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Written By Carita

Nov. 14, 2017, 4:55 p.m.(8/2/1007 AR)

My Dearest Friend,

It was such a pleasure to receive your last letter, and it was so refreshing to have that kind of honesty. I appreciate that you answered my question in a satisfactory fashion, my friend. It explains quite a bit. It would certainly be unusual to be so known -- and, honestly, it would surely lead me to question many of my dear mother's life decisions. However, I understand the term that you mentioned. A Salt Parent.

As always it is nice to have you near and to enjoy your letters and your humor. It's important to have the friendship of someone with whom we can share our joys and sorrows, and discuss our problems without fear or reservations. Never mind me, waxing poetic. In essence it's lovely to write to someone without masks or farces to hide my faults, habits, or differences.

Now, to the purpose of this letter: I have been wishing to tell you that if you need aught -- please, never hesitate in calling upon me for support, my dear. Or, however -- whichever way that I can best assist you. For much of my life you have always been a presence. If you will forgive the overly dramatic and frank confession: you saved my life. In cradle stories, this would be the point in the tale when one offers the other a boon. That is what I offer you. Allow this to continue to build upon the solid foundation that we establish.



Written By Talen

Nov. 14, 2017, 3:57 p.m.(8/2/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Victus

My theory is the more expensive it is, the more satisfying it is for them to throw.

Kind of like ripping dresses. You know you really, really shouldn't, but the one time you do? So satisfying.

Then the tailor's bill comes and you realise what a crime you've committed-- not only against fashion but your family coffers.

Written By Sparte

Nov. 14, 2017, 2:54 p.m.(8/2/1007 AR)

I am at my wits end with Tom. She brought back a dead cat today. I mean, a full sized dead cat. Carried it like catch of the day. I know the cats sometimes attack her, and this looks like a stray, but what am I going to do with it? Why is she murdering bloody mouse catchers? I'm desperate to get her into the care of someone who can get her to behave half-way better at this point.

Written By Daemon

Nov. 14, 2017, 2:46 p.m.(8/2/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Thena

Such rhythm could never be blessed upon an individual that could ever be smitten with such a rude title!

Written By Victus

Nov. 14, 2017, 2:43 p.m.(8/2/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Talen

It's good to have friends who just get it. Eleyna and Talen both are a power couple that I'm glad to call friends, they make shifting through the bullshit much more sane.

Just wish they would stop giving my wife ideas of what to throw. Shit is EXPENSIVE, Velenosa.

Written By Aureth

Nov. 14, 2017, 1:43 p.m.(8/2/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Thena

Don't let the Mother Mercy fool you. Thena's totally an asshole. Just like the rest of us.

Written By Aksel

Nov. 14, 2017, 12:53 p.m.(8/2/1007 AR)

It's been some days since I came back from the North and it's been even longer to write an entry about it.

I do not have much to share, honestly. I think I would have been standing frozen staring at whatever that creature was if it wasn't for a nasty right hook to the jaw by Shard.

It had focused on one of our party, Lord Armand, and decided to see if it could crush the Lords head. I will give credit though to the Lord even as the creature, some called it a Wendigo, tried to crush his head he fought on and gallantly.

There are things in the north that have awoken. Things that want nothing more then to see us dead. Let's just hope we can kill them before it kills us all.

Written By Talen

Nov. 14, 2017, 12:16 p.m.(8/2/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Caprice

My cousin is home. Still as dramatic as ever. Gods help me.

Written By Mae

Nov. 14, 2017, 10:31 a.m.(8/2/1007 AR)

Is it lucky to find a bell? I think it is. And I think that means every time it rings I get luckier. I sure feel lucky!

PS, people seem oddly annoyed with me lately. What did I do...

Written By Thena

Nov. 14, 2017, 10:21 a.m.(8/2/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Sophie

Shh, you're going to ruin my carefully cultivated reputation for being kind of an asshole.

(But thank you for your kind words)

Written By Orazio

Nov. 14, 2017, 5:50 a.m.(8/1/1007 AR)

It is wonderful to see a dream come to fruition.

