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Iron Pentathlon - Foot Race

The Iron Pentathlon is a contest featuring five events, with athletes from each fealty participating in the competitions over the span of a week.

It will start with the Foot Race and end with the Duel tournament. The skills demonstrated in each of the five events in the Iron Pentathlon are thought to be useful in war or battle, making them invaluable to a warrior. The first, second, and third-place finishers in each event receive medals: gold, silver, and bronze, respectively. The fealty with the most amount 'medal points' is declared the overall winner and receives the Iron Cup.

The registration fee is 20 economic resources per event. You can register for every event if you can afford it. Others can pay the registration fee for a competitor. All resources should be given to Silas along with a note of the competitor's intent to compete. The resources will go to the Iron Guard, essentially making this a fundraiser event. You have until the start of the event to register.

There is a limit of three competitors from each fealty for each event. This is to prevent the contest from being inundated by competitors from one fealty. It is first come first serve, though you can sign up as a substitute if the slots are already filled in case someone doesn't make it. Please check the sign up sheet ahead of time: if all slots are filled, Silas will not be accepting your resources, but he will put you on the list as a substitute. He will only accept the registration fee if it is a certainty that you will compete. If you do end up competing after registering as a sub, he will accept the registration fee after the event.

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July 24, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Aodhan Marian Eirene Nicia(RIP) Ailith Alexis Cristoph Luca(RIP) Shae Sparte Fergus(RIP) Merek Aiden Alis Eirlys(RIP) Clover Jael Reese Estaban(RIP)



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Path Outside the Walls

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


I placed fifth in the Iron Pentathlon's foot race, which pleases me. The people who beat me were all accomplished athletes and heroes in their own ways - Duke Cristoph took the gold, with Princess Reese Grayson taking the silver, barely ahead of Prince Fergus and Princess Marian. There was some discussion which of those two went third, but in the end, Princess Marian received the bronze. She ran for Redrain, but I hope no one will hold it against me that I take a little Oathlands pride in her performance.

I barely beat out Prince Luca, who at that point in the race seemed more concerned wwith cheering on his wife than his own score - adorable, really. He in turn barely beat out Lady Eirlys. Which means that, by official tally, the Oathlands scored first, fifth, and seventh place, with an unofficial third (and, according to some, fourth, for if they get to claim Princess Marian, we should be allowed to claim Prince Fergus. Or so the reasoning goes).

Not a bad showing at all. And I quite enjoyed myself.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight arrives, following Alis.

Clover is clearly here to -watch- because no one in their right mind would have let Clover participate in a foot race. She's dressed in a black wool tunic with a pink dragon on it, leggings with pink ribbons, and black winter boots with pink bows on the back. It's a theme, really. Her blonde hair is loose and she's carrying a corgi in her arms, the dog apparently having refused to walk anymore-- for they are flopped boneless against her. She scurries along to find a place to sit and waces.

Ailith arrives in the nick of time. The festivities certainly have drawn a crowd and those stands are where she heads -- near Clover.

Luca the Lazy's managed to get chided into competing in the race, probably on some interesting bet with his wife Reese, given her teasing tones and his resulting roll of eyes and smirk. Given he's competing, you'd think he'd have come prepared for doing proper athletic battle, but honestly, the Champion duelist looks like he looks most of the time lately. Like he literally just rolled out of bed for this. Rumpled overlong black hair, rumpled white linen shirt with a few stains on it, and trail-dusty black leather pants with usual scuffed boots. Apparently the man thinks if it's good enough to go into battle that way, it's good enough to go running about in. "I dunoo, Ribbons. There's far, far worse bets I've lost than that one. Given all the training lately you've been taking, I've got zero doubt you're gonna leave me in your dust. Least Grayson can still take the win though!"

Sparte is off with the other members of the audience, cheering on the participants. "You can do it, Frog prince! Hop across that finish line!"

    In a clearing, Somewhere Not In The City But Close Enough To Walk To, a makeshift racetrack has been set up with chalk and wooden stakes serving as boundaries. More lanes have been drawn than is necessary, just in case there are last minute entries. There are a few wooden lawn chairs provided for guests to watch and water provided through a large barrel and served by attendants. Beyond that, everything else is BYOB!

    The officiant -- Silas -- stands nearby and directs the competitors to take whichever lane they fancy and recommends doing some pre-race stretching!

    When it appears that all signed-up competitors have assembled, Silas clears his throat and projects his voice so everyone make hear. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Iron Pentathlon's first event -- the Foot Race."

    Merek has taken the time to make sure all he came with was his exotic pants covered in umbra, his boots, in addition to the umbra tunic which he has on. Besides that, he has left all his other things with Meeka to care for. He finds his way to where the people are gathering for the race, and smooths out his tunic a bit. He sighs in thought, looking tired.

Well, sure that was part of the reason, cause WAR ELK, but really she was there to support her friend, and the other Valardin's in the race. Giving Eirlys' hand a little squeeze she beams up at her. "You'll do great! And so will Duke Cristoph and Dame Alexis." Each of them she waves too, as well as Marian. And even one to Fergus. Amber eyes daring about as more and more gathered for the race. A wide bright smile for Nicia as she waved at her as well.

Eirene gives a nod of 'sup' to the people she knows and gives a damn about. They know who they are. The medic folds her arms over her chest, leather of her doublet split to showcase embroidered Lycene silk underneath. "Better not break any fucking legs, morons," she says to the people getting ready to run. "I have splints but if you get sand in it, not my problem."

Aodhan arrives with a light crack of his neck, then looks around at the other racers. "Wow....lot more people than I thought there would be. Hm." he crosses his arms a little "Let's see how fast I can run..." he smiles competitively.

Clover turns toward Ailith when she senses someone near by. "Hello!" A wiggle of her fingers is given, which means she almost dropgs the corgi. Who gives a bark of complaint. Clover rolls her eyes at the door and hitches the languid thing back up to her shoulder. A smile is given toward Ailith, "This is exciting! I'm Clover! Are you cheering for anyone or just watching?"

Fergus gives Eirene a playful shove to the shoulder as he passes by, Marian likely walking next to him. "Lighten the fuck up, Mal. Or I'll just twist something on purpose for an excuse to get your hands all over me. Again. Because I know you love that shit."

