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Night with the Rivenshari

Come spend an evening around the fires of the Rivenshari. Songs and stories, dancing and laughter. This is what Rivenshari thrive on.

There will be a contest for best entertainment with prizes.

And lets not forget the cookie stealing after all, who can resist Amelia's chewy ginger cookies.


Oct. 15, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Eshra Athaur


Zoey Felix Maru Rosalind Mattheu Aella Kiera



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Longhouse

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Comments and Log

Eshra gets a strand of brass hair bells from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

1 Rivenshari Clansman, Lucky, the fishing cat, Patock, A clever Youth arrive, following Athaur.

Felix gets a strand of brass hair bells from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Zoey gets a strand of brass hair bells from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

1 Templar Knight guards, Ralph the wrecking messenger goat, Alatess, an angry hairless tan cat, Syeira the Rivenshari shop assistant leave, following Felix.

Eshra puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

1 Templar Knight guards, Ralph the wrecking messenger goat, Alatess, an angry hairless tan cat, Syeira the Rivenshari shop assistant arrive, following Felix.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Felix puts a strand of brass hair bells in Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Unlike most houses, the nobles of the house are not poised to greet guests. There is no queue of a welcoming line, instead they can be scattered throughout the Longhouse mixed in with everyone else. Greeting those that come close to them, calling out to others they might notice across the vast room.

Normally the bardic nights are held outside, under the stars around huge fires. But with the snow only having just melted and the nights still cold, the clan has elected to being everyone in to the longhouse.. it is where they spend the colder nights, with the huge lamps above and the two huge fire pits surrounded by benches, cushions and piles of furs.

To the far side of the room, tables are laden with food, spiced breads and sharp cheeses, chowders to ward off the chill and big plates of pickled veg or honeyed fruit and nuts. A large barrel has been tapped and waiting as well as large pots of mulled wine. And everywhere.. there seems to be children. Playing, running and squealing with laughter.

Eshra, the Lady Rivenshari, stands near the fires\, on one hip she holds a dark haired infant, a daughter.. her only one.. but a lot of those boys running around is hers and Maru's as well. Every once in awhile she will lean into his little ear and whisper in Ravashari, but otherwise the woman looks... Happy. Which is something many have never seen on the rather stoic Voice of Riva..

There might not be a queue, but that does not stop Zoey from heading straight to Eshra to warmly greet the hostess. "My Lady, it has been too long! I think Uriel was a toddler still the last time I made it to one of your events."

Felix arrives with little fanfare, though a small entourage; one because they're assigned to his protection, one because goats go wherever they want, and the third because she's from the people hosting the night's gathering. A pause once he steps inside to look around the longhouse with a somewhat fond, familiar gaze, before he continues further within. "Lady Eshra." letting those who accompany him move off to their own devices. "And little Lady." amusement as he offers a short bow. "A pleasure to be here for things other than business." he doesn't linger, giving Zoey a grin and lifted hand in greeting before moving off to circle through the gathering himself.

Not too far away from Eshra, Maru sits on one of the benches circling the fires. He's situated himself so he's looking across the fire toward the entrance, and he watches as people file in. That is, when he's not watching the children running about.

Practically bursting in, Rosa lets out a large smile. "Hello,"she greets. Her face and such are still blotched with red marks, but it's fine. Seeing Felix, she gives a little wave, before rushing off to find Eshra. She's the hostess, right?!

Mattheu sits upon the floor with a group of children running around him as his arms are spread out wide, he chews on some cheese as he continues to attempt to convince his nephews to grab some nibbles to bring over to him. A laugh as one grabs a pickled vegetable and acts as if they are going to feed it to their uncle, then choosing to eat it themselves and making /that/ face when it is realized that was /NOT/ what they expected of the vegetable. Hands upon knees as he stands up and runs his hand through the hair of Aegis, then Raqui. Both look to their uncle with a scowl for fussing their hair, then back to laughter as Tiga runs up and tags them both before running off again.

