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Written By Luca

July 16, 2018, 1:01 p.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Lucita

Dear Lucita,

I can assure you with absolute certainty that it was Luis. Classic Luis, I'm telling you.

Written By Bliss

July 16, 2018, 11:57 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

While I, of course, always believe in every cause I fight for -

It's nice having a cause I believe in so very strongly.

Written By Calaudrin

July 16, 2018, 11:07 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Augustus

I'm very concerned for this man. Is anyone taking care of him?!

Written By Augustus

July 16, 2018, 9:43 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

I found a cat eating a rat this morning. This would not be anything worthy of note except that this was happening on my chest, causing me to wake and find myself confronted with the business end of a cat's posterior.

That's certainly a statement of the day's tidings.

Written By Lucita

July 16, 2018, 9:34 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Note to self: Must ask Mistress Valery how long till our two wards will be back tending the gardens. They are not bad youngsters at all, just a bit of mischief now and then. Their latest antics had me giggling and did not have the heart to scold them. The boys knew about Prince Edain's painting and it apparently created ideas for them. Adorning the stairway walls this morning was a line of sketches with awkward titles at the bottom. Amid them were: Two bald men, whispering - Two boiled eggs - Two round river rocks - Two yeast rolls, rising - Goblet-foot water stains - Two giant soap bubbles - NOT ME - And one with a name heavily scratched out... maybe Luca or Luis or Doc? It was too short to be any of the guards or servants or me. All were in the perspective that made them resemble ass cheeks, of course. Wonder if Lord Silvio or Doc put them up to this artistic display. Certainly they had help with the titles since left on their own, it would have just been 'EgGs or rocKz or something equally as simple and short and misspelled, or no title at all.

Written By Fairen

July 16, 2018, 9:34 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

This morning I receive one of the sweetest, and most endearing missive I have in a few weeks. Well wishes for the birth of my daughter, from the most unexpected of sources. Really, it is the source of the missive that allows me to see it for as kind of a gesture as it really is.

Written By Ida

July 16, 2018, 9:32 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Kael

Words can never really do justice to the swell of pride and joy I felt when I heard the news of the Assembly. The Keatons as a whole have made such remarkable strides not only in Arx, but across the realm. Each member serving some role of import and yet never losing that warmth that the burden of duties sometimes sap such from people. Their generosity to me, personally, is something I will always be honored and grateful for, of course, so perhaps I am a touch inclined to kind regard when it comes to them. Still, this achievement is well-deserved after their efforts and I don't think I could be happier for them all. I count myself fortunate to call them friends.

Written By Ida

July 16, 2018, 9:25 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Corban

There is no greater joy or compliment than crafting a blade that someone favors, and I continue to be honored that you trust my hands to such rewarding work. It is always my small hope that such weapons need never be bloodied. I realize, of course, that unlikelihood and pray that she serve you well. Thank you, sincerely, for your heartfelt remarks. They mean a great deal.

Written By Thena

July 16, 2018, 9:13 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

The Iron Guard is one of the finest organizations in Arx. If anyone is at all impressed by anything I've done (I know some are...and some not), credit can be given to a large extent to the Guard and Lord Commander Silas' intelligent, measured leadership. They do an amazing job keeping citizens of Arx safe and it wounds me to see them taking heat for situations which are a) BEYOND unusual and b) perpetuated by people not using any damned sense.

I am honored to have served with them through the Siege, and I am honored that Lord Commander Silas continues to allow me to be involved in the Guard, and is far more graceful than he has any right to be about me borrowing his people sometimes because I know I'm getting some of the best of the Compact.

Written By Cullen

July 16, 2018, 9:10 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

While I am quite looking forward to the Gala that my cousin Monique is holding, I must admit that I have no end of stress in trying to figure out what to wear, especially when the theme is Legends. I shall have to seek someone knowledgeable in fashions for this, and then to design and create it.

