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Emissary Jadara, Child of the Emperor

The only insurmountable obstacle is a weak soul; the only true defeat the death of will.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Imperial Envoy
Fealty: Crown
Family: Platinum
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 01/06
Religion: Grace of the Thirteen
Vocation: Emissary
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: molten brown
Skintone: sun-kissed

Titles: The Emperor's Blade of Shadows

Description: Jadara cuts an impressive figure not only in the physical sense, but in how she projects her presence more intensely than a five foot five woman should be able to. Her molten colored irises possessed of a spark of flame behind them, brilliant and fierced, even when under control and their shape lack the epicanthic fold that is common to those outside of Jadairal. Her face is wide, sweeping high cheekbones and elegantly shaped full lips with a delicate nose and the tapered ears of the elves. The graceful and long-limbed beauty has dramatically long hair that reaches down to her waist; lustrous and straight in ways that make it obvious she brushes it religiously. Although she is attractive and exotic looking in her own right, it is in the way she narrows her eyes or arches a brow that Jadara commands attention, and in doing so the Undying transcends her beauty and defines herself by actions, more than looks. Were she to reveal it there is a birthmark, or perhaps white ink tattoo, on her stomach in the shape of a whorl that draws the eye.

Personality: Jadara is a sharp blade tempered with scorching fires and the heavy hammer of Jadairal's laws and customs. Where once there might have been a more playful and wildchild within, now she is disciplined and observant, always thinking twice before finally acting. A pensive and philosophical warrior, Jadara is the calm before the storm, the congregation of clouds before the thunderstrike. In less hostile environs she is cordial even when not exactly warm, absolutely respectful unless disrespected first. Cultured and well-spoken, the emissary does not seem to possess the Jadairal airs of arrogance so many have come to known, or at least she hides those very well.

Background: The life of a Child of the Emperor is a tumultuous thing that begins with leaving behind everything they know to embrace a solemn and necessary duty. Combating the forces of darkness is an insurmountable task, with many obstacles, and none know this more than the Platinum Emperor who has lived long enough to see the pitfalls and many failures of his former Orders. His children are the result of painstaking efforts taken to create the perfect weapon to defend the Empire and its ideals, although that is not to say they are not loved or appreciated for who they are. Many of his children would argue that is not the case if the accusation were levied.

Jadara's life in Daobujin Bo was as could be expected for one of the Emperor's children with most of it lived within the prefecture of the Undying Palace and lessons learned from the House of Swords -- the elite and prestigious military academy that all children attend as part of their extensive education. When Dara was not studying or training her free time was spent engaging in games of pursuit upon the rooftops of the city which was as a second home to Jadara and her siblings. Eventually she was deemed able to take on the name of Ikhan and after completing her second task the burdgeoning youth was granted the name Kaiti and sent out into the world to do what children do -- execute their Father's Will and maintain peace and prosperity in the Empire.

Once, she even had the honor of being called Daolu, but an incident in Petrioch saw her disgraced and demoted back to the rank of Tesugan where she remains until she can prove herself again. Serving under Zulana in Arvum was an opportunity to reclaim what has been lost, but she was summoned back to Daobujin Bo by her Father before having succeeded quite yet. The voyage is a very long one, even on the swift vessels of Jadairal and there is no way she should have returned so soon but she has. Nonetheless, the junior Emissary is here to offer her undying support to Zulana-shizhe, her older sister, to Kozu, her elder brother and to those who have come from the Empire to join them here in Arvum.

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