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Princess Sabella Grayson

Life is but a play; and while there are no small roles, rest assured that I am the lead in this one.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Royal Damsel
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Age: 23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: Honied Gold
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Fair

Description: There is something undeniably regal about Princess Sabella Grayson. Her posture is perfect, her honey blonde hair gleams like spun gold, and her cerulean blue eyes are as easy to lose oneself in as a storm-tossed sea. Her fair skin is without blemish, and her cheeks color easily with emotion - of which she has an abundance. Her happiness is a pure, unfiltered joy that warms the very air around her, and her ire is equally palpable, her icy stare the stuff of legends. She moves as if perfectly aware of the eyes on her, and with her svelte frame and captivating smile, there are almost always eyes watching.

Personality: There are some royals that believe it is their duty to set aside their dreams and aspirations to better represent their families and cast them in the best light. Sabella takes a different approach. Drama is in her blood, or so she claims, and if all of life is a stage, then certainly the scenes centering on the Graysons need to be the best - the most heroic, the most awe-inspiring, the most dramatic. And what does every good drama need? A compelling damsel. And so to that end, Sabella has made an art-form out of life itself. Every problem is a heroic quest, every new face is a Mysterious Stranger, every disagreement is time to call on a champion. She's not a drama queen - life isn't a comedy. Rather, she's a connoisseur of drama, nurturing it quietly until it blooms into a tour de force.

Background: So the family story goes, Sabella's mother was at the theatre when the infant princess decided to make her way into the world, and so compelled, she was named for a character in the evening's performance, Sabella Langlier, a wealthy heiress in love with a troubled knight. Perhaps performing is in her blood, or perhaps her fate was guided by too many tellings of the same tale. Whatever the case may be, Sabella tends toward drama as a personality trait. She can shed tears on demand that could soften even the blackest heart, her smile incites men to violence as they compete for her favor, and even the faintest sigh has servants scurrying to make things right.

    Sabella doesn't see anything wrong with wanting her life to be more like the performances she can't seem to get enough of, she's in line for the throne after all... if dozens of Graysons with a better claim all mysteriously died, of course - and how exciting would that be! After the events of the King's Rest, Sabelle maneuvered her way into being relocated to Arx for her greatest role yet - maintaining a pretty, charming face for the Grayson family amidst the turmoil of politics. And perhaps at the same time, she can hone her craft by getting involved with the Blackrose Theater in Arx - surely there are mummers out there in need of an enthusiastic patron, after all.

Relationship Summary

  • Lou - My older sister. Not always alike, but I am so proud of her.
  • Reese - My younger sister. She shoulders a great burden, I wish I could help.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Ford - It could have been worse? Maybe? If dragons had attacked.
  • Ian - No help!

  • Friend:
  • Valencia - Kind and Gracious
  • Theron - My first introduction to the limits of getting my way. I trust him with my life.
  • Michael - A good friend that I always enjoy talking to. He should smile more.
  • Catalana - She is like my third sister! My close friend and confidant.

  • Family:
  • Gareth - My favorite cousin. It is my singular goal in life to make him smile!
  • Aiden - He knows EVERYTHING!