Reese peeks over to Luca, giving him a joyful smile that touches her blue eyes. She peeks over the gathering, having a smile for the rest gathered here as well. "Oh, I like the ribbons." Reese says to Clover. "Of course, I will leave you in the dust." She says still a bit teasing to Luca. She tries to brush her lips over his cheek and then pulls back a bit, to start stretching. This race is serious business to the Grayson Princess.

Alexis is here, dressed in her customary Valardin blues and with the Great Sword of Blancbier strapped to her back. Quirking her lips in a smile to Eirene. "I will do my best not to disappoint you, my lady Malvici." She assures. Unstrapping her sword and looking to Clover. "Would you do me the honours of looking after Wyrmstooth while I run?" She inquires, politely. Rolling her shoulders in preparation, giving a few nods here and there of greeting to the people she recognises.

Nicia glances in the direction of the wave, smiling at Shae when she spots who it is, a hand lifting to wave towards her in response. "Hello, again, Lady Shae." She calls, her hand dropping back before she starts to look around until she spots Cristoph, her hand lifting a bit so that she can wave in his direction as well.

Cristoph makes an attempt at stretching again and then slows down when Silas begins to speak. He wanders gradually around until he's near-ish Alexis and Eirlys. "Has anyone seen my sister?" The sight of someone waving to him however catches his attention and spots Nicia over there. He half-smiles and lifts his hand to her.

Ailith joins the applause and fanfare of the crowd -- gingerly claps. A voice nearby has her seeking its owner. The tall Seraph makes for an amusing sidekick contrast to the pink-dragonified Clover. "Cheering for them all. But I'll choose the fastest one which we won't know until the race is over," she chuckles, then supplies, "Seraph Ailith. Pleasure. And who might be your furry companion?"

Marian is laughing at her husband for his teasing, taking the time to stretch and get all limbered before Silas calls the race to start. She is more than ready run and she gives a few Valardins and Redrain that she recognize in the crowd a wave.

"Nice dragon too actually." Luca offers on top of Reese's compliment to Clover's ribbons as the couple pass the small woman, his cinnamon eyes distracted soon enough back towards the crowds when the "Frog Prince" bit catches him and he's casting a rueful smirk Sparte's way and raising a hand in greeting. Moving along then with Reese through the crowds, he's offering idly. "Big turn out. Si certainly knows how to put on a competition eh?"

Eirene snorts back at Fergus. "You wish. I'll have Jarik look after you." She points over to one of her fellow doctors, a heavier man in his late fifties-sixties. The kind of doctor who probably prescribes leeches for everything by his look. "Don't crack your damn fool head either, don't want that air escaping." Alexis is given a grin and a nod. "Don't be dumb," is all she says.

Estaban walks past Eirene and gives her a light shoulder bump then continues on his Rottie follows him along, his eyes keep watch he calls out as he passes them, "Come on Prince Luca you got this!" he smirks and then keeps wallking past looking around.

2 Armed Confessors, Mariah, a nanny, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Thump, a yappy pupper, Confessor Warren leave, following Tikva.

Jael rolls in late, wrapped in a long coat but looking generally untroubled by the weather. She seeks out the Valardin contingent and fetches up next to Eirlys and Shae.

Clover smiles toward Reese and Luca, "Thanks!" And then oh goodness. Her eyes go very wide and she says, "Oookay." And she attempts to take the GIANT sword. It's probably bigger than she is. She has to put the end of it down on the ground and lean it against her body. Vim is put down, and then corgi flops out, all legs out. Clover smiles toward Ailith and says, "Should be fun!"

Clover takes the sword from Alexis, of course.

Alexis shakes her head apologetically to Cristoph. Brow furrowing. Still, that doesn't last - she smiles to Eirene, and proffers a bow. "Only in service of the greater good, my lady." She assures. Giving Clover a grateful nod as the tall sword is taken from the tiny knight.

    "I am pleased to annouce we have quite a few competitors today!"

    "Representing House Grayson is Princess Reese Grayson and Princess Luca Grayson!"

    "Representing House Redrain, Prince Fergus Redrain, Princess Marian Redrain, and Lord Aodhan Crovane!"

    "Representing House Valardin is no less than three countrymen: Duke Cristoph Laurent, Lady Eirlys Greenmarch, and Dame Alexis Wyrmfang!

    "And representing House Fidante, Master Merek Black!"

    A few attendants with ribbon favors approach the competitors to award them their pre-game prizes. Silas waits a few minutes to let them get ready, and the crowd to cheer their chosen champion on.

"You know you fucking love me." Fergus grunts in the kind of grumpish way that might suggest that having such a capacity is clearly a joke, but he only jokes with the people he likes. "Got all them stitches from you. Constant reminders of your fucking adoring of me. It's okay, I won't tell Mari about us." Could swear he's serious by the way he doesn't grin or smile. Just have to know him to know his humor, one supposes. Speaking of his wife, he prods her in the side. "Ready to get your ass spanked? Or saving that for after the race?"

Eirene glares a little at Estaban. "Next idiot to bump into me gets stabbed," she threatens, regardless of the guards milling everywhere. "And I know how to bypass that armor, so don't think that will save you," the doctor grumps. She really wouldn't do it. Maybe wouldn't. Not in public anyhow.

Ulf have been dismissed.

Alis arrives a wee bit late, but nonetheless manages to squeeze her way through the crowd with the help of Sir Rhys. There's a lot of Scuse me, pardon me. Oops, didn't mean to elbow you like that's... until she is able to find herself right beside Shae. "Did you bring bacon?" Esthusastic waves are given to the Valardins competing... and Marian and Fergus. Family ~/o

"Oh come on, Eir, it'd be a priviledge to get stabbed by you. And you'd totally patch the person up after probably!" Luca quips as he's slipping through crowds, catching Eirene's threats and returning with big, easy grin. He notably doesn't bump her though and risk his own joke for a stab. Not right before a race with a bet against his wife on the line.

Marian laughs at Fergus and shakes her head, "If she's willing to take you off my hands then I shall not stand in her way." She gives Eirene a wink to let her know she's joking. She slaps her husband on her back, "And the only thing you're going to be seeing is my dust so good luck trying to spank me." She notices Alis' late arrival and gives her a last minute greeting before Silas hands her the ribbon.

