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Falconry: an Exhibition and Competition

With the sponsorship of House Grayson, House Fidante, and House Whitehawk, Lady Elora Whitehawk will be holding an evening of falconry!

Split into two parts, the first will be an exhibition of falconry. Handlers will guide their birds through a free form display of falconry commands, culminating in a popular vote from spectators. The Crowd's Favourite award of 50,000 silver and a trophy will be presented as a result of that vote. The second part of the evening will involve a competition wherein handlers put their birds through an increasingly difficult series of maneuvers and tasks. The bird-and-handler team that performs the best will receive an award of 150,000 silver, and the spectators will be encouraged to bet on the trials.

This event is open to falconers of all abilities.

((OOC: We'll be running through a few different things in this event. The falconry part has been partially discussed, but the coded format will be as follows: In exhibition, animal ken and command rolls at difficulties of the PC's choosing dependant on the complexity of what they're trying to demonstrate. In the competition, the same rolls will be performed at increasing difficulties as the handlers are asked to put their birds through a series of tests.

This part is for the spectators: The attendees will get to vote at the end of the exhibition to give the top-place award to the favourite. In the competition, betting will be encouraged as will cheering. Hope to see y'all there!))


Jan. 22, 2022, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Elora Calista Liara




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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