Athaur on the other hand is seated near one of the fires, idily strumming a guitar as he laughs and jokes with the people around him. His young son sits at his feet, one arm wrapped around his leg as he watches everyone around him with large eyes. The Marquis is in high spirits, as he usually is, each exaggerated movement causing the cascade of bells to ring out merrily around him.

Aella doesn't burst in, as her sister does, but she is not far behind Rosalind. "Rosa, slow the fu-" The copper haired countess clears her throat. "Right. Public." That is muttered to herself as she enters the longhouse and looks around. There's a nod to Felix and another to Mattheu, but in general? The tall northerner looks a bit lost.

Kiera enters, her gaze sweeping over the activity with bright eyes, particullar the little ones as they run about, but her gaze settles on Eshra and she heads in that direction "Thank you Lady for hosting this lovely. She curtseys briefly but can't help also offering a wave and a finger to the little one in her arms "Quite a lively bunch"

Rosalind squints at Aella, clearly not understanding what her sister means. "I DID slow down,"she tells her. "Hi Matti,"she greets Mattheu with another smile. Rosa peeks at Athaur too, head tilted. "Hi! I think I know you, but I can't recall. I'm Rosa Ravenseye,"then goes off to sit.

Zoey lifts a hand and waves to Felix. "Blessed Felix! How are you? wonderful night, is it not?"

A wave back to Rosalind, and a quirked grin at Aella with the bow of his head to return her greeting. "It is, Lady Zoey, and I have been well - yourself?" once he's circled back around, somehow having acquired a cup, drink, and something to nibble on in the other hand - at least half of which has gone to the goat that trots along with him.

Mattheu laughs when Rosa comes barreling around the corner, then as Aella nods to him she's greeted with a holler from where he stands, "Countess Aella! Come, let's find a drink!" He then heads to get a few mugs of the cider, handing one off to Kiera as he leans softly to tilt his head to Eshra's shoulder before smirking to his niece on her side. "Lady Kiera, its good to see you." He sips from one of the mugs that he holds, the other ready to pass off to Aella.

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Rosalind grins over at Zoey. "Hi Lady Zoey! How are you,"she asks as she goes to pluck a drink for herself. Looking around, Rosa goes and plops herself to sit. "Poor Aella. I should just start dragging her wherever I go."

Oh yes, there are bells. The entire clan each wear at least one and the nobles? Well they could be their own musical accompany. Ersha nor her children.. and husband for that matter, are well belled. And of course as each new person enters, they are too belled. Dark haired Rivenshari, meeting each to tie or weave a string of brass bells around wrists or in hair. The result in this closed enviroment is but another level of chaotic sound raising to the rafters.

Zoey get a smile and nod. "Ladyt Kennex, it is good to see you again. We look forward to hearing your tails. It has been awhile." nodding towards the boys around Mattheu, who last time that Zoey was here, still sat in their parent's arms.

"Felix!" yes she knows he isn't just Felix any more.. but he will always just be Felix to Eshra. The Archlector hugged, one armed as the infant Kaleia reaches for his robes. "Get yourself some ale and come keep Maru company." a grin at her husband even as she untangles the baby's hands from the man of Faith.

Turning she deposits the infant into Maru's lap, kissing the top of his head as his daughter reaches for his beard.

Both Rosalind and Kiera get smiles from the Rivenshari, Eshra taking a moment to lift a string of bells and tie them into the former's hair. "Welcome Ladies, please make yourself at home.. the music should start soon." not that Athaur ion't doing his best.

"Spirits keep you," Aella murmurs to Mattheu as she accepts the drink, giving the lord a a grateful look before she gulps down a few mouthfuls of whatever it is she's been handed. Her gaze looks around at all the children, brow furrowing slightly. "I should introduce myself to the rest of your family." She gives a respectful bow to Eshra, Athaur, and Maru. "Countess Aella Ravenseye, well met." Then she's looking for a spot to sit, preferably one that doesn't seem like it will make her be overly sociable.