  • Protege:
  • Niklas - The most brilliant writer I have ever met. Fortune and glory await us at the theater!
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A lovely and wonderful conversationalist. I wish I could have seen her recent wedding. I am sure it was absolutely breath-taking!
    Aethan My cousin's betrothed. How he got her to say yes, I'll never know. Good job, Niklas.
    Aiden My cousin has always been welcoming to me and a positive light in the House of Grayson. I'm quite happy for her that she gets to marry for love.
    Alarissa Cousin, with impeccable fashion sense. If ever there was someone I would share wardrobes with, it would be her. The Darling of Grayson, and the darling of Niklas's eyes obviously.
    Alayne A very gregarious, kind and inclusive woman who doesn't hesitate to make others - strangers and acquaintances alike - feel comfortable around her. Lagoma bless her.
    Alejandro Princess Sabella Grayson, a patron of the arts and esteemed member of the Bard's College. Very polite and outgoing, which I find admirable traits in a one of her social stature. A very kind woman.
    Alessandro Outshines almost everyone I know in almost every way, and yet seeks to bring others in, not keep them out. Truly the embodiment of all a Grayson should be.
    Amari Princess Sabella is a whirlwind of good cheer and sunshine, appearing here and there and everywhere. I'm not sure how she has the energy, but I'll not complain about her company. She's wonderful.
    Ariella A princess' princess. Lovely, charming, funny and with just the slightest streak of honeyed venom. The type of person who can make fun of anyone and get away with it because they think she's so sweet. She should have been born in the Lyceum.
    Austen Full of energy and always busy, but still manages to have time for everyone!
    Avaline The lovely princess is very friendly and amiable, if perhaps overly chatty. She is fun to be around and seems to be very welcoming to all.
    Barric The complete and utter lack of filter is always amusing with Sabella, sometimes though, I wish there were a way to install one. Still love her dearly.
    Berenice What a bright little thing! She's almost hard to look at too directly.
    Bianca Such a joy of a woman. An open heart, a broad smile and a kindness within her gaze. She brings light to every room she enters and a welcoming warmth to every man or woman she meets.
    Bliss Oh, the lovely Princess Sabella - who I keep hearing I need to meet and get along with, and yet always seems off in her own little world. A shame. I imagine we could get up to some real mischief.
    Caith Best. Princess. Ever! She's me if I were Grayson. And a slightly less better hugger!
    Cambria Once upon a time, Princess Sabella nearly became a Mazetti. While I find her a delight and joy to be around, I believe she's found her true match in Lord Niklas.
    Caspian I rarely get to see her anymore, but the times I do are always fun and full of light.
    Cedric A kind, garrulous and gracious princess of our fealty.
    Christine She is a really nice girl. Except because she's stealing people from the House. If one can pass that, she's really nice.
    Clara A lovely woman! She was complimentin' Fredrik on his attire when we first met. Though... the conversation got strange after that. Somethin' about chicken kabobs on swords. Or rather... that was the image I got from that conversation.
    Cleo The Princess is very cheerful and kind, speaks no ill of others and always presents the happiest face possible. Is good if true, is sad if not. Hope is true and Princess have great life.
    Coraline She is one of the most personable and amazing women I have met, I have no idea how she can be so brave in social situations or able to handle people so well but I can't help but be amazed.
    Cullen Princess Sabella, always a pleasure to talk to. One of the first people I met in Arx, and still one of my favorites. I am glad to see she was just gone out of town for a bit and not dead from brain fever for the like, although it would perhaps explain her betrothed. Not the dead part, the brain fever part. Anyways, glad to have her around to chat with.
    Cullen Still one of the most pleasant and optimistic people I know with a scintillating sense of humor, even if I've been occasionally been a bit less than pleasant. But I'm trying. Still, I do rather like her, she's a good hearted person, which the city sorely needs.
    Darren Although the Princess was too responsible to yield to my bad influence and engage in some heavy early-morning drinking, it was nice to see her again. I'll get her next time.
    Duarte There's never been a time when I found the young princess less than an absolute delight. She has such a sense of humor. Irrepressible.
    Echo So very sweet and charming! She's very inclusive and friendly to everyone. I even don't know if she knows how to be mean, truth be told.
