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The Fifth Feast of the Senses

Come join Archduchess Jaenelle for the Fifth feast of the senses, a sensual and intimate dining experience. All couples will be blindfolded and fed by the other a selection of dishes selected by Princess Donella Redrain and crafted by the Velenosa chefs. Poison testers will be on hand for those who are concerned.

(OOC: This is a public event though each person will be paired up. To make it fair and to make sure Jaenelle doesn't feel bad if someone is left out, please RSVP with your intention of attending and if you have someone you wish to bring or if you want to be paired blindly).


July 29, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Noah Drake Ilira Apollo Cristoph Khanne Varan Lianne Saccharin Mabelle Cesare Quenia Mattheu Thea



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Ballroom

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Comments and Log

Someone wearing a wide raspberry ribbon has joined the a raspberry and eggshell gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a wide cardinal ribbon has joined the a cardinal and cornflower gossamer lace canopy.

Servants have been stationed in the Audience Hall to escort each blindfolded dinner guest to their canopies, enough pillows on the floor surrounding the low table to make a comfortable, private areas where softly spoken words can be shared between strangers, friends, or lovers.

Each pairing has been give a private servant to get them whatever they require, bells hanging from their wrists to indicate when they get closer to their charges so they aren't saying or doing anything shocking within earshot. Unless they want to. No one is judging!

Someone wearing a wide chestnut ribbon has joined the a blush and chestnut gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a wide onyx ribbon enters into the area with a servant. The person moves a bit slower than needed. He puts out his right foot and pat-pat-pats the floor before putting his foot down. The low voice is a slight grumble. "Of course, I don't trust you." This is followed by a loud THWACK! as the servant 'accidentally' lets him slam into a nearby table. They give a soft 'oops' and move to fix the items on the table.

Someone wearing a wide jungle green ribbon has done this event before, enough to feel almost like a professional blind-fold navigator. He's leading the one in the thistle band but in turn being lead by a servant, since... well, they can't see anything... that's the rules.

Someone wearing a wide fire opal ribbon has joined the a periwinkle and fire opal gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a wide thistle ribbon has joined the a jungle green and thistle gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a wide fire opal ribbon has left the a periwinkle and fire opal gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a wide fire opal ribbon has joined the a brandy and indigo gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a wide raspberry ribbon slips on her blindfold just out of sight of the doors, then steps inside. She accepts the elbow of the server that greets her and trails fluidly behind them, her silks and jewels rustling with even the barest sway of her hips. She releases the server gently at her table and settles herself without help, placing one hand on the tabletop and another on the cushion to guide her way. She reclines upon her sumptuous pillow and lazily outstretches her legs, primly crossing them beneath the luxurious folds of her skirt. With a joyous smile in her voice, she greets her partner in a murmur too low for others to hear.

Someone wearing a wide olive ribbon pretends to be escorting someone wearing an alabaster ribbon, even as a servant provides escort for both of them. It's just what one does. Commentary is provided at a hush to alabster, pleasant tones and easy anticipation.

Someone wearing a wide eggshell ribbon isn't a stranger to this ballroom, but they are a stranger to being led around blindfolded, as it's not something that happens everyday. And so when they come in, they're a bit reluctant to be drawn about, but eventually relax and are seated at their table. A quiet murmur is offered to the person who brought them safely to their destination and now he leans forward, his elbows resting upon the table and hearing the greeting that's offered too low for anyone else.

Someone wearing a wide cardinal ribbon made her way to the Velenosa Estate, waiting until she was just outside the ballroom before tying on her ribbon. A servant offers to lead her in, and she holds her hand out to them, letting them take it or her arm as they will. Once seated at the cardinal and cornflower canopy, she thanks them then turns her head this way and that, as if she could get a sense of if she already had company yet or not. "Hello?" she says questioningly, loud enough to be heard and waiting to see if someone answers, or perhaps for her servant to say her companion for the night has not yet arrived. However, someone does indeed respond, though much more quietly than she. Smiling, she says, "Good evening!"

Someone wearing a wide midnight ribbon arrives at the entryway dressed in silk that resembles a shade of midnight. The dark color of his ensemble matches the wide ribbon that blindfolds him, and at his arm is a servant escorting him toward his seat so he doesn't cause an accident. He makes quiet small talk with his escort and his free hand smoothes the front of his waistcoat out of habit as they (carefully) walk together. When he arrives at a certain canopy and mass of pillows, he murmurs his gratitude to the servant and is all smiles as he does his best to sit down without bumping into anything.

Someone wearing wide alabaster ribbon is clearly the one doing the escorting here, nevermind the absence of bells upon either wrist. Already, they're arm in arm as they're lead to their seats, comfortable in one another's company. Not everything about the evening needs to be unfamiliar and adventuresome.