1 Saik Guard have been dismissed.

Gunther, a Rottweiler have been dismissed.

Jael sticks two fingers in her mouth and lets out a piercing unladylike whistle when the Valardin representatives are announced, then turns and smiles when Alis arrives. "I honestly thought I smelled bacon around here when I walked up but-" There's a resigned shrug.

"Who do you favor to win?" Ailith espies the usual crowds making side bets and jovial jibs. The sword cradled by Clover receives a look. "Do you need help with that or your corgi? He or she seems exhausted," she chuckles, then claps for each of the Houses.

    Merek takes his time to look as the Velenosa favor has been tied upon him, and then he nods, that coalesced purplish hue upon the umbra he has on along with the golden threads shining as resplendant as any noble there might be, regardless his station. Which begs the question how he affords it all. All the same, he gives a resounding whoop, "FOR VELENOSA AND FIDANTE!" in preperation.

Aodhan rubs the back of his head when he is announced, and wears the ribbon when it is offered to represent as favor. "Oh dear...this should be quite fun regardless!" He laughs and helps try to represent his fealty well.

"Careful. I like older women. Why do you think I married *you*?" Fergus remarks back at Marian. Which just meant that he just said in public that his wife *is* older than him. Well, not like, by *a lot*. Maybe a couple of years older. Alis gets a wave. "Hey Short Stack. Think if we put a pile of bacon at the finish you'll want to join in?"

Eirene's nephew will be Duke Fidante soon enough so she cheers back for Merek. Luca is given a grin and a tap at the side of her temple. "Wise man, wise," she says of him. Fergus gets a middle finger and a roll of her eyes. "How do you put up with that," she says to Marian with a snort, nostrils flaring.

When the list of competitors is announced, Nicia begins to cheer enthusiastically. When she's finished cheering she lets her attention wander the crowd gathered once more, a hand raised to wave towards Jael, Alis and Marian when she spots them.

Cristoph steps from side to side, clearly getting a little case of the nerves when it comes time to get ready. He's as patient as he can be while a ribbon is tied around his wrist. He squints in the direction of the screaming Merek Black before returning to get set.

"KIck some ass, Mer! Since we Lycenes were apparently too lazy to come out representing!" Luca calls out with amusement to Merek's call. Wait. Is Luca allowed to cheer on the competition when he's representing another House here? Apparently he's not particular. Then again, coming wearing boots and leather pants for a race sort of makes that clear.

Shae lets out a little happy sound as Alis shows up next to her, a little hop-wobble and she is hugging the Princess. "Alis! I did. In my backpack, and some tea too! And apples and carrots. There are so many dogs here. Look at them all!" The small Keaton exclaimes with bright cheerfulness. And then smiles as Jael jons the group of them. "Hello!" And, "WOOOOO! VALARDIN!!" Cheering on Christoph, Alexis, and Eirlys!

Alexis moves to the start line, bumping a fist at her chest in salute at the cheers, readying herself by rolling her shoulders again. Exhaling softly, giving her fellow Valardin contestants a nod.

"It's his..." Marian makes a motion of her hands to Eirene with a laugh, "And his stunning personality." She gives a little growl when Fergus points out her age, "I'll make sure my bones don't creak while I run down the race."

Jael lifts a gloved hand in greeting to Nicia, then tilts her head a little at Shae's dog enthusiasm, squints, and takes a shot at putting two and two together. "Lady Shae Keaton?"

    Silas makes sure he's clear out of the way of the race tack before he turns back towards the racers. "I believe we can proceed. The race is five laps. Whoever reaches the finish line first, wins. Straight forward, right?"

    "On your mark, get set..."

Eirlys turns and smiles, waving to Alis and Shae. She has ribbon tied around her wrist in Valardin colors since she is there to represent them. After that she turns and gets ready, blocking everything but the race.

Reese lines up for the race, looking all taut and ready to zoom.

"Nope. I am not here to amuse you all with a waddle-run." Alis decides, despite the smile she flashes out towards Fergus. "Apples and carrots are healthy though. I don't want to eat any of -that-. You brought that stuff for the dogs right?" She gives Shae a quick squeezehug back, and then smiles and waves at both Jael and Nicia.

"Wait. We're starting?" Luca's wandering about mingling suddenly catches him off guard when he hears that call and so he's rushing out with a grin for Reese to slide in beside her, just at the last moment.

Reese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Aodhan sets up for the race, taking a deep breath as he enters a stance and gets ready to rocket out of the gate!

Alexis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Alexis checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Merek checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Eirlys checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Cristoph checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Luca checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Cristoph checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Aodhan checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Reese checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Aodhan checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Luca checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Eirlys checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Fergus checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Clover hugs onto Wyrmstooth, attempting to clap as people start running. A laugh is given and she says to Ailith, "I don't know who to cheer for! All of Valardin or just the Sword of Blancbier?" She leans against the sword a little bit, then catches sight of Alis and waves her hand toward the other woman. "Hi!"

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Marian checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

"Hello Countess Nicia, it is nice to see you again. How have you been? Thank you again for the chocolates." A pause as she nods to Jael. "Yep, that's me Lady Shae Keaton." Bright and bubbly, all smiles! And then she grins to Alis and giggles a little. "Mmmhm, that's exactly who they are for! I have some dark chocolate bacon and some muffins, apple-bacon cinnamon ones. Want one?" She asks Alis and then looks around that the group around her.

"There's many in the crowd cheering. Picking one won't do any harm." And likely everyone will be drowned out by another. Ailith dips her head when conversing with Clover. "Ah. Who is the Sword of Blancbier? I recognize the Duke on the team."

Reese is in first, Cristoph is in second, Fergus is close behind in third!

Reese takes off at high speed, zooming ahead at least a bit of head of all the others. She briefly peeks over to Cristoph and Fergus who are close to her, but her attention quickly returns to the track ahead.

    Merek is not the fastest runner of them all by a mile, perhaps literally while folk seem to make it past him, but he seems to be well composed and paced in his movement. The sun has gone down, and the moon has come up, and long ago someone left with the cup...

Cristoph runs with not so great pacing at all. But maybe that's because /Fergus/ is right behind him and he's frightened. He's seen what that man can do.

