains, Simone directs servants to carefully arrange boxes of "weapons" near the ring. Yellow feathers in the shape of daggers, colorful paper swords, green maces with... fish?, red flails graces with flower balls, and staves made of patchwork quilt all stand ready for the combatants. Once again, Simone calls for the attention of their guests raising her voice as loudly as she can, "If I may have your attention! We have one more bit of entertainment to offer our guests this evening. In honor of our house sword, we have arranged for our guests to be able to spar between one another. However, we did not wish our cousin to have to spar all of you and we wished for everyone to be able to participate if they wished, even those who do not fight so well. Therefore we have an assortment of weapons ready for each of you to fight with! Please come this way and we shall let you roll the dice to select your weapons! Each new combatant shall fight the next in line until one is left standing, victorious!"

Simone drops a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Aric shoves the flask back into his coat and leaving Gristle sleeping, he pushes himself up and starts walking towards the fountains and the 'battle ring' with stagger to his gait from the whiskey. He sidesteps a small group of people before falling into the middle of them but eventually reaches the chest and pulls out a brightly colored paper sword and raises it to the sky. "It's hue..mongous!"

Peering into the chest, an amused look is brought forth on Cullen's grey eyes. "Well, well. I think that green fish mace is pretty interesting, I want to see someone use that," he informs Simone with a grin. Then Aric makes that awful pun, and this time it's a good thing he's not holding a sword to jab himself with. Instead, he reaches for a piscatorial bludgeoning instrument with a grim nod.

Cullen has rolled 1 5-sided dice: 5

Thesarin gets Golden Feather Dagger - Difficulty 30 from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Aric gets Colorful Paper Sword - Difficulty 30 from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Thesarin steps into the ring, shaking his head just a little as he pulls a 'dagger' of gold=painted feathers. There's... a little bit of a smile on his face as he steps into the ring. Just a hint. "My weapon, eh? Reckon I'll need make it work..."

Cullen gets Patchwork Cloth Staff - Difficulty 20 from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Aric checked strength + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Zane, a tall and silent servant leaves, following Venturo.

Cullen gets Green Fish Mace - Difficulty 40 from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Cullen puts Patchwork Cloth Staff - Difficulty 20 in a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Simone smiles at Thesarin then calls out, "Who shall step forth to face our champion of the feather dagger?"

Thesarin checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Aric faces off with Thesarin in the ring, circling it a few times as he feints with the paper sword, holding it properly, then switching grip so it is pointing down like a dagger, which is more comfortable, and stabbing at Thesarin's shoulder as he twists and lunges.

Tesha gives a look over those that are doing the mock fighting and she sees the drunk stagger from one of the contenders. Then there's a look to Cullen and she smiles to him, "That's a very fishy looking weapon you've got there, Lord Greenmarch." she tells her friend.

Thesarin swings holds the feather blade out toward Aric at a defensive posture, waiting for Aric to advance and then swinging uickly--but falling short, and leaving himself open to the strike on the shoulder from the paper blade. There's just a hint of a grin on his face as he steps back out of the ring, moving back toward the chest with a slow shake of his head. "How it ends, then. Can't say I saw that one coming."

Reese gets Red Flower Flail - Difficulty 20 from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Monique laughs as Thesarin and Aric square off with their chosen 'weapons'. "Paper versus feather! But who will win!" And she leans aside to murmur something to Tyrval.

Reese checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Cullen checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 10 higher.

Aric checked strength + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Khanne watches the mock battles with a tired but curious head tilt.

Reese watches the fight with all this interest as she stays perched on the fountain.

Simone just shakes her head and laughs, "So much for the pen being mightier than the sword!" She moves over and pats Thesarin on the arm with a smile, "Thank you for such a valliant effort Count Thesarin!"

A fish mace in hand, Cullen slaps it against his palm with a grim look at Aric. "Alright. Let us see how you fare against a creature of the deep. Or river. Or...well, wherever it came from..." Tesha's declaration of a fishy looking weapon brings a laugh, then he coughs and resumes his squinting, moving in against Aric. But it is so...wriggly. Scaly. Slimy. It's hard to keep a handle on! He swings with the piscatorial bludgeoning instrument, landing a slight blow upon Aric's elbow, but far from actually impressive.

Arik puts up an applause for the unstoppable paper sword and its wielder Aric.

Aric dances a little now as Cullen enters the ring. The drunken stagger is gone like it was never there and his mighty colorful blade flips back and forth as the wind catches it. Still holding the weapon blade down, he twists his wrist to align the edge with his upper arm and makes a slashing motion across Cullen's torso as he drops to a knee to avoid the strike, feeling it bounce off his elbow as he leaves his opponent with an imaginary disembowelment. "Close, Sir! Very close! I might have to keep this!"