Someone wearing a wide blush ribbon slips into the ballroom at a leisurely pace, managing to walk with an almost astonishing navigational ability as she makes her way to the blush and chestnut canopy. She settles down with all too much warmth in her voice. "Well this is fun! And I avoided all the deadly traps surely around the room." She seems proud of herself.

Someone wearing a wide crystal ribbon fills the room with the scent of sweet berries as she walks into the ballroom. Small steps are taking to avoid falling straight on her face. A bell-equipped servant escorts her to her prespective seat, while hearing, "'This is unusual', 'Whoops Sorry!'" and a few good evenings.

Someone wearing a wide chestnut ribbon arrives precisely on time, sweeping in on the arm of a servant as if he does this sort of thing all the time. Not that anyone can see it - but he seems perfectly at ease, as if he's the kind who's used to paying attention using all senses, and the dearth of one does not particularly bother him. He's dressed in crimson, violet, and ebony, velvet and silk which whisper along with him as he walks, led over to his place where he takes his seat and leans across to hear the voice of the person sitting across from him, eyebrows rising in curiosity and amusement.

Someone wearing a wide brandy ribbon had arrived early to the feast, wanting to get seated well in advance. Her server had carefully maneuvered her to a table and set her down, getting her a glass of wine, whatever type is being served for the evening. There she waits for her dinner partner to arrive.

wanders in with blindfold already on, arms tucked behind them then waiting for someone to come and lead them in the direction they should be going.

Someone wearing a wide onyx ribbon has joined the a heliotrope and onyx gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a wide onyx ribbon is led over to the heliotrope and onyx canopy. The trust is gone! GONE! He pauses. "Are you sure you aren't taking me to a the wrong table? There is a table right?" His foot goes forwards as if expecting to find a cliff or rather a lack of one. No one can see them! So the servant gives a shove to the Man in the Onyx mask. He tumbles with swagger. As he finds pillows, his hands come out to feel for the table and for his 'date'. "Hello?"

"Thank you all for coming," Jaenelle can be heard, voice loudly carrying through the darkened room. It is night out, because some of the guests require such. "Please sit and relax while we wait for the first plate to be served. I hope everyone enjoys themselves, and no one dies. The object of this evening is to feed your partner, to share and trust and make new friends." Once everyone is settled and drinks have been brought, because alcohol is exactly what is needed to relax as people meet for the first time, voices soft as introductions are made.

A loud bell is rung, indicating that the first serving is being passed around, the the head server announces what people are expected to eat. Brown sugar salmon skewers...without the skewers lest people get stabbed in the eye.

Someone wearing a wide heliotrope ribbon reaches over to press her finger against onyx's mouth while she does her hosting duties, and then she settles back. Apparently even the Hostess has decided to play this time unlike any other she had hosted before. "Yes," she assures her date for the evening, clearly the grin he can hear but not see, is evident in her tone. "Would you like me to bury the servant beneath the hedge maze after this is over?" Her voice drops slightly to speak then to the man.

Someone wearing a wide thistle ribbon comes in, wearing a tight wear dress that shows her now pregnant belly. She holds the arm of anothet gentleman, a slight smile there. "I excited for this,"she says as they go sit.

Someone wearing a wide onyx ribbon reaches out suddenly to grab Heliotrope's hand and follows it to her wrist. To her forearm. To her elbow. To her upper arm. To her shoulder. The masked man offers, being silent as she does her hostess stuff. His fingers find her neck and trace across her jaw to put his fingers on her mouth. "Nah. You don't have to bury them." The man offers in a low voice. "They did run me into a table." The humor and smile is heard on his features. However, just before the food is served, he'll *gasp* press his lips to hers before dropping to his side of the cushions and dropping his voice to private conversation.

The small bite-sized first plate is finished, each pair given enough time to feed the other, discuss the food, hide it among the pillows if they dont like it, and the plate collected. This is the easy plate, the one to introduce those who have never come to one of these feasts before. The next offering is a bit more difficult to manuver.

Having learned from past dinners, the soup is not hot this time. Chilled cucumber cream and dill soup shooter are now brought, a single shooter given to each person to feed their partner.

No one seems to have had issues with the soup course, though as everyone is wearing blindfolds, and the servants are sworn to secrecy, who knows for sure. Again the servants collect the used glasses before the next plate is passed around as if the whole service is a well oiled machine.

Buttery puff-pastry and cheese strata is the third dish set before the diners, spoons provided for ease.

The forth dish is something a bit more substantial, everything served up until this point have been light and small bites. This time, the coronet Roast of lamb, with a green herb aioli dressed with pomegranate arils is presented on a larger plate, cut up in bite sized pieces only to make sharing easier. Servants move around the room to refill glasses and to quietly ask if there is anything needed from those they are caring for.