Nicia smiles at Shae, shaking her head, "No need to thank me, in fact I may have more of it at home if you would like." She offers, then glances towards Jael and Alis, making the same offer to them, "Do you enjoy chocolate?"

Eirlys takes off, knowing she isn't in the front but she is trying her hardest. She has blocked everything other than running out so she can focus, hopefully get closer to first place.

Aodhan isn't too fast apparently. He speeds off past maybe one or two people, but while he isn't at the head of the pack, he sure is trying his darndest. He makes every effort to go for at least third!

Marian takes off as soon as she hears it's time to go but of course Fergus, her husband, is sprinting ahead of her. She swears under her breath as she tries to catch up to him but so far she's eating his dust.

Clover smiles toward Ailith and shifts the sword a bit, so she can point toward Alexis. "The white haired knight who left this sword with me." A smile is given and she says, "Dame Alexis." And then she lifts her voice and calls out, "Go go Alexis! You can do it!"

Jael isn't bubbly per se, but she does brighten when Shae confirms her suspicion. "I've been trying to catch you since Count Kael and Countess Reigna said you'd arrived. I've been dragged off to Artshall a lot lately though. Anyway, it's lovely to finally meet you. Oh hey, Cris isn't actually sucking too badly." Her gaze tracks to the runners, eyes narrowed as she tracks Team Valardin. Her attention is pulled away by Nicia and she smiles. "I certainly do."

For a man that large, how does he move as quickly as he does? Fergus might be a big bearish sort, but he's certainly no slouch, taking large loping strides. While winning might be nice, it's clearly he's only really competing with two people in this race. Himself and his wife. Because there's few other rivals he has beyond her.

"Dark chocolate covered bacon, and apple-bacon cinnamon muffins?" Alis may have just whimpered. "You're the best. Seriously." She absolutely rummages through the pack for some of each and of course starts stuffing her face immediately, eyes intent upon the race. "SHOULD HAVE WORN THE BEEARA, DUKE LAURENT." she shouts. "It's aerodynamic." is offered, to the women around her. "Oh yes, I love chocolate. And bacon. Chocolate bacon is just... divine."

Alexis is firmly in the middle of the pack, trying to pace herself and not doing too terribly, but she's far from the fastest runner. Damn those short legs.

Alexis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Alexis checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Merek checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Reese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Aodhan checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Eirlys checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Aodhan checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Reese checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Ailith plants fingers between her lips, then releases a piercing whistle. When in Arx. Her blue eyes see above the crowd now gathered in front to the aforementioned Sword. "Ah there she is. Not doing terribly. There's time to pull ahead."

Fergus checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Eirlys checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Marian checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Maybe Luca should have prepared himself a bit better, know, worn clothing that's actually suited to running in. So it was that the Winged Fox of Grayson is getting there just in time for start...and then taking off like an extinct bat out of hell. But he's tripping over himself in seeming awe of how Reese flies ahead, keeping well ahead of some, but letting others pass him up as he's two-finger whistling behind her, roaring. "GO RIBBONS!" Luca...really doesn't seem to understand this whole competing against people thing, he keeps cheering everyone but himself.

Cristoph checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 31 higher.

Cristoph checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Luca checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Luca checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

"Considering he suspected he would fall on his face, I would say that he's doing really very well." Nicia glances towards Cristoph, stiffling a laugh when Alis mentions the beeara, a hand lifting to her mouth for a moment before she nods, "I've a stockpile of chocolate bars, very long story...but I'm trying to part with them, I can send you both some chocolate."

    Merek is doing his best to keep up with folk, and while he still not the fastest, he somehow continues to pace himself and his umbra shifts under the light winds. The favor he has on flits about with him while he pushes onwards, "Can't lose... Gotta represent... Velenosa, Fidante." He breathes in his nose, out his mouth.

Reese is still ahead of the pack in first, Cristoph expands his second place lead, Marian overtakes her hubby.

Marian salutes Fergus as she starts to pass him in the next leg of the race. While she is no where near Reese or Cristoph, she is going to try to keep that third position out of her husband's hands.

"Look, it's taken weeks to convince him that he can run /without/ the Beeara," Jael tells Alis, blue eyes sparkling. She adds a little flash of a grin to Nicia. "Well, Alis should get the lion's share. But I will certainly take some off your hands."

Elegance arrives, delivering a message to Jael before departing.

Aodhan seems to pretty much stay where he is. he tries to push himself and hype himself up! "Representing Redrain..or at least helping to...Gotta make 'em proud!" he speaks as he starts to smile a little to himself as he wants at least in the top three.

Cristoph despite seeming on the verge of hyperventilating with each legs keeps up behind Reese.

Eirene pulls out her flask and takes a swig, watching the racers to see who faceplanta first.

Reese continues continues to run. A few golden blonde locks escaped from her braid. She hears Luca's cheers, but doesn't call back. She seems very focused on this race.

Alexis does better, lowering her head and scurrying forward as best she's able, breathing through an open mouth, her cheeks flaring slightly pink and she studies the people ahead of her. Furrowing her brow in deep concentration, glancing over towards Merek to give him an encouraging smile.

Luca, laughing at his poor showing, starts falling behind a bit more, but keeps up well enough, moving beautifully easily and without seeming the slightest winded yet, but also not seeming to push himself much. If this was a marathon maybe he'd have a better chance. Turtle versus hare sort of thing. But it seems when it comes to flat out insane speed when not on the battlefield, it's all his wife.

Shae smiles to Nicca, "Oh I would never turn down the offer of more chocolate, Countess. That is very kind of you. And Princess Alis, would love the bacon dark chocolate bars." Beaming as Alis comments about chocolate and bacon. A little chuckle there. Eating a bit of the dark chocolate bacon herself. Eyes widening, as they brighten at Jael. "Oh you have! I was not aware. Well it is a great pleasure to meet you now!" Shifting a little on her feet as she wobbles faintly as he jumps a little to cheer on Valardin. "Come On Valardin!!" Though at the sight of Elegance she leans over to pet the puppy before she scampers back off to Alarissa.

Becaouse *of course* Marian would overtake Fergus. That's the one thing he cares about. That he beats his wife at *something*. Every single time, she's beaten him. At everything. So she's the person he wants, needs to beat. He growls angirly, trying to catch up and overtake her.

