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In Honor of the Ashfords

Prince Aiden Grayson will preside at the Society of Explorers and offer Survival teaching lessons, to honor Lady Aislin and Lord Killian, offering prayers to Lagoma (to heal the heart) and and Gild (to light their path). He will teach until he cannot anymore. Donations will be collected to be put forth for the efforts in locating Lady Aislin.

OOC: A small event to use up AP and training slots. Will only be teaching Survival. Have teaching 4 and can teach up to survival 3. Donations of silver/resources will be accepted and used for follow up @actions for quests to find Lady Aislin.


Jan. 5, 2018, 9 p.m.

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Korka Caspian Adriel Olivia Joslyn Harlan Jacque(RIP) Tikva Estaban(RIP) Sparte Cara Lucita Delilah



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

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Comments and Log

Prince Aiden hasn't gone through terrible effort to decorate, considering the nature of the event is subdued. In the windows and lining the tables are red-tinted glass lanterns left around the charter hall, to keep the lights on as beacons glowing to call out to the Ashfords lost.

A section of the charter hall that has been staged to host a game and to teach the basics of survival. The prize for the best posted score of the evening sits on a smaller table; a plush gryphon stuffie in honor of Lady Aislin. Next to the plush toy is a figurine, in the image of Lord Killian Ashford, autographed. A few door prizes are also present. On the opposite side of the room is a small setting of refreshments and food, nothing overly fancy, more in the taste and style of what an adventurer may eat.

The Charter Hall's atmosphere while on the tilt of melancholy is also dour, in the sense that after a thorough thrashing one either gets up and tries again, or lies down and suffers defeat. The latter is clearly not an option. The essence of what is happening tonight in the Charter Hall is a small reminder that even life changes are part of what the gods wish. Aiden lingers in the hall and expects that while there were no formal invitations sent out, there will be persons who trickle in through the night, wishing to donate to the quests yet to be formally stagged and planned, in efforts of finding Lady Aislin. He stands by to receive those who are in coming, dressed to teach and host the nights events.

Max, an emperor tamarin, Rosalee, The Champion, 1 Grayson Guardsmen arrive, following Ailys.

Having arrived early, Caspian mills about the hall, milling about the hall, looking at the map that is upon the ground, standing over by The Mourning Isles at the moment, walking along the coastline as he admits the craftmanship.

Estaban comes walking in with Lucita on h is arm, the Baron is dressed in his Iron Guard leathers of Black and Red. His bow on his back and sword strapped to his hip, he looks around as this is his first time being in the Society of Explorers hall. He makes sure his dog stays at is side and his guard follows along.

Expression some mixture of hesitant and lost, Korka slips in, pausing a few steps past the door and then moving again, feet ultimately taking her in Aiden's direction. She lingers back some to wait until a moment she can speak with him, doing her best to avoid staring expectantly and only fidgeting a little bit.

2 Armed Confessors, Confessor Scribble arrive, following Delilah.

Aiden's gaze catches Caspian, to whom he doesn't initially recognize. "Good evening," he calls out to the man, watching him mill about the room, "I do thank you for coming tonight. Sometimes when we feel the most helpless, that is when we're not, if we jus stop long enough and think how we can be effective." He notices his friend arriving with his bride to be, waving a hand to Estaban and Lucita, "My friends. I'm glad to see you. Please do look around. There's a raffle for... an autographed Paladin figure of Lord Killian, I won it a year or more ago now, but I think it's appropriate... that he wouldn't mind if I raffled an image of himself off, to find Lady Aislin. Rest his soul." He looks toward Korka when he notes her slipping his way, "Hello there." A friendly smile, though in a louder pitch, so his voice carries, he announces, "In a moment I'll be offering lessons on survival and all that I ask in return is that you support tasks or donate to the cause. We'll take any sort of resource and silver. The First Seeker will retain the funds and see it put securely away so we can ensure we have enough to aid in our success. We will bring Lady Aislin home." He flourishes a hand to the drinks and food, "Do help yourself otherwise."

Lucita comes into the hall with Estaban, looking up at him for a moment as she says to him. "I used to come here to research some information. Lady Aislin gave me free access to the library and journal records whenever I needed to use them." She seems fairly familiar with the layout of the room. Her amber glance slides around the room noting those who are there and giving a curtsy to Aiden when walking by him. "Looks like you have done a good job setting things up here."

Confessor Imori, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, 5 Armed Confessors, Confessor Warren arrive, following Tikva.

When Aiden addresses him Caspian looks up from the mosaic on the floor to the man, offering him a bright smile. "Thank you for holding this event. I do hope we find the lady soon. Time is of the essence in disapperances."

Tikva scuffs into the explorer hall on heavy tread of her boots, and dawdles near the doorway, her arms folding in a loose cross over her belly and her head canted at a slight angle as she surveys the room. She offers Aiden a tilted smile from where she lurks but does not immediately stride the rest of the way in and swarm the other guests.

Mouth opens, mouth shuts. Korka returns Aiden's smile, waiting for a moment to scoot up but eventually doing so, making to just hand the small leather bag over. "I'm a scout and -- I do intelligence work," she offers quietly. "I'll do anything to help." There's an edge of something lurking there that she's keeping well reined in. "Telmar would help too, if you want me to ask any of them." Pause. "I'm Korka." The look she gives Aiden is so hopeful for recognition there it's proooobably a little sad.

Sparte comes from the Map Room, where he has been hard at work again on something. Possibly important, possibly trivial. He glances around at the people in the room with momentary confusion. Then he realizes what is going on, and his eyes get wide. "Is it that time already?" He looks up through the skylight, squinting at what it shows of the sky before looking around at the others present. He takes a moment to rub at his jaw before going to peruse the refreshments table.

