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Words: "As Arx Endures, We Remember."

The Knights of Solace are an organization with a valiant history that reaches back centuries. A militant Order of the Faith, also known as the Silver Order, the Knights dedicate themselves to the protection of healers and the wounded, travelers, and pilgrims on the roads. They traditionally have a close relationship with the Mercies of Lagoma, and can be found on battlefields and hospices across Arvum. As an official Order of the Faith, they include both godsworn Knights and disciples who serve as men-at-arms, and their Grandmaster serves under the Legate of Concepts.


Name Rank Title Description
Thena 1 Grandmaster Grandmaster of the Silver Order
Daemon(RIP) 3 Knight Lieutenant Adjutant to the Grandmaster
Cassius(RIP) 6 Knight Votary Knight of Solace
Stefano(RIP) 6 Knight Votary Knight of Solace
Alexandre(RIP) 6 Knight Votary
Brigid 6 Knight Votary
Remy 6 Knight Votary
Mathias(RIP) 7 Squire
Edain 8 Auxiliary
Martin(RIP) 8 Auxiliary Retired Brother-at-Arms
Armel(RIP) 10 Inactive Solace Leader