Athaur is not so much making music as he is plucking the instrument in idle boredom. He looks over to Rosalind and smiles brightly to her. "I believe we have exchanged a few words before, My Lady, but I do not think we have been properly introduced. I am Marquis Athaur Rivenshari, at your service." He stands, carefully so as not to disrupt the toddler clinging to his leg and drops into an extravegant bow. Aella also recieves a bow in return. "A pleasure to finally meet you Countess."

Maru takes his infant daughter and chuckles as she tugs at his beard. He turns her around and sets her on his leg, his arm wrapped around her so she can look out at the fire and the people just like he is. His other hand is lifted in a wave toward Felix first, and then Aella at her introduction. A few moments later, Kaleia starts to squirm, so he turns her back around to face him and starts bouncing her on his knee as she reaches up to grab at his beard again. Kids.

"Alas, I know not if I have a tale worth sharing, but I will try" Zoey tells Eshra with a smile. "I think I see some faces yet that I do not have names for, so I think in the meantime I will mingle at least."

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Kiera waves back to mattheu and with a smill bow to eshra moves off in his direction " You failed to mention to mention such a large family" she says to mattheu in a tone that playfully suggests he's hidden a cache of diamonds "my brother would likely curse me for wishing such a storm of activity on our home, even though he's doing fabulously with my little nephew mind " she seems relieved as the Maquis identifies himself for Aella allowing her to approach and offer greeting "It is a pleasure to finally meet you Maquis. Lady Kiera Wyvernheart

Rosalind grins at the todler. "He's so cute! It's super nice to meet you!" She waves to Aella as she joins them too. "Hi sister! Have you met Athaur,"gesutre toward the man she's been chatting with. "Hi Lady Kiera,"she greets with a wave.

Mattheu smiles to Kiera, then pointing out which are nephews and nieces versus the rest that are no less important as they are all Rivenshari. Sipping at his cider before nodding towards Athaur for Kiera, "My brother is over there. /Marquis.../" A playful jaunt as he goes around the room, "Maru, Eshra's husband." He looks down as Tiga is pulling on one of the scarves around his waist, "And this one is Tiga, one of my nephews who appears to be interested in us going this way?"

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Zoey does as she says and goes to the firepit. Maru gets a friendly wave before she sits at the opposite side, her attention on Aella.

Eshra moves to the fire pit, climbing onto the edge.. something the children have been told over and over not to do. Especially as she is wearing colorful skirts that seem to want to swirl around her feet. From the back somewhere there is a small boy's voice. "Uhht ohh..Papa going to get Mama in trouble."

Eshra grins, glancing down at her husband. "Only if he has had his tea." the comment meant for the adults not the small concerned boys. looking back up, her voice warm and husky, like a good whiskey. " Those that do not know me. I am Eshra. Athaur, myself and the rest of our family welcome you all to our home."

"For those that are new to us and for those that are not, we hope you enjoy the evening. Tonight there will be stories, music.. not only from us but from all of you as well. And of course a test of skill... that will come later."

There's a small smile on Aella's face as Rosalind's cheer tugs at her. "Only just now," She answers, wiggling her fingers at the toddler clinging to Athaur's leg. "I admit, I'm something of a... Recluse, lately." Her stormy eyes darken, but she shakes her head and chooses not to elaborate on why. When Zoey approaches, the countess gives a respectful bow of her head, saying something more quietly.

Glancing over his bouncing daughter's head, Maru spies Zoey's wave and lifts one of his up to wave in return. When Eshra climbs onto the edge of the firepit, Maru stops bouncing Kaleia on his knee, and turns her around, so they're watching her. He looks first toward the child who commented--his eldest, Aegis--and chuckles, then glances up toward Eshra, and laughs at her comment about the tea. Actually smiling, then, he looks around the room.

Athaur lifts Gavier onto his lap as he speaks with those who have gathered near the fire. He looks up as Eshra steps up, laughing at her joke with a shake of his head.