Estaban nods his head, "Lord Killian would do whatever it took to bring Lady Aislin home." he says to Aiden, "I will give what I can to the efforts to bring her home as well, I fought at her side during the seige." he looks to Lucita nodding his head leaning down to kiss her on the cheek, he spots Tikva but he does not adress her at the moment letting her be to herself. He looks over spotting Sparte, "Officer Sparte, it is good to see you again my friend." he moves to reach a hand out to clasp his friends arm in a greeting.

The youngest of the Ashford siblings is in attendance, almost certainly for the sake of honoring her cousin and supporting the effort on her missing sister's behalf, than to participate in any intense survival training or the like. Olivia's appearance bears out the difficulty of the multiple hardships, with some efforts to hide the rings around her eyes with makeup not *wholly* successful. Still, she stands stoically by and does greet people as they enter, dipping her head and offering hopeful, if somewhat forced smiles. "Thank for coming," is offered here or there, although she does focus on Sparte when he appears, and drifts closer to him. "Master Sparte, I did want to thank you again for bringing back my sister's things."

Lady Teldra, a Lycene noblewoman, Steadfast, a guardian dog, Buchanan, a Champion, Lisette of Ashford, Cosette of Ashford arrive, following Cara.

Relic arrives, following Harlan.

Seeing that Deiliah, Lucita, and Sparte are in attendence, Caspian offers the trio a wave each with a friendly smile given their way. Though so far he seems to have this oddly competitive look upon his face for something that is basically a charity.

Sparte accepts the shake from Estaban, nodding a little uncertainly. "I'm still not quite used to being called that. Can we stick to just Sparte for a while longer?" He offers Estaban a grin, before looking over to Olivia. His expression turns more somber as he nods to her. "Of course. Listen, I... Killian was a dear friend to me. If you ever want to talk about him. Remember him. I'd like that. Anyway, an offer."

Aiden looks to Korka when she speaks to him, looking to the leather bag that she hands over, "Thank you." He tips his head, "I'm sure when the time is upon us to go, we will need all the help we can get. We're already running out of time, like this gentleman says, time is of the essence. We'll need to round up as much aid as we can. So I thank you for coming." His eyes lift to note Tikva and he smiles to her, "Highness," and then he moves to the area that he's set up for teaching survival. "May I get your attention quickly?"

"For all that have come, I thank you. It is like the Baron Saik says, Lord Killian would do anything at no cost to himself, to find and retrieve Lady Ashford. He has inspired me, in the thought of his loss, to not give up. To fight on. Well, I may not be the best of fighters, but I know one thing, how to survive out there, beyond Arx. To fight the enemies that come, we all need to know how to get on... So, I've prepared a fun way to test your skills, while I take those aside who would like to learn a little more." And then he hmms, "And for the first door prize, my assistant will draw a name." He points to Master Jacob, who lingers in the room.

It's with something of an entourage that Cara arrives, though she quietly lets Cosette and Lisette go about their business -- it seems the two, who were once in Killian's services, came with Cara only to pay their respects and visit with friends. Her champion remains with Cara, ever vigilant, along with a lady-in-waiting. As for the Grayson princess herself, she takes a moment to look over the room and those in attendance, nodding gently to Olivia in particular, and giving Aiden a quick smile of greeting, too.

Delilah slips inside the room and directs a faint smile to Tikva as she makes her way in. Immediately to the refreshments. When she catches sight of Sparte, the faint smile becomes more of a grin, and she stagewhispers, "Officer." The whisper was accompanied by a small nod as she circled the table, eyes drifting up towards Caspian and giving him a friendly wiggle of her fingers before resting her sights on Aiden. And then onto Master Jacob.

When Aiden moves away, Korka draws a deep breath. It's held for a moment before she backs up and turns, starting back for the doors she came in through.

It's not long after everything has started that a man comes through the entrance, a gyrfalcon seated upon one shoulder, a bow over the other -- currently unstrung. He leaves a few men behind (with peace-bonded weapons, naturally) and strides slowly into the room, looking about. He looks as though he's literally ridden from ... somewhere, and if one is close enough, the earthy scent of the forest, the road, horses and sweat can be discerned.

It's...Harlan. He also has apparently not shaven in a few days, looking more sober than he generally is. He moves towards the center of the room, and near the prizes he reaches forth, placing a small sprig from near Ashwood Manor, before he turns back towards Aiden.

Tikva pitches her voice to carry from the doorway. "In honor of Lord Killian and my dear friend, Lady Aislin, I can lend what aid I can to Prince Aiden's teaching. I don't have all the time in the world this evening, but for as long as I can, I can help."

Lucita gives a little smile and nod toward Caspian when he waves then when she spots Tikva and Cara, and they are close enough to her, she curtsies, a warm smile given them though staying quiet to listen to Aiden's instructions. "Games? I've never had much luck with games but guess will try."

Adriel is lingering near the door when Korka starts towards the exit. He has a sad smile for his twin.

Estaban nods his head, "Alright as you wish Sparte." he smiles then looks to Olivia, "I do not be lieve we have meet M'lady." his attention is on the woman sparte was speaking with.

Aiden looks stunned when his steward comes over and hands him the numbers of what was in those brown... bags. "Wait!" He looks around the room for the girl that gave him the brown bags, "Wait.. Korka?" He desperately tries to find her in the crowd, "My goodness! Where is the lady?"

Cara has rolled a critical success!
Cara checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Aiden has rolled 1 11-sided dice: 3

Olivia's smile flickers at Sparte's offer, in a way where something more genuine flickers beneath the effort at simply putting on a brave face for the gathering. "That is very kind. I am... I am not sure, honestly, how to come to terms with it. Normally, my sister would be the strong shoulder to lean on." Then, after a moments thought, she continues. "You and her, well, you knew his exploits far better than I, as I am the odd one out in our adventurous lot. Sometime I wouldn't mind simply hearing of them, a little." This said, she spots Cara and again brightens just a touch, and only begins to excuse herself to say hello, when her brother makes his entrance. From how she reacts, one might expect she has not seen him before the event. Immediately, she's running off that way, rather throwing her arms around his shoulders. "Brother!" It's half overjoyed, half sobbed out. "Where, where have you been, gods damn it!"