    Elara She captured Niklas' heart somehow. And their joyous natures make them a perfect fit for each other. I cannot wait to see how things blossom in the years to come.
    Elgana One of my absolute favorite princesses - this one knows how to have a good time and she is always so full of energy and charm. Spending time with her is never wasted. Especially if there is talk of dragons.
    Ember Quite bubbly. I have never seen someone that happy in my life.
    Emmelline her and her husband are such humorous people. I would love to get to know them better.
    Faye An interesting woman, passionate about the arts and her plans for the future. While I may not share in all of her enthusiasm, she is interesting to talk to, and I'd enjoy getting to know her further.
    Fecundo The Princess is very keen on the theater and her husband's efforts, which is commendable, but she is also likeable and easy to speak with on her own. I may have to stop by the theater if I can.
    Gareth Fire is the test of gold; Adversity the test of men; Sabella is the test of me.
    Genevieve Bubbly and sweet but not obnoxious or annoying with it. She's royalty, but she's the kind who doesn't stand on ceremony. She seems like a kind, good-natured woman.
    Gianna An eternal wellspring of enthusiasm and charm. Impressive wardrobe.
    Hannah I like this princess! I mean she has a sense of humor, a sense of fashion, and a wit, what's not to like? Definitely hope to get to know her better.
    Harlex A princess and enthusiast of the arts. Wishes to share her passion with others, simply for the sake of it from how it sounds.
    Helena Oh my goodness, another butterfly enthusiast! We're definitely going to become best friends. It's destiny and fate and all of that stuff.
    Ian Still chatty.
    Iseulet Everything I had hoped her to be. Sweet, graceful, charming, adorable. Her with Niklas is positively saccharine sweet.
    Itzal A Princess, yes. But one, when I met, was so interested in dance! And now look at her, one of the founding members of the Bard's college. Also apparently I get her rhyming, poor dear. Might have to give her a few lessons regarding poetry. Once I figure out HOW to teach.
    Jamie The Grayson Princess seems so odd for a royal to me. She is unafraid of dancing away from the bureaucracy that comes hand-in-hand with her family name and forging her own path. She may be a bit disconnected, perhaps even a little naive, but I have a feeling most of that is just an act and that the true girl behind the curtain is a much more adventurous spirit.
    Jarel Ah, yes, Sabella Grayson. It seems the Grayson House have some lovely princesses who are -not- just looks only.
    Jasher A most happily married woman. She seems convinced that I read books about ladies and unicorns.
    Jeffeth It's so good to see her again I nearly crushed the life right out of her! I'm very glad I didn't that would've been extremely sad, unfortunate, and embarrassing. But she's back and we will be friends, once more!
    Jordan The first Grayson Princess I met on my arrival in the Arx, and now she's in a courtship or a betrothal and everything. She's very upbeat and optimistic and charity oriented, and those are good things for a Princess to be! I'll look forward to seeing the fruits of her labor.
    Katarina Princess Sabella is absolutely infectious company to have, no matter the occasion or place. Katarina finds her positively a delight, especially when Niklas is not far behind. There's just no telling what the princess, who is a force to be reckoned with all her own, will do.
    Kenna Princess Sabella is literally like a small sun in every room she steps into. Everything about her makes me just want to linger in her presence and soak up the rays of joy.
    Lorenzo A charming woman, and marriage seems to suit her. I've run into her before, and as always, she is delightful to talk to. I'd buy her a drink anytime.
    Lottie Sweet as an apple pie. I heard of the princess before I actually met her and her congeniality lives up to her reputation in full. She was kind enough to even give me one of her wedding favors since I couldn't make the reception! So nice.
    Lou My sister is a whirlwind of surprises. One moment she's knee deep in plays, and the next she's being quite introspective about the mysterious of the world. I never would have figured her to be into mysteries of the world, and I find it quite refreshing.
    Luca She's one of a kind, this one. I've never understood how so much personality can fit inside one person. Especially when it has to compete with her outgoing nature and all of that /vivacity/ as well. There's nothing still about her waters, but they run deeper than a lot of people think. I confess, I'm dying to know what the terrible is. Everyone's terrible somehow. EVERYONE.
    Lumen She isn't JUST beautiful. She's also rich!