Someone wearing a wide thistle ribbon sneezes when something is suddenly shoved in her face. Well, not suddenly. She SORT of knew food food was coming, but not in her nose! Coughing once, she clears ger throat,"Lamb."

Someone wearing a wide onyx ribbon has been pretty 'well bahaved' for most of this. Of course, with this dish, it doesn't seem to meet his standards. Those around the heliotrope and onyx enclosed can hear the clatter of the plate clattering outside of it.

Someone wearing a wide fire opal ribbon has been mostly quiet save for a couple of tinkling from their clothing. Their next pass at trying to find the table nearly causes wine glasses and plates to be knocked off the table and is only barely saved as he then declares "found it!"

Because every feast needs some sort of vegetable dish, and why not add bacon to make it even better.

"The next dish is garlicky green bean and bacon bundle. I have been informed by the Archduchess that you can still kiss if both parties eats the bundles. It cancels the garlic flavoring out," comes from the head servant as bells ring, gossamer walls are shifted, and plates of green beans are presented to the couples.

The last offering for the feast is both a drink as well as dessert. Servants pass out the cocktail first before the jellies are deposited on the table before the pairs. All except the table where the man with the onyx blindfold is, apparently he has lost his feast privileges and no servant will approach the table.

The drink:
Cold-Smoked Cream with boreal spirits cocktail, served with a pine nut sugar lump on the rim

the dessert:
Bite-sized fruit jellies that in no way resemble anatomical curiosities

Someone wearing wide alabaster ribbon laughs, a note of surprise in that airy amusement, something unexpected and delightful over where she and her olive-blindfolded companion feast.

Rich laughter rises from the raspberry and eggshell canopy, the amusement of the occupants intertwined.

There is something very ward appropriate going on in the crystal and midnight canopy, enough to have them scurrying out before dessert is even served.

Someone wearing a wide midnight ribbon has left the a crystal and midnight gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a wide crystal ribbon has left the a crystal and midnight gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a wide crystal ribbon leaves, following Someone wearing a wide midnight ribbon.

Someone wearing a wide blush ribbon doesn't check her volume when she suddenly says, "If we were curdled I would be confident in saying that would be another amusing death."

Someone wearing a wide chestnut ribbon replies in buoyant counterpoint, "Perhaps for you, my lady! I'm only twenty-four. I intend to live at least several more decades before I curdle."

Someone wearing a wide blush ribbon rises from her table and heads off out of the ballroom, with her blindfold still on. It seems she means to keep it that way.

Someone wearing a wide blush ribbon has left the a blush and chestnut gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a wide chestnut ribbon rises and bows in at least vaguely the direction that his companion is leaving, before sitting down and contemplating the assortment of jellies before him.

Someone wearing a wide fire opal ribbon drops their wine glass, a lovely loud sound of glass breaking echoes through the hall as they follow up with "Didn't find it! Sorry!"

Someone wearing a wide brandy ribbon startles a bit when the wine glass is dropped so close by.

Someone wearing a wide jungle green ribbon was attentive to his dinner partner, who isn't partaking of the drink... but looks up, out of reflex, at a dropped glass. Even though he can't seee anything. He settles when he realizes it's nothing major.

Someone wearing a wide jungle green ribbon is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a wide thistle ribbon is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a wide onyx ribbon can't be proven as the guilty party. Everyone is blindfolded. However, a glass sails out of his 'tent' with enough force to shatter against the wall. If everyone else is breaking things, he's not missing out. This might be why he's cut off from food.

Someone wearing a wide chestnut ribbon freezes in place, visibly alarmed to any of the non-blindfolded servants at the idea of shattered glass in a room full of blindfolded people. Never mind that he's already sitting, having finished his cocktail and ordered another. Still. "Is everyone all right?" he asks the room at large, eventually.

People are breaking things? Taking her date's hands, she calls out,"Don't make me stitch anyone!"Then starts to head out. Likely for more food. Maybe.

Someone wearing a wide onyx ribbon is overheard praising Jaenelle: There is not a hostess that could out host her. She is not just a noble, but the epitome of everything good in the world. When she walks in a room everyone just feels their souls lighten by her presence. She's beauty. She's elegance, but more, she's sincerely good. There is not enough praise left to give her. There is not enough air in my lungs or beats left in my heart to explain how much she deserves and how little credit she claims. To Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a wide thistle ribbon has left the a jungle green and thistle gossamer lace canopy.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Someone wearing a wide thistle ribbon.

Someone wearing a wide jungle green ribbon has left the a jungle green and thistle gossamer lace canopy.

As the servants come around to give more of things to the diners should they request it, and to refill glasses should they need it, those who attend the feast as left alone to whisper to their dates, get to know the strangers who may sit across from them in an unusually private way where everyone is equal for the moment. A single bell is rang from the head server to announce that though none have to leave, there are no more plates to offer.

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