Master Jacob calls out a name, "Lord Baron Estaban Saik, is the winner of our first door prize. He may pick an item from the table-" he waves to where the prizes are, "Except the gryphon plushie or the autographed paladin."

Korka does not immediately see her twin, for all that she seems to look his direction on the way out. She makes it about halfway there before she manages to register his presence, and relief washes over her face. The beelining changes trajectory, and she heads in Adriel's direction instead of out, stepping in for a clingy sort of hug as she hides her face.

Aiden blinks and then looks over to his assistant, "Well then... I would like to state that for the record, a lady by the name of Korka, donated on behalf of Telmar, over three hundred resources! May the Gods favor them."

"Dear Elysian, is that --" Cara straightens up as she spots Harlan in the crowd -- not that it's difficult, given his entrance -- "Harlan." She pauses and amends clearly, "Duke Harlan, I should say." Though she remains composed, there is a sort of startled delight to the way she says the duke's name. It is, of course, shadowed by the glance she immediately sends towards the little figurine of Killian and the stuffed gryphon of Aislin's. She brushes past her lady-in-waiting, who makes a quick step to get out of the way, and swishes in silk over to Olivia and Harlan to state gently, "Livvy, try not to tackle him to the ground. He's got the dust of the deep woods on him. I'm sure he came as quickly as he could."

Aiden drops GAME: Choose Your Own Adventure.

Lucita claps for Estaban as his name is drawn for the door prize. She gives a grin. "Congratulatioins.

The sad smile turns into a warmer one when Korka hugs on Adriel. The hug is returned and his head tilted to murmur.

Caspian has joined the line.

Caspian takes note of Korka as the woman begins to flee for the door, then to Adriel, the man unable to help give a grin towards her, looking quite amused at the antics of the shy, slightly older woman, chuckling to himself before he turns to Aiden.

Estaban gets Summer Warmth Perfume from wrought-iron lantern with red-tinted glass.

Lucita has joined the line.

Estaban moves to the table with a smirk as his name is picked, he picks up what looks like one of the perfumes and moves back over to Lucita, "For you M'lady." he smiles as he contimplates joining the game.

Tikva's smile widens to a grin as Harlan arrives and Olivia pouncetackles him. She paces lightly across the room, falling in to step behind Cara. "My lord the Duke, it's good to see you!" she carols. "It's been awhile. My regrets, of course, over the circumstances."

Aiden drops GAME: STAGE ONE.

Lucita blushes lightly as the perfume is given to her. She says. "Come on, Es..Baron Estaban, play Prince Aiden's Survival game, yes?

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The Duke in question grunts faintly as Olivia is flung on him, and he wraps one arm aound her to squeeze her warmly. After a moment, he speaks, his voice a bit rough -- perhaps from disuse.

"Livvie, I was at home, dealing with business." He nods towards Cara, "As soon as I heard, I sent a message and was on the way." He squeezes Olivia again, and shifts one arm to his hip, guiding her towards where Aidan is, before he hands over a sack, "We will find her, Your Highness. Or we will have justice upon whoever took her."

Aiden looks over toward those who are coming in and he smiles quietly, before his eyes turn toward the game that he's got set up. "The game is to mimic adventures, please don't eat the berries - that's all I can warn you. I am a healer but I don't recommend you actually eating the berries." His eyes cross over toward Duke Harlan and Lady Olivia, his shoulders squaring as he makes for them. "Your Grace, Duke Harlan, and Lady Olivia..." he bows his head toward them, solemnly, "I hope this will contribute to finding our Lady Aislin. And my condolensces for Lord Killian. They've both been mentors of mine in the past."

Turn in line: Caspian

Caspian checked wits + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Caspian has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 1

Sparte nods to Olivia, listening to her words thoughtfully until she heads off. If he has more to say, it is being saved for later. Instead he looks to Delilah, giving her a small smirk and a nod before heading along further into the room. He grabs some chocolate on the way, because chocolate. He drops a token offering with Aiden, saying something to him briefly before moving on back into the crowd.

Sparte checked wits + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

"I should have had lunch before I came here, might not be able to help myself," Caspian quips over to Aiden with a little smirk, approaching the rules to read them over, then looks over the berries. After a moment of looking over the berries, he picks one from the pile of three, and holds it between his fingers and examines it as he walks off.

Caspian has joined the line.

Turn in line: Lucita

Lucita checked wits + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Sparte has joined the line.

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Olivia doesn't seem to mind getting a little of the dust or dirt of the road on her from her brother, even if she is in a dress. She gardens in dresses! "Business! What other business? Aislin's gone and, and- I was all alone," she continues, this more sad than angry by the end of it, and despite any damning words, continues to squeeze Harlan a little longer before loosing her grip some. Though even then, she keeps an arm, following along at his side as if afraid letting go might mean losing him too. Hearing Cara behind her, she glances back and lowers her gaze a little, as if realizing she's being a little childish. "I- I know, I know he did. I just, I've been out of my wits, trying to handle everything. I was in charge! I'm not supposed to be in charge of anything." The last is said more quietly. When they arrive near Aiden, she manages to straighten uerself up a little more properly. "Thank you, your highness. It is very kind of you to do all of this, for both of them."

Turn in line: Estaban

Estaban checked wits + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Korka finally straightens out of her lean against Adriel, bringing a hand up to swipe the back of it against one of her eyes. She turns her head enough to look back over her shoulder at those assembled, considering for a moment before she says something quietly to him.