    Lys The Princess is quite lovely, she seems bright and amusing. It'd be a pleasure to get to know her more.
    Magnus A cheerful Princess devoted to Jayus. Speaking to her was a pleasure, for it was not only entertaining but also insightful. I hope all my meetings are such.
    Marian A sweet young girl, who definitely isn't the fighting type. I do hope her nupitals are everything she's looking for. Her gaze never seems to leave her beau.
    Melody Charming, sweet, and so very inviting. Her love for theatre really resonates with me, and I can't wait to be working alongside such a wonderful talent.
    Mercedes She seems .. very cheerful. She probably hugs people. She looks like a hugger.
    Meriah A real sweetheart. Nice that she didn't run screaming. Makes me think my people skills are getting better.
    Mirari I have a feeling I may not be well liked in her family, but I wouldn't be adverse to getting to know her better. She seems like a lot of energy and fun wrapped in a very boisterous package.
    Niklas The reason I wake up in the morning.
    Norwood She is... a bit loud. Very, very,very loud. I mean, she seems harmless.
    Olivia A very kind hostess! It seems like her and Princess Reese can be credited with the majority of Grayson social functions, and our liege House seems better off for that!
    Orelia As charming and personable as she is beautiful, and so blatantly delighting in her newlywed bliss. Good for her! I'd be delighted to get to know the Princess better - she lights up a room with her mere presence. I like those sorts.
    Oswyn The charming Princess is nearly impossible to say no to.
    Petal She seems very nice, including all warm and nice to prodigals such as myself.
    Quenia I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with Princess Sabella on a number of occasions, and she's absolute delight to have a conversation with.
    Reese Warm, cheerful and has a kind heart.
    Reigna She is bubbly and sweet. If I closed my eyes and pictured a storybook Princess, it would be Sabella Grayson.
    Riagnon A Grayson just pointed at me! :D Wait... D: Watchu point at.
    River A beautiful woman, and one that probably shouldn't be under estimated.
    Rook Sabella Grayson is a patron of the arts, she's been to many events, and Rook can't -not- see her. A delight, etiquette is on point, and well-- it's what you expect of the Grayson. It makes one miss ones homelands.
    Roxana What a beautiful bride, she is absolutely glowing.
    Saoirse She seems very Caith-like in her exuberance.
    Seth When I first arrived in Arx, Princess Sabella was one of the first to actually come and speak to me at an event we were in attendence at. She looks to have a warm and friendly demeanor, but then again, I have a feeling she only spoke to me because of her interest in my hound. She seemed to really like Cale.
    Sheena She seems kind enoug. She does not seem to get upset if I don't realize she is talking to me and don't respond directly.
    Sorrel A dippy happy little princess with a weird obssession with an untalented Kennex and possibly his untalented friend Bastien. What a strange threesome. Also, really odd taste in clothes.
    Tabitha I couldn't wish for a kinder, more generous patron. Princess Sabella's immense love of the arts is truly inspiring, and matched in magnitude by the effervescent sweetness of her character.
    Theo A Princess of House Grayson who agrees with my rather narrow view on boats. I've ran into her twice now, and found her thoroughly amusing.
    Torian Curious, and able to stomach the path her questions lead her on... though not spiders. She seems to hate or fear them, and yet she comes to the Altar for the Queen of Endings. Curious indeed.
    Tynan One of the friendler Princesses I've met, and that's quite saying a lot. If delightful, open, warmth had an avatar, it'd pale next to Princess Sabella. Even winter days seems sunny around her.
    Valarian Been awhile since I saw her, but she's still one of my favorite silks. One of the kinder, less snobbier ones. Doesn't get all haughty and weird around commoners. I do like all three of the sisters for that reason, an opinion that's not changed over time. I hope her marriage is happy, Gods know she deserves it.
    Venturo My first Princess to meet in Arx, and if all are half as friendly as she? It shall speak well for this city. A tale for a scene, we shall have.
    Victus I don't meet too many Graysons that haven't been swallowed whole by etiquette to the point that they always seem so stiff. This one has broken that mold to pieces. She's chipper, peppy, dresses nice. Yeah, this one is good.
    Wylla She loves Splat. That's a point in her favor. I wonder if she's as good a playwright as Niklas. She said she's terrible at poetry, but I don't believe that.
    Zoey One of these days, she's going to give herself a cavity from her own sweetness. She's a trooper, though.