Zoey laughs at something Aella says and settles closer to her.

Mattheu pats Tiga's head while watching his sister make both her joke and welcoming announcement to their guests. A laugh is shared towards something Kiera has said as he leans over to whisper back to her.

While sitting around the fire, it seems Aella is to find no reprieve from socializing. It was probably not a good choice to leave the Ravenseye lodge if that had been her intention, anyway. Something Zoey says has her looking thoughtful. "I could use someone like you, 'cept to make sure Rosa and I have what we need, and there's no husbands to leave bereft of adventurous wives." The countess shrugs and takes another sip of her drink.

Zoey lifts an eyebrow. "Are you speaking in generalities, or do you have a need?" she asks. "I am happy to offer aide to a friend, of course."

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Rosalind takes a strand of brass hair bells from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

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Rosalind grins at Zoey. "Aella and I are always almost dying. Some more than others." We won't mention who more. Finishing her drink, Rosa kisses her sister on the cheek before hurrying out. "I have a trip to prepare for. Thank you for having me!" And out she runs, in the pace that is Rosalind

Once most the eyes have turned her way. The Voice of the Rivenshari, slowly meets most their eyes. "I will start things off tonight with a small but recently found story of love and commitment."

Again she waits until the room is silent.. because even the children of the Rivenshari, know when the hush for a story.

"This is a story of a the mighty blue dragon that lived a very very long time ago before the Dance of Skulls."

As she speaks, a dancer come from the far side of the long house... somehow just appearing as if her had not been there before. The Lord of Wings is so sumptuously presented, with so many layers of cloth and so many, as one might expect, wings attached to his back, that it's a wonder he can move, let alone so gracefully.

Eshra pauses as the dancer swirls into sight, then her low voice continues. "Many believe dragons to be solidary creatures but this dragon was not a lone, he loved and was loved by a beautiful water spirit."

And from the other side of the room she comes. The Lady of the Waters is likewise almost lost in trails of blue silk that by all rights ought to trip her up as she glides around the Lord of Wings, but the actor never did trip, not once.

Eshra watches the dancers as they come together. "They loved with a love as powerful as they were and from their union came a child and from that child and as that child found a lover, there came more.. a family. It was this family that would be the greatest joy and the downfall of the dragon and his watery lover. As the Dance of Skulls came and they spent themselves protecting their daughter and her children."

The dance is short, but mesmerizing; perhaps any longer and it would lose its effect. But the idea of it, the image of wings and water and yearning, remains as the two separate again and disappear into the dark corners of the room.

"And as we now know, as with the death of any of the First Children.. they still look down on their family, protecting.. watching." Eshra's eyes lift and lights twinkle on between the two great lamps, a representation of the Lover's constellation having been set in the roof high above.

For a moment she is silent watching the fake stars that twinkle above then lower her eyes back to those gathered and smiles. "Who is next?"

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"How about a song?" Zoey offers. "I have been learning to sing and writing song recently. I would be happy to share one."

Kiera gives an intake of breath at the story and for some reason her face flushes a bit. she smiles brightly

Mattheu pats at his chest, giving more jingling to fill the room with as Eshra finishes her story and the dancers conclude the flurry of their motions. A cheer to follow as Zoey offers a song, "When Lady Zoey has shared her song, I have a piece to share as well." He then reaches into his knapsack that sits nearby to pull out a small well tended to chest, opening it up to remove the cherry red violin, giving the strings a soft pluck to tune it.

Mattheu takes Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest from a simple leather backpack.

Mattheu takes Vantuluimea from Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest.

Mattheu puts Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest in a simple leather backpack.

Athaur looks towards Zoey and grins brightly. "Yes, we would love a song. Especially if it is a new one."

A song? Aella tries to make herself inconspicuous. Her expression clearly says 'no one wants to hear me sing.' In fact she could use more to drink. To keep her mouth full so she can't sing.