"You did very well with it," Cara says to Olivia, voice still gentle but no less firm for it. "Aislin would be proud." She glances at Harlan and smiles, a small thing that mostly hints at the fact that she's pleased to see him. "I daresay the Duke will be glad for the comfort of Ashford House, though, now that he is returned. And there is no shortage of work yet to be done on many fronts."

Aiden nods to Olivia, murmuring, "I... certainly wish I could do more, but this will help significantly." He looks back toward the game then offers to Olivia, "I should like to speak with you, further sometime. Perhaps there is somethings that I can share about both of them that might ease the burden. I know if I lost my siblings, either of them, I would greatly appreciate hearing of them and how many people they've reached out too and touched."

Lucita looks over the berries carefully and looks from bowl to bowl. Finally she reaches out to take one of the berries with a black pitted end. "er...this one, I think, maybe.

Aiden does quickly ensure that Master Jacob taps Caspian on the shoulder to remind him not to eat any of the berries, unless he guesses wrong!

Then Aiden looks to Sparte, reaching out to squeeze his forearm in thanks.

Estaban has rolled 4 3-sided dice: 1, 1, 2, 2

"It was a joke!" Caspian says back to Master Jacob as the man taps him on the shoulder, holding up his berry. "See? Not even a nibble! Relax, I'm confident, but not that confident!"

Turn in line: Caspian

Turn in line: Lucita

Turn in line: Sparte

Harlan hands the bag to Aiden and inclindes his head slightly, "Your Highness, thank you. I wish...I had been here sooner. If there's anything else that's needed, let me know." He reaches to pat Olivia's arm with a faint twitch of his lips and says quietly, "You weren't expected to be, that's why I'm back. I'm here now. I'll handle it." It, of course, being everything. He half-repeats himself towards Olivia, "We'll find her, Livvie." He leaves out the second part, though! He offers Cara another faint smile, "There's never a shortage of work." He's also seeming uninclined to separate from his youngest sister.

Aiden is overheard praising Korka for: For the Large Donation!

Aiden is overheard praising Harlan for: For the Large Donation!

Sparte has rolled 1 3-sided dice: 3

Turn in line: Delilah

Delilah checked wits + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Delilah has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 1

Aiden picks up GAME: STAGE ONE.

Aiden drops GAME: STAGE TWO.

Estaban hmms as he looks at the berries and picks one of them and then waits for the next stage.

Aiden eyes the bag that he's given and it's quickly handed off to more secure hands, "Thank you Your Grace, but I didn't anticipate taking donations from House Ashford, though the First Seeker will see it put to good use. We won't give up." He smiles softly, empathetically.

A small group gathered at the statue of Mangata -- Archlector Aleksei and Prince Ainsley escorting three noblewomen. Rumors vary about what transpired, no doubt spread by the Templars who were on duty guarding it. Some claim that Princess Tikva, Lady Lucita, and Lady Sorrel sang a song so beautiful the slime on the statue dissolved away. Some say they sang the waves up onto the beach to wash the statue clean. And some say that they sang a dark song that summoned a creature from the sea, who literally _ate_ the foul stuff.

Whatever the truth of it is, the statue of Mangata stands clean of its dark taint once more, but scored deeply by its touch.

Turn in line: Estaban

Master Jacob raises an eyebrow at Caspian and watches him like a hawk, just so that he doesn't you know... pop it in his mouth.

Estaban checked perception + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 23 higher.

Aiden is overheard praising Lucita for: Most gracious donations.

Korka lets out a little laugh for Adriel's words, and nods her head. She straightens away the rest of the way and smoothes her dress down, reaches up to make sure her hair is in place. "I'm going to at least make sure they know I'll help," she says. "I'm glad you made it." The smile she offers him is weak but grateful, and she reaches to take his arm lightly before starting in Olivia and Harlan's direction.

Turn in line: Caspian

Conker, the Ornery Red Squirrel, Dame Barkley, a chocolate tri beagle arrive, following Joslyn.

Caspian checked perception + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 18 higher.

"Someone even asked me about soldiers. What do I know about soldiers?!" It seems *very* timely that Harlan has returned, for Olivia truly is not the sort inclined to such things. Still, reassured by both Cara and her brother, she does calm down a little, gradually convinced that things will be OK now, particularly given that whatever brief burden of leadership is now lifted. And then whatever Aiden has to tell them, she is no doubt uncertain of, but merely nods her head. "I would be happy to hear anything. Killian was among our greatest heroes and my sister, well... she has always and will always be my greatest role model. She always made me feel as if she knew everything in the world."

Caspian has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 1

Lucita checked perception + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 3 higher.

Turn in line: Lucita

Again his turn, Caspian heads over to the sketches of the trails and looks them over, holding two possible canidates in his hand. Eventually though he picks one, the human ones (Though he's not exactly sure himself) and gives a nod as he walks off. "Can I at least eat this?" He ask as he holds up the sketch, grinning playfully.

Lucita has rolled 1 3-sided dice: 1

Turn in line: Sparte

Sparte checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Sparte has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 1

Lucita looks back and forth between the trails, humm. It could be one...or someone could be riding a horse...or not. but that looks like a person print so maybe 1.

Sparte makes his way through the room, taking a little while to participate in the festivities before coming around to Joslyn the food table again. More chocolate? Yes please.

Delilah checked perception + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 36 higher.

Aiden considers Harlan for a while then smiles quietly, "Aislin had a great impact on this city. Everyone who knew anyone in the city and wanted to know something, knew Aislin's name. What's more, is she was willing to help and willing to listen. We need that, people willing to share. I suppose that is why I do this tonight, because I want to share what knowledge I have." His eyes turn to Tikva, "And I wanted to thank you Your Highness, for offering to help aid those here as well. We need to be prepared, this is my way to help."

Turn in line: Delilah

Aiden picks up GAME: STAGE TWO.