Alis can't seem to help being completely unrepentant about the teasing of the good Duke and his tiara. "I would definitely not turn away chocolate. And you're incredibly nice to offer. Shall I send you some maple whiskey in return?" Have to pimp out the Oathlands, afterall. "Awwww. Alright, then. I won't keep taunting him to wear it. But you have to admit it's kinda funny to watch him walk around with it on all the time."

"I shall check to see if I have any more of the chocolate and bacon ones, then. I think I've a few more of the rosemary ones...and, I'll admit, I'm not entirely sure which other ones are left. They start to blend together after a while." Nicia replies with a laugh, then she pauses, her head tilting, "Maple...whiskey? Yes, please." She glances at Jael, leaning towards her to question quietly, "There wasn't any of that at the dinner and I missed it, was there?"

Elegance arrives, delivering a message to Ailith before departing.

Eirlys continues running, pushing strands of hair that have fallen out of her braid from her face. She seems to be taking this seriously, probably more seriously than she should.

"Likewise," Jael tells Shae with a smile, then shoves her hands in her warm jacket and shrugs at Alis. "Eh, you get used to it. He was always an odd child." The corner of her mouth twitches in amusement, then she shakes her head to Nicia's question. "No...I don't think so. We started at the right side of the cabiner and-" She purses her lips, deep in thought. This is important. "No, I don't think we got that far that night."

Merek checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 8 lower.

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

Ailith notices Elegance attempting to reach her. The usual wave and plea is not ignored. The tall woman breaks from the middle of a crowd to the back of the seats area, accepting a delivery. Eyes half on the race attempt to read then she overhears chocolate and bacon. "Pardon me," interjects the Seraph politely with a bow, asking this now of Nicia, "I apologize for the brief eavesdrop but was there mention of chocolate and bacon?"

Marian checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 39 higher.

Alexis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

Alexis checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Cristoph checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 49 higher.

Fergus checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Aodhan checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 2 higher.

Cristoph checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Reese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 32 higher.

Aodhan checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Reese checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

Eirlys checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 33 higher.

Eirene has the feeling she'll need lots of chairs and water dippers for tired running.

"We did? Didn't? Wonderful...I was worried there for a moment." Nicia replies, a hand lifting in a bit of a relieved pat at herself, "I was really going to have to start questioning my life choices if I was forgetting new alcohols." She glances towards the race, noting those in the lead with a bit of a smile before she glances at Alis, "It really is a rather spectacular thing, the beeara. He's very protective of it, you know." She then pauses when Ailith speaks up, glancing towards her with a smile, "Ah, yes, there was. I'd sent Lady Shae a bar of it, and I was just saying that I was going to check for more in the stockpile I seem to have aquired."

Merek checked willpower + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 9 lower.

Eirlys checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Luca checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 16 higher.

Luca checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

    Merek can't seem to keep up with the racers. He boosts his speed after a bit to try and second wind, but all he does is lose his pacing and starts to slow down as his knees seem to move to ground, then he is pushing up once more. Half-running now, and not at all able to keep up with the others. Still he seems to have no intention of quitting...

She may not be the fastest, but Alexis is - at least so far - making sure that she's pacing herself. A sheen of sweat forming on her forehead, as she steadily hurries along, the balls of her toes hitting the ground, the cloth of her shoes hitting the grass. All those visits to the Gauntlet are paying off as far as that goes, at least.

Ailith marvels with a grin, noting to Nicia, "How does it taste? That combination of sweet and savory seems at odds to me." The woman adds, "Earlier I heard cheers from this area for House Valadrin. Are you from the Oathlands?"

Eirlys is plotting along and she can't seem to get ahead to far but she is still keeping a good pace and that is all that matters!

"We didn't," Jael confirms for Nicia solemnly. "It really would have been a shame if we had and we missed it. Maple whiskey is one of the highlights of the Oathlands." She looks at Ailith and smiles in greeting, then gestures towards the runners, particularly one with a strong family resemblance to her. "We are indeed. That one's my brother." For all the light trolling she's been giving him behind his back, she seems proud.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Severa, the Guard Shepherd arrive, following Aiden.

Eirene drinks again, eyeing the crowd. "First person to pass out gets mocked," she calls out in a drill sergeant voice.

Shae offers a bright welcoming beam of a smile to Ailith. "We are!" Also responding, likely around the same times as Jael. "And the two go together rather well, the salt and sweetness. I have some if you would like to try it. And some appple bacon cinnamon muffins." Smiling cheerfully to the woman.

Marian starts to lose her her wind in the next leg of the race, slowing down a little to catch her breath. She makes a growling noise as Fergus pounds the ground with his feet and overtakes her. She doesn't want to give up yet. Sure, there are others doing better but she wants to beat her husband at the race.

What's really remarkable isn't that Cristoph is where he is in the race, it's that he hasn't fallen down yet. He huffs and puffs and looks absolutely amazed that this hasn't ended in catastrophe yet. But there's still time, surely. If he knew his sister was over there trolling him... he'd probably agree with about 1/2 to 3/4 of it.

Cristoph runs past Reese... -barely-. Fergus isn't far behind her!

Alis has obviously been paying such rapt attention to the race that she tuned out for a moment there. And when she tunes back in, there's a smile of greeting for Ailith.

Aodhan seems to fall a little behind, starting to huff a little now. He Reeeaaally starts to push himself. He needs to prove to himself that he can do it!

"I'm not entirely sure." Nicia replies with a quick shake of her head, "I've never tried that one, but it seems to be very popular." As for the question about if she's from the Oathlands, well, that causes her to smile, shaking her head, "I am not, no. I'm from Setarco, but I am cheering for someone from the Oathlands, so we can say honorarily? For the event."

Reese works her wool adorned legs, trying to keep ahead of the race, but Cristoph runs past her. She sucks in a sharp breath and then another. The princess keeps running, trying to get back ahead of Cristoph and trying to stay ahead of Fergus.