Eshra smiles and steps down, with the help of one of the drummers. "If you wish a drummer, just let them know the beat, Lady Kennex." then yeilding the floor... umm firepit, to Zoey, Eshra moves to sit beside Maru, kissing his cheek and leaning against his shoulder to listen and make faces at their youngest.

Zoey checks charm and performance at normal. Zoey is successful.

Zoey gets up from her seat, smoothing her dress as she takes her place to perform. "This one is a song meant as a duet between two lovers, soldiers, who meet on the eve of a large battle, unsure if it might be their last night in this life. They decide to make the most of it."

Zoey's voice is deep and dark, a contralto that gives a sense of longing and melancholy. The song is an outpouring of love between the two, saying all the things that they will not risk being unsaid, all while focusing on each other until the coming of dawn.

Maru leans into Eshra as she kisses his cheek and moves Kaleia to sit on his other knee, facing them both so he and Eshra both can make faces at her. She giggles. She loves this game. He turns his head to murmur something quietly to his wife, and then looks back toward the fire for Zoey's performance.

Kiera applauds and says softly that was lovely lady zoey"

Whispering back and forth with her husband and the occasional face made to her giggling daughter... does not mean that Eshra was not listening. She was! So it was that when Zoey finished her song that the stoic, house Voice let out a piercing whistle. Her wild dark curls shaking to set all the bells she wears to singing in return.

Athaur leans forward as Zoey sings, a small smile on his face as he listens to her song. When she completes the song, he lets out a whistle of his own and a thunderous applause

Athaur is overheard praising Zoey.

Mattheu shakes his head to sound out each bell tied to his hair as he calls to Zoey, "A wonderful song Lady Zoey." He plucks once more to the strings on the violin before standing. He looks over to his sister and brother before stepping towards the fire, a nod to the drummers as he gives a small bounce and cascade of bells all sing out.

Eshra is overheard praising Zoey: beautifully done

Aella manages to find a refill in time to give Zoey her rapt attention, mouth slightly agape. Then, to not look completely uncultured, she busies herself with drinking so her mouth has something to do other than hang open. Once the song has finished, she asks, "Did you say you were /learning/ to sing?"

Mattheu is overheard praising Zoey.

Kiera is overheard praising Eshra.

Kiera is overheard praising Zoey.

Zoey picks up her skirt with both hands and dips into a curtsey. "Thank you, thank you," she says. "Ah, yes, learning. I still have some refining to do. I quite enjoy it though."

Matthew stands and Eshra grins. "Lovely, Lady Kennex. Lords and Ladies, Lord Mattheu Rivenshari." glancing to her huge little brother. "When you are ready, Matti."

Mattheu checks charm and performance at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Mattheu nods to Eshra, "A little piece that I've been practicing since joining the Bard's College. Both a moment caught of joy, then mixed with some sorrow." He looks to the drummers with a nod then takes to placing the violin to balance not under his chin, though held closely to allow for plucking at strings, with a soft drumming to start a beat for those with the actual drums. Once the beat is picked up strings are given soft plucks.

Each note singing out on its own as Mattheu begins to tap his feet, then bouncing while plucking at strings in rhythm to the bells chiming along to the beat from drummers. The bottom of the violin is tapped at between a pluck of strings giving another percussion to the rhythm building up. A nod to the drummers sitting to the side of the fire, as they chime in with a roll accompanying the playfulness of the song.

Mattheu stops bouncing, with the drummers dropping to a low rolling sound, that of a heartbeat slowing down from a fast run, then stopping as each of Mattheu's bells slowly quiets in the cascade of rainfall. A nod while closing his eyes and bow is taken to the strings in a long soft pull. Notes drawn out, leading slowly into more quick plucks before a shift in semitone and returning to another long draw.