Aiden drops GAME: STAGE THREE.

Turn in line: Estaban

Estaban checked luck + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

Aiden has rolled 1 11-sided dice: 8

Harlan nods and pats Olivia's arm again, saying, "I do need to promote someone." He mms and says, "Bring anything pending to me, Livvie. I'll take care of it." Which, of course, he will. He nods towards Aiden and says, "Of course, Your Highness. I know that sometimes I've been absent from matters -- that should change as soon as I'm slightly more caught up." He moves to shift towards one of the table areas, to make more room towards the prizes for people.

Harlan has joined the Table 1.

Joslyn is wait late. When she arrives people are doing... something. She kinda watches for now.

Master Jacob amuses that everyone hit the right trail in stage two, giving appreciative nods to those playing the game. He does clear his throat, "It would appear Duke Harlan has won the next door prize. As per the first, the gryphon is the prize for the game and the autographed figurine is to be raffled. Any other prize, you're welcome to take."

Harlan lifts a hand towards Jacob and says, "Consider it a donation, or add it to the next door prize winner." He isn't too concerned with prizes tonight, after all.

Starting to step back again when Harlan moves, Korka hangs back only briefly before she shakes her had and makes to follow him. "Excuse me, my lord? I apologize for interrupting, but my name is Korka Glynn. Lady Aislin was important to me. If there's anything I can do to help find her, or -- help you and your family, I will."

Estaban has rolled 4 3-sided dice: 1, 1, 1, 3

Lucita checked luck + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Aiden considers Harlan and the donation that he returns to the pot, growing quiet though as his gaze turns toward the game to see how it's coming along.

Turn in line: Caspian

Caspian checked luck + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

Delilah is casually hovering around the refreshments, enjoying a little snack and chatting quietly with those around her. Occasionally joining in to join the game. Her gaze lifts and she spots Joslyn, beckoning her over.

Lucita has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 2

Caspian has rolled 1 3-sided dice: 3

Turn in line: Lucita

Turn in line: Sparte

After examining the map of potential camp locations, Caspian chooses the worst one, but he does not yet realize it, and whistles as he moves away, awaiting the next round.

Sparte checked luck + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 7 lower.

"That is probably because she was attempting to learn everything in the world," Cara observes drily toward Olivia, but takes a moment to lightly touch the younger woman's arm in support. "I have faith that in some way, some how, we will find out what happened to Aislin. Such things rarely remain mysteries forever." She glances at Korka, tilting her head curiously.

Sparte has rolled 4 3-sided dice: 1, 1, 2, 3

Turn in line: Delilah

Delilah checked luck + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Delilah has rolled 1 3-sided dice: 1

Aiden picks up GAME: STAGE THREE.

Aiden drops GAME: STAGE FOUR.

Despite grand intentions, Tikva takes a messenger and then sighs a little as she turns to slip out of the room. "Good luck, Aiden!" she carols. "Have fun, everyone!" and then she's gone.

Confessor Imori, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, 5 Armed Confessors, Confessor Warren leave, following Tikva.

Turn in line: Estaban

With Korka off speaking to others, Adriel remains where he is, off near the door just people watching.

Joslyn moves herself over to where Delilah is standing by the refreshments and tilting her head curiously. "Okay so I guess I'm too late to really join in the game, what exactly are we doing here?"

Aiden with a glass of wine in his hand, nods to Tikva, "Thank you for coming Princess." He watches after her for a moment before he sips on his drink, "Now comes the dangerous part of the survival game!" He looks around and notes Adriel, approaching her because he knows what it's like to be a wallflower, because he is one. "Hello... I'm Aiden. Thanks for coming. Are you doing alright?"

Estaban checked willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Olivia gives a small nod back toward Cara, and even a little smile. "It did seem that way, didn't it?" Then she turns to Harlan. "Princess Lou is who you probably ought speak with first of all," just that such an important thing not go unsaid for any length of time. "Since she and Aislin were such good friends and went on so many adventures with the Society, she was the first to start putting an effort together, and I told her she ought continue leading since... well, I have no business doing so. She can catch you up, and you can continue from there as you like. Also I spoke with the Master of Questions, and he came to look through her things, those that Master Sparte returned. Though he found nothing noteworthy." Then hearing Korka catch up behind them, she pauses and looks back. "That is very kind." Though she leaves Harlan to answer more, she adds, "We've had, well, numerous offers like hers, as well."

Adriel looks to Aiden when he approaches and leans to one side, "Hello Aiden. I'm Adriel Glynn.." He nods towards Korka, "Korka's much older and MUCH more talented twin brother." He smiles and offers his hand, "And I'm doing quite alright."

Lucita checked dexterity + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 2 lower.

Turn in line: Caspian

Harlan shifts to stand not-too-far from a table, and nods towards Korka, "Of course. She was most of us." His voice falters briefly, before it steadies, "I would say that you'd definitely want to help the Prince, here, or if you're the type to do so, join any expeditions, gather information -- whatever you're capable of. Thank you, though. Everything is appreciated, of course." He nods towards his sister, although one eye might twitch faintly at something. "If she's already got things started, there's no reason I should step all over it." He motions towards Korka and says, "It seems Her Highness is who you'd be looking to find then."

Caspian checked dexterity + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 7 higher.

Aiden considers Adriel, nodding, "I'm afraid I've not met either you or your sister." His silver gaze is sweeping the room, "She's very generous. Glynn you say? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the name. Where are you from?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Jacque arrives late. For whatever reason, his expression isn't joyful, or sad; it is merely stoic, determined. The ring of the metal on his greaves might herald his approach to whatever is going on, as he looks curiously. He approaches Aiden after a moment's hesitation, nodding once to the Grayson.