Getting passed up, possibly lapped, by Cristoph, Luca's calling out in still airy laughter and ease of a guy who's pretty much given up and is just enjoying a jog. "Nice form Cris! Keep at it! Make Ribbons and Fergus work for it!" Followed up quickly enough by. "COME ON, RIBBONS! MOVE THAT SHAPELY ASS!" Oh why do people let Luca out in public?

"Quit being so slow!" Fergus huffs, passing by Marian. He'd grin by he's a bit too busy sucking wind to try and to keep the pace. Somehow, he ends up taking the lead with Cristoph, but even that is a smaller victory compared to the one that he's beating his wife. For the moment.

Aiden was here the whole time, he's just taken a place somewhere that wallflower might be found, like the back. The back of the crowd is good. At least somewhere that he can quietly watch the on going event. Really, he was never late because of life, honestly. Being on the taller end of height means he can sort of pop his head over other people's once and a while to see if he can tell what's going on.

Alexis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Alexis checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Eirlys checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Reese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 31 higher.

Cristoph checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Eirlys checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Luca checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 29 higher.

Cristoph checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 40 higher.

Lycene compliments are normal for Eirene. She grins at Lucas and yells back, "Yours ain't so bad either, keep moving it."

Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Luca checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Marian checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Aodhan checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Fergus checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Reese checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Jael lets out a whoop when Cristoph passes Reese. "COME ON LAURENT!"

Aodhan checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Merek checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 20 lower.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Estaban is here on duty it seems spotting Aiden he moves up to stand at his side for a few moments watching the race, "Hello." Gunther moves to sit at his feet watching, he crosses his arms over his steel clad chest.

"The Duke?" Ailith espies from afar. "My Lady, if you could relay my compliments to him. Archlector Aleksei shared a bottle of Laurent raspberry-honey mead with me. It was very delicate and pleasing without the harshness with stronger spirits. I should have known it would be grand. Tales reached my tiny backwater reaches of the Oathlands." The offer from Shae is met with a childlike glimmer in her eyes. "Thank you. You're most generous. I'll be certain to share pieces at the Rectory. Legate Orazio could use a bit of sweetness." Softly, she exchanges a smile with Alis, noting her greeting, too.

    Merek continues to... Walk at this point, seeming to be doing all he can to keep moving. But he has a pace, and he doesn't seem to be giving in to this. He seems in it to finish it if nothing else. Even if the victory has long since passed him by. "Can't stop... Gotta, win," he mutters to himself.

There's a little whoop from Alexis as Cristoph takes the lead - though, really, she has better things to do with that air. Lowering her head and keeping her pace even - which, truth be told, is going to let her be comfortably behind the frontrunners, but if nothing else, she's going ahead steadily.

Aiden glances toward Estaban with a flicker of a smile, wane in it's effort as his eyes note the size of the crowd as well as all those competing. "Hello Est. Do you know who is winning?" He pitches up on his tippy toes to peek over the heads of the crowd, then back with a quick ruffle of his hand over Gunther's big head. Severa was still a puppy and therefore on a lead, which she was presently trying to chew off.

Aodhan starts to rjust run out of gas, noticing how fast some of the other contestants are and how far ahead of them they are. Doesn't mean he'll give up! He keeps running, hoping to at least try to pass at least one more person.

Eirlys seems to have gotten further ahead but then she fell back some but she is still going strong!

Luca apparently is starting to feel the race a little, for his catcalls and such stop for now and he actually puts on some steam, pushing further ahead than he was doing before, albeit probably too little too late. That doesn't stop him from casting a wink at Eirene in passing for her compliment though. He's got standards to maintain afterall or they'll take away his Lycene card.

Reese pulls ahead of Cristoph, but Fergus pulls ahead of them both! And suddenly there's a Marian right next to Reese.

Cristoph takes the lead! And then he starts to lose it. He begins to laugh with the setback and attempts to work his legs a little harder to regain his placement.

"The Laurent mead is really very exceptional." Nicia agrees with Ailith, but then she's distracted when she notes that Cristoph has taken the lead, focusing on the race for a little while before yet again the order has changed, lifting her hands to her mouth so that she can add in with the yelling, "Come on, Cristoph! You can do it!"

"I will do that," Jael tells Ailith, pleased. "I'm glad you enjoyed it; that's one of my favorites. I think there's some bizarre little shop in the Lowers that's selling it at the moment. Oh blast. STOP GIGGLING CRIS!"

Marian gets a second wind when her husband jeers her for being too slow and gets her speed on in the next lap, moving quickly towards her husband that is trying to leave her in the dust. She looks over at Reese who's by her side and mouths to her, "Don't let Fergus win."

Estaban looks over then looks to Aiden, "Looks like Princess Reese has pulled ahead of Duke Cristoph." he looks to the pup then back around, "I should continue my walks care to join mr?"

Reese peeks over to Marian as she continues to run. "I won't, I won't let him win!" She calls out in a breathless voice. She keeps running.

Luca checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 16 higher.

Fergus just had to open his big mouth, didn't he? Because he jeers and it just spurs her onward. No, it can't end like this! Losing to Marian is bad enough, but her winning in first and he in second? That's just salt in the wound. Growling, he beats feet, trying to catch up.

Eirlys checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 5 higher.

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 15 higher.

Cristoph checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 31 higher.

Luca checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Reese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 16 higher.

Alexis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 17 higher.

Alexis checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Cristoph checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Marian checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 11 higher.

Aodhan checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 15 lower.

Eirlys checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Fergus checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Aodhan checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Aiden rocks back on his heels and rolls his shoulders up, "It looks like it's nearly finished. Let's see who wins?" In other words, if Estaban had duties, Aiden wasn't going to stop him but he was at present, going to see who was coming into the lead on the last lap!

Merek checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 20 lower.

Shae continues to beam at Ailith. "You are very welcome. Very happy to share. That's that best part really, sharing it and getting to see others enjoy it too. I'm Lady Shae Keaton, this is Lady Jael Laurent, Countess Nicia Pravus, and Princess Alis Valardin." Kindly introducing everyone to Ailith, a little motion to each as she spoke their name. Eyes snapping towards the race as she jumps a little trying to get a better look, and wobbles again just a little. "Ooh! COME ON VALARDIN!! GO EIRLYS!!!!" Her hands cupping her mouth as she cheers.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

Aodhan checked willpower + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Sorry, Alis has a mouth full of apple-bacon baked goodness in her mouth right now. So all she can manage is another bright smile. Though it looks suspiciously chipmunkish at the moment. A rueful expression ensues, and so she just wiggles her fingers when she's formally introduced.

