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Princess Ann Redrain

Let your armies be the books and the brains, the rain and the road less traveled.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Adventurous Scholar
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Religion: Shamanism/Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Pale and freckled

Titles: Scholar of Vellichor, Inquisitor

Description: Ann is interesting to look at. Everything about her, from the coy lift of her dark, thicker eyebrows, to the good-natured, half smirk that most commonly graces her full lips speaks of an intelligence lying in wait behind her cobalt eyes. Raised, freckled cheekbones with a hint of ever-present natural blush to them are paired with a high, regal forehead, an aquiline nose just bordering on the side of thin, and a chin that is decidedly mannish and never seems to lower, even when it is. Her hair is dark and thick, a profusion of wild curl framing her face and twisting off in all different directions thereafter, a black so true it gleams almost blue in the right light. It's almost impossible to tell its length, tied back in a jaunty, ever-changing ribbon as it always seems to be. Of slightly above-average height, she is still only of slender build, a testament to the more bookish hours of her life, or perhaps nights spent hungry on the road.

Personality: For a supposedly stuffy old scholar, Ann is a remarkably devil-may-care Princess. For an older sibling, Ann has more often been the goad to temptation and the road less traveled. Any semblance to a bookish, authoritative woman is purely coincidental. But those are the two disparate sides to Ann Moriah Redrain, and they are as interchangeable as the sun and the rain, pulled out to suit the occasion or the mercurial nature of the woman herself.

Background: Ann Moriah Redrain might have been someone's wacky, exciting spinster aunt, had her brother Angus had the courtesy of giving her nieces and nephews before he so rudely (and valliantly) perished in Night's Grove with the King and Sherrod. Even from a young age, she could have been this (though of course not physically). When her nose was not buried in whatever book of lore became available to her, or she was not sitting at the feet of wise men and women hearing and absorbing their tales, then she was off having adventures.

In her childhood, adventures consisted of crossing into a spooky copse of trees or venturing up upon a high mountain peak for the sheer exhilaration of it; as she grew to womanhood, the adventures became a little less childish, and a little more odd. Hearing tales of wondrous relics or academic tomes, Ann (or sometimes Moriah, depending on her mood) would plead, coax, and cajole an intrepid (or sometimes reluctant) member or two of Redrain to accompany her to explore the tale.

There were many near misses in both childhood and burgeoning adulthood, and some direct hits. She has seen her share of violence, been subjected to a broken bone or two, a scar or several to bear witness to her adventures. Tattoos, as well, though those are nearly always kept hidden. But Ann has made it this far, with her spirits undeterred, her loyalty unquestionable, and her brain like an eager sponge, ready to absorb new knowledge and new experiences.

Relationship Summary

  • Duarte - My consternation.

  • Family:
  • Darren - Cousin and fearless leader.
  • Donella - Cousin in law that completes our fearless leader and family.
  • Leona - The Lion-Hearted Niece.
  • Gwenna - Graceful social butterfly of a cousin.
  • Valerius - Dashing sea-nephew.
  • Galen - Dashing sea-nephew.
  • Marian - Like a sister to me
  • Iona - Sister
  • Sorrel - Newest niece.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Bianca - Still in your corner.

  • Ally:
  • Asger - An axe-wielding man after my own heart and fellow mischief-maker
  • Giulio - More layers than an onion and more depths than the sea.
  • Laric - Proud to call him boss.
  • Cybele - One of the few in Arx that I commonly share interests with on a regular basis.

  • Friend:
  • Khanne - A sister in spirit, if not in blood.
  • Edward - Yeah I'll call any man that took a sword for me a friend.
  • Valery - Anyone who spends this amount of time with me and puts up with me is definitely a friend.

  • Protege:
  • Sameera - The best kind of protege.
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir A curiosity of a woman, one of many titles, though her stature she did not give away in spite of her noble status being blatant; something I can appreciate for the polite gesture it is. Bookish and plainly clad, she seems not one for social calls and occasions, or at the very least not in the same measure as most of the feminine gentry my paths have crossed with.
    Amarantha It's always a pleasant thing, to have another Redrain princess join us in the city. She seems quite sweet and easy to talk with.
    Apollis Wow. Ann is very beautiful and charming. She isn't above sitting on the floor of a shrine on a cool autumn evening with a recent Arx arrival. She's so very interesting. I wouldn't mind listening to her wax poetic on any number of subject.
    Astraea She's so cool, literally. I think she's got to be one of the most fashionable, intelligent, cunning, low key women in the House. We need more scholars. With minds like hers on our side there's no fucking way we'll lose! She's a bright light in a dim world and I'm glad she's come back to the city.
    Cristoph I first encountered Princess Ann at the Redrain fealty meeting, later on we had an exceptional meeting at my home. I'm very lucky to have met some incredibly bright and interesting individuals in Arx and count her amongst them. I'm positive that she managed to take some rather detailed notes on nearly every book of interest in my library, somehow. Rather impressive in such a short amount of time! I look forward to future collaborations greatly.
    Darren I am so glad you are back in the city, Ann. I mean, I can't say you're my favorite cousin... buuuut...
    Driskell Bianca elevated her as the lead archivist and it is heartening to see a leader seek out input from others rather than cultivate a wall of isolation for the ivory tower is indeed a lonely place and Vellichor demands information to be accessible. If Ann desires, then she'll find an ally with Driskell. After all, the price still has to be paid.
    Jacque She's not only pretty, but she also seems to be very studious. Perhaps I should get to know this Redrain better.
    Kaede Quiet. Asks questions and listens to the answer. Writes stuff down. Is that is thing here?
    Petal She seems nice and well spoken. I am flattered she knows of my stores.
    Sparte Such a thirst for knowledge and adventure! If only I could help her more. Perhaps later I can.
    Valery She's still nice but a bit distracted. I'm glad to see her again, though.
    Victus Pretty Princess from the North. We met brief, she probably saw him when I was pissed about something or another. Maybe we'll have a better occasion to shoot the shit in the future. I kinda hope so, actually.