"All sorts of stuff," Delilah cants her head towards Joslyn as she points over to at the contents of the game. "I ate a good berry, but then I screwed up really bad and they found my camp, and now I'm gonna have to flee." She blinks before turning towards Joslyn and slipping an arm around the other woman's waist. "-- Basically, well. It's looking grim."

Whatever test to decide how he flees, Caspian doesn't do as well as he needs to, and he snaps his fingers. "Ah, damn it. I'm out. Fifteen points," he says, throwing up his hands, though he's smirking.

Master Jacob corrects Caspian, "Fifty, sir."

Turn in line: Lucita

Turn in line: Sparte

Sparte checked willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Offering another smile at the admission of not knowing him or his sister, Adriel says, "I can't imagine you're expected to know -everyone-. We're from the Oathlands."

"I must be confused how points are being added up, but fifty is better then fifteen, so I'll take it," Caspian says back to Master Jacob with a shrug given to the man.

Harlan looks over towards Cara and said, "She could do it, too. She was doing it for both of us, after all." He then nods in agreement with Cara, "We'll find her."

Aiden drops GAME: Just the Rolls!.

"I'll contact you outside of tonight, if you don't mind, and see if there's anything I can do for you," Korka tells Harlan, offering a brief smile to Olivia before refocusing up on the Duke. "I am useful, I promise it would not be a waste of your time to talk to me." She does nod, for mention of Lou. "I'll reach out to her as well. Thank you."

Caspian has joined the Table 1.

Aiden was greeting Adriel, though he spots Jacque coming toward him and he nods, "Good evening sir."

Lucita steps aside to watch the conclusion of the game and seeming to enjoy seeing how the others handle the situation. She looks up at Estaban for a moment and then lowers her voice to speak to him.

Turn in line: Delilah

Delilah checked dexterity + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

"Good evening. Am I... late for the instruction?" Jacque glances at the competitors briefly, then back to the Grayson Prince. "I am Prince Jacque Valardin, at your service, Your Highness."

Aiden picks up GAME: STAGE FOUR.

Aiden drops GAME: STAGE FIVE.

Sparte wanders back around to the game table. Only, playing while eating chocolate is a /bit/ distracting. He manages to finish up the chocolate by the end, considering, pulling out a stained handkerchief to clean his fingers with.

Aiden's eyes widen a smidge, as if he should've known another Prince when he saw him, but sometimes, that just doesn't happen with how large the expanse of the world really is. "Ahh, Prince Jacque, thank you for coming. Not late at all. There's a game going on but I was teaching on the side while they play on."

Turn in line: Estaban

Turn in line: Sparte

Sparte checked intellect + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Harlan nods towards Cara and offers her a faint smile in response, "Of course, of course. We'll find the time."

Master Jacob chuckles, "Greedy were you?" He keeps tally of the scores.

Turn in line: Delilah

Delilah checked intellect + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

"I would appreciate it very much, Your Highness," Jacque nods once, speaking with the Grayson Prince about the topic of survival for a moment while watching the proceeds of the game, curiously.

The line has been dismissed by Aiden.

Joslyn laughs, leaning into Delilah as they continue along with the game. "They found your camp? Maybe it was me, and now I've finally caught up to you!" Joslyn laughs with delight, tilting her head to Delilah and grinning, looking back at her love and grinning. "Looks like an interesting game at least. I doubt I'd do very well. The survival parts were always left up to Lady Aislin when we went travelling."

Korka gives a quick little dip of her head and steps back once, twice, and then turns to head back in Adriel's direction.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Sparte smirks at Jacob. "Oh, you know me. I can't help myself." He steps away from the game, going to take a look at the food table again. Someone is hungry today.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Aiden picks up GAME: STAGE FIVE.

Jacob chuckles and goes on to ensure his mathing is right, before he announces a winner!

Delilah's eyebrows lift at the strange bout of incredibly lucky choices. "Well, it's a good thing I thought things through," she says with a small grin towards Sparte. She thought nothing through. "Hopefully we'll be able to find Lady Aislin soon," Delilah directed towards Joslyn with a soft nod, "She would've beat us all for sure."

Estaban shakes his head at Lucita and lowers his voice to speak with her.

Adriel spots Korka on her way back over and gives her an eyebrow shrug. One of those silent, 'wellll?'

"Brother, I told her to continue handling everything because... I had no confidence in doing it myself. They had traveled and shared adventures... while I picked herbs," Olivia explains to Harlan, her own brow furrowing just a little. "But you are quite a bit more capable. I just meant that you should contact her. She can catch you up and you can determine how things ought proceed. And again, there's ample offers of assistance. I would have to go through my notes to get all of them, but when we get home, I can put them together for you."

Korka shakes her head at Adriel, offering no words as she shifts directions to start for the doors again.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Harlan squeezes Olivia's hand lightly and says, "Your herbs are useful, though. Never short-change yourself, LIvvie." He offers her a gentle smile, and nods, "I'll definitely make contact with her -- that was never in question."

Adriel leaves, following Korka.

"Oh of that I have no doubt," Joslyn grins, bumping shoulders into Delilah and following her through the room with a little glance around. "But you're a very capable woman yourself. There's a reason I admire you as much as I do. You're simply amazing."

The score sheet is passed onto Aiden and he looks around like he's missed soemthing before he ahhs softly, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the scores from the survival game! It appears that Lady Delilah Whitehawk is our winner, with a collective tally of 103 points. Followed by Sparte who seemed to have died in the last gamble. His total points is 24, after stage five. Then we have Caspian, who if he didn't get injured might have made a rally for first, with sixty points, out at stage four. Following that Lady Lucita and Lord Estaban, are both fallen in stage four, with 37 points and 19 points respectively. The game will be placed out if you'd like to test it again and yourselves. If you need help with your survival training, don't be shy." He then announces, "Lady Delilah, you have the honor of obtaining a plushie made for Lady Aislin. Congratulations!"

"You may keep it or ... once we find her, as is the plan, offer it to her, as a home coming."