Written By Cullen

July 16, 2018, 9:07 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Just as Sir Norwood Clement was so deserving of being elevated to Baron Norwood Clement through his tireless effort, loyalty to his House and his years of service, so too were the Count and Countess Keaton quite deserving of being elevated to a Marquis and Marquessa, their demense a true March. Both Marquis Kael and Marquessa Reigna have shown to be kind and just rulers of their demense and lieges to their vassals. Hard work and persistence paid off in enlarging their holdings, and done largely through diplomatic finesse, despite the fact that Marquis Kael has done a great service to the Compact with the Academy of War. And of course Marquessa Reigna is one of the most intelligent and sympathetic of all people, and her work shows from caring to the individual to the health of Arx as a whole. It is no surprise that there were no voices of dissent, as to have had an issue with rewarding a family as devoted to their people, fealty and the Compact would be to oppose all the positive qualities they embody. I was extremely pleased to have been at the Assembly for that moment, as I can think of few things that have made me happier to witness.

Written By Thena

July 16, 2018, 8:52 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Arik

Perhaps if the nobles (or anyone, really) would stop going into the Lowers alone looking for 'rabid dogs' we wouldn't have this problem. The Iron Guard are not babysitters. If you silkies want to go make trouble in a place you should know better than to visit unaccompanied, bring your own.

Written By Corban

July 16, 2018, 8:14 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Ida

People write here often of Dame Ida Ferron's prodigious talents at the forge. And I can tell you that all the stories are true.

Dame Ida forged my first blade after I came to Arx, a rubicund longsword evoking the Telmarch that I still use to train and spar. Now that I have learned the ways of riding and the joust, I commissioned Dame Ida to forge me a rubicund lance to use in those endeavors.

It is absolutely gorgeous, evoking my current role with the King's Own as a Knight Lieutenant. It is quite fair to say that Dame Ida's weapons have followed me at each station of my life. And I am thankful for it.

Written By Corban

July 16, 2018, 8:04 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Kael

Although my duties to the Queen prevented me from being there in person, I cannot help but extend by warmest congratulations to Marquis Kael and Marquessa Reigna Keaton. Their work on behalf of Oakhaven has been nothing short of extraordinary. Although they were not Telmar's vassals, even from afar I could see all the work they had done on behalf of their people to grow, prosper, and secure the futures of all of their citizens.

There are few more-worthy of the honor bestowed upon the Keatons at the Assembly of Peers. May Oakhaven March long prosper.

Written By Berenice

July 16, 2018, 2:17 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Saoirse

You should give her a raise.

Written By Saoirse

July 16, 2018, 2:02 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

My servant threw a towel on my head today.

Where's the loyalty.

Where's the care.

Written By Veronica

July 16, 2018, 1:42 a.m.(3/14/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Norwood

I cannot be more proud to hear that Sir Norwood has been ennobled as the new Baron of Duskshire. He is the most loyal, stoic and unwavering man; being the bearer of Queensguard and position as Sword of Artshall affirm his dedication to his duties, and I have never seen him behave in a less than exemplary manner. I count myself fortunate, as do the rest of House Keaton, to call Sir Norwood a friend, and I am confident that he would rise to the challenge of governing his own Barony. As always, if you need my sword arm in any way, Baron Norwood, all you need to do is ask.

Now you can proudly wear that Hat.

Written By Caspian

July 16, 2018, 12:55 a.m.(3/13/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Galen

Speaking of you being a parent, I met The Little Prince Kyrios a few days ago, and I was instantly smitten. I unofficially declare myself his unofficial uncle in spirit.

Written By Violet

July 16, 2018, 12:45 a.m.(3/13/1009 AR)

I was quite happy to helpd judge the beard contest. Being a northern woman the beard is standard, and I like to think my appraisal of beardly worth is good. With that said, it was a very tough competition. There was big, there was fluffy, there was exceptional grooming and bling, and more. I look forward to the next one. Hopefully my husband can compete in the next one.

Written By Derovai

July 16, 2018, 12:39 a.m.(3/13/1009 AR)

Relationship Note on Geralt

Do you consider that actually winning the contest, though? I don't!

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