Not easily, no. When I first approached the Velenosa regarding the partnership to create a ship like none seen before, a ship capable of matching the rumored vessels of Cardia, and to convey people safely (or at least successfully) to landmasses beyond the sea, it seemed a daunting task. Nigh impossible, even. I stand in admiration for the skill of the shipwrights who came together to design and build this vessel, and give thanks to Jayus for their skill, creativity, and dedication to their craft. It was not an easy journey to get from a wistful dream to the ship that now sits in the port of Arx.

It took trial, error, and significant resources to create this vessel together, with the intent to allow our people to expand their knowledge and wisdom, as Vellichor wills, and the sail Mangata's waters in reverence and with Gloria's courage. This vessel, as per our arrangement with Velenosa, will be available to be used for Faith activities when desired, and I hope that in doing so, we can sponsor a new era of exploration and travel among those who are devout and who support the Church's aims and goals throughout the Compact.

Sail in the light of the Pantheon, Carlotta, and may your beauty and strength always be set to a righteous purpose.

Written By Joslyn

Nov. 14, 2017, 12:44 a.m.(8/1/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Lucita

I was delighted for a chance to instruct Lady Lucita in the finer points of self defense when she had expressed an interest. It is my firm belief that everybody should know how to defend themselves, especially those that aren't soldiers. I had expected that she would pick up some pointers and that she would be done with it and at the very least she wouldn't be completely helpless were she beset upon by somebody that wished her harm.

What I certainly hadn't expected was that she would become among the best and most attentive of my students. Others have gone on to become soldiers, or generals in their own rights. Lady Lucita is a musician with no desire to become a soldier, but after having known her as I do, I believe that had she desired to become one, she certainly would have the aptitude. Never before have I seen such determination from a student in the name of self defense. She practices when I'm not around and provides insights into her own shortcomings. She's attentive and bright and I am so proud to have had the chance to know her. Much to learn, but I expect she'll be quite formidable if she keeps things at the pace she's going.

Written By Alistair

Nov. 13, 2017, 11:27 p.m.(8/1/1007 AR)

I have learned what the word "Beau" means.

You are all deviants.

Written By Reigna

Nov. 13, 2017, 11:10 p.m.(8/1/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Edain

That was beautifully said, and I completely agree.

Written By Edain

Nov. 13, 2017, 10:59 p.m.(8/1/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Monique

This is just one man's opinion but I feel like the Gods do not 'choose' anyone. They embody the ideals we need to live up to, and the guide us to what is the just and holy way to live. I think any that seem to have specific favor of the Pantheon have been entrusted with delivering a message, or completing a specific task, or in someway to help guide us back to their path. As long as we stay to their path I believe the Gods love us in equal measure, and that those they have entrusted with some task or message or mission is an extension of their affection for us all, not for just their messenger.

Written By Monique

Nov. 13, 2017, 10 p.m.(8/1/1007 AR)

What does it mean, I wonder, to be chosen by the Gods? Are we not all chosen, in some way, else we would not be? If that's the case, then maybe being chosen can be as much of a curse as a blessing. Thoughts, Arx?

Written By Reigna

Nov. 13, 2017, 7:19 p.m.(7/28/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Kael

As for the stick, dear husband mine, that is not for you.

My desire to better my clobbering of those who seek me harm is a whole separate entity for those rare times in which I am angry with you. In truth, you're simply not very good at angering me.

Written By Reigna

Nov. 13, 2017, 7:18 p.m.(7/28/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Cristoph

I will happily (and cheekily) rely on the evidence of Aeryn's birth to prove the validity of my marital accords with Kael. As for my desire to hurl books at him, it has less to do with irritation with my husband, for in truth I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've been genuinely wroth with him (the last time being when he spoke ill of himself and I threatened to kick him in the shins if he persisted), and more in my desire to help him in his agility. I am nothing if not dedicated to the achievements of my Lord Husband.

Written By Kael

Nov. 13, 2017, 7:10 p.m.(7/28/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Cristoph

Does this club involve the consumption of a particularly large quantity of ale or beverage of one's choice before such a run?

Perhaps we should sell tickets for charity to those that wish to hurl things toward us. Of course, from my wife's statements, Keaton coffers may end up being quite the contributor to such a thing.

Written By Kael

Nov. 13, 2017, 7:06 p.m.(7/28/1007 AR)

Relationship Note on Reigna

First books and now speak of hitting things with large sticks? Really, wife of mine?

PS: Duke Laurent has implied we are doing things wrong. I am now considering that there may be wisdom to such a statement.

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