Aiden gets Menagerie Series - Aislin's Gryphon from wrought-iron lantern with red-tinted glass.

"Finally, we do have a raffle. It's a one of a kind... Autographed Paladin Figurine, from my own collection, of Lord Killian Ashford. Raffle tickets will cost 250 silver (or 1 resource)."

Sparte is overheard praising Delilah for: Excellent work, and an excellent honor to the Ashfords

Aiden gets autographed paladin of ideals figurine from wrought-iron lantern with red-tinted glass.

Aiden drops autographed paladin of ideals figurine.

Lucita says, "Congratulations, Lady Delilah, well played! And well done the rest of you who played!""

Cara glances towards Aiden as he announces the result and claps softly for Delilah, smiling, before murmuring something to her lady in waiting, who brings a small slip of paper over to add to the bids for the auction.

Caspian has left the Table 1.

Estaban nods to all, "All did well." he congrats them all, his mood seems to be a bit off a deep breath is given as he watches Aiden as he picks up the statue of the Paladin ofideals.

A faint blush creeped across Delilah's cheeks and she leaned into Joslyn to let out a happy sigh. "Ah, you spoil me..." Her voice faded as Aiden had begun to announce the score, and as the plush gryphon was presented to her, she scooped it up in her arms and hugged it tight. "Oh, it's so amazing!" She dipped her head towards Aiden showed it off to those around her. "The tag even says her name..." A heavy breath was drawn and she glanced across the room with a silly grin on her face. "Thank you. Everyone did well."

Aiden has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 2

Aiden notes to Delilah over the din of the applause, "You'll notice... the head of the griffon is white and the eyes are green too..." That wasn't an accident. However, watching Delilah enjoy it brings a soft sad smile to his face, turning his gaze toward those who are rushing up and buying tickets, "Now, we'll make sure everyone's had a chance to purchase them before we make the draw. In the meantime... Another door prize!" Jacob brings over a name, "Congratulations Lady Lucita!"

Joslyn gives a sad sort of smile as she sees the plush gryphon and she applauds then for her beloved with a dip of her head. "Well done, Dearest," Joslyn says to her, breaking into a bigger smile then, a hand resting on her shoulder.

"I will pledge my assistance in rounding up allies for this endeavor of yours, Your Highness, in thanks for your instruction." Jacque promises the Grayson, his expression serious and meaningful as he says this.

Olivia does pause in whatever conversation with her brother, and even finally let go of hanging onto him so that she can offer a polite round of applause for the victor in the whole affair. Apart from that, though, she has gone quiet, having gotten out all the things that were waiting for him and left instead to her general state of worry. "This has all been very kind of them all, though I think I might return home. Let people enjoy things, and fret in private."

Lucita has bee a bit distracted, but when she hears her name she looks up, smiling. "Me? I won something?" The smile widens and she says gently. "Thank you so much."

Cara glances to Olivia and nods, murmuring supportively, "If there's anything I can do, Livvy, just let me know. I'm happy to help -- and to lend an ear or a shoulder, if you just want someone to listen." She reaches out and gives the younger lady a quick, careful hug.

Harlan has left the Table 1.

Aiden regards the figurine, "This is a very special figurine. I thank you all for buying raffle tickets. He would have wanted me to do this, although it is hard to part with it, the cause is greater still. He's still working through us." He smiles and nods to Jacob, who mixes the ticket numbers around.

Lucita gets Mariner Sash Belt from wrought-iron lantern with red-tinted glass.

Harlan moves away from the table, and walks over towards Olivia's side, and says, "Home sounds wonderful, Livvie." He looks over towards Aiden, and nods in response, "Thank you, Your Highness. That would be much appreciated." He offers his arm to Olivia.

Estaban looks to Lucita and gives her a soft smile he gives her a soft kiss, "Thank you."

Delilah squeezes that adorable gryphon plushie in her arms and takes in a deep breath before she leans in to whisper something into Joslyn's ear. Another heavy breath is drawn before she sneaks back to the refreshments table to grab a drink.

There's only one figurine like this, with Killian's signature on it... The lucky ticket is, as Aiden's hand goes in the bucket holding all the ticket stub ends...

Aiden has rolled 1 176-sided dice: 132

"Ticket 132!" Aiden announces as he pulls out the stub. His eyes searching for the winner... "Duke Harlan Ashford!"

Now that she's not quite glued to her brother, Olivia turns to properly return the hug from Cara, obviously needing it. "I know. I- I'll be alright. Just having someone else around the house will help, but maybe I'll come and visit sometime soon." Then as it seems Harlan is ready too, she steps back over and slips her arm into the offered one... only to glance over as his name is called. "Brother, you keep winning prizes for some reason."

Estaban is overheard praising Aiden for: For holding a event to help the Ashfords!

Aiden drops GAME: STAGE ONE.

Aiden drops GAME: STAGE TWO.

Aiden drops GAME: STAGE THREE.

Aiden drops GAME: STAGE FOUR.

Aiden drops GAME: STAGE FIVE.

Estaban breaths deeply there is a sad look on the mans face but he nods and claps his hands for Duke Harlan, she looks to Lucita and smiles patting her hand gently.

Lucita claps for the winner of the statue, lowers her voice and murmurs something to Estaban in a low tone.

Harlan looks a bit surprised as he's announced the winner. Again. Well, okay then." He inclines his head towards Aiden and says, "You were right, Your Highness. I think that figurine will go wonderfully on display at Ashford. Thank you." His voice is a bit thick, and he clears his throat briefly. He then raises his voice and says, "Thank you, everyone, for coming in support of Lady Aislin and Lord Killian. I and Ashford thank everyone for their generosity." He reaches to pat Olivia's hand again and says, "I think home sounds wonderful."

Cara is overheard praising Aiden for: For aiding friends in need!