    Merek takes his time to... Make it nowhere. At this point he looks forward and by the time the fifth lap is finished, he manages to find the dirt, face first and with no energy left. That can't be too good of a sign, but oh well.

Nicia smiles at Ailith when she's introduced, "A pleasure." But then, well, the race is almost over and her attention drifts back towards it. "He hasn't fallen on his face at least."

Aodhan just kinda falls super behind. He just wasn't that fast! least he gave his absolute best! he hunches over slightly, hands resting on his knees as he huffs. "Damn...well, now I know what to train on." forever the optimist.

"But that one has," Jael points out to Nicia, gesturing to Merek before dropping a practiced little curtsy to Ailith when Shae introduces her.

Ailith joins in the chorus of cheers, but ensuring each runner receives their due. Claps for all! The introductions are greeted with appropriate bows. "Ladies, Countess, Princess. A pleasure. And thank you for letting me join your cheering circle. There's many acquaintances to make since my return from prayers and duties." A rousing applause is given for the trailing runners in hopes to give them some spunk to continue. A steady eye, healer like, though observes their conditions. "Master Merek is doing well considering how long he's been at it. Oh and pardon me, I forgot to introduce myself. Seraph Ailith assigned to the Palace."

    At some point, Merek decides to crawl like he's in the jungle towards the finish line, after like everyone else has passed it more than like, at some point. Yes, he's not giving up that easy, even if he must CRAWL TO THE FINISH LINE.

Merek checked willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Fergus checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Marian checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Eirlys keeps running till she passes the finish line then she slows down, letting her body cool off till she can walk around slowly.

Cristoph seems to suddenly get inspired and much faster! He is the one who crosses the finish line first. Reese follows close behind... and perhaps appropriately, Fergus BARELY noses out his wife for third.

Is she holding her breath? No. Well, maybe. But it's only briefly until Cristoph crosses the finish line first, then Nicia is shouting and laughing, reaching over to grab Jael to give her a shake, "He won!"

Marian is trying, she is trying so hard to beat her husband that her face is turning red from the effort of barreling towards the finish line. It's so close, at first after she crosses the line, she's not even sure which one of them placed third but then she sees the judges motioning at Fergus and she drops to her knees and takes that breath. For once, her husband has beat her with something.

Reese really tries to win. Her cheeks are pink, her blonde braid is messy, there is sheen to her forehead and her breathing is rather shallow. She watches as Cristoph runs ahead of her, the princess crossing the finishing line shortly after. She comes to a stop once she is over the line and tries to catch her breath.

Reese is overheard praising Cristoph for: The fastest person in Arx!

It's a dead-on sprint between Fergus and Marian. Fist place, or even second or third doesn't even matter to him. It was never about winning the race for him, it was always about testing himself against the one person who's always beaten him at everything in their relationship and then, marriage. She's the best, she's always been the best, so his gold standard is being able to stand up with her. So he all but *leaps* towards the finish line, all gaining inches on her, toppling over onto the ground, and trying not to black out.

Estaban nods and waits he raises his hands clapping when the rase is over brinign his fingers up to his lips to whistle.

Alis is overheard praising Cristoph for: You even won without the BEEara on! We are so proud.

Reese is overheard praising Silas for: The best competition host

"I'll be damned," Jael notes when her brother smokes the rest of the pack, then blows another whistle blast until Nicia's shaking her. The woman is a little startled, but regains her composure quickly and grins. "He sure did!"

"Well done Duke Laurent! Well done!" Aiden adds to the cheers and his eyes follow along to the Grayson hot on his heels, "Way to go Reese!" You know, not that his voice will add much to it, but he does woot and hollar!

Fergus is overheard praising Marian for: For pushing me to be the very best. The best wife.

Luca is overheard praising Cristoph for: Who would have thought it, Go Laurent

Luca is overheard praising Reese for: Still kicked MY ass all over the place

Alexis is inspired in all the wrong ways, giving up any pretense of composure She's giving it everything she's got, barely getting ahead of the Luca the not-so-Languid, and cheering hoarsely (and breathlessly) as Cristoph crests the finish line, staggering across it herself after Reese and Fergus and Marian, stumbling a little, and bending over, supporting herself with her hands on her knees. The little knight looks like she might hurl, given the amount of exertion she threw into that last leg.

So it is that it takes her a few moments to get that under control, rising, exhaling, and then shooting a bright smile to Eirlys, and to the other competitors from Merek to Reese, before stepping up to Cristoph and offering her hand. "Well done. You've made the Oathlands proud today." Admittedly, she'd sound more impressive if she wasn't panting out those words.

Aiden is overheard praising Silas.

Aiden is overheard praising Cristoph.

Cristoph comes across the finish line like the most uncoordinated idiot ever. He pretty much falls down at the end and will eventually find himself with his hands on his knees, looking around. Confused. Very confused. When people start cheering for him, his expression transitions to baffled. "Uh... Oh fuck." Then he'll beam and brush the dirt off of his pants. His first point of contact is Reese. "Excellent competition, Princess Reese!"

Jael is overheard praising Cristoph for: Finally you do the family proud! ;)

    Merek eventually makes it to the finish line, crawling, and shouts weakly, "FOR FIDANTE AND VELENOSA!" He then rolls onto his back and seems to just sit there, unable to do much.

Marian is overheard praising Fergus for: For finally beating me at something!

Alis is overheard praising Alexis for: You ran a magnificent race! I'm proud to have you as a protege.

Eirlys slowly makes her way to Cristoph and smiles brightly. "Well done, You did great! I am so proud of you!" She is breathing hard and probably has sweat sliding down her face but hey she just ran a race so that is kind of expected. "I would so be someone's friend for water right now." She does turn when she hears Aiden's voice and she smiles at the man, her dimples showing. "Hi, I am Lady Eirlys Greenmarch. Please call me Eirlys, I prefer it to Lady Eirlys." She holds out her hand as if for a shake then stops. "You know what, I am sweaty I should probably not try to shake your hand."

