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Insaya Bergere

The truth is a matter of circumstances. It's not all things to all people all the time, and neither am I.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Curious Chameleon
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Bergere
Gender: female
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Inquisitor
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: green
Skintone: fair

Description: Insaya is a slight-framed woman, her curves rounded suggestions rather than blatancies. She can be elusive, slipping between shadows, inobtrusive and quiet, with light footfalls and a lowered gaze, going about about her business: a glimpse of fair skin and gingery hair, but nothing to write home about. She can be vivid, mesmerically intense, with dramatic pencil to enhance the gleam of her brilliant, dark-flecked green eyes, her hair fluffed and styled into flowing auburn waves as it falls about her face and shoulders. Her mouth is full and soft and rose-pink, at times quirked into a little sideways hook that bespeaks a sly humor that betrays the cleverness behind her eyes.

Personality: Insaya can't be all things to all people, but that doesn't mean she can't make a try of it. She has a real knack for fitting in wherever she goes, melting through different social classes like butter on hot toast. Her senses are keen and honed on picking up those little details that others may miss. A warm flirt, a keen observer, a quick wit, an elusive shade of a woman whose inner core is of sturdy steel but whose outward surface shifts and flows like watered silk. She has a deep-borne tinkerer's fascination with people, with a hobbyist's desire to pick apart their motivations to the roots and find out how they tick. She balances a powerful private interest in abstract justice with a deep wellspring of independent ambition, for which the Inquisition is a fine outlet.

Background: It was Insaya Bergere's lot in life, as a younger daughter of shepherds, to help work the farm. She showed early technical aptitudes and ended up doing a lot of handyman work first around the house and then, later, around 'town', where she apprenticed with an artisan and developed a reputation as a tinker. She was a mousy girl, quiet and inobtrusive, who drifted through the shadows and learned much of the world by observation and listening.

While her elder brother earned acclaim and became a Knight for the Valardins, Insaya worked quietly as a tinker, and eventually joined a traveling caravan and traders and workers who traveled the Oathlands together. Insaya kept up a careful correspondence with her family and with her brother from afar. She also remained indelibly curious. As a teen, she fell in with some other travelers and eventually began gathering information and spying for a man named Elwood who paid her for simple gossip, the kinds of things that neighbors tell each other but not strangers.

Elwood eventually told her that he was a servant of the Inquisition on a long, long case study of a coven of witches, usurers and tax evaders, and that with her help, he'd uncovered their network deep in the roots of the countryside. He took her on as his 'apprentice'. Insaya made herself completely indispensible to his work, becoming exactly the young woman he wanted her to be, but never yielding herself to him despite his repeated blandishments. When he returned to Sanctum, she went with him ... and discarded him immediately to attach herself as a spy in the household of the Seraph of Sanctum.

She worked as a handyman for the better part of the year, sifting through Sanctum society and learning all she could about the inner workings of both her household and the Oathlands nobility and all of the gossip that servants tell each other but not their masters. The end result of this was that at the end of the year, she had a letter of recommendation and a solid pension with which to travel to Arx and join the heart of the Inquisition.

Her cleverness and her powers of observation served her well with the Inquisition. As a social chameleon with a habit of making herself indispensible, she carved out a ready niche for herself among the investigators serving the Inquisition, with an especial focus on busting larcenious disappearances of intermediate to large sums of money among lesser nobles and middle class merchantmen who should really know better.

Name Summary
Alis Sir Roland's sister! And a polite, gracious woman as well. I hope to have her over to the manor so she can take our measure and get to know one another. It seems only fair and fitting.
Cristoph I caught her name, at least I /think/ I caught her name towards my exit from Edain's little jousting tournament. I talked quite a bit about food, I only hope that I wasn't too off-putting. If Jael was around she'd probably have slapped my hand for being so rude. The young woman was good to put up with me, I'll look out for her in the future.
Laric Skepticism is healthy.
Lou I think Insaya is an affable woman, but she's too quick to dismiss herself as someone important. Everyone has value, even if they don't like titles, or don't have them.
Magpie If one takes the Inquisition part out of the equation, Insaya was a delight to talk to and quite clever at winning over Magpie. If only she weren't Inquisition, he might be inclined to actually build a real friendship. Still, casual frenemies is always an option! It works with Calaudrin, after all. Mostly.
Mercedes We all have our own way of investigating. I'm looking forward to learning how Insaya goes about it. There are more ways than blunt intimidation, each one the right tool for a certain job.
Monique Like this one a great deal. Seems like she wouldn't take shit, but also wouldn't put on airs. But I bet she thinks I was joking when I said I stole the silverware... Hope she doesn't check the local pawnshops for candlesticks...
Sebastian Fellow walker of the wall, lost in reverie. I do hope that scandal avoids you, and that you find only pleasant adventure and all the work that you could need here in Arx.
Skapti Nothin' but charming and friendly when I met her, but I can't help but think she's got a bit of the troublemaker in her somewhere. Not that that's a bad thing, mind.
Verity Met at the bar in the Traders Tavern. She's a friendly sort, and we chatted a while about sundry entertaining little things, and for a change, I wasn't treated to a life story in one go.
Warrick When you sit down at a table to have very, very late breakfast with your friends, you don't expect their company to start talking about missing fingers. She did it with tact, though!