Drummers pick up slowly, mimicking the same heartbeat. Slow to build as Mattheu continues to build a pattern of upbeat followed by slow, long, and low saddened notes sing out in each tap, draw, and bounce. Mattheu incorporates each bell and tap to fit within the song. Only opening his eyes as the last note sings out in its echo off of the rafters of the long house. Drums slowly fading off only after Mattheu removes bow from strings.

Song fades and for a moment everything is silent before the room erupts in stamping feet, clapping hands and so many bells. Eshra beams proudly at her little brother, glancing towards Athaur with a smile and lift of her brows... like.. well, look who grew up.

Felix adds his applause as he has with the others, a smile on his features as he makes a reappearance from wherever it was he has been hiding. Still has his cup, too, and has found a place to settle in with a place to get comfortable as he listens and watches.

Zoey applauds as well, her smile broad for her fellow college member. When her aide rests a hand on her shoulder and whispers in her ear, she sighs and her smile fades. She murmurs her goodbyes to friends and acquaintances on her way out.

Athaur applauds for his brother, a smile on his face. He shares the look with his sister. He whoops for the youngest sibbling

Athaur is overheard praising Mattheu.

Maru applauds for Mattheu, careful to keep his daughter balanced on his knee.

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Eshra is overheard praising Mattheu.

Aella blinks rapidly, watching Mattheu's performance. "Huh." She shifts her weight, glancing at Athaur. "Did you know he could do that?" Back to the performing Rivenshari, she gives applause. "Seems the Bard's College has done you some good." It's not a dig. "This is why I don't dance with you. I'd fall on my face and ruin your whole..." A swirling hand gesture to indicate all of him, "Thing."

The Wyvernheart woman's eyes do not leave mattheu as he plays, though they do transition frequently between the man's face and watching his fingers strum across the each point where the slowing of heartbeats come, she appears to hold her brath for instant but applauds and smiles as the man finishes, meeting his eyes as he opens them

Athaur looks to Aella with a smile. "Oh, I knew he could do that. But not so well." Athaur stands with a smile walking to Matti and clapping him on the shoulder with a proud smile.

Arms wrapped around her husband's one, chin on his shoulder, at her feet their two youngest sons have settled. Eshra smiles. "/We/ knew he could do it. It just took some time for him to realize that."

Mattheu holds the violin in a haphazard means by its neck, then brings it closer to him as Athaur claps his shoulder. "Thank you brother." A soft smile and look is shared with Kiera, then turning to Aella with a quick quip back. "More reason to at least attempt. If you fall at least there's someone nearby to catch you."

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Athaur chuckles softly at his brother, setting his young son so that he can toddle off. The Marquis gazes around the lodge. "Does anyone have something they wish to share with us?"

Kiera hms "I could share a piece of the scene I'm working on for artshall i guess

Kiera checks charm and performance at normal. Kiera marginally fails.

Aella shakes her head. "That's a lot of responsibility to put on someone." The quirk of her smile to one side of her mouth makes the statement more lighthearted as she responds to Mattheu. To Athaur, her head shakes again. "Nay, I've no creative bones." Kiera's supposition has the countess lifting her cup in the lady's direction. "Aye, do that."

Kiera's voice is halting and soft, clearly not a practiced performer but the passion comes through for all the delivery is imperfect. "sugan's soliloquy Above my head a strange bright star
My feet on foreign ground
I have journeyed from afar
So aid might be found

Beset by waves and tempest tossed
On ships upon the sea
Many leagues have I now crossed
To set my people free

Not so long ago I lived a simple life
Hard though it might it have been
I gave no thought to strife

No thought of want or greed
By home I chose to stay
Taking care of mother's need
While father was away

No great hopes for the dream
No coin or honor sought
As strange as it may seem
Twas quite happy with my lot

No thoughts of raising sword or shield
In Gloria's great name
Happy just to tend the field
With no such need for fame

Though hardship may not cease
No thoughts of who to be
My only wish just then was peace
For my home and my family

Then one day in slumber's rest
The gods called out to me
Daughter you must travel west
To set your people free

Here I now stand
The gods will to abide
Though I have nothing planned
Their values as my guide

For vellichor I'll learn anew
my oaths to limerence keep
For sentinel I will be true
In my waking and my sleep

I'll show the generosity of Gild
By Lagoma's mercy pain be healed
May Petrichor boon grant again
As I walk on foreign terrain

Through my trials and tribulation
Jayus be my inspiration
Gloria's strength now be shield
To my fear I must not yield

Mangata now refresh my soul
As here by my choice I stand.
May I not prove a fool
As the Queen of death is close at hand

Athaur is overheard praising Kiera.