Aric checked strength + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Reese checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 49 higher.

Rinel staggers in on wobbly legs and makes her way to Wynna, whom she promptly leans on.

Staggering back from the unstoppable Aric and his paper blade of many colors, Cullen reels dramatically, fish mace tumbling from his hand while the Sword of Greenhaven rejoins his family, a chuckle upon his lips. "Well then. Princess Reese should be quite formidable, I imagine...."

Cullen puts Green Fish Mace - Difficulty 40 in a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Simone calls out loudly, "Well fought Lord Aric! Sorry for the smell!" Turning towards Cullen she smiles, "You are not allowed to bring that in the house either, Cullen Greenmarch." Her eyes sparkle with merriment.

"Well fought Lord Greenmarch and Lord Keaton." Tesha calls with a bit of a smile. She then gives a look to something that is being said at the fountain and there's a smile and a nod to one of them.

Feeling a bit overconfident now, Aric has started playing more to the crowd than actually paying much attention to the fight. When Reese enters, he smiles and gives the crowd a shrug of his shoulders, grinning as he turns to face her, changing grips back to the usual sword hold. "You cannot stop the Colorblade of Doom, my lady!" He makes a fencing lunge, attempting to stab her in center mass, yet his foot slips and he misses her by a good two feet and leaves himself completely exposed.

Wynna stares aside at Rinel with a thin-browed expression, purely dubious.

Reese rises to her slippered feet and wields her red flower flail. She gets into attack position, brandishing the weapon and charging at Aric. She is pretty skilled and seems to know what she is doing even with flowers. She darts about and then watches as Aric slips. He is given a sheepish smile. "Oh, I guess I can." She murmurs gently to him. She then stabs him with the flower.

Acacia watches the battles unfold, occasionally hiding an amused grin behind her hand.

Monique claps brightly for the duelists, and it's hard for her to keep the laughter from her eyes with these 'weapons' they wield. "Ah, well done! Well done! Are there no more competitors to challenge the Grayson warrior, Princess Reese?"

Monique is overheard praising Simone for: Best co-hostess <3

Marius watches the fights with an amused little shake of his head. "Vicious fights. Paper, fish and flowers everywhere." He states as he claps for the contenders. "Well done, Princess Reese."

Simone laughs and cheers loudly, "All hail Princess Reese, Champion of the Red Flail!" She turns and looks around at the rest gathered there, "Shall any step up to challenge her?"

Reese brandishs her flower at Monique's words. "Oh, I will take the hardest weapon if anyone does." She says, because Reese can be over confident sometimes.

Aric bows to Princess Reese and holds his paper sword out to her in his palms. "I have been vanquished. If I must go, let it be by one of such beauty and skill! Well played, your highness!"

Arik slides off the edge of the stone fountain and says in a rumbling voice, "I will challenge Princess Reese with the mighty paper sword."

"I just climbed Crownguard Tower," Rinel tells Wynna, a hint of pride in her voice. "With weights on. But I won a trophy for it. ...also, I think my legs are giving out." And with a gentle thump, the scholar plops down on her bottom. "Oof."

Katarina has left the a stone fountain with a statue of a stag.

Quiet, a Valardin champion have been dismissed.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice have been dismissed.

Arik has rolled 1 5-sided dice: 1

Wynna snorts quietly and stoops to help her back up. "Not on my watch they're not. What ever inspired this?"

Simone claps and laughs, "Wonderful! Another challenger! The weapon for you is the golden feather dagger. Please, sir gather your weapon and step into the ring!"

1 Greenmarch Guard arrives, following Margret.

Arik gets Golden Feather Dagger - Difficulty 30 from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Reese gets Green Fish Mace - Difficulty 40 from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Khanne rises up from her seat and says to anyone who can hear her, "Thanks for all the fun everyone. Congratulations Lord Cullen. Time to go catch up to my husband."

"All right! Princess Reese with the Fish Mace versus Lord Arik with the Feather Dagger! Good luck!" Monique calls out with a bright, spirited laugh.

Simone smiles warmly at Khanne and waves, "Thank you for coming Lady Khanne!"

Jordan arrives unfashionably late for this. But maybe there's a reason. With a bow to the Lord and Lady of the House, he makes his way over to Harlan, stepping beside the Duke after another bow. He murmurs something to the man.

As Khanne starts out, Thesarin turns over toward her with a nod. "Lady Halfhav. Have you talked with Signe Nightgold, since she came to the city?"