Reese looks toward Cristoph and rather breathlessly says. "Thank you Duke Cristoph. You are very very fast." She murmurs and then sits down. She really feels the need to sit for a moment. She peeks over to Luca and he is given a warm smile that touches her blue eyes. She then smiles to Aiden.

Shae is overheard praising Cristoph for: WOO! WAY TO GO DUKE CHRISTOPH!!

Fergus is overheard praising Cristoph for: Good job with the win.

Luca, even having put a faint bit of effort at the end, manages to come in fifth afther the sudden burst of the lady knight. "Where in the Abyss did you come from, Lexi?! Nice one at the end there!" He seems to have missed her challenging him until that last and paid for it one slot further down. He seems utterly good natured about it though and, breathily, is going forward to clap Cristoph on the back hard and proclaim. "Well done, Cris! Didn't know you had it in you!" Then to Fergus. "You too, Ferg. THough I almost tripped you so Mari could take it!" A wink for the man, and finally the Champion prince is coming up to his wife to plop down next to her, lean in for a quick kiss and some murmured words, a hand rubbing lightly at her back and a rueful sort of grin on his face.

There was much applause for the Duke when he crosses the finish line, in spite having fallen behind in the prior lap. Many in the crowd were thinking he was running out of steam, so it was a nice surprise! There is also cheers for the Princess of Ribbons for getting the silver medal for House Grayson and performing well throughout the race, and hoots and hollers as the Redrain power couple keeps it close right until the end!

    The Lord Commander claps heartily, too, impressed with the display of athleticism and the result of the first event of his Pentathlon. "Great job, everyone! Congratulations Your Grace, Your Highnesses! Medals will be distributed at the conclusion of the Pentathlon, but your victories are recorded."

Nicia is overheard praising Cristoph for: He didn't fall on his face!


Cristoph is overheard praising Reese for: One damn fine competitor!

Nicia remembers to not shake people a little too late, but she does let go of Jael rather quickly, cheeks flushing, "Sorry." She murmurs, and the fact she tried to give Jael brain damage only dulls her excitement for the win a fraction of a second before she's back to cheering. Sans shaking.

Silas is overheard praising Cristoph.

Cristoph is overheard praising Silas for: For putting on a great race! And no one passed out! ...completely!

Silas is overheard praising Reese.

Merek is seen to, and eventually is helped home. Making his way quietly out of the place.

Cristoph is overheard praising Jael for: Trolling Cristoph the whole race when he couldn't hear her!

Aodhan is overheard praising Cristoph for: So fast!

Alexis sketches a bow to Reese, and shoots a smile to Fergus and Marian. "Your highnesses. Very well done." Bowing to Luca as well, and grinning broadly to Eirlys. "I'd say Valardin made a decent showing, wouldn't you? First, fifth and seventh place isn't bad at all." Exhaling again, she makes her way to Clover. Accepting Wyrmstooth and strapping it to her back, sketching a bow to Alis and Ailith, and to Nicia and Jael and Shae. "My ladies."

Eirlys is overheard praising Cristoph for: YOU DID A GREAT JOB REPRESENTING THE VALARDIN HOUSE! WAY TO GO! I should get you some whiskey!

Cristoph untangles himself from a knot of people and makes sure to find time catch Alexis and Eirlys and shake hands. "Great job everyone! Valardin is off to good start!" Fistbumps for everyone.

Aiden watches the celebrations surrounding the runners and is almost about on his way to turn from the event, when an odd look strikes him as Eirlys approaches with an extended hand. He looks like you'd expect an introvert to look when he's busted at some big old social, sheepish with a faint underlying panic. Well, what do you do. He puts a tight smile on his face and nods to Eirlys, "Hello Lady Eirlys. It's a.. pleasure to meet you yes. Good running out there. That looked difficult competition. Swift as eagles." That tight smile remains on his face as he flashes a look to Reese, then back to Eirlys, "Oh uh yeah, I'm Aiden." For a minute, then he adds, "Grayson, sorry. I'm well... hi."

Cristoph is overheard praising Alexis for: Representing House Valardin and kicking ass!

Cristoph is overheard praising Eirlys for: Representing House Valardin and being bad ass!

Fergus rolls onto his feet, barely, coming over to Marian, helping her up if need be. He doesn't say thank you or good job or much of anything else. He just pulls his wife into a deep, somewhat breathless kiss. Mostly because he is out of breath. But that's about the only real way he can think to thank her. He doesn't show it, but man, is the big Redrain happy.

"It's fine," Jael says complacently to Nicia, probably not suffering all that much damage from the jouncing. She lets out another whooping cheer when it's not going to land right in Nicia's ear, and then beams when Alexis fetches up. "Dame Alexis! A fine showing."

Reese leans into Luca as he whispers and her cheeks warm pink. She has a happy smile for him. She then smiles over to Alexis. "Thank you Dame Alexis. you are very fast yourself." She murmurs softly.

Marian needs help getting to her feet and then gives a little sound of surpise as he pulls her into a panty dropping kiss. She wraps her arms around his neck and gives a kiss back to him, fiercely nipping his bottom lip for beating her at the race, "That's for winning." She gives a laugh and hugs him, glad to see that her husband managed to best her.

"Oooh! Good job Duke Christoph! Princess Reese, Princess Marian, Prince Fergus!" She calls out as they come across the finishline. And then is heard cheering on Alexis and Eirlys too. "Oh Dame Alexis! You were amazing, you did such a wonderful job out there!" And then she is off running, well hobble running towards Eirlys. "EIRLYS!" Hugging her as she reaches the Greenmarcher. "You did great!!"

Nicia glances at Alexis, offering her a smile in greeting, "Hello." She offers, getting herself back under some semblance of calm, cool collectedness. "Yes, it does seem as though Valardin has made a great start to things."

Ailith backs away to give the runners space among the Valardin cheering zone. "Congratulations, all. It was a keen display of athletics." The crowd all at once brings the Seraph to an observant silence.

Cristoph is somewhat free of the crowds and people happily slapping him on the back. He pauses briefly before exiting the area Luca and Reese are in to say something quietly to the man and then moves towards his family. Poor Nicia is calm, cool and collected. And Cris is sweaty and disgusting and going in for the HUG. The crushing gross man hug.

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