Kiera finishes "Apologies. I am no bard or actress"

Athaur smiles at Kiera, standing and applauding. "No apologies needed, My Lady. The importance of art is that it comes from the heart." He looks towards Aella with a smile. "Countess, are you certain you do not wish to share?"

Matti makes use of his violin to tap upon its bottom as he applauds Kiera's recitation of poem. "Well done Lady Kiera!" A smirk is shared back to Aella, "To catch a Countess? Responsibility?" He shakes his head at her as bells jingle. "It'd be an interesting adventure."

Kaleia starts to squirm and fuss and reach for Eshra, so Maru hands her off. He listens as Kiera speaks and applauds when she's done.

It doesn't matter to Aella that Kiera isn't a bard or actress, she still gets enthusiastic applause. "I especially liked the Mangata part." Of course she did. She sets her empty cup aside and lifts her hands - palms out, fingers splayed - in front of her. "I'm certain. I'll..." Her nose wrinkles, freckles dancing. "I'll be sure to prepare something for the next gathering."

Mattheu takes Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest from a simple leather backpack.

Mattheu puts Vantuluimea in Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest.

Mattheu puts Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest in a simple leather backpack.

Kiera takes a strand of brass hair bells from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Mattheu sits back by the fire, curling a leg under him while he puts the violin back into his knapsack

Athaur Athaur looks around with a smile. "Well if no one else wishes to continue, I shall take the honor of being the final performer for the evening." He holds his hand out and a young girl walks forward. She is covered in mud and more bells then any other child present as she carries his guitar. He crouches down, exchanging a few quiet words with his daughter before ruffling her hair and taking his guitar. "Our visiting countess reminded me of a song that was crafted by one of our ancestors. He was bound by an honor debt to travel with a Ravashari caravan. So he crafted this song about missing the first love of all of our lives. The life on the rivers."

Athaur checks dexterity and performance at normal. Athaur is successful.

The song starts off slowly, long notes of mournful yearning. The drummers step into the rythmn with him. As the song picks up, Athaur begins to dance with the music, his feet stepping highly as he spins with the guitar. His voice is a smooth baritone, and the singing language of Ravashari is well suited to the sorrowful tune.

The Marquis moves with the music, his bells ringing with each movement of his body. A stray tear runs down his cheek as the emotions of the song he overtakes him. When it reaches the ending the song tapers of silently, leaving the listener wanting and as sorrowful as the song itself.

Matti looks up from the fire and a soft conversation with Maru when Athaur finishes his song, slapping at his own chest to give song back from bells as he calls to his brother, "A lovely song brother!"

Maru brings his hands together in applause and shakes his head to ring the bells in his hair.

Aella is still, a stark contrast to the Rivenshari - only wisps of her hair catch on a breeze. She opens her mouth to say something but closes it quickly. Her stormy eyes flicker with emotion as she looks from Athaur to Mattheu, then around to the rest of the gathered crowd. When the younger lord breaks the silence, she dips her head to the marquis. "That was... Beautiful. Not sure how I feel about reminding you of something so sorrowful, but I'm glad to have heard the song."

Athaur spins the guitar in his hands before he drops down into a flourishing bow. "Thank you all. We appreciate you spending the evening with us. You are welcome to stay as long as you may like. We are happy to host you." He looks to Aella and smiles. "It is quite alright. We are acostomed to sorrow in our lives."

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