Reese checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 16 higher.

Arik checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

1 Greenmarch Guard leaves, following Margret.

Reese reaches for the Green fish mace, looking it over and then wielding the fearsome weapon! She charges at Arik, trying to strike such against his arm and completely failing. It is not that her skill is bad, but it is that Arik is even better and can quickly step aside. She opens herself up in the process and it would be pretty easy to get a strike on her.

Khanne stops her steps and looks to Thesarin. She nods, then continues on her way.

Khanne has left the a stone fountain with a statue of a stag.

Monique drops Gift Chest.

Arik takes a step back as Reese charges him with a fearsome fish, he actually looks worried about getting hit with it... Smells, most likely. With a quick step to the side, he lunches in and with the might of a feather tickles Reese's hip!

Aric pumps his fist in the air, "Yes! ....I mean, well fought, Princess! I am happy to have vengeance by proxy." Aric laughs as he sheathes his paper sword in his belt to take home with him. "Good matches, all! Well fought!" He waits for the others to check the chest out and choose their prizes.

Rinel says, "It was a competition. And I already had won two others. Well. I won one. I came in second in the other. My reach exceeded my grasp."

Wynna stares at the trophy blankly, quirking her eyebrow at Rinel. "Such an ambitious thing you are," she murmurs dryly, handing the thing back.

Arik gets Independence from Gift Chest.

Reese giggles when the feather tickles her hip! "Oh..." She says and her cheeks are pink. "You got me Lord Arik." She adds a moment later. She then smiles over to Aric as well.

Monique gasps as Reese's fish is felled by the Arik's feather, and there's cheering from the Minx of the Marches. She waves a hand to the gift chest. "First place, Lord Arik Halfshav, followed closesly and valliantly by Princess Reese, and after that, the brave Lord Aric Keaton! Choose your prizes!"

Arik approaches the gifted chest and seems to peer about before closing his eyes and reaching in. Out comes a reddish bladed weapon which heopens his eyes to examine. "Well that is lucky... "

Reese gets oak and steel owl bookcase from Gift Chest.

Simone watches the last of the mock battles with an amused smile, glad to see their guests having fun with it. As Arik tickles Reese with the feather, she laughs and calls out, "Wonderful! The pen did prevail in the end! All hail our new champion, Lord Arik of the Golden Feather!"

Aric gets Resurrection, a custom Corsetina scent from Gift Chest.

Monique picks up Gift Chest.

Arik holds up Independence to the guests and then re-sheathes it before making his way back to the stone fountain and claiming a seat with Lucita, "Well Princess Reese would have likely won but luck is on my side. As I said to Prince Tyrval I believe in most fights where I come out ahead, I may simply be lucky." he happens to look off in Tyrval's direction while making the comment to Lucita.

Turning towards the assembled guests she calls out one last time, a warm smile on her face, "We thank all of our guests this evening for coming to join us! And congratulations to Lord Cullen Greenmarch, our new house sword! Thank you as well to my lovely co-host, Lady Monique Greenmarch! Please feel free to stay and enjoy the gardens and mingle! Drinks and food shall be provided until the last guest departs! Be well, friends!"

"Luck is important." Reese says to Arik. "I tend to be very lucky myself and well it is important factor in life as much as being very brave or very quick or whatever else. I don't know how to learn to be more lucky though, but winning by luck is still winning and well I don't think it was all luck. You see as good as me with weapons." She says and being a Grayson, she seems to think as good as her is being very good! "Maybe even better." She sheepish adds, before going to find a place to perch.

Wynna claps gently, smiling.

"Don't say that like it's an ill thing, Lord Arik." Thesarin shrugs his broad shoulders as he moves to place the feather dagger back in the chest he took it from. "Rather fight beside a lucky man than a good one." He nods as Reese expresses the same, and lifts his glass toward Simone as she makes her announcement.

Tesha gets B O O K O F B L A D E S By Lady Monique Greenmarch from a Basket of Books ii Please Take One.

Lucita gives a soft laugh. "That was a fun thing to watch. Reminded me of the battle of rose buds, the winner the one who had the most petals left on the stem at the end."

Tyrval bows to Arik as he comments, "I've heard you definitely do not lose your head in fights, my lord."

Marius comes up and leans into Simone, placing a kiss on her cheek. "I am going to go check on something, dear. You finish with our guests here." He murmurs to her and then adresses the place in general, "Please, stay and enjoy each others company for as long as you'd like, and please ask Cullen about his future book." He says with a clap of his hands together before departing inside the lodge.

Marius is overheard praising Monique.

Marius is overheard praising Simone.

Marius is overheard praising Cullen.

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