Cara smiles and steps back from the Ashford siblings, "I'll send around a messenger to invite you both for dinner soon, all right? It's been too long, and I've a small herd of children who could use some proper Ashford socializing."

Delilah is overheard praising Aiden for: You're too sweet!

"Thank you all for coming tonight and you're most welcome Your Grace," Aiden smiles as he watches people come and go, "The game is free to use the remainder of the night. It looks like it might need some modifications but for the most part it is in working order." His eyes squint as he murmurs to Jacob, "Please go run the numbers, I'd like to announce how much we've collected tonight."

And finally he regards the gathered crowds, "Although those of the Faith couldn't be here tonight, I'm not the best at speaking of the Gods... But I know Lagoma will light the way home for our Lady, and Gild will constantly remind us we need to not be afraid of what shores lie before us, of what paths we must travel. Change is all around us. If we must live in a world without our beloved Pathfinder and Paladin of Ideals, let us ensure that everyday we give ourselves as strongly as they have. Lady Aislin never turned away an eager ear. Lord Killian would be there if any of us called..." He pauses then looks toward Officer Sparte, "And before you go, my friend and commrade, Sparte, would like to say a few words himself."

Estaban shakes his head and speaks softly back.

Cara's suggestion definitely causes Olivia to brighten a bit, even in the face of all her worrying. "Oh, yes, that sound wonderful! It's been too long since I've seen the little dears." And while it otherwise seems her and her brother are ready to go, she pauses at least to listen for whatever words are being offered.

Harlan is overheard praising Sparte for: For showing generosity to House Ashland in time of need!

Harlan is overheard praising Estaban for: For showing generosity to House Ashland in time of need!

Harlan is overheard praising Lucita for: For showing generosity to House Ashland in time of need!

Harlan is overheard praising Cara for: For showing generosity to House Ashland in time of need!

Harlan is overheard praising Jacque for: For showing generosity to House Ashland in time of need!

Harlan is overheard praising Joslyn for: For showing generosity to House Ashland in time of need!

Harlan is overheard praising Korka for: For showing generosity to House Ashland in time of need!

Aiden picks up autographed paladin of ideals figurine.

Sparte gives a nervous smile to Aiden, looking around the room before clearing his throat. "I am sorry to fill your night with a speech. Speeches arn't really in keeping with the example Killian set, but he did believe in action when action was due." Sparte shakes his head. "All of us hope for Lady Aislin's return, and there is reason to hope, but in Killian we have lost one of the best of us. I remember many times fighting alongside him, and many times helping him recover from some brave and reckless thing he had done."

Sparte takes a large flask from his belt. "I remember the first time. He had been laid up in bed, doing what I would later learn was his usual. I brought him soup, to help recover. Just, just soup." Sparte shakes his head with a chuckle. "He gave me such a hard time, that it became a thing between the two of us. One way or another, every time I learned he was hurt I would send soup. I have this simply because he complained that the soup would be so much nicer, if it wern't always cold." Sparte removes his hand from the flask. "The reason I shared that, is because I honestly believe Killian touched all so many of our lives. He will forever be remembered for the good he did for all of the Compact, as someone larger than life. But it is the stories, the ones that make him human. The ones that tell the story of who he really is, that stay with us in our hearts."

A piece of paper is fished out of one of Sparte's pockets. "I... Had some other things to say, but I know Killian would be bored with me already. So, uh... Thank you for listening." He inclines his head, nervously shuffling off away from the center of the room.

Aiden encourages, "Speak on Sparte! This is the time to share stories, when his family is here to listen."

Aiden is overheard praising Sparte for: Their Memories are in our Stories!

Estaban is overheard praising Sparte for: For sharing his stories of Killian with us!

Sparte tries to give Aiden a brave smile, but he seems to have used up what of his composure he had. With his eyes watering and his voice cracking as he tries to get out another failed word. He shields his face partially from view with one hand and turns to face the fireplace instead of the crowd. And yes, he cries. Quietly as he can manage.

Estaban moves over to Spartes side a hand moving to his shoulder and clasps him there and stands next to his friends side quiet not saying anything and watches the fire with him.

Olivia does seem inlcined to wait around and listen to Sparte's offering, but once it is given - and once he graciously declines any encouragement to *keep talking - it seems she is ready to be on her way. Giving the other man a smile for his offered words, she then looks back to her brother and gives him a little nod to suggest that she is ready.

Aiden walks over to Sparte before he can get away completely, thumping a hand on his shoulder and hauling him in for a quick hug. Then he turns at last to the family trying to sneak off and those who remain, "Lady Aislin and Lord Killian... were there to witness with me, a Flight of Griffins. With their help, we rescued a clutch of eggs from would be thieves. I got know them, for their passion was aligned with mine... and I will ensure a bestiary is produced to capture all that we know, so that if the Queen of Endings comes for me... our efforts would not be lost. The copy I will place in the Society of Explorers and in the Scholars... I will also send a copy to the Ashfords and Grayson. This I pledge to accomplish, to note that knowledge is to share, as Lady Aislin has lived thus far."

Aiden bows his head, a moment of silence, then, a last word, "We've arised over 164,000 today in silver and resources. We will find her."


As Sparte began to cry, Delilah sucked in a small breath and bit her lip. Her voice came out quiet and gentle, "... Officer Sparte, you have no need to apologize to us for delivering such a kind-hearted and wonderful speech." The woman fell to a silence for a short moment before adding, "Thank you for sharing this story." Her gaze lingered on Sparte's back for a moment, but she eventually turned towards Aiden, nodding in agreement to his last statement.

Harlan nods and smiles to Olivia, then leads her out of the area after Sparte speaks. He appears quite tired, but ... more at ease now.

Lucita murmurs something quietly to Estaban and slips out.

2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Philomel, the Nightingale leave, following Lucita.

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